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Full text of "Mundaka Upanishad -- Talks in Bengali"

Talkes delivered by Swami Samarpanananda on Mundaka Upanishad before the 

students of Indian Spiritual Heritage Diploma Course at Ramakrishna 

Mission Vivekananda University, Belur Math in the year 2012 

(Transcribed and Edited by Amit Ray Chaudhuri) 

*m% nrk 

fsfci <tto<s|<t I ^ra«jfa<tj c*fsr o^f^K <ht$ % 1 1 

^ ^ ^TST f^sl^Tg ^t% ^TS *^T t^W^T? i 
^1% ^fWT «iR'BwPlS ^ (HT l^tfM^l l 

« *i#s *rtt%s *i#s 1 1 

[c$ c^n^t, wmt wrf cm <ww</w sftt ¥w, <% m%i cmnt, wt*m w*f m ^g-w 
<w w*fc <rfw, fv- viwsivjwf® mi *tt*rw c*n c^Mmw ^/h^<7% cw<wtf fcmtfw^ w^hwm 

sfW &i <m*m $W WftWrs! W*T <?<M, ^!<mPTt<m ^Jt WftWrsI 5/W <?<M, Tttftfcfv 

f^°,^lR<tH<p ^5 wfttm<! *pm <7*h; <&**tfc wtwtmw w*r <7*mi e */# */# */#§■/) 
'«/sKtoif W/toW fifotyH $fs>Hl>l 

^tM^ «rt?f «jwk - ^cbt ^rw ^rcwt ^ite ^tst w^i ^ ^ ^r^t ^p^ 
«ihht i ^rmw ^k ^m ^es ^tf^c^ w^ <wzm <rfwrc\s?i ^*t?r i <n?t wtt ^m twh « 

^ttl^T%^ ^f? C 5 ^ ^fef C^fC^l Wtf T%<F 2fT5J T%*H <FC?t ^TsF® «JWfCvs?! «I^^iIW^ 

Hc<$tc<i> ^jcwf^ t%?rtt%5 c^rc^i £Tcw<f *il«jc<t<t #3h 4<fh ^ra «jtw tt^r ^tc<f <rfwrs, 
c$&F ^m^u^ sfc<T*f <f^s "^j i ^ff^; «ffsrfc^ w^rcwj t%<f Hra <?p arwtw ^»fc<T ^rrsHr 

<FC?f I Wff^ ■STfC^ ^T C<NTC«T ^SfVfCva?! WH ^TTf <TH I «IMC<fr «TlC^T <TTCiT? «]Wfc^ T^f 

c<fh <fm c ffl; h^, «rHH «imc<i> wrc^r <rrc<T?r <rm c rr srr<Fw <f*H?; wsfVfcvs tj<fc\o ^h ^rh t%i 

W ?J<T%<F 4<FH ^TC?J ($H HCTJ K*T <TTC^I ^lt 1<tl$C<t>$ C<FNT« ^TT C«FNr« ^rfwtWF fwH 
WHTC^ ^TJ i «|CHC<h #^H?J «iR^tevoRl T%Sf?f ^lCvo^ ^tl^^sW CzC5 CrT, «rf?J <Tl?rT 9m C«TC<F 
^T^s *rfCH ^rr^fCir?! 2t<^ CSfH^^ ^T%?J CTTJl 

ct ^rrs «rf5rrciT?t «j^^d? wh t%^ c^ ^frc^ ^rrnrc?! «ichc^ ^tht <t^t «j^b spst 
<i^t i ^r?t "SR:<rr ^^ ^tt% ^^rH^r t%| «w ^r, ^rrca^ ^«n?t t% srsrr^f «rrc^? ^rrca^ ^«rr c<th ortj 
^tc^o ^c<r? ^shh i Tw ^rm #^H?t ^^th- ^r^Hfj ^R)^ic>i<i ^tt^rr^ ^rrc^ ^ ^nt sfmT^fj 
^r fr<f5 1 srrsrHr ht ^t t<Tc^ ^ <r# c*r# w^r <# ^j "sjwh <r^?t <ra ^^ «ih^c<f w?t<i 
^rite ^u\st?t ^rrc^f ww ^c^ ^TH^ftt^ m^t ^t% t^rra ^to c<tc^s *frc?r! wrr^ <# <rr?rr 

^TJ vsT^T C^T ^TTSR^rff ^H ^R^veT ^f ^rr^THfSf ^TC^ ^TJ I ?rTSfHt%<F H^t?rT C^T *fo <T5?TQ sfT^ff 

tw mrc^ frc^rri ^T5 c<h, ■^'tHw, ^fmm'r, ^h, w»tw ^fr^-^r ^rwm w *rc?r <rr?rr<TTtif 
^<ra t<rc^ ^n^H^vi w^r?r wf wi «rt?rrstw ~*m «rrc^i «jTsrrc<F <# >i<tc^ "^rt ^r^r Rtc^ 

CFTCM ^TCS WH C«fC<F ^5 «^H WH^TCW >|if|C<t<J "STC^ ^T?^ ^H l 

t<M «jptw ^sT -=T?t i ^^rHw, %sr, w»t?fc^ ^f^rcM t5 cifiRi^ sf«f®Ric<^ ^ttsrh hc?j 

«jpfT ^C?JC^l ^^HH ^i ^<T ^f <ra W& tWH #^H ^? - ^ ^l ^t?TT ^? - ^ '«H vst^stt^ 

^r <rm, ^jwr ^rc^ nrc^rr i ^r ^r<n?tt «rfc^, t<M ^ a^ ^tt^rc^H *w t%? ^iH^tc^ 
Tsresr , «ttt%r <r«H ^c^ «rrcsrrf^TT ^?f <j^s ^tc<h ^-<h ^ sr*r %at ^ ^c<h i <t<h ^ 
^Hr^f ^j^r vs^h hw<i <j°ic<ih ^tt ^sf^o ijg^ c^r «rrc^i wh ^^ ^£w>«c<i <mc<m ^t ^r<5it 
«rHw, ^f^rcvs?r ^t<t t<F0; ^ i 

t*$ ^s ^rt^ wr^Rm #*th ^s c<fh ^r <h^, t% «rMw? cstrt? ^rh ^ tm^ 
2ft% "5^s mc^ <rrc5^ i ^rc^r ^c&m ^ft <rc^ ^r*rm w ^hc<t<t #<h c«rw ?t<t t%|§ ^tmc?r <Tt?r i 
^tt%?r ^rNsfrf <Tjt*rr?rt>it; ^i ^r ^rh ^RH<r> fsr^pTt wrc^ti ^ ^st c^rc^ Hft% Tr^rm ^w 
«rtc^ t<tht i f<k<rt ^ w*rre?r ^w R>^c^ «iRw cr^rft, ^t «iRcs^ ci^h Rw f%i «rrc^ t^ht? 
c^5 wfc\ tk t%?r fiK^nrt «Wft ^t <rc?r <ti^ ^twrft c^rc^ ^wr^prr^tc?!? f^ amtt^s ^c?r 
k^i ^w? ^ft stt%R?r® ntc^ trc^ "^rtcs^ ^rwm ^rwm wr <ic?r ^r ttc^ <ttce^i «rmm 

C^ftyr C«fC<F WTWff *l<% <?$ 4^ *frf | sst^T ?M ^TCvs C<FHHC<F C<Tt<frtC55? ^fWM^tCM *M 

^rt c^rt^c^ *m? ^rm ^ ^c^<i ?w, ^t *fte f^r «rrct<Fi?i ^M? ^w wr wr ^rtc^ <rtc5^ i t%i 
c<tws ^fsrm 4<fh <rmmifl<r*sr ^rtc^ w^\^ ^^ t%f% "ptc^ cst wc^ i ^t ^w?r w<rm t%? 
^mc<f ^tntt wr *p <r#r i *w <# ^<fc?t <Tm ^rsc^r *frfa c<r ^rrrWr tra «n<pc<T otbt^ t% 

«W? f$<F voft3 W <TTC<T RT I vsT^T ^W ^TRH ^W? ^fT? ^JfC^TsT C<T ^T Ctt; ^TH 4^ wm^tm 

«rt<M, ^m c<fh *iR<inoh ^ rm fw <Tr?rr ^T^rm^r twr ^twtt ^mHT^r «^nt^pr, ^mrs 
wrh ^rc<f?T vsTc^f , =2<Fc?r?r ^r w^^ ^tm ^c?t c<rfltc?T <ttc5^ i «rmrn ?rrc^ <t*r % *r^ ^r *ht 

^T ^m W%\ W%. I WT5 (71^ ^^ ^?, ^^ ^FT I WS^ 4^ «I<T^r «lt<T C<T ^# 2t<Tt5?rH ^»m 

"src<jT c^r ^s W= *#<^ w i 

«rMcirfr ^tfte^s 2ft% ^ui ^m^ ^i ^tftcM ^l<ic<Mc<r<i wm^ juj w^ "^rt^rm 

R^T ^T^T #<TC<FT<T W$ t%5^l ^tWK ^1?* C<T ^lfk %T «ItWC<F «It<T (?$ ^lft? C^l «rtt^ C?TT§t 

■<Tt«"?rT-iTT«"?TT ^Rrfl, ^t -<rmT «rw?r ^rfte ^r ^r c<Ffc<r?r ^tr f^i ^r^ ^rtt^ wtt^r iwk 
«rw?r c<r ^rfm % ^rtwa c^t ^rftc^ ^ ^rttti «rmm ^mw «rtf^r ^ ^r ft^rrsr, c<tt<tc=t 
«rtci<F ^<m «rm ^«H <tt<tc<pt ^ct «ptt wsr i #<t ^t«, c«rc<F w ~^ ws ^r^ ^t<t t%f?r ^rc<rj^ 
^RnN ^ iR<i^h ^c?r k^tc^i fw ^ ftm<TWT?r ^rc<iT« ^tf?t<T^%r frk^r kt^s ^^5t t%h<t 
w?t ^th ^»ic<t k^tc^i ^ w#?T5%?r?T ^tmtcsi <t , <h wmm t^r ^<t ^?m "srh ^mt <i<i>cvt<i «w 
^k^s «?f <mc<t - ^t «rRcw?r cf^H fw t%| «rtc^ f^rf, ^t «rf^sj ^^ t% ^ ^rfmc^ tHc?rt 

Rlt% 'jpt f<P^Tf^C<F HC?J, ^^ "SRH?! ■5TC<1T HC^)J<I ^fTC^ "SfHC^ «I^Ri^Ttt WtC*tl 

«rt% ^T^rm^ «r<T^m <w w ^?r ^ c«rc<F - ^t ^sc-<m H<rf% ¥r«?rr c«rc<F i <rrcir?r iTT#r<F 
^h, W fti^H Hc^tc<f <rmr <tj^ ^?tnc^ ^rcsrmnTr ^mtt ^^r^ #^n?r wi^ tHcw?r «r1%c^?r 

^WTH fwt ^T<HTC<F ^t<TC?T dT?r I «TMCiT?t Kt^ttW ^^ ^JfRHt C<T ^TT f^ ^»lf<T^T fwtC<T sm 

^mr Hcw?r «rcw^r ^rmc^ i f<M ^sm^m c«tc<f fte ftra ^^h c«tc<f ^h, ^h c?rc<F TitwT 
hwc<f «rttwm ^tts ^wt w i ^m^m ^wt ^i^h ^reHm f<Hrr ^c?r c^r i ^hh ^t, w 
<t^<h t^mrc^ v#?r «rtf^f» ^t ^^H^r wr#r Mc?r crr, ct^ f^mrt *tc?r «rmm w ^c?r ^m t%Tc^?r 
^H tw't «^r i 4^»tc<t ^-f^tcw ^m^mtc^ fwr 4%?r mus «rrc<F i ^«h ^ twfn ^c?r 

"<jm ^Pgfrm twtl C<T^ <# i£|^H t%C^T ^C?T ^T t% ^<ra WH 4H T5T? ^"<H CT W<T 4H 

^nrn twti ^'tH^cit^ ^tch^ wm^rm ^rr ^?r ^t fwr wr?i rnirTTi «rtsrm ^rr^rm #r^ t%| 
c^HH ^r «rm «rtt^ «rw?r c^i?thc<f twf ^k^ ¥iPrc?r fes tm^ ^t, c<r c<fh twtt w-f»r<JT 
^m^mr ^c?r «rmc^ ^<n ^rrsr <rw gtwr^ ^tc<tt ^t^wm fwrc^ w^?r PmJSmti ^fwr 

^fCir? tWTC<F W ^m CBW tHC?J %?T W<T WT5TWT ^TWrfT <FTf C«fC<F ^t t^W C^3lf|l 

ww c<T^r«rr c«tc<f Pw cfc?tc^T? «rtwm ^ c«rc<F i ^ ^r^ ^t c<t foH<ii3r ^c^ <ft^ c«tc<f 

^C^TC^ (TT^ RrH<ll3l<l^ ^TJ « «?p^ «TtC^, ^CH ^ C«fC<F Rr 4C*T C^ tH^m C<FH WtST H^l 

^^ t%t% R^ci<t ^rc<iT« «rrc^, t^j?rr ^r ^^mnH?r ^ c«rc<F c<rm ^wc^ (Tfm^ ^^5 f^ 
f^<F, <rtt% c<fh r%pt ^rtsr h^; i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 

«ih<f ^K[#?rr «jtwK <mc&h c»m ^r ^r c^rrn ^j ^ti ^t wm <fsit «irsrfw? 
^m^mrc^ c$ «rsfK c<h csktf w ^c?i ^»iw, <mH c^wt^ ^t «raFfa <fsit ^rr ^t i c»ttfm 
^rr^rtc^ <n?rr hc^w ^r <fc?t c^rc^ ^tct^ ^5 <ptc<t c<r <rpHt©M 4c<F<Trc?r ^rf csf&fc^ ^, c^ 
^mrscsrr c<fh wr rsrt^ra csrf csktf c<r <rc?$ <3T<f «rrcn c<ttmc?i 4?n ^t ^c^r c*ri<F?ir% 
W^ c^rsrrc^ afpr <fc?i f<HTc*r?r f*fc<F Hc?r <ttc<t 1 ^rrg <p<hI; w<r ^tt «rrc^t c»m <fc?t ^tns ^m^m 
c<m <f<tw 1 *tm *r<T% c»m <fc?t c<f^ ^*tc?r ^fe ^rt 1 ^pp <fr^t ^*fH#3 w 1 t<r*rH#^ 
wm w.w ^it%« <# ^rus <tt?j c^q ^rm c<rc?rrcv2 *\ma ^t 1 «ht t%<f <ht *fT3tf*t «r^rra^r <fc?h, 
TffsH ^gtf ^^ -7[\i^c\ Ttr^ ^th <pc?r 4?rr ^r, c»rn <F?rr?r "wsr c^ ^ft cfk ^csf *\us 
«rrc<F 1 «rmcni; ^r ^r, ^rrg ^ t^ ^c#r <F*rf?; ^m.\ «w^, <fmr ^ twrc^ srr%fi>^ ^r \5far 

1<T <f<t>OI<1 *l% CTC?T <TH l 1T$ >l*iJl%1<1 «TMM *r% ^T l Tt$ Wl%Tt <f<R *IT3J W ^TC*H ^<H 

■sjw^r ^H c<f5t <mc&h ^^ ^t%j 1 4 <f?; <f<ti <t<h c<fh ^ tlw <rc*R ^h %m w^r <Tm c rr 

"5C<T f%H «IH<F H^ Wft/H, t%(?lt2W ^t¥5T ^C<T ^TTl ^ftS ^T ^ ~*m SfWTfT t®fH<Tl 4^ £fWT 
^TH^Tf <TTC<F ^H ^TTcg^ WH R>%to$ "5C<T^Ti 

■^t vo^ 4<Fttr wm?rr <?t3; c<h c^rc^; c<rRc?rc^i c^rn c«tc<f c<rfer w^ ^fsr^rm ^ra ^c?r 
^j ^s "^jwi? ^ k^t k^t «rrsf ^s \^§ ^w "^rtif? "^c?r c^ c<r ^ttrc<F ^ttsr^t ^"<rr ^p ^t^r 1 
t<t RtH<ic<i> ^nt%c?r ^tlc?j ^<#r wRr^TRr ^r?,5Ttl}o <ra ^ntw ^rc<r c<r RrH<u;r ifiT%c?rc^ Ws$$ 
«rtwr ^ <r^rm <Frfl ^mc^ w<jnt^i<F ^tw 1 ^t?r#?T w<jnt^F ^w 2fc^i<i# ^s<tt%, 
t%*r<r <ra <Tmr hcwi<i tt 7 ^ ^r ita t%^, wht ^r*nt w<ni ^c<r ^ «pn <ra<F tww 
v»t^t?j w<mt^i<F ^few wht ^r?ra ^rc^ ^<t ^bj i ^m wtj w ^?t<f ^rnt <?rcn c<rc^ 
nrc^ 1 w<\ «trsrrcir?r c^\ «rr<K<T <ttc^s -sft ^fsc^Tr c<r <t# sf*rR ^^ ~*wu§ 9\\*\m «rtc^, ^rffc^fr 
<m<\ t<tj%^ w^ ct^ ^rrr wr ^c?rc^ ^m ^<#r wf^-^rr «rfM^rTfr ww ^m#?r w<mt^i<F 
^R)^c<^ t%|5T ^im^rr <mc^ Trm 1 

^rHw «rtcsTrr^rr w <T^m wicn «rfsrrcirfr ^c?r<r# t%ft% csfc=r gwm iiwm 1 t^; <ic^ 

^T *rt3 ^T C<Tii I C<TOr?r ^C^ t^fTt C<FH t<F0; "STRW ^Ttl C^TCrfl ^C^ ^T^ C<F^ t<F| <TC*T ^- 

^mt% ct^ w t<F| (?rr<F ^s^tc<t, t% c*m *t<% c<TCr?r ^%m c<fh <mt ^stus mc^rri ^if? 
<F«rr^s ^tc^t iifatt ^ht^t ^ c*m ^rw «rr<Fc<T, <nt% ^r<r <r ^Rc-k ^sht ^nm wm ^rrc^ 1 
^rwsrrsf tHc?i t%H ^ ^<tt <mc&h i •?ntmcir?r ^ht^i ^ c<h i ^rt^i ^tth <tt w\ m^ ^rrc^, 
<tt cr^r « <FTcsr?r ww ^rc<r ^tt 1 ^<h «rm ^ht^t <r tjc^t ^hm i ^ht^i <ti <f«h^ fr^rw 
^rr 1 ci*r «rm <FrcsTfr ^rc<u <rt^ <w «rm^i «ttc<f v\$m c^\ «rm ^ht^i <r ^c<t ^tt i ^ «Fm:^ c#st 
tl^frr IHh <hc<f ^tc<t c^mrcrfT <w ^-^rwm <w «rrcn «?f ^c?rc^ ^m «ricn c^mrcir? <w t%r 
ht 1 voT^; c^rsrrcirfi <h ^ht^t ^?i i ^Trsr <jw^ ^rrw^ vomt ^ <fI; <F«ft ^^tc^t, c^srsrrcirff <r^sr c^r*r 
t% ^TH^r <t^?t «rrcn ^?f ^c?rc^, ^rt c^mtWfT ^thc^ fm^r ^rr 1 wr?r ^rrfm ^r IHhw sf*r 

^C^ ^j^f c<F STT%#T <FC^T? t<T« IHH <H ^T'H ^C^ C^T, ^TMtST <H ^Wf?T 'S^ftl t^j^f 

srt%#r wr?r ^TT'rrcf c^rsnr ^m? ^ <w\uv ^rmw ^rr 1 t^r?rr ^crfr ^c#r w<r - c<r <iw3 wrt^ 

«HC^ (7$ <JC^ W« «rtc^, C<T <W 1Hl^>H cfStl; <W I t^<IC^ ^t^H^Fst C<F^ Ht; I (3H Ht;? 

^Fm^t tl 7 ^ <h ^HT^r, ^rtit <w 1 ^t <w ^t^ ^ntw c«rc<F ^rc^ ^l^ c*m »r<% t^tc<t i ^r^mwr 
«n<FcsT(7it <r «rm^HT^r <w «it<fc<t ^rr 1 

«ncsiR^m «fT<Ft<Fr^H ^«h t%<f Ti##fT -^ sjwmt %t ^mc^fT mfijj^i ^fi <f?tc^ t%H 
«nc^iR^r c«ic<f ^iKmr ^rrc^H 1 t<Ff ^t^twf^r Tfft#?i ^^m !Kh fsr*HTtl ^csrm ^rp «rr^r'r 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 

w w$ %m (ti^ sfwMT w ^ca t*rc?it%T i ^cru «rtig^'m ^mr « ^fsr crc*r ^T5tT# «mt<F ^c?r 
ffiwifowH i «icsr t%H *rr*Bt «rmr^ fes «?f <mwh i c^rm^m 2f#r^ !Hm f*pi^^tc<F <m 
stF9 «rr^r^r <mwh, ^rca t%H i*fBtwt ^ffwr?r %rc<T Hcsifewn i «rsf pf5t c#r fim^T ^rw i 
^RT^r w^ <m i <rlf<F ^ <m cnr<Fmt<r*5 i c^mt^s wm^ «rm ^raw i wt ^rw % !Hm w 
>hm iw <?#;? H"rt$ «rrc^ i IHh, ^rm <jcsts ^ht^ ^f^j «rrc^ i TTft# ^rw^ <rcsf?r pt^ 

^RT^T ^TCWfT ^t?J CWm MC^s <MWH I f^<Tt <TW ^MU^ ^mt^T ?TW"5=T C<m I C^f f%? *WHW<J 

cpf^sTrr <ri •^wfwr ^ <m fwrw ciwifowH? "^wfwt <r*m <rnw?r ?ritc?r c?rc*m ^h ^mr f<F§ f%| 
wc<f a5tc<m ^rfsRm Prtuv c*rc*m i «rHTWfr *pr c*fc<F w <^ *m c<Tc?jm ^m c<rr% wn ^ 
^ c«rc<r^ w% c^ttt i c<w w *&&® ^fflw, ^rtW, ^tc^t *r5 ^ c*rc<F ^rc^ wtt ^ i ^c*r?r 
^rcrfj mrsr' ^ te ri<ft ^rr ^fR^s crs^rr ^tc^i mrsr' ^ fw <tt<ft <m\ wco ta c<f^ 
t*r<rc<T <ptc<t '?rrsr <rm', c<f^ t*r<fc<T '?rrsr «rm', c<f^ f^rw mrsr ^asrm' i 4<fst *r<n mtsr', ^ 
^^ *r^ffr ^m «rrci<FH *r<n ^rrter crs"?rr ^ti ^^rnm ^ ^ptt t%r *r<n c«rc<Fi f<Pi "sth<t ^r«H 

*TCtf?T ^PTT ^S"?TTC<F <TW ^^FC?* Ct?I ^H <?T CsTH ^C?T <TH I <T - <H OT CsTH ^C?T <TH ^s^H ^m sr <Tte 

<k?j iTf ^o w ^<ra i c^ csTH c*fc<F ^s^t t%| f%| ^R c^ct ^ i c^H c«rc<F c<r ^rc^i ^ptt ^u 
ct^; ^rc^ ^nfw *it% i c^ w<T^r c«r<f c<t ^r^s^r c<rc?rr?r c#i^ f^ f^ ^twr i 

«rtsTTcirfr irg^s'N^ sr<m - i) tir, ^) *r*rjt%, o) ^t<tptt « 8) c<Hfti ^m ^fr<M ^ 
¥m wm^rr c«tc<f wn (?m - ^mr c^b c«tc<f, ^mtt^ <^ c«tc<f, "sr^TRr wr c«tc<f «rm *rrf% c«tc<f 
c<r<rft ^rtr (Mi « w c^ w$ «rmw ^s^; ^t^sm «rm« ^rim c«tc<f ^rimw ^m c«tc<f 
c<rcfTcvs ^w ^<ra i w ^rim c«fc<F ^ c<tc^tc<t ct^ ^rc^? ^s c<rf*r ^rt^ "5c<t i c^h c«tc<f c<t ^tt 
^m ^d «ttct c^ ku^ '<j>H«tfl "5c?r <rm i c^Tfr^ «rrsrw «iKmr s?r «rtc^ i c^H <t-<h «rm« 
^rite k^t <rm ^<h cfst^ <tjh "5c?r <rm i ^rrrw "sth<t <r<H ^tim c«tc<f ^rim^ ^ k^t c<tc^ w 
^c^ stm ^nf<Tfr «m^m <?«h k^t "?rr?r t%s<rr Htm^r ^1% «m^r c«fc<F <t«h «m^^r <R?r, ^ - ^ 
^m "srtt f<t^ t%| w<t ^fe srrc<F 1 \s^h «rm ^r^ *st& ^rr i <fmf ^rsnf<r cvd f?tc?j ^m©Mc<F sfw^ 
^c^r ^toww ^ «ptt ^j 1 ^rsrtm c«rc<F (ttw ^w t%H ^rmm ^k f^mrc^ ^t ^mscsrr ^r 

CrT I f*r<TmT ^ ^T<TQMC<F ^<T«H WJ7^% ^<ra CrT <Tf ^<T«H <irt%rt HCSf^lt WtT<M <FC?I f^C?J 
f^T<TTCir?r OTTl ^t ^mscsrlt ff5^T ^sj l 

TH^/Tfr ^rT<m<Tmc < m H?r «rrtwm^ f^ ^t ^rc<it ^c?Tt%r 1 RvBUhw «i^oi? ^mc^r ^rm 
<r^?r ^cHc<ii<i ^tt ^^ <ft^ "^t^t «rmc^ ^c?jt%ti c^mm ^r?r f<Tc*m t%| wr?r t%t ^rt, (M*\ 
«r^rm^r c^, ^<FT?ra ^^rw ^«Tm5sf c^ 1 ^ ^<j>f<i ^ra t%H ^ «i€m twm ircsfj ^c<r f?rc?j c^H 
^R^m k^t f»i«ftwH 1 ^Rra ^rw ^«rr ^rm f%| c^ 1 «rrc^t «rmc^ 1^h h^ ^r^ t%?r twr 
^mr <m!^wh i <ft^ ^w t*$ t%r «5 «5 t%H ^rT<m<F<fc < m t%sr «rrtwm wr i ^«f 
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^ffsRm ClC^fflc^T (7tSTC<F^ C^rfTff^r ^TT SJMj <q&ft ^T «aH^lPtl ^^C^Tlt ^HT^T ^sTl «^ 1W 

^<j[ «T^^tc^? h?t, «r^^s ^f^^t^D ^cSt ^f^s? wm #^ "5tc<tj ^^b "5c?r «rrc^i ^^^fst 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 

1>I>IJ|C<I» f*TC?T f%f>f fwf ^MC^H, «HC^H, ^T^s ^f<TC\o T%fif CsTfa ^C?T C^R I (7f<rH C^ ^ITRHsT 

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f*t<TTC<F ^r fwn - ^ "^ w i cnMt ^ «tc<t ^#^1 ^C?T C^H I 4-<r f*T<fT ^o ^om ^^ 3 ? 

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sfK *fiR (7TRC<F sf*Rg ^C^ Rvo i sf*Rg «Tt^T ^5 ^"<R ^T ^^ ^t, ^t^tCW ^t*f WH ^^TSRJ ^T 

^?rc\o «itBr i i*$ ^mcT ^mu^ ^wt csr«rtc¥ ^rr f^fpr <mo©h ^r i (h^srt ^t<fi?t fw 

^TWt Wf CSTC^ ^P-Hffr?! Sf*Rg <IHHH 4^ f%*f<T 2ff*M OTWt "^o | ^T-H >|$1C«H W ^*r%o 
^C?T C^T ^oTCi^ W^fCS, *fTfk?T flr^TTt "^o | «?H «JTSfCT ^W <FT®f WCo «TtW «rt?T ^ C<H Sf<Rg 

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C^Q¥t "5>o, ^TlfT ^tffC^ W ^S &5 «Pf*f vof^s ^fWf «tf? C<FNTQ C^l Tlft#? ^ <l^C<lj<l 

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^rtir ^t, ct «ifN^ «ftc<F i «rm^ «rtt^ t%f ^<Mm «rt<t^T« Ttft# csfc^wt; c^fh ^a^ cr# i wb^ 

$ (?Tt?3Tt% ^JC<U f%H ^TtsrC^o ¥fJ# i Wg CSfSR iRJ ^Tf%^ ^TW ?tft#^ 'tf^J HfM^fl, *\fob(3\<A 
f^T C«TC<t^ f^f ^##3 t5 ^^^ ^t ffittlfoMH l C^W Wg CSfsPT «tf<t^o «TRTPH ^Tf, Wf<n%f 
^vo CiTt?^ ^<t^o «?p <|iC<IC^ 4? £tffc\ ^^& ^f<Tt<T t%vo "5C<Tl t%R ^J-^Tfvo *ft\ot?I ^^ ^T¥t 

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«rr#?r, *iR<iic<i<i ^ptt f%<t<Tm <tfc. ^<r»t<rc<r» ^m ^us ^om ^^ ^«mTc^ «if^^fm ^fw ^c<r i 
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«jNm ■^ttcsj sft%?r ^c?r "<ttc<T, «irsrm ^rsirm ^c<ti ^t ^m ^j^ «rtc^t srmr^ %t p ^st ■?# 
sr?t "?rm ^ot^t ^om ^t<t ^1% TifH ^c?Rr c^rc?! "<Tfc<T i ^?rf^; c*fTs» *rc?r c<fh ^w f<T<r<TfCT? 
orc?! t%5 1 c<nTc» ^rc?! ^ wr (ttcvot ^r wm^rrcvot; «rrc^ i <?rrc» *rc?r ^^ «ftm csrc?tc<F cstc?t 

(TT^T il'Cvo «|<]|t<M f% «ffc^! csTfC^ TC?! «fT Wt ^TH f<t<f<TTCir?I ^^^HC^ 4<F?; *f®%C5 C*?U*\ 
fer c^oT "5C<T ^TT i ^mu$ ^rt ^t World Capital of suicide i Tm^^JlHH^I <FTC^t $UvJU$ 
^ fsrmui ifj^H ^cjt ^r?rcvo «ff^iwf wc5i ^t ^nrc^r u^ W% ^fu^ ^rti ^o-^m^m f%/T?t 
%tc<t ct^ 'to w?t ^rmt ^r?rc^ ^m ^rVr (?tt<f «rr^wr wo, \om src<fj m<mt si?rc^ «it% ^rn^u 
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wrc^i ^rwrn tw csRmrr ^^<rjm ^mm c^pra iW ^r "5?o i f^i ^^ici sfsrs[<rm ^^ cicsr 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 

^S C5TC?I* ?R*Ut* W^\us c$cr* T^UT C<Tf*t ^RT c?fC5i World Ratio Cs C5CT* *MTt C#t 

^siii'Biw ■$* ^fwiw *c* ^rcr <F*t 3*1 ^rsft* *rft «rm **t *j**t ^ «r^*ruac* *rtff%<F 
^msrrcTj* cwm m ^ra ^*t*^ wwf^ri ^rwr#t c^cr* wtj **fct csnm 4i5T ^ f**rs§H<F 
«r^nt^ i c>i$shi ^t*cs C5^t <F*t "^ f* <fc?t csrc?r* ?r?ut *ush <tt?t i «rt %* oic?icrfi t*c?j 

W H^ *t I ^<H<Ft* f^TCT C5CT* T??Ut **r Wl^ f*<I*TCffT **T ^a ^lt Csr*rc* 4 <F&T ^M 
CT«?U $,Rlfe°1, t*S C<FH ^FtfTCT ^T f*<r*T ^C?! C^ I Wtfsr C<FW C«tC¥ CsrsrTC* «rtC*<FtM C5C* (^r<T I 

wi^ *c* ^r cst Wrc^ w* c<rca *tt**ti <# ^gtsr ^^-^rfgm csm **ca *t« \smcr \§f* 

«TCT* f**fCT *T5C* I ^ T^JlCtt ^rtCffT ^TtCSf *m ^blfkt C<T ^fC* t*H *T*H ^FCT ^r*K*fT 

t%* 4%* <tt?j, \sf*^ ^tt <f* i ^Ft* ! «tw ^r *c*i* cf*f, <r^ ^r c*m «rnf*f, «tw cstfw 

«rnf*fc<F «Tif*f *C*f <F<Ht ^W ^*f* I f^F f<F ^T 4^ ^rCTTTHT «ttWT *?rf| *f, ^H ^rBtt «PK 
f%Tl ^«UT ^TfUs TT^tH, Wt*fCffT 4-<H *\g* «Tif*f I t% CT^ «Pf*f? CSttW Wff*f, C<T «PTC*f C*l* 

<f*t ^r ^fig* ^r i ^ ^nfc*m *rf* e rf% t%? *tcsj<f ^* fsrHc? 4 <Ffi> <fct «rr^iwt i f*s «tw *fte 

^ ^Wl* W *TC3 W<UTf^[<F «PP*fc<F ^R- %R <FCT 4T7TC^I f*S C^ftCT 4^T **T ^ *T (* «^ 
t<t<t<TtC<Pt «^ «PK %R <FfTCs ^C<T I <MCSH, «rMCrfT ^NT'T ^Wlft <TM, <TtfTt C<m »11^ ^fTC^ 
^stCrfT C<T t%R-^T, "5TW ^favs, f<t<I<TtCrfT« ^NT ^TJtWf I ^tNt ^TJtWfBT <TtWl^T<F t^t ^Tt, T^T <TS 
^NC^ ^Kt <rtTC5PTf, ^stfT W=tt- (^Ff <FfTCst W ^TSf?J K^T <TtC<T, vot^ Cm& ifTS i ^Wlftftt ^TM 

cnr<Tf<F »it?«rR w, f<t<r<rTfrh3 ^rnrT ^rt^ ^iw i ^^rwt ^wifTcrft 9m t% ^^^, f%m ^<MTft 
^rmHj «rt^tfT w, ^sTs dt '<tT<TfcT <TtH-^mr-W t%| «n<K<T ^rt, "snte cntc<T, ^st ^rsm 

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c^ W% csff? ^<raci ^rt i *m c<rf*t ^r c5rt<Frsrtcsf csrsrm t%rt ^cr, cmc^ t% <w ^t ^t \ofcs 
f% «rtft <Tt?r «rtcr i t%® ^w ^wtft <# ^^wt ft^R ^tt <ra, ^<m ^tcf ^<tct ctct csTsrTft wt 
c^r «r<iT?r^ -^ct ^rt, ^fsr ^«tm c«lcf «rr^rcs «n? i ^tc<f «rtim c«tw Ttft ^<pcjt ctct i ct^s "srck 
c<fh wt% ^wifT <# ^^Ftf^t-^^w ^t%c?r <Tt?r ^rw ^m ^tc<f ^t cr«?rt ^cr cstsrTfT ^tj ^ 
«pK ^r?r, ^gfsr «rt^TCs nm i «rrsTfTt 4<r^r ^jc<f <rftcs yi^fl, c^t ^jw c^tcs c^tcr wrsrrcrfT ^t 

^ t%t% ^<FfTCs "^CT, ^TtW ^Tf ^tm C5CS ifTS l \s^ WR CFft ^TOCF ^T ^TSTCT CJTC<r <$&W"Q CT 

^tc^j <rhs?rm ^tj csrsrtcF && W% ^u^ ^cr ^rt i 

^Hr<T ^wrfmr *& t%C^ 5TC<rj TiSTCs ^TCs ^^ C<TT ^ ^fTCs «nw 1 ^t%<f •swtmcrfT 
^m^fTTCs CfCffT 4W4 <rf% CtCs «rt<Ml 1*1**1* *JPTCr* <T-<H «Tff<T^s ^R ^«H t%H CT-^TCTn 
^^»TC<T C<TCrfT wm^T ^U^ *\WU*\ W&$ WUf CTft CTW, ^vs t%| ^^TCTfT *tW ^ Wf 
^* ^T* I ^R t%H 'RSt C^TirfTtf^, C#t ^TTCrft , "ttt%t S*Tt<f5 <TO <Tl%<=1H, CTOISTTC<F TiTfTC? 
«TCt t*oTSR <FCT Wl ^<PCfT t%?H I ^ ^TfTC? CTT "5=T - <t^^T, ^rrsfCTT, <T^C*T ^S ^r?f*C*TT l 
^t T5f*C? U^fU^ ^ W& t^ta t%f* ^C* *fC* C*T*fR I «IT^T T5f*C? (*Crft ^TC<U C^T* cm* 

*tt«f*j crl; 1 <#« *rr c stw *it®\5*r «rcw citt <rac5* ^mc? c*^; «rKmr i f*i c^ ^rc* «rKmt 
t%l crt, 4*t <plt T5t*ci (*ct «rcr**i* **r ^c*c^i ^t cwfTfH* ^tc<jj m* **csr* t%t% «rrc^ - 
*T«rsrt^* *^rt "5* ^t^t, ^t^sm «trc*<r# *rsr ^rari <tcs* <ftcst Ttf^st* "^M t*t%w ^»Tc* 
*Tc?rrn wr "5* i fw#?r ^r ^mt i c*h w fwrcr c*h *mrt%cs, u^\ w$ **cs ^c* *twt vot* 
m**^ *rr\s?rr <ttc* i 

«rTsrrcr* <ttfwr cr - <rcT* ^ ^rsr, ^htt «rm wttw "sth*^* ^t^tttcjt* "src<ul; «rm^ *nc^i 
«rrsf*t ^* «rrc^t *cnt%rt* «rHcsj* c*f^cr f*w ^ *^ «rrc^i cf^rcs* ^ ^#r« «rHwi <rft 
^* *t, '«mt ^ft ***m ^C*TC*fT *f#TJ w wh ^r, <rf% ^c* c^t -<t*f« C*cTJ c^T i w ^trfTw 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 

«rmm *i?rr "^ c*h i *ftf% c<fh ^tct?; «rt^rr <rfc^ ^rr i ^h ^mt cr^rcH ^hbtcf «rt?r« cs^c^ 
f*rcF Hc?r cw ^cr i 2f«rcsra f*tc<F ^ «wt%$ sfff^ *rt%c<F ^r <fc?t ^rm #*rcr?r ^r ?r*rf% 
|fe ^rm ®mw <n?r <mc=h i ^ ^1% t%c?r ^c^h ^rar «rm ^w f*rc?r i ^M i^ ^^ ^rrc^t 
■prc^ «rrcn ^ fcr <n1>\ 4^»rc<T ^tmht <F?rr ^r?r ^rr i 4-<H3 w=t ^r »w ^rffwm ^ra^ k*tc*i 
<nt c^t<f, <m ci^r ^i <q ^m ta <F*rjH<Frft <rr fo% «rmc^ *p$ ^T^rtm i ?rw ^rtcst ^r 
cr^rc^r 4<#r w ^rw w^pr ^HcT?r ^rrfttm^ <wwr sttcf vsw<r c*r «rp wtf^ ^?rcs 
nmc^i wf ^rrwm ^rrc^t ^m w?m tm^ w^ ^thk cr^rm w ^m «rt?r ^rrftfw ^wr 
srrcF ^rr i ^*h \afcT?r w\s f$<F ^<Fc?r Rc<=ih csrsrrcr? ww ^ f#?r twr^t «rm^rj^ i wm^ucF ^c^r 
^tc^t csMcf «rm ^rrftrm^ ^ic<t w <f?ics ^c<t ^rr, <*$ wbt^ \5fsr 4^rm ^rcr ^rcr ^rHfw 
arfsRrm ^cs srm i ^t^rtcT 4c=t ^m ^hbt «rtcs «rtcs «rat^N w* ^ticf i 

«rMcr?r m\m \d*h ^mc5 «rtefsrcF ft^H <f?ics w - aw, *te$ <rm^ « wpti 
^wrfmr ^5 *rcj^5t ^ <f?tcs «rrw 1 <rmr ^ ^c?r c<tc^t ^tct?t c<rcr?r 3T*h «r"*tcf ^ ^rcrr 
<ra «rtw <f<tcs wi ^m^r ^tcf 'jwm ^<fiw ^<f<tc2 ^cti <t*h ^Msfft ^c?r c<tc^t ^h ^mr 
^tt^fcf w^°\ <mc^t, 4 <f| ^ fr^r <mc^t, <tjh <rm c rr <f?tc^t i t5\d< «r^m w*fa wpt 
wisfcsr ^w w^r «rrsrm «rm t<t^ ^rw ^rr, ■^-^s?rrc?r?r ^t %rrc%rr c«tc<f ^rtt^ c<rc<rrcs 
^ttfli ^r5?rrc^ <tt f<t^ «rtc^, twr^ « ^mcsTTc^ c^fpt R^m>$ «rrsrm W£R c^i wm "?rc^?r c<r 
twr ^r<Hr ^?rc<T C3#rcs« «rrsrm c<fr t^r c^ 1 «rtft wtcf wmcs yf^, «rrf^ fwj<T^c<F c^rcs 
yf^ 1 ^v^ ww ws c<tci? "^<f fwffi, <Trc<F ^rt "^r ^^rrwr 1 R^j4s « wt ^tf<t% w ^§ « 
^^rc^r «rrc^ ^r<r ^it^w ^rr ^mc^i ^ ^r «rrsrrcfff T5mc? c*Ff - ^, ^r, <t^? « «r?r<f? «rm 
srcsj<T# c<rcffT T5mf^ *& - -srf ^f ^rj^ot, ^Hr^f, «rm^ « ^^m 1 £fcsj<T# c<rcit csrr^r^ 
t*$ T5mc? ^w itw <ttc<t 1 «rrsrrcffr w<fjrf^i<F ^t%c^j?r ^ f%| ^ <t# RrRc<f<i ^^mt ^ftf^cu 
«rrc^i v»mcs? w ?r<Ksr?i ti4t «rfc^, w n^wn wq <rr <rm c rr frkr-^Tr «rfc^, ^r#it c<m ^rr 
c<fh ^»rc<T ^sT ct ^r^prf^ «>tc<i^ c^t<f ^r <!l>sti<Mc<i^ c^i<f, ^t <t# RrPic<f<i "src^rj <W3¥T «rfc^ 1 

c<rci?r c<r T5mc? «rc^ff <^ ^rt ^t $uv «tct<f t%| t%f^c<F f%srfw v»rc<T ^rr ^mc^ 
«rmm «rcw f<F| RrRc<f<i ^^r ^5 f%m «|<t ^*r ^c?r ^<tcst ciwr ^mc?, «rm «rcw t%t^mcF <r*Tr 
^rR 1 «tmci? - «irt%r «i^^fcs <rr t%| «rrc^ vom ^jwrcr?r ^^m csrm f^mflc^T 1 c#sht c<tct 
c<t firf^sM ^ «rcM ^<mt "^mc^, c^ t%fwMrcF «tctcf «rm« m^tfw ^Ffrc^ri «rm c<r 

t%f^QM <Ht CTl; (TTSMCF ^T^T <FCfT <w4?@> <|i<lC<=1H I f<Ff ^fTT ^t ^'frCf >fCb^H ftcn^T C<TCT 

c<r ^rtacsrr wrc^t «rr<Fcst «rrc^ ^m ^rrc^f w^r firrwwm <ttcs <<^ f<rcm<r ^rr ^c?r <Tm 1 ^r^ 
w^ f<F| <i<=ic^H ^m ^f?rr crc?r f^c^ ctct ^t RrR^ic^ «ptj wsr ^rcr ^rr «rfc5 t%rt 1 <tt 
f%^ «i^v»\s» <m "sct ^mStl; c<tit w» w "^ct i 

ctct? «rrcfr<FBr ^ttst sf^ i ctttcf c<m sf 5 ^ ^rr "^r ^t %m «ict<f ?r<F5r ^jnjt cr«"?rr ^<r 1 
c<Fm <TJt«rjtc<F^ ^r^fl ^<f ^t afcr cr«"?rr <Tm ^, ^m «r<T*fT «rcw <Ft?r c r «rtc^i ^^Br 
t%t%cf ^rm^ttw <F?rT?r ^m cr^rr "^rm ^?r «ict<f «r^mnT ^rsrcr k^t ^m, ^m «rmm c3#tcf 
■stht^s <im ^rr 1 ^rr^rm^? ^w "^rr ^?F?r ?p\ smT wr w <tct c<titcf srw <mt "^r 1 f<Ff R-^ci<i 
7R t%| 'SBFsrc^ W wr "5tj 1 ^5 ^^fFsjc^r cnmr w ^c^rt; crcT?r «rrcfTF ^rfsr sr^ ^m 1 cf^ht 
^t%Q ^^fFs/c^r cnrnr wi 'fcM f^cf ^' ; Tmr ^t%sf<?rcF t^m^ ^<FfTcs <$& <f<ic<=ih i tw c<hc<f 
^<F«Ht; c^T^rr w ht i ^ ^^ «rrsrfrt ^rtc*ft ^cf^r <Fc?rf^ ^ ^<FfTCD f?rc?j f% ^r ^<ra ctct c<f^ 
w^s nmc<r ^tti c^ht ^^rmr ^t%t% ^^m ^c<f<ttc^ w^r <mooh ^tti c<w 2f«rsr ^rc» cr<rr "^r 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 

^t^st 1% «f§*r *i^iRto* <*m\ tBs#pf *Mf«tw ^rjr^frm w c^f^ ^f*rm «m?r ^r^K ^wh i 
^mw?i c^r«rr?j c<Fwm c<fh tfs^s ^m, <fi?i <ftc^ f% f% nr^rf^r «rrc^ ^w ^rsi^ <fc?t, ^ 
^tfswrir 4<f wm^rm Ht?r <$u\ ^wfe^ <r*Ttfs ^tt ^t - WHmr c<f c<f f<F f<F wtr ^ ^jjt i 
^ ^^ c<ror?T ^ f<Ff ^atHvo wr ^%r i 4*r «rtwr c<r ^rm «w^ c<t<t *it$ ^ ct^h 
^rrr^ftTc^ w^ wth i f^r ^rr <*rr<Fc*r «rtwr wHt^ ^nwt^r ^rr c<h f% i 

c^w? c#m «fflt; ^t *m, "^rm wr w?m wr ^?r i f<F$ <?#N3 c?r w*$ ^m i ct^h 
c^r^rrH «im<f f%| «rrc^ c*t®m ^rr ^iR, <?m*w «rmm ^ci k^t ^m. i c<tw arr^r^ <rr t%| 
^rr ^c?rc^ ?r#rc<F <tc?t ^^rmr ^m^ «rw fwfF ^fc?t t%^r i ^t T5t?# «r^ «^ c<h ^r fl 7 ^ qofc$ 
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4t ^^rmrcM "sn:<tT ct«?jt ^c?j^i R-^ck<i ~m$ "^jsrm ^nTrjm «rf 3 ^ w ^ ^th c«tc<fi <rm 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 

Tr^rWfT "5% t%f<t Wtfa ^tM ^TfflC^ % '^tU^ *tT 6 T 5 t**fC<l*3 «rfspsft Wfl "^, 4"Cr?r *FtC^ 

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tta t^o c<fh «rgt<r<ft ^c<r ^rri ^m^r c<r c<ptc<f ^trw c^ ^51 t<F$ «rfsrfcir? c<Tt% «w ^<t 

C<T^f CFTC^ OTC^IH, ^sf^T «M t^ ^T t% ^<ra? C<PT Rt 'TWT, C<PT C^TC^ ^Tf CT^T^S C<F^ <# 

^t^w ^^t<TH <r^r ^nw c*$ t^; ^c?r <rtc<T 1 ^c^^ <wr c<Fr«rm «rr^? ^t^s «rtc^i ^t^rw 
«rrc^ 'prw 1 «jsrfa "sriw <tw^ ^^ w 1 ^ «r^ c<Fr«rr c«rc<F ^77^? c<pt c?tc<f i ^i^^ ^t, 

^T<F<5W ^rHt ^rlH CT C<PTC<F CSRH t^Tl «lfCl<F®H 4W ^T '^rrf^T C<FR «t^ ^rTt%r, <!W?t 
iT*t=TC<F« ^#RT, ^pTC^ ^Hn9TC<F #SfT1T% ^RH <^, ^^ C«^<F fiHfiH ^lt^C^I? ^fs[<F^ «TC=T<F 
«K' I 'C<M? Wtt^ "srf^rft, CT^THra C<T ^^s «jSff "^, ^^© (?Tf<F <TTC^ ^^M^ ■srf=TC<H ^TT'? '^ 

■sr*frl;! issm ^t<t r^srW 1 ^?h ^otc<f ^ ^TT5Tft%<F «rw? t<rt<tc^ c<mi "^c<t 1 '«rr^r «rl; w^hh 

C^Tft <T<H W$ "5C?rt^T ^s^R W^ C^Tft ^SffH Rc^^C<=1H'? 'C<M Cr? ^Tf, C^T 2f«Tsr v\® 

e«fc^ ^rfcB^ ^m ^rr ^^r ^i^h <ra ^ntc<F W'Tjith <F^f5t t^st t^rrw «im<j <fw' i ^c^ 

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tTOl ^IT% Wl<Tfft C<TiTC<F CSTH K^T I 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<*$ CT ^ffcg?! %f& tfmfm tfRT *rBT$ C^H ft^ sjHC<T ^Tf, ^RT 1^Q ^TTl ftg 4?t ^THl 
t%^8 <# C^ ^J^WT ^C<J, O^-^IT <TTC<T <?fBTs C<TCT?r ^TCSf C<FH ^Tt C<FH ^TC<T ©rl^GI «JtC^l ^ 
^rfBfi» Tfa* *TCt5 t^f ^TT^m C<HC<F SfHC^I ^|t% W^ «TtWt C<TCi?T ^TTSJH WtT ^o Wl 

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«rt^rM <ra «rfsrm c<hc<f wht?j c<fh iiwr^ cfl; i «rrfsr <T*rf| «rrfsr %o*rr srrc<F srrH i ^s ^ra 
c^r k^t <ttc<t i %o*rr srtvom <r*rr «rtwr ^csf «tffws c^tt <fc?t c^nm <rm i ^csf «rmT srrcT ^m 
tw (?#r« c<tci k*t <ttc<t i ft^ ^rrc^ ^r c<r c<hc<f ^jtpt, stw^ «nml; c^m ^rc^N 5 «rc<fl; c^m i 

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«rm ^tsr ct^r ^<mc=i?i ^r i «rm ^m^rc 5 ^ ^c«m ^ht c#r wr ^?r C3#rc^ <mc&h <m i <m sttc=t, 
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^oiM wf <rm i (Tr^fH c«rc<F «rmm «rrsrm <r-<H ^rrr ^c<t ^h ^tm w ^ptt ^c<t i %\f$ <f°ic^«i - 
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#<j^#r c^fjmc^, ^ #<h Mrm ct f% ^<t^c<t? ^^ ^«r ^r c<tsh c^osr ^<ra c^r c^r ^<ra #<hBt 

^<TTt^C?J Ci^?JT, WtCST ^dS ^ ^fSf *M| ^ ^ 9 ! Ff C<fC?J ^mKm "^^TTST, ^^JfTC^TT fDR>C^o 
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«rtwr, nrc<F cwh, t^rHsrr cr*rr «th<f tm^ wr ^rrc<T i wrr ^r i ^it%c^o 4*rtsr ^t c^h ^nfe 
c^Ttsr i vom^m srmr ^?ttco?j f>icHsir ci^rr <rf ^rr^ ^tc^t ^rwr i vom^m m^nrn ^Prc?r ^f^Tisr i «rmm 
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^TC^T ^ ^<%fCSJ?J <Tltc^ I tfRTt ^HfT, ^#?t, "C^PTT ^f ^5 C<M«il5R ^Jt I 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


Tl#iTC<F 4<F5H <FTC5rl 'WHmt ^jTOrJT ^t?! *H ^I^JlbN ^WC^H' I ^## 

t<r wt ^fc?j ^su fro^ 'um, ^Ric*i<i ^t?r ^h<f 1%fn f^mrwr wc<w^\ wr ft*r f<Fi ^sw? 
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Qv<m >rw *ftpT fws ttPT ^T 1 ^s^t c<fh f<F|3; ^h^h «s ^tt, «rm o«tc?m <tjmtc?i w^ ^^m 

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^h, ^t% i£i>r<t 'fwm «rfwm t%r «tm ^mttH? "stc<n c>t >r<t t%^; c^fra <ttc5^ i 

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>T5?tm <tw3 ^«rt ^rtsTit <ttc<t i ^tf? <mc^h ^c<f w^f ^it#t «« ^?t, >Tt^c>r<rm W, >WtH? 
^ht ^c^t ^m^tt >t«|3?j ^<ra i *nfSN3 ^nm ^ht ^c«t ^<ra ttht Hc?t «ttc>t i «tmm <mc^ ^^ ^ 
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w - orN 5 ! ^'fHw <w, Tsrf «rm w^ra « Hc?t «tt>rc<t, f<Pi ^^ ^^ K 9 ^ orc^ c*?&\ 

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sftc<F ^H<icii<i w <tm c nt «s ^tmw ^rri ^<rw ??tc>T ^Hrc^m c%m<\\ ^H ^rutft ^m «?f^ 

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c^tc^T »«Rr ^rc<tr ^rt5?nfm<F ^jfe nt ^?h ^tc<f ^H<icii<i <^rr w^ti ^tp <j^<h ^c ^ 
«ttc^t ^H ^t<rfe<F w^r c^rwr ^th wr<rm «tt>tc<t i c<tt% w\ "&& <tf<f<rm f^t c<rc^r i «rm 
^tc?h, ^rw, *r%, I^wr ^w^c<f ^tHW f%H «rt^s ^tc^t i ^5 ^it ^tr, t%| ^<nm ^sttcn w^r 
<tttc?i (wt «tm c<^ «ttc^ f<tHt 1 ci^m w\t c<fh ^s^ c^, ^m 9 m «tmm ir?twt <m ^<ra t%^sm 1 
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fsrc^ <rrc<r ^s^h t%c^t <f?jc<t corsrm f% ^mcsTtcw ^r ytX 1 <# <tc^ ^rt ^srNm ^%p<r c<fh wsr^ 
nt 1 c<htc^ ^ ^r?r ^c?r ^rc^ ^fHw c<f «r^rra^r «« «itc?? t^wm^r^fwtn - t? ^rtH 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^ ?T$?TTC?T, W%4 "STfW ^vgj? *ld wf, W*KvNfiwM - 4^ ^Sffiffo?! «rf?J wm CW wra (^TC^T 

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twr®R w?r Hffsm ^m tspt £f<rR f*r<TTc<F f%m fwn i <rm "^wrj wrrc<T ct ^mtB- c^rc^ ^s 

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^riwfc<T? ¥iwr f*mT «rmm t%^ t^iwf? *pts wrc^ srtwH i f% c<Tf*r?r «t*t f*mT?rr ^tsrcB' 

C<TW?; ^s «s I C<T ft^H "FRR^ C<W<>\ ^S ^JM^ \sTCr?r WT ^5 b^C<f^, <TM t^^ C<T^ 

^ «5 \srcr?t Riw^, TjtBr c^f ^ srtwr ^rcrfj t%<# «rm ^wr mhw^ ^ ?rr<rc^ \srcr?i 
^irfa ^c?r c^r c<T^t 1 ^ c<tti ^i^ ^Nwt ^® Rf, c<rcr?r ^rw «rt?r« «icw t%§ srtw c<m t*w, 
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tmt%fT *rr<rri <w> ^rs ^thc^t ^s <^c<ic^ ^tsrwi "^ wm ^rrc^ cr c<ihic^<i f*w?i ^nrc^ 

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w^ ^m f*r^m «ht fwi* «rt ^tc<t wrc=r, t%°^r ^Trwr^ ^r w^ $% ^Trnm^M 
«rrci<F ^»rc<T wn?r, ^ w?r tivic<ich<i ^c^i^r ^rr-^rr ^sft ^c?r c^r i ^rr^rr "^ ^^ c^f tw c<ror?r 

W& «PTTHT C<T T%t^<TQ^Tr «r^TRJ^f WC^s "^J (TTS^T ^fTC^ CW 1 C<W ^WH ^t%^rCT W^ t^?J 

»TO fw ^R)^ic>i<i ^ c^f^fm^wr ^tht <i<i^cvi<i «ttc<fi w\m Xfe$i>\ wwfa ^ «rrc^ ^m 
^s^ ^s ^ c^fnrc^ iRifiS^jK ^rr^r Hc^ic^, c<t^ w ^r??rr hc^ic^ c<t^ ^s fifvssTrf^ 
Hc?rc^i ^r ^r<nt tW «PTt^f^i^m ^m sf^ ^rrc^ <rn^i f^ c^rH ^s *f*m^ ^rc^ 

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c<TCr?r «rc^ »rr^f ^s w w^ri »i^8# ^<f wmnm t^rc^r ^frwf^ w# ^fNT «rrc^i t%® 

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«rrsjir c<r ^^itwfw t%m «rrcsTT^rr m« <nf^, ^ ^w ^^m «r«r<f c<tcii? w^si 

^«H «rtwr «r«r<f c<TCr?r ^ ^rwr «rrf^ i «rrc^t «r«r<f c<TCr?r c<fh ^rwr f%r fwr, «rm^r^ w? f% 

«rww?j «rm wnm ^^rm c^ i c<r-<rH c«rc<F *rr<rrQM fwrsH wr ^rn^ c^ ^m c<r ^ Hjph 

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t%*H 1 ^i<twc^ ^ ^rr^rm ^rm t^f^RH ^rr^rr «rm c*th<f ^tnt i ^wr ^tc?j f^f^RH «rm c*th<f 

>jvi&qw w^ «r«r<fc<Tff «mm^r w^ttc^ i ^^t^tt ^^t ^pwr c<r tf%wr c^r c<pr«rr« cwr te<r 

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wH^rm - 


— a u. u. u. 

1ft&\ ^TTSTC^f <I^C<fl ^HWf 

^rg (fimT) 
u. & 

f^f^RH C*TH<F 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVV/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^HffatfTCI ^ OT ^fNT % 4<Tf ^M$ £f«TCsr ^sfS *H% <FfC^ ^ff C<m ^ TOJW 

t%g *t^i 4 wm ymcS- ^ffapi ^s c?rc«fc§rT i wn w\ 4?r ^iW ^s Tfsicw^s ^s c^ic^fc^T 
«rm «rt ^TTj ^rftwTF ^ <k«c&>h i ^t ^c^t *fNT ^tmm ^c?r c?r*r i 4^r?r 4^tcit?t ^rmr f*f<TT 
^c<t vomr «rmm ^ fe%«i€^ ^s <fc?t k*t <ttc<t i ^rra <r «m ^mcvs m<tfmr «imrm *m fe+if-w 
msm^ w <F?r*r, ^<m t£i <Fm wra^fra c^<rr c^r c<r*r <fc?i<f5h ?iwi? ^m <Fim c^r i CT^rnm?; 
w *rmm ^fKr f<T^ 3c?t c*hi ^FraT ^s t%f ^ intc^t ^rara "^wr t% tti ^srara ^^ftc^ 
<rT^rar ^pt ^s «rrsrrc^ Pw t% i ««f w t%c^r <mc^h f^w %m f% wTra? Pw fam «rrtsr 
^<f5t ¥t<i# csfmt^ ^F?rai c<Fwra m<Frra ^raft? <rtwm <mc^i w <mc=ih «rmra ^ftc^ ^T% w 
«rmcvs ^c<r i ^r% <ps?t <# ^^ml; <<rtf<F ^mc^r ^mfl ^c<r <F?ra? <tt "^r csra 5 «tmc<f f^r <i^c<i<i 
■sjc<u f%§ f*ff^rc?j f*m <Ttcvs ^mf#r csfmr^ <f?icvs ntrm i t%t <rw «rra w^f c*r<rrcs tmc^H i 
^^s ^rraraT f*if*ic?r f*rc*ra, "5/5 c<tci? f<F§ ^r «rra c<rcr^ <Fc?ra# ^ f*rftc?r fwrn i $% ^tc<t 
fwr spr ctc^ «?f ^ra^ri ^ra ^tc<u «fc=r<F ram tw <frar ^wr, wrn « ^nm?r «rw ^ttws 
c<m ^ <fc?t c<ptc<f <jc?t cfc-^rflc^ i f<Fg 4-<ra ^m<t|iMic<i<i oiHo© c^f ^rnr ^m c^ <rc*r c<pt 
^rtmc?j <rmm «rr*m k^t ci^i <#« ^rs*r f% «rf5*r *twfT%5 c<tci? «rc^ 1%^ ^R «imnc^ (^rr 
«?f ^m%, Tw ct^ ^t<t ^R «^ c<r c<rt *rr<rrc^ ftc*m c^rrc^ %tt<m ^c?j fcsf^r, ^rwm 
^<tt^c<t c^ ^fmcvs *rm\D ^rr i ^\^°\ ~^\ <# c<r^ ^^rc^r «rttsr c<pi wtf^r ^\w\ ipfc^ ^c<t ct «^ 
^RndiTj^ wiw i ^pw c<pi ^^ «rm c^ "sj^ ^<ra ^rr i «rmm rn^ ^fc^ ^rfa^ «rrc^r <ttci<t 
<t^c<t%j «ifa^o ^rr ^r i 4^t?rr ^rmm *p\\ <t^c<t>c<f ^fo ^wc^h i *jM <r^c<t> ^\u\ ^m, ^Hr^r, 
«rm^ « ^^tf^mii ^t ^mcst; "^ i f<pi ^rt ^<n?T c<r t»w ~^\ ^m^cm ^r<r f<Ff "^ <kic^t 

c<m«rr« c<Fr«rr« te«r ^rrsTit "?rm <m ^r<r<f c<rw «rf^H ^rmrr ^tTw T%ri Tw «m5i<f ^r^ 
^m ijcsm ^*m ^m ^mr t%mc^ri ^t ^cbt ^rnc^ ^rm - 2tc*rr 9 tf^mTi «rm ^c^'tf^n 

(Ti^TT ^t ^CST ^tf^W^ sfM^fT ^T ^TCT Wf ^J I ^9<P ^fC^? «r<f ^T%s i ^fa\s ^JW, <TT 

f<HT wr% f^ i «tctcw irm^rr c<r ^^mm <rc^ ^ra c«rc<pt wpt sf^rr t^t^ ^c?ic^, w^ «rtwr 
^•«rrc^ itl^ wrf sf^rr ^rcw «rrcn «rr<Fc^ «rrsrrciT^ ^tc<u T%r i ^c^'tfwr ^jcm^ wt%m 

^TTl ^sC<T ^T<T ^tt^W^ W<TT i^i ^C^FT'frWT? \s5|J ^T - ^TPTCiTC<T? f*T<TT W ^l C<FH 

^^st ^rsnm ^sjc^ tj^t t^mr ^m%i ^iw f^t^Rm « «mi ^h c^TT^ i ^^t« w frc^ ^Nrr 
«rmc^ ^rc^ f*mr tw ^rr, t% ^rnm ^rm ^r f^tsHm «rm c*rm<F i f^f^mrR^rfi ^rwrc^ %r 
«rtc^T ^mr ^r«mc<m ^s ^nc<t «rm <fmr c*Tm<F ^rwm ^mr^ ^ inc<t i f%® ^tw?i «rr^Tf^ 
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^rsffs, ^ fwrm c<fwt c«tc<f m, <nn ^m^mrm f%i ^rcsrif^w3 sng$ fwm ^«?rm ^r 
ct^^tt ^mc^i ^t twf ^f^rsr ^rr c«rc<F ^wc^i ^rr ^ twr ^k (M&^ «r«r<ffc<F T%^mi f^r 
«rmm ^m ^pc^ twni <fmr c<r^s ^ c«rc<F ^r <tr ^mr^s t^ ^^»tc<t cTc-<m, ^tf? ^rms, 
^^rnrn Hphi ^m ^m ^m ^t*j^<t ^mrwi ^t^^<t ^mrc^ ^m ^rft ^mT'^Tit 
^mrsri ^ ^j^rmm 7 ^ ^mrcsf?r ^m «nmi wi c<Fm ^m^mr ^rws, ^^mm *m% ^rr 
c^rkfc^ vs\D^f ^ 9f?p*r?rm c<Fm ^n «ttc<f ^tti 4-*rtw f^ ^tt wr ^, ^ c<r ^^tf^cir? 
twm ^«rr ^tt ^jm. q$ twr ^rm^ ^rm ^r c«tc<f c<rtmc?rc^i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«TfFl^ ^f^ \5T?T ^TC<TJ <MC^H 4^ ^W^ra 3t% ^^ ^ff^f ^fF <F?tT ^ I 4<t>ftC<l> 
v»T^Rfvstf^ sfC^ C<T5R fif^sf^ ^<FC?T afC^ srT^SW <T® <FC<T CTNKrti ^f, «RT f*fC<F ^S ^BF^f 

^r «rffsr c<t twf&r «?F?r <fic^ sm^f <m^» <Ttt^, «?F?r <F3fi?r c^r^/T *tf^5t f%? ^^fsh <rtf<t ^ 

^RI ^t<M t%-«I^R I Wffsr ^TC<F f*rt>6e»l ^Ffftfa *ftf?t Wfft 4^ ^WfFf C#ff?I CTC^TC^T? t^ffi 

<fr?h «rtfsr <fTT^ «titc?r ^t <Ffwr c*rc?rf|i 4*rn?r^ ^k ^ t<t^ c*t<t ^c?r c^ti ^awrtt^f 
m^ £f«tcsrl; <tc«t (?tc<t «rrfsr c<r <F?ttQT?Tt ^^tstc^ Trtf^ ^m «rtfsr c<Ffsrm c*\cstf% «rrsrtc^ ^ 
<F?nwrT c<f <jc=ic^h? «rrsrm «<f «rrsrrc^ <tc*t%*ri t^r c<Ff«rm ciwf^wn? «r^ «<ri ^rc^i 
t^r c<Fi«rm cioifoc'M? c*rc<r fej <fr?r ^tc^ nl^ic^ ^sfa ^tsr ^r<ffi «r«r<f c^ w=t c^fH 
csrc^ ^w^i «rtwr «r<r*fr wrf^rr w*r<f c^ ^tN&t c^ ^ttt ^mc^i w# w ^rr^ 1 ^rm 
s^ c«tc<f <m ^ twr ^w^ ^r ^ fwm ^n ^rtc^i ^rm <F?tt ^ttc=t «*Hiw<f$ ^tt, <*$ 
<F*ri?r ^m «rm c^fr st*t wt <ttc<t ^rt 1 ^ft?; ^mcwr ^f%3j 1 twrc^ ^m^ <# c<Fm t%| <?r<rr 
■^r ^m <?r*itw3 4c<Mic<t c*m ^rt^m ^w<r «rtc<F ^t <tt Pr<r^s f?rc?T c<fk c<fr <fl; c«tc<f ^rrsmT 
w?tt ^c?rc^ 1 tw ^§ <F*rr ^t ^rtcf ^<m c?$ <F«rm ct^t Fr^mtH «rt<Ft Ftt 1 <F«rr^s ^rtc^ 
^fPtj^rf^T <rc*r 4<f§h sttcsra (?n<F 4<fft «tst ^rr%?r ct-^tiw c<fr ^wft% -^r ^tt, (^ntw %m c^r 

C^t <ra ^ <Tt5tftfo «?F <FC^I £fTC5Tff *Rt$ ^T<Ff ^t ^Sf ^rt%ra C<F t<T5t^ 2ft%#T <FfR?T? ^R 

^r<nt %m c^r ^PwrT^ Hh ^rtwrc^, wit cwr ^rc^ '«bt cntwr Hk <rTt%c?r <F#r ^ ctH' 1 
^rra c^mm t<F^ c^ c^mm <w c<f ^^s «rmw 1 tl 7 ^ «rt^ ^r wrrg twr, wn?i w 
twm 4«m?r c<m ^tj (?Tt i ^k #t«, wrfSr ^rc^ ^s?f <fc?t t^r '«rrtsr ^ ^N <Fc?rf|, «rrtsr 
^#?j <F«rr <f^s Fit' 1 ^R £f«rc5ft «rrsTrc^ ^tc<t '«rrcn c^tsrm ^m^mrFT t% ^tc^t' i h «rrsrm 
c<fk ^m^mr (?Tt, wtfsr t%^ ^tt<ht <fc?t ^m ^ ^mtt' 1 'c^rm <f«tt c<f^ ^^tc<t ^tt' i 
^pef^nrr^ c5w ^rws, ^^mm ^rw mc?r c<tc^s "5c<ti ^^<th ^rw «rrsrm ^^T^rmw ^rr mc?r "<ttc^ 
^rm^r «rrsrm <F«rr c<f^ ^^ ^rt 1 

^WTlR<iCH<l 2f«TST SR^ff ^TC<TT «TfFf<f ^TC^T ^^ ^2fiiT?TC<F ^t% Wt "^ I 4^ *Wfa 

twm <r - «m t*w ci^Tft ^u ^<m ^fsw?rc<F^ «rr 3 ^ ®<^ c^sTtt "^ri ^•<tTc ; T« ^fstwmc^ fer 

<TT^TTT ^C55 ^^mfWfT ^TC^I ^ ^ ^Tt, ^ t<TOT W ^CSf nT^TfT <TT?Tt^ I 4? «TTC^m «rfC^?f ^R^T 

<fmr %*m, ^tmr «tc=t<f <F^rr<iT ^w, ^rr<HT <ra ^ twr ciwfe^ i c<r twr w^ irs¥t ^rm 
ct^ twr ^rtpre^ twr ^m i ^^m «r<T*fr «rtwr ^csf c^nm ^rtt^ i ^csf c*fc?r <nt^ ^rt ^rrsrrw?! 

<FtC^ C<FH sj=TT C^l ttf?I ^<T ^Sf ^^ W^T WIH C<TH "STC^r ^TT ^<T ^Sf t<M "STC^ «JHCvs 

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<f»c<)l^c«i«i i ^wm <t^c<if^c<!iH srrciT, c<rw ^f^s?r c<r ^rt^r ^rwswt «rrc^ (Ttsmw ^rm 
<i>c<if^c<=i-i i ^ ^tt^s ^stsmw ^B <ra t%sf?r t*r<TT ^m^mm t*tt%?r c^ti ct^; t*mT?rt« 
«rmm «tc=t<f ^rfefsr <bc<tc^H, ^5 sj^ <^m ^tt ^r?r, srr?rm <rra ?rKt?t ^tti ^ cfc?j ^tc^ 
fww, t%m «rmm ^^ttc<f t^R 1 ^^sh , <wt%t ^«rr c<m te*r <m "^? ^m'T ^^mr s\uma$, 

t<T ^TTSJWt <ttt%l ^■^TTC'rff ' i Ttsr ^^ ^vs W ^Tt "^ <TTC^ ^ *tTC^ Stt% srT*TC<J?r ?t# ^5TI 

tt#w? <ttc^ «rm« ^rsrrm tw ^ twrc<F «r^tm^r wr ^?r 1 sr^rcsrl; ^ ^t<t <tcst >i<n^c<t^ ^<rm 

^C^ Ci^?TT SJM. I ^t tWfC<F C^tsj?rT C^Tt <FC^ T%5 C<T^TT I ^t t%fTfC<F ^m\ <T^ ^t ^C^ ^rm 

<tiC<tf^c<=iH 1 «rm <r^ wr^t ^^pttt t%m ^ ^m^mr twTw FtPrc?r c^tc^ri ^t ^s ^rfrt ■^rwm 
w?r?r sttfm twtc<F «nw c^isrm ^rc^ ^p i^c^ ^j%t w "5c?r^ ^r ^fsr ^m *wm ^c?t 
c*\m w c<r« "=rr 1 4?r R<tc?t<t stt% cvDtsrm <ttcvd t%*m «t% "^ 1 ^src^ ^^mrn F^f «r<rjrc?j 
sf^rcsr 4^ wm\$ twm sr^c^ ^r <ra w^r «trfstt ^t twf «?f <rat%tsr t<T<rw^ ^r 1 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


CT C<FH *IT3J ^T fwT ^srwt Wl?T ^f T5t?JC5' t%!% WHC^s ^J i *twm$ t^J «RP^Rlt^o 

<r<H?; c<fh af^ c*r<rr ~s$ ^h ^ ^mcB- foH<rc<i> *"ft <fc?t ^r Mrs ^u i ^ ^muJw 4<fc3 
iR«iRvb <fc?j <h^t ^5^ T5%§?i i aw ^r «rfwtfr, ^t ^ff^T ^m w i ^ ^rrg ^m ^sht 
^ra i ttita f<T<ra, ^ *rtraRr w<tt T%, T% m<rc?j ^rc^ h^i \d#?t 5tc?rr®H f%r?r c^r wr^t 
^m ^t t%?r^ cstth «rw?r f% ^pfT ?tt<h ^c<t i (tt^sht 2fc?risHc<i> ^tntt ^<f?tc\s ^?j i «rm v^ 
w\ wrr, «rh<f ^m ^rr ^?r ^ ct ^ttc^ f<r<m wrH <w*h, ^t to Tfcsr «rfwtft «rm 

sf^JTSH 4^ R)H03<1 f<F W*\4 4tJTC<F 4<Ft>> <0HTt <F?TH I C<T C<FH ^fTC^ £f«rcs|t 4^ TjmcCw <ITNTT 

^m ^r fes ^a i «ith^ <t<H?; c<fh ^mr ?trt ^<fc?h t%H «r^rcsr ^t Tjmct? RrH<tc<i> **tt <fc?j 

^TWTT ^<FC?r CTHl 

^t SK$3 s^jTStH^T f<F ^TC^s f?TC?J ^TC^T, ^t ^*IH<iO?<l C*tC<T?r f*tC<F ^Tf "5C?TC^ /®*77Fs 

w^i^f^fm *rt*K*urs\ w*h stf|wTrc<F ^ fwf c^ ^fc?t <rm i w?r hht ?r<FC5j?j stf§ 

"5TRH ^TSHT-^HT ^tW ^TC^, ^t £|ft?T ^HT «rfft TW^ *|f|?*rrf?r ^ ^H^T ^T "SRH <F^f|l voT?T 

■^r^f^s «nft tew c*rr<F arr^s ^rh ^fli «rtf^r ^rh <F?rft «rtfsr <# «rh<f ctft^itf <fc?t 
•^•srfBH ^m ^c*r f%§ ^m fm, p$ ^mr c*fc*r ^rm ^r «rmw i ^r ^r «ih^ w\ \ ^rmrH 
#^h ^ «iht't? c^t^h «rrsnr ^ K^rfl i «rm ^s^ c«rc^ ^tkhh cstr ^^ ^rtf^ i ^Ht "sjh^ 

ifJ^T ^T C'Rm C^T ^H CT «TR^&T ^Pt? C'f^H ^\s W ^^ OTW l 4^ ^ C«R^ 'fHTf^ 

vs-«H <?r*if| «rrc^ST ^ «jtsrrc^ tw cwrc^i ^r «rm ^ ^rmr #<h «rrsrrc^ Hfffert kstc^i 
^s^ ^t; #^nt h?t, ^t "^hpt c?rrH c«rw «thh ^ht c^h c^tith^o f?rc?j w$ Hf^, «thh c*\-^ 
o$u$ «rtc^Ttr c^rTHc^s k^t "#^, ^^»rw ^rn-'srvsR "stcsjt ^^rm e^Ksrt; k^i 

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^H#rr «rrc^! c^*r t%| t% ^rrcn «rrcsrfwm ^f#%rr f^fwH^ra srcarf^ f^»rc^m sr^frc^ ^ 
t^f ^cut%T ^gj? ^m it%]t t%| «rtc^ T^rr whh i ^t Hra f%H ^^&t ^ nr^m <jt mc^t i 
<t^ ^p c<if*r ^j^ht hi, "<#^s f<r^ t^H «rtc^t f%H "srmT c^t i «rm ^ ^?-<r c^R^rt ■srmr c^t i 
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fwr%t «ihtc<f at^r w HT f^t tW «rmm <tX ht ^tc^ «rfT<m ^c^ ^r i f%tn fTTws ^ 

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^<rw c5cstc<f t%c^r ^frc^T c^m ^rm ^ ttMbt fwr^? c^twt wrc=TT ht, «twc^f «Sr t^h ^rfBt 
c<fcb fw%r! c^c^ ^rcirff Hfsr^s ^r tro i «?rr c<fnh «rrc<F «rm ^ c<f? «?rrc^r «Sr strcsr «ttc<f 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«rra ^rrsrm c^t ^ ^rrsri ira ^mr ^ sftw o<fk t%?r wmc^ th^ «^ ^^ <rw cic^r f^rdt®? 
^ra %mT%ri q*h$ ^aptn ^ra *fi? frawi ^rf- ^r f%?r%T «rmr^ ?Mt c^cb- «2r wm^tfBm 
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"srmr ffi«ifcw? ^rc^, ^rr ^rr, «nt^r «rr^wt ^rra^s <tr ^rra i «imrc<F «rmm ^ orcrac^i f% ^fc<t 
^rra-r c^mm ^? ^w 'm ffita ■«rfer F»«ic*i ^m^m t% ^r? 4?r*ra c*rm# ^ra ^mr fwi 
c<m vorc<F ^m <# onra c^f-mi «rrsrm cirt» ^c?ra ^^rw «rmm <i&«ra sf^m t%ri ^"«m ^gfsr t% 
<f?tc<t? «nm t% «rm <F?ra, wrr <?mi ^?*m 4?rr ^r<r *ra?rr -«m? ^tnc^i ^ <?rm# ^^ c^ ^c?r 
^c-ra c^sc^; t>c<f c^fc^i ^m^m ^c-ra ^rc<rj ^^r-^ttr^ w ^c?r c^i ^^wr-^ttr^ t% f%t 
<rt^c^?; «n<M i 4^>r c^oi^ ^rc^ vsfsr c^r irmfc^ 'm -«rfej aic<^c°i i ^t^ w% ^gffi^ c^r 
T% ^tjtcv» <ic<=i^,c<=i, ^gfsft: c&\ t% ^w f^mflc^Ti ^m f<t^ ¥k ^c?r c<tc^ ^<ii^c«t<i ^fH% 
«nc<r<t^^cH<i ^rt<T^t<H ^mm^ ^c?r c^ti ^m^m c^r^m *n% ^n ^t ^rrs^Tr ^i<Mfra ^ f%m 
^rrwm ^rc^, ^^mf% ^m, c^rr^rc^T mrtfc^ csf^r *\m ftwc^ i 

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cetf <F?rf|? <# cstr 5ttc<f vsf^r f% cstr ^mfl? «w w «nwr c<r ^t w w?r "#^r *iro ^rf| 
4t c<rr<r^it «trsrrci^ ^rc<rr ^arc^ m^rr i ^rrcg ^rc^ ^s^tems,, ■srr^rm ^rm «rr?H (?rcn c^ ct 
^%<t c<r c<m wra ^rc<n ^rFnm *\us ^r<rm «rrcn ^rr^rm «rrs^rc^ <?m& i «rmm ^rr^rm c<r wt^^r 
^rc^ ^t c<Tf<r^it «rfsrm c^ i f^ c^im «rfsrm c<r «rmm ^rtr ^c<r ^trt «rtwr rn^r ^c^s tmfl 
^r i «rmtcirsr ^rc<rj ^nw? 'jw^ m^pr «rrc^ ^stc^ ^te ^rt> ^rr ^r wmrft ^rr c^rsrm w% 
"5c<t 4<f t%'<frlm ^<nf^s i ^^ c*rmm ^m ^m w^ t% ?i<r «rtw "^c<t! ^tc<t "SRmtw «rtct ^t 

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c^i ^t %m ^g-^r <wic<i> ^rc^ c*rmi arr^; ^r, ^^ T%f^<r «rffsr c^ irrm fw ntf^ ^rt, 
nr^s^rm ^ «rw t^fc^ ^r arRi ^ts, ^t c*rm «rm orrc^ ^Kfc^; ^t-t *$s "sra^i ^ 
^^rm^r $c<j ^^rl; m ^r;?rm ^?"«r i «rrci<Ff| ^£w>«c<i ^rrcT 'sr^j ^r i «r^ «rfsr ^m^ ^j<\ ^rsra 
c<rf*m «Tt c^3 ^<fi^c<f ^<f>tc^ o^rr "<Tm ^rr i *m ^tt%, f^ ^rsra ^ra ^^ ^c«ra ^-p< "^j i 
■srvgm ^^tsrt ^m ^^ ^p^ c^rra ^w ^rc<F «rr^ ~^<m «rrc<F i cr^; ^^rsm c<f^ ^«rr w^r ^ra 
^rcsrt ^rrcn "=rr i ^fw ^u ^^»tc<T «rrc^ ^ -^ c<m ^r^rr ^r ft??rm ^f^s ^si ^rr ^r i ^f^rr 
« ^-«frarPrc^ "srvsra ^rrc^r ^«rr "^wtm ^ft^ «rrc^ i Tw "5^ ^jc^ wmc^tt; ^r ^rm i T<fi f^ 
f^ ^j c<T5r ^r otbt ^ptwp ^r i ^rfc^tt ^<rr<Trctt «rmm «rrsrtc^ ^rrrc^ ^ra! ^r#7rra «ttw 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«rrtsr ^fe^ f% «rrsrt?r ^f#p «ite t%o «ihk? ^*Ht ttm ^rt i w?j?t st%<f w^pt 
^tt o»5f <rtc\d ^mr ^trtt wjh f#n ^rc^ srr^n ^wn%^ ^rsfwrcn ^rc^ ^rr*r?Ti 
^ysrra ct fiH ^mr^ wt ^» ^m ^%f i^ ?r<r^r f^ c<fh^<f ^rc^ 1 fsrft c^fh^t srttea 
%f<T i ^r% *nts? ^ i «rrsnw? c<r ^h ^m^ ^nt^ ^ fri ^m ^tc<tt ^rar w tf*r oram »ut<f 
^^ c<rc\a ^rm i ^t; wj^ ^tc<tt w orsrfl «rrc^? ^rtt c^ «?p ~<k<\ «rrsf t^ w orsim «rtc^ ^m 
^ ^h?t ^;<jt ^rr «rrc^i ^ oRfe ^#r^ <rm <f<t£o c^t t^ w&rt ^rsra *tt?tc<ti tw <fl?r 
^^s %3T «rm^ ^r t%^ orsim 4? wjt ^fcB" <rn^ i ^<H 4^ ?sc?r fer «rtw «tptc^t, ^rtcTT 
«rrsrrc^ 4-<h« ^\d ^ ctMt^ ^! 4?r ^tc*jt ^«h ff?r ^«R ^m^ ^c?r ^rrrf^ w° ^, ^R 
c^Tsntt ^c?r ww mr^ ^cvs nrc^! w ^i^t «rttsr yftfl ^ ^r?is}ftc<F «rtfsr c^f <f?tc^ i ^trwf 
~~~\m°\ ~^<m «r<fr«, ^ fwr ^m°\ ~^<m f&nus ^w<s%, ^Tstf|c<F c5*f <r?i cro, «ftnKn 
«rr<M #<r?r -^ws nw ^f^ c<fcb- ^ ct?t i ^^ ^r ^T^r^ftwr^ mww\ i 

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ta ^r:^ ^rw ^f^R ^c?r fro i «rrsrrw? #^r? ^wu t%? w ^r*f i «i&>Mc<t> ^•<rR?T ^rr 
^jm. ^nrsjf|i ^rsjf| c^f ^rfBi^ ^-«rrw ^rr<jj, ^frit #^r? ^t*it i ^ &G*m ^Km ^ti^ht 
f% ^c<t c^f&r ^r froi ^t^t ^rw&r f% t#?k? ^t<jt ^rt<Hm wi ^t ^^m cit%?j cw 
^n<iT «rm ^Tt^i^rm f% ^#1 ^t<jt «rm ^rt^Hm ^fc¥ ci^d f?rc?j ^tf^pr 2f«rw cHtw wmr 
fwt «rm ^mr fwm f% wKi «m5T<f «r'mr fwm <jtntt m^j f^sif^immiwm fomts 
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^f^s w <j<K*i<j <rt «rtc^ i^ ^mt fwti c^fHbt ^?%j «rt?r c<fp#t ^<ra%?j, ^ ^it ^i 

<TO<F ^?T<T# tWR:n W\ Wt ^TJ, ^^&t ^T t%sT<Ml f^sT<M "m\&\<\ 2lt%T% ^^s 3TT, 
C<W ^H, "STpf'f, ^ttai 'ffr, 'JSft I ^T^fCvs i£RTBT ^tf «TTC^ ^?^*/ 2fW<77?7, f^sT<M ^Tt ^^T «rrt 

"^c<t wm ^rtc^t «frr ^<t ' i rt 1 c<w «rff^ <rtw «fiwt-iiT^rf ^t ¥1 «tw?t *tft?r ~%&\ ^c?r c^rn-^Ttf<j 
«rr^r^ ^<^frc<T, c<fw c<m ftr ^<r ^ti f^ c^sjh 'fwrc^fHt wfBt ^ ^ ^rt'rm ^r t%i ^fwrc^fHt 

^T W?T ^lft^H C<M « I C^ WST H^sT<M ^TT W ^sf^T #<TIH ^T WfWt^ W\, ^ 
feW C^TSTTC^ <|i<IC^ "5C<T l ftit?T "5?T Ht^lt%<F ^, f<TC*H t%*T<T t%H f%f t%|> t%H^ Wt "^T, 
CWT ^Wr^t, ^st^HPT, ylW?!^, >t^tCH<l ^rTT "^T ^sH «T^2fT*H WTC^s "5C<Ti 4^^ HW%<F 
^l ^^TM 9m tHTJtW ^»TC<T W^s "^J HJ, ^^ t%f Hfsns ^<ra ^WT, ^s ^sTtf^ <Rt "^C^ '^TW 
4"C<F Hfstt%<F ^ ^TT "5TJ I ^ft?J ^TstT <R, CvsTsrH -sr^ c^T ^^ <TPHt <Tt ^t C^fC^ (?#t 

'mtfm ^srt <i«H f<r^ wr sm. ^"H c^it ^c<f <i<=ic^h ^tt ^i «rmTcii? c<rt% ^m *$sfit ^rr 

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tnf^, C^ ^Tf?T «TTSTH Csrr?fBT?f C<H t%?T tn^s fim, C^T?f C<H "FT^f! "^?J, «rfsrH C^\ sTCsrT»H ^T 
^WTf^ ^IWH tl^CVW ^^TPHT <J^ «TTC<F l ^ 'jWtsM <T'«H Wf ^J ^H CT^ ^SffC^ ^TT ^C^ ^TT 
^tfi "F^sf i£|^BT ^ «TfC^ "<TTC<F <l<=1C^«i £fT?Tt%8 ^l «TfstlT ^Rt^ «TWR^ <Tt WR^ «RH<F ^?^ 
9fT9f5[<R ^T CTH ^§, ^t W'TfT 'ff 9 ^ <Tf CiTH^ W^ <|>||3|<T|<1 ^HT *\M&\<\ ^THW m'm 

f<t^ f<t^ ~<f$ ~<muv "^?j, ^iaiw <mt "^c^ £fT?Jt%8 ^ i ^t ¥t?f w^m ^vfc^ ^<mt "^t f<rf<ri 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


*wssr ^r Wm ^fi c<h ^rrcT?r ^ Timc? ^^ wcs ^tc^i h^>j<i4 c?rr®f wm 
"N^rt^ ^f f%*r<T fw ^m, ^tsu <F*f c^mm tc^ ^r <f?ic<t ^w ^u ^fct «Pf $ro cf^rr 
^u ^rt 1 «rm srmfw ^ «R*nl; wcr 1 tmf<r ^c?r c^r, ^^t? «rprc^ Hw<r 1 c<r ^ «c*rr «rrsrtw? 

^FfTCs Hc<m ^FfTC^ CT^ WsMW ^Tt ^5 ThR 1 ^ ^f 1 WCa ^s C<F*TC<r ^TT, ^s C<F*rfcT THf^f 
^l W ^T ^TMra «^s C^p=TT^ ^C<1T Wf #^ ^FT5TC c m ^Tt 9 fT#t ^W ^TC55 t%l 4l?tC<F ^fCS 
(W3¥t ^T <TC5f?r ttW i sf^ ^rfCSf TR^gr <FC?t ^f ^T ^TTCf?! Wt? cmcwT ^fHW ^Tfl 4?t TW 

<r*rc^ ajctfiimu ^m ?rc<f?i ftw ^pr ^fc?t ^f*h srrmrm ^f?tc<t Tjt i ^mcr ^ «rmiw? crwt, ^frr 
t^f ^af ^r w^r R<i^ ^tk fw c<r frftc^F ^rmr ^c?t «ttc<f c^ itft? *rr??r -«rtw ^rt, ^q 
9(m\ <fst, 4 wrr t%<r<r i ^t<t Tmf<r f^ml; c<tct?i ^rwr 4c=t *rc?r ^tT%*rrcg «tHHT <fc?i T%tT% 
wr^c?rc^i t^i w 4*o\4 twr f^-ftc<jc<i?[ w ^rc^ *rcBt$ wmr fwri 

«rfFT<f <mcsh «r^mt twf fw ^ - ^ ^msfft csr ^cr ^t i c<th c^r ^cr ^tt? ^t ^ 
^ih<ici$ w<t vtftmmpmw ^mrMfz, ^f ^r «ifwri witpt ^rfwr c^rrcfl; ^Ht, c<r-<rfc^ 
^^rmr c*r<rrcf?; wi <wf*f i*$ Ht^ ?r<F5T wr?r ^«rtt ^tc^i ^r csr ^mc^r wr?r ^rc<ot ^ ^tt 
w*i<i arf| ^Ffk<T f% ^ 5 ^! «rT5Trc<F ii^BT ^r^ ^r:<it ^f% ^K?r <rw ^c?rc^i «rrf^r ^ttw ^ ^r^ ^tc<it 

«t «t ^^ ^o «rTf% ^CST ^RI C«TC<F C<I^T<T t% ^C^! fwH ^f C<T C<FH ^ ^Rft ^t ^T 

^c^ ^rc<ot c^rrm^i ^m ^-«fH c«rc<F wrfsr c<i^t<t f% ^^! ^raarf| c^r wt ^rrc^ ^m. ^c^ 
«^ ^nr<F c«rc<F c<ifer ^iwi ^tt «r'fwr fwr «rm ^rsjf| c^r tj^t ttm? t%^t<Tt ^c?r ^551 
t^i *t<rr fwf «r'mr fwm Rt<r t%<rc<m ^ffc^ t%?r Tic^r ^rm 1 «w ^r c<r fwr Rt<r %m<r ^r 
fro c^f^r «mt fwr, «rm c<r fwf «*$ W<r t%<rc<m ^rrc^ fer ^rm c^ fwrc^ ^r ^mr fwf 1 
mf<r f%<Tc<i? «rm<F5T ^rsr <m « «r<mi ^m f<rf<r ^fH^r wr ^jm. ^«h ^tt ^s <m «h^h «^i 
^<H Hw<r ^n^H w^ ^<H ^<ht "^r «rn^ w^i ^Tf^ w^r *rtf- «m^ nnm, ^rr 9 !- ^^tm ^rrc^ 
n®i <w-«r<m, nr^r-'p^im ^rrc^ "<rh3"?rr "srnH ^mr twrc<F «rrsm wn ^-ftt ■srfHt <m-«r<w, 
^-«r^ "stth?; f<rf<r-THc<T<r, f<rf<r-f%<T<r ^rrc^ c^r, c^r ■srtHt; «r^mt twfi ^ «r^mr fwrc<F fm 
«« ^c<r 1 *mr twtt fwt, otbt^ fwr c<r twr ^% smm ^fc?t i fwra c«rc<F ^T% shh ^c^? 
^ ^ratf^ c?rc<F *r% «hh ^sri ^nrsffl; c«rc<F ^t% nr«?rr 'srrHt; ^r f<T^-T^c<ic<rfr c<r %srr 
c3#rc<F ^it%c?j "<Tr«"?rt 1 ^i^t ^wt^h^ch^ f<r<mBT Wl «r^mr « *mt fwm wt^r <[c<ir t%m *mr 
fwrc<F wht 1 (tt^ht ^«rcsr «r'mr twfBT f% ^tt ^c<t, ^m^m ^mf fwm ^tntt wr ^c<r I 

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twr ^<fw ^r^Tj^w ^^t^R)<i ^rr<iH?r w ^<n?r ctc<h i c<m^tj "stth c^cs ct^stit i t^i w¥t 
c<FH t%h<tc<f «rrsrm c^r "srh ht ^c<t wvt crl; BrHc<i «rrsrm t% ^<ra cT^r^fj ^c<t, t% ^<ra «rtTsr 
C5C? ct<t! «rrsrm *tft?rc<F ^Ht c^r ^rh ^r ht, ^ wrfsr ^^ cic^ ^r*r c^m ^tt ^ti ¥Hc<r?r 
^m c«rc^ «Pr «rmf^ ^m ^rfrc^ att% 1 ^m'm ^m c#r «rmf^ ^?r ^rcm srt% 1 ^rh^ sit% «rr^ 
«rtc^ ^rt ^ ^tfH ^rmrn ^rc^ *tff<r srt ^tmra cr?r 1 ^ «rmf^r csr «^ c^r ^ ^tfH wm 
^r *tftara ^Tf^Tm 1 fw ^^ ^csr «rm« w ^rwm ^twm ^wra RtHc<i<i srf% «ihtcit? «rmf^ - 
«trf^, ^tft, Tfft, ft, yst, «r?Hr, "Bmr- ^rptt, ^nf^ ^tPrst c»m wr ^rrc? ^rr 1 ^rrf^ wmr-^r^ ^j^ht 
"5c?r c?rc*r ifk ^T®r%^ t%?r f^;, ^r^r ^^r^mt; fes ^; ht i ^m^r c^?r ^H ht ^t «nwr ^ - ^ 
c^H t%TH<rc<F c<fcst $m ¥tt ht 1 *tt% t% w^? ^^fTH fSiT^rifwf w<t ^«fcw ^rT f<F| ^rrc5 
^m c^?r «rm ^m ^rnst ^ ^f^f^r^ c^r 1 ^f^ «rm w\us% ^ RrH<ic<^ c^j c<rr<r w\ ^rm "5rc<rr 
c^fiT^tj ^tptcti gf^rcsj wtcT c^m^tji ^^tHw^ 4t <rmmifl^sm «rrsrrcrjr Hra "<Trc^i ^■<rfH sf^rcsr 
wmr twr ^rm ^mr twm wrs, c<rmrH "^i ftfta c^t^t i ^r «rrrsr ^c<jr c^rrsr ^®wr ^r<r 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«mr, ^ c$$ ^m^f ^h ^ <s\w<\<\ «it% «rrvrm c^h «rtwr «rmw nr i «mr twftfs fcr?rffii 
^trh 2f«rwt; faseM, oj^whRt, ^Fs^ii ?t<t t%^ ^w? <rrc<T ^sm^m c<h ^^ff^w^s ^s <ttc<t 1 f<M 
«nwr c^r w *rrg ^rr ^rft, ^tflroRi in*r ^rft ^s^ ^r^<t aff% «rrsrtw? «rrwr tc*t ^rrc^ 
^rr, vsm ^m^r «rtwr 4^wc<f ?rr<Ht ^ Hf^ ^ 1 w^pr ?rr<HT ^ ^ c^s^r ^ \sw<r isrBro 
«r*mr 1wtt ^c?r srmwi ^^it «rrsrrw? c<Tw?r t^*m f<Tc*r<Tv$i ^^vrng f^r^; <rc*r vnzmt 
wwtz vif®\ 4$ <Fsrr c<fwh w^? ^iH^tc^ w^, ^r^w^ ^m <n$ ^tfwr i ^TH^r 
Hssft; w^ «rtwr c^fB" «rrsrtw <rc?r «rm^r ^c<t ^rr, ^fsr <iw ^s, «itvtrtf ^rfwr <rr« 1 %stc\s 
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^src<F c<rt<Fr t%m^ 1 ^<tjbt «5^ tmtH Hs^r ^r t%tHI; ^r<f ^r w?\ s&s w\ 1 ^^ ^ ^r<f 
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Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^m *$m~t ^c?r «rrc^r, Hst ^m w f^; c^, ~\[°fc~~% w f<F|> ctl; i Tw ^rmm ^^ o*ht 
c<t «rtwr c<rr^r «tmht cr^rft, ^t ?ff*r, c5t^r, ^rr^rwH, c&?rm ^s cti<f ^h ^rntt «rr*rmr 
^tht ct^i ^ w?r tjcst feH<T cT-^rrc^ - «rrr^r «rm ^t tspi^i «rrfsr «rm wft w?\ <t , *h 
^tht c^rr w "^r ^Rt; ^ptcs ^ «rfwr 4"cr c?tc5i «te wi; ^Ffsri «rrsrm 4-<h ^rcatr 
c^nmc*; ^pr c<rca ^c<t i ^pr c*rcs ^cr «rrsrrcF ^s^ ^rc^ c<tcs ^jm i ^^fctst ^r^ <^o -^r «rfsrrcF 
^rfk^ wr?r ^FTcr<F*rH ffitfo ^c<r i wra ^Frcr<F*rH ^rrcti; «rr*rrc<F h<ft- ^m^rr csrmr^ ^f?tco ^cr i 
frmr csrr^s ^F?rm wu ~$m ^rcs ^cr i f%i ^ srcsm^r «nc*f «rmrn rhh «m <Frsr #^?r 
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^F'fr'rT <F?TC2 ^C<T I C<H ^TSJS, <TT ^TC5 C#l^ HW- HCT<T ?TC*f «tTCT I «r^mT f<HTH f^T^riN ^T *mT 

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^T^ «ifwm <T-«H ^TT ^ ^o^ ^<%H ^N^lt ^STTf ^ffc t%T, l¥f, ^fej, 'c<P f fT « ^5CT? 

^w?« «rfwm «n<pcs ^c<ti t% «rrstcsra tw c«rc<F ^fe<F Hra «rw ^c?tc^i «nwr wtf^Ht «^ 

«JT2H <^lfBtt C<TH <MT ^T I C^HT C5TC?TCT? «rfwf?r «rrc5 f<THT, ^CM ^TFwTfT «TlC^ T^HT ^^TR 

^rrnrra c<fh wrc*rTTHit wr ^rt^ i ^mt «rfwr?r «rrc^, «ikht ^c?r wr?r ^r?F?r ^th ^<mh src?rTsH 
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ft#?r imffi ^r ^jht ^ ^rf^T-^r^ «im ^T-<Tc*m c^r^Ht ^ Ticsrc^i <Mfvi^l-<Fr«i<H «rm ^th- 

<TC*H Cf^H <TH ^^ ^fCT? ^HT ^^M C<FH W^ <t°1C^ ^TTl <THT ^TC^ ^ ^fM f<T^ Fl^f^ 
"^«H ^ofCT? <l<=1C<l«i ^sfsr <# ^TM f<T^ K« ^f^T CsTsfH ^HT f<T^ Hf^ ^r^ f^<F WT «flC5l 

^r c<r - <rTc i Tl; ^rn ■£R c f ~^ «rrc<Fr ht c<th, (?t<th c*rc<F?; csHTc<f «rrwr ^r ct<t i twtct ^t 
h«?tt "^c<t? ^<fw<t ^mr, csTsrrcF ^ ^<ra c<tcs ws i t% "<Frw w^ ^c<t? sr^rcsr csrsrm <rr ^^r^ 
w$ ^tptm c^rca^ crl; w$$ ^u^ «tt<f i ^fsr <# ^ <r?j*r ^rn t%?r «tt<f ct^tct ^^cs^; ^<Ffw 

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^#?r ^fSrcM ^rsft ^?rc<T, ^htt ^mcr? Ht^t ^^ ^?rcs «n<Fc<Ti ^^h c<t^ <# ^t «rrfsr 

<T?? , r*f$ <TT WTt%^ C'KT 'fR^^H ^Co ^i fR^H CT C<T^ <MCs$ ^frcs, «IH < #<IWr?f ^T^S 

^rcw fr^?rr "<rrc<r i c<tsh f<Tttfe, t%tH ^t%?r t^H T^i ^rcs ^htt ^c?j c^h i c5HTFr<f flc^H 
^rwT T%i ^#c?r?r «Ffat ^cs «n<T^Hi ^t ^«m ^R^j^h ^cst itc?ri Tw ^rf^fH^? ^t 
^«m i9<f^cH<r «Hprm cr«?rr ^rm ^rti ^rcr? ^ht ^prm cr«?rr <rm ht? ^fmr #^cr? 
^m^mc^r f^c¥ "irctt^o ^toi ^T<rm^: c m ^ht m^ ^rr ^ ^ti s^rcsrt ^cr? ^ ^w t%p 
<rfe?r c?rc^r fw^i Tw «tw <jsf fw ^r<rfe<F c<rc<r t%?rc^ ^r «tctc<f? ^^m f^rc?r ^ "fN&t 
^rcsc^i ^r ^«rr ^r "<rmr <iw? t%^ ^^rrcs Tim ^«fteH <w ^rc^ ^hti ^«ftet^r <r %r ^^o 

"^T CoTsTtCF srTT'H f%m ^<FfW ^<F3Cs "^CT l C»T% CoT^f Wft ^HT C<T ^rTST t^C?J ~^ ^m ^fsr^S 
fc5<F CT^rCT ^Si ^?J i ^rsr ^?JCs ^<F<TCs ^ HN3 C^FH^T CsTsjm w ^ «rm CFm^T W^T 

<mi ^r H«?rm ^m ^t<Tm ^gTsr ^ csrsrm w<tt ^<fc^ t^cf "SRwrn wr^ i ^<f^<tt ^ ^<f^cs 

^?r^s -sr TT^H sst% "5C<T ^s^H ^TCT ^^<Tm ^T ^t W<TJ <t»vjl5|^ TWTsr ^TCT ^ I WT? «TKT 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<RJW Rf l ^1<Ff®Tt ?lft^ ^jRT <F5T ^^s <F?Itfs ^RBT <im 4"C<F<TTC?r ^ ^C?T C^ 4<Tf?I (7T f% 
<F<TC<T? \s*R \oTC<F W^T 4^<im vgft Wl^ fet HT« i Wt^T <JW *P<H ^W C?H ^H <7T ^W f<Ff?f 

^ntc?r k*t 4<?ri ^tH%<Frst3R, ?rR-*r*t ^m ^tFtt k*t ct^, iw iw w^i c^r#t« k*t c^i 
9#^rcM £tr% ^m c<fh <f#jt «rmw Rt, ^rsnw? ^jt% c<fh <fw srmw rti 4«h ot t% ww? 
?m ^rsrrr ^msrrsf ts^t ^tc<f H*r?r inw i ^fcm fi^r w cr ^H c<fh <Ffw <f?tc<t rt i c<t <fiwqm 

^FffW OTBI^ fPTt«f fi>^H?r ^H HC?lt ^JWI ^ <Ft^ ^CM (7T<TT ^FfTl?! ^»H fas^ ^Wl 

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^hctt *t «rm <rtf<F ^ ^f^m i \»R3»c<m« <F^c<tf 5 l, itwttt^ «lafaiif, wf wfBT^ w^rffi ^srm 
snH wit^ ^f^m i c^ ^r « ^i<ft ws\ c#i^ wt ^m cfst^ ^wri : (?rfw %m ^cm fwf 
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ii^nai fepu ^r wHsnf^, "srnH »i?rat< srtf^, ^tp <mc&h t^m *r4$ ^th<t #jh?t ^wtn 

^fcTfJ iT*H C<T*fT(H (?T<rTH ^TSRS ^cs^ <W (StW <Tt?I I C<T C<FH ^TSf <F?ftfs C^T <MWst<t «rH^lfw 

^twt vaj^i f^i ^rr^ i c<ro^ ttsr ^sr ^tc\s 2f<rH\sg wTM <F^c<Ft; c<rmrt\s i w <f?t^ c^t 

«THH «IW^ t%f ^TT^TC<Tl <Tt%3 C<T C<FH ^<Frw W^s C^T 4<F§H <TadT 5TT<FC<T, ^sH^m ft#?TT, 
C<T^TC<F ^TT ^U <F^, ^ft?TT Wt, "^sft ^^TW, ^<Fr^<M C<T R^fe^M «Tf^ ^sH ^T#T^ W<FH "^T I 
^t f<Hf& «tTC?TTSfH? *f?T vsH «THH #R «ITC^I ^t C<T t%f& «rtC?TTSH, ffiW ^BT f<tST%, 
fSRTt ^rm #R, C<T C<FH ^fW Wt? ^HT t£$ ^H^ «rfsTHT ^tHW ^^fW^f ^f<^B ^T I ^TH? 

c^m 4? c<fhhI; «rrc<F rt, c<#i^ fsRit c#tl; wr <?fst^ <fti wr ^t wt, whI; t^?rt «rm 

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«rfc^, <t^c?t<t ^t^sm «rt^, ^rwm %¥r «rt^, «rm ^rwm ^^i 5 ^ «ttc^i ■<r^#r Wl <t^c?t<t wh ^ti 

^ ferra wH ^t ^H ^H, pfBt ^srHHT t%H<T i HH «^f #fifl t%Ht >lf*HH'WW f^rt, 

^^f^f^T 4? ^^rfe^ «rm t%| <Ftt <ttc<t ht i ^ c<tt<tt0t wr ^rm ^ ^ ^fcbtc^ c<t wrs, ^5 ^r h?t i 
^rt^rm^? ^^<fbt ^t wr «ttc^Br ^r <im ^^m <Frsf <m "^ i f%i ^■<rtH ttcbt ^<fI;, c^shi ^ 
«i<t^<f ^rr "^r tro ^n:^ «i<t^r wr i «iw<f ^t^ ^tt c^fm ta <c=ic^h wr ^m <m ^ 

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R?r i ^t^ <w "srrHt; ^«fteH <hi «rm ^«fteH <h "srTHl; tsRrt, f^rr "stthI; ^<fc^ r1t> ^f«t<F ^f«t<F 
w i v^t ^r% c^o c<firBi^; ^rwr^fT h?t i wr c<f «r%r w^s m^? c<r c<f^ ^^s *fit<H i 

\5rfFf<f ^-^ 4\1j$ <MCfeH «rtWlfl C<F? C<T C<F^ ^s fTC^ f<F^ I^Jt^l f^<F f^<F ^ 9 )^ i 

ft#?r "5=r m<r?r i ^t ^ih^h ^t fwm ^«rr w<r, sr^rw ^r^mt fwt «ren ^mt f<HTm 

W W<TI ^f^s W <f<tiCV|<t fwt *(m. ^ f<HTtC<F ^TT ^?T ^Rrti ^mT f<HTT ^T *(*& ^Hl 

wmr fwm <w ^rm ^m w<h, ^f^s w ^<Fora fwt «itc^ ^#it «r 9 mt fwr, ^t «r'mt 
fwTc<F csfH Hc?r czU5 mt^ ^, «r^mr fwTc<F c^ t%?r ^mt f<HTTc^ csrm Mr^ ^c<t i ^^ 
^t ^*iH<ror<i f<t<m i 

«TfT5t<f v\$%$ *\& <FT^ WJftPlttl ZWfrfJt WlVMlWt, HH Wlf ^W ^C^tC^H «im 

^r<f<M \sitn <t^c<tc^H t%Ht ^^rf3i ^t fwm ^rf<H w^s Tn^r i ^Rmt «tfwm «rfc^ tw ^r<nt 
^t fwt ^rt<H w^s 9fr?rc<T rTi ^Tf^<F «rrc<f 2f*r <mc&h ^tetw c«rc<F t% ^c<r rt? ^3 <tc^t 
t%5^r c<th ^c<t rt! f<Fi \sm^ <tt <tt vp£ «rfcm'f ^c^ f%5^r ^rr^ c<rt<m <ttc^ c<t »£Rjt ^tmw 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^T i ^fW^S WT T%*H ^ fwTC^o ^T^; «rRWT t%l C<m *fW<T# WT ftcwsH W# ^5T 4^ 

*r® %r wc^o cw> ^fmw ^tti ^t ^iFtacm sWGfe. ^mt fwm f^rr wc<t, wf?r f^rr 
^?rwi wt?t f^rr w ^rfwt (^nrc^ f¥rr wfi ^ «rmm w w ^nwo nmw ^Tfi c#shj 

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<T#T, 4WT4 >mj|^ 4?T ^rfsH ^rcvo «iigpt | 4^ qq; (TFTT^W ^tf?f ^## ^PTT WC<T ^t^fHT 
W?f C^fC^T I «hj W^ f^T3 ^JTf W« ?TT<H WC^o 9fl?fC<T ^T, ^TfPt 4 WT ^C?T %m WTT Wft 
<MM>$ ^C<Tl ^fTsrt^ ^¥Hlf*f «fTC^ <nt* ^TTC^, ?flTS-^tT% CUTttl «Tf?f WfT 1W «ItWH^ «rT» 

wt, ^ tt4t w<t, ^ts<t 'wi ^r «rrwr c<mitas<i wr wr ftus nr?r<T, fw ^s wrw 
^%r^ ^r whI; ^ts<t ^m i wt# ^T >t<&<]$ ^m i wl#c<P8 c^ ^w w# w ^c<t i *& 

<Jtt%?I, C>T<n?T ^TfW WT C<Ftf& C<Ftf& f^WT «?fvb<]1!><l <TJ<PTf $3R>GI ^F^TT^G WT £fT>t?J WT <TTC^ i^ 

«rapt? wtt ^r cw wc<fl; *ra^ ^c<t ^rr i ^ftwr wm wm c<r fwrm ^frr tiwTw i c<r cw 
w wt?r ^tt «tch<f t%p ir?TWr ^?r i «rrcni; wr ^c?rc^ wr, w, tfftnt, "snw c<f&r?r ^m w 
w "^c<t, wlt?rr, "srrw c<r^r wr w ^c<t, ^w<Fr, *wsft «rm w?r ^^tot £hii<i wtii i ^?^ vstu 
^r 'sitc^ i f<Pi ^r fwr?r 4<r ^r<T t<r^c<F ^T%c?r cr^?rr ^?r - ^r fwr?r f<Tft wr, t%t^; fl#?r, 
t%f^ ^#?rr i f<# wr t%t^; T%?rr, f<TTH t2Rit T%T^t; <ft i ^t fwr?j ^t<t t%^ fsn^r ^ ^c?r <tt?j i 
^ «hUi^ «nwt %stc^ it^ w*f«/? >w sRJviizfit zwtt ^w/ ^?w ^f */®^r? 
^ww7r<Rf/ /8/^8 1 1 ^c^ c^m ^ f<r^ ir?r<m t% ^tc=t?t c^m ^w f<r^<F ^tk?r ct^ttt 
^, ^tt ^c^ ^rc^t <*$ Twm T%m<r ^Tsrtw, ^ ^rr^fm^r <tjT 9 TT?t i <t^ «rm #r ^«Ht ^^rc«t 
^tc^o frc^rr i ^ <w ^rrw <^ ^rr «hj f^ ^ t%^fjm ^t<ht w<t, ^^»tc<t ^?j ^rr, ^frit 
«rtFTc<m w i ^Tf?i <mc^h vgTsr ^ps^ ■snTrr^m %m, ^ ^m ^t5?tt?t ^ c^c<t w% « i vs-<h 
wr <tt?j i t<Pi ^<h «rmm «t^ «r^ «tt<k<t ^rr i t<Pi ^ <tcst w^r ^rr c<r ^ ^ - ^ "5c<t ^tt i ^c<t, 


ft#?T^g C<TOT C<m ^^FC^ W <T5Tt ^,C?JC^ <7T$ ^T<T ^<M ^«FK f<TC*TC<T WC^s "5?T «tm C^ 

<fc^ wra ^ht T%*r<T ^^fk ^r^ «icwr ^<ra «rt<r^s ^c^ i c^ <th ^m, ^r ^m ^^ f<rc*rc<T 

"<}KdT\s <Mto "5?J, ^sl? '<J f3 T s T« i£IWT T%*r<T "<ttvsC\s CTC<Tl f^<F C^viR «fttsr C<J W W W<T vot? 

i£i wr THf^ ^<t ^srrc^, w^ tp^t^s 4 <f5t ^tc?j «rmw i t<Pi ^rfwr w wm cwr wr <nt, 

^sT?T WT?T« CWT WT (H^l <T"H ^ ^t tWTT W W<TT?t I <T<Ht "^RH ^<T?TTC^tT?T ^T?T "^C<T ^H^ 
\gftr ^T<T T%| Wt^T WfT C<TTTT¥ ^^TCH C<rf?TC?J ^TW I «rm 4^3 CW H?Tsr (H^ C<J 4vo f^T TC?T <M 
"5C<Ti <TH "^m W T%7f ^rPT *TC?T <FT "5C<T, WT5T «ttX ^Tt' 5 trc=T ^-<T^sT ^m "^ CTC<Tl ^rfwTCvs 
«rTSrC<F <# C<T^ ^<HT WCvs <8?p W?T vot?T WTC^ <FT T%?J f^£o *fTC?T, «fT<Tm «RH<F f^T *tC^Q 
<FT T%^o <TfC?J I C<T5H C<T5H ^^HT WC<T Wf W CT^ W^T "5C<T I (Ti^HT «T^mT twrm <M «rm 

^mr fwm <ft tjc^ «rHrm <r?rc<T?T i wct?t w ^f^vs *$m ^HTirr i ^mr twrc^o m&$ wrn 
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«rm «r^mr twm "src<u wm^ wr^ ■ w «rm wh ^^ w& wnt; "s^r^o ^rTc^rr i «rw<f ^^ic^h 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<f^ ^fif wiw «iKMiPr wr?r <rfw c<fh f-ro »rr<3?rr ^rm, ^fr^ ^i^ c*rr<F ^^h ftc*R «Frit, 
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^PTTt <RT, ^H^f? ^WT I vs^PTTT Rf <FC^ f<F <FC?J ^C<T! 

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^■^TTCiT? RH «TtC^ ^<JW ^t ^H C<T «t^ ^Q ^ twt 'TtSTJt <TT?J Rtl ^W ^'TtWT ^^ t^tlT 
«ttC^, ^H ^^T^TC^ <tC<=1C^,«t, t%H «rtC^^TC^ <tC<=1C^,H, 4tw "sr:<it C<T^ C<T^ ^ tWt t^<F t^<F 

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^osr %% ^c?rc^, ^<rrH ^^sr ftH twr^rc<F t^ Ufa ^rt» ^wc^, «rtc^^H w t<rH 

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RPT ^W ^Tt «JTFr<f ^tWH ^HfBT ^^»TC<T Rc*JC^H I ^W ^tC^rfJ ^CBT «f<f ^J, 4^Bf «T<f ^T 

<tkt ^ ^<r^ «rrc^r, ^stcirfj ^ht ^ ^^th^h i ^ <£& ^ ^wr^rHw i ^a<p ^rc^ffj tl#?j «r<f 

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f^<F C^SfH ^ ^^tHw ^T^fC^fJ £lt% c<r «rprf^ (7fBrc<F C<FCF ^tWJ CrU i "^psn W C<F^ ^tWJ 
Ct?J <TC^T ^ RH ^9<F ^'fHw I 

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^sft <fc^ "5[<f?rf i ^p ^t ^^ ^rr^ fw <Frr c<rc^ nrw <f^itbtc^?j f^t ^ wr "<j?r^ 

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f<r^t% fw <r*rr ^c?rc^ c<tqm ^ £r#r^s *m c^t ^r^ ^h^h w^s ^c<t i ^cst T?.t e rw?r f^t 
*r*? ^c?r <Trc<T <T^iTBT?r i ^ ^rc<r <F^iTBT?r f^t ^rc^ fc<f c^pti «r<rF ^rwtt? ^hh wyBrc?r?r H^t 
wr ^rf^T 'r.'W «rrc^r c<t<tth w^t ^«ftwt ^?,<tTt f^s% ^jt?j, ^<h ^t ^r<i#rc<F ^rrc^ 

^TC^ <T^JFT^<Ft 7R5UI t<F^f ^JT?! | TpCfTO <T^|TBmc<F ^<HT "^ ^W I TCf^o <F^jjBm ^i^fC^F 
<TJ<T^m wm 2f*lt ^k<T Rfl TTftfo C<FH ^t^fC^F ^T<T^m Wt? WlCt <J^TC<T ^ ^ C<FH <TT^ C<tC<F 
«TPTC^I T5*M^ ^R t<F»TC<T «TPTC^? n'HT C<tC<Fl n<HT C<tC<F W, «W C<tC<F ^l ^PCfTO 

<F^itBm ^r^rc^F ^cvo^ ct^stjt "5c<r "=tt i ^tt, f^tc^ f<fc<ti ^rmT cwr ^mm <r^t Mw <rrf<F 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


ftf f<Tf% f*rTfc# *n^ ^mf^ ^Rit ^th i fos TR^flo ^ ^ f^rrc?^ w^; triw ^rr i 
sf^fwt w^ c^mm ^t *n^ *n^t f% ^t i cr *rr^ w <r*rr ^? <rf3> <$& ^rc^ «r#r 
c<rf?tc?t «rrcr, ^m^m ^wf «rt? £fw?t *rmtc<T i <rt\a, §*prf «rt?t «fw^ra <ntc?i ^fvs \»r<Trc<F ^^ 
nt« ^cnrca ctc<t ^rf, arm cw ^c?r?t ^«rti ^ wrcr ^Rf\ac<F «ifawfa «mr ^rf ^t i ^m wtt 

T?^5 ^HT 4<t>ftc<l> C<W \o1? CTtf^^C^ <TC3 CSC - ^ t%l «RI t^C<F 3Tf<rH c t ^H<T T?^5 ^T<TtC<F 
sf^T WCa ^TP^T ^T I ^Rf\s Wst ?Rff% 4^ ^C6| *f<n 4C<F «r*rC3?T 1W ^5C?T «rfC^ I ^VfS ^TTCT 
f<TC*H ^TC<T ^TtC<F *RWfa Wl ^C?TC^I It^f CTTC<F?I WTT TKf^ ^HT TO I 

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srtwr \atc<F ^pt< «rr?r Tc?r srtwr \arc<F 2Tw?t <ptt ^r i ^ppf, £fw?r ^rra <rr^ ^t t^rc^ tsrc^T 
^fc^? ^tsrs ^ cvsft $c?ic^ i c?m wpt *N!M?t «t<f w w%. *r. <$# H *£# «pt «ff^ i «h 
srtw «r«f ^t Hcsptct, ^rrcT cfcr ct^tti h ^rrcr hsctcti ^r ^ttct w ^rcf, ^tM <r>c?ri 

Wl% C<F? f<TH ?T??TT3C<F t^?T?1C<T 4C<MlC<l ^TM ^<ra CWT Rc?IC^I ^TT ^KZ "STtW, ^T5?TTCM 

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w*f wr "^r i <rf\5 9 frd ^r <rr^ t%^ «rc<m "5tc<tt £f«fsr «r<f wf <rm t^K, f<f*r?rc c f?r «r<f c^rr 
wr 1 1% c^rT «^! wr, ^<tttR, w$ «rm ^twpr ^^mc^ c<r^ <rfr tw ctc<t i w? "srrw ^rn- 
■sr^T?r w5it c<r& <rfw t%m t%5^ \st?r «n?r ^t#ti ^c<t ^rfi ^r^s?r ^im-'spt c<fm t%0; \stc<f 
«rm ^K m« 9fi?ic<T ^rTi ^r^s ^rr wt?r 'R t%0; w «n<K<T, f^# <?tt<f ^rmt <ttc^, tsfw^? 
^spjtf ^, tw c^ t%^ ^rc<F «rr?r ^K «« ^mw ^tri ft€t?r «r<f ^r i^hi <rmt ^t 

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K^T ^TTT ^<T*TCs t% C<Tf<JtTCs y|%^T? t 5 ^ Sftfe ^TtW t 5 ^ C<T ^<T%M C<FH <f^ \sT ^J, ^^rftw 

^tt f%m "^ - ^ cT^rr "^?r ^ - ^ "stct ^c<t ^rTsrm "src<rT «r^H ^rfc^ ^fjrsr ^w Hc?j <tT\s"?tt 'stth ^t 
^jwiff c«fc<F \s1c<f wr% <ra t%^ i *tsr ^f^c^ ^t «rc^ ^<TjKrr wr ^?j i ^#?j «r<f wr "<jt?j 

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ftm\ wtf «rrn «rfM c<tsh ^wTc^r «n<pcs nrc?HT, f$<F corrH «rfwr «rm twf <r«H ^<f ^tw 
«n<pcs nrc^rr, ^fK ^iwk «rr?r «rtwr ^r c<fh ^rat ^^rrc«r «rrc<F ^rri ^t ^twr 
«rtwrc<F ^tctt^ '^tk <fc?i ct?j i ^tHw ^tm wh t^c?j cf?i i t»h twrt w? «rrcsrm "sr^, 
<rf «iwm ^, ^^t^th -fcsr «itM *frf*rc?i cr«"?rr "^ti «itM ^ttcsI; f% "^? «rtt^ w^ ^rtfl 
wrf nrPrc?! to wrcsrt ^w c^ti ^^ t%r% ~$m, wti ^rm «rm «rfM ^rw ttc^t ^w 
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'^' '^'PTC^m «T«f ^T ^TstfC'f ^'fCT^H WT I ^t TWH ^fsffc 9 ! TW4W <TTC<T? «TfF|<f *t^?f <t=1C^H 

mtvf&^z^iwr, sf^r *r© ^r stwr ^t% thc?j ^t twm w^ c<tcs ^ct i «twr ^t%% ^rf^ w^ 

<£$ ^rfcm ^«Ht ^T<f<ra ^CT "=TTl 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


w?f$ ^rsra %*iH<icii<t «t<f wf "5>s ^ wfi ^c^ <m, «tTc^m^m f^/T t&w ^ic^ ^*rc<T*m 
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t%f%3 >w sfl^ Rhcg ^ wc^, m^ra^r, ?rt% « «h>im i ^ "srrw ^ssm c«rc^ wrc^t fet 
rarc^, f<r*ra c T ^rrw ^tm wt «rra wn^ ^nw «rr^jTw ^hi ^s ^sc^ffifiroRi cwm 
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c>tt twra ^rt w ^ra, «rra c<r fwrc<F <tc?t c?tc<t twr w «s ^<r c>T?; twra ^mt ^c?r 
\st?f ^ra (^ fifts ^f^ 1 ^ fwtc<F twr- wr wc*r f% ^ra? ^ w\us c<r «jrsrrcrfr «frr-^ffl, 
^tr. -^ ig^rr^ ^c?t k^tc^ ^b *$c?rr ^r*r 3c?t ^t% c^ictj rarc<r i «tttsr <r*tc^ «nfl «tttsr c^r *rt% 
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fwt c^mm ^ri ^m 1 ^^m ^ «rtt^r w, ^rr, «ftt^r ^^ wmc^ yi^ ^ftwr f% ^<Frc^ ^fe^i 
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c^ stt^ ^rwr ^ft "Fttc<r! ^-«m sr^rsr ^stw sf^rsr «j<trrc?T?i ■=# "sj^ t%m «ttcsTr^Tt <Rft ^ 1 

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^*rmtc>Trt 9 rH<w <rr ^^rr^ff^mTti f^ c^iH « ww^; W^ c2/tw? w, c<th c«rc<F ■^rrsr "5c?i 
c^t cwif^i wr <Tsc^rMH<tci<t ^r ^rt ^rc<r 4c>tc^i ^T^r*rmwr?i ^r c<th ^ew ^c?r^ 
c>frtf ^^T| ^fc?t w<r 1 "<Tt%3 *s& wr "^c^ '« ^w cjrw?' t%m 1 

4t ^?f «j<f ^r w or^smr «rtc^f ^tcr?f ^rc<rj sf^rsr ^rm ^ptt ^c?rt%r 1 f<vpfi wr 
t%Ht ^ t%^?t ?T5fwr 1 t%m 4t ^^rtc^ft ^ ^ftRit ^c^hR, «<tw ctt^ ^t f^mc^ f%f%t 
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twm ^rc<tj ^r^ fwt £tt%t%5, \sk ^ai «r<mtc<F fwn 1 «t«mt ^t c*ti fwr t%?r f% wr! 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


f^ftrr w$ wr ^c^ w# «rfe ^rrcsr *wf<TC<F ^ fwr fen i «if%[ «rmm ct^ fwr w^tw 
c?rt#?j w^ ^trfw <mc°h i w^ ^srmm ^ fwr «i^*iw <wc«h I 4^ol77t 111IW CSTC<F 
f*TC<Tm ^TC<1T 'BF^tftfas F^TCs ^Rssfi ^rt c^rc<F W#, W# CSTC<F ^f^, «rT% c«rc<F W<R, 
^sj^ CSTC<F srfWTl 4^»fC<t ^TCs F?TCs C*IW C<f«tH C^fCF 4$ &\\>W(M4 ^T ^<U «?F Sm. 

(TNIpt f#?t ^rci w<t c*?h<f ? fo w^ti&nzfitw* ffifa% v Fi%s *tsr^\ «rf^r ^ tmH ^swfw 

<T?C*m >|vsJ<Ji> «Kt% C^ 4^ fwT CIWI^WH, ^tc<F f?fC?T C*TH<F ^ £f*f <MUsH I 4Ht; ^T fwm 

«rp^riti ^t fwr «?f ^c?r^ ^^mm c«rc¥, ^m^m ^m ^m ^ fwr w-f*mr ffP^mrcs ^fet 


^mca wm\% twm <rfe?j c<fh fwfc<F ^?^ <?rwr ^?r ^tti c<t c<fh <uT*rrc?i, ^t <r^; 
<3T<f, f%°mr «t<jTTc^ ^jt^rrc^ <3T<f, *pfora ^rjnrc?it <^t<f w*mr twtc^ ^Tt^m^ ^r ^pttc^r 
<rmrc?r, c<r c<fh T%jc?j f<F§ <mt?t «rtcn sHif^ <fc?t c^rrcs ^c<r ^ <FsrrwTt ^mtH?! <Ff^ c«rc<F 

^TTTC^I C<T TWT ^S*falW ^H C«tC<F «TfCTtH C#T ^C?T <TtC<T ^TTTW twTl ^TTfW twf «TfW 

cw# «rr^ wnrft<FK c^# sti<fc<t ^tti 4<t ^ ^t ^sra ^r, th^bh?j «rrcn t<t% ^jR^TH 

C<T v^fSM f^mftC^H (TIWTTCF t%T% ^^ W«f tWf ^ ^TCT MlVl I (7T<fH C«fC<F ^ 4W 
H^T «HT <T<F5r ^§ t%?J 3TT%J ^C*Hl R&Gm* ^§C<F «imm W^T^f^T ^TJ ^»TC<T TSptt'H 
^WH I «rWTfT<FK «Tl^H^RCH^ ^SM «rfci<FSH ^TTT nr^ <TTC<Tl ^Sf^ ^T5?rrfl<F fWTl 

"srr^? ^f% c«tc<F c<r ^§ c<rflra «rrcr ^r c^ ^p ^ ^^ ^^ «fTc<F ^tti ^^tw? ^ 
c«rc<F <t-<h «rmw vs^r f% ct^ fwtft ^tc<it c<fh c^t «n<FC<T ^TT I ^Tf? -*t<T ^Sr v»Hm <J=1C^H - 
4<f®h <j«ir^«i «rrsrm ■srtsrm c^mw «ih<f c<nwr «rrc^i ^m "stth ^m c<Ttwr nt, ^m^r c^tHr^tm 
c*flwr «rrc<F ^rr 1 "sthwi ^ c«tc<f ^t - ^ f<F^ c<e^h ^•<hi; fw c^rmrw c<rrwT <wi?t w "5c?r <th i 
■sfH^ <rRi c«rc<F c#tt; c<e^tc<t fl^r <?#rc<F ^ - ^ f<t^pT ^<F^<t ^tt i (7%ht fl^r ^r^rcsit; <ttftI; 
^<fc3 cw ^r c<r fwm ^srr ^<m^ c#T ^gfsr fspim cstc<f c^rc?^ f<tHT 1 ^fc^? w H?rsr «rrc^ 
(ttsm ciwI^wh nrftfH 1 'frRf^ ^n^FfTcm ^t f%wT?Tr c<Fr«rr c«tc<f ciwI^wh i <mc^h t^? ^ 
w^?f?j c^i c«^<f f\%f5 ^TiT^:^ ^tsj^ t%sr c<iRc?jc^i <t-<h <[c<jt f%r 'fTRf^ w ^ ^w f*fc<m 

^?F C«fC<F C<lRc?JC^ vs*H f^?JT W<T, <iJ^<TT?J C^mH ^ ^<TT «TTwr ^^s ^T# «rfC^I WW 

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^o^h f%t% ^t f^rcB- w^r ^rm^r <fc?h - ^rr, m<| « "src^ 1 f<Fi ^^ff^mcr ^rr 4 <fsh cwst, 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


f<t<$ ^1% ^rmrn^r 4<f ciwr «rt?r w oiwrw^s %& i fim *o c%tiH<f ^cn ^fctc?i?r f^rcB ^ 
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srmn, ?rffc ^?hh ^<fc?h 1 f^i ft 7 ^ ^rca ^^rh ^<f<h >tffc<Mc<f ^ttcsh ^rt 1 ^hh ^rrc^r, (7r*rH 
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■^tht 4<*(m ^b ^rsr <fc?t c<rwr?j 1 ^^mH car «rt?r *rm *h «rm «rwm t*r®« ^h i ^^hh <f<h 

C<FH ^ ^C?H ^H <7T$ ^TC^ C^f^CT H*5?f3; C<FH ^WtT «ITC^ I ^fC?rT ^fT^sT fwH « if*H 

^HrH?t ^iw?r ^m^r « ^c«fc*n?i ^o?r •fcsf cwrc^i ^ ^c?m swsr « *p ^^^f ^^&r 
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«r«f «rrc^, ^ ^f% ^^t vbKT^ «rrc^i f^?rr ^«wti c^h R>^w^ ^?f^ ct?j ^ti ^m^r ^?r c^r 
^Ht ^c?hH 1 ^rm ^t% ^ w?^s 1 ftf ^rt w ^i^r ^Tcsr?r %thtc^ ^ft ^c?r c^h, 
^s*h t%H fwr ^?r^ ^ <rtc*h wrfsr c<th ^T?rt|i f^r ^us ^us m^ ^rite f?rc?j ^-«rcsH 
«rtf^r ^TTifl ^ft<Fr<f wm ^ht i vsH 9 ^; f%fH ^ft<Frc<f cw c^h i ^ ^tt ^rfw ^rm ^j vst^t 
(Tit w$ ^t ^t 5 ^ t<H ^rr^ f%i^ ^^HTHjr ^tt ^ 1 «htht <tw ^^HTH? ^ft c<j|; «rc<f ^tT "^r 

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"sjfTJT ^TfCl Crt«r ^CST ^ T5f*1^St ^rfUTl «TH ^?T W^s t%Ht ^rtC^T, ^?J ^tvST «TH t<F| Htl 

vst^T ^n c<m«rt c?rc<F «rr^r? <t«h ^ ^rr?rm ^itwf ^m ^rm 1 ftH ^, f%H c<j c<m ^mr:^ 
c^t<F, c<r ^m<#r «rrsjir c<fh f%r whc^ ff?m *rr, -srmrc^ m«\w ^c^r 1 ^rmtcF «r^m «wcvo^ 
ct^ M^r f%r<Fm f%H («RsBt *t wf ^rm^r ^c?h, f%?<rr c^t «h^ $*rt ^ftfw ^c?r «rrc^r 1 
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^rft ^c?rc^i c^r ^mm ^rtff^ whw? cfh ^rc<it wht ^r^ ^m 1 fts «rtwt ^r^mrc^ «th 
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c^, \d-«h ^rt Hcst ^tc^ «rrsrrc^ ^ t*psr w ^ws ^c<r, f%H ^c?r c^h faptr <f^Ti ^5 
vstl; "=Tt, ^t \%, ^z •€ ?g, ^rRff, 7<f «rm ^ ij^m?! ■sr^jmfr ^H %m c<r ^lf^ ^ ^ t<F| 

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f^ ^tc<T ^ft^H ^<fc^ k^t, ^rttf c^ ^m <tsjcf f^ f^ «r^wr ^<fc^ ^ ^m f<Fp wtft^ ^rf 
Hcsr?r ^^m Hc?r Hc*h, ^ ^ttcf ^-«ftcT ^rt ^r »?w c*tw\ <a% ^b^wu^ w<rm ^<fc^; ^rra 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


f^|C<F THlwr W.^ C^fT ^C<Tl W^ fw C«TC<F 4<©M£<F C<r*fT ®Wy fitUo H?;, C%rTft<F >T<T 
^JHRTC^ ^Tra^ ^f aW ^raC^T «TCH<F c^TSTH ^jW <TTC<T I «rW<f ^Tt? ^fe^ 4^»TC<T <TTWTr 

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^<f ort ^r<rfe<F «jt%^t ^<fc<t c^rc^ ^ rara ^rfl ^ra ststra f%f^; ra^ 1 ^s c>r*rH c^rc^ 
^w^, '<r' <rr^ c«tc<f ra^r 1 '<r' <m§?r «r«f <r^ 3^ «rrc^r ^ ^tra csKra* ras «rra (ra^ ^mu^ 
nrc?r ran ra^rr *tcti« (7r*rH c^rc^ ^tRj, ^rram c«tc<f traH <r^i w cwsr «rrc^r ^fcrcr ^rcraj 
ra^rrras «rra ot^iot?i tou ra^ ^rrsrwsr c^rTi 

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«rrcsTifw rat sf<Fft*r^ 1 <*&& «rrara tjcst «r<f ^r, rarcii? <tjt%^ ci^rRH 1 «ht «rc<f ^rr ^r rairar 
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^tth fo^rr c?rc<F fraH *r% t%^ vst^rcr ^rr ^5 c^rwri «rrsrrcii? ^t ^r®, ^rr, ^5 ^rtfw 
tt%rQt% *i srr^Kf^ wit ^rf^s ^, c<m ^rmw w, fam tt^t, ci^m ^^m c<r% 
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<p§ 1 ^Tf^ *m ^rcr ^rr^T t%m w^t - tj^h ^t% ^tc^t - "^th t^r^ «hc^^^h *it8?t% 
^«i^ihi vt>wviHi15 ^ ^t^ti ft% f%H, «rm «rrc^m ^ch^Rh <ra, "srT5?r-f<T *m ^<ra c<rwi 
7f<nt ^m^r, ^- 1 Rrvsc<i 1 "^th t%?. - ^rnm wrr ^ 9 ^ - "^f^r <t^ ^ ^ c^tw, «rm "srt%m 
^ttst wrc^ *rmi c<rt% ^1% ^r, c>rf^T 4w<ttc?i ^^rnmi ^r^r ^m^r, ^ H*w5 ^mwi t% 

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^<f5t ^^ht P»wh, tw ^3 ^^r 4^r >)R)j<mc<i<i ^ttc<f tHra ^tstt fw ^i^r ^m ^rrsrtw^ 
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c«tc<f c<r% «rrcsnfwi t% ^<r<ri srr^r*!^ ^m c<r% th5^%t, ^ srr^Mfecvs^ k*ti c^t? 
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"^rpRm ctw 1 tw ^m "SR:<tT «rr^r*rt% «rmrcvs t%?m sfH^if^c^ ^prs® ^<ra w^ <r^s cBw^ «it% 
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^<h c<i^ o^s\ ^ «i^w^ "sr:<it k^t "<ttc^ ^h ^stwt&f «rm« c<r% ^c?r <rm 1 «itwm c<rmrr "<rm 
■srH<T «rm otHh c<t ^rr^, ciwr «rm ^c^ -srcsrj ^ ^^ , TT«r%i 2fT c r*rt% >t<t >rsm c<r% 
"wsht% "^r 1 1% «rr^tf^ <t-<h ^t 2rr c r*rt%c<F "^ht ^<ra ^-<H ^t ^tt^t; wu wsr ^c?r "<Tm 1 
<*$ ^»«jtX i£i«tT(H «rrFi<f <i=ic^«i 1 ciwr ^^Fmr? <rkr 2mr*rsrH, <rr^rcr <n%^ >t<t >rsm o^T'Trhi 
«rram "prn c^wrci? ^«tVr wr ^ra «ht ^rra, c^wrcir? *tfm c^rrsra 1 «rmTcii? ^rfte (rasra 
^rRft ^§ «ih<f <ra%, ch<i^ich<i ^tft? «rrcsrTfw, ^«r c^sf^sr <ra% 1 

«fl^ cwsr^ra ^r:<it ra^rra «rrcn ^prr ^rat%r ^r f^ c*tt 1 c# c<h ^tco %ra «rM<f -^ra 
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(ramrm «rrc^ 1 ^^ratH? ^rtfwsi^T c«rc<F <rfw ra^rra ^rrr "^ra «rrc<F ^r^r ra^rr «rm ^^ram t% «tKmr 
w ^rnra^r? ^^rfH c<FT«rr« ram ^ ht ^^rara rafera c«rc<F «rHmr f%| ^fHH 1?^ ^ra ra^rc<F 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^rft <mc^h i ^mH T%ft ^k "sr T%ml; ^rit wh «rm cwiwl; wh ^o ^mn c<*rc<F T%h 
«rMM w ^Ti \5bt>vo5) t^rc^mtfm Tw c«tc<f «rtfsr wrft *nt ^c?r «rrf% rt c<th, f^i ^^Tf 
T%rc^ "#r crf^r ^c*r ^msrr^r «rm ^rr <f*h «rMmt w *fTc<H Rf i ^n? ^rtf «rm «rrsrm w^Hm 

^TTff ^rC<JT 4WT T%f? fT^N «rrc^i «rMW? ^rU C<R W$ *tf <Q «T<fW?f Wf CT <FJJWf fcgft 

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«rh<f w~f w^ <K<ff^, ^ «tM-'sp'T ?r <wl; «rHTcir?T ^wr wt ftsft wc^ c<thc<f ^Rrstft; 

Wt "^ I i*$ ^T?J5Tf|t <$H «fMtfrff TmT%T C<TtT% ^rC<JT ^PTf T%5 RRT WTC55 I ^TRI ^PTf 4^ 
^oTC<T "^J RT l «HTHT ^TSPTlft #*T C<W <H- «T<H <T*Fag ?W3 WT<T Tp<rrc<F ffita P$ ^fTTC?! ^PTJ 
T%5^ t^i iq^ <R «r<fof?f Wf ^rm ^«Nt ^Tf ^J Rh T%f*t 4TWTC?r ®W~~q i ^rf ^HJ %$K 
<fTTH?f ^fite K*T HHl <fTTH?f Tifej T?fC?T T%ft OT^T W\*m *lt% ^TC^ WTJt ^Nf ^rTfl ^T 

T%f^r ?rft wra hcst tc^t i ^tft wra s\^&\ T%h ^k ^r c«tc<f ^lt w?r i #?r swr ?rt% ^r ^h<t>, 
¥w, ^ht^t «rm ?R«wi?r ^ T5twr i ^rrm 4iwrc?r wr^ ^r c^ktf aw ^ ^<i<j^ic<i<i 
^rrr ^ttos ifcir?r "sr^s 4c<hIc<i w^i wu t%?ft; ^t ^ra<pri?r cit^t «rtwt c<Ft«rm ^w 
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^rfwt ^k cm& *$$ «r«r<1fc<F pjwfiwn i ^rfwt ^rtw *t?wng fwr, c<r fwr ta 'twr^iTc^ 

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^wriR<fc^ *rci ^ ^ «rr^, <^t/w^ 1<tr ^w, % ^<h c<m ^^m ^?j ^r rk "^ ^r, 
c<fh w'm cirm «rrc<F rt i t^\ cw ^^rfwr ^tsrit c<t «r:< ^w ^r, c^t wtf ^w T%m 

^SfpTT ^IH, ^^TTH ^T<T "^TSTTJ ^SP^ ^TT ^f I «rTSfC<F «TtWT "<ik<F ^? ^T ^msrT^r «#T, C^TT ^tf^RW 

^rwt "^m ■ j ttc5t ^rc¥r<H wr ^?r i -^w^ ■ ; thh ?i<r ^Krr «rrc^, ^m "src^rT ^^h ^tntt ^t 1<th 
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M*f§T t%? T%1^; «rrc^r i ^Tf^ <t°ic^H ^^ m ^t1<f t<t «r<n i ^, w^s ^wt^ ^^ i c<r twr 

T%?J ^^ « W ^r^W WHT ^rm dt TWlt ^IWT I ^sT <JsT*r ^fTH 'TTWt^f, TmT^ ts 

T^th^ ff^ 5 - T%TRt «rrn^ T%Th^ iffcffrc i ^h<f ^rsm ^fbbKiH^c^ ^^Ttr *rc^ ^r cir?r ^i «ih<f 

^fSH \5tx<F ^TT "5?f W, % C<FH ^^t4l 4? ^p tWH W T%?T<T e TQ CT^ "5?f, #^ C<FH 

W5?T «rrc^ ct^ ^rs*rw <<ti$ «rmm «iHrirT wr ^rm i m^ Trnl^ *M?r t%t^ *$ ^m c<fh ^r ^?r 
rt i «j^ ^s*r 1% ~zk$ ws, "^fm c<fh «r?»r ^?r rt ^m c<fh ^?r« ^c<t rt i ^t^s "^rmim "<rr 1<T^ 
«rt^ ^Ht TmT%^ «R"*r «rm ^nmTH? ^t^sK i c<f5mt «r^ «rrc^ cfstt c<Trl?f<F i c<ttFt<f -^^ 
^m ^Tsra ~~~~i5\ "<tiw, ^<fc^t wr "<ttc<t, rk wt "<ttw i t^i c<th c<Trl?f<F r?j c^tc<f 1% '^ «rrwt 
rh w<t! «rrc^H %h ^tetcw^ ^rr ^ «rrwtw i ^m ^ih ^c^ic^h «rt^rm ^» "?c?r 
"<ttc5^, ^m c<fh «R"*r c~~t\ *rc?r wht c^r ^c^i^tch<i« ^c«i|h cstt^t «rrc^, ^m^ «rmm ^th 
c<TTmra «rr^i ^c<=i|h csrrfrr ^rra «rmm ^«rrfes wrr^o ^c?r ^rrc^i ^«rtl^ «rmm «rh<f <t<fst 
c<m «rrc^i ^*m c^ ^fTFsr ^r?ri ^»tcm c<fh ^*r ^?r rti T%Th^ ^rmm ^m%r%, ^hs, T%Th^ 
«rrc^r i ^^^tt ^*tci? ^^m c<rcir?r ^^ttntt i 

^•«h ^rh 2f*r w itcr «rrfsr ^ ^-«tTTc^ c<th ^rm? 4? 1% sfsrr^r ^ttc^i ^fT^rnir w^r 
^ c<fh ^mr'T Hti ^t ^f ^m^mm k^t «rr^i ^rt t%^ ^ twr fwc^ i ct-<th c«tc<f ^c?r 
"5C?r ^rfwc^ ^rrsrrcir? w^ ^w^i ^^it csrTf^F 9m c<r, ^rnm Twrc<F ^*h 2f*r wr ^rm rti 
«rh<f ^rsra ^s ~~~~5 vsil^wr 2f*T ^<f^t ^twfFTc^H iT^fa t%? ^fwtFrc^ c<fh it*th c~~% i ^rwrFT^f 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<$% w*f ^r fro, ^if^mc^ wf 4% ^rrn %st « ^ptw ^f ^i ^r tt*h c^mr «rfFfc<f?r 
c<fh ^rsf ^m i f%H ^r tt^tc^f fan^ <mc<m ^rr i ^m^r ^r tt4t ^rrwt c^rsrm ^sf spt^, 
Wr% cw c^mm 5#^s^ f^fpr <f§ ^rr i ^rtft ^reHm fwrc<F f<r*TK <f§ i qji*®q <# c^ ^r 
^rrft ^tth ^rr i ^mc*r ^ ^ fwr c^rm ^n ^ra i ^*H <tstc<t wth «rHi?r ^rrcsr w T%m 
w^r i «rfFt<f <mc<m f^<F ^rrc^ ^^r f<TFm ^ «rHm ^rw, ^m wrc^i" <r*T c^rsrm t% stand point i 
«rr-rm stand point "^ ^h<t w^t^ «rmm ^r?rc^ <sr <ntc?r ^rm 1%| <?r$i T%r <rrte, ^rm 
c5Tc*r?r ^Ttc?t t%^ c^i ^mm «rfFt<f \2tc<F ^tt<jm <mc<h i «rtFf<f <rc?r <rc?r shh <fc^ cTf*rc?T 
(w^t c^tsrm f^rr^ c<r ^ts i ^t ^ w f<TFi?r «rrwr <r?RW3 nm<r ^rr, ^rc^s^s ^rrn^ ^rt, «rm 
«rrsrrcr^ ^t ^m f<TFrc?r %m c<fh ^Tsf« <?$ i w<t c*tc<t «rtFf<f ^r<T <r ^§c<f ^T% t%m cT%m 
c*tc<h Iwnm ^» ^ «h <rm ^rt i 

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<rm i c^ht ^rr ^?r <irtwit; f^ f^ ^r ^r RtR<jc^ «rtfwm ^^ c^r i f%ir*f c«tc<f fw 
^rm ^m TT5tf# <t-<h <f^%s t^H ^<h (Tr-^rtH f<H^ ^ffa^, «r<rrr 9 mwfr ^ttsrh ^smr 
«rptflPH i f% 4^ft <^rr ^t ^r<Tit ^rc^ w <i^<ic<=i«t ^ «rrcn ^r^, ?rHHssf?r ^s c<ph «rfFf<f 

^ ^rr <ic<=1«ifH i ^«rrfr# ^"<H 3^j\3C<1 ^rc^r This was waiting for me, ^t "ST^FT «THm ^HT 

«rc'm <pc^%i ^t <F«nt ^rwMT ^^rtwT ^rt ^ ctFfet^z a^ W^; c<r fstH^l «rrcn 
^«h cnnr ^rmH OTBtt ^-«h c*rHT <rm i ^u^ ^ft^ <Ftw, mn ^rtwt csth c^h ^m <tr^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^ fwlt WHT ^?! Wl l 4^H f% WTT ^TfWH, ^s tWf, ^fcfST CW ?m R>%C\s$ t%H (2$ 
^C?T "*TM I i^ ^W^WuH^ f%H C<T C<FH TWfC<F <JC?J (HC<H I (Tl^HT <MC!sH ^ifwT CIEI C^T ^<T 

fwfl; tr^rr ^m <ttc<t i mH w«ftwm fwift %tc<F 4-*h ^fwm ^sht «th<f w% f^s ^c<t, 

t%l ^lft# <T"<H C<T fwm ^BJ <^<Tr ^N^T ^<H ^IH "5C<T T%H ^ fwTC^t (2$, ^m^f t%H 
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f%^ ^HW «TfsTM ^FC?J ^ft «frwfc&'H I «TfsfTCii? ^TC^ 4=v)R<l\sH<1 ^§ c<t^tc<t ^\c% ^<T 

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•*umcir?r ^ft <mc&h, 5fro ^rft wc*h, ?m «iKfm ^rmr c<nf% ^ft ^fc?j c^tc^t 1 «rrwr c^r 

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WttwH ^TTC^f ^ ^TCW R*»TC<T t% W*\4 "5C<T? ^ <MC^H C<FH 4<F&T 4^ ^^ ^fftcva ^HT 
■^C^H «Wl ^Tf ^t C<T ^ifwf, C<T f%fTT fw 3^<F WHT <TH, C^ t%H «T«r<ffc<F f^W f^H I 

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f%*m ^<ra <rmr ^f, ^mr^ fl<F ^^ *r ^^TH^m ^ 5 ^ 1 ^rtwf c<t*h ^#r ^remm, ^^tc<fI; ^fwt 
<r*rc<r fi\°\$\°\\ 1 ^fwt ^rw ^w^ <ftc^ c<t fwf «rrc^ ^s\ ww ^ c«rc<F ^tttc^i ^rwr 
c<FT<rr c«tc<f c^fra^T? ^hp# «rtwm ^rc^ c^rc^rc^r 1 c<ph *iJ*pw <# f%c^r wr ^j w^Hm ^t 
^«rr©M c<FT«rt csi^ ^w^i ^fwt w<t c«rm «rtwt c«tc<f w?m.\ f^ c^tth ^t^ ^*ih<ji$ ^\ 

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fwr ^m^mrcvs f% v»tc<t ^%m c^ ^rr ^c^i 

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f*mTl; "^c<h i «r^mr ^m ^^t^hvs ^s ^rrc^H, <#« ^tfwm ^<ra <Frf c^, f<Pi ^H ^rrsiwf ^^^j^h 
^ «% *w1t i ^t m ^rt «r«f<ffc<F fwr f^H, «r«mf «rmm ct^ fwt ^rf% ^rrw idw f^w 
Twh, ^tsj^s c<r w^fwt f%«tf| f^<F ^ ^rc<rt f%#i fH^r 4^r term «rffwm <^<ic=ih, 
t%H %m ^ct? c*wtcsh, (7r«rH c«rc<F ^m ^m «rr^fc<F «rrwt wmfli f<Pi ^rtw^ «rrwt ^rrH «rm 
^rit ^tth «rrsrfcir3 ^fT%<p, ^h, ^fej ^m «« wr^;4i <rmr HvBwHfa? %m ^rc<H c fT w^r 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


voTfTte WK/H WMW? m® «rj*TR ®M ^ apf&^ i C<T f®tH<JWTT ^RHfT ^RH ^NI^ <FSfT (?fQM 

^rh «rrc^ ^rr, c<fm ^rh ?rNT?r w r?j (?twttc<f?; w*\ ^rrc^i <mwrr ^Tirn w ^m <rr "s#r 
(ttsmc^f *rr«rm ^c<rr <mmrc\s «itw, c<pqm ^mc^ ctsmw cwr cr?n ^rh?t ^m «rtwr 
4c<mic<i$ w^r ^rc^ *nt%r, ?m f<Ff cr ^r ^rm i ^ wr*$ ^h <m Rhjiw ^ <f?tc<t <7fm« 
^ aj#*jef 3C<T i 

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ifffwr^i c^c^tc^ t1j<f c^t^h?; %?h x rjc*H^hs?rm, f^f^s wrsfH I^whi «ttI; *frc 9 H3T3?rm 

C^C^TCsT? Rfcsr <j°ic5,«s Hegel stands as a monument of German stupidity i «tl4h<il C<T W 

"5<f ^s trm ^B vi^i-g wr c^c^h i <?$ c^c^ra fsfc?rtf?Tc<F f%?r frsff ^mc^ ^rrf^ f%r^# i 
^r ^rta %f?r it^th ^ ^s*r ^<Fc?r Pr^rc^r 'c^c^r hc^ ^rsra ^ <fs ttHt^f %?h «rm ^t 

^?T T?! «ir®tC<F <3C?H iT*TH?r ^HtCt? K=T C^TC^T' I C^C^TC^ iT*f<H ^^» «pr^f% «Tt?T «PTW T%T 

m c^c^ra ^s ij^r «rm c<fh TTT*T?rc<F?r ^sth i *k <**it ^ <frc<F 4^f ^m ^rit f<tc*m ^tc<it 
CT?rr TTr*fft<F <t*tt ^>s, *j*r w?r?r ^tc<jt %N rtcst ^ ^mj ^f?tt ^i ¥Rc<j?r 5tc<it ot «pp^<#r 

f<FTFTH ?TC?TC^ 4^ W^fot ^R^C^F ^RHl; C<FH f%|C^ H^ W dr?r RTl ^ ^p C<T fwt 

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■^s <r#r cTc^i «rtf^r cr^ «rw?r ^s Hti 1%i c?tc<f c«tc<f c<t "^h <?$ <?$ ^rc^; "^r^r "^r i 
wt^t?hTi[c<f f?Tc?j <m, wr^TsHi^ "^rTsrm ^s ^ ^<mc^i «rw?r ^t Ht "g^r^H f% <fc?t! 
(?rrc<Mr ^hw ^h c<fc^ <tt«?ttc^ «rw?r ^rr«rTH ■«rmr'f ^c?r c^rc^i wr^r?rw?r ^rc^ ^ ^«m *te 
^ c?rr^T «rm^ «ttc<f, f<rc*r<T ^^ ^c^ ^ra ^r?ra ^s, ^tfra nr ^th c^i ^mt ^w ^<r^ 
wt^t?hti[ ^Tfh «rrsrm nr ^ ^<mc^ i wt&r?r<TT<[ c^rc^r ^? ^rr Ht "i^fiw f% ^<ra i vs-<h ^tc<f 
^jcsra «^<r f%?r c<m ?r<Fcsr ^t «iif^w ?iwr ^r i 

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^ht CT^ ^c?rc^i <Ttf<F ^ w wmnr «r#rt yp^ ^tan ^ht ^m «ttc<fi ^?r ^r:<jt «rmm 

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^<Frw ^ws *rrm «ht ^fer f%?r ^\s v»h ^^ftst w^s irm ^tti ^~<h <rm ^s <ft^t ^rc^c^, c^ 

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cT\s?rr ^r ^h ct ^tc<t «rrsrm ^r<FifH T^<f ^m c^i «rmc^ ^m ttsfBit ^<Mf^=i i nrc^r?T csratm 
c^r?r nrc*^ «rtc^ ^rco?r csmtm <pm \ ^ <Tm ^s nt, ^m nrc^p?T csmfl (Trc^ fwrtH ^ck^ 
f<Fi ^rh «^ ^m ^s ^i<Frc55 1 tmt%^ «rw?r f<rf%^ orsrfm pwm ^r<FTf| «n<Fm wr ^^r 

W^ C<FC6- ^H "^m <TTC5^ \s-<H (7^ <FTH «TC^ CSTSffl (TPTH 'TTC^m <PM^\ C5H HC55I f% ^ 

?n*ii>-iM ^ %m stp ^rc^H'Tr ^<Fc?r ^m <^c<ic^ ^h c<fh ^rr^Krsr ^m ^f%rt; ^ wsit "^r i ^ 
^r «rfsrm ^s «rrc^ f^ ^th "^t^t^t f% ^rc\s?f ^T^rR <w -?rrc<T? ht wr ^- ht, ^m^r «rrsrm 
■sft%<F wiH <m «rtsrm ^o «rrc^i "^ <# -srr «ttw ^h ^ c^tstnh ^s i 

^ft%<F 4^# fT «TfWT C^TCSR^ C5ff*H I sifew<! f<F| ^ WlH ^TW?! ^t «WH K^T C^, 

f<F| «r??^ wth <rmH, ^? <pm csrsrrm « thc?j HC55, ^m c^r «rmm «ht ^^ <pm c5h hc^ i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<sfc *mft c«f^ c<jf?rc?i ^tt ^rm ^rmm c^mrrcsr «ih<f ^1^- ^t^i t% ^^ ?rrw5<?T?T ^ 

toll^ f%*4<T fpfiwPW ^T C3TC<F ftft% Ci^TTT W^l ^ i*$ f%?TTf?TC<F «l<M*M ^FC?! ^ *Ho 

c?tt%?f tl%?r cr ^sut WK5. i t%$ ^ijfl; t¥ wl «rNtw^ whrt w ^ra, 1% ^^ WR<T? WHf?J 
c<fh ^rm <?ft;i «rMifNsK «rn^sR twr% ^ttt <?r<rfc<H «rt c<fh ^FTfK ^itc^i <4Brt; ^r 

■srRtw ^<%r, Human Imperfection i «TWfT ^W «rfWC<F c<T wH ^TtC^ <7T^ wfw «rttsr 

^rt| q$\ <£$ <^, fa$ «rMTft^H «rrsrH ^ wmtjt ^rrc^ c<tc^ irc^ ^"<H «ht w*r ^h i 
^rft# hc^ ^wr^cr^ t^tk^s <mc!sm ^itic=iR?ih ^r ^r ^ft, ^ft ^ffer, f<NiH ^c^ 

C«fW "STJTwtWt ^C<T Rt I TTstt# ^ ^sHBT C<FNT?J C'R^H? ^H^FTfT MH?r WT^t? « tWt%T ^ 

<F«tft; «oifoon, c#tt TT5tt# t^tk^s %<rc^T i «rtwc<F «itTRrr wnfl wtc=iR?it ^r*rr?r <Ft^5 ($&$ 

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^H W<TTTf^[<F <$fFC<T?T <FT^ CSTC<F Htfs "5C<T, f&fWTf Wfao ^T Wt^H<TTp <FTC<5 c<TC\d ^ l f<F$ 

■srH5 «pj<r "^r Tt^ "5^^ <ftc^ t*tej <t^tc<t wtft ^^ crjfti^n BfBf<F f%m f*H i <4<tt?t ^r t% 
«r^r f% wsr ?n?rc<T! <4-<H ^rft#? w w w?; ^r ^fBc?r «rft; ^hs ^jic=iR*rr ^ps^ srr<Fc<Ti 

^Tjfl; ^r Human Imperfection i Ttft#fT *fft? K*f <Th3"?Tl?r f*t <1^C<I<I *rc<TJ WHT C^T "spfH 

^<FTsru5 ^rric<=iR?fr "^r i «rtwc<F ^rft# «n<T^T ^^rw ^^tw <mc^h «r*tiI: ^pttf^ ^%r ^t^h <f>Rc<] i 
«r<rjT^r twr «rw^ ^^^ twr, c<r t%rjm ^ 9 ^ «rWfr w^Rm ^t<t f%| ifft%c?r «rrc^i 

(TfST^ ^■<fTC i T C^<fTC5^T ^ fwfas Human Imperfection <?T^ ^«t ^ ^rf c«fC<F ^ fwT 

^tttc^i ^rr c<Fwm ciwI^wh? t%t^ ^hic<T?r ^pt, ^ip# ^^rr cst^ dwifcoH, ^^t<rn?T? 

Imperfection «fT<Rvs *ftC?T HT i ^^RfWfT Imperfection «fT^T t%t^ «Tfl ^^FTHt «TT^R HT i 

^rr c«rc<F w#, w# c«rc<F ^?r i ^b^ $% ^m^ fwr c<f c^t^r? t vtmwnr ^mm 

£Tft\ m<Fim ' i TTC5r 4<F ^R ftc^, (TT-^TH C«fW 4<F5r C^M ^ "^J I C^M Tjt WWfJ "^J I <TSJ*r?T 
^<T ^^T^H *l?r 'H C<T ^^HH fer "PTC^ (TT^TH 4^ C^ "^Tl «IHH «R?T<F ^TSfTJ <T?J*t?T 
C5TH#R?f fTC^ (?T?T I C<FH ^ <Tt ^f^ff f*T<TJ ^C?T C^T ^<H <7T (?$ ^ <Tt ^11% C^TTM K*T C^Tl 

«rtfsr ^^ f*r<Tj "^ttst, «rtw c«rc<F «rrsn? ^t ctri c^m ^ «twl; k^ti t%$ HtH c^m trc# 

t%*5H ^RT 'TfT C«fC<F »«rBt^ v#fT CTT<4 ^C?T <TT?r I #srf fT TJg^T ^^ ^TC^T 't«PR CftWTff <?r*T C<T CiC*f 
CSTC?J W$ t%5 ^TT HC^ ^<T7^T ^^TC<F 'H C^M ^<FC^ fts' "STTH t%?J t%?J iiTe I 

4*tth ^iwrw liiwi c^rng wr, ^b c«tc<f ^^ c^m «^ ^c?r%n ^ ^vmm c?wm 

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^^»TC<T ^T^TC^, ^Tft ^H ^TfT ^ 9 ^, ^TfT C«R?F ^TfT »pj «T«f<ff, «p# C«TC<F ^lt% I lHHHWil 
«THTfT ^CST «T<, ^^T ^T ^*RT C*fC<F %P I t^#?r «T<f, 'TfT <3 «I<TfT fer f?T/<T?7^ 4^ tWTC^ «Rrt 

fwf «rm «rTfTT fwr ^ ^cbt ^%?r «ttc^i ^ ^^h fwr c<r fwrc^ ^S fwr «rm ^TT^rTfT^r 

fWT ^CBT %ST ^rtC^ dt fwfBT t%fH f^H l ^^TfT C^TC<F %t5 ^TTH ^ 9 ! «TC< <MT ^ RT, Tl<TT 
C«fC<F W, «THTfT (TT^ W ^HT <TT «TfT5T<f ^STTT^ ^TfJ #fT C^T <TT f*T<TJC<F t%^H, ^^»TC<T ^TfT 'TfT 
%f5?J t%?F HW ^TTTC^l «rr?r WW ^ ^s *fTC<J «Rr « ^jj, ^s^t f^fjT «rH ^fsfTfT^ tWT iJcBtt 

*w ^rw twh i TCf^o R*i*H*irc!T sf^rsr ^^ ^n sjm. ^rt% ^rm t%% , ««tw ^r ^m. «rt%r i 

f^T RW "5(1 C«rC<F '5C ( QT<F 9 rtH<H' t^<F f^<F W "^C^ I 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


tft^ \ ^ ^rcpnwnfaPK i^»ms <w ■ ^fais ^rr R«*iw ^Rft^ %^ 

f<mf^W /) 

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wsr Hc?r « w^ f^tc?! «rrcn ?twr «t% ^w?i ^tc<F ^r ^wr sr^rrsr w «rr?r kt%^ ^rcr 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^k (tht <f?tcvo srmwi \om*rc?it; \gt^ srsr <F?rtfo ^rmwi ^awwf^rs *rc?r <r*rc<T ^?F?r ^t^ 
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Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^t^, ^ttM^ «tch<f t%| t%?r «ii^Tt wr ^?r i tw twr%rr 4^<fbt ^x*tc<F csfcn Rc*t <nI<VBi ^rcsr 
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wrt ^rm i ^#?r ^^rjKrt ?w® wfis ^ro ^r^r "src^rj <?r c^r «m, «rtm W'fH ^r<nt; ^^r^rm c«r^<F 
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^<rcsT oitf?rr "?>» v\w\ ^TKrt ^<fc^ <^TFa "5>s «rcir<FQwr twr «rtc^ t%i ^? "src<iT ^^<fbt twtl; «rtr^ 
c#r whw ^t<t twit wht <rm, c^ twfBt <r^*r i ^s ^TKrt ^<fc^ <# <rsrr ^>s vsi^r "stiBt ^r 
"5c?r cw i ^wr^rHw ^i<fwcH<i «r#s «rmm ^wtih^hw «rh<f ^ra ^i^tHw « <mt "^?r i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^Hwri 4&ft\ fcrf^fgr ^r 4*rtw w <rmN ^F?rr ^s i ^H^r, ^mic^tHw ^ttm 
w^ c^r^rr ^nrc^i ct ^i^w w <tj<km ^j ct^ ^iHw<t> <mt ^» ^r^ff^Rw, cw 

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3TXCWf <MC^T I *p ^"CWf <FTf?t TSHT «fi/T<F ^m *TC*5f?f W*f «HT ?I<FST ^C?T <Th3"?Jl?J >i^<JHT *!flC<F I 
(?$m) ^T5TC<m ^FtC^ ^lH^CI?! ^TC3? ^UT «HC^ 3TJ I ^s<f ^ CSfC<F ^f^f 4^T?f C*TM<K<fc ^Q?f 
ffitfo «?F <F?tC^T I ^SCTWfaw «?F 5C?T%i ^T CSfC<F, 5PUt CSfC<F W#, ^TT%, ^m ^T ^tWf^f, 
«rf^TT ^ «rfwT C*TM<K<fc <FR3rl 1 4"<rfi/T «TfWf ^Tfwm ^H C«fC<F Ttf^l 

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ct^/T 4W <TC*m 4^s ^ «mRH ^<Fm f<F ^Tfi», ^Tf?T C^T C<FH ^fT^ 'IC^HH I ^Tf^C<F« 4<F®H 

<FR^*t - W'fH ^nt f<F wrc^r, w^rH c^r f<F^ tc^tH i ^Tf^ w^r wf^r «c=rf| w i ^tf? 
^tra «r s ^r?J c r ^rfr ^^r ohh? ^tt, ^twrcnHT ^rr ^^jvs ^?j i f%® ^^ ^Tfc^i «nvf « ^wnr 

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i^T fwfl; C^TSTTC<F WHC^s "5C<T I ^? 'fCM "STCat; <TC^T CiC<H f<F f<F ^WS "5C<T I C<M 'T^s "5C<T? 
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<j>c?j tt«h ^^ %rr??rT?r <tt R^c<f <tt ^rsrr^rrw c^ffirc^ "^rlfl ^r?r «ncn Trsprrf^ ^fc^ "^<t i 

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^f^KI? ^TT 4^ 'ffa^C^F «THT ^C?Jt%T I ^C?I<F f^T ^fwrwm »RI «ifa^o ^HT^ <MC«H WHTCt? ^HT 
^Tfg «TSIT?!^ ^C<T ^TT I C<M "5C<T ^TT? ^B^ W'HHT 'TJ 9 ^ WHH «rfC^ R^feC^ CSfW C^T I *J<f *f^ 

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Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


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*$^*\^ WH^o ^TJ, *TT3 f%rfw ^m°\ ^C^ C<TC^ ^TJ I ^ wHm ^HT ^ITaj Itt OTBT «HT ^TT'fm I 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


fag ■?# «nfsr ^rh ^ «rHrc<F ?tt<ht ^^ 4"c?trc^ ^c<t, «rHrc<F <pf^s ^c<t, vst^r H*ifr^> *TT3 
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(^fjriw ^f<7t w^r /wr/ w»°w «/wr /wt; vft ^Mm <?$ w t!^ 5 ^ 5 " ^ <rr ^i^ ?®*t ^nri} 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^jwhf^f ^m. w^tfi o$u$ i w^fwr ^r ^wr^ffwi? ^rr i 9m$ ^rt^ ^m. 

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f^rsi^TTc^ ^mnc^ ^^5r ^jt^<[c<m w ^c^ <rr<rr «rtw i ^'&rc^ ^rr ^?r ^t i ^ vi^tR» «#? 
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^rc^ «r<f «ihm ^<ti c<rcii ^t ^tcti f% «r< ^c<r c^r&r tw^ ^r w?rr ^c?rc^i «wasr ^f, 
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^stsc^t ^mr Twr c^Nbt? w</ w - wr mww^^ms, c<r fwr fmm «r^ ^j^c<f wmr 
^rm 1 ^m ^rrw c^ cw^ c<m fmr «rrsrrc^ «r^ ^r?Fc<T?i ^rc^ %m c<tc^s tmw m, ^r^r^ «rrsrrc<F 
wmc^s ^c<r 1 ^ ^'fsrfBT «icH<t><im ^r^m wr ^tj - ^rw ^fe c^r t*rt??t m^m fc?r tw t^# 

^pf ^mi ^TCT ^ f^BTC<F C5CS fm^s "5C<ri C^fHW^ ^^ C'fH THc?t f<F|Br cfftus ^un 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


CTN^IW wJ ^<FC?T 4"^5T \5bt>\s|W «lf\si£|»v| <F?JCs -^jj | c^fH- ^TT «TT^T WM <?pa?rT <TTC<T ^TT, f<FI 
^^T «I<T^I?J fej C^fBTC<F C5C5 T%^s ^C<T, C5C5 <# ^TT OT* ^st^T CT ^ ^W#T «rf^rpST <F?TC^ 

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h^tt, w*fte c<r fwrc<F whc^t ^kfstt ^fkfBT c*wr <rmi 4*rtw *r?rr fwrc<F w^t w; 
^R^ms\ <*$ wm^rtc^ ^w ^tfiw?! ^tcw *p «<f^ c<tcs <ti?j 1 ^rrwr srmt <r<H <tk ^N?t £trf% 
^T ^n?t it4t ^<h «rtwr ^rh <Ff?T ^^ Hv% csrc<F «rrc^BT ftf^flo <nt^, 4<f£t ^w ^ ^i 
t<f® ^rtr ^t ^rc< "^r *n 1 <mc^h m*$\X £TTt% 1 c<r c<fh ^w wt, ^^r, T%mr, ^hh ^m ^m 
^hht «rHmr, ^fcsh <ftq ^rHmri f<Fi ^mt fwrc^ 4?r t<r^ ^ ^rri ^mr fwrc^ c#it wh, 
c#r^ ^tt», cfBT^; T%?n - ^r<r f<F^ 4<f 3c?r <tt?t 1 vst^t ^r^uu^ c<th w "sc^ «rr<r «rm *tsr, 
*T*r <rr^ ^f <n«?ni ^c^r ^^ttc^ «r<f t#stc<t ?n??rrTm<F «i^r c«rc<F ^t%?r *i<r$iw> <ttc^i f% ^t 
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«rm t^t «rm^rrsr ^rf 1 tw «rmm ^rf? <t°ic^ ^■<rH<Fm «i^R> c^ cwt3c<F ^rfwr c^i 

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^rwrf^r «r'mr twr tw wm ^mr twr 1 ^rft ffc<F c<fh ^«rr ^rc^ fr ^ 't^.' *m ^pt i c^t 
^mrc<F r®tWT ^^ ^rr f<F ^ft i ^mr ^rc^ - "stt <m «ifBt <# ^rm vst^t ^rf%c^ «rm tj<fc^ 
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wm wh t%? ^^H ^fe^ <rrc<T ^rr 1 c<rw^ t^<f ^ ^m ^<^\ <tt%<f, c<t^t ^rwrf^t - 4^tc<f ^<k 
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^TC^tm «I^%R ~<MUv "5?J, ^<HT ^<F^s "5?J vsCT T^tC?! WH "5?! I W ^ 5 ^W (K<F ^tmlt "Sfl ^ 

^c?j <rtc^ fw wh ^ ^rt c<th? sf^ w ^mr ^Rit ^wstk ^twrf^rc^ ^m^r <ra <ttc^, 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«rm Itirws c^; w^r m^ <Ffc5; <rmK, im?rrc?fT?T ^t%r ^#, c<r ^^ ^^pttt <f?tc^ ^m 
<?$ ^^pttt c^, ^smr (/fl; i 4^sc*rr c^ (7T?; 4? *m w*f f<F <fc?t «rm ~*ft ^c<r! ct^sri ^tt ^ 
^HtPrr «rm wm «iHTm i ^t^t ^rr^s? ^1^3 «mr fwr, w^pr ^rwtf^m ^rc<rr «rr^; srmw 
vsw^r c#r «r^tir fwr i <r*m wfcr wfr^s ^m <Tfc^ ^mt; ctft ^mr fwr ^ra <ttc<t i ^ ^H 
f<F»tc<T "^r? c#r «rfc^r ^rr "^ £<t?tmt, stcFiMfnif wr i ^t wm wsmi 4<fbt «r^f^ wt%m 
c*m i wspt «mr fwtc^ srmw \aw<?r ^m nffer?f «rt?t c*m c^, ^tht ^csra <ttmtt t%?it 
<ttc<t i ^rfwit *r*r ^wra ^tntt <f?tc^ ^m ^nw ^ <ftc^ 4<ff[?j wfo Tfwr^ ^rm, 4«m c*r *rcf??t 
c<mt <fc?j <ttc^ i c<r ^mr fwrc^ fc*t c^rc^ c=t 4 <Ff& <F<*rr f%m ?m *riwm <fc?j cnw i 

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«rrc?r^T fonc<i *rm<Tfw "^cir ^rm cw ^<r c*fc<F ^c?r iR«ivB\o ^ <Tfc^i <y?rf twh-^ 
^tr^rmc^ %$$ k^t i ^Tf?r cw fr ^m <fc^ w^r - f<rwm «$ ^r ^ft c*fc<F ^ft ^rm 
«ft c*fc<F ^ft ^ri «ihc^m wpfw wtt TTR^&ppfa <# e rt*retw3 smw, ^rr^^fm c*fc<F c<r*rt 
^tmtw?! «w ^r fcr*rtf<T<F?rr i ^rrm< ~*\w<s ^^tmrcir^ ^rmrc?t <mc<h ^ft c«tc<f «ft «ft 
c«rc<F ^ft ^f*h ^ot 9 frc?HT i c<r ^<r?r ^jni? whc^ ft^ ot ^jm <TTHt?t ^t^ wmc^ ^rmw 
^rTi f<r<rwrcn" i%Rc<r<r f%^ «^«m w$ ^rt ^m w^bt «^ ffc# <rrc^i ?s*t ^rr^rc^ ^r vsm 
^T#N3 nrc^ <rm i f%r®<Tlw ^r c<prf® ^k^ ^ i ^rrsr ^s wt ^r<r f<p^c<F «rfsrw ^c?r T%5^ i ^m 
■srrw ^t wnt^ c#r ^5 c#r ^rw ^m, "srw ^ c<m wn^r ^trc^ ^rrc^i c*m ^?r whtc^ 
c^cs ^r fw ^tjtst wm ^m <?it ^rtt^ f%m ^^&r ^jt% «rm ^^ %? ^khtst i ^rtt^ ?pt trc^ 
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wn&rl; t^UTi «nwr ■^rrsr « w^rc^; ^sr c^tfl, ^^ ^<Fsrrig ^rwri 

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t%f^w wmr ^wh^ ^r^ ^c<r^rTi vsitf^T^m^rcic<r2r*fwt ^c?rc^ ^f^ ^mt ftwtus 
mjm^ ftsmt v4<§ifib, *fc s&$ wr <rrc<r ^rri <rmr «tPs^ ^sii^c® ^rsr <ra vsmr ^\ 

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^rf% ^r<T f<r^c<F wmr <ttc<t i c<t ?nf^<F ^stf^ tf$f%m ot wrc=r fwtw ?fiF5<^c<^ ^?rc?i ^tht 
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wn^w cstk <ttc<ti ^«rrstc^ ^Tfc?t?j «m ^r?r ^^ ^'mr ^rrc^ f<Forc<T ^Tf?t wr^ 25st^ 
>iR)j<Mc<i<i f<Tw c^fc^ri ^tf? «rm ^Wftrsr ^ttf ^rtc^c<i?t ^tf^?t ^rmK fw ^rrc^i ^w^r 
^Tf^c<F w^r '"srmr! ^ ^ttf ^rrc^c<i?r <rt%' i ^ff? ^tc^t '«nf^r c^pr ^rtt^ f^t' i ^rf& 
^rrc^? <rtf^ ^ttk, f%| It5c<f ^rtwm ^mc^i ^ c<Fr«rr c«fc<F ^crc^? ^r# c«fc<Fi «itwf ^rstwr 
cic<r j% ^c?r <nt i ^rstwr «rmc*r ^s<fqt% ^rrc#T? st i ^rtc^ t%K#r t%? ^srKtnm^ "<F^rm 

tW MC?J "^sg ^«FTHf^mTsr ^<FT<fc=#l ^Ftt f^TWl ^Tf? <1<=1C^«1 «Ts-¥K 4<FC3 T^lf*fC?J ^<FFT 

wmnm c^c«r fer ijfnK ^ OTBtt f<rir ^m <rm i ^ mitt «rmm ^rr^fm cro ^rm ?trct snmrn 
<fc^ c<r ^r# ^ 9 ^ "^c^ cstscstt «rmm «nwr -<nf^i ^mBit mwi irrf^ ^fcn ^rcn ^t f<rwc<F 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


sfw^ <m«h i «rHtfT "^pr $c?r c^t R<tvoc<t>$. crc^ <pr^t «rtfsr c^tfl <?f3; ilwM^ >r<r f%§ 
t*f%ozr\ i *rti| «itOT ^o f%?t ^w «rfc^r <7T»ift c»t$; ifwM^ ftw ^o fw ^>r «rfc^r i 

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^Tl; ^tf-WT CSfC^t; HCStdfl i^fC^ «pjf^ ^^ i «rfF|<f vo"<H (FKH <# OoTsjBl sj\s f$<F 3?T, 

^ot^t ^ofsr <rmfjf ^c? cr^ («rBt f% ^c^ ^r^r ^ i <f<h ^tfwr ^rc^ <?##rc<F whc*t ?hhc<f 
wht ^rtc<T, ^r ^r ^<tc<f whc*t tt?ctj?i ^thic? wHc<t nt, ^mT ijc<i?t aj*n1Bf «Tt?t ^m sHttl? 
«hm, f<TC?r?r sHlf^ «rt?t ^c*^ sHlfi* «rHM i ^oT^t gst ^»lH<rci<t ^rlt fsNrf ^c?? ^rtc<T i f^ 

ffi{ *lf*iiH*?C<t> W?R f%ft *jT3t ^W WHC<Hl C^HI ^i^T%^ ^TT ^?f Wl f%H 

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IHh, ^TTsr, fst^rat c<tsh ^t ^»^r<TH «rtc^r, f%H srrfB f%m £f«lcsr ■srr^w ftoft <rc*h i f%?^r 
^^f<TH <3W Let there be light and there was light i C^Tk^TT 0$U$ «TtWt ^ ^fc<f?; «TH 
^iTTifl i f<Pi 4^rc<T ^rfl "^r ^rr i ^ft stht i twra stht? Htsr «rt?t ?t\H?t srmr i t% ^c?r ^ft ^r? c<th 
f%?r ^ otftc<f c^ ^rc^ *fi% c^ w^ srM i spr ^«tf ^rBt^; «^ ^f^rH^ c<t ^ ?r<M <j^ 

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(?TT<]# «It^fC<F #<KH? ^^ Wr?!^ 4W ^tfWTC^ ^oTC<F "<# C'TC^o C'fC^o ^a? <^ "ff*T STT>T 

c^f^H ^oTf "srrc?H «tc^ fwr*rc?j ^h ^c^r «rrR^s ^sth^ «H^r?r f^rc?r ^ttt ^r ^<h ^otc<f -5^0 
^rm cftc^ c^rr ^rrc<T ^rr, ^ wc&$$ ^t<h, ^rtwrc^H «rm ^fticen «^ f^r ^b viRi<^j^c>t<i 
^ 9 ^ ^tltwr «rtc^ 1 w^ <?$ «R^r c«tc<f "^tsc^, itspr, ^f<f fer ^ t%r^ ^^ *ift? iflt%c?r 
^rrc55 1 ^ff? t^ ^ w ^«nsrcvo <mc*h c>rt ^pt wjf c*rrR c«tc<f fwrw ^ w:^ ^ 
^tft? feft ^i irtf? hcst? c«rc<r^ <t°ic^ c^ ifwi^t c«tc<f ^t ^lt f% ^c? w ^rrc^r? ^c^ 

«Tt<Tt? HCSt^ W^T WT «UF C«fC<F t% ^<ra ^ "^C^fTCM sn^ c^ft ^551 ^^h C«fC<F ^itw 

«rt^^s f»it%?r "<rrl; v*& c^rc^o nfl; ^ ^rRfttM ^^ ^*f t% «rfSH <w^f t%?r ^oft 1 ^s ■<# 
Hf% ^rtl; >t<t t%p ^rrt "^itwrc^H c«tc<f, «ih« f»it%?f c^r cr^ ^«tiW ^tvst f<r^ <h?;i c<ph 
fwt%3 «rfw »f% 4H<f «rft<Fm <mc^i ^tt i f^tc*!^!?! c»f<T *r<ffc?j ct'^ttc^ ^jc^t f<H ^ta ^^rrfW 
^T&r f%| tjii ^ i£i<nf^t; sf^rsr ^ttt i£f<fh ^rup «rf<pi? ^t ^c?j, c<thc<f c<Ft?Ttw ^m^ c>#r 
«rnm ^^ntW ^rr ^s c<THfT ^rm ^tti c>f<TH c«tc<f ^c«ii«t csrr^Hff ^ ^, ^c*iJh csrf^r c«tc<f 
^ttwrc^H ^rrt fei ^oTff'm ^ffef cw ^jcwHcsr ^rc^o w ^c^i twt%N3 <j=ic^h «Sr ^^5t 

t%tH<Tt «ItC^I % ^^H t%H<T ^TH ^Tff^ ^C?J «TfC<F voTff ^TC^f «HT «rfC^H ^fHH HT «fTC<F 
vof^T 'ftWoH "^C<T t% ^C?? ^<JC<F ^C?f »tt%r^T ^<FfR^o ^T 4^ «TKfiTT ^'Tff ?>rT?H ^TTCt, 
^T?=TT?I "<TTC<F ^<t^T TfSft, C>#f ^ ^C?f «ftf<F, ^flra C«fC<F ^^<FH t%fH^" feo "^5 1 ^tt^oH ^8Tft?f 
WU ijCH RrfHC<I<l TTfFFTffl f<Pl fwl%t ^T "<TTC5^ tWftHSf ^t^o ^<TlW ^tvSt t%| C^l 
Wf^T^flTHfT «Tfcn ^1% fWf%t WHC^oH ^5 «TfC^ «ItfT ^oTfT ^TC«f ^TftW^ «ItC^I «Tt^T^T 
WWfT ^TfT tWf% ORH HC?IC^ ^^TTtW W f%l H^l "<# «^ ^TlW «ltC<F ^of^T W5H ^"CSTT 

t% ^c^? ijuM ^tf^ «ft<KST ^ot^; Hf »tt%roH "^c<t! t%i csTsralt; ^r^ ^ch ^lf^ (Hl; ^^St^ ^w 

*tt% ?C?TC^I ^TlW ^T ^TTO 'TtWoH ^ ^H CWt^ ^te <£$f$ HfSTl ^t Hfsf Wf srfHt 

fsr^tTf i «rfFf<f ^twa ^ ^«ttt ^<n?T "<ttc5^t i W 9 ttH "<# ^c<rr wh i^i^ ^<nf#fr c^rr, v*r w^tH 

«RH<F t%H<T 1[C<rr HC<H fw ^|f% «rc^ j%HC<T? ^HtC? «tf?f C<FH W^ «ff<K<T ^TT I ^ltW 4^ 
•<rf5t<rt5H ^C^T ^oT^T 'RBt^ ^T t%o ftfTC^H I ^^T^Tf «rfSHt ^ ^T ^C? «TfCSTf^TT ^?f| I >J^ 

^c? "^r^ ^rlc«iiHl wr "^c<t ^<H ^h «rm« ^Ht "5c?r ^rtc<T i <5Tf<T c<tsh <t<=ic^«T «rffsr c^tfl tttm 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


3*t i ^tMt ^rrar i cwcs?i ^tMt cvilRi<i> wfa i cw^ w^ 4 <f 'TfwH^ ^st t%| c^ i 1wf%Q 
w. w^ ^crrfr w f^l ^t i «rrsrar twt%i?r c«fw «rra^ 4<f «rf*f ^ito <Fif| «^ tow i 

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<MC°1«T ^TC^ Tjfi» fwf «ttC^ WKra W | ^'ff'WT i£| vs ^jawf C<T ^Hs tWfT»ra 4^s t<F^ W<3 

«rfc^, \s*h ^i^srr^ c^ twra ^ra t%| %i w, c^r «rra ^ra «rprrartw w twf «rrc^ ^ra 
<fhc<f ^r ciMsirr ^r «mr twri wj^r ^-«rrw t%*r ^w?r ^rc^ <^7§" w*fc^f f^tus ^fmz, 
ftmvs. »«$/» ^t *tsf%fi> t% *rat fwra *rc*u n^rj rarar ^ra ^rr wrar fwt rac*r <rar ^ra? <racr?r 
ijl^ %t%, ^rafrr ^r ^r^rart^r «rra tffr^ ^h i (ramrc^e *vsvffi t%^# ^ f%ra «rm^r *k 
«r*f «rra wh i 4 <f®h (^rr<F c^Frctf fitc?r «rrc^^r^ra ^rrcsr ^TH^rHra ^ttsmt <fc?i wst ^tic^w <fr^ 
^?i! ^t (?n<T# «iT5rrc<F fat? rac^' 1 wsr ^rrc^ - <fc<t <ic=ifVi? <?n<T# - ^nra <rs?t •«rrc'W 
«rrc^r <ic<=ifVi 1 ^sfsf ^rrc^ - \dt, ^ t%r ^ ^gtsr ■srtsprf raracs &m c<th? (?tt<t# - Tjra! 
^twHt «rrt^r tstwwnm «tsni w&r crc<rfti «rfw w, «rrfsr ^rmr raracs ^tttiI' 1 ^s t% 
t®t?r5T w, t%f %r ^twr^i *f9t?i c^rra *ra w crara ^r «rrsrrc^ ^t w rac^r «iHffiTfsr t^rat^r! 
w <Ffc5 «r#t $*ft *»t& 1 ¥«n?i * fsrcn srrcF, «rr^r ^ra c^m *iRsw<i ^r<f ^jcm^ 
«rfsTMi 5f^ra ^^#T ^, ^t ^rc^ra ^<#r w*f «rrc^ «rra ^?r #r «rfc^i *r, «r<f «rra #r 4<f 
^rw t^rcn «trsrr^ra sr^rfw <k?i i c^^ti wNst «rrsrat ^rarc^ mt?rar 1 <ra% ^rn cwu$ ^N^r 
^ttI; "^tR f<M wh ^c?r <ira 1 Tfft-fr <t-<r <rr^t ^ra ^R ^<t^h w<t '«rrtsr wrf^ ^r ^t <M 
w^s y|^i>c<=i' 1 "srfw, ^ ^?rra «rrc^ ^ra ^h "5c?j c^ i «rai c^m ^r^r cw^ «rfsrc^ f^ 

c<tw ^r ^ ^, ^TTc^ra ^rc^ra ^h ^j ^rri c<rcr?r ^tc^ra ^rw ^ wh ^Ttft «Rjt twTi 
*m ijRs^ «rra^ t^sf ^T^r wr^r ^rtrawi ^ra ^rnra 1 c^ ^tHwra ^Nrarftc^ wrc=r »ri?^T wra 
"^pti^: w ^^kt 1 's^ <ftc^ c<tc^s "5c<t, -?rsr--ra?r5rTf^ ^fH 7 ! ^<Trac^ "sc<t, "Hira ^rw wf- <rrra ^<Trac<T, 
vs-<H «^f ^tc=t ^tc^ra wr=#r c^s?i c^rc^ ^r?r ^?r 1 ^rrcg «rrsrar ^rr "?rr wnft, wra^ra wfsr c<tsr 

C<TSH ^<HT ^<Tra<T f^ f^<F CT^ <1<WllS$ C^tW I ^TfCM C^M t%H<#T f^<F ^C^T "^C?TC^ I «rrC^T t%H 

^tt<ht ^ra ^ra (7rc*r hc^ic^h, ^ra^ra ^rrca?! <F«rr c^THra ^ra ^rc^r ^jfeit, wtfsr ^t <i^*ifi>^ 
(?rc^ft%rTsr 1 ^Tf? ■srfarai^ra ^m cww^ $\f<^ c^fc^s c^rc^r 1 ^Tf?i %tc<F c<ttt c<*rc<F f<t^ w^s 
ra^nra (wra^rN ^rra c<w c?tc<f w^t - f<TWrr^ c<h ^<#r f<raf& <rrr^<nt% wra 2fc^# #^ 

C<H (Tlt <W^<1lR><1 ^<F ^<T# <Ttt% I ^Tf?T ^CT W^T - ^Ttt^ t^<F ^"SHl^ (W^TTsr, « ^T^T 

trarafs- (?ti<f 1 ct^nrawN ^rf?i *%% (racrfi ^t <F«rr©M ^fc^r t% ^ 9 ^ t% ^rti t%® ^Tfc^ 
^rms, voi^R» ^c?rf¥T 1 ^rc\st ^ff? <fr^t ctc^t ^Tf? f<ra# (?tt<f t%H wrc^ <raw ftw«w 

t%»TC<T ^TT "^rac^l ^T<HT <FC<T <PH «H^?T ?rTCSTT sTC<T*r <FC?I ^s^T ^ C<T ra^# ^TC^ f^<F CT^ 

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ra^r rar «m ^ra c<r twh, ra^c<F t%*t<t ?nc*f wnra c<r ^«^R», ^t ^rms, cr^rra ^rarf^ c<#r, ^ 
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^«rjft^wra R&Hw^ vs-<h <mt ^ ^rar twr 1 ^tw^t ^ih^c^ ^ti ^s ra^ra <nf^ *# <ra 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<Ttf^, fBw ^c?r ^nf^ \svs^cf cjjbi ^f^ Rtfjitvo^ cstc<f <ttc^i <$$ fwf&tt <t«m ^jiI^i^n 
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f^<F C^[H W<tJtf^t<F ^TCvs ^t *R lff»tC<F Wt!?T *rf?N^5 Wf^T «1M 'Tfem ^TTC^I 

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^"c^, <ttc^ (?r<rf «rtc^ 4<#t ^t%, ^rm c^ ^r*r «rm ^tt^ m^ ^rf^rc^ ^c<t i ^^wr ^^ «5 
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c<ra R-^cvs R^ic^ w^ <ttwt ^r tM c®t f^m w f%^ mt, «rmrc<F ^t ^f^rcw wj 
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^rr sjm. m, <r-<m ^rm^rt ^c?t c^r, ^sg ^ttfm ^mtfl, ^ c<tmrm ^mtf^mc^ ^rc^t ^mt twf 1 c<tmrt 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<rr <rr?t c rt?t w\j ftfws «rfsre -^j i R?rft^ ^Kra wr- <tth <k?t <k?t ^h <t<r ^ "^i ^<R ^rrc^ f% 
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wth, ^^ ^rrc^ rarwrt tws fftra f<pi ndh ^tt c<jn«rm? ^tf^T-^Hi ^rara ^nmi ^rar fwr 

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■srmr w «rrc<F ^<#r wm^rr ^r^ w <ra <ttc<t ^m 9 ^; ct f^rc<T c*m ^<ra <m<T i 4 wrrl; ^<f°i^m 
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c<r% ^rt ^m^HTsr ^c^ f^t, ^t^r «rtwt 135% ^rt ^t ^^m «itM^ ^^ ^#r 1 *rrs ^rw^r 
*t<n -sjt^ -^m «rmw ^w^r ^t ^twt^t^tt ^c<t i fw ^t ^r^swrl; <r<H «r<f «rm wtft ^tm^s 
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<m <rrar^ c^rw «rtj<f wsj «jRmrsH ^<f^s ^c<t i c<tsr fsf^ <F«rr <FfT "5=r, ^t%, ^^rc^ «rra ^t<ft 
^nk^s "sc<t 1 <t"<h «irtsr ^ c^rrsr «rrsrrc<F ^^ fifH<T 'fT^s ^c<r ^?h ^ra f%f ^?^ <rrar^ ^c<t, 
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■^i wrc^ra c^ra fw ^wsj "^?! "=rr 1 c<rcir?T <t^t^ «rm ^rwrcsi ■srcsn ^fi» ^<r# ^<t ^w 
<f<^csi<f nr^mr 1 <t^r:^ <t<h ^t <fpq?it ^t ^r «it?t^ ^ wc<t, ^<h ^tc<f «rf?rc^ ^sm 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«rfC?TtSH ^ft^ WS, ^T? ^HT ^R t®ft%*f3[ CSfftt? <F?ft\s (*K$ *F5Uv ^C<T | ?T<T C§fM<T ^jBf ^STTt^ 

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4*h «rfsrm cs\ «rm f%| ^n? nti «^ ^t w<f ^f ^t f^rc^ <tth <f?tTi <ith wr «m ^c&5 
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"^rtc^ 1 t%i wfc=TttT?j <t*h "sc^ ^H ^t^t <fc^ <?fh ^r ^C55 ^rt 1 «i?F ^r t%^rc^r ^ cr^; f*m 1 
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t%<F m^sizttez, *fa Hcsf^ c<fh cm (Trl; <fh (Ttl;, wiO^iTw ^t? c<fh ^q c^ Tta <?rl;i 
*WBRr «trwi^ ^m ^T^rmT <rm c tt c<r t%H «rfsrrcir^; "srv» c<fh srr^, \dc<t «rfsrrc^ c«tc<f« t%h 

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Wl? ^HT <TC5T T%5^T t%H (^fHBT C<fH&T I CT^M t%H «TfC^T <MCfeH (7TQM« (?Tf% I t%H <tf <Tt, 
^sm c<FHBm Tfc^r ^STfsrtCifsr ^ftCW C<FH f<F^ tsMW Ttl C<FH t%TH<Jt ^f^TC^ Hw ^J Ht, t%» ^r 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^rr, wr^ ^?j ^rr, 333^ <rc*r ^tsRrr c^r ft^ wiHnr, ^smra ^tq ^ ^tcs t%| c^ t<t 
feRCT^ ^ih ^r 1 «rm ^wih, «rtwr wih c<fh c<fh sji% ^ f^rcB' ^m cr?r, c^rtfl ^m 
"^rsfm ^m ot?t t<fi ^awiH, 'r t%pt ws cr?r ^ ^«h <?p<it <tk<t ^rr 1 <45r ^m cr<rcs th? 
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^rpw ^rr ^t <wcfeH '^t ^mjcr <n<F' 1 ^rp 4^fh w *tw<Hl<r <wc5H '«rw?r ^r<r f%§ 
^tH ^rrcn' 1 ^tH *tm sjtct wFtmca *pr ^rr twr ^wtfe Tf#r m^m ^c?r ^rm 1 crpp 4<f 
4 <r> ^m 4 <f 4 <f ^rc<r «rr^c^r 1 f%f% te« «>^o?<i w^r «rr«n?r ^m *ifi^ w$ 1 ^if^ws 
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^'fHwr ^t%<r <F«rr «thsint <ttc<t ^rr 1 %src^ «rr<rm wt ^rmm « M^r h<ti<m<t ^cbt ^tc<t^ ^rrl: 
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%sm ^tt<jtw ^k w<tk<f ^fs <i>c<ic&h c<r-<rrH ^rs^r ^rmmw^ at^r wt ^c?rc^i ^rw c<f ^t? 
^*$m ^ <h^ w^, ^sr «rmm ^r twf% c<rrn w^ «ht f^<F ^rf? «rrra<F ^a^ <wcfeH 1 
c<r^ ^r w^r ^rt, ^it t^<f ^«nt w^ri 4-^rrw ^^bt t^<fc<f <rc^ ^f?rc?j %m <rr«"?rr ^551 
^Tf^ «rmm ^^r tw c«tc<f w^r «rrfsr "^ttst ^ c^r «tt^ 1 ^ c^r it^ "stth, ^? ^r «rrfsr 
«rm f<F| wff^rr 1 ^rmw ^r <£&> c^r «ttx - t^Q°t h<ii<m<t w ^ht c<fh f^<F ^ 5 ^ c^ ^rti 
H^r f%r<Fm ^m^w <t-<h %r ^c?j <rm ^<h ^k ^rf^ c«htc^ t% ^ ^rr ^5 ^s «jtsrm c<fh 
W5T5; c^i %sr f<Fi ^c?m ^rf^, ^k ^r'mr s^fow "sth^i (7%ht %st ^rs^r ^rmrc^ ^«rr 

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"5c<ti f<Fi ^rr^ f^nw ^'THw ^ - ^ ^T<f ^TT<rm: c m ^ht ^'twT^t w& ^rrc^Tri ^^rHw ^r 
vsrcr^; ^ht <rrci? ^ w^m ^ i %sm f<F^ w<tt ^« ^rr^rm^f ^f% ^^r^ csrmci? <ww <ttc<t i 

«rrsrrci? ^ms<r<f ifif^c?j «rrc^ ^jcm w<jnf^i<F wr?r ^rf^ ^*Rr 1 c^ht «rrsrrci? •<rf<r 
■^Hir ^<t^t Rc<=ih - <t?th Ngfsr w ^rr w<Tm w, ^it% w ^rr wcs ^rm ^<fc^ <rr«, ^r 
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t%t%, ^Nr^f ^rwt ^<Fm^ ^<Frc5 <ttc<t ^tti <r«fc<F Hra w *ft*r ^fw «fw wm wcs ^rm fw 
w<mf^i<F f%fn<E<F ^r<rm ^thh c<fc^t tw ^«h c<tm wcs c^ i ^ttct?! ^rnt c^k<wm <rc^ 
2f«r5r ^ Ht *iH<jic<T<r emb&m ^rc^i c^rrH <w w^ t^rc^ftl - cTt^ ciwr «rrc^r, t#t ^m 

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c^c?rf^c<=i«i? «rHcri; ^rri #rH <rsf©wr PiR>?rm c^THc^ ^"<H ^t t'NTl; f%m <rrc5^Ti ^t ^<fc^ 
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^r ^rr f 'T^m wr <rm! ^^Rc<i> ^fsr ^^t^tc^f f<ripr wm <f«it <t^ wm «rt fnc¥ c<FTf^ c<f0 
"^mr c^rsr^m ^<fc^ <rr^, ^t ^<ra t% <h ^?i! wiw c^t c<fh arat «rfpr *rt 1 ^^mfH m^r f<F 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


4%?; ^r^f! ^r*m csrcsr ^5 ^s ^jrt <rT?t 1 ^^mrcT fa t$<F t^fr ^t ^m <rf «rfC5 ^r fcs 
cwr cr?j 1 ^^mn W^?r ^tc^ ^m^ *# ^rf^ ^w w^ «rft^r wnm t*f<Tj ^co yf^ i ^?t<th f<t« 
vfiTc^ w^r '«rtcn <tTq, f*fc?T CAsfsrm <tt t%§ «rtc* t<t m#T <fc?t <tt$ *rf srifkc^ tth <fc?t «rtsrm 
^rcw c<rf?rc?i ^r' 1 faRr w c*fHm *m <?rt<i# c*r§ c<r ^fHK «rt?r f<Fc?r 4*r ^r 1 <p% wi^q <mc5>h 
- «rtcn Hcst?t <nT%cs «rr?H ^rrnt^s vsm^m «rw?r itcst ^r 1 <rtfw *iw c<f «rt^rcs *rf?rw? <m <rr*t- 
sjrc?r?r atfa ^fc?t cfei «rf?rcs *rmc<T 1 ^t ^r ^M-srfc?T?T atrt» ^fc?t fwr, c»Nt?r ^p^fco wt?H 
*rtFfc?i twr 4?r*t?r ^r to?j <m ^n ^^? twra w\s ^wl *$\ cs\ <jttw #rcr?r ?rw ^rr^r 

•<rTC55 ^TTl «tf^T Cafsrm v»?f<rfCT <xt<F *f?PTmQ t^Htt C^l W<fTlt^|Wt?f Rfcsr 9 f?PTt <3Tf®f*Tt?T Wffrf 

^^s?f «mrm 1 \gfsr ^t?t<TC2?r w<Fm ^c?r fej ^tu <m, *tr <f?t c<f^ «rf*it% ^<f3c<t rt 1 f<F$ Ihostc<f 
w<mt^t<F w ^rcr tta t^Q rm ^rr<rm c r srnm ^m ^rsm <r, c<j <jsf <t^t ^rrsrm wr^ttw ^*r 
Tf^r «rt^rcT c*r§ <r^; ^H<f ti^r <f?tcs h?t i ^^ ■<rr?rr 9 f t%| r?t, 4« ir?i<Ff?r t%s w<rrft^twr 
«rt?r wMfw ^\ ^<f ^rw ^rc^ «hetct, ^cbt f^tffa j#i ^ih<h ^r «rr<rjt^iwm c^<r, 4*fR 
cstc<F?; *r<r ^m c<ic<fici^i ^#t<hc<f ^ ^^otw «rfr%f wr "<rr?r ^rt 1 ^iR^hw ^t<t ^ra m, 
ffe, ^nt^ <rwo ^c<ri ^hh<ki<i Pw «rHrm «frc<r^ ^<r? wi ^^ftwr? t^ww «mr^rr 
<Mm ^n ^t? ot ^rt^sm ir?f<m, c<r 'sfe irwm, c<r ^prrsf ^rfer ir?r<m ^^^rt f^ ^ttcsra 

<K?J<t>STM<1$ "^J I %\f% ^W^ Clt%?f W^T - CT^! 4? t% <[[%, 1<T "^ 9 !^ <TC^ (M I ^sf^T 

^rr<rm c f ^5 1% ^^? ^ vsrw?r ^r t%5^r c^mr ^- c<mt ^rm <rt, *$wr ^?r, ^tf^^ ^ 
^c^ c^rt wr«, smriT «tts, w'rif^ ^ 1 ^ Trt» c*tt<f "<Tmr t<r^ ^^ ^rr ^rcr? c«tc<f t<p|5T 
cvsT ^^ «rtc5 1 ^tw^f ^tst^ ^[% ait<J5<T3 ^rt ^c<r <jt?j vsw^r ^ ^wk "^JIwh ^<ra c<tcs "5c<t i 
Tf^r alt<Fc<5 ^t% ^c<r <ttc<t ot ^r «rt ?j<r ^c?r "<jtc<t, c<f5T ^rtsrat c*Tr%?f?t cgrcsr cr^s *rft 1 
^^ft^rt^ (?r^?r<Mi <rrcir?r "sr «j\dm f<rt*ft \Dtcr?f w\fe §*§m\ 

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^f<r Cr<TCir% «# ^ C<J^TCs "^lfl^Tl «HS c5Tf^ W^T M°t t%t<FT?r« ^sj ^TS^f ^TT<FT?f« ^sjl 
f^ ^^ftWT twt t%T<FTCM ^^JTtc^ C<FH tw t%C?T^ <JTC<T Rf I ^Fm^f vst? ^<FtC5 ^CM ^ff^ «rf?T ^k 
^tf^ C^TTCs C<FH Wsf^ C^l ^JKPft "<Ht t^<F f^<F ^t^TTC^ ^T<I<F vsf?JT W<T «rmm ^e«f 

t%T<FrcM TTwm c 5 ^, «rtsrm aTT<F<5 w\$ w\ 1 tw ^iH<fCH<i ijti^ </?%? >w «rm «r?? 
^rjf^f, <£$ i^ "src^ ^r ^fvsT f<F^; (s$ «rm ^rtt^; c^ ^r, ^rsi^ ^H*fc^<i ^rm ^§c<f <tcst 

(?TQ¥t "5C?rC5 1 ^T ^fvST f<F0; H^ - <Tt t%| (?T<ft| C<Tt^T |M, >||$<W»IWH C5JC?J CT^fft t% C^T 

c^ffl, #<f <Fc<=i<ic<i |^f c^ffl wm w (^TTsrT^t ^<rit wiHi ^mt t%H 1 (T^st^scm^fHwr 

<1<=1C^ f? # f? "J^^H^" f? fW3 &v <7f f?]#/ ^ #?# TOS^ <7<«# f? WTT^I «<# 

f^usf^tg\ 1 ^ci? «rmt<HT ^<fc3 ^^t^tc^ Rtfbs Ngfsr ^t?« vgt^, f^^ ^ffi ^rtfbs ^fsr, vgt^ 
wfst^ f^ "^c?r ^TTtl Hc?r ^tt%^ ^rcT ctc^ ttt^ i «rm vgt^ ftyust^g, <?\$ ^?r« ^gfsr 1 «rm «ftfsr 
c<f? «rttsrs crl; ^gfsr 1 

Tf<T>r t^r «rm ^cm t^r, ^ ^cbt t^m <^trt ^rrsn?rt «th «tprfli f^ Tf<T>r t^r ^r 
t%| «rfc5 ^Tif^F! Tr<tH ^r ^\us «rtwt "stct ^m ^*m ^^tc^t ^^rc^ ^^^fsh ^^ ^^rm <f^ji3<i Hc?j 
t^t% wr ^rfc^r, «rm ^m ^iwt#t ^a, ^fwf#t tti ^t ^r#r ^s t%?r t%H ^#tcm 
%<ttcm ^^m w^r yft^o <jtc5^t i ^*m t% ^<f<h ^ ^^r ^cs ^ftc^r? IHh « ^rrst <rcsf ^ 
wnt ^c?j <rm r% f^rcr?r ^rc^ ^\ c<fh wmt ^ra 1 f^cr? ^rc^ T%H w t%| nt «rm 
«rtsrm c^sc?r« t%Ht «rtc^ri ^rrsrm c<t ^ferscm ^rc^, «rffsr c<t <F«rr ^rft, ^tra ^tNjt ^t^ 
«rmm c<t *ifk ^h rsc^, «rtsrm W\ wtft, #<r fttH T%tH^ 4^cm ^rtwtci^ 1 ^ ^<ftft «rm 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


c*$ ^hrc?r?T tou c^h wk c*$ i «rtTsr <r*H oi3C<TTc<r R«rw ^Hfl ^*H \sm t^t W f%^ 
^sc^ ^r i «rm ^rtf^; tp<h ^^ ^m 4 <f c<n<r ^fl ^*h «rrsrm t^r w f^i^ w^ ^n i ^r 
<jc<n ^r<r>r t^t, c<fh «rc<f? w^? <^??7/% «rrftt <?$ *m «rm ^r ^r^r <y?rf5r ^m ^r i ^rmrrsrrf^ 

4<F<rm f^ifes 4<f fewiH 4<f ^rmfcF T%^r ^<m. '^mr#! wnm t% ^rw ^r, 
tt%t t^r "srr^? w^f «rrci'? ^n^mr <rc<*iftc < *M «rrrsr c^rsrrc^F *rc?r ^h i f^r ^rrcw *m crt; 
tewR ^w w^ '^mr#! «rrT^r wjw ft^rm <fc?t ci^HT^r ^thc<t?t ^iw^n ws% ti<T>t t^t' i 
^ t^?tk c<fmt?t c*rc<*H c<f^ ^rc^ ^rmw ^ i ^r tt^n ^r ^t «rm \st ^t?tc^t ^c?r?r ^t ^t i 
tt%t t^r c<fh ^rc«f? Wfa ^ifm ^h c<rrc<r?r m$ ^ra, «rrT^r c*$ *m fo^n ^ c<rrc*T?r «rc«f i ^ 
^tfm, ^h c^r ws i ^ ur*f c<rtwra cw Hc«t<i c<fh t^r w trctHT, Tlr<F c^rH «rrsrm ^ 
*rfm "srtt^ c<fh t^it; w ^rrc^rr 1 1% ^<Fc?r ^c<t? ^t w^\^ ws i ^tup t% ^c^ t^r ^c<t! ^sc<f 
m^n wr?r ^sht ^wrra wpm i ot^ fow c<f? c^mm c^s^ f<TH ^r^tft i c*$ wrW f<TH, 
^^q T%H i f<TH ^N?r T%H?; ^rr i ^rr ^T?f «rt?r t%^ <h3; i ^t ^tfHc^F f<TH ^ttcs^t t^r ^f 
«rm c<f ¥Htc<h i ^Tf?r ^ <mc^h ^rc?r?T t^r ^tvsr ^trw ^tr^tl^^s ^r# ~ws ^t i t^i «rrsnt ^rtt 
^rrc^ nr^rc^ ^opr ^rtwrc^i ^c*r ^st^r t%? <n^iit>i ^s? ^^nrWi ^^nt^t t%? ^^ 
«r^ gj^ | (^Tf \5rr5rH c^vsc<i «r^tfT «rrc^r, t^<f c^srTH t<p^rTc«? ^w\ «rr^rt «rrc^r i c^ 
«rf^rt ^^m ^rrc^r ^, «rrsrm «rr^rt^ ^i^ ^r^ ^ i «rrsnr ^-«Ht; ^m t^r <rr% ^<H "sth 
<r# v»^r<rH «^m c«tc<f ^r<r# ^tt^ti ^fw^ <rw ^ w^rt ^ri wsr ^r<rm wrf$\ S^rt 
<i<=ic^h ^rrfsr ^s^ ^rr wrc^« ^rr i Tw 4^r mm ^«rr <jc<=ihR «rrrsr ^c^ ^rr «rm ^feic^^ 
■srr i ^m "^ "^fcii? <r, "5c<fc!r?r <rw ^^ ^ 9 ^ ^r <F*r<r# ■^ttc^t i c^ht ^rrs ^r^» ^<ht 
■^r, ^rw ^jH^rr ^u^ ~$$ i 

«ICHC^ ^PJf ^<K<H ^pT^Tf <T - <H ^ ^"<H ^JfF^T ^nfT ^C?I C<K^s ^n^ f<THT i \dH "srTH, #<rT^fH 

"src<n ^nlT *5wu^ c^r «rrc^ ^nt^ i «rtsrm c^sc^ c<r #<rr^rt ^rrc^r ct t% wth «rrrsr ^j^<t? «rHr^ 
wih^t ^tti #^?rm ^rc^ «rrc^ tr%r, ^T%?r?r «rrc^ ^w<\ W% ^% c<m «rr?r sps, «it, c^t<r, ^H 
^M "^r cgRic^m, ^n^c^ic^r 9 !, c^^rrc^r^fi #<rr^rm ~<$ks. ^tmh c<^ ~~~u h?;i «rtrsr ^<r«H 
clJRic^m ^Tt^nf^ ^<h ■srfe^rc^t 9 ! ^n^nf^i t^ c^rH ^<h ^^<t ^c?j <rrc^ <f-«h ^rft ^c?r 
<rrc5^ i «^ "src^rr «rr<rm t<r^ c^tchI^^ t<r<T?j ^w <rr?r i «rr^r c<r #<rr^rt ^m c<fh t^ c^, «rm t<rf^ 
^ «rr^rt ^r?r c^r f%^ nt i si^r w «^ ^w, ^m«Ri f<# ^rc^ ^ ^, <((%, ^ferrR 
^rrc^i ^?^ c<tqm «r^rc^ c^t^t ^t cnmi cnn<F ^tth ^mu^ $ta<i ^t <t^m ^o, «it, 
c^t<r, <fh, ^rr<p twrt^ i ^t c^fH<FQwr?T c<fh ^s^t; Ht i ^<t^h ^r, c^rc<r c^-<rc^ th ^rf Tw 
vsrl; ^^hh f% \sm ^<f tr%r c^! ^<f tfer ^m «rr<Fc^; ^c<r Tw ^m c<r c^th<f c#r Ht i c<ttTht 

^T%?J to ifl^H C^T «IMC<M CT5TC^?T ^tt f<Ff^?T CPf^TTT ^<T "^l ^<T ^TT ^TTH C<FH ^H^t 
Ht, C<F=HT ^sT?T floT ^feT «TTcn «fT<FC^ «TTC^I TW ^sT?T ^CM ^fel^T "«rmT 9 ! ^C?T %?Tt%Tl 

c^(,<\<\ ^mu^ <# c^tsth «rrc<F ~^m ^%m ttw ^nt ^t?th ^rrc<r ^rt i #^?rt *rf^ ^ wm 
^rh ^^ «rrft «rm ^ ^rfte «rr<F<r ^rt, ^r c<r <nt w<f ot ^tfm c^ro c<rtk?r <rrc<r i ^mu^ 
$t tfer^^m ^tt ^ ^m ^%^?r t%<f i c^ht ^fer^M 9%m ^s <ra ^= ^n fefT ^c^ 

(H?T I <T"<H (W<r ^t fef<T "^s f%^J CT f%^ <FTSf <F^s ^m^ ^n ^"<H "^s? ^TT ^<F5 <TW Olf*H 
^^rTTHra HC55, C^TC<m ^HT cGMC^t'f, <FTH? ^HT C^C^fTC^T'f ^^TTTHC?! H^ i \sTC^ ^rT> ^T "^T ^H 

$c=ic§r aJRic^n: 9 !? «rm« ^^rm^ aif*H ^<rTT%?T thc^i t<Fi ^t ^ ^mrr^s tfer^^TT <ntc?r?T 

^R?C?l<l R<I?IC<F WHm ^HTt ^TKH ^ l -Jimwi ^®^TTt%?T «rwl^fTC<F wht "<rr?T ^T I 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^rT^TRi ^fTCf<Ft> fcrf*f§T ^T W£tf$J5[\ SWW <FTT ^T ^*fj, ^fCF ^lwRa?! t%?J WRT ^JtCT 
Htl 4<TfC?T <MC?*I W£tT5J, #7F <FWT%J f*TC?T« WRT <TfC<T ^Ttl 4<FtM WT?f «M ^fTC^, 4<F®H 

nrc^FT c*fc?rc5 i ^sfcF 4 <f ifft «rar fsfcs^ <f?tc5 ^jfsr t% c<tc?r^ i <?tft# <ftc^ *itc?pt c<rc?jft i «rw 
whcs H^ *rtc?pfBT t% ?r<Fsr i w^ ^tm <h<tc<t i mfi> taa*l <f?ic^ Tt^rfBT «rftm f% ?r<F5T? 

(?fft# WT <T(7F?T W TfM i «rf CT <T¥ (7FR t*R CTCtH, <FTC^ W^t «rf<Tt?f t%? ^R ^sfCF 4 <FH 

w <rc?t ^th crs?rr "5c?rc^ i «r^ <tc<f<t ^rft ^s crs?rr?f *r?t ^rc^ - « <jc<Tift ^rtciPT ^r <TJt<Fr i 
^ttf «rr?r <f*r c^fttR <ttc<t rt 9 ftc?r 3 T f% wsri ^wf (tph cfw t%?t cr^rt <ttc<t Rf, ^tw ^s 
t%?r <tj <jc<Tf hct c#N3 ^ft 3 ^ Wf ws Rfi ^f «rr<n?f wtftm, ^c^?f c^ ^ft c^i «rfsrrcT? 
^rftt cnsi «rrc¥, crr^ ta «TMcr?r ^ <7Ff<rr csjcf «?f ^c?tc^ wht <tt?j i tW ^^hr ^th 
^r^ ^ft c<fr "Jft crti cw *5k=i<i nr*f «rft ^tc^ra <rff1>, tfcBm 4<f1; cttar, 4"cr?r ^ft ^ti 
^^ftrc^ (Tfr ctiai <?tX, t^H ftcsf c<tcf?; «rrc^r i ^^ftrc^ ^5 c^ <t(?t ^ft (Tfh «ra?t wt <Tf?f 

^TT, «ra?t ^TfH ftcW <F?TT <Tf?J ^TT I <jt% W f%7T f<TFft <FC?f <FC?T (7J ^^ftTH C%^ <TTC<T C#t <F«R 
^TS^ ^CT ^Tt I (TF^T ^CT HT? ^ft (?FH "^T (?T^ I TJ^tW «T¥?I Wt ^t, sf^tcsr 4"^BT 4^M ^C^ *TC^ 

src^ snc^f srfc 9 ! ^r hc?j k^t "^rrc^ tl#?t ^mrt^ ^r ^m ^nHHsPrc^ «iKftT «iKftT ^c^ c^c® 

CT«?tt "5?J I (7T (7FH ^ft^TC^ vsT?T ^'TftTH C»C« t^C?J "?J^H >N^]<Wf ^C^ CT«?tt ^t C^TH C^ 

^m ^#fc<F *raT ^t 1 ^^tc<F <tcst ^ra?t, «ra?t <F?rc*f c<Tftft <rt?t RrH^I «iptcst t% 1 

«rrsrrcr?r <tw <tw irHt^<MT <ftc^t c<t c<fh compound c<f simple iro <TjKrf wt 3?t 1 

t%® C<T letHl'Bl simple (7#t K^T <Tt?t <Tft e ft?I W3, simple C<F <T«H «f¥?t <FC<T 'ftwltw <Mf <TfC<T 
^Tt 1 (7T T%H<tBT W simple ^?f CT^ t%t^f<TC<F define <M ^o <T#T "5?! 1 t*Fl C#t ^ft^T (7T^TC<F 
<TJNTt wf "5?! simpleRtHC<f<t ■srT^ucsr 1 ^Tf? <FfC^T ^?r "^H 'Rjsf i ^t ^\u^ simplest 1 ^?t 
^C*R *\H{&4 C*f<T ^ltl (TT^HT ^N?fC<F C<FH t^T ^ra?f <MT <TtC<T ^TTl ^sTtitW 2T<Tftt «ITC5 God 
defined is no God 1 

wrtercsrsT ^ <ftc^t w^i ^c^ c<fh ^4 <?#; 1 ^rcs w t%H<T «rtc5 i<n?r^ 4<f6t ^rt 

4 <FH ?® sfT<FC<T t<Fl ^^tftC^ (7FH ?t« <?T$ I t^ Cs^ £fC5T<F <^ (7T5H (?FH Rt (?FH 4 <F^t 

«n<Fr?t «rrc5, csrfBr, ^rrwf, ^¥f, dcB- ^sjtR, ^^ftrcr?! ^t m.^ c<fh «rr<FT?r ^?r *rf i c<tBT t^c?t 

^HT ^l C«n?F ^^ftHC<F WHHT <F3t <TTC<I ^^ m.^ (?FH ^4 ^ft ^TC<tT C^ I ^ C<T «I^C<I<I <F*fT 
<TSTt ^T t%H W?¥l 

^\s^rcf ^rrsrrcT?f ^Hc® «mcF <?# <?# <ra ^rt ^ri ^^tc^ crl; to ^cs <?# 

(?# <ra ^TT "^C^ - mfSZtflGZ I 4? 'tCM %7F "STCI ^TT "^CT <7? ^TW >/<T/</*7, ^ ^T t%H 

^rwi <^\ #?f ^ftw <Mt "^? t%R ^ ^w i «rrwr <f^h ^^tt <f«h w, ^ft csrc^ ^ntl 

<F-«H t^ ^ 1 t^H ^ ^W ^ftW ^t(7F ^p 3 ^ ^t<TCs -^CTi <J-?H «rtft '^CF <T«Tf| - 

cstsrnTF «rtfsr §r?#, ^tsr ^<r^t ^^ftfsr i «rrfsr h*^ <?n<T#?f t%| crc<rf| ^r ^t?# «tc^ ^t(?f 

i£$ <F?fT ^TCs imfli ^o^ftH <# ^JW ^T, vsT^T t%TH tHTi?^ «#8 C«T(?F CSfCTC^Tl WHt 
t<F5TC<T "5?t? CW t%C?t, <FH t^C?J I ^5ftr(H?f <TjT 9 ft(74 ^ <rft e tT <TTCs Ht <F?ft "5?! ^tt 4^ ^Tft<TH 
<FCf CT«?TT ^C&^I ^ ^T <FCm ^TT, t%H «^„° WK/T^; - f%H ^TRH, t%H ^H t<F^ WfC^H, 
^H Wft^tT?! t<HTSTH I t<Fl #?f (7J WH "5?! (7TH sm^ ^TC<T "5?t, (TT^ #T (7FH ^RaC?l<J 'srT<rTC5r "5?J 

^tTi «rrsrrcrft <tfh t%| whc* ^jpT tf%7j?r ^rr<rTC5T whc« ^?ri ^^ftr(H?t c^c4 ^ta<t <tfh 
£fc?rT^H ^?t Rti (7rt%?f?f <Tjf 9 rn74 , « <Mf ^?t, ^ftt "srh?t "srf<tTcsr ^r?rprft (TrtntcirM ^r*R <f?tcs 

^frc^T, ^|CT?f« tf%C?t<f ^TftTCSFff !r?r<Fr?f 'fCS "=TT l ^TJft (TT^ WS Wt3 'TCS "=TT l ^I*#N3 ^<fBT 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^\m i fy& ^c*r m few, <rr f%f ^ ^r ^k ^rc<rf?; ^ i ^m csh, ^fr, ri<f c<fr 
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^^BTC^F <JT?T < Tr <RTT <Tf C<TT<jrr ^ <Ff^T i Intuition <fC*r 4<FR t©fR<T "^T C<f5TC<F WtWT WT <JT%, 

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c^f&t «thh R^ , <rr'Tc<F w^rr^s ^c?r c^rc^i ^H ^ ^m <Trc3 <Trc3 *it cwr ^^ ^^ ^^ 

^■C^TCS^ l #T^ ^k "SH <r*TC^ 4^ CT^ <flf<T% 4^ IffSC^l ^H f^TC^T, f%| 3$H - CFW T%?T 

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cwi "srr?? ■src<u ^ «th 4<f (?tc<fos (Tffwt «? ^c*r?j *n:<if3; ®9$\ ^tPrc?! T%*ri ^t c<r 
intuitive perception C<T<rnR CfrH, ^H, Rl<F f<F0; <FTW <FC?f Rf "*R (7T<rnR ^RT=# ^3" f%^ 

^rf<T%T <tf»t ^rm^i 4«rtTR ^r c«tc<f ^rr t?tp# c<tt^tc<tt^ ^i t% ^rrc^fj ^^ttr ^^ 

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v»fCSTHfC3T I ^-<fnR vote ^T#?I «TfC^, «Tf?J «TfC^ ^T C^«"?rT "5C?TC^ CT^ ^ (fc\sTRT?T ^tfH^S Rl; l 

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c^stc^d?j ^vfcm c«tc<f ^^# ^n '«rtw Ffs t yz c tm<¥ d fs' ^m^ ^c^ c^rrwr ^^tt ^^n^ 

■sj^ R?T, i^ ^^H "5(1 2)4^5 «J^i ^ff?j?ff?j «rfc^ | f^R ^f<T f<F| CT'<rC^T, T<T f<F| ^R^T, 1<T f<F| 

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c<nw «rrc^ «ih whh ^t^ «rrc^, ^^tc<f w^ ^h i «rt? ^5 ^t wrw f<r^ "^r rt, ^ wtr?j 
fc?j ^rRf?j ^ -^ji «rw?r ^r ^<wf c^rc?!^! ^^ttr sfsrw wr^rc^r wr, c<ttwt ^pt «rrc^i $<\ 

C*\W\ C'f^R T<T ^f5T?J «Tf^<T ^l W$ $T?\ C^T ^sf?J ^TfC^ f^ f^ ftc 3 ^ ^<F^T «THH RT^ f^fH<T 

^w <rr?ri wf^R?r ^ k^ ^rc^ RrRc<t<i i<r<M<r, wt(r?j f^rc^ f<m «rm ^c^ ^# t<mi 
sfc^r<FTTj Rthc<j ^t ^tc^ ^Tfnm ^tfwr «rr<Fc<jti ^^ «rtir fwt? ^^ri (^NTc^ ^t <TTc^f5r 

f%R<T ^fT%C?J «rfc^ OTBTt «T'HT fwTl 13T f<HTH CTO f% ^T? f^H ^sT, f%TRt C^T «rRH 
f^Ht; wR 1 «rf?j i£||; ^f(R?J 'TC?! f^<F ^C#TH "^J, C<FR ^ «TT?J ^sH ^tf% C«TC<F <TT?J Rt I C<FH ^ 
«rr?J ot <F<1C<1^ RT I ^H ^T<F< f5rf% ^C?T <TT?T I «$ ^ C«tC<F ^JT?! ^^ ^TT <TTC<T RT I (7%RT ^TT 

"^r ^^ ^c?t<i 'fi? 1 ^^r ^s^ «rr?j f<F| (R?;, ^tt; «rrc^ 1 f%H ^5\ «rr?j f%^ <rI; 1 ^t ^ 
fwrc<F c<r ^jm^rr wr ^c<t, w *rrg c^trt "5c?t «rif<F, w *rra «it^ wt^c?t "<t(<f, ^rH'tr ^c<r rTi 

vsT^T f%»TC<T "5C<T? <f<R "5C<T ^-<H HC^ ^5<}fC^ 'THWl C^TC^ «n<FC^ «n<FCvs ^K <$<rf¥\ Cws?J 

c«tc<fI; wt ^<ra wRH f^c?r c*m - « ifitMt; *\$\ fwr! (T^sri ^Tf? <j°ic^ - ^ra rt "^t "^?r 
rt, wa 'str ^rc^ ^?r 1 

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^r?r, «rfsrrcir?j w fwH, ^pw*\, tf^pr, ^mr ^rafH w t%tt «rrc^ >hi3ic<f$ ^tc^t «t^ht fwri 
«r^Hf fwr ^T5?Tf?j-^<r <if% ^<fc^i ^c^H ^#hs ^rt?-^! ^f« ^t ^T5?rrc?j?j <rfe<j r?ji #tw 

«R^r?J 4t ^T5?TTCf «Ttt^r f<FSTC<T «TtR^ ^'TC^Tn ^fJC^o ^ff?) ^^° s ^\|T?J fC?J« 1>»|C<1 ^Ttf^ «TR^f 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^*ts»m ^fc?j c^us 9\fa-4$ frsftCT <rc*r «mr fwr i 4?r ^foa <n otbi^ ^mr fwr i 4?r ^itc?r 
1%l «rrc^ f<THT otbi^ ^rfw? wht <?iti w^i <ttIc?t <n «rrc^ ^tc<f ^twr ^rr ^r i ^r*mr 
fwr «rm *r?rt fwm ffsf^Fi i£#ft i wr?n fwrc^ 2f«tcsr Rhcg w|\st, c^ ^ wh i vsmtc?! «rrw 
^r# ^c^ ^inm i *mr twr ^r, c#r «rrc^; c#i^: «rrc^; i ^h ^rtp^; ^^bt ^c<f «rrsrm o»^c?t 
fer^rPrr^Ti ^^rrw, ^^rt%t%^%^ T%r (7#tc<f ^rrfsr wms ^fc?t H^rrsri wh srrc=T <ntc?r 
c«rc<F "srr^n? c^sc?t hc?j ^rffl «rm ^f "snw ^c?j?t t%T^<tc<f ^tc^ "5dr?r Hc?r «tm i ^^h t% 
^t «iw <f*h ^? sw w ^<r ^ti ^m^r, fcr$?r <mc&h ^ c^ ^rte *fc cm ^<r <r?rc<T hti 
ttiTw? 4? c«tc<f wma w ^^ wut «rrc^, c<#r «rcw ^rw? ^^ fcrf*f§i i 

«wsr ^srr ^r «rrsrrw? w\ ^o c0 \oi? ^rc<n ^w <r^r <ttc<t ^tt i f<Fi ^m c«fc<F ^rma 
^rmr^F ^s wtir «rrc^ c<r-<rnH ^ ^mr fwm ^r<#r ^t<ra «rrc^i c^hi «rrwr ct^ «rc<f 
wffifw wh ^#r <?$ «rc<f «rr^ssH wh ^t?t i ^N?r *t*h w^ «rtwr ^<rr<T ^rr, ^f*m *r*fr#T c<t t% 
fM^r «rrwr «imw$ ^<r ^rr i «rtwH, *hi?r *f*fa <*$ ^r^sM wmfw i «fcw wtH?r fcrf*f§r 
^r, ^ #r ^ntc?r c«rc<F «rmc^ ^rr, ^ ^h ^rrw^ c^sc?r ^ ^m T%tfth i ^sfh «rMw?r 
"src<rr ^t<t ^rat «rrc^i 4<f§h ¥i<F?rrc^ cin<Fi?T ^m ct ^rrc't <rrc 9 f 2fwr*H c^rra c^rra 4<fbt ^^fw 
c^fkrc^, vsrc\s \dh "srf^r ^^rr^c^, ^h^ht <n^c^i ^■^rrH ^^ srrc'fj? ^^rm ^w ^rrc^, c<rt^r 
^rrct H»t ht C3#H t*rc<F ^^ ^^ ^<ra ^t^tc?! rarc^ i «rf^wtw vsr ^?r ^rr i «rr^H ^?r «rrsrH 
«rrc^ wh ^r ^cst nt, ■sTHrrsrrt^ c^\ ^r^- ^?j ^rr i c<r^ #? ^ttt ^t «rw? ^fwir H?rH^ 
w\ ^t^h "5c?r ct^, ^m ^tth ot tpaf^ Tsr^nr ^«rr ^tc^i wr^wrc^ c^ra ^?r ^m T%cm 
^rrc^ «n<R<T «rm ^r ^rr^r ^rc!§w nmc^ «rmw i ^iwh ^?r «rrc^ «rm ^?rc^r c^, ^rsrmrrm 
t%f Ht i «rr^ssH ^rtw srr^ ^rr ^?r ^r^r ^c<f t%tt w^ c<th? «rrsrm ^Hm ^^ (TrHm c^r 
«rtc^i «rrttr ^ ^r c*ift cr^#r c<fwt?j erotfli «rrT^r ^iRRc^ <fw c<rwrt^, ^H c<r^ ^fsrm 
«Kt?! T%<f Hw?r t^c?r wr, c^#rc^r c^rsrm ^rrc^; «rtc^i ^*^ «rtTsr t% (TfHm c^#r c*rc?r 
c^th? nr^^rm t% «rrc^, cr^#r c^r <f-<h ^mmHi ^r^r t% ^c?rT%r? «rmm ^rh ^tt% ^c^ti 
^"btc^ «rtwr #r ^rr% ^ <hTi <t»h «rNm "sth "^mt^r (?rHm c^#r ^c?r c^ ^<h 
>tR)j<Mc<i<i ^rf% T%r i «rcw wrc^ c<r qi§#r ^?r "5?r <7#r Tw «rr^r ^Tf% h?j, ^ ^rf%?r« ^Tf% i 
isrBit ^rmr, «rrc^ «rmm nt i R^RiUr ^rrc^ ^srmm nt i ^^rmr ^u*w ^th<t c<t t%h<#t wic=ht <?$ 
T%T^<#m c^r^H ^rh ciTT^rw ^tti «rrf^r c<r «rfwr ^m ^fl, ^i^h c<fh t% Hwsr «rrc^ c<r 
W 5 trfT<Fr s T «i|<f#t ^t<f «rr^ ^c?r <nc<T ^tti ^m c<fh frost «rrc^ t% c<r ^?r c<jc^icst «rtfsr ^nfw 
K^rr ^ ^tti ^st f% «rtwr ^ra c«tc<f ^«h c<rc^m ht? ^rHc<r? ^rh c<fm« 4^r#r «rr^r «nc^ ot 
«rtfsr c<j ^rs#r ^<F?rc^ <nf^ c^ ^<Fr®#T ^<f?jc^ *w<r\ <rmr #<hh ^s w yrtc^, «rr^wTH? f^c<F 
<Tmr ^cnrc^, c<FT«rr« ^m c^sc?r «Sr r%H<#m ^^#r ^rm'tr wrc^ ^srm c<FT«rr« ^m ^t f<?^r wrc^ 

C<T C3#T W?r ^^TMTCSTfr ■5TC<JT Hc?J «TPTT ^<T I "STH<T ^ #<JH ^T ^f% *ft1% ^Wi «TKH ^# 

^r?rc^ ^s^ #r «rtwr ^mit srfff^m ct^h ^# wrfti srfffwrc<F ^-<rnH ^m ^uHK c^ 
c^n^ic^ i ■sjfrTwfc^ ^ft crrtzs. ^uH^ c^ ^# <ttc^, wra ^rr'frc^ <# ^m c<fh ^rm^rrl; ^rf «rtw 
^r^r cr ^rfffwm c^t^h ctrT^s cw ^rri ^tf? ^rc^r ^frri w?r?r ^tc<f wf ^«r c<TmrH <rtc<r 
^rr i ^ftii <r§c?r<f ^m wf ^rt? c<fh ^rm^nt c$ i T^<f c^tH «rMciT? srcjr?r stc<jt c<FT«rr« c<fh 
«Tc<r «n^icH<i ^Trnrc^ ^um ^rrfrc^ ^^#r ^rm^rr «rrc^, vsr ^rr^r sth^ ^c?r?r ^ht ctrT^s ^tti 
2fc^r<F sthc<t?t src=r Tr<f>T ^?n?r ^^#r t^r «rrc<F, c<Fr«rr« ^^#r Hcsrc<F wk %s c<rfic?j «rmm 
csm^rr «rrc<F - «rrsrrc<F «rm« ^s ^ps ^c<r, «tmc<f «rm^ ^rc^ ^^ ^fe ^c<r, «Trsrrc<F «rm« 
fwr^T^^F^s "5c<ri 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


Uft* Cs*rrH «fl^tM ^Rfslt Cws^ «rf^wH «it^ 4^ C<TT<fBf ^ftC^l ftl ^H ^srr^wfCH 

c<rf<fBfc<F «rrk<F t%5^i ^H 1^iT%s h?t, R^R>w> ct ?t<r ^t ^rtc^ f%i ^^ttcr ^r ^rrc^ ht, 
^lfocs ^rfe, ^r^ f<#r<F f*rcs «rfc^, tHcsf^ tlN* ^^s *>rrc<HT ^m t% ^i c<fh ^T (Ht fw 

f%f^ ^TCTT *rMC5 HT, ?r$?TH« ^fCTt ^TC^T Ht l *Hf TWt ^T, «rfTsr C<T «0 «rfsrH ^TC<rj C<T WT^ 
*ff% f^rPTH, «THH ^C<IT OT «Tf^wH *rtC»?r W5T «TfC^ 4HCT* ^THT Tt ^IC-H «rtWf (M^ 

c?tc<fc5, ^t c<rf<fBr ^h ^^ *t ^c?r ^rm i <$$ ^rM <rr «iwh ^fw^rc^ ^r, 4*ticr «rrsrH 
^th whh "srwtw ^rfw ^"^bt *T»fr t^ifisc?! crwf ^r ^<H ^ ^K^rT^ tt¥w ^c?r ^rfc^ i t^i 

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f*r<rcTH, ^jsrs «tctt T%fH 4^ c^ffc^ <*$ tht ^t ^HstHfrf ^tsfw ^r i «toiR* *rft ^s vsi^r 
^t Tt<rrc<F «r^prr^r « **TC5tfBfv3 «^sfw ^ i \s*h cf «rc<f «rtwt ^H ^sirf ^#r c^ w$ 

«TH ^H ^CT Hf, ^H C#T3 ^Hf fwH ^TCTJ «ffJ W\ I ^TI^ ^<H WH, wfvsf «JH CSSTJ RhcR 
«iMHt ^C?( ^TfC<T I ^Ht fwtCa ^ f^^TCB «IHHT «TTC^ Ht I C#SHT 4^ ^K^TH^f Tf§T%F H?T, 

^HT ^c?r f%rc^i ^htcs ^wm ^m sjm. «rnm ttoit ^r, %srr «ihh ^tfw ^r i f^jrT% ^H 
^rc^r ^h ^t ^f^s^rt wr« ^rr ^r c^hih? ^tt, «rr^r ^rBt t%^it%Q ^ra, ^Mf^ ^\ 
^K^ft^Br Hc^c^i wk^s t%?r ^t^s *rc^ c^c?r ^rtf^ ^rrsrm ^r ^sr ^iwrc^ «mrfl^Ti ^ 

WfBTo («MSt <I>MH<I> l 'HT tWt ^TsrtW? ^RH? «jwHW 9 ! «l^fBt ^fk?J CT?ri •j^ft ^TC=TfBT 

«rrsrrciT? «rc<f fwr, «rt^r T% ^i^r fwr htt i twr ^jpit f^rcB ^w ^rrc<T - ^h, ^tw ^s c^?r i 
ct^ «rc«f 'HT fwr wh, ^5s « c^?j ^r?r f^i ^tt t%<p 4^ph t%T%^ ^rfer fw ^r ^Hc^ 

fWt ^Tt ^, (TT^HT 4W •BTt fWf ^TT ^t I ^HT tWT H^T 1%| fwt t%?T ^TPTC^ HT, «rmtCiT? 

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C<lf^H C<THfH ClfilH^ C<THt ^TfC<T I vs*H ^tt f%^ «jf^TTRT ^C?T^ *RB$ >5^ ^TW ^ ^C?T "<TTC<r I 
^rfSRlt WltH C<TiT, ^tTHW fsr^tTT W ^TC^ Ht, *tW fsr^tTT W ^TC^ HT, ^fp fsT'JJTt ^lt <t<=1C^H HT, 

c<r^s ^k c^rta^ f^fjr ^«rr <mc&h ht i ^ihht ^tt c^r <ftc^ ^t ct^ ^4 zm, mx 
^nf% i ^i^"c=tt c^t ftr^tjT ^rt h?t i tw «rtwf f% Hc^c^ "srw ~^<\u^ 'tHft ^^ ^nf^j? ^rrwf^: ht i 
c<ph ^fHfl Ht? ^Ht; "^ ^r? 1 ^ f^ 9 ^, ^^ ■srHt i ^T5?f?rBf Wl Tfft#? <mh<^ ^-^h ^r^fl ^<H 

CiT - ^ t%TH <J°ic^«i you are free, your eaternally free ^r B<i««s *%&, Cvfi\\<\ fsT^ "5=T W 

^■■sj^-tHvDj-^irgri 'frat; «rfsrtciT? *t% ^h fw ^c?r ^, ^rt c^t «rfrsr ^i nsh^ ft c^K- 

■spf f^C?J ^<TC=T ^T 'C^HH (?FH ^fQWH (H^, ^HffC^ Ht f^fC?! ^^<H ^<rC3T ^^TW stC^ ^ 'tv^, 
«TT5TH «t^ t%?J <K<J H^H ^<F Hra ^TTO ^r<\ f% ^T ^^ ^ITH'! ^^fHHt ^T Wlpr- 
^■THw-«rf^[f T<T ^5 "<TTC<Tl vs'^H "SfW "^ «rfT^r <t^iC«i^ ^Ttfl, f<TC?J HT <MC=1$ "5>si ^Hl; "5=T 

i^tw i ^rs. ^rit^fBf c^\ c<Ft«rm? vsH^m «ihh ^-t%h ^r ^rra ^t ^r^s v* ^ww^, «ihh 

^H ^RH ^C<T ^tft# f^t <t°1C^H I ^t C<T cn^JilH^f, 4^ C<Tt<T ^T «Tffsr *$ 3^\ «JHH 
^t^C^ "SRH "^ «rtfsr Qv\ ^T<T fw C«fC<F <T* #<T I f^TCT C'TCST *fHH Cr<TH ^HT ^W vsTC<F ^TCs 
^T, «rfwr ^m ^fKf^fN' ^HCs ^r, ft- ^fC^ n^Ht ^HCst -^ I ^t #T 4^ «TWH, «JWH C«TC<F 
«THH ^H ^HCft ^TC^ 1^ l 

^thw « «rfsrrcT? f<rf%^ ^rt^cs \^pt%, ^f^ c^, ^ t®ft^oM f^ ^srr ^c^ ^ht 
wr «rfc^i ^wm stwnf^r ^tc^ «i^sic^ ^rwr f^\ «ih crwtcT? <\m\ ^s ynw\ c^th 

WSJvs^ nr«"?TH ^'tCTCl? ^HT I sfWMfc ^ ^fCT? ^<TC=T T%*H ^Tt%, ^t C^ I 4^ ^Tf% ^TTT 

5wc«t^ ^p «rH^ i |wtg? ^r^ct^ ^<ftc5 f<R?r ^c^r ^rc^ '«rftsr csrcr c*Tft ^rrf^; c^, t^ ^c? 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


*TN3-iTN3 ^ih^t w ^ w i ct^ cstc<f ^pjsRit Ifw ^r ^fra^fc<Tra ^ht, «rhs^r-^s^r, «rH 7 ^ 
wra f?rarc$ ^r%s ^n ^rrafl; ^ f^rr^ mc*ics?. ^mfl; «r>jra i «r>jraraT ^rrat ism, ciwlw^ 
^, «rHM f%^ r?t i cwstcit<t <ttwt ^s cwstcit<t ^hntjh f^nm ^t w ^rrcvs \st<rhs «rH 7 ^ 
<rtc\s «?f <fc?tc^i \sm^ ^cw ^t^ ^rac^, «cHcvot ^m. «rr^rt ^ra ^ra tw ^rsrm *rfTc?ra 
|f% ^ ^r ^, *iit?T -«rmr^r ^rrac^i ^ (ramrra ^tc<it f^f?; f%§ c%*r «rrc^i t^ «rrara 
srwr 9 !^ ^tc^ c^tc^ri w^im «rrsrrc^ «rsrac^ra t&*rcff*r f^ri sfwr^ «rrara c^; ^r ftc=H 
^sv§viI>i i c>r<rH c^ f<R?r 4"c>r «rrara ct ^hi <r^r 1wr <irac^a ^rac^ c^rc^ srmi; ^mc^r «rr^rt i 
f%f f^r *ra ^c=s?r «rrara ^c^ "^i «rrara ct srwrtf^ ^rc^ c^tc^ri t%m «rrara ^sc<f ^r 

T%R vs^ff^ri i£|t «tW sfH, sfK C<*TC<F "SR, "SR C«tC<F raj% ^^T ^^T ^^ TWT <F?TC\s rarac^s 

c^rm ^rra ^ i c*ic<t cr-<rc^ «rrf^ of?; «^ ^tt «rr^rr i c*$ c<*tc<f oTwrar ^c?r c?tc*h ^to i 
^srm cr^ c^ cTwmr >r<r t%^s ^wra c«tc<f ^c?t c?tc*r ^rf^rt^ti ^ ^^r «jKnfwri «rrft 
^rara <ftc^ ctcsr «?f ^ra^r ^«rit ^r ctc<h ^rf>r i c<tcTH w<h ^t c*$ «rrsrra ^rh^ mr 
^m ratrra, «8 wftt ci^i f^i f%^<T tc?fi; T%s <nc>r w^ c*rc*f?; ^h?t mr ^rram ^c<r %m 

>T<T t&s^ Wr "<T1C<T I 4lMC<F raC^T ^??^ I 

f^t 9 !^ ^t 1%' ! #^ wmi |wt^ci? c<i^r ^c?iM i t% f^t'lftvs ^h? v5^rf*r, vgf^; crl; 
<j«ic^ <r3rt^ «Ht^r cw^t; «rr^rr ^r ^c^c^ i f^^r^fej ^ ^nsrH wt^c^ ^r ^r c^t*t "5c<t i 
^■*m ft*rf$ ^rr 1%| ^ ^ ^rmm «im^c<m ^ht i ^tc^ ^rnr ^ ^rmm ^rpra^ ^w tw 
■^r i ^<ws "^rmm «rm^T ^<F<Ht; H«t ^rr, "srmm «rm^T ^rtc^ ^ T<*i?r f^t 9 !^ i >ic^^, ^c 5 ^ ^rm 
(7r<rH c$u? f^t 9 !!^ wh ^ptt t%c^ i ^rwm ^H "srrw ^iMm H^ra ^^m ^rc^ ^sirt «rm m^ift^ 
^H ^irm c^s ^^sttcvs «rts^r ^rtfer ot^itTi «rwrc^ ^T*r ^s wt ^rtc^f? ^"^fKi ^rfci? 
f<T ^t^ ^^rsrt «rfc^ - "^tsrra ^ <ra «rwra ^ra w ^c?t «rfc^i "<# «ttm «tht "<rm ^mc^r 
«f^m t% ^^ ^^ ^<ra ^rra "5c<t? ^'^c'T ^rra ^ra "<ttc<t i c<t^ "<# ^r «rrsrm R<ih<^ ^f^tH 
^wh "^ra c^, ^^ '<itH ^^ ^tt% «rfc^, ^5<}tc^ ^ ^ra «rmc 9 !!; t%0; "^rR i ^rar fwrc<F 
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vom^s "<t-«h ^h ^?t (Tfm ^"^ct "^t "<rm, ^r^Kc^ra t%rc<T w*ti$ ^ra Rt i «tra «r<rsr f*mi 1<t' ! #® 
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h?t ht, t^i "srHfw fw t%m ^^ ^s "^r c<rrarT "<ttc<ti f^rmH ^Hf^fciT? ^^nf^cvs, 4*Rt% 

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Tj^tM ^«Ht c<fh «r*nt% ^p* c^rr <rm ^rti ^ ^ c<T - <rrc ; T srt%s "^t (tt^ttr ^^ «tkht 
<rac<m ^ril^ ^stwr ^sft ^?r i itra^ra c<fh ^^ ^rR w?^r ^c?t «rtc<F c>r<rTTR r%t>5 ^twg^ra 
^n^tf^ *irfc ^<irac^ -^r i ^"c^s ^tc^sr ^Tra ^^ra ^^ «« ^^nra? ^ ^ius i ^ c<fh ^rfwsf<t 
w ^m, ^s^ f^crjT ^nc^ rt, ^rraT to 4^r *tm ^^ \ ^tc^ ^rc^ra c*tT&tm^s^TT ^r 

•^TCvs ^5?F ^ET, ^<H ^sTra ^«fl^T T%?T "<TT f<T^ "<TTC<T cfST^ ^m Cwsira ^W ^sfT ^<TraW I 

«rfsrar ^r r^ "srcg? «rfM^TT ^f^irsn ru *m w% ^^\ ^ ^v^ w ^rt ^c?t <r.° 
yrfm Trfjfcr i t%tn w ^rra ^mRir, ^Stc<f ^nra ^rr^rjT wr ^ra f^tn f%^rc<T ^rw ^r i w ^ttth 
tmn ^m f<T^ wic^h, ^^mnt; ^wi^ ^rw ^t t%H ^\^tt ^*f i Tmf^ ^^mm t%H ^w^rar 9 !, 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


tbvoHjGit t%hi «nwr fioercin c^ "sr?^ iw 4<ft^ ^r ^rifti t^i «rMw? c^s^ c*rt m 

lb\s^\i\ «rTC^T, <SW tb^HJ^ ^4 ^T CTR C^lt «JT^TC? «ItC^T I C^ «^ (fc^TT C»\©C<J «Tl^m ^TT 

«rrsrrcii? *rbt>q fowrr? «iTcmc^ sr^tes ^ra ^i cwr ^ fi^<r *ntcB?r wh t%?t t^jjs, 
shtR^ ^ ^ <t^ fi^ ^c^ <fIt5Bt «itM^fe^^^i ftg «rfM c^r f^^ntc5?^ji 
«rrc^rt# ^r^r f%? f^ *ntct5?r ^<rr t%?j fajr^Er ^^rr¥ <rrc^ ^r fi^r ^rrl^r «itc*rrc\s <w*m 
-&m.\ «rm «2r fi^r *ntct5?r «rrc*rrc\s «rrsnr ^m «r*t?rc<F c^rcvs «nf^i «rrwr ^m «rt?rc<F cn 
c^f^s *rtf^ 4i>T <m?t ^tt c^rc^ *rtf^? ^htjK ^rc<r ^r «ihh cstc*i?t ww o^cv *rtf^ i ft#?r 
wr fi^<r *rt^cB?j «rrc*rt?t ^sht i t% «#f c<r ^m^r 11S§c<j<j ^rcr5?r *rc*u ^s f^rc 4<r ^ 3 ^ "^rrc^ 
<«rBT «rmrcii? ^nh ia^ «trthti ^wlH^ ^rrnm c<r wih ^rr c*r c<fh T*h ^hc%1; *rr?rc<T ^m 

«rrsrar <r*H <Fr§?<w wf^ twr-^Tr <r^f| ^h ^tch <Ff?T «rtf^r <p?rf|i 4 , <rnHs cit c^t^r 
l^rHf^ «rrc^ ?m$. ^ <Rrf| i «rrsm t% ^f%, «rrrsr c*p<rc\2 w ^r?t 4^m f<F§t; ^rr, ct^h c^ 
^ ^w wr «rrc^r to^ ^ttci^ ^ <rj% i §wi3f*ifB«i ^^r ^rr> «r<? ^c?r c*f^n ^r ^r 
fi^r ^rflt? ^ «rwrc^ ^c<r <ttc<t i ^m^ cws?t csrw «^ ^n ^rsrc^ ^rfer fer ^rrcir^ ^r<r 
wh, ^rT¥HTf% ^w <fw i ^rH<r ^rc?t <n«Tn ^tth «^ fow «Sr c^&rc^ cics ft«ic^ ^t ^ 
^W, f^ 1 ^ c^i c?r ^tfmc^ to ^vs ^rwr, ^t%j^ fer, ^rjw f^ca c?r ^ ^rT¥HTf%, ^^M 
^ «rrc^ ^ c^i vsT^r f^ f^ c% ^r<r f<r^ c^rc^r, < «' ; t^, wh^t t^h c<f? ^^ twr 
<ww$ «rtwr ^5<rrc^ nttl crt T%f^r ^ - ^ ^r- ^f% w nrc^r ^rf i ^R-^f% ^t<r ^ra h*icsi<i ^<(t 
k^t, c<r twra ^stt ^r<rr ^m c<m«rr c«rc^ TT<r>r t^r ^s nrc^ i to c^rc^r c<rc^ ^<r, aMcvoBr 
c^rc^r wra ^^r^ c<rc^ ^c<r ^r^r ^r t% ^<ra tt^ ^t i f<rf^ ^ich^ f<r^ wtc^h #^ «rrwt fw, 
srrss w ^rrw ^^rc^rfw ^ft i w ^rnn f<TH ^ f^ wtc^h i c^ <ttwtc<f <ifw <mt "^r ^^<rH 
iw, t%h «j^tfr, ^<r f<r^ ^ T%H wtc^h i <rw ^r^rw ^rBprr wc<r ^^i^h ^^h -sth^i -srt^r 
wfc ^m ct5K «rr<r^s ^<r, ^h «rr<r^<r - ^hc<f ^rr w "^i ^^tf^r ^rc^ ^ht ^h i %t 
^tvsM ^sp «rr^r ^k^ ^ht ^^fHw i ^vfim <n<rs, c<r ^rH^rfrrr <k?t ^rr^rr -^crrcf (?#rc<F ^-<rnH 
«rrWn "^i ^^HH w c^r ^rc5t f%s ^r ^r c»c<rr ^rr, t%h cbk, <ph, ^s *rr Hf^rt ^h i 

vsT^T f% ^3<M - WWfZ&*tFT$fcFFr'fa\ T%H ^fe^H ^p 5 ^ ^H, ^ta<l ^M WHH 'H T%H l4® 

^c^r ^rr i ^m t%h twiw wrc^H? T%H >i<ii>i9 c^r ^rn i %m ht «irc^ ^s, ^rr «rrc^ ^rr, ^rr 
«itc^ cm, ^h ^wTHi ^ ^rr ^m t%h h^ ^ w»h c<rr<r ^w <tt^tih ^j «rrc^i c#sht 
«icH<^«>rc<r hT% hT% ^ca «rrt^ ci^Trr w%. \ ^<th %k t% t% «itc^ c^rtrr <mt ^5 1 c<j T%fw7?Tr 
hT% hT% wr ^c^ f^ (?rX firf^sMc^; tt% ^T% ^<ra <mt ^c^ tw ^ht ^rc<r 1 1% ^rc<r? 

H%j? /<ff? m^ ^5^? isfw? </^^<:<//H? *ffi*{*{M ^kts\ ^c^*$w?m ^t ^r ^m 
^n "^r #<p f^ "^ c<j^th ^cm ^r^ wr ^c^ 1 s\^ ^rc^r hT% hT% wr ^c^, ^? ^ ^h, 
<?$ ^h 1 ft€H ^»rc<r tt% tt% ^<FCf <t<=ic^,«i, ^cw ^ ^ M*f§T 1 ^cw 4$ fcrf*f§T ^mc<p <fht 
ci - ^ 9fH? ^k^fiM tftwTs, % ^<r <tHT %HT ci - ^ ^th i <tH ^<r ^^ftc^ <rw? <itsrH, <Trcn? 
^(f% «rrc^i ^f% <ftc<p <n?T? ^f% "5=r Rc<t<t^, c<r <tc*t t%^ c^fh^t f^ c^tH ^ti «rtwr «ichc<^ 
^tsri^ wnnr^t ^Nbt ^mr^ <^ 1 wnnr^t ^th ^th f<r^ ^w ^rri «ih^ ^^r ^H^rr^t ^r, 
^rrc^ ^te «rr^r ^^r ^RiDh i ^m^r ^jfe ^tth ^ wrs, ^cgic^ whw 19^^ «wc^ c^ T%?r 
^c^t <rra «rr<pc<T, ^#r« whw f^#hQ whw ^t c«r^ ?tc?t «n^w f^rc^ ^ ?rNw 1 ^rfer 
i£ifTj i£i^# ^p ®!Fy*$ wf 1 f<TH <t°ic^H «rtTsr wlTH tw ^?r<T HT, c<t ^s^ "sr^ «rPfr^T HT ^sTc<f c^ 
*mc%. ^rr fsrc^r wr ^r w<r ^tf? h^tc^t ht ^rt «rmr ^ ht, 4<flt ^Hir^ti ^RiDh 
^^t^ ^htt^Ti tntH <r>srH %t?r sffi^ ^tj% <*rr<r*c<Ti ^ iw ^rTH? Hf^r c<r^#r f^ c<fHbt ^t 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^t wi^bt <f?rtfs «hbpt i ^ wk <r?rc*f?; ^c<r ^rr, fa «w ^fffwr «ttwr i «rfwr?i ^ wtft 
f^ ~<k<\ Hc?ic^ «rtf^r ^5 f*rc?fl; ^wrm "^ i ^m «pp#rl; ^cs cfc^, «ppHh ^j^w tr^a ^c?r 
ctc^i f%® *w <i>vft>i31 wth «rmm ^ T%^ Hl; f^i ^e THf^i 4 ^r <iRi§H 4?r t^ 
c^i ^f% ■srtwt; ^r f^ RtHc<j ^f sm&s ifiT%c?T «imi 

^^tth ^wi <fr?rr % <$?f<t Rc<j<mh, %t?rr ^^ffM, ^mtt^ ^r «rrwr wth c^rr, f<Pi 
- 3 ifw*r*tj&, *ff?T ^rtw ^iRftw c^tpri irrpw ^rfsRrr c^t«rm c^rft? c<^5 ^rd ^t%c^ ^t»^i 
% -sj^ns f% vif^c<i<i ^r^rc^ c^rc^r? ^r, <5TsrH, Rc<i<f1 ^j^ wi, ^ wH^rrcva ^Tf?rc<F 

f^TFTH (W^H l ^slt ^T T%H <TTf?IC<F *fTf^Q?rffl «1^ ^fTC?J ^fTc<J?J ^H <jf%?T «fTPT C<Tffl «T^H 

c^rc^r? ^rr, /w^ f^sR ^rtH ThH ^rt^t, % ^f<h?; nr*r 3*r ht i «rr§r «rrc^r ^fk srr<Fc<H nt, 
^t ?i<F5# ^c<t ^rr i srwrtf^ *t«r \o^*if*i <wh snct t^ ^r<rc*H ^rfr?^ ^wrr wt; ^rr 
^c?r^i f^i ^rfrc^ c^t ^rr*r ^c?r hhi ^m *ift?r ^f<h «rt^rr w ^ hm «if<Hr* f tT, T%fHt 

«ITWr, T%THt %H T%THt sf1<FC<H T%f% W ftf H^l C^HT W\ ^HT /W?l %$ 4^ R^ 

*N^ «rrsrtcii? ^rtc^ ^^ ^ ^^iwrtr «t<hhi ^hhtf t^bt ^rrcsr wtt%® wr ^r, R^» 
^th 2ffi sr^ "srfH W\ <$% 9\~~&~wm -snf^, t%Ht; w ^N?r i «rr^r<f f<t^ ^rc^ «|<t ^5^ 
^<TrNjr ^^r /<t^<t? fFmPWfwfwsfrt «<rf% t/% % ? i ^rr<T#?j ^rr f%| ^tth ^t#3 ^r^^rr c^rc^ 
^w ^c^, •w^tR', ^th^, ciwr 4^r ^w sf^r ^g ^rr ^r<% T%THt ^Mi^, ^ t%p ^rc<u t%THt 

f<HT5TH, "5TTH ^T<T WH^s T%THt ^T« l f^*T<T ^TC 9 ! HH ^ ^ ^TH ^Q¥f I T% ^C^H? ^H#?J ^TT 

f<i^ «rrc^, $wtfw$M<rt3\ «m5r<f« «iM<Mt?r ^tc<h w&^$*tf&i ^r wsw#^ ^i<Mrra c<r 
^^rtr ^wrr hiw? t><K?rr «rrc^ ^s« T%THt «rrc^r, «rr?r ^rc<fr^r ^rr c^r« T%THt ^t^, «rrrvr 
«rr fH ^w t%| t%tHt ^c^h i vs-<h c^r ^rl^r csrf^r «rifwm ^tiH ^it Hfw?r c^rt w^rr c^rc^ 

«?F Wt ^C^ ^ t%p ^TC<IT t%f% ^, ^k ^%?T C<FH ^T H^ l C^HT T%TH H^T I 

^^ ^TT ^ T%TH «lf<HP% «IHH «HT t%^ ^Tt ^ T%TH ^W t^^o <TT$ i «riiTH 

w^HH ^r?r ^tc<it wtft «uct T%THt ?rc?i^r i «ihh ^^ ^rrw?r ^tc<it« T%THt «rrc^r i ^wrc?r 
■^t "<# "<rr«Trr ^m ^t^r ^t c<Tf<^rl; ^c<t «rrrsr^ "<Tr hiwi ^trH^ ^ i tw hipm w^rr ^rrc^r ^r?r, 
TH^ <Kt i %stc^v3 ^^hh ^rc^r ftmtfrtuRMm ^twf ?tft Jftfi, ^w^rra fwr f<FH ^pmw 
^rrfw ^w %l?r ^tc<it c^ ^j Twsth, «rr?r *tf<r ^tth ?\w<i ^tc<it, ^rr%?f ^rc^^s t%tHt fewr i 
voT^; Ht, ®fir fo<r ^rffcF 5" *ifmts ##r? «r^fr ^f? «rf?r ^t<t c«tc<f % w& m~\u*\<\ w.<w^ 
t%THt r%tf^5 1 c^src^s?r ^iH<Jci<f fr htvtwi ^n^lf? t! 15 "^" f° W® ^ 5 " ^ F^' T° 
#?# ifs©^ <r<B/^" f ? wfcwt «<# f<rHFsf%*tg - vgTsr c^ Htft, ^t ^?r, ^t <prr?t «ihh 
^tt; ^fsrtft, ^rtTl Hc?i c<t <j^r clc5 "<Trc55 ^Tsrl; clc^ <rr^, vgTvtt; ^^<th ^r<f ^^r fwsrH, ^tt; ^t<t 
f%l ^c?r^i ^^M c<fh ^<ft% ww ^r, ^^ <rt^t<iwti «r 9 Hf fwT «rrsrTcii? <ra c^:^ ^<tcst 
«rtwr ^r^s fHft Hf i ^ht Twr f% w^, «rrrvr «thht «rm ^f?r «tistht, ^ c^r c<rr<rBrc<F ^ 
<ra ct?j i $\f<\ <t<=ic^,«i «rrrsr <f<^c<i<i c<nHcvs ci^ crl; ^ cwrt% *t<f ^t<f <^<ic^h i c<j RtH<jc<i> 

«tM HT5?rr, f^TT "5RH ~<M\ "5TJ cTTf?! C^TC^T (7T<rrH« (7$ ^5^5^ <t^<lC^«i, ^^M «TT«T?rr ^<F<H 

wht^ ^?rcvs TrR ^r 1 %H ^r^c^ c<r f<F^; Hl; i 

(ti^shi ^t ^r^r% ^<h ^^rc^r fws nrc^r ht i <frc<F ^^rc^r (to<h %h ^tc<jt« T%f^ 
(p\K ^c<f c^rc^r, ^w^ f% ^Tc^r otc<h! ^twr ^htcs^ ^j^t ^tt «rrc^i ^ %l?r 
i3wt t^ht ^rc^r '"srhtst! W'tH c^r ^1^ c<fh ^^rc^r crHt' i ^twt ^Htw w^r 'f% 
^^rc^r ci<t! <?f<if| c^rsrm "5tc<it c^ ^twH^ T%rsr ^c^ «rrc^r i (ti^ht ^<ftc<f ^^rc^r ct<t' i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«iwm <$am, ^rT ^<f 5 <ic^<i ^rcmr c^shj ^^ «i&s1m<i «rm<T c r fw <fpq?it ^?ti ^t «jwh 
«rm?r c r <w3?rm ^ht ^t wt«w f%R wi^ ^rc 9 ^ ctc<Ri ^r f%H ^twiTfe ^ <fc?h, ^r 
ijtepr f%H ^tcfptt tw ^rmc^H rti Tff^ ctcsR T%Ht if&s, f%tHl; wk, f%tHl; ^ptm ^ 

^Tlft $.«1^ ^<R ^F ^fwf o^Tfj ^|% ^s^ <frf^ tf[B| <H$fa<|> ^pput, WRT ^ CTH 
3C?f ^l csrc<f ^TRi «*T<TR noI^; <if «rmsf^fBT T%m CrTi fa$ <1? «fH?<#f ^r ^\o >Tf?tc?T« f%\o 

*rtcHi pph Tfft# >t<t ^fsra ^rsnfws %r ^c?r «rr^s yfe^ri T%g ^tf? ^rc^r c^om ^tsttR^s 
vgw «rw w rt, t%tH Tfft#?f ^Rmr cwm ^<fc?t ^ ^tt<T?r#r Hra Rwh, ^ ^r^w ^tcou ^\o 

TtTKj \o*R ^tft# £|bl<W>l<f ^?F <MC*H I f% ^R3 %t?f "SR ^Tsn% *5RJ ^B<FB «s, wHBT %t?f 

^c&m ^nmr «rtw mHf i igBi^ ^t^, t%t% c<t ^*Ht <wc^ \ot ^m, T%H c^rc^t ^^ i<t f%§ 

^C^H I ^flW^ ^RH ^ Rf «ftH C*$ ^N?f, ^att ^RIt ~%t$ <F§ ITf^l ^FTfPT «ftWT ^t%T ^ff?f 

tt%i£tT5j ^tcwi ^tw ^^ ^c?r «rtHi «rwr^ <2?Fi?rr ^it "sfTc^r -srrc^r cwmef <fc?t «rrsftw 
<rmrr hc?t ^r c<ih c^mr ^g «nf^r, ^ ^k c«rc^ c<Ttmc?r «rm i «itwf «jwfc^ <Fsrm ^Ht^ 
<^t%t ^r ^ wrr *irt; i 

t^c^ 4^sh <j=ic^h ^nt ^ Rif%?r ^nj#r cTc<r «rrPri ^tf?r wt <mc*h #^t 
rt cntwm ^ri «rttsr c^r <t*tc\o •# ^mm ?tffe* ^tc^ «rttsr c^ ^ ^w o^ifli ^ ^fM, T% 
^r ^ifw ^ftr% FFf ^c?r ■*tm ^Hs Ngfsr «jff ^r (?k mnr c^mrr "^rrw i ^w^b^ ^p^ itc^rt, 
^T5?rtcM c?r c<fh mi^m vomr ef^a ^ *rmi <?t^hj <j<=ic^ "bt^t «rm ^u^ ^t, ^\ ^m 
^muv ^t, «?i «rrc^ ^t ^t% ^«HWGjrsi «?rKmr ^w <rai ^mn «rrn^r *ifk, ^sk, 
^jtfm^sHfr ^w ^oj^ ^ma i "Br<Ft tt«h ^rm <mc^o -?rm ^h "sth^ ^^ ^rH^ c<rt<r ^<ra «rm 
"Brn^r "<r-<H k^t "<rm ^o - ^ ^#^r i 

t%H TRrfs^ wt^r ^r i'W? c*m «r<r^r i ^ wm^rcvo t%Hl; ^^ i «hj wmim 
^tot t^ ^^r ^»rc<T ^rr ^mi t%H wfwf ^^r ^rn wfwf c^tm ^r? «rtH ^r^r ^rwtt^ 
^t c<TT^#rc<F <j?rm ^hj i ^«r «rHm «rm c<nwra "sn:<fj ^^ , <rrt% wm^rm ^<rj<T<rH «rrc^ i m»$ 
(m^^rfH c<fh wm^tr Ht (Tr^ffH H^it^r t%»rc<T ^c<t! ct^sri t%H ^h, t%H k^h ^tt i fw ^■^rrH 
t% <i<=ic^«i? w^j ^m wm^rc^o t%H "<ttc5^t i ^^ ^«rr w^r i ^ ^o^tj c^r >t<f^ «rrc^r i 
Ii>\ohic<i> «rtH <rat| ^t, ^^ w^ Hc?rt twr wr "<tt<f i ^rh wr "<it<f ^-<rH c«rc<F w ^<ra ^rroa? 
c*m c<t mft% c>T<rH ^"sr ^c?j «rrc^i "stw? ^rsr ^r >t<t t<r^ ^r^ wri ^-<H ^iw "<tt "^ 
^rw ^rw «jth ^c<rr <?t<t, ^m'T ^^Bit ^h wrc^ w ^m «rrc^i ^rm ^ ^*r ^fwm «jtcsrm^ 
t^c<t c<ph ^r^M "<rr ^c<t w& >tw "srti? "src<u wt ^fro "<rtc<T i ^^r ^^F^Ht wt ^tsttt cw vovo^c^ 
^ -<m?fBh3 <sm "<ttc<t i ^t wK c<fBr ^s ^c?r «rrc^ «rm c<r ^KBr ^-<h« ^ft "5?iH >t<t wm^rc^; 
^ ^o^jt «rrc^i c<r-<rrHt ^rr t%| ^c<t c>r<rrHt ^t «^ ^tj ^tfe ^m c^i ^rmrc^miHwr 
t^<F ^t; <pit$ ^m. wnHcviwjHcvjfo, ■<# (?tTwm «rr^rf ^^r^rm c«r^ «rrc^r c#^ "<rm i ^«r f^ 1 ? 
vf$mz*ft ^mfHf wqtf®, t%H wrc^r ^ot^ ^tf> ^t<t t^ Ti^i « wtH ^h ^t<t c«rc<p c<t^t<th, 
>r<Tm «rrc^t "sr c^f^ "<Tm i 1<pi ^t "sr "<r - <Ht; c^^t^ c*\ks, "<rm c>r<rT(H crc^r «rr^§ «rrc^ «rmc^; 
t<mtwH i ^FtfPT '«rtH' cswf «•<rr(H wrct csrc^ «rrc^ i «rr^? t% ^<ra c^tc^ "^rrc^? ^«r t%H 
>t<t wmnrcvot t<HjsrH i ^-<rr(H ^tt w^r w^; >t<t wm^trcvo t%H mr^ ^c?r «rrc^r i «rmm >h 
wmim i?p irc^ ^ wfo w?rr "<rm i 1<pi t%H >m%f^t ^c?i «rrc^r ^ c<r-<rrH "<rr tm^ ^c^ 
^t<t t%H whc^o nrc^r i f%H terr^rt, -sr c«rc^« ^%?r «rrwH, w^hj ^m&tt t%H wtc=h i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVV/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


t%h «rmm wtw «$ ^ ^h, ^^wi ?tmt ii4n^rfra aww ^rrc^ £rft%, £f<Ff% c*rc<F 
■sf^s,, ^ c«fw «rrcr «r^m, «r^rm c«tc<f *rW6' ^ ^rtsrm w% \ $ *rM[> ^iii^i Mcstci<r w,*® 
Mfew f& q% w\cs$ -ffi ^ i «rt?r (Sf ^tri^ w csrc^ ^tft ^t tt%?nT%r - wfi> ^m «rt?r 
■sr, ^ ^^ffc^ tt%r i ^ *p(\ ^^ ^>iPi<m<i c$n\*q «rr^§ c^ i ^°i «rt^vs^ ^m^ *rrc?r i 
^tsc^t i<t a^ ^r c^#? «i^wn ?ttP3<fh ?h cstcf ^ri ?rrP5<F c«rc^ «rt?r« ^ <ft<h, <ft<t\ 
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«r^ h?t, ^r^cM fiff*T^ i ^rwr stf^'fi^H ««, "^ «« f?rc?j ^m *h ^ ^t?j ^c?j c^r i 4^ofw 
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t%?r «rrtsr ^sft otbi? ^tk i «rr^rm ^ f^rcB? c<M«il5R ^rrn ^?r ^rr, c^ht t%H w|i 

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c«tc<fi (ij^rM c<m«fr c«rc<F ^wc^? ^ c«tc<fi t 5 ^ c<m«fr c«rc<F ^wc^r? ^^m «rm apsr <rtt "<Trc<T 
^r, t%th ^r^, t%Ht c*m <F8ir 1 ^tt T%h "^r ^wrrtH, m^^rroa? <Tmit?j <rr t%| «nu5 ^h f%p 
c<ntH t%fit, ^m c«rc<^ ^m f%^ ^rm ^^t^tt "^ ^^c<f c<rmrH<r ^hti %sm ^^t<th <j<=ic^«i 
Pm^sm w*fcst 57/ut «*m ^7^.°, «rrftt ^f^tcw ^rr, wf^; ^r^fr ^mr, <rm, ^rtf^; ^r^fr 

tlffr I ^FTfK stfT% C^fC^ ^T<T T%f> (?TC^?J, t%H £TfT%fr« <TT<TT C^HT ^r^H ^T?T ' i TTT% I ^CM 
^^3^ ^cHt <ra <J<=1C^«i, f<Tf«T % ^JfF<T T%f>T ^t ^<wt Cir<H I ^t t^<JC<F C<T fwT TW ^fHT 

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^TT <ra Rct^H I f<F$ ^T% C*H <F«IT t%? ^smff^ T%f^t, (TT^ ^^ ^TST^ ^W^m C<TTTH I ^ (TTfH 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


CSlWt *TC 1%P ^ ^BTC^l TttBffi ^T ^s ^H? ^TffinrBt ^Utfa *M% Wi WU 4Tl?r fetf> 

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^3 c*tc<F «tt^ c<#c?r «rrc$ «rrc$ T%r^ >iR<k$, *Tf?r e f\o ^r c^r i ^rcwr ^tt c&\ t^ 4^tc<t ^t 
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^TWr c<rT%?r ^ttct i ^^tt c^sir c^rc^ wn^t <tt?t ^^ ^k?i fw wr?r ^ic<ij <TPr ^c?r, t%| t^r 
*r?r ^rsra w c*t$ wi^#tc<f «rmr?r T^t T%§f?r cwsc?r i>f<ra <?nr i <r*K ?H?f *ri ^?j ^r ^?ra 
^tsrs ^ftc<F t%®f?r ^jc<it c5w (th 1 ^t ^:^ *jH ^§ -snwrr?! ^^sn^ ^ gj^g ^^ ^- ^ 
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wt?r ^srt ^tj 1 ^?r c«rc^ ^H ^ki? ^Wrrt ^c^u ^H?r ^ t%| *ra, ^ ^r^rc^ ^«HTt^ ^^mr 

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irtt%, csTtsr ^rr%?r ^s ^s «nw i ^s^m^ fwfN /^; c^rt w^ ^r c^rc^ ^ t^wr^ tW 
^^oTc^t ^ ^s «rn^i t%i ^-«nw ^rr ^rtw ht ct t^rc^ ^Trm ^^mr ta^r, ^m^r ^m 
^H?r ^rrc^r «rmrcir?f ^-«rrH cwrw ^ t%| ^ift sm. c^»tw t%tw ^rti ^rrsrmT ^5 ^pr^s «trtw, 

■snwsTT ^ft CT^, "SJ# C«TC^ ^'fHT "5TJ ^Rtt WfW «rf?j 7R ^n^^ ^T-iTft% «ITC^ CT^s 

^rrc^ ^ t%^ «thm ^^ ^^mr T%^ 1 

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^nr ^csr ^rTsTfT ^ttft ^rr 1 cwr *wn ^srfefi» ^rr ^cst ^^rfH?r« f% «rfetTj ^r? ^^ ^rtwrr 
^rr?r ^^KKHrf ^rrsrmT T%r?r5T ^t, ^prt ftsfT ^?nr^ -srr^prr cw wn (?fm ^^r^frcTfr «rc^w ?rrc^ 
^rr, cw «rrwr ^j-^r ^it% ^f?r ^r «rrsrrc^ tt?, ^rr%, f$rcsr% cwr^n?r ^c\s ^ 1 ^rtwrt w 
«rf?r w 2rr% «irc^ >mi$c«> ^prt bsft ^?fcvs ^rtc?r c«rc^ ^"^«r t%?r «iHrvs ^r 1 -snwsrt?! c^s?r 
c^rc^t ^pn?r ^^r^T <?tt%?j ^rcri vsm^ f% ^ric^ wrc^ ^tcstj (^ c^rr^rsnw cwr c^r 
T%7T?i c*tw ^r *rJ*R *r?r ^c?rr wt^rc^ c^rm ^rcw t^tcsr c^r^rc^i c>tstl; ^rw?r *rc?r ^-^^ ^ 
(?rc?rfc? 1 vst^T f% ^^kk^s i^ ?i^sr ^c?r? Rt, rt, ^-«nw ^rrsrmT 'm^ ^r «rt c^h ^t^cT?! 

WW ?TTC«r ^TTi %?Tl#r^ ^T *ff ^ttc^ - ^^&r ^r efficient cause, «TfC?r^r ^r material 
cause 1 Efficient cause ^tc^r f^r ^?f wt, «rf?f material cause ^ltFT ^'f^ti ^^RHt; 
W| «rH1?r ^^Ht ^^T^frTi Efficient cause «ff?f material cause ^ «rt?r ( Tf «rfsrTCiT?! ^•«rfw 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^ c^ sj#i\D ^j, ftw%ra ^rc<rr t^ ^^ 5 1 ^fa ^iWTca c^rrtt dw ^rat ^TFfRr *rwi 

^TC?! HC?(fe, ^RTR ^ltfo ^flfB' RWH, *(# f%?J ^5\ «fTff^ FfCU (7THCF ^TRTsT ^TCT TWR, tF 
CWlCT baft 3?T I ^TT ^f sFrsRTRf <T«R <F?TC*R ^<R <fT&T C*fCF C^T, <J%T C«rC<F <TN3?JTC5 ^ff^TCW 
^W ^TFff ¥FTWRf C*rRF C<TC?TRT I ^sRTTCRf fa *f^T ^T Rf, ^lt ftifa ^TRr ^fft <MC=H l 4^m ^JCT 
CT%Ff ^N^RT I ^Rf «rmm C<r*fT *$U& FTC?J <FtM 3JBJ C^T, 4^»fC<T ^W HcsfRrT (TTCTRTl ^ftwi? 
t%RT «iRTRt CB*t ^FfTCH ^Rf £frC5I?T «fFTTCr?f ^fTCiRf ^s <TCS?T ^RRT C<TC?TFr I ^S\ ^1<lCs<l$ f^f' I 

^Stcf «rmt?t ^c% ftc<f Ftor^ <rtt cw nrc?ri 9 F c sTcsT?r c*rrc<F?rr <rtc<t ^f^rcsr ^?t<th ^rcr 
crwfcs c^t ^jcs c^rt, cr<rH cjicf Rcsft c<tctrt, \at?FRr fa§l$i«n crwm *t?t ^r ?ros?r c<tctrt 

^#?Rf?f f%H nTfTCW^TRT FO «rf^RT, ^JRT ^RT ^TTC5<TCr?f ^TFfT ^TWf I ^HT ^F*R 4^»tC<T K*T 
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■srTT^ C^tCF <# ^^f<TRT ^fft <FC3 sfTC<rH ^CT ^rTttjR C^FFtT?? t%T <Tf ^r*Rf "Sffl^ C^T^fT?! 
C*TCHl ^m <TWT C<T »W ^T^TT «H ^rFffl p$ *M t%?T ^ffWT ^TC<T Rh 4^ ^Sf^ <RTf 
^c^ t%t%t efficient cause ^TRf t%t%t material cause i ^mtcm wn c^\ ^RF?!^ ~*tt&\ RT i 
<F^<FRf <f<RT ^rfr fra§ <F?fC5 ^RT ^sRf ^rtt^ TrfRFRf, 4^<FH ^RF ir?RFRr W3 4<FR WTsT iT?RFRr l 

yfcf?f "sr:<tj (mmfcs c*mus ^r#?r ^^#r «rf<FT?f t%?r ct?j i ^^t<trt ^^»tc<t <f<i^ ^rit ^c^r ^tT i 
(Ttsr ^wpit wr ^srRfRi ^nwrf Hcsft ^^r^^f i t^ c^rH ^^rt t%^ wr «rRrRr rtcst^ 
^^r^^r i c#srt3 %sT?r ^^t^trt <rtc^ Pmz&m w?tzm ^mr ^m fimm^ %sm ^ c»rRp#t 

«TsM ^TKRT C*ff<F I ^^T<T C»fTC<F ^^RTRTC<F ^TNTT WT ^, ^^RTH R> ?Rs^i t%tH t*K ^k T» 
C«TC<F ^T<T MWlCb^, <TM t%tH ^t ^<F «TRTTff W 2 ! ^m WC^ I ^TRRT C<HH C«TC<F ^H ^?J ^^RTH 
OTBT?<3 ^HT I C^HT ^TfW «rc^ ^SRT ^<HT "5?T t^sf^, ^Tff^f t^<F t^<F ^H^ ^C?TC^ ^H ^H 
C«TC<F l \oTt ^HT WT ^T<T sfWf'ftWf, sfWf'ft^Crff^ ^HT "^H ^ff ^ ^TTC<F t^sTsf^ ^TT "5?f l 
^RTR R>1 \sfCr?f t^sf^ ^H, t%t% sTt^sf^l ^T ^TT "5=T ^t% t%tHt Wt t%tH^ ^lfef ^RFfH, 
v#?T ^IC^^^I 

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srctitrtH ^rc<rt ^i 2fc5tr c<m«rr?r ^?r? <r«H «rtH ^frmmwr ^?rcs ^rtt^ ^h w fo% csrr^m 
wcs "5C5^ i «rm ^r<r r>| <# c®tm?t« wt «rfc<F r>® ^t wcs c^t ^^ c^tr ^ttc^ i ^? <r<H 

^rit ^^FC^T ^ - ^ ^TC<F C<FH C5^T WCs "5?J RT, W?^ps v»TC<T ^tWT "5C?I K^Tl ■srfW5TTC<F« WRT 
'Caft WCs C<FH C5^T WCs "5?J RT I RPl ^fTt^f <T"<H ^^TPTT 'Cvoft ^<FC^ ^S^ vsfCF t<TC*H ^»TC<T C5$\ 
^Wc "5?Tl 

«rm« «^*^ "5=r i£it; ^lt \sk c«tc<fI; ^ ^r, vsrj ^rc<ol; «ticf «rm #?r ^rc<n^; c*m ^?r i 
^nw^m ^'HT t%?r ^ Wmc^ c<TmrH sm, ^ ^r ^^rth ^t% wr ^^ o s ^ifer ^wrs 
t%H i tl#?r, ^m^rc?^ ^tc^t *rt§ #?r c«rc<^ c<it?tc?j «rtw, #?r ■src<rrl; «ticf ^rm ^test ^r?r ^?r, 
ct-^tth t^nm ^t<t 4<f "5c?r <trj i 'cvo^fk ^tf^mcr w^r <7r^r <tt tsr/H ^h w/w/ c<h wt^)H 
#<#/ <re sKfflfv7Rft*ti$\ sj^rsr ^'HTcs ^tfm csrrf «it%^ <ra ci«?rr "^rc^i 

^rRft c«tc<F nr^'TRTf ^rtt w?rf5Tc<F tt#?r ^^htcs w^\ ^jm^\ w*m nr^fRrf r>, 
tn?rtQ c^oT ^rRft c«rc<F «rt%^i t<r^m w^r c^f^rr <ttc<t ^rRft "srTH ^rt, ^Rsrt, *rlft>i ^^^rt «rmm 
^mt ^tftcsrrc<F?r i vsm ^tc<tt «rmm i«rfbt frw ci«?rT "5=t, ^ ftwBr rf ^rRfm <ntc^ ^tff! 

^fFtfmt t%t%l ^ ftW <T«H ^Tfte «j^ ^H ftwBm ^l^BT lRf<I^H ^l C^ CStH#<F 
^FTTefBT ■srTlT}? ^«^fC^f «IFTC5 vsfCst; ^<FBT WTST «ff^ W3 <$*F5\ ^<FfeRT «tt^ "5C?I <TTC55 1 ^ ^lftSt^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<p?rr tTc^s ta c<fH5t ^r m^ «rm c^fHst ^f&h «tts ^m ^m^i ^t irstMt ^rR% w 
^w^ <F?rr ^rm hti cw *tt^*rHt *rf^%^ «rrc^ t^<f cwi ^t m^&^ ?rc*t c<t *tt% <?tst 
^^st «rrc^ i ^^#^ c«tc<F oi^rc^ c^rc*r ^fr^fHT ^rRft c«rc<F ^f^, tw ^tt ^r «rrwr ^rtfs 
o<rc^ fir^rr i *Pm «rrwr *r$ ^ «tr^tHT, ^rR%r ^r T%| 755 c«rc^t t*rc*if|i 7rc<f ^igrw 
«rm Rpt?wr ^r?r f<F§ c^, ^ ^c^iosh «rm fU^RTH ^^ ^rc^ ^h *iRn^h ^55 ^<h c^s? ^it 
^c^i ct^ ^^ «iftr t^^ 5 ifwi ^ ^ 5 ^^ ^^ twt ^ ^f ^rmft?T -^ f%§ ^ ^f 
csrc<F?; ^ptc^ 1 «rt? ^ ^rtwrcsR 4^<fs ^rrlm^T ^c?r ^rrc^ ^<H cfsfl; flt^mrsr ^c?r ^rrc^ 1 ^^ 
?rf% c<ht ^rftn ^itwrc§H «rt?r RRi?iiai<] c<Hri ^wtcsh RPw>ii ^, t^f^Rrrsr ^rtc^rcsH 
^55, ^Tc®^ ^rr^THfw f^^pm^r ^, crt f^Fmtfm ?if*rjwTt ^pm. ^r%a 1 ^rRfT^r ^w^ 
«rmm c*$ ^5 c^rc^i <q% ^r%s «rmm ?rc<f?r #u c^tc<f ^fcst T%^r ^551 p$ ^fcst 
T%^T%?ra ^^mt o<ht ^rm wu «rrwr ^#r «rw?r «rrsr ^tort ^rtc^, ^fUh ^tm ^rrc^rr 1 c*$ tlw 
?if*tt, <?$ ^r%® ^w ^csr f^rc^T ^c?r w ^rct ^rNsrc^, c^rtw wmm ^rrsrm ^rmm «t^r 
^••s^t ^rrc^s ^rrc^ 1 ^Sfi; tro 1 cfsr^ w^r 4 wrr *ft ^u c^ «m ^j^c^ csjc<f, srrc<F« 
«•^rrw - ^Sfi; f^#?r ^^rsrrcvs <mc&h i 

^#?r ^rsrrc® <mc^h #<w ■srr^tc<T? ^tfk c<<rc<F «rmm ^r wrf^ c<ic<iici^ 1 ^r iiTT%c<f Tw 
#w ^wr ^rri «rrsrrcirjj •«trfwr ^t ^ ^trc^ ^ *»it « ^ Hph, ^r-iiil^w ^«rnt ^iw? 
^rc^ #w c<rr<r ^if^, ^i^m i^ ws *rwr< 1 ^5 #^¥, ^rmrn wr a^ c<r%m ^rro ^s 
^rm^f 1 Uft* c^rf^ «m ^r ^rmm t% c^rm c«rc<r^ ^ ws ^f^s? ^rft 1 ^3 <mc&>h "<rfw 
T%c^r ^ ^t ^ ^rfwt^t c«rc<F ^ ^<m w& fwrc<r ^rft ^r' 1 ^-<m t%Th ^i^rt Iro ^cm 
c<m c«rc<F f^»rc<r HH ^r 1 wm wj «bf c*rrR c«rc<F f%^rc<r ^ ^-^pri ^5 ftsft ^i 
^ c«rc<F «rtwr cBf<H ^HHrsr ct5?rm ^hhtsti cbt%t «rm ci5?rm tjcst «rHtm ^, t% ^rw? 
^ch<i ^<i#^r ^fsrm «rmc^ 1 t^ 5 ! ^^ ^?r%r f^r «rm ^<r% trr^? ^r® ^ ^csr ^<f<h ^^ 
T%T% ^c<t ^rr 1 ^?r% f^r ^^r ^?i^r fm< c<Fr«rr« ^ fo% <nt, f^ vsr c«tc<f^ ^^sr ^Rm ^s 
^rr??r wht fmf^rt 4^Sr c^rt nrR c<rf?Rm «rpR^i ^m^m ^s w w ^m ^s ¥ts?r ^sc^ «rrc<F 1 
^^M c<Fr«rr c«tc<f ^to? ^rR ^Sr ^<r ^?r ^r^r c?rt w 5 ^ tp^ c^w ^m f<Ff?r ^ru ^s?rfst 
c<F^r ^<r ^c<t ^tt 1 ««fBt f^ c^»tc<t <mc&>-i ^rr ot ^t ^m:^ "^, ^sr ^rfw ^<r ^g vst^t ^Wa 
7^<t 1 ^t f^rcs ^^mr f%m ^tc^t vtr&ms is# /<p§^; t^<f ^^»rc<it c^t «w?r c«rc<F ^ 
f<T^rR:^?f "<rm#?r ^?r ^ 9 ^ ^ 1 

£f5T5T ^mfCvs ^TT ^CTlf^T ^spsRj ^T «RT C<FH Hto?T ^W ?rTC^R ^TT I ^H^T «Tf^T 
c<fh ^pfiwr ^tj, ^rft ^■<rrc ; T 'tfl^ffw "^ "=Tt l ^<T C<T5R ^ "^C?J "<Tm, ^T<f : <FT?R: < m ^F?TC<F ^<r 

^•^trh iitc?j ^tm^tfsivo "^ Tw ^?t?f ^ftcvs fk^rrsr ^?r ^rri «rtf^r "srh ^<F?f^s nrrm ^ltcvs ^r 
^^5r feT% c«tc<f «rrc?^Sr RtRc<j 9 rk < fc ^c?r c^h, f^ ^-<rRH ^rm<jH ^c^ c^3?rr ^, 
^CTJ?r c<fh ^rk^rrsr ^?r ht i wm^s ^Sr w?'^ps v»rc<T ^rft ^c?r "<rrc5^, «rmm <tntpt^ T%*t "<itc<t i 
^<r c«rc<F "pt^; ^55, ^ ^sTrm ^m c^ ^ c<fh f^r ^<r ^fk^ "5c<t ht i ^rk^rrft ^\^ ^Srl;, ^^ 
t%T% 'A' c«tc<f 'B' & k*t c^ti 'B' «rm c<fh t% 'A' w 'tmw nti 4-<rnH ^r ^c<r nr, 
'A' frr 'B' c® ^rm 'B' «rmm 'A'c^ t>c?r «ihwi «rtwr w^ #r ^rr ^ c^r 4<f 1%s c^t 
t% c<fh f^r "sjtc?i?i ^rrc^t ^ ^c® ^rmw? c<fh f^r "^c<t ^tti f<Fi "srm^prr «rm ^m wh c<tsh 
«thht ^c?r^ «rmm ^mr 4^sr ^rsnm ^^ ^c?r ^jtc<t i H<f c^tTH ^ «m *j&q c«tc<f ^r??rTpr^^ 
f^H^ ^^ ^c?r «rmm c^ «r^ 'j^ <*rc* ^ni ^rm 1 ^cst ^ ^ttsr f%? ^stt ^rmr 1 ^-<H 
^nwrrn ^^mr <H«?rr ^55, c^r-^rnH ^nwrm wrs#r c<h ^csr k^t «ih^i «rtwr ^prr «rm 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^rtw^m #w ^hm <?r#i *rt$BT cwrc<r« ^j ^rh vsmc^r R»«im ^c&^? ifwrn*^ ^rfc^i 
t%f=r «h$ wm?rM orm «ih^^tm 1 *2r wth?t ^tc<tt c<h t^r ^s ^j, ^ ^Uiw ^if^mc^ 

t^ ^r^ ^»tC<T <J*fT ^ (PttWFRW - <7? *IJtK sffiltiltilfo - C*$ •RRl^t t^t <MC»H ^ t*W 

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"^, ^st^t crl; «r*ta *it%s ^bt ^rtc&^ri ^rm <t*h w ^<h ^m <rr?c?T t%| *\wvv w$, ^m 
^ttc?r <# «ftt% wm*tt ^rt «rrc<F ^t^r ^fSBt <mc<m c<Fwm i ^wh isrfB- <ac?rr f^rc<F ^m <fc?t 
m«ic^, ^m^ <<*\(&\ «rftsr ^m w<n ^^ t%M c<Fwm ^m <mc<m, wm^rm <h3; ^m wm i 
^rfi?r ^Tmrc?r «rmw? «rrcn c<fh wm t% nt, t% IHm « ^rm <w «rmm ^m «th<f wnr 
^m c^i »£$ tjch *^ tMt<rmt ^j wcsr?r, «rm ^stw? *rwi <imt *$ sf*m ^f#<rr^t ftc^n 
^mt^ ^rmtsH ^jw c<rmrrc^ ttc^HHi ^rr<rm c mt ?imc<f <^m, ajiviHWw c<rtc<}ri c#sht 4?rr 

Personal God 4?T idea C«TC<F C<TC?rtC^ flc^HT i ^<H ^?f<TH «TtC^T, «rff*r «Ittl, ^sffs, «TTC% ^ffi 

^m <ttc5^ 1 «rm <mc^«t ^^mrn <aw ^tt c^m, ^tl ^ ^m c^r i cwrc^ ^ <m°\< c<fh idea 

(Hl; I C<HtC$ t% ^TC^? t%H HW?. 1 HH HW vst^T t%H ^H<NM%T t% W3 W\ <TtC5^T? ^ 

^rc^ ^k ^c^ «rmm ^t w^ ^k <*$ 1 1% ^^ ^c<t? trn^^ t%Hl; ^h wm^tm "^mc^r, ^ 5 ^?, 
^m%t% t%M i ^st^r ^ttH "5c<t c<Ft«rm? ^H ^"?jm ^hi c^t c<fh wm^tm hI; i vst^T «rttsr «rm 
W 9 fH t% ^<ra «rKHt "^m c^rtsr? ^hI; "srmt i 

vst^r <*mtc?j 2t*t ^c<r, ■srmtm c<Ft«rt c«tc<f «itw? ^rmtc<F ^rc^r wth? w»m, ^ i ^ 
s(whc<p t%H hc^ ^^ «rrc^t'f ^<fc^ hcs^t i hh ^<%t%, ®rwt ^m t% ^<f<h ^iwm w 
9flc<T! ^?h t% ^^r^! «iwm w^s «rfwr ^m ^tsrj "srh ^ «rrc<nm wm, t^ c^rt^r «jwh w^ 
wrc^ wmi ^cst t% ^^mtH? ^r ^r wtc^ wm ^m <rm? ^«mt ^t ^<r ^mi ^ 
^mc^ ^^ ^<Mt "^r "srmt i ■srmtc^ ^^ <Frt "^r ^t ^tt^ i ^t "srmHt^; ^tcm hc<f ^g ^^tt^ 
"^m c^i "srmMt^ ^c^t ^^ t<tc*m ^ft^i c<r t%t^m hI; c3thc<f oi%m t%^, c^r ^ 
"5C?J "^Jtc^ i c<f ^ "^c^r? t%h hcstI; i ~%% "^m "^m "^J^m t%t% ^w <rm ^?h ^<tc<?h *$\ ^m ^ 
w i ^sm^m t<F| t% <m «rrn^T i m^ t^r ^m «rmm o<Ht «?p "^ i wrsrat <rt ^rrl; ^^m t<t ^tw, 
t%i ^rm^rt wt wm< i ^w ^ <# cfNh ^t ^^pth "^j, ^ ^<fc3 ^ <^<\ <rra ^ttt "ptc* 
«ttc^i i£i^»tc<T o<Ht "PTc* sfrc<F, «rmm ^m ^ ^c?j <Tfc<Ti trn^ t^r ^ ^c?j ^rm^m ^m «rmm 
"ptc<t i "srm<T <t - <h c<~^ W% ~^< «thc^ wti$ <ra I c<t "srM<# ^rt^wt «^, ct c<th m^! ct 
ci^ «ittsr ^■<trH c<fcs c«tc<f ^rp ^ ftt^, ^t #^r hc?j «rffsr «rm ^r ^rrM ht i <# "stc^ "<ttI; 
vdT^t ^t <^ c«tc<f ~tf& ^rmi ^«?§ c«rc<F ~$m ^ ^rc^, (7fH« «ihc^ «rr*rm ^tc^i 
^tm<t c<fm^ ^c^ ^^rtrg «thc^ hc<f ^cb <TT«?rm ^hj^ m^i «rf^tw^f^ «thc^ whi 

^^f<TH C^T ^4 «IH^, f^TH C<T ^fft ^<FC^ ^T ^<FC^ C<FH «TH 7 ^ 'TTC^ ^sT ^H I ^t ~<*M, C \ ^ft C<TH 

sp^ c<FT«rt c«rc<F «rmc^, twrw «rmc^ ^j^h stc*m t^<f t^<f ^iwit wr <rm ht i % ^rc<tT ^4 

#T t%f^r C^ot «l>felCH<f C<FH ^^FfW «« "<TfC<H HT I «rm t<TH 'ff «THC^ sff^fiivs \5TC<F C^oT H^T 

^<fc^ f<F| wm irwmt; h?; i «rm <# ^ft ~^\ W% ^m «rtc<F ^h^ ^m «th 7 ^, <t - <h ^ft hI; 
\d*hs t%H «thc^ ^m^r t%M *$ «rHWfft 9 ! i ^^»tc<t fwr wi? ^m c<nt¥ w^ ^HhI; "srmri 
^•«tth ^rw<f ^tc^t yw<fi$'BiMT*iPfFR v y*tfr <M<m<fr ■ ^t c<r f^rcB ^m ^m ^tht «rrsrmr 
^fsrr f^mc^r, ^ht c<fh ^m^r nt c<r t%rcB ^kht whw ^rac^m ^ft ^c?tc^i ^^mtsM cr^mr 
'^mc i 5'stH5 c<h w^iprcvs TfC^i 

i£||; ^55 ^ft \s^p ^Xt%^ «rfCSTT^Tfl ^T^C^C^f "5=T, ^t^« ^ f<TC*m c TQ'C<nT T%?J ^CM 

^TT'ftc^ ^wt ^rm'tT wr <rm 1 «rrsnr <# c<fh t%^ ^rm^rr m« ^tt nttm ^r^r ^tm t%<f ^c^tm 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


f<V»tC<f! (?# (?# t^ «rrc^, 1<fi 4^ <fT?f < Tr CW WC^s ^C<T, W^ <MC=H /*W? /^gs w^/w, ^ 

few «oti^ Uwriw i wr?r t%H ^««//-ty -^ f<Fp gir i ^t ^nt w^s h^t, f<rH «** 

^ff^fH^T f<TH Hw, W3 1W t% ^<FC?r >T§<T ^tt WT I ^R ^TT 3=T 4^ TW «TC<T ^tt 3?J, fvsHCG 

^*mr to c<n<jrH ^ti «$ 4^ twcs- wc<fi; ^tt ^r ^tt, »«Rf *tia «rr?r« t%| <rm «irc^ <rr?r ^rr 

*fC?T?t ^ ^ "SC^ I 

^SCTWFtacim ^rfer w c<# 4-<h «rrwt «rfM^rr ^?rc^s ^rf^ ^ 4^fi> ^m *roaf ^fSBt 

f<F»TC<T 3?J <TC*r (7PQ?TT "^C^l «rfFTC<f?r W<TT <# ^TT *IW 3?J WRT ^^C^ <# 4?T W*f ^TT C*fHT "5?f 
Wm ^T-T^ «r<f ^rfTJ- *fMl> ^C?T <TfC<T I ^T^T W$ ^fSTT T%?T (TTHfH ~$m^ f<F»TC<T ^tf C«TC<F ?tfi 

^c^ i «fg^r ^rci c<fh ^fsrffJ ^rteHr (H^tjt ^c^ ^rf, >wl>tQ <tcst ci^sttT ^c^ ^ ^Tc<rt ^ISST "^j i 

^*r>rt ftaw ^f we|*»iq>i1feetHitf© i 

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f^^fj^a (01*$, f^cfjtps (&¥ *R, 5R C^ ^IW^, *fsjt3ws (T^s- ^ct ceflwyz ^ CWfWf^ 
CSfc^ WW \s wfcfWf C^ZW <*wV/ ^IW W} 

sf^fsr ^sc<f<t ^ «f§^r ^fi> «rw§ <r#r ^<r# ^n i ^fcat >rft ^§c<f ^ ^^ ^rca?r wtt 

<JC*T CrS?TT ^C?fC^l t<tT%W !t4t ^ ^TCffJ WIC<F ^THH t%<F TW Wtt% <M^s ^i <THT 

^tt^w^ ^^rf^ 2rmrR<F ^ ^r fr<Fm ^c^ fej^r ^kr^ ^ wm «Nw «iw<f ^ra 
^tw- «tw <ra crr i ^HH^f ^ttc^s -sr^ «r< ^r - v*prf ffnus am, ft?j^s -srfc^ ^s ^Q?rr <rf 
t^i? wt, ^r «i¥f ^^ T%wc<f t%m ^owh i ^cst £f«rsr «r#f t% ^r? ^w ^r^ zw, 

\sH "srTH ^T VD^PTTT <K?H «rf? «1^ <ra vsk *lfr#f ft% 2fT^ ^C\s 5fTC<F I ^<Trc?rHt%^s <M (TFT 

t^r%*H ^rroc^r #^r wrc^n <t<h c^ t%t%*h ^r ^?h ct^t «rrc^ «rrc® <rw w ^rrc^, cw 

4TTWT, ^TTWf <Tv5 W W 4^>T W<T^f?J t|<K^T "5C?r <TH I 3^3 C^ #<F (TT^ ^»TC<T ^^PTTf ~^ 
<ra <Tv5 ^s ^ ^^T I ^^? «?^sr vifs&iMcv, CT^ ^#^5 ^T C«TC<F Sf^fT^T ^R^ W^T ^f I «f^ 

c«rc<F sfH, ^rr^r c«tc<f ^h, ^h c«tc<f ^«p *^ps$ w$ ^r, «nwt ^t ^rc<rt «r<f ^<m<ti tw 

^^»TC<T «f<f ^?T ^3? ^:«H ^TJM ^TT^fT t<T^ ll^lC<f ^TTl ^m^f ^TC^ T%<F «HTHT C<T ^ *PK3 

^m<i ^m *n$ w?k c<m ^t% »ite?rr ^ttc<t ^tt i 

C<T5H ^TfCM \£|<T# ^fWT «TfC^ ^^-ijl^ ^SH "^C?T <TT«"?rH T3 TTft-fT ^C<tiCH<l ^s 
«n<FC<Tl 4?^ C^ <# ^W C<FK Wl%^ T^J ^<TW cTff? <tC<=1C^,«i 4^- ^" >i<ilC«i<l *f?I ^- 
C<TTH?f W 5fT<FCvs, nsT^T W 9 tTH t<TC?J C<TH ^C^HfH? W'HH ^^-ijl^ >T$H Ht C<M? ^Tf? «THH 
~3*K5. WHT?T ^HW CTH C^ I ^sTSC^T c5ff?I t% C<Ff«fT« <MC^H C<T C^sT5fTC<F t<TC?J <|i<lC^s^ "5C<T I *fC?lt 

^«rr^s ■<# <Ft?Fff twt «rtc<F ^st^t c>t <F«Ht cTffc^ ^t ^^rcm ^wiw ^^»tc<T «r«f ^<f?r^s <ttc<t 
^r i ^ ^^rcTc^ ^rr<fTar $\f<s ^<f&t RtR<ic<i^ ^rNTf <f^«t, t% &i$c*i ^r it4t ^t wtc^ft i 

^T#5TT ^TWT ^ff? HcsH Wf% ^H*fTl *Wf ^ ^T ^T ^T*fT «IH Wf *W ^T WT^Tl <THf 

nmw ^rt, w?rr ^^ ^w i t%?r«rr ^c^r <n~m ~$> >t¥H ^ni <Tt«Trm ^m c«rw <ttc<t i <tt%<t c^rcsr 
c^r ^c<t ^rt, "sr c«tc<f c^rw c<rc^s ^c<t, <tt wt? %r ^c?r c^, ^^ «rrsrH ^<fs% ^«f, <tpt «rr?r 
^r?r i w^t? c>t t% «! ^r^TH? '%3?rr-^Ts?Tm ^r^i ^c?r c<Tt?ra t^<ti it^t ^rft-lt ^M$ 
c<rtk?r <ttc<t, ^tt it^t ^rft ^^tt c<rfer <ttc<t i *$$ ^r cTTfc^ ^r it^t i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVV/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


w^ wfa w5w ^stus to «im<f <wcfeH »wy wfkw&wjus, *\% wm^rmus 

f<T<TWra Wl; <W^ I W v5l<I^W<l ^R<l^H \s\§C<l> C<T «TCsf ^Bft ^j (?^ W.4 R 5 ® ^*ffR<t<T 

aw ^^ ^tti wm c tn*mus l ^tth 4^t?r ^ ^^ ^t ^j , ^^- «htrt *p#ra c<m c<h^ 
^§c<f 4*rn?r ^rHt ^ Rt? (^frra ^Hralw, *ht c«rc<F ^tt%?i w?c<f rt <k?i c^sttt ^c?tc^i 

^■SR1% fWtC^ t%T <ff^ %3Ttf?fC<F« <Tft%5T <K?T (W3Tlt ^t 1 f<M <tre C<FWT C«rC<F "^ R&s|CH<1 

^tc^ *rfwra ^ttt 1 fwr%r <»\(&r\ ^mu^ «tffifw wgrcsr*R «^h to a^m <th, <th ^srt 

f%n ^TTOS?! «Tfcn f% ^TJ «TT5TTW? 1W ^TT ^<T R?I I «TfT5T<f <WCfeR ^ Jf'Cpjlt»)^ 

^ra ^tth ^pr, 4<? <r$f ^r «rf^, cr^ <t$f c^tc<f ^^ "gft ^ ^jht ^ro f%Ttsr, vafc^ ^^ptwrt 

¥|Rf%<F ^C?! C^Tl 4^TC<T ^ft "^J Rfl ^HR f<F 4^ ^<W *r<T C*TT<K<F <M l|ro OrT? 4^ C<T 
^fS Ctas^f f%tR ^T<T <RST CS|C<r> RH <K?T |ro Rc?IC^T? 4^TC<T ^ft ^T Rt I 4"5R t% t%S? CStC<F 
^T ^C^ ^T<T f%p ^Tf "^ 4^ fsfC?Ttf?fC<T*3 ^^TfW «Tfk<F Cr3?Tt ^C?TC^ I !KH <JW W^ ^«HH 
W*H ^ft (3H 5 , <MC\s$ ^ft ^C?T C^ - ^ ^sC<F 4«ltrH 4W<TTC?T «ito fl^rf ^rC^, ^ 
^fC<T ^ft ^C<TRTl 

Rwr «rr?r <rcsf?r ^tc<tt <t® wtt <rr^r ^ra IHh «rra ^Tr*r <rc5f?r ^rrc^, ft^^rcsf?! ^rrc^ 
fwrc^ c«?wq c<fr Rc?rr<r c^i Rwr ^rc^ «riwr 4-<r ^rmw R&sMw ^#r, «rm «tr^oj 

R&jIM<1 (^ C^m *[U5$ ^Ttl IHH « ^TtCsra ^1t^§C<F ^ fWHt RU C<Ht¥« ^<T«H "srHC<T 

^tt 1 ^mr w^s ^fc^ w^Rtcirfr tf^ t%? «rfsrrcii? ^f^ c<fh <jJ# h^, ^rtcii? •«trfwr ^ <^ 

<TCSTC§*T, ^H ^^lt t^ I ^TTW? ^ltc<TCST ^TC^ *fafo <J<=1C<=1H ^ft C^ ^ ^ft ^C?T C^T ^lt 

c^rwr ^th^, «nwr^ c^ht ^rHfti t% ^mu^ ^i ^r ^tit v*mtfjrm3w\ ^fc^ ^^r 
^tl^ \^§ «rfc^ c<t^t «rtsrat ^t#srrc?ra ^«rrc^; it^i ^? c<t^t ^ft ^<pc^t c^ ^ ^ratft "^r, 
^^ ^^ ^u§ r?ji ^^ ^^ ^<T^ra ^rft ^¥1^1 "5=r fbi£i<iic<i<i ^f<t #<Fra w, c<w tM<Tra 
^^ ^tf^ #<r^t 1 fe<Tra ^f<t #<t^s fitra sf^rcsit; <t«t «tNwt, ^ra^ra wk, ^ra^ra *im, ^ft^m 
*ra «itw ^ra, "^» ^ c*fw5t «fra^rt Rfi ffer<Tra ^s rt ^w ^5 nm « -<t«t wN^t, sf^rcsr 
f^H ^ *fM «rl^C'iH ^ra 9 !^ ^ «r1<i»c«i^ 1 ^^ic<t« ^ft "^?j rt i ^ra^t «rtt^r <# ^55 ^ ^^ 

'ff^tC^ ^<TH t%?T« t%^s ftR, ^ft 4^ <TH ^ITO C^T I 4"<F5R "srT^<T ^tf H^^ra TW C^TC^ ^st? 
^^ C^K (H^, 4<TT ^^TSTC^T W$ W?TH ^T5T?T ^«f<TH C^t#t t%^s ^T C^fC^I ~^W<1 ^ 9 !? (rac^f 
C^T #f ^«t<TH t¥ C^TSTTW ^^« ^ CrTH! ^sH "STfH ^«t<TH ^flf5T f%^s ^T C^fC^T I «TTsrTCii? 
^TMTI um^ ^7T «TfC^ ^ftSt U^ fb^C<T<r ^Hl W I t%f% ^s ^HTCSTR, »lt bsft <MWH t% <jtli 
Ci«'?TH ^^Tsra ^T C^tC^H I f<M ^«t<TH 4^ ^TC<T ^ft ^^T^T Rt I lW^prfC<T ^^f<TH ^ft ^^ra^T I C<T5H 

ftw, %r c«rc<F <t-<r «tt^ c<tRc?j «tptc<t ^ra ^rtct %?Bt ^rffw "^?r i ^raf «tt#t %^ra c^^ral; 
«rrc<F f<Pi <fr?ra %ra •«fTc^ «rrc^ i f<p^rrc^ ^fWf #<f ^t; ^»tc<t "^t i «rrsrat "srr ~<muv ^rtR "«tffwr 
%tc<f «r^t%s ^s ci^i^t ^tt ^ftfi ^ ^rra^ffH^ c^ ^tc<t ^Hr ^^t^ht <k?tc^ti vst^t "«wf<raT 
c^r fe<ra? ^rftc<F« cwtc^t R 5 ! fe<KM ^^Ht c<r Rc^h rt! <irt%r ^t ^rt'fnra ^ ^7 
%5R ^fSBT 4^t?r ^ra ^^5t api «H<nltt w «itc<p 1 

(^rrc^ ^t<t ^m^r ^^T^ra^ ^m ^^5^4 ^fwt ^tHR ^<ra 1 twnn^ ^rl; 1 ssusj<$ ra^tc^ 
c^r^H ^^ ^^f «rt<pc<T, c<r - <rfc ; Tl; ^^t «rt<pc<T (Trt/^rnHl; <Ft<f ws 1 ^wn; ~^ t%| "^c<t rt, 
i«i<fbt t%t% «rrc^r f%fH<Tc<F Hc?r <ttc<t i c^ht ^t<frH t^f ^r ^mu^ ^rc^ R^ <*$ 1 TT<f>r 
t^r «htht <rc^ wrrt, c<m® *\t Hc?r c<fh wm ^r rt i Tt<frH t^r w^ ircn, Rt ^sTim 

R^ Ht l «FRT^t -il<FBT TT<fTH t^fsT C'f^H «rTC?I<T^r TT<f>T t^T «TfC^I ^51? Cf^H «rfc?!^ Tf<f>T 

t^r ^rtc^i ^cst Tt<f>r ^fst «ft<T^T c<FT«rt?r i «itsrra c# <#r ^c?r c^r «rrsrra to ntw, te 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 

cf^r «rmrc<F c*rc« ^, vst^r tt%t *n<M c<FMm! tt%t t^r ^r c<fh *Nt ^s ^rr 1 c^m 
^wi? ^r^^ «rt w$ T%?r «rrcr 1 ?m f%p »r^5 ^Rmr wf wr^r i**i^ hcs «tkth i 

ci^hj «hthi <jw ^3 w wc^ ^rs^rr « f^rn wr ^rr ^mc^ ?r#rc<F ^Rmr ^r 
f%?r c<rc<fc^T 1 ^rtcitjt <ftc^ ?r<r c*rc<F <ftcs?t ^*mr ^r %r c*tc<f c<r *mif^cs «tt^ c<tt1Tc?i ^m, 
^rft t^<f (Tfi; i^foca ^?j 1 ^^tth «rrci^ <tjt*it?i «rmrciT?r *rr**rm ?rMca ^jm 1 ^ir^ %r c*fc<F 
^rrc^ ^^mr (r^sttt ^c^, ^r 4 wr <nMm «rtwr srmi; ^r wr ^r 1 «rrsnr «im ^nr %r csrc<F 
*tn "^r ^r vst? ^wr ^ctpfi «rrc^, ^r <ph ^m wt ^<h ^m ^wr ^pu srtc<F - ^r 
(^Hot ^ri, r?tcst *rr%<T*r ^p sfcrr*f wt?r ^ri r^jcst ^r*r ^nwra wi ^c^r 
^?mnR?r ^rft w<f?r c^t^r thmI; cwt fepir srrwr 1 ^?mnH?r f<F tenr! ^*h <t*tc<t ^ir#Hr 
^t ^wr f%p tf^mf^i f% *#tf$? ^rrR^HH? *rc?r 4^fh ^rm ^tjh «rrc^, ^rBit *th<i$Hm<i 
•##1 c<mrc$ ^^r<r f^ ^rr ^r rt, ^ ^rfi Hcsf?r c^rcw ^ 1 4? <wr c<t teir «rrc^ ^r 
^r 1 wk c<ht$ ^tcs ^fWr <rf3<T r?i 1 

4\s f%l ^rm 1? <# ^rr ^r ^ft «rHc'it ^rH, ^h «rmrc^ ^rr?t ^t, ^<h «rmrci?r 
^r<r 1%f «ta <rrc<ri c#shi cwr$ ^c^r ^m wr <w ^rr ^r - nt?n#f<F ^r «rm <imif?t<F 
wr i t<mitas<i ^t rf> wsm «^^ ^ 1 nr^rif^ wrc^s ^<pmg #tt^ «rrc^r, f^H w 

f%f (Rtl «t 'THsnf^ Wl? C<T C<FH ^FHC^ C^T<F, <# ^T WlC^f, C<IH WtC^f, f<F t^T WfC^f 

«nwr 4? f<r^; w^s f^ r|| f^ -^- ^^t <ttc<ft <rc^r crr - ^z^t^r <r^ ^?7f? siwtnrwf^, 
«rfft ^^ «rff^r <r^ "^ 1 ^t ^fgt^ "srmr 1 TI#IT «H^H <MC^T Time, Space and Causation, 

?\wm w$ "^r, cic*m ^rrr "^r «rm ^-^FRm ^fic^ ^ptt ^c?r <rH, "srmr "srfH ^t Rjhcg - <fk, 
ci*r « ^Fiwm^r ^r¥ 1 ^rmsnf^ wr "srmH R^i^h c^-<rm ^rrc^ 1 ^t fwr^R c^<rm irc^ f% «rtc^ 
^m ^raw f%| ^rr <im rt, «5 ^5 «rf^f&f nr^^rr <rm 1 «rr^prsrr^ ^t ^r^tt <rm ^ ^r^m 
wr ^r, «•<rrH c<fh ^w ^^ftst w rt i ^stsc^t f<F ^^ «ic<TfT%<F? ^c<^<iic<i^ r?j i <rm ^hi 
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"5c<r (Tr^TfH f^R "5c<t, c<r - <rnR f^r «rtc^ (Tr^rfH <rr^ ^c<r 1 f<Pi ^c<f f% ^<f<h it^ "^r? ^s "^ rt ^?r 
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^r c<fh c^m (Rt «rm c<mt «?f ^sTim ^m *hi *hi ^t ^c^r «hhti c<Kr rt ^s"?rm ^hi 

^HC<F ^^TSTH 'TC?^ TW CT^ C<TC^s fTC^ l ^ "^T tf?TH *3^ 'fC?^, C<MT RT "^T «"?TH ^STTH 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


nopfr ^mr^rPt <Fc<r (^f^sTrr w\, fw ^csr «n#tf <rjt*rm i <rf*t cwrtl ?<$c>w cw?rm *m o^ht w 

"5C?T C^T, fas *TC3 <tfl?r WTJ C^MT «iRtaj^ "^J C^H l 0<HT <M ^S¥f3 WTC^f ^<H« <?TH Ht ^C?T 
«Tf^T C^tsT ^JHJ ^T ^jCT C^TI f% ^^ CN^ ^#1 f$<F C^Tf^ H^jto <TT ^rrc^ \sT ta"N3 

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^c?r ^rrc<T ^h <rj^r ttk - ^s, <*rBT ^! ot^ht ^rrc^ w anrcsrt sr*f nt «toi «$ ^h c<rc^ ^j i 
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q<rc\s trr ^Nl; <rm < rr ^c?r <ttc<t - « ^rNt, 4t>r ^! cw ^w t% « ^rcwr w*ht wr <rm 
ht i 7rc?f ?r<T ^rsra t% «rrc^ «t>t ^r ^tt <ttc<t ht i ^rtw <rf*r ^r ^rsra f*H, c^icvar ^rRfm ^ttc^H 
c«rc^ ^rt ^c?r c*k *rf^i% ^rtwrm wn t% ^ftc<f ^r ?rr^ <ftc<f ^ti t% ^c<f?r ^rf^rmr c^r 

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<t^t<tw?t *rrc5, wh- ^&>ih<i ^i fw «N 5 ^ ^rmm «rmfH ^w c^r ^Ht «rrc^ftw ^k «?p 
^c?r c?\*\, c<f&rc<F <r*rf| <u-mR<i> w*f«,i 4-<rH c«rc<r^ ^btt f^rrr ^w ^c?r c^ti ^r «rt?« f%| 
f<r^ ^jhi? «?f ^c?r <ttc<t, sf^rsr «rmw c^r « ^n c^\ ^r ^tw 9 ft^rr 9 f wt? ^n ^ra <rr ^r 
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<ftc^ ^ tros c^r ^at^r 2f«rcsr firc^r « '^f^rfsr c<FT«rm ^c^? ' «r^ wm^rm i ^m^m 
firc^T w ^^ ^m^? wg<F ^rsra i 2f«rcsr ^w c^r ^m ^m^m ^'c 3 t c^t ^ra i <rr t%| ^t 
Rhcg<i ^rc<ot ^^ «r, <nf<p ^rr f%| «srt ^Tc<ot «rr<K<ri ^f-^Rpr w^ ^rt ^m ^^5T 
*tT%tf% «rrc^, ^-^m^r «ii^w^ ^m wr «n<K<r, ffiw ^rf<F f<r^©M «ti<k<t, vsm ferr 
?n<R<r «rm ^m ^&\ *ft «rr<K<r, i^Bit «mr fwm ^^rmn i tw, <ffe<F ntpnt^ wr ^rr ^, 
t%H ^ ^r<r t%p 'frc^ i (Tr^rnH ^^r<r ^Tt^rtc^ c<fh spjft; k^t ht, c<fh w« "ptc<t ht i 

f<M <hh "srmm ^f^rrc^ k^t «rt^w ^h ^r<r f%| ^jc^r ^ sft^rr^D w» «rmc<r i «rt^r 
^^r<TH "^j^th Hw, t%fH c<th ^tmm 4*rr<Fm 9m^ w^^ w^s ^rrc<H! ^^rnnt «r^rcw ^rp 
^rspTTt ^c?r <rm, <j-<h ^r ^k ts^m ^m^i mn ^^mn t%fn c^r «rm c<fh f^rcsr «rr<M h^t, t%h 
^w f<r^ <rr^, t%tH c<ra<M 'jtPt w^s nrc^r i t%i c<TstfH srmr ^w c^r, ^k wH*rt%c^ t^r 
csrc^t c^r i Im ^tTTH^; «r^H i «rssH "srtiH ^^t<rT(H? c^r «rrsrrcii? w w^p\ "5c<r ht, ^<fbt divine 
ignorance $j?\ <rmi ^^^m t<Pi ^^t<TH« "^ hh, ^m« t<Pi %rmwf ^W <TTC<ri ^•<th C«TC<F 
<rrf<t^^c<r ^wfBlt ^<FBtf^t ^mrf^s ^rc^ «n<Fc<ri f% ^mrf^s? (T^^T^^rr^m^i 

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«rmm t%fH ^mn c«tc<f ta^ 1 ^juh c«tc<f Hra c^rrc^ ctor^h, ^ttcii? ^it^w? <rr w<n, 
%sm« vdtI; ^<tj «rm tmT(H?« ^ <fI; w<tj i wNbt "^ ^^rf^r ^^ t^cbt ^ ^wmnra ^r 
c^fer ci^i (TfBTc^ ^jfTHrfe *m ^rwr ^tntt ^^ ^rr ^rn^i &G*m ^m w<ttc<f ^r^Ht 
wm ^ht c<fh ^rfl% ^mr <h?t ht, 1<?i < pH «Ftfl% 5Tf<tTC5it <rr t%| ^rm ^f<rtra ctc<ti 
^9fH^ ^rm ^j^h? wtj ^ w ^rm c<fh ^rr^j <nt 1 ^j^h ^tfei ^wrr f% w^? 

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^t; «i<jjnq= c«rc<F fl^^fj^»? ^rrr "5?r 1 fl^^fj^tc^ <r^H ^tttt^t "^ ^<f "5?r ^<H %m ^t» c«rc<F ^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 

^ ^<Fc?r ^*f, w, *TNBf twif^ ^ (^tr^c^ ^ft ^r, ^ffcffr *jt% ^r, w? 9 ^ ^ ^t% 
wq ~$$, ^r f<F| <$$ wm w$ srrc<F i stv «jtc^t, %k csfw «rt^ ^rfaT ^rmr «r<K fcrfT *ff^ ^r 
^rmr, "&# ^rmr csrtf Hjspijfo, H$i e tr*fo c«rc^ ^ <?nT<F^ <?rr^ a^ ^nw^ ftt, ^ ^rr^r 
ftom ^rft ^^r fH 4^»tc<t ^rfl "^r i t$«F ^^ wr ^•«rrw ^tc^t i 

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w^i «rMM f«F§ ^m 1 7 rnr?r c f «rtc^t ^rrc?* i f%i 4%/t ^tc^t «w fr?ws ^ ^r ^rfw ^ptjt 
wt ^s ^vo srrcw, w^r cw ><w<t> ■srT 9 fr ^c?r c^r i ^s f%f»r c^Fwm ^c^r? w w ^r %ft<F 
4^<fM space^ ^rft/T wm?ttc%?; w ^o ws i f^i 4?r «rrc^ ^rcsr, ^r f^rwr /w? /^»? *&&$ 
fw^r cw 'r wm^frc^l; ^j$ wt t%f^r ^s c<Fwm ^t! w^t w ^tci w ^c?j ^rrc^ i ^rMw? 
4 <f ^rct?r iw «rt ^Tca?r twI^ ^ wsc^r cw wrm ^c?r ^rrc<T i WH 'R w ^^ wr ^rc^ 
^ i 4?r*r ^r wm^rm ^w wfT5rc<f?r w<n ^rr tw «n^r ^w wtc?tpt «iTta ^rrw i ^t ^rc^ 

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^wr^T ^tftsrm w ^ ^ptct ^r?r, ^ Ns^pfrm «r<f w?rpr, w?rpr ■srrw cfst wt i f^i ^w? 
^^pTir ^r «aMvsi, ^rw C5gt ^^\o -^j ^ ^tct^i tp«m w^ w^t - «rtfsr ^ ^ ^, ^^ 

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^l ^Ttlt ^'PTTTl «TfFl^ 4^ <MC&M ^''iffcftw, "STlW ^5 ^STlT, ^"^TC^ <f<=1C^ ^TW 2fT^ WTl 
f%ft «^f ^TT, f%f^ ^H, ^T% TW ^T?r I ^ foWTJ? C<FM ^TW C^j Wf (FPf, ^K, ^T<f- 
^m^ (?T^ I C<T5R Hs^ ^«TlfW "<T^T C<FK f<t^ ■STC<n "<TTC^ ^'<T i T CT ^TW 2fT^ W^ I ^«TlfW "<T - <T i T 

^prTc^ wnr^rw ^c?r ^rw srr^ ^c^, f^ c^rR #fm ^sr arr« ^^ , ^w< ^-«rrw %sr? 
^tstt T%5^r, %r w c^it, <iTj^c^<i «2r <sT> ^^r %^ ^rc^ ^ f^rK <w ^gjj ^c?r «rrc^i c$ 
%tc<f ^nt "snf^s c^r^ wr "^?r ^m w? c«fw ^if«K«T5c^r r crt ^ ^■«m ^rw srrss <ri^i 

«rfFf<f «itci<t# ^^mrcvs w^r tj^rw 8w ^j^ ^r ^pr?r ^rc<n t^r wrcn «rmm mft 
c5T<f, \s^t w? "sn:<rT «ift^ "^ri f%i ^7^3 wc<f ^wi ^nfm wn m« ^c<t, w^ f<rc?r 

^fTC^s "5C<T ^WrR I f<TC?J ^STim *Rl ^^T?T W?t ^i^PT «fhSTTt?T ^t ^M CSTC^T ^T ^'«H W?T ■5TC<tT 
«TM 7 ^ "^T, CT^; «fHC^ ^"«H CT '<T^T ^ I (PT^fM C«R<F W? ^^ ^^H ^<lf% ^T, <J^ C<H 
dl^sSt ^5 £fT^ M^l «rt? (71^ «TM 7 ^ C<TH "^T, ^1? ^M C^T^, <?ft WM 7 ^ ^^ ^ ^iCf 

i#5c?t "<TT?t i %sr tt^ «i^R\o "^ ^rr^ 9 ffl < Tvs "^?r ^*m «rtfsr «pjt w^s «ttf?r %stc<f ^ ■snf^s 

C^Tf^f ^TT WT "5TJ, 'SFr «TfM-^fWT "<Tf^ ^ nm W^T %rCW ^f%® ^o <tT?fC<T "=TT l ^<M w?r 
^HT Wtf ^'fWT ^<M<r "5C<TI f%l ^KfaTft C^m Wtf C<FM ^'T^fR:^ Tr?TFT?t "^?t ^TTl (PT^HT 

^^M^ <ht "^?r ^fsrt, ^^fm tst#<tc<f c<THrM?r ^ht ^"fsrr <^sttT ^ i f% c<rr<rfTc^T? %? ^vo 
^f f^i «itc^ «itc^ ^5 srr^ ^r i f^<F c^tm ^rfwM^t ^5 arr« ^c^r 1 ^ w ir<ws ^ f^ 

^T f%M vofTTT ^<FC^ ^5 £fT^ "^C^H I ^s'PTTr "STfW «TTWT C<TWC<T W ^f ^^ «tprc^ ^f^ ^;<tPT 
^if| ^^»tC<T ^T ^f ^^ 1%| W^T ^TT, f%M C<T ^T <^<1C^H irBT^ %N $*ti>JT[Us ^K T%M 

^5 £fr$ ^^ |f% ^trwr 1 

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^rra ^ ^TNit w^s nrc^ ^tti ^rm f<ff% ^% ^oht f%TM c<th ^H ^fc?r «iTc?r c<fm wm^tr C5fW 

Tfft W ^J ^HC<F« C<FM <PT^ f^ f^<F ^IWT W^s 9fTC?Rt, ^TNJt Wf« T^ ^J I <!fS$ WHlCsW 

^f -sjvo 1 ^ ^\ow?r f5f% (^-«rrw ^rrc^ «tntpt^ %r?r ^m «rrc^i ^<M ^t wfw?r -src^Ti wc^ ^rrf^ 
^ «^ 3<r 1 f%i f<TM «r^ Ofa -srcstr f% ^<fc^ fwr^r ^c<t? ^ ^^rs^ ^m i wt; ^rr ^r c<m ^ wr 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^rmrn «rm?^ ^w <tt?i i ^rmr ^r ^w <Tm \o*r H^r ^r ^c?r <tr <Ff<f ^r i ^rmt c<h ^tBT 
fwr®n gpiti ^ R«i*m c?f*rrc?r <*$ t^fft 7t<f ^r, «trn ^Hft i£|«th c^rc^ «rtw ^i 
«rrsnw? ^RHrt ^tc<n sf^rw rrh <t?tc c t?? c<t T%m ^nm ^m ^r ctwtt ^h ^ «r^r?r <*rrc<F i 
<r<R ^t T%m ^mRfsM <Frc<f <#t^ "^r ^r ct^ tf^ ifr^ srtf% <fc?t 1 t^ c^str f<TR ^m 
£f^tt t%r ^h ^^ ^dj^ ^ sjj 1 ^r^s, <m% « \s^rg ^, f<Fi f%R ^m c^rc^ ^ 1 ^trh 

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t<r^ ^r "5c?r <trr! ^i^rc^ ^, ^^ c«rc<F ^§s, ?rws « ^rs wm ^rtf 1 ^t ^«tsm ^ 
trr^ ^rtsek w§ ^tc<F ^<r ^m ^5 w^us «rrc<F 1 «rrc® «rrc^ c^ ifr^ c«rc<F «rm« ifr^ 
srr^ ^s «rrc<F, ^^»rc<T ^po ^s c*rc<r isfh «r<T^m «tr?r c<t*trh \stc<f 4^m $c=i§-t csftFc^t 
«rr<Fm «rm^t <F?tc\s "5c<t 1 4^»tc<t 4<ffi?j *m 4<FFt wj^ m c^ifer ^tt ^^rt^s srrc<F 1 im*rtf<T<F<fl 
^•«rrc^ ^pw Rc?t ^wc&h, «h<tr ^trh ^fe^i tf^rmr ^r sfsrsr 4 c ftfif c«rc<F c^f? c$5$ «h ^c?r 
<Tt?t 1 fwt%rr c<tftc<f ^fB^r w^r ^m iw ^*ntww? «^ ^ ^ ^ 1 ^ttt^wt ^?r ^r 
Tj^t ^ («17 ^c?r ^rm ^m ^7 ^^<m t%t% ^r 1 <r«m ^ ^cbt ^ «rmm tmt%^ ^»tc<t tot ^t ^*h 
«rm« w ^jRt <tm 1 4$ ^»tc<t t^rc^ ^ ^c?r ^^m ^m ^v^ "sr:<jt c<t c^rt ^ ^t c^rm c*rc<F 
i£lt ^H^ ^s «fTC<Fi «rtF5T<f «r»u ^ritww? ^t W^ ^TH^ ^TTl ^rt5T<f *f¥C^ ^ttwm 
t^Tc^m^f - t<tR ^ ^r vsk "srh ^r wt^K, "srh ^ t^f wftfstl; "srmr 1 w^ ww ^^rws, tc^ 
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twm i£it?t <rt?t 1 t% Twh? «ftf^r ^ft t^s *#, «rftsr T?sj?r 7?rc^ *tTt?t «rm «rft^r f^% 7?rc^ 
trm 1 <r<H?; ^tm "sn:<tT ^ TwHBT ^-c^ c^t, c<tBTc<f <fw wz «rffsr ^ «rffsr <t^ ^<r, ^m "src<iT 
^H ^"c^r c«K Wfsr ^tt 7?rc^ ntt?r, ^fsr ^t ^T&t «rt*t, t^TH ft% ctrm c^h i 

^t ^h ^m ^n:<tT ^c^ c«rc<F «rrwH, ^m src<rjt «rrc^i wrfsr *$\ nrtm, ^t ^H^r c<ih 
^rtrm? i«rBit wni <fmr ^rmm ^rc^ ^r t^t ^mr ^ <i^c>ij<i ^tftrH c<fh t% t^s 
nr?rc<H ^rTi fw ^ 7«rfsM <ttf%r w^r, ^it ^^wr "sthc^ -^j i «rtFt<f« w^r ^tbt wm^tm 
«m t^f ^"^tc^ «rm <t?rc^ ^tc^rr 1 ^ ^rrcg c<r wsrt^ «rrc^ crf&fc orh Hro ^r 1 ^it % <Ftwr? 
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^ftwt ^ ^r?t 4 <fft ^fsrr itt; 1 ^hc^ <p<h ^55 «rt%^r tc^ ^m c<rc^ ^rr w\, ^H T%H 
wR/H ^rsrm ^ ^wr h^i ^h wiwh ^>ihw ^rh Ttmra t%b^t, ^tt c^nm sfc<n ^wr 
^rfc^, ^ tr?rc<T 1 wt?<th ^rh Ttmra T%^; ^th ^mc^ <$w 7c?r ^ ^m ^rh ^t, ^tt c^r 
^fsrm ^<n c^r ^t^rt ^wt «rrc^i ^r ^m "*tftai?r «trn^r ^rwrc^ ^?f <fc?j Twhi w ^m ^tr% 
<rr^ ^st; ^m ^tftera ^coi^i^^ <rt% ^rrc^i ^m^m T%H ^7 ^tit 9 ! rwti ^•<trh t^<f ^; <FtT 

^, ^TRHff «^lt ^H, «"«TRH C<T?H WlWH ^THC<F ^RH <Ff?TC?T t%B^T, ^-«rRH «P^C<F C<F^ 

"sjh wfc^ ^rt, <#« ^t^t^s «rrc^ <t^h ^t% ^ra "^?r ^*h c<h ^^t<thc<f ^sr c«rc<F ^rsns <fc^t 
cwrc<T ^twtc<F Fm c mt $t% ^th tc^ ^sr ^rsm 1 c<h ■sjthI; wh, wh c«tc<f ^m ^ c<n<r «jtcT 
«rtftr ^tt, f|t% « ^Rsm <f^s *ttm 1 

\d-?h ^r c«rc<F vcviwyfoGtiycv, «r^ ^rtr h?t i <fm ^r ^c?rc^ t%| wr?r ^s^ c^ t^r 
<3t% wt?r ^hi %m c^t^n <t^?t ii?f<Fm 1 c^r^n <t^ ^n ^r 7^h t^t lt% ^t ht i c#t^ c^n ^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


cii3ic<F$ ^ ^rr ^ i ^r$?rrc?f ^ ^rsra cw ^rtn ^Hl; c<fh f%s> t^r wrc^r ^h?; ^m wn 4<Ft>r 
f^m wfi?! ^r, c^rc^ ^Fi?rc<F?r fliterr ^rr ^r, ^tot ^^rrw ^rr ^ ^i ^w w^ 4-*rtH 
^ss c^rmrrc^ £fft%c<Fi 2rft%?r «rrc?R# tfwmr ^r «r<wi «mr^ ^trh ^s^, ^rm ^rc<rr 
^«i^s c<fh fwr^H «rrcrf^i srff% «rmm ^ngs, w§ « ^% ^ f^rc^ w=r?r ^rsfmm i ^ f^ 7 ^ 
^«r srft%?r w.w ^rrsrr «rn^rn «rrc^i ^rrsrr «r^r "srrw «?r src<fj 4-<H3 c<fh mff% ^rH, *r^T 
^RTtf^ i ^rrsrj «pr^m *r?R «rrc^ ^<h c<fh *ri& ^c<t ^rr i ^rmr ^«$fGi ^te^ «?f <mm$ ^ft ^?f 
^s «rrc<F i ^<rj<Tf%rr $<f ^t «m^r c<*rc<F?; ^tcit?? ^r<r t%§ «rrcsrrRT w ^?r i sfft%c<F %f?rr ^rh 
^fc?h fRiwi ^rr^r^ir 2rff% ^rr ^r *r% ^ti 2ift% ^ csrc*^ ^rn fra^, ^ £fff%8 
fow ^nsr, wr^ ^tc<f w^ *rr% i 

cwr^ ^tc<t ^ wt#tc<f "<# ^cm cstc<f «rMHT ^rh wt ^u ^mc^r ^c?t<t 'wsr 
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■^sg ^tsi^ ^ ^tftera ts# i ^jrrH^ ^ ^ - ^ % C H ? T5 w^r^s c<rt% «tt ^ra ^nt ^tc^i 
^rr ^r ws ^rm terra tsRgcT sr^rsr ^t srr%, ^ttc<f ^tt t^sm^ ^rr ^r, ^rm cf^r ^m 
c<f§ c^ i ^rft ^^ ^tc<t ^c?ic^ ^tt ^rr ^twtc^ m i^ «m^m i %m ^tc<jt c<fh ^HT-^mit 
c^, "<rm ^ht ^i c<fh mc?r "^jh i c^ «^ ^r§ ^rr c«tc<f ^^ ^ft ^7:^2 «n<Fc<T 1 ^jfTRH 
^rm ^t ^rtfer ^far «FT^ r^iR^ ^^ wr ^c?rc^i ^rr si^rcsr t%®t?r w\ c«rc<F ^ft «« «?f 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<MC=1«1 I "SR C<*fC<F ^rft ^<F?TC^ f?TC?J C^tC^ ^lt ^ % ^tf^^s 4C?flC55 I T%1*t ^H HC®fC<F ^T^T 

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wt^ ^sj ^rrcf (^Tf (Tfvs^rr ^c?rc^i «rfwr w^ *rr§ ^^rh^ ost ^rm^rt, ^jt f^t w^r i 
fw ^t «rfc 9 ifw w, c<*rc<F ^fK «miR^ wi c^rc^ <t-<h c^itt ^<h <tt<t#?t t«t t<Ff W*rc?r 
^rrsif£f<F ^rc 9 ! c<th c^rt ^ ^rwt ^tc<h ^rr^rt i ^t fl^iFTcwr ■src<rr t% f% «itc<f - ^rfwt, 
^ ^ «rm v^s -^^ ^<% %^ «^ i c^gfTM c^rr c<*ic<f c<t*h ^tm c^rt «np c<rf?rc?T m^ 
^rr ^c*h f^<F ^t «rft%s (^ptm "w i frw ^mH Mcst$ i ^t ^rnH f-w^ ^rr ^h, c^ «*t<tr 
■<fm -src<jj df ^th csfc^fc^, wH*tT%n?t c^fc^ cr^; «*t<tr hos?$ %sn crl; %f c^lw ^ 
*rc?iH^ c<rfer «rmw 1 1% q*&q ^°^fw c<ic<ii?ih, «*j w 4^fT| ^ 5 ^ c<iRc?ic^i ^t «i^Rvo 
«r<r^it H^ifT» i otfve *ffwm ntc^r <K*t *rRf*t <Fc?jf^t «rmm %^ «i<r^rc^ c^i %^ ^rc<rj 
«rrsrtc'i? ^Hmwfeto cwr ^rc^; T%^4, «rm^Rs, (STsrcsfR ?r c5M ^c?rc^, Tlm* f% wsr ^ 
c<rc?rrc<T otbt 4t %m ^tc<ot 4^»tc<t cwc^<f <s\as <xm\ «rrc^i ^t *rc?tH<ic'*M %sf?r ^rc<rr« 
fc5<F c^tth osrwfB^ c<ftw c^3"?tt «rrc^ i c^rt^ c<ftcw f% f% w «ttt «rrc^? «rfwr, ^rsr, ^ «n? 

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tHcirf^ «rrsrtc^ ^m ^r^ 2ft% #^?rt sm <r^ Hjf^trfo ^H ^c?i%i ^m ^tc<jt ?rw %ri 
^^c^rm iw <rwr «rrc^ «rfwr, rcs^ ^wtc<f ^t ^tt^tjt, ^t ^nw t^r, tw ^j^cvi^ t^r, «rm 
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^tc<jt ^Km <tW, ^prrom <tW, ^cm c<tht ^h ^nt «rrc<F i <t*h c^fer i^wm fos ^h *Sr ^bt% 
c«ic<f <rm ^<fc^ ct?j i 2i<Fr%« t<W crl; wsr i ^H? ^rsra ^c?r c^rc^, ^^ ^rft ^c<t? t<5<f «rrc^ i ^t; 

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WTT%T i ^cst f% c<TC?rrc<T? ^t c<r ^iN^ c<iRc?ic^ isrBT^ c<TraTc<T i 

^^ wiwr ^ttc^ «ht t^c<F t^c?r ^^rt ^<F?rc^ nrm i "srh w^t ^t *$<$ w*$\ c*m ^c?i 
c^r, ^rsfts, ^rr c*m "^c?! c^h i $<i ^ «rmm ^<fc<t >rft ^c<t c<f^ wih ^tt i 'Jsth ^t ^^rrc^ 
^m<T i ^^t ci*t, ^^fk 6 ^T<f-"<Fm <: T (Hl;, ^^rsra 9 rr%srrc 9 m ^fe^ k^t c^i ^tq «rrwr orh t%tTst 
^?^m «rmm ^^Ttr *rt& ^c<t i f<Pi ot^ ^rft f% ^^<m ^c<t «rrwr ^rc^ nm^ ^rr i ^ ^te *i*rm %f 
c<tcwic<t ^TT% ^prrom %f c<Tc^tc<T «jtwr wif^HT i ^m <j°ic^, ^t ^c^f c<r ^^<m m %t, ^prrot 
ft*r, c<t ^<m "5^ tl^T crl; wsr ^t<t f^ ^tcm ^<fc^ ^ i tw «ht (?n<F, ^ #tt<f, (^wrcsrm 5 , 
^r#TT<F, R>smwr«F l ^t ^h (?rrc<ra imw? c<t^h o^us «rrwr ^imhi i ^jpicst ^rm f^r "sttc^ 
^fl «rm ^rr <t-<h irc^s ^sjfe ^rc^r ^<H ^tt c*t<t ^c?r c^r i c»m ^c^; ^rm <t-<h «rmm ^ 
^t®c<t ^<h «rmm ^rft ^c<ti ^t^t ^t ^Hh ^rm #wtm ■sjc<it "5^1 ^rm #^r ww *rw 
c<FTtt> c<f# ^ 'i^ k^t i ^rm <t'*h ^m tl?TTc<T ^^ ^w W| c*R wi "<Tfc<T ^m^m tw «rm 
f^ "^?r ht i ^tc?! «rmm ^<fc<t f% w$ «rrwr t<r^; wif^HT i ^m "sjw «rmm ^<fc<t t^r wr^tw f% 
^<ra wm<T! «rrwr <# ^ «rmm ^^st^r ^ ^tt i ^? c<fh «r<^; "^r ht i (^h «r<f "^?r ht? ■^rm 

WT| (?T<T "5C?T C^T >filC?f<l« ^TM "5C?r C^T I T%t^; <F#, 1<tH ^<FHC<F« 5TPT ^<FC^ <7H I : <FT% ^<FHC<F 

sTPT ~<k$ f*rc<M ^rw "srnH ^rffeiiHc^ w& ^ wt c^h i ^?^m f<F ^c<t «rm c^r ^<mt <Tfc<T ht i 
4"5H3 w ^rrc^ ^m^c^fl; "^s «rmm ^rft ^c?r c^r i «rmm ^"sh^s "^ ^ftc^ c<FTtt> (TFtt^ ^ ^m 
«rmm ^s ^tt ^ ^c<t i wnm c<^ *\*$ hI; i ^ ^fjft; "^?r ht i c<tsh ^rc<f t^r «rm <\ps ~$$ ^rr, 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


ffo c^srH ^ spjro ^r "=rr i f<Fi ^ wi? ^<R ^rrr ^w *rrc<H ^h «rmra ^^ ^^ ^<fc<t t^t 
H?rcsr *rr% w ^ <f?tc<t i 4*r %r ^pt c^ <st; %r c<*rc<F <3<rm ^ft ^c<r i ftcsra csrwll»^ 
c<ftsh ^r «rfwt, ^Fm « ^f «ira ^m itcsf ^s ^r?r i #r ^ra «rrc^ ^rfir ^m iw ^t f^rcS- 
«r^ti ^rfwt ^rtH cr ^t c^ <?r c<fi <st; RhcG<i *rc<jj c<r c<fh <4<r>1k<r>, ^t% ^-^htc<f 
c<fc5" or^mr ^rm ^rt w<f c^ cT^rat ^rm ^t «rfwtc^ rk ^fc<t cr^sirr ^rm ^r^rt #r ^ ^ 
*if*iiHc*ni *rw <w ^c?r ^rtw i 

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w ^r, <?kr c«rc<F ^t t%# ^m 5 ^ c<rf?fc?r «rr^i 4?^ ^^ ^ %eu^ c<*rc<F «r<fK 

SfN C«tC<F ^H ^ (R?T I ^ "5R «rT«TH WRm <fjft ^R R?I I ^ *R ^T ^TSfft "SRl <2f«*IW ^T ^T5# 

«r%f, ^ttc<f ?*rr ^ t^trfoi c*$ % e tr«fo c«rc<F ^rsrfl ^r ^tM ^c?r c^ti ^# ^tc<f ^tc^t 
^i «t<h<f ^itj cr^rr ^rra «rtm c<fm fwr <f?tc^ c#f ^ww>$ fwr <f?tc^i 4^ «ihc<f cm% 9 rrrft, 
«m?pn^wHla» twttw ^ti «rc=T<F ^rsra or<rr ^rra *rt c<fh <3^fh f%R<T ct<jc% ^t ^"IiBt ^m 
?fc#^ f*r«?r ^ra 2f^m c<fc*t i c^mi ^m^m ^ttc<f ^ f^r ^Htfo ^rf ^r, «tcerr «tM ^t 
^f^cvs ^rt -^j i -srr 4"sr t%| cr^tfl^T <mm cwc^ ^h 4<fh ^srmr^ c^rc?rf^T, ^ «rrar^ nr«"?rm wu 
\©m ^ f^^ ^rc<n c<fh ^^Ttr ^f% ^c?r c<tc^ nrc^ i ^ ^mc^r ^«<T^r?r ^ttc<f ^p ^rm<rnH ^-«rc^ 
^tt ^r i ^sT Rt^T ^m^ ^r 9m ^tc=t<f ^rsprrt ^c?r ^rra i «ht wt« «rKw, ^m^r m t^s 
«rfsTc^ ^m mw? ^ «rrc^, ^iwt «mr c<fh «rr^rt <?r<rn?T ^ «rrws ^rr^ i t^s ^ttcm fwt- 

^T<HT t^S?! *nftfl<F ^S ^THfw ^H ^ ^^^<f ^fs[<FT (H?T I ^tW C<FM« ^TT <3 f^ ^H ^^ 

"5C?t ^itc^i *Pm ^ramt ^h ^ ^c?r «rrc^, «rtwr <rac^ mf^TTi ^ ^rsrlt sihc<f^ <mc&>-i ^i 
■?rrc^ «t<T «^f "sr ^mr f<Fi «r^tc^ "sth t% fwr-^r<Ht "ptc^ ^<rtc^ frc^ri cw ttf?, t%t% 
^tc^t wNm ^rc^ ^H c<f^ «rrw ^te? ^rsrrfe ^r«rr t%t% cw H8 or^rc^ ^ttt ^rra ^rtt^ 
vsm cwsc^ ^m f^Ff 3 ^ cT<rc^ «ti^i ^m "stth ^fcm ^h ^m "sth? c^s? sfc<T*f ^<fc^ "<rn^i f% 
^?j gfc^pf ^^? c<Ff«rr« ^h ^^ ^c?r wrc^i c<Fr«rr« c^r w^ rt ^fc^ ^rtm «mcn ^tfte 
src<T*f ^<fc^ "<rtc5^ i ^cf ^rfm ^<p<h «r^m ^rfter £fc<H ^<fc^ rt i "sr ¥<fc<t f% ^<fc^, ^^^fhI; c^sT "sr i 
f^i fwt^R (?M «rHHT ^<fc^ c^c^ ^ fwf^R <?j - <riH «rt%^sr ^^ c^?r <*? ^ "sr i Trft# ^t 
T5# "5R Hc?r ^tc^t, w^ ^^ c<fh fwr ^r<Hm ^w ^c^r crl; ^w ^rsrft -srr c^ftc^ "<rrc55, 

(?$ ^Tsrfl "SR C«fC<F C<F^ (TT^ W^HC<F <TC<T (RC<T I 

R^lc«T<l ^^ ^tfwmt «rrc^ spontaneous discoveryi f<H 3.FH1C1 CT^ff c^ "<f<R 
i£i^r ^wtH^ c<fh ^^ fwt ^r<Hf <f<ic^h, f^<F ct^ ^^rsra «tic<i<f<st«t £wtH<f c<t ^h Rm« 

C<FH f*R C*fT(RH, ^m ^<Frcsra f<m?J« WtH ^, CTS ifl^ fiffR<T fRC?J fwT ^<F1C^ I "<rm ^RT «RR<F 

^rsra (?r<rr ^rm 4<f?; ^rrc«r ^r ^<rwtH<F ijf^ "fh c«rc<F ^ ^ wrc^s f%$<rt ^ ^rc^l; ^<t^t c<t 
<*$ %?rtt#t «rrfsr ^m ^gfli <rasR wm^r "^ sN<T#T<itw «nfwm <f<ic<=ih ^h «hj f^ 
=tt "5tt<f <5t; Hc?r 2f«fsr fwr <fc<^c=h i f^<F c^sjfR h^i3ch<i ■srr<rrr<F<tc c m H?m "<t - <r c<ic<iict^, v»^ 

«TlC<1<F<SH fwfff Wfc^ 4% tRC?lt fWt <F<lf^C<=1H I (TT^RT <5^R f^ Rmwf tWtRT ^k ^CT? 

<j<=ic^«t '^gfsr c<r ^rc<T<T c n^T ^<f^ ^gfsr c^sth ^ c^rsrm «rwr^m f<tc*m «rm^ ^m^R mwtft <5t; hc?t 
^rc<T<T c rr ^hc^i c<r «rrcn c<rkrc<r ^mt Rm ^c<t «rm c^ htc<m srf^sr itwi ynw^ ^rtw ^rsr ^ 
^?r «rrc<F vst^t i[c<rt rT3 c^rsrm ^ R<i?ifD ^1^^ wi?r w f<m?r ^m' i 

^rc<Ftfwra Rmra^r "«3^ <£i^s rh i f%t^r ^ tt ^r<sfm h<ft w ^<f(?j ^tc<t#pt c^Fr^rtf^ 
*3<f <Fc<if^c<=i«r 1 «rrsTC<F "<# Rmrn^r ^c<f ^<mt "^r w^ <st; ^tc^ftPpt w ^<fc^ f^r 1 «rt<sfc<F 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


wrft ?r%<f <mc&h w4 ^rwrn ^m to ^t Viwiftt i#s <i>Rc?ic&h, c^ «itw f<rci?t 4<F&t 
Rpr<F?rr (tftmtr i «tmr ^otiPpi c^cs t%, ^m wrtc<f w\ u$\$ ^m ffi^, «tr^wi? 4<fbt 

§RC<iTPPi i#5 WH I ^Hl; f%H nTfn^R Rf I <FI<H ^ C<T Wl^TWf5T T%T G#f ^<FT<f<F?J Wl?J ^TSRT 
^C?J f^TT%, C<T «St «lftf^?TrC<F RC?T nlvjplM CT^ ^Wl<f ^C?T <TTC<T I ^ WlfwfBT ^FfSf ^FC?! C<Tf?TC?T 

k*t c^ ^n? «Sr «TitTwr ^ftw ^f?tc<t ^rr i c<^ ^rmw ^rr i c#®R3 ^tt ^r ^5 ^ w% ^m 
#<rcr <F?rco nrc?HT, ^^ f% ij^r ^e, <ftw <f?tco ntc?r 1 ^m^r c<r Worid of idea «rn^, cwr 
c*rc<F 4<fbt «ritf^rr crcsr ^w ^fi^tf <rc?r t%ri <rc?r ^otc<f fara <rc3?r w ^rw ^§ra Hcstc<f 
work out <fc^ c<rf?fc?T w*r c^\ 1 wtf^T <# <tc*r ^c<j<Hl<t «5t ^c^ c^ttq caoT, ^n^rw ^r 1 4t>r 
f<^^RT<Jt c^m^tHi ^H OT «rrlf^rrc<F fag w*t ^circ^ c^ ^rtfwf&r ^c?r c*R^c?r c*tc^i 
wv «rrlfwr «iptc<t 1 c#srt <rT?rr ^r fwiRn ^r ^kr <ptoo *fTc?R t%^ ^ ^f^rfBT 4-<r 
<rn<f<F?r ^Q?rt? ^pra ^cttc^i <r«R c<f^ rcsr ^tc<f ftsft <fc?t ctc<t, ^r «2t «ntf%?fiH c#r fr^r 
^<Fc?r TRft "sr c*rc<F ^tst ^c?rc5 pfst^ i£f<H ^w \otc<f <t?ic<t, 4<t*i<t c^; «rf^5?nfn \otc<f t%?t 
<mw ^f%c?r ctc<t 1 ^^srt 4^tc<f ^r ^, ^prfi ^r i «rtwt ^rr ^aft 4^r «rrft f^f ^ft, f<Fi 
^sT r?j, «hj "sr c#r «rw?r c«tc<F «rt?r« ^ "sr, c^; "sr ^^t «rpn?r «rrc^r «n^c^ fwr ^<ra c^ro 
fwc^i (tt5t 4*r ^rsrlt ^rr ^w ^rroc^i <t*r «rprm ^r ^ ^^iUiw <R«?n?r ^srt bofT ^c?r 
c^h ^r (Sf «rrtf^?rrR ^w «rpTTc^ ^ cw 1 ^cst «rpTTc^ w^rtc^ (^ ms. ^l ^smu^ 
"srt^ -sr:^ ^ss «nwrr ^fcsr «rrc^ "?n?r wn $ «rttT%?rr c<tr, «ri c<fr f<p0; ^os ^frc^RTi 

RTHRK ^?QI?r T%?T ^R ^^TSR C^ ^5 «Ttf^ ^T^K ^C^J ^ <TTC5^, (TT^R ^ITPT <# ^^ T%f5 

^s %i¥T?r t%?j ^tc^o ^nt, i>«n\s^ «mK rt i «rr^?rr ^w ^ra ^w «rrsrrc<F wt srr^, ptq ^ta 
«rrsri? ■stcsjt "j^s i t^ ■^;«'c?j?r w «rpn?r "srcsrr ^vo ^nf^ "s^rc^ c?r ct c^r?rr ^rr^r ^rrc^ Rf, 

CWTsT <FC?J TJ<r^s C^T ^^TT ^C?J ^JTC<T, <Ttf<P ^1%<F f^fCH (W<T I ^fMT ^TC^ W^ ?TT^T ^PT^n 

w^r «rrfsr "^Prra f^ i ^rtFT ^«m ?n^r '#<ft Wpt ^<i^s 9fi?r<T rt ^rt, «rprm ft ^rrc^ ^ wrc^, 
«rprm srr «rrc^i hc<ihc<^ ^Tf?j |c?r T%?s w<f ^ ^tc^t - w<#r «rrsrm ^ t% <rjc*r «rpn?r 
^r<rr srr ^%<tr «rrc^i ^Tf?rQ ^^Ttr «rrlf^?rTc<F hc<ich<i w,*u o>w\uv ferfwr f<M ?rr^r "#Fr 
c^r^r rt <m, ^^ 4t *\m «n<F ^ "5c<t i 

«rfwr ^# ^?r wm ^ ^p ^rfcsTT^Tm w,*ti$ <of|i ^eswwf^r «r^^r wi? ^pt?j 

^?J ^T 2f#TC<F «rPTTCiT? ^RR ^T C^T ^TC<T Rf I ^9T^T 9 TRWf<T ^T 2f*f % C<FP#f WRC^T ^R 
f<F|C<F WRf <TT?J I ^ 2fc$<\ ^TC<Jj|; 4^ ^sJC<F WpTC?J Ci«?TT "^C^ ^sT ^T, ^ WT^T ^fw ^TW 
^o voT^T ^I^T f*StH<IC<l> WRW ^T<r t%fw<F WRT CW ^ I ^^ ^T f<T^s, T%tfs Rlsr « ^TfC 9 !?^ 

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WRW ^T<T WRT "5C?J <TT?J, <£$$$ ^UH^ Cv\ ^ W% W\ C^T I <l<=1C^«i RT, ^vs^f WRfas "5C<T RT I 
^Tf?TQ <MCfeH ^<| <^ 'fWT f% "5C<T, ^^CF 1WT ^<FC^ ^5<jr^T 4<F ?I<M, ^!?J ^fT^K ^T «rfC?I<F 

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fcv*tfctft ^flfcvw <ph ^s^R «rt<T \si?r ^o « «r<j\s <tc«t c<fr c<tt<t w#ft «rrc<F ~^\ i «rrwr ^rtI; 
^t ^w T%sr w ^c?r c^<rf| «rt?r ^t<t f<F^; «rHFff «rHFfT of<tf|i t%i f<rf^r ^wrt, <fm 
7^?, «j^j% "5C?rc^ f^H ^f ^oc<f Tjt; ^Tc<T ct^R i ^«Pr ct^^t ^R t<Ff?t c^f^R c<t wt ?nmc5 

C#T <7I^ ^R^ Wt, f^oT?t CTC^R t%Rt ^T<T $,«1C^ I ^o - ^ «rR ^ST <TC«T CT^T RTl ttf? 
iTf^CT^ ^PT «ITC^T, CT^T «Tt^ ^tlW "^o t%?J ^PT «rtC^Tl ttf?T <MC^H ^TtPT C^lfl (Tf^ 
#fN ^ttC^T ^o t%?J ^PT «rfC^T I % d$ (RR ^C<T C<T TtWR 5 ^ ^TTCST ^o t%?f ^PT «ITC^T, 
^rm #ft^ t^ ^ I ^tC^ H5 ^C^T? >lfbbiiH*?W$ f\ <MC^ I ^o^ T%R t<F «rff^rfcvs 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<rrc<H? ^tw «hWiwh! ^hic<f fw «rr?r ?rs?n?r k*t hm ?rtwt »i*himh ^wt ^ftHt ^rat <a<\ 
^fvs ^r%rrsr i ?tm Wsffw^ %f?r f*Hr ^tc^t ^Htw «rMTH «rww? cw cwr ^iwr ort 
^rt i ?rmr ^ntsf w^r «rft^ 1% «rm ^iwi ct<t *\\fi\ o$\ cr^rfl ^Rtt <?$ *iTw>hh^ i ^r t%H 
c^i^T ^ ^TfwH^ ^H f^H >iIm>hh-*iw f% w?r ^fcrf ctc<h! ^v^ f*rc?r «rH ^^ wr ^r 
^rti ^tf? <ptc^t ^h? ^r <t«H ^rp ^rtfcvs c^r ^h >ts[C5 ^rtw?; c>t ^t c^t, «rm «H?i 

CiM3¥t "5=T Ht I f<F§ t%f f<F| C^3 <1jT%^ "^T I cMf? <MC^H C<F C<H %fc<F tW <TN3¥f CSfC<F ^rfS^ 
t%Tl ^H <?$ t%?T (MT<Ff*W<J ^t<f ^l <T"<H (Mt<Fi*W?J ^t<f "^T ^H t%H ^&HC<t> «IMHT 
CTC*H I ^H %*tW*t ^t<f W <TfC<T I 4I>N3 «rHlT f<F® >fR>j<MC<1<1 ^H I «pjc*|?j >T5T?T ^tf? <MC^H 

-srt ^rwc^F <$•*& <$w\ «r<r^H c?rc*ic^r c<r, "^r ^Ht wr f<T*tr>T wr «rm nr 3*r wrm?; wr f<T*tr>T 

<T>T%T I ^<H 4 Wf ^T^T C^M^S <TR <T^T OTTJ 4T>T W ^TT ^C<T ^H %ft<F «^ WCva 3C<T I 
WsT <# f<T*tT>T Ht Wt^ sfTC<F ^<H WT 5 ?! Wl?; H*tT>T <MC<H Ht I 

fWt ^TRH <Tf t%?T 4Wf RtH<1C<1> ^fHT "^T I 1% WHt ^T? C^sT^ <T*R ^Tf?TC<F «fcw 
^sR/Tff ^TCrf f¥^H ^H "STt W%T ^f% 4"C>T ^IW<T?r >TT5RH TTtT%C?T <TfC5^T I 4*H <A\ ^TT <Ft%T 
5(f%C<FQ t^ltW <FC?T T%35 "5C<r, 4I>N3 4Wt fwtl C>T^HT C^T^ltl ^TfCM q^ ■STl<MH ^#^ 

t><K?rT to «rt<t5s ^^ ^tc^t Mt ^Tt^rm ^twth ^r <tth w i ^ c<r w<f ^twh c<fc^ 
^frk^r ^th <tjh wh ^^iw^r Rci^h ^t ^^iw^tl; t^i ^rat twH "sn:<rT «mt w ^ i ^-<rrH 

^TW ^rt ^TH ^T^ W It^I ^CST cTTf^ («RT «ITC^ C<T ^r<M TC«f ^TT<HT <J>wI^WH «TH CT^ 

c>rt ^tc^h m^t ^rw? c<r ^^Hffi ^c?rt%r <rr t%H "<Tr "<tr iT4TtR 'trf^H c>tqm t% ^w wmt 
fwr t%r! ^, ^^m« «Rit Hrjm ^rc<Tjt »rp i c^sT^fl Trf^cT*^ w^rh? <t^ «rtcn «n<Fc^ 

cTtf^ CPf^tT^H C<Ft*tTft*t C«TC<F «?p <ra ^T<T t%| t>W l C^sT^fe W^ «TCW WfW?T t*W tt«TIt?T 

«rtct «n<Fc^; ^t «rcw ^h ^tfci? w^ «ht ^»tc<t ^w t«tc?iT%i i «tcw ^H "stth ct-^tth c<fh 
^s c<tt<t h!;, «rttsr ^r cot h^; i ^tf^ ^ fbni^ic^ «rtc^t «n<Fc^t; >t<t t<Fp "sr:<jt cpmus^ tw 
«r^:^ -sr =r?r ^c?r <n«'?TT?r ^<fa\ c>t^»tc<t «nwt c<Ft«rr« ^rt^Ht i ^c<t ^^wr ^ ^ ^\ c<r >h 
f<F| <TH c rr wt «rmrciT? iw ^<r« hii 

Hw ^t ^r«r« w t%l nt, ^Rt Hw, ^ta i wft «rrc^rfwt^ «ttsttci^ w^ ^m i 
^h<jch<i "srr^ 4i5t c>Tt ^t ^rf^i (7tt>it ^■«rnH ^«^ht wc^t ^w ^r^ wi ^^ <# ^7^ 
(Ti^ «r<r^^ twrt%^ <ra t%^ i ^ra hH ^tc<F ^fr ^"c>t ^rfw <Fra t%^ ^ttrl; ^^ ^r w i 
^H^r «r<r^^<F <rf^ ^rfa^ <ra oi^ttt "^ ^r^r o$\ w*\v$<\ ^ft^Hft^tl; ^r srsrrft^ ^c?r "^ttc^i 
c>t^ht ^w <t*tt "5tj "srmr ^<tt «if<HTT i "stht <rf^ ^rt "^r ^t^t >rt%rl; «k$ ^^ ^c^ nr, t% 

"SR7T "^ C<H ^lfa^s "^H I ^ ^tfffC^ f<F ^<FC^ >T?TTC^ "5C<T (?ft»fl; "^" ^ TWT, ^f 1 ^ ^t t%<F <TT 

f<F| ^rtc^ ^r#tt ^mr twti ^ifwR ^r ^wnrt ^t «r^rc^ ^rh 2ft%fir^ <f^?j ct^ttti «r«r^ 

^H "STRH W? <yfW? ^ W3? ^77% TT ^5# i£|I»f ~3U*\ CT«"?Tr H?T, ^? <#¥? 3W ^t ^RH 
2ft%fir^ <Ftlc?J &\m\\ £ft%t%5 ^Tf ^STTt f^M *I?TT tWT ^C<T HTl ^T^T ^T?TT W^s f<F «rrwT 
^JC^TH^ *|*1*l5)fb<M ^RH W<T I ^T?rm ^T#lt f<F WlHt ^t fsrW? Ht ^sT ^T?T, f5t% C<T5H C*MHT ^<THH 

^c?r^i f§t% c«mr ^hhh «rrcn tr>Hc<F «ita Ttos ^c<t, ^rRnm ^m ^f«r<F ^t«r<F ifcs cw\u$ 
"?c<T i c>rt t%H<#t twiw ^r c>th ^t ^sissr ^m ^^w wr ^c^i 

•4H «rrc^t ^rr ^c?r%T t%H "sc^h ^wi, *&$ ^ c<r, c<r «rr<Ft»r wm ^ t%H c>rt 
«rr<Fr*f c«tc<f« ^^s ^ c<r vsh^ "stc<jt ttc<f «rrc^r i c^ g^w c«rc<F t%tH t% ^<fc^ ^ t<F|cvs 

WfT^s ^j^T, vsft ^TC^T C^\ ^5 a|T« ^T I 4^ ^5 f<Ff <Tf^f<t<? ^5 ^T?r I c5tf^ ^T?TT ^f^T 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<F5f ^<TT<T5H <MtoH, ^WC^ t^ 5 ! t%H ^T *S v5k *tt% «IC«>H 4^ ^«Ti^tC^ C<T*it <J°1C^H I 4^ 

«imc<m$ ^t w *ftc?r ^frr ctt ^rtfc^ ^i<mM i %sm ^Tc<nt wtf <wcfeH *rt% ^ifir ^ff^rH 
^rc^r, 4? ^f ^r « *tt% w&*\ i *frcg?r <rfe?r ttf?r c<fh t%| <ic<*mh i fmft ^<#rsr, W\ m 
«rj^rt c<fh 4<f <i^c>ij<i ^F^c^r c<Tm «rtwr c<r^t w^ irt^r, %m c<h c<mm <s&&\ ^°\ ^r i 
^rrft %rr «rtrnrT <f<t<t i ^m ft#?r ^c*r ssr c<f^ nt, ^rt <Ft?t <srx twra %rr «rfrnrr <f?tc<h? 
Hcw?r %rr Hcsrt «rfrfirT <f?tc<h i t%^ %rr «rfrnrr ^t? w c?rt ftffi fw %f?r ^rc<rj 4<f^ 

^tC<T?r ^t?T 3$ I ^ ^sH ^BH ^tTT ^?! ^H f%H HCW ^ff ^ps w ^^T l 

^?r%r fwr <# 4<Fm tHf*f§ ^rtwm \st%«, smm cw?n ^r \s-<H twra *rw 4<Fm ^c^rr 
^ 3$ i ^t^rsr t?j<f?ih fwr?r TpiH><r|i^«fj#T ^ ^c?r -?rr?r i ^ss f^r ^ <Fwsf% c^r, c^ 

(TTC^ra twt^T^T <MtCvs ^C<T I <Tft% ^T<T f<F§ ^ft C«fC<F ^7^ C^ I ^ 4 <T^t t^tWB ^H f<TC*H 

T^rfe \s% smtc^ tw fwr twra c^r twr^#r «rf w<rr?r i t^i 4?r ^tc<tj «rc^ <r<Fsr 

TOTf ^?TI <# 4^»tC<T <Mt <TT?J ^stW C^sT <J?FC<T?r «Tf?T C<FH S\G\\W\ Sft<FC<T ^fl ^t^T ?T<T 
2fWlt%C^ £Tfr% tp^ C<R ftsft <F?J*r? vol? <Fm e t <J?F<T Sfl<FC*r Mw ^rtCT, ^t Mwsit C<tClI>l« 

fsMc<t> K^rr fw ct?j, ^sT ^tt^t ^ft ^ft ^c?r <ttc<t i t%i "^t^t c<t c<f^ <j#^r ^ttc^t st^h 'ferr 
<T#c?rt^s ftc^i 

$<\ C^f^ ^fT ^T#T ^T, ^^ft^ l^fvbCvo £tfft\ *tt%^ "^«f <Tf% fW C^T^STTt <TT?J ^sf^T C<T 

RrfH<fi3r «ftsrtcii? <ftc^ «r^rfw c^r ^c?r <ttc<t i wrn<f *n?c?i?r ^si^ M^ t%H ^^t=t c<fr w 
<ftc<t^ ^rt, c<f5T "^jwRj <w ^ nrc^ c<tc^s frc?r i «rw<f 's^ <j<=ic^h %f c«rc<F «tt^ ^sTrfsr c<fM 
■smfifF ^r, f%f% wrw ^? ^^ t^f% «rfc^i %? ^r ^%R\s ^r, %srt f^F ^ «r^m ^«rr 

«TfT5T<f ^TC^T I C^TTC<F <T^T WT CWfCiTT ^TJ, ^T ^#r C^TM WHt?I ^TC<TT fFC^s ^^s C^Km 
«rmrflfjf ^5 ^s 5fTC<F I £f«tcsr C<Tf<TfT <TT?J ^ft, C<T*f <FC?T<F ^T *fC?T <T® ^STTfSt C<Tf<TfT <Tt?J I f<Ff ^<F&T 

«r<r^m ^m «rm wi ^tf^rrr t%® ^rrc^Tri ^s-<mt c^F#t c^ *rrai ^ c<fct? <r^m «r<T^r?r ct 
«r^s -^tt, ^ «r^m "<# ct ^rtt^, «nM, ^spr c^fc?r <TT?r ^^ c^\ c«rc<F ^rcsrt «tt^ ^«i 
<ttc<ti c^rm ^ %w?r ^rc<rjt ^tr^r ^acrrc^i ^5fc^ %f wm^s c^#, c^rrw «r^ m*rK <f5^ 
orf?rNQ ^ «r<T^m^c?rc^i ^ctt?j c^m f^^tt^c^i ^^ <fSf^ ^r c^n?t %m ^tc<tt c<T"*tf^ 
^pcm ^«rr ^rr ^r ^ *tf% ^ra c«rc<F «rr^i ^cm cwu$ *t% ^ntc?r c«rc<F «rrw ^rr, ^ *r% 
^CTT?r c^sc^; «rrc<F i ^ ^tf^ ^ - ^ ^3 ^ - ^ cwc^t ^s i t^i ^r «r^ ^sw\ ^tt c<fh *frs<Fm 

<Tf ^<J^s|C<1<1 1W ^ <FfT ^<T ^ ^m C<Tm ^, f<F»TC<T "5TJ <Tf ^^ "^TJ I 

ct^srj f<F <wc^? ^w ^r^ >w - cr^; ^r, ^rr ^rw ^rci <fm ^4^ <M ^55 t%f% 
^rwr^t, ^w wm^trcvs t%mt «rfc^r «rm ^^^ «rRnc*t?r c«rc<F^ t%H ^, ^vwtfirz, pnh 

C«TC<F ^W f<Fp ^PTf, t%H t^T <F^R T%SfC<F t%m <F3C<H I t%f^ fi>4<FC?J?r w ^t% ^c?r ^r, 

fi>3<F?r ^c^ <f^t "<f5 «fi^R *1M f^m ^t, «rff im ^fr^^r ^r twh ^r 1 $ <Fm ^r c«rc<F 
ftw ^ro Rc<=i«i «rm ^ft ^c?r c^r, ^^»tc<t« t%H ^ft ^fci^t ^t 1 IHh "srcvs ^^mm ^j twr ^ft 
<ra ^^r t%»r m*rrsr <f^r i ^?j fw ^ft twrw ^s *rrc?i? ^t<th ^«rpr ^t <^ ^rsrtH ^ft 
■^c?r c^r 1 cwf¥ "sfc^s i£iv»rc<T ^ft "^s ^rrc^n 1 cwr^ "src^s ^^4 m<i\s^s ^r^f^ w t%?r ^<Fm 
iRPft 3^t<fmc<F w^°\ <ra ^ft ^tj 1 (^tm ^rcvs <r*rc<T 2f«fcsr m ^ut «rfc^r, c^nw ^w?r 
*rt% sr<Fr*r nrw 1 ^r «rm %k *t% «rr*nm ^c?r <n«?n ^tth ^H?r c*ht «?f ^c?r c^k 1 ct«tt «?f 
■^c?r c^rc 5 ^ ^tw ^tw ^ft wsrm «r^m ^w iftf%c?j <ttc<t ^t 1 c<r<nr «?p ^tth ^hf t% ^m ^n 

(?TC<T f^^TC^ ««t - ^§S, <m% *3 \ssrg I <i|<Tt?I ^t f^TC^ ««t ^TfPM? HC«tCH<1 "STC^TJ C^Tf ^<F?fC\s <<S?F 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^>C?t f^T i i£|^ C<MtTjh3 ^ICH^ f*R "^TC^ sfl<FC<T i 4*rM CSfC<F WJT (HC<r ^, 4^ ^ C«fC<F 4?H?J 

4^r ^c&t ^c?! ^ 4<f ~^c§ ^rtt ^it^itc^ «rr^w i ^jrriH^ ^ir® <mt ^ Rhcg wt ^p<r ^fi ^r 
cr^; wH^ttc^ ^n? ^rn ^r i ^rf c^rc^ «ihh *r?r *r?r ^r T%| c<tc?rrc\2 «rrc^ i 

C#R iffejfl^Rf ^RH ^T *rffc (3t<F, (Tff^R C<*lC<F 4^ «T^RJ ^C<F *tPK5 W ^?T 
^fTTW? ^CW ^fvs C<Fltt> <T5<t I !WR <IW C<T5R ^Tt "^J ^TJ T%T?f TOfJ *rft ^C?t C^T I 4^»tC<T 

c<fh T% *rft ^c<t ht i cwfc^?f "src^ ^rtl i£f#r ftwf^N *f^i% i «rRT?r <r<R ^rft *r?t ^s ^?f ^?jw 
\s*r t^ 4$ ^tc<r *rrc?r <?tc?r ^rft c*f^H?t t%<F c^s ^?f <f?ic<t i ^rrc^t ^rrc<tr <Fr?rc§? *r<i?r ^MT ^r 

^rRfT «f^F ^^TfT^T?! W$<F "SfTPT <Ff??T ^C?f <TfC<T I 4<?ftSTt C<HtC3?I W ^tff, CWfC^ ^lfi i£|^TC<T ^Sf ^C?T 
4<l>ftM§ ^T?J ^Bt <rT?I Hf I f<TCl*fT <lfT?f (HaT?Jf f<Ff 4^ ^T ^T ^?ft (TfSTC^ ^sj ^T ORH 

t%5^ i i£|^t sfc^ t%§^ wth ^tr i ^wh «iwr?r rc?i ^*f<r *r k^t! ^wh twf%^ rrt t% <f<r 
<jc?rr Twr wft Ti^s nrc?r, 4^r ?r<taN ^Fpc<F t%?r ^r^rr ^ntw ^rc^ ^m??r! «rsf ^f<r 
^wh ■srt^^c^ t^c?j fhr >i<&<i$ r?i i c<r c<fh «fwsr t(fi?f w ^^tt^ «iwrc?r?r 2fc?rrsR i <rfa 
*p«w<h *rc ^^ «raFfu twt-^mt c^t?ic?j «rr^ - *$ f*H ^rR% ^??r ^w i cwr^ ^^Ht ^ 
mtiz W ^rw ^ti ^tt ^^r 5JJAR& »|i*R>w ^rrr^ ^c?r ^to Tic^ri ^?r ^t?j c#r "^ 
vsr?rvs i£i^t?r ^IhR'b f^T% wtc^ i ^sf ifTsr ^c?r t%| ^r ^tr i "^r^R itwKc*f?i ^rw ^r t%t% ^^ 
%TT^?rc^ti %rr "srrc^ ^ ^ «rr?f ^csf?r c^tti 

c«kt ^Q?rT?r ^ti Fit ^^h c*fc*rr?rF5 «tt?f c«HT?f ^^Tr> ^i i %rr ^r^ ^ ^r ^r?r ^n 
yl^ i£i^7( ^#r «rt?r Titl; coT^tj ^i, c#rc^ ^tt "5?r ^sf i ^^mc^ "*r*R t^r ^r t%T% %rt <mc<m 
vs-<r #?r ^r?rc<p?r tt#?tt w^tK ^w?r ii<r<M<r, ^rt w^t vt&fcjprfmttrm i w{ ^r c<ttjtc<f 
«rfrrT wt <tt?j i ^^ ^ ■srrw ^w 2ffT% i «rt* st^, <rr?f ^^ 2f<Fr*r ^rt^, <rr?f ■sjc<u 
^■«r twr^H ^rt%, «i<jjifvs «r<T^t?j «rrc^i «rt^ «r^t?j £fft%f t^rcrJ- ««t ^§s, ^sts ^s ^rs ^rrsu 
«r<i^r?j «rrc<F i £fft%?r ^ttsu ^i<i^i<i ■sjc<jt ^<tw ^tt wr wsrs ^st i ^Tft^t i^s, ws « ^r§ ^w?r 

^ICSU ijrjBT ^^foltW 3T«NT ?TC?fC^ «ff?f t^TC^ ««f 'TfPM^C^ t^Rf «rt it^t^ ^C^ fli^OT 'rtNm 

c^tr yf?rc?j -?rr?j, ^ttit ^ t^rcf? w=t?i tt^tR^i ^fc^ ^rswt ch^t c<j#r?r *r?r c«rc<F 
tHc>stci<r ^jc<jt w^m ^rwr- ^rt% ^c^ <itc<t i ffc?r?r ^m ^^ ^»t<t i wr ^r^ <r»r^ ^tt 
"5C?J "^jtc^t ^s - ^ ^rtSST ^sr ^<ra i£it^rc?j c<tc^ ^ w i sf<j^s "5=t ^rrtc<t^T?t w, ^t%<M <# i#s 
<rsT%?r ^NT ^s tw ^rw ^rro <tic<t i t<M w^r ^rfe<M Ti^s «rrc<F ws^ «?r ^rrc^m" «rrc<Fi 
£TfT% <# ^wr?r csfcsr <tt?j ^i^c^ *rft c*r<r i wr w^s ^-«nw ^ ^<u^ ^i^Rjc^ c<tr<}rrc55 1 

5H*lH*H C<f ^^<tm 0<HT <MC<H vsTrr <M ^sfT ^C?J C^fl ^ £fft% C<FWt C«fC<F i£R7tC^? 

<rsTC^t ^^ £f<jt% "^t - ^tjfi; «r^r^r ^r^ i «r - ^ sr^f^ ws «rr?r *f?rr £fft% ^w i ^ry^rT 
c«fc<F c<m «t^rwt £fft% «r<k ws ^?r c^ w^s 9fr?tc<T ^tt i «rfFT<f « ^ f^c?t c^fh ^fs<tj wc^t ^tt i 
^<f w^t <t<h ^lt ^r, ^«iw^ ^?t i 4<FSf 2fc*r?^ ^r c^3?rt <rr?t ^tt, ^tbbHHcwo wt c<th 
t^t^ri ^rrr^ <rt t%| ^c<t ^m ^<t f<r^ ^jhtt ^fc?t cr«?tt <nw, <7r<rn?T c^FH^rwf^^rri 

«hj^ sfff^ ^rrr "5C?J c^ti ^^ (Ttl; £rft% c«rc<F ^rtr f^rc^ w^ ^ 6 //; «iw c«tc<f 
strc^ ^rtr ^t i ^■<rrc ; T srw "stTH f^ft^fj^» i t<rt%^ ^ttc^ «tr<Tr?f ^t t^?r c n ? rc#?r «t<f f<TT%w ^»tc<f wr 
"5C?ic^ i ^pTH t^^^c^ ^rr ^ "5?t i ^it-w^ ^s ^ ^«rt t<tc*r<r ^m $^fv f%, w<tj^ t%, 
^r^rm^r ^5 ^<wc<t ^tti c^ht ^jrrrw w<h t%THt #? ^cs *m ^Tfc^r?t ^^rrr ^ra Hphi 

«l«iC^<l ^ 9 !?! ^tTH ^<ra «TfC^T ■sfTH ^^^ItW, ^sfsT «H¥ ~^\ C^ *fT?f c fT ^<ra C^C^ T%f^ %T?f« "srTt^, 
t%TH ^ «HCqS<1 £f^l t%f^ CT^ «HC^ ^ 9 !? ^T^H ^<ra «ffC^Tl ^f^H ^<FC?l «tfC^T "srnH, 'il'^H C<FH 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^lfc ^ ^rr i 4«r»i?i tfb w\ i t%H c<Fwm *f?R ^ca «rrc^r? #^ ^s, ^mT >iPmw§ #3 ^p 
^rr ^i ifr, ^, ^mT 4$ ^Tfrcm^ trc?! t%m ^ith ^c?r «tr^t, t%H ^r ^mTi t^fit «rrc^R 
t%H ^r «rm f<t^ cr3;i #k t%H (^n^r #?r Rit% c<*rc<F ^^5r ^ sp^t^s ^c?r c^p\\ t%m 
t^rfwm, 9m csiwt c^fer ^orc^r 1 9m <?te$ ^rr c<rc?rrc*r ^r c^tsth ^r ^rtw 1 f%?<rr ^rc<r, 
ct^ ^t >iRiw c^rr c^r ^^\ (?THm W>\ v»p^i c^ cth? %sr *r<H ^rfcr, o^w^ c^ 
\s*r ^rr «nt^s ^ri ^t <Ftft^T©M <prm ^wtr "5=t 4<i^r wr%#n <i#r \s^c<f ^TmmT 
^tc<f ^DTT^r^ w ^^ c<rmrmm sfc^ 1 ^tf^Tcr?! ^t ^rit? ^sPrw ^ffsrmT ^ir^ ^<ucs *rmw 
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c>rKm t%? «rmr<r c^r^rr^ ^r fl^^fj 5 ^ ^rt 1 fl^u^ric^ wmm ^rr "^r >tsrs #w? >rs[tl >j^ 
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«rrc^r ^n ^r ^r «rm *!?% «fc^r 1 ^um $t ^rf^t vst^r t%? ®mr% wm t%?rr*rr% 1 ^w?r ^t 
wpr*r% «rm t2Rit*rt% ^rm ^rc<rj wrr ^firvDi \sr^r ^rm f% f% M*t§j i#5rc^? ^w?r 
wpr*rr% « t^rr*rr% ^m "sn:<rj «rmw, c^rt ctmn c«rw cwst *t# w ?r<ra?f *tfm « #<rr^rr 
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i£it; «i^Rvs ^vsGic^ ^rt ^rt "^c^ 1 

^H?i ^ftc^s ^r ^h ^^r^FfK «rm ^ch)<i ^ftc^s ^nt cr^m ^<H ^T "^R Wt - 4^&t 
"5=T Material Cause «rtcl<F5t "^ Efficient Cause 1 *rTC3?r 'ft^omT?! ^rf "^r ^ ^r *s ^m^t 

^r 1 fovswfi fw c«tc<f ^r ^tfiT «rm ^fS?r fw c«tc<f t%H ^tfi ^rtwnt ^r<f «rmm ^rtwnt 
^m°r, ^rr m^ c<rrarc^ \sm e# c«rc<r^ c<rrarc^ «im ^sft ^^ ^nwrr t%®n ^rffem^rfi 
^wrm itmcsffws ipft cT^rfl ^t 4t ^r<r t%p ^m^r «rm ^t% tw a^ ^r c^Nfl ^r 
3^ oit ^'f^T ^r ^r<f c<r-<rH a^ ^r^ ^rm^f c<rtmc?r «ir>Tc^i t%tHt ^m ^ri ^r^m «rmrs 

4t; sffcf c«fw "srh?! ^rrr "^r, ^h "stth ^ 4?r ^tl "^r 1 ^ "sjhh ^# w?^^ 1 «rtsrm 
i£t#t "sr «rrc^, w^mm ^^ w\ «rt^, ^ ^fi^r ^mt ^^ "sr «rtc^ - ^t >tsrs "^r^ ^^ 
^rsrft ^ cT^rr ^c<r ^r \stc<f ^rc^r ^i ^r^ #w? ^ *i%?r?i >wfk<t> ^rr ^55 f^fi^u^o ^r 
s\\°\ «rm ^sr^ #w? ^rr? ^rte ^rr ^ ^i «rr^r «rrnrw?! •«frfefi ^rc^ ^jcm t%t%#lt 
iw, vsm^m ^nr ^ft "^c?r "<Tm \snr« ctI; ^^ «rrc<F 1 ^rr^sj ~^\ ^f^s tnr c^c^t?! «rtfwm 

"5«T ^s^ t%tRX 2f«Tsr ^t ^s, ^f Cosmic Mind 4<\ ^TTfPfr t^C?J ^"C^ i IHH <TW Cosmic Mind 

^r c<fir <rm c nt c^i t% ^mrcir?! ^rc^ ^t ^rm^rr w?w «rrcn c«r^ «rrc^i t%r%t c<m ^r 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«n^?rr c^ <7tsr f*rc?r srp (Trm^rK fcsft ^<Fc?r i voT?r*m <T , *m srrcsi?? TT*fa f*rc?T ■^nwTFiwr wca 
«?f ^fc<t ^'«m otc< ^ ^sritfwf&r ^sRrn^ «rrcn «rr^st c^rrw «rfc^i ^ ^nw i*ra ^nm?r ^rft 
^rt "^, ^r^r «rmm wmm ^m ^m «*w ^trt #tt -^ «rr<Fm <F?m ^ ^t#r «rtwt ^rm^s 
H^rr ^r <rm c rr <f?r?s nrtlmr i ^m ife^ ^tt i «$ «rww? ^rra^ ^rcs; ^rr, t%i?r ^rs <mia*Hw>$ 
^tc^ <m tr?f ^rRipr cr ^m ^Rm?r iw <*& ^c?r ^rm i ?rft#3 ^ wm^rm ^mr fron - 
4^bt c^r 4^r# ««iw ^rmm i C5rc?rfi> «r?t<f *tc?t «trw i c^rt^ ^rftfm ^rc^ ^r ^rc^ 
«rmm ^rmrfT ^nwc<p ^ ?fcs?r nr^r *rc^i <r«m oRmf^ «rr^ \s*m cr-<rc^r ife^ csnmt^ $ 
<m$ ^r ^rro w?m.\ *rr?Mr-wj?r ^rfl^s^ «rrc^, ^<m ^mmcF ^rmr ^ ^<m wj?t ^rc^ 
Tfrt *r©c^i c<r , <rrc«T ^TT<rprm ^Wst ^c?r *rro ^<m TTjfrr ^m ^m^rc^ ^m t%p ^ wmca 
^rrc?* i m^ ^ ^rtf f«Tc?f?; "<# ^t<t ^«m ^rro strtf ^m ^rnt «rm m^ wr ^c<t nr i c>i$smi ^^ 
«nfr T%m ct«"?jt "^r i ^ttsptw ^mr «rrc^, ^ ^rrmr ^%r wcs wcs q<m^ «rtc<t<^^c«i<t ^ttc=t 
^fmc?r ^ m csrc^i prt K^p <jc?rr ^rcwr m<#t ^r<Fc?i?r f*fd wtra*^ c^ti <q5$ 
^prfw ^ntca? (^rr i ^Fp t^cst^ w ^r «rrc^r, *jc?r ^mw ^ ^rrt%^ <F?rr ^rm<Frt1> ^, 
il^wn ^m ^ ^Rm?r ^rrc^t ^ ^c?r «rrc^i <*& «r^mc^ w csrc^ c^ wp m^r ^Tf^ f»td 
iS\m *v®?\ i ^ ^fvi^ -5rt%K<F <# ^rr^sj ^r^ c^ <?m ^cst ^m IHh <iw c^Knr^ ^c?r 
"<ttc<t, «rm ^rrsr wst c^c^ "p^rm ^c?r "<Trc<T i IHm « ^rrsr <w <fr^ ^^mm «rrsrrcii? ^t<Tttc<F 
vsrrsrmT «tKmr ^tc<t ^ft <t^c<tc^«i i m>® «rr«Mr ^mrl; ^^ ^ra <fr<rr ^ ^§ <# cwr w?rr "^r 
vst^t tp?rr IHm « ^rrvr <rcvk ^rc^ T%f& wtit ^c?r il^tc<i i ^ <tm M^r§rc<F csrc^ t%t 
^t ^ <rw ^tl w^ ^r <rm c rf5it ^rrc^ "<ttc<t i t^i f^j <ic^ ^^ c-TlRi<i> - «rtt^r ^r ^mtl; 
■src^ fw c«fw ^ «r^fci^ Tfcsf t?^ i #<f c^stH ^m #<TT^rr ^r ^ ^tfm ^w «r^fci^ ^rrc«r 
^m «rrc^i c<r c^r «irwf c^Nfl ^ ^rrsfw ^m, ^^t^ «rmrcii? ^rc^ ^sti ^ ^ « 
fl^^fT^fc^ c^r^w <# "<ttI; (Tr^rnTr cvsr c<pm c»it c^, ct^; ^^ «rc^r ^r i ^^ ^^rr^ i 

«rrsrrcir? ^rc^ ^^t^tt c<m ^rt ^wrrr T%r ^rri ^mc^ fimf^rt «r 9 m^ ^THr^TK cT«¥f&r 
^<l crm ^<tcst czfs ct^ttt wr '•rr, *ir*t <^rt «w wr ^® i ^m^ -*m ^t ^m^s wrct ^^hR 
^^s «tm® -irt i ^-<m« ^rmr f<H *rn?r ^m^s? (?rTc<Mr ^cst ^<Fr^c<F -f\ "<muv ^m ^rr i ww ^, 
itt^T «r^mr^lT t% ^w?r wrt%T5j\D ^^ ^nt ^s i ^#wr <r<jc^ c^kt^ ^c^ «rrft^r w^ i -%m 
^<Fr^c<F ^<r wti ^m «rmm 2fmr%Q« ~<k$ 9^ i ^mr wrn^ «rmir ^mt^; ct^ ^ \ ^w^ ^f% wr 

"STTCiT HC^tC^ ^T% WTl W^t<F ^Cf ^T<T «rm^TTl; TTC^ "<TTC^I «TtWf l^ «TfM^f (7F«T ^? ^T 

■irmcsT ^pt ^w <ra f«rc?T "<Trc<T 1 1%| t%r «rrcn -<r<TCM ^^rcsr ^^bt -<m? ^ht "^mt^r, ^^ "^ft^o 
%m c^rte ^ ^5cstt<f -<rr«?rr-iTT^Trr <^t%?m ^m ^wt fw^m ^w c^t (?rt<F^m ^thtf 
^^ ^m or?4 t%t i «rrc^r<Fm f%m "sn^m ^wr wmrl; w?s *rtw nr i or*r ^rsrnsf c<Fm 9 tm < flw 
tw ^^^rrc^ «rrwt cb? «nf^ ^rr i ?## ^rc^r, ^Tfci? w^Rm? «rrcn «rmrcir? crc»r c<r sm 
«r^rs 9 ^ 5c?r%i ^t ^st^r ^?r «rrcn ^-<m ^rmi ^tsttw ^«H«t5 c*rc<F3 ^m ^mi 9 ^ "^m^ 
<mhR w<Tm "nr i TTsttlT ^r<f ^<ra <t<=ic^«i - «rmm ^m^<Tc<t% (?rrc<F^r fsr^frr ^«rr ^<t(?t ^rr, ^ 
<fc<t nr, ^rncw (?rrc<F^r ^^r^m i t%i ^^ tt^t ^r f<F0; c^ i c<m ^mc^T «rrc^m "srrirwr ^r^m 
I^c«ih? ^r«r& ^M "<jc^ ^fTT cT«"?rm ^mi ^m ^^rsra sr^i ^m^r <nm?rr c<M stw^ ^^r^rfli 
<tic<tf^c<=i«i (?#r ^rr^rmT "srmm wmc^r c<r ^rnrt 4<f, t%»w c<#r cT^rr "<rrc^ cfsm c<Fm <rr¥<Twr 
(?#; i fl^^rj^o, "<tr?f <t<=ic^,«i ^rsr^ #tr?m ^j ^tftai ^rsrt, c<r ^w <rsrf "^c^ ^rsr^ sfT% "srcim 
^rft ^ ^r f^p^r ^r ^rr c^ra ^Trrm ^nc«r ^^ ^m ^55, c<r ^rn?F ^rmrc^ <tt ^m ^m? 
^rrc?f ^^rtr c<Fr«fT« ^ "^cn ^m 1 ^r<F?t ^rc^r «rmm w^ n^ c<f^ «rfpr ^#^?r «rt<=iiftRcvs ?tnt 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


5<TJ C<TSR *»ft CPT^no -s ft N STTt "^RJ «Tffsr v5l? CwoC<T ^W t%| *"ft CT^TCo ^ | ^? C<T C<FH ^rTRFT?* 

w<f *ttwr?T cr<rco c*rcoR i ^b^ -^ -sr ^ wrc?r?r "^rrc^r ix^ ^c?r «rtc^, % ~m *rf<TO ^h 
^Nr c^ ^ ^nR?r cwsc?r« wt?t ^nH?r fi^rwrr «tptc» «?p ^c?t ^rrc? i 

<*$ ^c<f «rrn< w^t m^if^^( i iJif^4mw^^fmtJm\ ^rh?t 3t?# ?pt - fra, 
^h, «r^n?r « ^rj%i ^rr?t 'm w?\u$ ^rr ^r ^rsrr^Ff, 'mm ^m w\ ^wferrfe ^rw 
^%?r cstc<f ^r f<Ff ^Rste; wr i "snR?r "sr g\ ~m*\ \dt?t ^m ^t ^pctrr 'ftoft wr, ^r^r « R<k* v i?j 
^x*r?i i ^ ^?r, rt «st <F?r<r i £f«rcsr ^ ^xsf^ wf ^r, "sr 4<n?r cr ^<itqmc<f <rr^f?; <F?rr?r 
^<FM5r ^<f<jc^i ^#?r "5=r irj%, iife ^rw "^ H'fa wri c*tc<t «r^r?r, «r^r?r "^ ferti ^w\ 
^m<\ ^|#rc?r w wf^r «rmc^ ^r wrfrr ^t£tc<t ^fe inc^t, «oBt ^r Iter ^m\ 4^r?r 
\5#r?r ^R ^fc^r^ ^, ^ wf^r f% ^ic^t «rr^r, ^t wf5rc<F ?rNr ^fiK f<THT, ^\ ^t *h i 4?r*r?T 
^f% ^rc*r fro ^ ^fsfBt wntc?j<t, ^frr ^ c?nc?m 1 4?t*t?t ~sm f^?rr, «rnrc^p'R ^f?r f<F ^f<t<t Rt 
- 4^tc<F ^rt ^ «r^r?r 1 t&sfc ^rrw^^ wrrr ^tht whm ^fwti ^ ^cb 
ftf%c?T ^rr ^r ^r, «rm ^tsrs #c<t?t ^rh?t ^#c<f w^t ^i 

^ ^ c<tc<f w? 4<r ^rtr 1 ^^rws ^trh «rf<FHif^ ^^ - «rr<Ff*r, «rr<Ff*r o$u$ ^\%, ^\% 
c«fc<F «rf?f, «rf?f c«fc<F ^ft « ^ft c*fc<F ^fRft, ^^»tc<t ^ft ^fej "5C*T l ^t ^«P^Cs i£|C3T ^u^ 
wr £f«rsr «r^<t wr ^rtn 1 ^w°\ -?rr t%| ^f^r ^t?r "sic^rT wr «thsTrt "?rrc<r rt, ^m^r stff% ^r ^«t, 
^«r «j\sm ^ ^"?rrcs f<^ c^rHrr "<Tfc<r Rt 1 c^tr c«tc<f "<i - <r ^^ ^^r ^0^« ^, "<#^s "sr ws 
9f*rr<f f<p^ w^m ^ 1 f%i ws ^fiiTcefi sf^rsr ^^»<j "^r ^«p^s ^c^t i w^t<f R^iw< ^rfc^t ^?r 
«rr<f f^T «rrc^i ^c^r csti^t ^1% 'PTrc^ sfsrsr ~**rf nr^Ttt "<Tfc<r i $0=1 §h csn^R?! c^t^r ct^r 
c<FT?rr<r% «rrc^ v*& «rr?r f%^ c<rt<}rr ^rrc<r Rti fwr%r nrRfw ^Ffrg^rt «FfrTc?r iprc^ ftrrc^r 
c<Ft?rr<F «rrc^ f<Fi f%f^#r f<F, t%otc<T ^c^ ^ ^^rrc^ ^tcr?r ^rc^ c<fr ^«nt Rt 1 f<Fi #?rr 

WfC^R C<Ft?rr<F "^C^ building blocks of matter 1 ^ ^t C<FT?rlC<F?(« ^r<F C'f^R 1 f<!wT% 

<mcsr c<Fi?rrc<t% c^r^R ^crrc^ f^f^ ^^rrtWi ^nt c^t<F, «rrsncir?! ^*\Fm ^m. ^ c«tc<f, wfa 
^tft ^r c«rc<F wmc^ ^rw, "srnR 1* vi^i^o 1 «w ^t^sc<f ^st c<tr ^tt ^? ^t «-«mRt 
£f«rsr ^Mt?j c<rr<r "^rr 1 ^tXR c«rc<F ^rfl f^<F f^<F ^jcwr iicsr ^?f ^c?t c^t i ^t ^^o, «rr<Fr*f c«rc<F 
^rRft ^f^ c<r ^^s "<Tfc<F ww ^rc^, \sfc<Fl; w ^wr ^5 1 

^im<jci<j ^ff^mr w^ «rrsrrm, ^iR*ici^ ^wc<f >i<ji>i9 «R^m ^c\s c^r *pw 

vsHC^fH 'flf^FCTT "<TTC<T I C<TSR ^Tt "5=T v*p[f ffnUs ^W, <£\<\ W^ ~^<MP\ ^JT vs^PTTT ~<K<\ ~<\~5 

~^m~~\ 1 c*p<rR c«tc<f umfvwtnus, ^wu\ m- ^r ^mr ^tcto ^rtr ^r, mt^ &k% w #sTtt-iitQTtt 

^<F^T \s"<R \s1? sfTCT? f<t<Ft*r "5=T, vsl? 9 !? C^tR C«fC<F "SR, "SR C«fC<F ~*m WU W\ l ^^t?f ^T<t C^tM 

"<rtc55 1 f<Fi i£i^»rc<T «r<f ^<f^t w\ ^w, «rfFT<f ^t<t ^^fc^ff «r<fc<F ^\^\<\ ^rtc^f «ttci<f^i? ^ot ^c^ 

Rc^H I "5^ ^<T^Tt*TT ^<FC<T C<T ^^PTJt ^<FCf ^CTi? ^^PTJt CWlC<T "^J ~^\ I f^R tM ^C^IH ^^ 
^CTi? \sWf I ^CTi?( Clt vs^PTTt C«fC<F ~mK ^TftR 2f<Ff%?( ^rtf ^T I C*fBt "TtSTtt "<TT?T C>#tt Cor^tT, 

^um cor^tj ^r £f<Ff% 1 -m$; tt4t« ^t ^nt w^, sr<Ff% ^r ^^c<t?t cstm<fr\ £f<j# c«tc<f 
^, Trsdt tri Tfsr^ ^h c«rc<F ^rtr 1w i^Jt ^rwr w\s ^-«rnR c<rr<jrrc^ «ws ^tf®i c<tr 

vsTC<F >T5J ^Tt "^C^? ^^ ^"<tRR t^<F f^<F ^CTi? «l^o "^T, C<rr<JtT "<TT?J C<I ^T «JtC^T I ^?( «TtC^f 
9(% f^=r W<TJt<F^, WCST 4C?r ^R f<Ff ^^TTfvo "5C?T C^T I >J^ "SR f%?J "<J^R <TJH WT "^J \s^R ^fT 
CFK f%?J ^t ^T W\^ CT<ff|, >J^ f^C?J >J^ ^fs, c^ff -?jf?T I ^TTWt f^WfC^T C<TSR C5^T ~^<m 

^ifBsr $0=1 iH csTfBRif^ (7f<rco ntt?i, t^ c^tr c<rr%r <itrr >j^ ^k c<t ^^r^T t%?r tRfw 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


?!zm, <?$ ^"^^MCF <7P<fffs *IH l T%§ ^mfC?! C<T ^ ^fRH ^rsrft "SR c>fclc<i> «rf? C^5 fK 
•rt i -sr^s, (f) vs ^ c<r *jtR/t?t «titars «ft#ii ^<Fc?r or^rr <tTc<t *rr, ^ ^? iw T%H ^r^t^ ^c?r <th i 
c<Tt%rr <rrtar<i *fitaT c*m c#r cwh c^Tfw ^k c<TT<r "^r ^sfN&t ^rrc^, C3#r ^r «w^, ^rtcF 
<mcsh ^srj iq^ ^srsr c^rtf (?iMs ^" r^j 4?n?r ccttcts «rt?r wm ^rrr i c^ ^tth 

«r?r c^rc^ «rstfre, £t^f% c^rc^ ^?f <fc?i c*n<F t# c<t ^rfi?r f<ffw^ra <F«rr <ftt ^c?ru5 ^frr c<r 
c<fh twr-^r<Hr ^r ^ht ^c?r 4^f?rr i#s ^tarc^r w ^m, c<rr%r <rjTH?r «titai ^rtsfw ^rotc^ 
c^R i ^smcs 4<r c^rt^Htcg^ ^«^ht ^rtc^ <rrRH?i nitar c<rr%r t<Fstc<r ^t t%t%mc*TfcF w^ 
^<fc?h i £f«rcsr c<Tt%t ^r ^rc^? sr^f% gtjv» ^^fc^ i ifr ^c^ ^r^ff^ ^HT ^<f?tc5 f?fc?i <wc^, 
-sh tt^r ^ 4^sj « #w "^r ^<H tt%c?r?r ^rmrcsr c<r c<fh ^rr ^rtar, (Tw <fc«t?i ^rmrcsr 4<FJt 
^ ^i c*$ *n^ <*r#r «rrc 9 rfw *rf «rmw, c*$ «rc<m 4<fbt wh3 «rr<K<ri wmct?i c^ 
^ «r<f «rt?i wh ^ ^c?r «rrc<Fi t<Ff f*n «rrc^t : <rt<rt-'srtc?i? ^*f?j 4<f5t ^r^t^T wf $,«ifVi, 
^hct?i f% wm 2t*fc<F ^mr-^Tmr ^tj ihi ^rft^m ^rr ^ «w «ttfm %r c<ft, ^ 
spjtcf ^r<rt-"5THr *m w *rm i ^fwrc^ ^tct ^thh c#c3T?r at*r «trtt, ^ t%? ttff i aHBT twra 
^oft? ?nF5c<t^<i i c<rr^#f twra csft? ?nt^c<ra i ^s\ c<rt^r c<m ^t «ih «^r stt*t c<ih "5«t? t% 

<J-<H ^fWfC<F <Fft ^T 4l5T IM, ^-<H 2f«fW ^^ vsf?f ^tU5 ^^ ^ ?K*lt ^TTCT I ^f?f W& ^ITCT 

«r<f i <rtwf vd-<h ^fc<r, c<Tt^#r ^ ^<m "^r, stK ^ ?i<w ^n i «ihh c<Fr«rr« t^tar m t%| ^Pra 
<th i ^fwmr st^rcsra fw ^, ^f wt?i wh ftta ftta c*rc<r i «rm <t-<h c<m ^?h *m c»fc^r 
^?h ct^ *Nst$ i<t wm^rrc^ ^r ^c<vt ^rtnrcs «rr<K<T i ■<t , <h w "^r ^?h ^, ^ ^rm wk ^^ 
^rw k^t «rfw i «th c<rt*i? ^stt c^m «rtwhs ^ ^<^ ^tw sR^r <ft?i i c<rr%^ ^<Ffu5 <t^h c<fh 
<i#t «rrc^r ^s^ ^kr itwr?r «tmht ^c?t t%s itc^t, ^ ««% ^ «thht, ^f «mht « ^h 
«rfsTW i 4"5Rt¥ *r « «r<f ^rwtvs wh ^c<n hcs ^n^r i c<tsr itt% w^?tt®t, ^rft^r wu mt^ 
t%| ^rc^, (tth «rmw? <Ff^ *t^ ^c?r ^iTOi «2r *rc^?f ^^5t w*f «rrc^ c<#r «nwr <r^s «trf^Ti 
tw c<tt% ^<Ffc5 ^Hl; cr^; ^rrR? w«?rfw5r ^^r ^Hl; c^ «R:<m ^wtw c<r ^H cf5T c<tt% 

<FfU5 ^W <Tm I ttit?r ^T, "SRH <T^H C<FH T%t?I ^T, «t T%f#lt «Tf<Tf?f ^tCf *lt^f^5 ^C?T «rT5Tf?f 
^FfC^ fe «Tf^rC<T, C<TT%^r?r ^TC^ C^H «IH W^m ^?J ^Ti «rWfl ^RH t%H ^te C^fH C«TC<F^ 
C<Tf%T^C<ir (?HI 

^Wf C^T IfT ^r^s?f <JTT1T?I I "^T^ C<TT%T <TTnH?f ^p «tital K^T "<TH ^o^ ^T ^r^ C^fCF 

^dH "sh ^ra ^ ^r^s k*t <tt?i i ^ «r<T^r?j ^ ^r^s? ^t<t t<F|c<F t%f% w?r ^<FCf <?h i ■sj^hcs^ 
^«Ht ^rtc^ «rt<Ft*f ^§c<F (TF^ ^r?r ^<fc^ hc^t c<tt% t% "wst «rtcr, ^ft ^§c<f ^m ^<f<tw t% wst 

^U | 4t «r<T^f?I C<TT% ^<FfU5 W\*$\ W\J ^oTC<T «l^s "^?J I t<Fg C<T ^T ^ftW «TtWf CT^ltt ^ 

^t«, ^ste ^rc^ ^3*rrHt c*h ^c?r <tt?t i 

i£|^ 7T5PT ^ *WC C«R?F Csft ^C55 "5THC<T? ^T ^lfH, "5THC<T? ^H I t<FI ^sH ^TTC^ CsfT 
"^C^ W ^<FCS[^ C*Tl<F - ^S ^<TS ^S I \% W\ ^tft, ^<TS '5THNR?! «IH ^? "^T ^ I ^? ^<T? f S 
^TC^s ^S ^T<T t<F0; (TTHfH t%l ^H'tCf^ vsHT ^ 9 ^ ^T^Bt CSTT<F ^ fttf5?J MCF ^Tt^t C^Tf<F 
^t (^tH (?TTC<F?f ■ 5 Tt5J<F?f c r ^^FfR^R I 4^ C^fW&r (?TTC<F?f '^TH - ^g, ^<TS, ^g, "Sf^g, ^Hg, ^fg « 
7(\sT ^ ^rN^ ^fC?!?! T%<H I tcW C^sjH ^tNt> 'tlNsK (?Tf<F «TtC5, ^t nt^H C=TT<F "5TTW '=TW ^, 
ftTM t%?F «TR?F, ^W?« ^T% «TfC^ t<FI W<mt^|<F Cf5^Tt ^TCiT? (H^ l CW ^M ^#R?F *TM*T 

(?tr?f irfctar 0T«?rm ^*nt ^r ^m w<mt^i<F ct5^rR?F ^c?r ct«?jt i T% ^tt ^r «rrvoHwiw* 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


es\*fi <n ^ c«tc<F3 c<r*iti ^ ^sfi> m^H c*rrc<F?r ^ - vs*r, w^r, t%^r, ^wr, ^tt^t, 
^ff^T « ^n^H i ^rr^r ftcs «rm ^^tt^st ^^ ^ ^f> csrmc^ ^\sff*r ^<fts <t=tt "^i i 

■^r <F*rt ^r #m?r c<r ^ffef ^ w^r ^w ^j»<r ^r i 4 wrr <ft%f $ww (W<rc^T i 
«nwr c<m cfrwrw? rh «fr t^, fe, w^r, «rf?r - •sitfwr ^rw^ c^s c^ic^t ciwmr ^ttt 
^rc^? «rr^ Hc?r ^rrc^r i ^Tf?r ^R ^m ^<timft w#f crfH ^» «r<T^m <mc&h ^<h Fgr#r 
cift w^ w ^wra cift ciwlw? t^t <MtoH i "#^r? f*tc& ^c^ ^rr ^rtc^ri Fst^t orft 
«rmm ^rw <mc&h, «iHT?r w ^rt^t ^s «rfc^; \sf*r c?rc?T ^^ ^tor ^s i ^rr c^ct k*t c?tc*r i 
«rfc?r<Fr?f <ff%r (jfff- ciwrw? cwtc^ri Fsr#r c^rc^r, ^tf?^ oic^rc^ri \sf3; cift- ciwrw? 
«r%^c<F wfwr ^ ^^rm «rfmmr ^?rc\s\3 nmft rt i ■?# ^c^ «r%§ sttc<f msm ^kr c<Ff«rm 
«rrc^? «n^rtcirff ^rrg ^rc^ ^mr ^t#tt<f fiwn^tfe «rtc^ i 

«rt<Frc*r £ft%f*H c<t ^m fs (FNlt ^-«rfw c^ ^r#TTF <rr "5wrtc<M w ^rt ^ rt i ^t 
csrr<FQwr ^r ^ c«rc<F *i^t|\8vi w^ «r% i «rrstrcirsf ^t *rf*r% ifiw <?tt<f «rww? ^bt^ 
^tt ifrw i ?rf t%t% ifr R?Rc<i<i "src^rT t>c<f "<rm i ^rRfm f$<F <r%?r ^<rs (?rr<F c<#T ^ ^lft 
c«tc<f «rrc?r<Ft>> ^ t% 4?r itaffiBT «iwf t^8 1 ^rnr ^rs (?mc<F?r ^rfwt \smr fr w^t ^s 
csTfc<F "&c*r «rpTcv» nrc^ i ^s <?ttc<m <iif>i*Hi ^«Ht ^<ts c5ttc<f c<tc^s *\ma -^1^1^^ «iw^tJr 
wff% ^t?r wtt% c<T^pr 1 ^^t wf% «rfc^ "<rm "<£C&tqm ^ ^ 1 ^ "5tc<tt ^rt^ ^nt ^rtc^i ^ 
csrfBT wtt% ^<t%^ «tr^t wtt% ^rtc^ otbt «rmm ^it% «itWrc=Tm wrf%, ^m^ <n^c?r «itc^bt 
wtt% «rtc^ ^s ^r «rtc^i ^sft ^«rci? ^<ftc^ w*\ «rfsrc^ tmw «rmm ^tPra "src<n« k^t c<tcv» 
^rmw 1 ^fr^m t% ^Tt% ^tc<tt c<rc^ nr?rc<T ^rr, ct^ ^a^ ^rf% wra ^tc<tt c<tc^ ^mw ^rr 1 ^t ^s 
^g ^s cstt<fqm «iw^Ur 4t ^<m, ^ c«tc<f ^^ 1 ^ ^rRftM^, «r<fr«, ^s c*rrc<F ^53, ^s, 
^hs, ^g, "sr^g « *)\ojc«iiw5i ^r<nt «tptos ntfiwi ^m^r ^t c5tt<fqt?tt ^ c«tc<f ^s?r ^c?r 
"<ttc55 1 f<f*i «rtwr ^? c^tt^ c«rc<F c<fh csttc<fI; c<tc^s ^t^ ^ 1 c<tc^s fT?r<T, "^si?r ^ tp*r ^t ci^t 
^tk "5c?r c<t ^ ^tft?^ «rr<Fc<T (Ti^ ^ cr#r ^^ ^<rs ^f^ c<tc^s ^t?r^ i ^t?r^ ^ -^ ^rm^ 

^^fC?! «RT (?TtC<F C<TC^s ff^ | i£|^»tC<T ^st?r "?rt^f?TIC\s ^ff^lf^t C<TU5 "<Tt?r I "STT^ ^IHT C^T «nwf 

w : <Fmr<Fif& ^, f^ c<r "srmr c^r #fw «r^m \st?r c<r %tht t^r c^r "^sr?r ^m c^us c^r 1 
cstc^r c<t <r# H5T (Ti^nw ^st?r ^^ <Fc?rft?r ^rtc^r ^<t^5 ^c?tc^i c^ c«tc<f ^r c^rcsr ^st?r cvst «ih^ 

"5C<T I f<FI C<T ~3% i£|^« ^«f^t "^C?! «TfC^ CT ^"«H ^gC<t ^<fHc^ ^st?r ^fff K=T "<TfC55 ^^TCST I f<Fg ^st?T C^st 

«rH 7 ^ ^sirm <F*rr, ^t cm c«rc<F ^m <r^ ^f cfcrr c^r 1 j^j "snw ^t ^r ^tftc^ ^trft c«tc<f 

^t cmt^ (?rrc<M ^f^nw c<r (?tt<f «rrc^ otbt^ ^t ^w c«tc<f ^t^ti «w w to 
«i^tivs #<r «rprr "<TT«"?rT <f^ i ^ c<t «itwr ^•«tfw ^T «rtfl ^■«trw w c<r ^s cst^s ^ *tftc?r 
^«tcst ^rfc^ «rtwr <t^rt« ^us <rt?r<T rt, ^^t ^"c<f<ttc^ ^tw, ^ <fB^q ^^rTfwr <mt "^c^ Rt i ^ ^ifti 

^GTITCvs ^"Ci? wmiT« «T(?T<F <F?T ^TTC^fl <£\*ft f<F "5C<T, CT^T^tf *j% «Tf^ft «M 4 ! <fti?T "g<FCvs <fl?rC<T 

Rt, ^Fm^r ^t ^racm <Fsrt<rt\st \srcii? ^m ^rt^rc<T ^ti t% «tc=t<f «^ ^r ^ wm^rtcvst «n<Fc<T, 
^m=t ^^ ^<rm ^ii ^ ^s ^t w ^rwm ^twm ^ #^ «r<T^m ^?rc^i tw t^ "ft^rm Rt 
^r ^smt «rtsrrc^?! ^rrc«r ^«rmr^t mrcvs nmw rTi ?rrw«rm <tcst, c<mc^ ItfTO %rr<F«rt 
«rfcsrr^TT ^?r c^trc^ ^th ^r*ifte f^rprH «rrc<TH i ^ <*&$ ^rtc^r wt wm^rm ^rw^rr ^s 
sdt^t iw wm^st ^[sth «n<Fc<H? «r<T*iTt «n<Fc<H i ^TTH?r ^ ^ifm «rm ^m oi<T*ifm i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^H "Ff^T \#?J tfRsBl^ *tft?TC<F «TCT<FQC?rr *tfk ^FC?T te ^RrC^Hl *H^llM<l ^FTC^ 4H C<FH 

^rwf?; ^ra 1 t%ft ^rfw "fm t%*f<T ws^c<f vsk ifr *tft#r3 otRc?! f^tca 9frc?H i 

<MU5>H, 4^ ^R C*rT<F 1«|3^b TW tHTWl CiiWlW? *lft?t« ^ ^^s tot ftsftl «^ 

«rrsnw? *iffer ^rRft ^bt c<r*tti <r*rr ^r <Ff*tc5 wfo stk, ^t *tft?r ^ifett; wi^ srwi 
csf^rTc^ *tffer ti^s^ c<r*tt, ^tt vstc^ ^pflo stk i ctwici? *tffer cm «R*fBt w% «rfeF, 
w^ ^rttt ^#t c<r*rr i «rt<rr?i <rT?rr t*ra ^^ ^fcr?r src<u «rt<Fr*r ^#r c<t#, c^hi ^kr «rm^s 
c<r*tt ^twr «rrc<rH i tw <rr?rT «rm« ^tc?! «h^k <fc?h ^fe??t ^t *tft?i^T3 «rrc<F ^rr, ^f?rr crtiw 
^ wt «h^h <fc?h i *rs ^nw rs# th, ^tt ^^rnrr t«t wjw src<rr ^t%c?r «ttcth i W\ srh?t 

^C?T K*T C?TC*H 4*R f%TH <T<H CT-^TTW •$% "WfH *tft?r Hc?r i#£C?I C^s nTC^H I 4^M C<FH 
<F< ?5 HT ^BT, 4H «fl^R^ ^TCT f1><F 4^ 4<W\ 3?T I f<TH f^i ^JfF^T f<Ff ^H ^TF» 3?tH, f<F§ ftfate 

t%H ^ 4T^rc?r c^rc^r c<r ^4? ^ttc«j ^t^ ^c?r c^rc^r i ^"<H t%H «rr?r ^ *iffa3 ^h i r<t 

^ *lftc^ ^fC?! f%H K^T <THl 4WH C<TT^t ^sh ^TsHT <MC<=H C<T, CTI; RT<HH C®fTC?r t%H 
vB*voV| «I<T^r?J dtc^ C^H I f<F€ ^H 3% ^T HT I t%H W ^TT<Fm RT<HT <K<^C=H, <rf <M ^ v» 
^<T3 ^»TC<T <K<IC^ C<T t%H tl^rpTC^ W& ^ "5C?J C^Hl t%H <# tl^^lT^TC^ TW ^^ "5C?J 

<rHr ^r ^n? ^^rw ^^ ^c?j ^th, ^t^t c^r «iw ^rr ^c?r <ttc<t i ^c^; ^ttc^, ^^ ^rit '«fc^ 
^chc^ &$ w$ ^<ra «n<pc<H i tl^^rj^Tc^ <t - <h ^% ^c<t, ^th c^ <t - <h %r ^c<t ^t ^k^ ^r% 

"5C<T l ^sT^T ^vs^H ^TT C<Fr«TT?J "^TTC^, ^^T^TT t<P0; ^, R<T t^T ^ WS "^JTC^ - i£IHl; ?P# I 

c<rsH w "sr:<it ^t twr ^T ^thI; ^^ "5c?r c^r ^"<H ^ wra c^ «jmht wr hI; i «? 
^^ c<tt<t «rm c<fh ^iftc^ ^rc^ «rrw ^rr, c<fh sttc^ ^m «tt<fc<t ^tt, c<fh ^rh?t ^m^ h^i 
tl^^u^rco? c<r ^ *tft? wi?r rtc«i ^k ^<rt?r ^^^ft^t^t ^c?r c^fu5 1 %fc<p t^c?r «rr?r c<r^ *tft? stH ! 

WTCs TT^ HT I <T<H ■^TH "5t% "5C<T ^<H #<T« ^j^ ^C?J <TTC<T I Wl^ ^JUS ^^ C*TT<F£T^ 

^«?n?r c^ ^^ hI; i ^«r c^si ^? ^c?r c^r, vsh «rt^r wr ^h ^iftcM cw^ «rrc<F i ^ w^r 
^t *tffej «tt<m t%t ^^h ^ ^c?j c^ti TTft#?r ciwic^r?! t? ^?r ■srT&tcsf ^r^trsr^Tfrrw (^rft 
?r^r<f<5m) t?i ci^r ^rft# ^w ^c<f <wcfeH '"*r»t>sit! «rw?r ^fft^rc^ «rrrsr «j^?r w c<fcst 
t%?i c<rtlc?j c^rrsr' i ^sH 9 !?! t%t^r ^r?r "sth^ ^ c^ic^h c<T^s "sic^ TTft# c^ cic<rc^r I C^sCS 
ffin #^?|T «rrc^r t%H ^t ^ift^Tc^F «j^?r w c<fcst t%?r c<rt?rc?j ^jh i c<rtlc?j <ttc5^t c<FT«rr?r? 
t<F0; ^r?r, <s\w^q c<r «r^s ^»ifT? T%r <rr c<r 'wra *tft<r t^r cth ^ ^tcs c^ti ^<rr?r ^^ 
<rTf?r *t% t%?r f?rco «?f <f?jc<t i wra ^ift^ c«tc<f ^t *tft?r «jh<f ^tm i t<Fi ^r?j[ ^ifte ^^h 

RSPTJT "^T, ^t *lfte H^T C<FH ^ WT "<TT?J "=TT I WT C^TTH^ «rT<M «TT<FCs "5?J, ^H« «rTCl<FH 

cspr^rHT i ^t «rwr *tffa c«tc<f <# c<f^ "5t% c^rc?! <tt?j, ^t^ ^ -^ -^ -?rrc<r i \5tc<F «n? 

iij»v|^<t ^HT «rc^ ^^a -^j Tft | %sT?J ^^|<TH <J<=1C^ $&<[ fe#^",° ^^ ^^TTH ^t ^lffefl; 

^r% "5c?r ^rc<Ti t% ^r?j[ *tftc?r ^t t^ ^ ^ 1 ^^ c<n?iRc<*> «rHm ^t wra *tfte tw 

«Tl^s ^?J l t<FI ^t C^»C<T <# C<F^ ijS^ 2|<Fr*l ^FC?T - «iT^r! ^t ^T <T?TC?r *tfT?1H k^t c^t! «rHm 

c<FT«rT?r t^fer w$ t^cs ^c<t, ^t ^iMbt «rm ^rrw t<THT c<f wth i ^t c»n<F wr c<Tcst nrc^ i 

ti## ^wrtcir?r ^rc^r itttc^ ^ft! ^t ^fcn <# «rtwr ^% ^rr» *rf wcs nrt?r ^t^t 
^ ^wt^t «rr?r t<F ^rr^ <ttc<t! ^t "sh<tt ^ttt ^rr^ ^w ^t%, ^T% trsTrm t^r «rm^ ij#» 
«rr?r ■sRT , j?Fc<T?r «rr*r?r «rr?r« n#?r ^#s i «rrsr?rr «thh "sh<tt ^tt ^?fs «th, -s^ nr^^rr?! t^r« "5?r^ 
"5C<t t<M ^Tfci? w ■sRT^?Fc<T?r «rr*r?r c^r ^rr?r nreTrt "<ttc<t ^rt i (tt^ht "<Tr wm ^"^R ^<fc^ hTq i 

Tl## t<T "STHT^F W ^^TTH <J<=1C^ l «rW?T W'HH "SFs ^5 "sr^ t^fej ^TH, t<TC5, sr*fT, srltl "^ 

^rt, i£|^t<t ^?n?r c<fh £f*rl; (H?; 1 srT^t; "^, «rr?r <r<H ^^ ^rr^tt^ «r^rra^r wtt ^<H "5T%?r I^th^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


srr<Fc<T i t%s ifi'SR c<fr ItosI <r?; c<t «rtw c^5 "sn^? t^lwHra ^rrs «r^TBrcm <$ ^Rsft^M 

^TtW? ^nt^T ^jCBC^ CT^ ^KH H^t WFR I W^fiMJ <Wt ^J, 4^ WH OT ^jPlTt 47?T^ CT^ 

^rt^fw ^T^p w^l? ^ 5 ^ RT3 i 

<MtfeH »*$ ^ttc<f ^«fteRHjrft rrt wra <Fcsf?r ^rtn fcft ^r i «rtTsr c<r <R"c*r wrr 
Hraft, ot tTra^rnra ^rir TRc?rf^ c<r 'tttan ^rn Rc?rft ct^ «H5tc?r ^wsT% ^hR^ ^f ^T»lf<T<F 
«iw «rmm ^ftc^ ^w <ttc<t i ^ ffiffifc <f< ^ ^c^ <F?rc*r ^f?tc^ *rrm rns ^?rcvs *#, c<f^ 
«rrsrtw <tt<tj <f?tc<t rti Tw «rrr^r <# ^TTT^f^r^t ^, <# c*r?rc<F c*rc\» yfc, ^r «rrsrtw c^rcs 

"5C<T C<FH ^^^T ^<F<TC*r ^R T%| ~~~~~~~~~~~ WS <TtC<T I C<T5R 4~~~~$ 00, C<FR C5TC?I?T ^t^ <# ^WTJ 
■^t, \a*R \at?J ^r *W ^T CwsC?J -5rTf^T<TC<F WteFo Wtl <7T ^ - ^ WstT, ^WH, Tt^t, lR<HW<] 

?r%<f, ^^rT% ^rmr wfcss ?r<rrtc<F ot ^tct? w c^tc^i ^frtt 4^r# C5rc?r?r #*tr?j Path of 

least resistance i ^feH <W ^T ^ Path of least resistance i 4Rt?rt ^<F<H?; <MC<M (R 4^ 

c^rsrrc<F <f?jc\s ^c<r, ^r <f?jcst c^itw ^rMii^ <fc?j <w?rr ^c<n c^ c ftFt<fc^r Wm ^ *rrc# 
Hc*r i ^ra^rrsr c<r w rara Wm <r< fic^c^H (rararf?; <rm rt i ra< iR«voh «rrc^ %r, ^ ^ft 
^Tra ^r^ «rrc^i *rraj T%<r<r ^f?tc^ rt, tw ^h ^r *w toi "<rrat ^TjN^FrfT, Rtrar ^Tjrc c ra *w 
Ti^s ttr, H&*mc?ra 5tMc<f <rmr «ra*m ^?tc\2 ^rtc^ \srci?t wv ^s\ ^r ^r *f«f i 

<tm cor^r ^<t^s "51%^, ^«fersr <# t^ t^ ^th^ ^<t^ k^t ^t^t ^mr cott^ <t^s 
^rmw i t<M ^^rjf^, ^^fsfi^j, Tfsrrsf >i<ii^c<ii T%?r fac=ifac*r c^r^r w i tw ^R <# <ft «rrrsr ^^ 
c^m ^?rc\s ¥tt, <rTT% ^r<nt t^ 9 ^ <tt<f, ^r ^t ^^fer^r stsrm ^r «rrwrr <ttc<t rt i <tt^ ^r ^t 
«rfsrmvs ^rr» c^, c^rsrm^ ^rr» c^, «rm «rrwt ^rt^; Tsrw car^r w<ti ^s^r ^«frsrsr <w ^r 
c<fr «iT%t (Rl; i <# ^r «rtt^l; 4<rt3 c^rn ^<t^<t «rm <nt% ^t<t%<f iTit<Tc?j ^w<t, ^r ^«fersr <r 
^ fwr<rmm ^r c«tc<p ^s ^r<rt ^c?j i#&tc<t i ^m ^hj ^fersr <t^c<f wrcn csrra ^t%c?j ftus ~s& i 
f<Pi t£f5r^ \b^r ^c?j "<Trc<r «rrgfw <jf i «rr^jw <r4c\s f% ^c<t? ^mc^s 4-<R £fT% ^?j T^rcB ^^<i^r 
-^ «rr^twt ^c^ i Tw wc^t ^mc\s c<r^ «rr^iwt «s Rt i art% ^?j Pihcc ^^ ^^ c^rm 5 
«rr^iwt '^c^ <?#tc<f ^<Fm? ^tt <r|;, ^<t «iw «rm ^^rfe "^c?j c^ i c^ ^<m>, ^\um <\^\<><b 

^T^Tf ^MC<F C^»C« C^STTf ^C^I «RJ C<T^ ^^ftPT t% "ST^T ^oftfo «rfsrm f<F| <TR ^rTCT Rt, «rNTC<F 

«rrsrm c^r^r ~<mu$ t%^s ^c<ti ^t ^ «n^c<^<i ^m^<T<fi c<Fr«rm wt c^! ^iRRc^ «r^fF^j ^c?j 
k^tc^i tMT'gYil; ^r^ ^^rmrn ^^ *rtT%, fm «rrc^R Ttt% «rm c^r? ^tm ^^ Ttt%i c<tr 
i<jt§ «tkm «ttt% ^nc^? «rrsrm w c<r^ ^^rc^ ^m ^rt, «r*nt% ^rt%c?j ^rst &$ ^m cm ^z, 
^^r irf^ T%Rt iTh3 1 c<Fr«rr c«tc<f ^rr^ ^ ntT%? nt% ^rj ^t ^<m i ^r c<m«rr c«tc<f 
«rmw? -«ff^T ^r ^rwrc^ ^c<t i -^m *fw$ c<m\ c«tc<f «rr^w? ^r wrw c<fct? «rrcn ^rtR 
<r^c\s -^c<t i ^r ^r r§ "^ c<r> "srmr <ttc<t? t%| *fe*rtft "^raw «rm t%| «rrT%t# <Tmr ~<& ^c^ 
^^r-^'R ^^rrac^ \smt "src<ti \s-<r vsmt t% <Ric<T? ^T^ *TC5 ^T«<TrfT ^c<t i ^m csot «rm c<m 
^rm (rI; i c^rsrm t%r? ^tr? f^fB ^<r c^rc^m ^rj 4<fr «rtt^ iiwm, «rm ^ 4<fr irtw w 
w '^ ^tmc^! ^t rc?j ^<Fmra c<fr t<TFm Rt, c<fr TM ^t<rt (R^i ^^ 05M «rm c^mi 

■srRj "<J'<R C<FR ^ ^<F(ra ^R ^ ^W3 ^^<FR ^FT ^J I ^ "<T^TRC<F ^-<rnR W^T <F5% 
5|57Wi c<H ~~~\f5 ^PT <FTT "^J? «TW<f ^k ^TC<TJ <t<=1C^H <J^fl^0- ~ t lt~~~~~ffif ~~T ft~~~*t~~% &I~^~¥~~R ~~~ 

fi~~~*ij$\i>ly\i>i{ ■ ~m~ c<r ~~rf ^gTsr ^<f^ ^rm ^ "«r^ c<Ftf& ^<fc^« ct ^f rt*t "5c<r ri, <r<R ^rsm 

"5C<T CT^ ^ C^r5TTC<F tW <rfC<T I ^^FSRTii C<FR ^§ R?J ^Rl; ^^TT^, ~~~~~fa\~~~ RC^ ^^ f%WT¥, 4^ 
f^rw %?l^ ^<T f<F| "5CST I fWTR? W *fNT «rfc^ IfK ^tt?r, #T^ ^<t T%| C<TSR <F\s<F#T 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


farcsr ^rr »Myii c® k*t, #f wrf^ sm k*t <Fcsf?r ^*rtf ^lt) i ^rmt sm RtR^ic^ ^tw ^rf 
vsiw? <ftc^ <F*f ^r« t%§ <?^ i f<Fs ^r ^th «rt?r ^it ^th, cvarsrm ^f c^rsrr^ *^c<i ^rf i Ih&Th 
w f*R srr<fTr<F<fc c r?t t%r «rtfwm <k<hR ^m «rtcn T% ^3 <f*t wr<Ffc*m T%f cw? ^r ^^ 
srr<rrt<F<fc < m rw*? ^th «rm ^rit ^th «rrsr ^ c«rc=F «rrsr iwr «rt<Frc*f ^rr %?r srrfi^?; *tw 1 
«ijiFtFre ^h <mc°h *ri*ift ?rc<f?r bifiRw smf^r <f?tc^ ^h ^cm ^mm?tt <frfh ^r ^r ^rr 
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«ijiFtFrew vsit ^f?tc<t 1 ^r#rT%«? ^r Twr% T^ttc<t ^r ^c?r f^nmft^t ^ ^ft/F ?n<T<rR ^Fc?t 
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^pTHTff ^m ^"<H crl; «rrc^m «rtc^m ^TTTft feR f^M c«rc<F c^i c^ ^w <T*r^s ■<j , <h 
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^<FSHC<F f<tC?J <FPTT5Tl f<tC?I?r ^TjJ ^H "^Tl (?T<rH C«fC<F «IHH '•T^T <F< ^5?F "^C?J C^Tl ^HC<F 
<Tv5 <F^s f?TC?J 'it^r ^T <Fsf <F?tf| ^ft^r f^<F <F*f <F?rf|l C^TS'M C«fC<F «Tt?r« f<F| <Fsf ^C* «rT<Ml 
i£|^»TC<T <Fsf C«fC<F <Fsf, (TT^ <Fsf C«fC<F «IH^ <M "^s ^ps C*I Wf0\ i#&T?r ^sT ^pf ^<F&T C<H 

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ciT^t^rfe?]! ^<F&r <ftt1 w c<fc^t ^s, i<jT5|^ ^ro c*m ^c?r <ttc<ti ^ Wt ^rm c<fh tt% c«tI;i 
c^rfe?!?! <Ftt% ^mr "stth «tt^iwh i w <fi£?; «fTf<F ^rf c<th ^ <F<rm «rr?H ^tt^tc^t ^t<t <fi^ i^ ^^tw 

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«rr5Tfc<F orc^ ^tw i (tt^ht ^«p "sr^rc^ <F«rr <ftt ^?t i «rtfsr w ^rm<tH ^; ^rf c<th c<tc^ «rmc^ 
^t #^wr ^c<tX i "<f» ^Tf <ftst^ <fR ^tt c<m «tfsrm c^rcF «t^m <f§ ^rrc^ i hs^tt- w ThT^ 

vsTC^vS W #<tWf ^;i (7%HT W^T *f«|a "SRjW <F?TCvsi «TT%T%<F -<rr«"?rTC<T, TSTfR t<F| 

c<rc^ ctw, Hc^rft «rt#?rwTc<F -«rr^^rw, crwm ^\ ^?tc<t, ^rr^ ^m°\ ^?tc<t i w»mc^ 

^TC^ C<T *f«|3 "S[^|W <FC^ ^Tt CT C<TC^ C«tC<F« "STvs | W "5f<tT%C<F 2pJt <FfC^T t^S^tT f^^S (?F "5J\s? 
■^f^rfe ^H ^ ^8? T%?tflc< ? H C<T ^t^ *f«|3 "Sf^lW <FC^ ^TT (TT^ *t^ C<tC^ C«tC<F^ "sjvd i 

<F5/^" 575^7; ^ wstvd, <Fsf <f*r ^T*f ^r ht, ^tm c^t<f wm , «n?fT 9 tt; c^<f ^m <r ^rt%\s 
c«tc<F «rcwr <f?tcvs «tr<Fc<r i ^ ^<fsjw c«tc<f ^rrsj?rr c<fh «twl; c<rc?rrc^ nm^ "•rt i <Fsfc<F «tR>^si 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


wr ^mu^ ^Km <rltc<T i ^f ^mu^ I<tt%st t%tf ck*r Hra k^i ^sr^ ^Hrc'frc^T c^tc<f« 
<frws *rt?R ^r i «rrsrm 4 wr «tst >ntc<M «rrc^, ^rrc^m <rtl^w> ^im *tit% «rrc^, «rmm w w 
^jawr tit% ^ttc^ ^r «trt% fw^, cwscm ^ ^htc^f Hwr w« ^s^thi 1 ^tths, «rmm ^r^r 
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woR ^r c?rrc?m wk 1 ^tm «rfM-^spr, ^tm *rjt<Rr , <rr<rm ct^tiw t%r <7r<rnH ^j^m srcwi 
w t%r 1 wf&m?rr ^tf^s^TH tw cit^r^r ^<r "<r^m >#<f sft%c?rr<r ^?r ^rr 1 fw |t#H W 
>ici>\sH^r <rt% wr ^r cwrc^m stcwi wr c^rc^i «rttsr <rf*r ^r «rr^ tftan «nt% ^t-t 
«rrsrm^ w ^m, ^?r ^rw w4?r cwr ?f# h^i ^ ^j^m ^*t?r ^rtsrrc^ cwr Hwt c^, 
2f«rws c<r wc<f «rrwt c5w fer ^wft «rm ^rsrrc^ c<r <#c<rc*r <tt>t wft ^m c<r sr«m - ^ 
ij^r c«tc<f c<m ^rc^t «rtwr ^te fm<T ^rri 

^t ~ffi wm ^rc«t ^#?r ^^ wr^ ■srr^rm ^r^s -^r, ^ ^#?r wtt^ ^r w<rrtf^F 
wti ^ ~ffi c<tsr ~<M<i ~*m f^ 5 c^rH ^ci? wr, <ttc<f ^rtsrat w<mf^i<F ^rsr ^rft, c^« 
^<rr^ ^sji ^#?r ^rsrw «rtwr ^wN^ «rft<m ^^s ftf^rri sntsr ^ wt «rmrc^ «ih*wvo 
^rfe kstc^, «rt tw w<mf^F *ret «rrsrm wfe twi*r ^m t|I%%T®m tw %m 
"<rrc55 1 T^, tt^c<r? w ^ wr <rTc<r, im^m ^s ^rrc^f ^rrmt^wr? ^TTc«t srrsn <F«rr w ^r ^ "<ttc<t 
vdvd^ w<mf^F *ret ^ ^rfo ^w 1 f^mmr srrsrr ^«rr w^r ^TTCr<T ^ ^pi^g ^c^r 1 stnt ^rr 
^tc=t, wr^ttw R<i?ic<f c^ <ra w ^wra c^tm^ ^?rr^t ^s nrc^ 1 ^fw ^«rmr«t ^jw 
v©m w<mf^i<F ^ c«rc<F ^ ^tmra cre 1 t%rtw wt- <riH, ^tr^rR w, «r<JT?r c r « w, ^rt%^ 
^rt^sTrr, '^'fpnf^ wr ■<#« ^^wr ^ - ^ «rrsrrcii? w<mf^<F ^<rHrc<T ^rt, t%s f^r^^r «p «rrsrrc^ 
^t sfHT ^rr c«rc<F ^rfer ^r 1 «rm %<f t% <ra ^^T^rrc^ %m tto «tt<fc^ «rm^s ^ ^^r 
^irsrtw? ^rc<n w<mf^F 'rat csrcn ^w 1 ^ w<mf^F ^r^m ^fRt^ ^ot ^fer ^h t%rtw ^tc<f 

^H tW C?ICs ^J 1 W<m%F ^PlWO #^sT W <[f% nrw W OT «rrsTTCiT? C»W ^^ W ^^T 

«nwTf ^fw «rrc^ c^tw ^c?r fes «rmw, ^m TTc«f Ttcsr «rnrt^rnrt ^rt t%| ^55 c^rsM^^s 
^af^m ct?j 1 ^s^H ^ ^tfm "Fi^Hm ^ht <r^5f iiwm w|p wti$ cfst ^<fc^ "sj^rc<F *rt¥ ^ncs 
^j 1 ^^\s c^rn-^PHT wFtt «tw f^rc?r ^rh^ ^tc<it 4^r shti% ^rw? ^nr ^r 1 ^^ht^ ^tt ^r 
^frca^ ~m, c*n<F ^t<t ^^ ^<fc^ ^c<m c*rc^ «rt|t% ^<fc^ cw "^?t i ^5 ^ - ^ ^<fc^ ^n^t "^c<r ^rr, 
t%rrw nr^ ~<m cw ^m 1 ^^»rw ^Ttfs ~5*\uv <qw$\ ^rc?r w<mf^F *ret t%^f ^ttt ^ttc^ <ra 
hwi c<r <m « >iviic^r<i £f»rc<T «rrwr ^t<t ^tsttt ^rrsr ^st ^^ ^rtf^, c<r wis £f»tc<T ^<r#r 
t^ w «rtwr cowt kstH, c>r<rrH ^t w<mf^F ^ wrsrtc^ f|I% froi 

^awtiH<rcH<i sf^rsr ^w ^fsrsr ^? ^r ^m ^rci f^r ^u^ ^w.-^ ~$<fa\ wr ^c?rc^i 
cr^ H^^r ^r c^rc<F f<F^rc<T ^lt "^r ^mt; ^4^ wt ^,c?ic^ ^# ^rw ^n 1 ^ywr w<rrc<F ^^prssm 
wr $c?ic^ ^r?r ^rw w 1 ^? «rrc^r >rr^ ^rw ^tci ^ift twrw "^r c>#tc<f <fc?i<f1^ ^^rsrm >tt^<it 
^cfcw wc^r 1 ^^Hm >Tf^rc<n c<fh ^ v^§c<f c<rmrrcsT c>#r <rm c n wcvs «rrsrrcir^ >r^f ^n ^ n, 

>TT^ vs ^5# t^ -src^ ^*f5RSt?r ^T ^BT ~^ ^f I «TTC^m R)HCG "SR^ >TTCSf ^T?r ^TW WT^T ^T, 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^j, ^s « «# t^ -^ R<siR\d v»iw ^tt ^m, Tw ^m ~*m w^ ^ ?r?jwf IStFWBim» 
^r^RT wr ^c^i 4-<H c<r^ <# "srw <ra ^r?r w "sr^?; wfsr s^ks ^^ <rm «rm ^ «rcsf?r 
^tc^r csmr fim$ wrsrm ^c?r <rm, fw ^=r wc*r ^c<r hm ^w w^ f*mr?rr ^rfwT f*f<rc^ 
"mu^, twe f*rc<TT?r ^rr^rm <rrc^ ^jmrtbt ^rfT «iw <rc?r <rm c#shj t^ ^f?rc?T ^tht fw ta 
c^mrrc^ri h?t to ^rcsr <wc^ - 

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^fT%w? ^t ^wrr ^ <r#r, 4?r ^f ^ftter f^ra ^rm^rr wr <rm ^rt, 4^ <r#r i 
T%^ ^m f^r *rtfc wc\s wc\s «rm 4?r «r<fc<F fi^r wc\2 m« ^fc ^ra 4<#h «r#r t%<st 
c«rc<F?; *tfwr<j ^m <ttc<t i wh «rrsnr 4<r «rrc^te *mr fwr wtf w ^r ^ Hra «rh<f f<Tf^ 
«rfM^rr «rorfl f<M i?rr fwr «rmw f% otbt «rtwr 4«H3 ^tm'tm ^r:<jt «th^s *trf?rj%i ^t 
ferwwf ^rm^rr ^fBft <t#t i c<r c<m fwit ^r c<m f<r^<F wht, t% «rr^rt ww wsf^, 
«rr^trc<F wmm wu c<fh fwm src?rr®H ^?r ^rh sw\ wt ^ttpt ®h, «rr^rrc<F wmm *sht c<fh 
^th?t wfrt *rc?r nr i f%i fwr, c<tbtc<f ^mr fwr w ^ <?fST Twra ^ht 2Tc?tt®h ~s$l c<r 
wti#r «i^h wt «rrfs ^nr «rf^ ^mr fwt p$ «r^m^tw ^r*r ^^ c^r i c<r c<fh fwit ^r 
«rrsrrc<F «rm« «i^iw^ t%<f fer <ttc<t ^m^sf «i^hw ^tth ^<ra o<m \ «r^H c<r^r ^m^ ^m. 
C3#r ^^ ^^i ^^ ^rcfj ^rr, ^h ^tth ^c<t ^<h ^^ ^c^ ^tth "^m <ttc<t i c<t "g^s ^ ^wh 
^n ^ «2r ^Bi^ ^mr fwr 1 ^mr fwt 9m «rtwH c^r ^rt, «aH« fes ^m^rr 1 

it^sfwf f%m «rfsrar ^° "<rrm ^h ^tt» ^m 1 ^^ ^^rr^r ww ^<mt ^t ^rrc^m w <fSt 
c^rm «rrc^ (w^r ^^r 1 ^rwtt^ ^w wr «rh<pqm c^rm «rrc^ 1 tw «rrsrrc<F <# ^<t# <hh «rrc^ 
(W^r ^sipt^ ^tt "^r, «rrrsr ^, ^, f^r, ^m «r?t «c«t ^w ^^mrsr tr^m w ^rr^ cwm «rrc^i 
c<r wrc^ ^mr «rrtsr wrrsr ^fi» ^r ^sfwt 1 ##tif ffwm ^c^ ^tT5ttc<f ^t fro ^^rnn 
liiv» «t^tt cRrm ^ w*tt "STHpi #Mwf «rrsrm ^^ f<rc*m «i^hc^ H^rm^f ^c^ T%^i tlm> 
c^srH «rNrcii? "src<u ^5\ mc*m ^rwH «rrc^, c<r «i^H<i*r^s «rrwt ^ ^<t^5 c^tfl 1 ^ ^^hc^ 

C<T ^Tf*f W^ OTBlt ^mt TWf I «tHHT «THHT ^M CT5?rm, ■STHW? ^«sfT WHH ^HT ^sfwtC<F 

^m ^m snmrn w^s ^c<r 1 ^it ^rr, ^sfwtc^ ^thh ^m^rm «rc^ <r?rr tp f%® ^fwm 
c<fh src^ (?#;, c<fsr ^c<t cfst ^i ^ <ttc<t i c^t? <k=iost<i ■<Ft5 x rr(H ^mr "^rfs^ c^s c^, 

C^T^s va|fe»H^ <^l ^mt <f?fC^ nt^ ^t C^FH^T ^m C^T, #T«, ^WfH^ ^r ^^BT *npTTt 

^^st ^rnr w^ '«tc^r «rrsrm c^r' 1 w» fws ^rt ^rmm c<r «twH&r ^wcf t%r csfBt^ 
^rrc^ c^t wit?t 1 4«H «rm c<fh ^"*m «rmw ^rr 1 ^mr twr f^ ^^rc<r ^s «i&nw H^rm^t 
~*m ct?j 1 "^s, ^<ra ^^ ^c^ ■srcsTT ^t «t^HtJt H^rm^f "^?r Ht 1 

^sfwf WH<I ^SRT '«RH^ 2f^T% T^s ^, n^HT f*T<TC^ ^C<T, C<Ttn, T^mM ^sjTR «RH<F 

f*r<rcvs ^c<t, f§<F c^rH ^mr fwr ^rrc^ ^ht «rh<f t%| w^s -^i 1 n<Hr f*tc<r %m «rrt^ T%| 
T%t^<tc<f «w Hf^i ^mr twr T%?r f% «rtfsr ^tc<p <mji Hf^? ht, ^t ^agf^ra, T%Ht «rrc^ri 
^<f5t t^^m ^rwH «rmrc<F tw c^^^rf^r ct^ ^r^mf&t k*t c^t i «srt w^f t#fk, ^rfwm ^rrc^r 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^Um C<FH *T*f4 (H^ l ^ifWl^ ^IW ^T 1M fimBK I ^ftwr ^TT ^5 <ld3" t%l 4?t ^IW ^T 

srmr fimBK i ^mr fwm ^m ^rtwr f^rnm^r i ^ilwt fimm^r ^r ^ oi^rm ^r k*t <tt?t i ^t 
«rrc^r, f^H ^r «rm t%^ c^ t^i «rtwm ^rc ^ft<F <r^ <k^\ cr'^rrc^ i <t^ c^rrHt; wK ^ 
^&hw fimm^ wr ^ti c*m ^® *!<% 4 <r^ cr-<rfH «srmcr, t^i <t<h «rfwr k*t <ttc<t ^h 
C3#r ^ ^uc tu*\ <ttc<t i t^i 4?r ^ht c<r srsfis Hca ^rr <?f6T f^HK i ^t sr#s «rmm w ^u 
«r'mr twr c«rc<F i ^m wu ^tsrrcTft ^mc? cw<f wmcs ^ i *®?ri <mc5 ^ hcs ^cr, c^ ^n 
w*t ^fct ^rrf^, ^r ^M?rr twti ^nt 1 tw c*m ^s c<r twr «i«aHw fimm^r ww otbt^ *r?rr 
twri ^rt^stwr t*r*rca -^r sfsrcsr (mffi t^rrn f^r^rcs ^cr, (7r<rH cshtf «rt?r« «icw f*n *t?i «rtfsr 
^t^r <r#r w <rics f*r*rc5, vsm 9 !? ftw^rRvs f*Nfl, ^t?t 9 m «rm« «tcmF f*H ^m ^riprpr 
f*Nf|i atsrsr t%«rt ^r w «rmrc^ ^jh^tpt c*hh, c*\*w*\ w\ ^rri wt^prr^ f*Ncs ^cr <rrc*t 
«rtc*^ ^rca ^ i ^mr fwm c^r <fts? «iwh fimrn^r wr, c^t&t ^ crc<rea?r ^m i t^i ^m ^ht 
^fif^r f^TK « ^twt%r i «r 9 tir twm gs#^ «tsr wca ^ct^ «iw^ ^tfersr wcs ^?r, t^i 
^m srcrMt^r ^jcrr^ ww t%<f "^r i 

*mr fwm wr ^rc^ c^rcsr <mr*r wr ^rm, c^ht ^ twrc^ ^rfwr w ^tj i «rt?r ^t 
fwr ^rrsrm^r ^p? c«rc^ ^c?r, ^ t%p ^c?r ^rt <*$ twrc^ i?rr twr w ^tj i W\ %?j 
^thh c^ht feft wr ^c^ "?rrw ^ ^r i "^ c#r c^ift (?#r« ^sj «rt? \si?r c^t^h c% f^H 
«rrc^ C3#r« ^rw i IBhi5R ^rw i c?r wh «rtsrrc^ cit^rc?j ctw ^c*rT W$, ^h c^iw ^#r 4^ 
fift% i f^H c^r ^ ^tsjtj (^fTH «rrc^ «rt?r f^Ht; «rtc^ t^ ^si?r "src^j ^s«m htst f^?r ci «?rr 
^j^, *$\ ^t%, vflfsr c^tt^t, toBt %?r - «rm ^?r ^r#r?r ^^5r ^rsrm^r ^th tw oi^tjt ^t ^ i 
^•«rrH "s& <?NfBit ^Totfw, <3?r "sr:^ f^ c^rfBr «RT^itw i ^«h fi>ft?t wh "^ "^rrw ^h ^tt% 
«th, ^rr (Hiwr ^rm ^t wKbt «rmw ^rr i ^rcrst -sjcstt ^ wKbt «rm^ i ^^ t%t% ^thh jsf\ 
«rrsrc^i ^t c?r ^vs -irHH w^ *w*m, ^s (?rm, ^\s £rr%, ?rr*r, cbt%t, C5?n?t, ^rs ^tm, w^, 
fsm, «rfim, ^t ^thh c^rfBTl; «i^TH?t ^i ^?t ^w^\ <*&, ^ ^=#1^ cif^m ct?t i?rr 
fwr i twrw c^rm? ^wh h^h^ ^^ i *r?rr twm ^# ^r wi H^m^r i wiwrm fwr f*w 
«rrfsr ^^rn^H ^^s^ ^ ^ -^^ ^ : ^r^ ^ ^^r?t «r^n^H^ ^w^ ^ntm i f^i ^mr 
twr cwrw ^?r ^tti ^mr fwm *&si$ ^nw ^rwH H^m^ri ^^mt ^?t ^rm «bt fim^c?r H^m^r 
"5c?r "^rm i (tt^ht ^?r ^^rsrr h«"?tt "^tj §H?j ^t sntD? c^ht ^r (TTHm ^itht %m i ^ *r«H 
c^th c^t (ttht t%m ^r?HT "^rr, ^h ^m ^ithtI; (ttht i 

*rit twm spr ^rr ^r ^jwh H^m^r i ^iwh c^r «rcw m^s^ «rm^s ^, ^w^ 
c^rrn «irc5 wrH^rr, ^h^ ^whi t#^ fwrcr ^r*r ^?rcs ^?j wtf^rr, ^h^ «t^hi ^<f ^^\ 
t%t% f^rc^ ct^ «t^Hhc^ Tj?r wr srrcr ^^ 4^h fwr i twm c*m nt i c?r c^h fwrc^ ^s 
wr ^rm, ^c*tt*h wr ^rm i ^mr fwrc^ ^^t^tt ^tj ^tti ^rm ^rc^ ^mr twr «rrc^, <?$ twrc» ^?r 
4<nm§ «iwhh B<i^c<i k^t "<ttc<t i «iwh k^t "<TT«"?rrc^ ct fi>H« ck-*\u3 sj^vs c^ict i f<t*i sj^?r 
c^rm ^thh ?i<m <rc*t «rm ot ^ ^c<r hti c^rm f*M, ^m csr^Tcs? sr*t??rr w, ^mr 
cict tw wtH ^m o^H^rm spr^ c^f^Hi 

^? «rrc^m sng Trt^m ^w? ws ^rr w ^c?rc^, ^w ^r^ $w, ^m« «rrc^m sjc^ 
Hq c t wm<\ ^ ^rr ^m^i ^^H ^rrssrc?! «f§sr ^rc^ w^r <7.° w ^^^ t%H w, 
^<Fsrng f^tHI; 3#^i tjw c<f? «rtFT<f <t<=ic^«r - yiviwM wMvtftt Tpms, ^nsrHT <k^\ tmH ^t<t 
R>^w^ wrcH, ^risrHT wc^t srrcr i n totaiity i ^cm t%Wtc<^ t%h ^mu^, vmvu^v wtc=h, 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 

^iic»ifi*iM>« wth, #rc^e wt^H «rmm «irHTflrc^e m?R «rm ^rm ^ ^#r ^iws wfw, 

C<TH K*T C^ OTBTC^S WfaH, T%Ht W, li^HHPfl «$ R^HHpf ^H, <Tm«, <TT 1%f W$ *flW 

7r#tt fwr wtfhi ^m iw t%h ^rhw i «rprc*r l^f*^ i^m ^w «r< wht i $m wrt 
«rm t%H, ^t ^m ^ic<it cw wk <hI; i ^f«H 'W nra ^rc^; (?th^ wfo wht, «rm mw <rr^ 
«rsfo wht i ^'tHw^ ^m wrf^ ^*H c*r<rr <rm ^r «^«t wm ^ht ^t « ^w *fc*f<r 
^m^m wt "^r, tw ^rwr^ ^ ?rw w ^?r ^rr i wh ^h ^t wft^ ^t crr ^ *Kh ^t 
*mc<m ^ht ^ w ^mc^i <# ^t ^ nr wr "^ «rrw, ^r^r ^m ^wr 1%*h «r<f 
srrwn «rrsrrcir^ ^o ?rmi<H <w^ #t ^iws ^rhw THt^r ^r^r w<r 2rf%*r*f *rr?TH wr$ t%^i 
^tHwr ^r ^r hm ^fH^r cw *rwi; ^»f*nH% «iw sjetm ^- ^j ^ 

«rfFrc<m ^s 3^fw 4? ^f ^ /% j «/m w? <^#^ 37^ t%*h ^tc<t wht i ^wr 
t%H^^ ^prfsm* ^»tc<t wht «rm ^wr Rth^c^ mc*r<T ^tc<t whti t%*h ^tc<t wht ^rtH ^w 
^rc<n ^r 4whc<f <rrt% ^rc^ whH «rm ^tc<f ^th<t £twTf% ^rc^ wHfti 1%h ^th<t £twff%c<F 

WfC^H mc*m ^TC<T «rHH <pt £f# ^W WfC^H ^TPTHT <K*\ I ^1?I £fT% W\*X& WfC^H f<TC*T<T 

nrcf ^rm <pt ^w wrc^H ^tht <fic*t 1 ^tptht wc^r wht ^tth in totaiity, «rm t%*r<T <&c*t 

■srTH indivudually i ^ ^<HH ¥1^? C<t^HTCvs ^PrT, f%H WM ^H C^HTQ^TTC<F WTC^H, t% t% 

<Hc<m, t% 1% «nw^ c^ht «rrc^ T#rt wtc^h i (n\<ft&\ cwr "sth twc^s c^r srcw^ "srrcsT? 
'Tttcw ^rrc?r ^m <ws ci«?rT «ttc<f, ^m <W5^r w$Hc?r t^c?r Iwrt ^r oic<t ^thh c<Fr«rm b»ft 
^mc^, w<t ftsft ^mc^, w ftm^rr^r feft ^mc^, w tMT ^mc^, w wt, w t%wr^ o^rr 
<ttc<t, *$$ ^1<th c<r%m «rmw i wm ^ ^rTHt> cw cmw c«rc<F m# w w<t m#T ^55 ^m 
vs«it t%m cic<t 1 1<tTh ^t t%h ^t ^t% ^rrnrc^ ^#it wtc^h, ^rit c«rc<F «?f w^ ^t% tc^ "<rr 
"<tt "5C<t, ^ «rfc^m ^rftc^ <tt 1<T^ "^m c^ ^h T%^ TrrsrHr ^»tc<t wtc^hi 

^m ^^rw t%tH 1<Tc*m ^'f^ wfc^H? 1% w^ t%tn individually wtc^h? ^hI; cwrc^ "^T 
tei «rffsr <tt f<i^ wi nr cw, wrfsr ^s Ht^f^, ^tnt c<rmrf^, <s& ct^h «rfc^ <jj% 1 ^t iife 
c^r^H «rfc^r «T3<rW, 1%hI; £f^tt ^t i ^^tt wr «r^tft ^rc'f c^sc^ «frc^r ^^n^rl; ?r t%^ 
wf|i ^H^Hstr, «rmm <rr t*p| ^55 t%h ^»m ^h t%0; wrc^n 1 «H¥m rh ^frft t%h ^h 
«rf^rr, 1<rHt; «n^fr t%hI; ^*jc^ ^rw 4<f, hh ^*m t%h^; ^ 1 «rrsrm c^sc^ cwr ^s^tt ^\ 
«rfc^T, 1^<f c^siTh f<T*4wrc^ c«>^c<i« cr^; ^<r^; ^w wr ^mc^r i «rm ^^ ^<r%^ <tt$ f^s^r 
t%iw «5 t%TH^ «rrc^ri ^t t^rt^ ^i «^ «i«teiw<i ^sht «rm?^ ^rus «rrc^i ^t «rm^cm ^ht 
«rrfsr (£i^6t «rmfK, w^fH ^wr «rm?^, wi^ 4 wr «rm^^r i ^tsi^ wm^c^m c^t^h «rrc^r ^^tt, 

tbvoWJO Wft ^T WHT, tbvoWJO Wf^ ^T ^HT Wl (Tf^HT ^WiC<F T%ft 3f^ W'T <ITt% 

c«tc<f f<pwrcs<j cf^H t%THt «rfc^r, ^rt t^n ^#it wtc^h i «rmm t%Tn ^?<^<H w^r ^Tf%^ 

C'f^H^ T%H^ «rfc^r I 

t%T^ «rm t%? w #w^ wfn «rfsrrc^ w^ ^^pttt "5=t w^tt^it, c<t cw ^<r^c<F ^ff^ 
wm ^ht «m ^t w^ -<ff5c^ ^r, «rf6t ^tui^ cw^c? vsr^r ^tl ^sirf i ^t c<r ^<mt ^ ^w ^r^ 

3W, vd^PTTT W^ ^I W "^H I ^'PTTT "STTHt; 'ffersr, 1<P1 f<TH ^i fWT ^ffefsr WH ^ I ^S 
^'PTTT WC^T f<Pl vsTC^ «rHPT (H^, ^m ^s'PTTf t%mPT, CW ^H (?$ I vsT^T tWH ^^PTTT? 
<f<=ic^H #w? ^i, %m "stc<it c<r ^H ^mc^, f% WH? ?!<m >l4Rh <$$ C<T WH 4H^ ^m 
^^pTTTi ^? «rfc^m ^rci ^<r^ «rfopr <w?rf ^mc^ ^•^rTH ^tpt cthI; «rm« ^ftwm w?r w^ti 

^ ^TH C<H «rpTTCiT? ^IC<IT Hf ^T C<T, t%H ^H fWS ^^f^; ^ ^ t^T ^T ^H C^I<F, ^R 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


t%f% RfvStfo ^ <MC=1«-I l 1%S t^fr C<FNm ^l^s W Wf, C<TH^T ^fc ^fef C^T f%^ (H^? 
W% <J<*1C^ v*ptf ffnus fli <$s <FT«HT C<T«H ^PTFT^ "5JC<JT ^JHT'tsT ^ft ^<FC?T, Cfl: «THC^ 

«i^jvbcvo ct ^r ^ i H^ <?f3: wsr t%h c?h ^t ^r, ^k c<r «rr<Fm <rf% "^c^ ^r R?r, ^h 

4 <pfR ^9fsf| >5!HT "5C55 1 %f <T<H «nff^ ^, C^FfTC^ ^R CoWR ^C?TC^ ^R ^fa <lfe 2fferT 

«?f ^r, ifl^ <jc?rr *Tf?fH c<rf?rc?r wfc^r, ■srmfmrRr «j^r - <*$ ^^ ^fsrt c^rc^ fmf%«T *r*fa 
c<rf?rc?T ^tcri c^ <mc<m ^r <pt%, *r% 4-<rH c^rc^t «?f ^j i c<r^ <mc<h <q&$. ^rmr - ^ 
s^cf^ ^rKH <i<iicvi<i i^#h wtj "^r i tw ^rr ^nc^ ^c<t ^Trft ^fsrr "srr^ i 

<m wm^rfBm t^r ^r, <lr wm^rrc^ ^w c?tc*r wt ^r, wr ^t ^ i «htrt <rw 
^tpt, IHh, ^iRRt^ ^rrsrrc^ ^rr<mFr<f 4w?r ^cm <rm c rr ^t wm^rr c«tc<f «?f ^j i «itw 
c<hT¥ ^ c«rc<F «rrc^r *rH 4%m <rm - ^w fr?ws zw, ^prrm wr ^jt <r® ^r 1 1% ^^pttt? 
^tw? v*fg, #?r c<r wr, >ifw>KHC'h<i c<r fi^, ^tMt: ^k ^^pttt i t%H ^rsjfsm* ^tc<t wtc«h «rmm 
f<Tc*r<^rc<F« wtc«hi «jwt?j «rm ^rmc^ wtt ^hI: wk, «rwm ^jc^r <$bi$ ^tus <?h, ^rtw 
c?r<rrH ^^h «rnot^ ^f^s nrc?r i «rPTfrr ^tpt f%*m, f<rc*m 4^h tfirsmr, ^c?h iwHt: »im 

«TWfJ <FTC^ C^TMT f<Ff «l<)volW<J <FTC^ f%\ <T^6lt ^QJ| ##f "5*T ^^H 'jW, «fWTCl? ^TPnH 

T#5Tc*r ^k ^rc^ «rmm ^, ^mr^ « #ih ^it c«thti hc<mc<i> cT^st ^Tf? ^m ^rnt 
c^s ^nwr i ^tc^t <t-<h ^Tf?rc<F ot^t ^s^ f<rc*m ^»nm wh^t i f% wsr T%*m ^rc<r? "spfit 
W'fTH f% ^?r tt^t <fc<ic^h? f%*m ^rc<r wh^ti ^Tf?r tfc^ft: wfnt: «rmm f<Tc*m ^»rc<r« 
wtc^h i ^^<rH ^rmm ^rcsfj qi& Wm t^m «rrsnw?r *ret ^rr^^^r ^w, ^?ic<f otbt^ ^?rc^ 

"^ ^TTl f%H ^H ^m ^«f WfH 2ff%t%^s I ^t C<T ^4 ^TH £fT%f%» ^\, ^hI: ^m ^^PTTTi 

^^<TnH?r ^t ^'Ptttc^ ^TT^rm^r "stkw <tcst c<rr<rrH <rm ^r i «rrsr?rr c<r ^^ <F«rr ^rfl, ^^ <psrr 
^wm ^c^ ^rf^ ^? ^m^ ^pr «rrsr?rr ^tc^s ntt^rr, ^^rc^ ^w^ <rrc^ ^<?r| stm<Tr <f?jc^ nrm 
\srl: ^^ w ^^rm^rm ^tc^o ^j i ^ c<t ^<mt "^r ^^t<th RmrnT "*wf<T ^c?r ^^rfs^FTsfw vs^pttt ^<ra 
<ttc5§r #?r ^rw vs^pttt <^<ic^«i ^st^: w wc^r ^"«tff<T i <t*r irwm "^r ^"<h ^t ^H-Rmm^r ^ 
^rn^ ^jtcT (Hcsr «rfPHi ^T<j^ «rwrra ^?r««t% ^h «j^ti hc<ich<i ^m <r«H ^Tfc^ c^rr 
^c?rc^ ^?h f^ hc<ich<i ^prh ^s csnw <ra w^r '«rffsr wrn W'fTH c^ H^^rt%' i wfi t%H 
Hc^rt RmmT •sirfm i r?t « RmmT ^rt%w i ^^ c%tih<f ^rt^t <k*$ c<t «rrc^ ^r ^r?r, ^re <i<=ic^h 
W 9 ff*T cit ^wt% I 

^TfT c2rc5j*TH^ ^w\ 3W& *$^ %sh, ^Tf?r, "srr « TT«tf#?r ^^m «ih<f ^th ?wr 

<FC<IC^H I ^k <T"<H ^ Wf fl^T ^'«H "<TfC<Fl: 'fmC^sH <IC^ "5TrC?H ^<FrC^ ^T^m ^HT HC?T C<JC^sH I 

<r<H ^rm wr ^mc^ ^H f^f <j^oh 't% c<n<Fit ^<H f%rpr'! wr w ^c<t ^Tfci? <F«n^s 

^f^s 9f^ -^T<F "5C?r C<TC^s "^J i «TH<F ^WT :f TC*R 'W<T ^T <# ^^T^sT 9iU5 "^J ^<R TH^ 

fsjf>T& c^r ^r t^t, ^m^m f% ^<m c»c<t ^ff^rr' i w^ ^rsfW ^^sm ^m ^r ^r <ttc5^t c<i^r«rt« 
c<fh tpr^f^ (Hl: i ^«rrsr^, "<%tT2Pt^, TTsMm <ihi<i<^ ^rws ^ <mc=i$ "^s<tt<p w\ c<jc^s "^j i 
^rw ^r<ff<H «rm ^ ^ sm $$ ^«rrs^rr c<tmc<t rTi 

^^C^ R^T ^<ra C<FH vs'PTrf ^C^s "^?J Rj, ^HW? ^H^ ^k vo^PTTT I ^H f%^ ^ft "^RT 
^jm I f^TR t^T <^<IC=1«i «JtH i£|7 <J^ ^, ^l^ ^m vs^PTTTl «rW?T W'Hm C^M ^C<T RTl 4^FH 

^rf^ ^<i^s c^r - «rrc^r Im w "^c<t, ^m^m h<ft csft^s ^<i^s "^c<t, wf^r Rhc^ w\, ^m^m 

^B", ^TT%, f%5J^ f<TRC^ ^C<T, R^tt TRTC^ ^C<T, fsj^fwtnifHf^ C«TC<F «R5Jf% HC^s 3<T, ^\o f%| 
<I^s "5C<T I ^m C^M ^^H ^<I^s "^J ~^\, i3e]RW? I ^^ Wft C^M ^H^S vs^PnT «JH T%f«t C<1H 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<MC^H (7#f ^k« ^s'PTTt I WK 3=T «TMW? C^M 9 ff%t 5 T «ITC% ^lt^^s ^C55 f<Fg \5fa C^ c<FH 

■«tfBft «itc<f ^ti kp w^r w?f ^t ?rtwra ^jfBT, ^ra ^ttw ^tfw ^rtpmtmt wnt csktfI; ^w 
^rra i irBTG^ ^st?r w^r <^r^w? #u^; «rmra ^ssrt <tt T>f irwra «rtfsr T%^ w ^c^ 

HC?T ^5(11% I ^tf?! 4^ <F«Tf <M02>«i f<Fg %sT?I «HT v»TC<t « «HT ^HT?! <MCfe>«i I ^sf^T «tHfSH 
^TmHcf ^T^pTF (7F ?R f<Ff CS#tC5^t? (?#N3 ^KR (^TTHC^T f<Fg "<fTfBc?I (7H I «>03=><1 «PTRTtW 
^rtC^T, ^TC<F ^5Us 3?J ^tt I f<Fg <fHt «1W \stCir?J *ftfBC?T (7H I \aTC<F ¥T<FH <t^s ^C<T, ^Sjfl ^HC^s 
^C<T l ^PTTt ^$1$, 4 <t^tC\s ^rtTTfT «TfC^ WC^&T^s «THPT <?T$ I #W^ ^HHt; #<T \s*PTTt I 

4^ WST <f<H \o*PT7T 3?T ^H f<F 3?J? W^fUvsW ^W, (7f<fH CSK7F ^W? ^s*lt% 3?T I W% 
C«fC<F 3C>TH ^ff% 3?j! 4^ WRJ^s 4TPT ft^WPrkf T%*t<T ^FC?T ^tt<mTJT<kf <Jttf*fC?J «fl$C«T - C*P«f! 
4^ 3C>TH <?F ^HT T%B5«T? 'srt ^Fl#l 4^ ^CT^ <?F ^HT CrT? 2Jt<F<J3l <ffHf dtwt fcHH \aTHT 

^H<icii<j ^t ^ (?tt%?j w<t ^t <?r<r, ^um <?f ^rtt ct?j? mitcwm^ 3W, ^T C*tC<F 3C>TH ^HT 
"5?T I *jf%C\s <?FH ^T (TT^, ^tf-HOT^ ^TT ^C^ I t<Pl «tfFf<f f<F <MC^«J? ^tt, ^m w\ ^T<f ^fi I «rtc^t 
C<t ^CW <T^Tt ^ ^TJC^ TSR ^H ^FHT ^T, «rtcn (7TR ^TT ^C?TC^ (TfBf H^f Hlt<Fm 3w<t ^rt 

^tt "5c?rc^i ^^ wf ^m ^i ^rt ^rt ^c^i ^tc<m ^mr t%?j ^^^rtt ^rt ^f^r ^ 
iT*H «^- ^fPT^ ^c?t <jtw i «rt^rtcirsT <# ^ ^rc^T T^<f t^<F «r<o?r <: t ^tt wt «ftc<F ^sf^r c<t c<fh 

^psft® 'fR^s WPtTCir? ^t ^«fTC<F C<FC& ^T%C?J CTW I 

^TsTt ^s^tiH-h^l ^Wfas ?n<FT<Ff%t ^ ^k<F ^^ WfC^s WT^ft^ *IW ^f^ <F^m 
«tPTf <} WfT%?I T%?I <TTQ¥f ^C?TT% I C^tfH ^m^ ^T? ^^H ^tPJWf ^ <TW <t% (Hst £f<TH 

wt Hph i ^«h« ^m cit ^a^ ^rfwm ^?tth i T%h ^m ^m^^t ^ttc^ ^ ^«m «th<f ^tnjt 
^^ <ntwH i ^s^tH 7 ^ T%f& w *nw Hph i T%Th t^sf^t T^im ^h <ti%<=ih, ^ttc^ ^ 
^m ^tntt ^sw "5^<f ^ck^r i "•remrsr ^m^m ^^h ^Ft^ Hra \stc\d ^<f t^ <ra ^r<t ^nrn^ ^m 

C i # <Fl^s stT^Hl Wf^ft^ ^mr'm ^HT ^C^ft^T^^F «tffK Wf "5C?J^I ^ - ^ t%H ^WU^ 
«nw ^^H '«TPtKiT? ^fsjH Wt «RH<FQWf <W ^'ftWT C?tC<F <lC<=1C^«i «rm ^^fC<t t%f^ 
(7tQT?Tm ^TNTT ^C^T I T%T^<TH t% ^t ^TU' I ^l^^m t%H ^l^H 4<FBT ^^ 'TC?^ <tC^ <fC?T 
^'tfWT f<F *Tf%£fT%^ ^t W ^Tt ^C?K5, (iRT STfss W*f f<F T<T 'fTwm ^^ W^s «?F <MWH I 
£f<TH wm ^ W<JTBTC<F f^H C<FC& ^T%C?J fWH I 

^1lH<JCii<J <£(5$ ^TWf, ^'THW ^T ^miTm fWt, iflt wm\$ f<HTTC<F <tW<T ^^f^ 

«rfFfc<ra ^tc^ mt<t w ^rc<t ^m°\ ht wt ^?t ^im^c^ ^h ^tc^ «rc<f c^ptpt ^c?t "<Tfc<r i 

mitUv&i 3W, ^^H C<t ^CTi? ^rTt "5=T, T%H "^H ^T<f ^T, fl^cfT^o <Tf <T*Tf <tm ^rm WTT "5=T 

<rf ^st ^ i ^^ttc<f «rtftr f^cfT^o <m, ^rf ^t<f sm w, ^tf ^wr <t<?r<T, ^r ^t ^ w, ««fBT 
<rm ^tm «tTTfm i <# c<f^ ^h «|pf ^w ^t «t<f «tff^r c<f=t ^t ^tc<t h<t? <# ^t «t<f ht 

(H3?JT ^?T ^st^T ^TH<JCiT? «HTHT ^TC3?r «TC«m 1W OfSTH <TTC<T ^tt I C<f«tlH (?l^ ^^tfWT ^Tt 
■5C?JC^ ^T ^tvST f<F| "5?J ' i Tt, (7T<TTC«T f^fC?! ^t «J<fc<F «tm OrsTH "<TfC<T ^Ttl ^ W'fT^ f<TC?rT<JC<F 
^THOT Wtft ^HT «tfFt<f "5TC3?r ^TNTm Wf f^<F t^<F «t<f ^<FC^ PlRtC?T CrT - 4^ (7T ^•<TfC i T ^T ^ 

«rtc^ ^t ^r «iptcst "^h ■^rf <rt t^fT^n^f» i ^r^r ^ (?th <t«tT "5=t? ^ff, ^^ ^r Tw ^ttf ^r i 

4? WTC*m ^i "^T ^cf ^\ I 1<|t5t^ ^T, ^CTi? m^ f<Ff (Hl; I ^ ^T<f ^i C«tC<F ^<H f<F 

"^c^? ^tpt, w^f «rra «r^sr ^ w$ (H?j i «# ^?t w$ ^w w\^F\ vcviwyfo&tiiicv, ^h ^ 

"STTH ^<MT ^C?rR,°1 «HTTf^s £f<F% l f<FI ^m ^TW "STC^ C<T ^T ^? W <T«TT "^C^ ^t «I^ "^T "^PT, 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^, wk ^wrfc i i«rai3 ^<jh ^ «r*f ^rmm^ ^p?r c<rr<m?r ^wr c^wm! ^ ^nrc^ ^\cm 
Tfwt^ ^j i «7 ^twr ^rt^f «mm^r wr 4 wr^t «ws<t i 

rh ^:^ ^TKrr <F?rc^ %?r «rw<f *p ^5^ ^rwr - /<N& ^ wct? o^mt wmws 
^sjifw^fw e tw\ ^t ^t<f ^ cstc<f ^rr <H?r ci^w, ww twrR RTsmrfT ^rf% t%*t<t i ^t<f ^ 
cstc<f «rm t% ^rn f%^? w*ni $ws ©^? ^kftwtfw - mf%!j w*t, <?fH5t ^rmr ^s, c<fhh %r ^s i 
^ ^sr m, wk, ^fsri ^iw^ <# 4t «tw <ttwtt rT <fc?r w ^tt^t «r«f ^f^f«f ^c<r rTi ^ 
^trh c<t^t cw^r wr ^r i <rm ^rft ^«ic^ w? c^rc?m ^ht ^m^ iiwm i ^# r^ w^ c<r «r^ 
^rr ^c^ w\ w$ wrf^ 2T<ft%, <j?f<t c<r^rc<F o»m ^th, tp 5 ^ ^th «rr^ti ^t *^ «rm 
£TfT%?r ^t ^rmtRTF Hra «rmrn (tm ^t^rra c^rc^i cow t^t ^ftc^ *^ «rm sTffc ^t<t ^rr 
fi>4aM i i£it; ^f<r Tf^ csrtf?; «thht ^rfsrHT w*fa% w$ ~$$ i #1 c^u§ *(<t ?rim sfwr «rrc^, f%H3 
<# ^H 4T?f?r w 4<r*TJr rwt it4t t#s ^<FT%?r t%^s *rmc<H , t^? 4*^ ttwt c<tbt ^c<t (?th ^t, 
wtf wm^rrrr c<r ^srt <r<Fsr <Fsrr «rrc^ w?r ^rrc^r %f?r t^rtf ortc^ imTH rti 

^m^s t£$ *f?TC<m «RR<F <TT<Tt# RWf RWf Wfa t%?T ^tfer ^C^T, OTfttfT %f?rr ^f<TW?r 
<^llt ^TC^T I t% ^lt TW ^ ^Rt^T ^? «T<f ^^\s f?TC?J 4RRTT ^R*fB^<F WtfS (TO<H TW in 
totality(?s Tp?R <TTC<H ^T «Tf?r CSPTTC^ ^m^T ^Ttl «HWT^ «R^fBTC^ ^C<rr (?T<T tW ^Tsff£f<F 

^TT 9 rr#r <t?r^ tr<r^" ^rr i ^vf^ ^^ wr^rr «n<FcsT "sn^fr «r<f ^<f^ w «?rt <ttc<t, f<Fi <# <mt ^ir 
«rrc^fr "sr^? ^rrc^f ^rTwn ^<ra t%, ^r «rt? ^kt wr?i ^^prtw ^rf i ^rw^r, ■srr s i<TM<f w$$ ^ 

HC?J ^tr ^rC<T C«HT <F<IC<IH, ^TT^FfR:^ t%5T©M ^"SR ^»TC<T i#5 WTC<H ^fTfK "srT^ ^R^t 

nmw ^rr f% ^rc^ yfe^r i t% ^M<f ^ ^TTnR^ ^T^<nra ^rtwi?, t%H ^ te <twh« 

^sft ^tfs ^TR?H RT, ^it? ^T^'T? T%R to (Htwtt^T CW! ^T, ^N ^TC^ ^^tt ^TT M^ 

^r ^r f<F^ <?t^ i ^ twi ^ c«tc<fI; t<t t%^?r ^tt% i 

^^trh «rr<Tm ^^r t%t% «rmrc^ f^ ^im ^fc?t ^rh ^rcs ^c<t - <*$ %«,ft%c<F <# ^nt% 
^rw ?^t "srh ?# ^rw c^rfcs? tw c«rc<F wi^f wir ^w <rrc<r i ^Fm^r srtwr 5 ^ w t%| 
c^ ^cst ^t% ^?#r c<Fr«rm i Tt## ^? ^^r fr ^r?r ^fsrr fTOJT i «rrcsim<Frc^ ^^r csr^ 
t%c^r ^r^ ^rftH *\us <tt?j ^rr c<f=ti <tw csr^t nr^r t%^r ^rc^ ^rro <rrc<f&r c<FT«fT?r? 
c3tc^t ^rRft w ^rm t%| (tt - ^ ^tt, ^rt ^rR%r *ro? <rrc<f5r c<fwt?t i >ff*iiHc^<i c^3« t^ 
^tt ^ i ^lt ^^r ^c<t ^rm, t% ^c<tbt c<FT«rm? c<fh wm^rfBTc^ ^Hf?r ^c<t? ^m^r *ifw>HHc-*m 
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■^c<r i ^^rrwr c^c^r cwk «ff^r tw ^m ^tt°^t «fi<M rt, f<F?<rr ^^h ^f^ ^ttt^, ^m ^tt «rrc^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^ifir %f p$ i ^c^ ^lfc 4^tc<t ^ ^rr, <$at 4^fh tews f^rora srfemr c^s?r fet ^rft 
^fer ^rwi f% ct^ fews H?rsr? £f«rcsr «rr?rc<H 2Tft%i £Tft% ^rc^ ^i^m^T srmrc<Fl; 
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wum\ <n$ c<r «rrsnr ^rrrca ^thh wra Mw c*Nf| ^c*rr fwiw ^? stsrcsr Hs'f ^r 
c«rc^ ^©«r ^r i ^rsH ^tt C5fw ^t; ^ft ^c 5 ^ i 

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ifbbiH-H *m ^c^ ^rft <Ftr ^mc^i ^r ^rw ^rci c<T^r ^rt ^mc^ # ^cw ^wf i c^ ^m 
^r c«fc<F <M<wc*ti<i ^r "^ri cft ^<Fr<t^T c«tc<f ^# ^m sjc^ ^<t^t fttw^ f<r^rc<r ^m ^m ^ttst 
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^fsr? 4« ^c^t ^tt i ^^m ^rft ^y^rrircsr c<rfer ^^ri t?rr t%rjr?r ^ ^tt^h "^tj ^ - ^ c=t cr^s 
nm cft ^rms, ^m, <ik ^w^f ^r y®m*imatl*j »V(:»/M</#i t%t«T t% ^t^r |cBt ^r^r^f? w ^nr, 
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c<r «R,"*r ^rsf, ^w, ^rt^^rr^ «n? ^^ff^wi - ^^m^<f ^"c^ct ^mt ^c<r i c<rcir?f ^<ftst ^t w wf 
wr^ "ft?# c<tcr?rX sr^rrt w ^r srf «rf?f ^Hrt i "sn w^\ ^<mt ^?rc^ t% t% ^raf c<fh c<fh <w 
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Wl; srRfw ^TC<r <MT "5TJ I «TH ^• p tt«wi ^^ «rf^§C<F ^<TjNTr ^<FC^ I 

^<F ^H<fCi<l ^TC^ WrJf ^T - C^FH^T WHC^T ^ f<F|C<F WHT <TH I >Wl>lfi ^? ^ ^TT 
fW ^ ^IWH ^r^s WHTff W ^cBT fwf «ItC^l «WW *Rlt f<HTT «TH «T^flf fwH ^ 
<FTCs f H I «T'Hr f<HTT «TH 'HT fwf f<F ^T OT «^TH «RT <J°1C<l«i ^ «Tf?rr twf5TC<F CSfCiT t%?T 
C<FC*T ^, ^sT ^TT^T ^TJWH WTTC<F C^T ^C^s *fHC<T ^Tf I C*TH<F sjHc^ ^%H f<TC*H <: f tw 
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t%H ^m ^ ^it^<rc>i<r ^tc^ f^r^m ^ht c^t i awwt c*TH<f ^mr fwr ^m sw <fc<icsh i 

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<rc*r w^htc^ ^t ^r, ^rtwr 4®M ^r<r <FT 5il! lt«w i ^s^H «rrtste ^tcvs *rtt?r, c<r sh ^t% tw 
W 9 fH ^^iTf^rjwtc^F ^^Fi^tfiw <r*rc^r c^ w\ ^rj% f%m W 9 HT?r fwr-^r<HfQMc<F^ c^t ^<fmH<f 
^^tw ^f%c?r cr^irt <rH i ^t% c$\ (TT^ ^^ i c<r ^ f%m <rsfc<F «rtt<F?. ^^t^tc^ ctI; ^rj% f^c?r ^t; 
wt^T^s c^r ^H ^rt <rm, H^Ft-^msTT c^th^ ^«r^rrH^Fi «iR<i>i« c*TH<fc<f ^t t%<?h ^fst 
i£i\sf^T <rr t%| ^<fc^ ifi^M ^m ■<ft s t^ i f<Fi \stc<F sfsrrt ^<f^s ^c<r, ^ ^^ Rc°i^ c^st "^c^ hTi 
^t c<r ^^t <ra c*TH<f sjH «t'Hf fwm ^rt<H ^fc?t ^m^, #^h ^ «r 9 fit twf f<F ^twt 

It^H ^<FC^ i£lHC<F ^Tl? fl#?T sj^QC<F ^^TjKJf Wf "^l ^sfsr C<T ^ssf^T W W^ ^<FC^ ^^M 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


*pm t% 4<r c<Fwra <ah rarsfor, ^t <TjT*rrc?i «rrft c^mTc^F 4<rra ^ ^^ i ^j o$u$ *ra ^w?r *r<% 
^rar fwr f%m f<F wrar rara, <fic<F wrar ram ^k f<F ^r^r, vsk f<F <Fi<f ^ ?ra t%^ ^tntt <f?jt 
"5=r i w?r «rrc?ra "sr^ ^ffs, -Hfa t^ -sr^ ^rr "^ «r'rar twr c<Fra , sc s tt, cw vgMwt *vz?pYt 
^c4^s if3KWf)^#wji *rm « ^r to w «ifwra <fc?t ^r <W3¥T ^rnc^ ^ ^t ^rar twr 
orra t«rBt ^rar twr i ^5 ^racs- cw^ wrar twr w^r ^r ^ra, c^r? w «r^, <ttc<f cwr^ ^rr 
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4*ra ft#?r *tss ^w ^rc^ «mr fwra ra<ra ^r ^r??rm 1 c<r c<Fra twr, c<r fwr «rmrc<F 
^smrc?ra "sr:^ «rr<raf <fc?t ?rr*rc^ cfer^: «r'rar fwr 1 «rra ^rar fwm f<m?r ^r o^w, ^th ^ri^seH 1 
^rsmra t%, "5r% t%, 4?r c<t Rm<j>, ^mt; 4-<ra w ^ws rarc^r 1 ^t ?T5?rT?r "^ f^^tFf» *r<f%, 
^rr «raf<r ^t ^r??rm 1 c<mTc3?r tw f%m fcrf&rrsr^ ?r$?Trc?i?r ^mr i f^f ra^ ^rwr «rra i<ii5|^ 
^ts?trt 1 £fft% ^^rmra <rr t%§ «rrc^ ^ramt; ^r??rm 1 orr^ ^t ^wm 1 f<Fi ^&sic-w fsr$ ^s 
«ttc<f - ^^m-m^mm ?rfl>s ^wh 3?t c^tn 5 i ^wh ^trh 4<fv$ wm, ra^ ^r t%^ <?#; 1 ^rHw 
csr?f, «rr^rc<m ^<r c«tc<f rar ^rfwtm c«rc<F «rm?rr <^rm «t^fl ^rft c<r ra^ ^fwt m^ c^, ^*j?ra?; 
«rra f<t^ (s$ 1 ^ c^st «rrsrm ^m ^c?r c^r 1 ^rt, ^rwr ^r c*rmm ^rra^ «rrsrrcii? ^m c«rc<F <ttc55, 
m^mm^ c?tc<f <ttc55 i 

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^f tw «r ^§« «rrwr <r^ cir^rtl, ^t wt^ ci^tft, c^rtl ■^rtft- t^c<r? t<Tc^r, cr^tfl #^m 
\5jmm ^<^r ^m «rrc^, (?#rc<F f<r*»Tc<T ^rr^ <ttc<t ^m ^mr ^c&-*rro ^rr^ifl - ^^rl; t^T^r^mi 
BtH<ri5t «rrc^ ^m mfft^ c^rrc^ c<pttc^ ^"btc^ ^tc^ <i^cvs ?■< ^sr 1 ^^r i^ ^rus «rrc^ t<Pi 
^m ^tfwm c^ ^r ttT%c<f ^rr^r ot^i^i ^w «rtwr ^mt ortfli i^rm^ ^^rtmwr c^ht 
<tt^w ^rc^r ^rm<T vsm ^rsmw ?¥Th? ^ht ^rmTc^r ^rr, ?¥Th? ^tc<it f%®m «rr^rm ^m cwt 
vsit ^r^m^ ^ vs ^rcsrmTc^r 1 c<Fm ^j^ Hw^ ffe<F c^ht ^rmTc^r ^rr c<r ot ^m fr, fm ^r:<jt 
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<r^, (?rmrc<F ^rmrc^ ^Fm^r (?rmm ^r:<it HosnS. «rr^fm ^m cwr 1 ^r^s? ^ f<m^^Tm c<pm 
^nt c^i 

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^TTC=rsfC5R^ c*m ^«TT ^ Self Actualisation (TT^m ta?r 2f<fs w^rm c<rfk?j ^m^i ^Rlt 
#^m ^s ^o ¥rtc^, «rmm 2fwr*m c^t<f, «rmm «rm« ^-^ c^m, «rmm «rm« ^t<ft- ^mrr 
c^m 1 ^? ^r:<it ^ c<r ^wt? ^m^ #k?r «rrc^ ^r ^rm, ^-^^ Hw? «rr^rm ^<e<f c^^ i 
«rr^rm ^r ^t Hw-^-^- - ^, «rt^rm c<m ^r<m c^i wt c<m ^rmp <r*mt drc-<r «rmrc<F 
<Fm? «r%m ^rw <f?r^ ^ ^m^ ^ w «rmrc<F «it-^rr ^^ 'sm, «rrft ^mr^rH, ^m ^m 
cwsc?r wrc^; ^<Fm ^tj<ftJtH<i ^»m ^rtmsTtw "^r 1 ^^ ct h?t «rrfsr c<m «rm« ^s ^c?r <rrl; 1 
«rtwr (7T ^w ^ra ^rh <t# ^rm<T ^a^ ^wrMit, «rr^r ^wr (?rrc^ ^srnr ^t t%m<r ^r ^rr, 
«rr^rm Ti^rtw ^\l<<\ ^ht ot Ihc^c<^ m^ra <rrac^ ^itc^i ^rft# «rrsrrcii? <?r*r<n%<F sm 
^fHTnH f%m <t<=icvsH, ^ra wrts%s cr»r wra c^, t%| ^rt ^ra ^5 crr^rl; f^m "<ttc<t ^tfc^ 
^cs^ -^r "5c<t 1 ^Tfc^ %s^ ^st f% f<F| ^r! ^m c^r comrat; Im 1 c^mra cworra c<r «rr^rra «ms 
""tf^ wfc^ c>u5ic<i> 2f<FT*r <f?i ^ra ^mr «rmrc<F t% ^co ^c<t? «rmrc<F w ^co ^rai <rw cw 
^g?rar« "^?r 1 «rgra^ra w <r® ^rar ^ra, ^ra mrc«r «rt^rm c<r «mTmr ^^tsm ^rn^ c<Tsm «r'tfRTF 
mcsra wt w^Rra, ^ ^^rc^F^ <r? <f?r^s ^c<t i "srmc^ra "sr:<jt ^rraM «rfc^, f<Fi c^ ^rmprr 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


fficSRT mfc\<\ £ff%, t^Sf^ fm £ft%, t^Sf? ^PMW? £ft% I ^ ^fKPTl? *lt^5t ^R «TBN3 t%tf 

^s«f^[ ^r «rr^rm smrn «rm« c<r*it w «rmc^ i ^t ^r ^m 4?r m , #® ^ihi^in sf<Ff*r ^ i 

#*TC=T?r ^WfJ ^T ^gt? «WT, C^SRl ^T CTJ&f sptf? ^ 5^1 ^tt WfcSH CT C^H fo$£5 

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"s°r m^ i ^rfsrm tro w^ ^m ^mr ^rmc^ ^m «rrn^ ^i ^ c<r mc^fc^ ^ttw <rc?r 
fro, ^rc^ ^tcsrmmm ^mu^ ^cw ^t?r c<rm ^tc^tPt® ^t w\% wUiw^ ^tcsrmprc^ - ^mt; 
f<r*r<m i ^r-^c^m c^Kf^rcw ^tcsrmt^i ^rtc<r#r ^r ^*m i ^wr t%mc^? ^rtntra wrfSr w# 
t^i w^pr 3W «i^jvo ^r ^ c*r$ f^fftc<T?r ^jNrc?r ^^ ^r <w| ^R"*m «rmw i t# «rwrn^ 
(w® ^mtsf) ^wm ^f^ ftc*m, «rmm t%m fr ^ferm^s fw i ^wm ^wm ^wift 
^r ^fc?m w?r t?r 4^#h «p w?rtsfc^ ^w w^r 'sramtsf ^mm t^i ^srm ^m ctcC i 
ws ■s^mtsf <mosh '^wm c^tsrm <t«m ^c?r c^tc^ cwt ^ ^tm *m?r i t%g ^r^ f% cvstsrm 
4^3 ^rc^ ^ftc^'? '^ (£|^q ^rc^ <T^' | «,«$ ^\^vs t% ^rc^ ^rtc^'? 4^»tC<T Ws 
^mtsf <hc<i<Mt?r ^Ttc^ c*tc<t ^wift ^mtsf w^r '«pn <*&% ^rc^ «n<^T« «n<^s ntc^T' i 
ws ^mtw \s^m <ftc^ "^ ^ ^rf5T ^-«rH c«rc<^' i ^m^r «rr^rwm ^r ^r^m ^r ts^^wRvo i 
«rtwr ^st ^naj ^m°\ ^c? «i# ^tt c<m, ^st ^m t<rrim, «trm wt ^m ^tt c<m, c<n«rr« ^^t 
^T?*m c«rc<^ "<rmi ^x»m twr "<rm? ^r^j^ ^«j^c^», <T«m s&rw w$%fe ^ <Tm ^m ^r^m 
^jc^t^ k^t <rmi 

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■srrw t<t 9 tftcvs ^m i ^frg wt, wt- <om t%m t^t^t^Tm ^ wt <rm i t<^i ^r?*r?T^T «r^r ^^ c«tc<^ 
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■srnm ^sttt, "<tt ^rtfl ^t^i ^ t%| wi? w.<v «rmw, %t-^t<mt wr, w^ wr, <trm wr ^t<t wmr 
twri ^tt ^<tc*t ^sft w, «trm w c^ro mc^s ^c<r ht, ^m^r ^*rm c«rcw *mt 'mj^ Hc?r ^tc<ti 
^mt twt ^rnm ^rttst *rr ^rttl ^tt ^rtfli t> ^rttl c^rm ^rmm ^r ^rt ^rrc? ^rr, ^rt c<rt ^r ct^ 
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^wh ^s ¥<t« flc^mi «r'mt twrm t% ^a^r? ^hm^RhjiR^hs <Mtf¥tt*wf2mt<m&ww^s 
^wft^^tfwwmt 5^ wffTWw? 2/rw<^? 3^75/^7 ^tzmusm- /%^w*pfw#i «r^mr t<mim 
m^rr "5=r ?rs?rm 1 c<r c<m ^c^m ^mt^ w - ^mcw ^rN^ t%»f% « \sm ^rrc«r %TrT «rm #ki 
wmr t<mrm srcsrr wt, ^f, ferr, wFrttw ^sjrR ^mfi^ ^cst% ^m «mtm «pt^, ^m ^rrc^ ^m 
^mrw c<r?m wk <ra «iRt^n ^m^, «r^mr twm ^rrc«r ^t ^mt^ t^ p$ ^sr «ptwk 
«iRt^n ^p»i¥i «r 9 mr t<mim c<r t<r<m, c^ ^r??rm c<m t% c*m ^c<r ^rt, «mtm ^® ^k ^ 
smrtl^ ^c?rt k^i «r'mr twm ^m ^csm ^rrc«r 1 ^r??rm ^rrc^ ^rt ^f «rtc^, ^f «rrc^ ^^tc^tI: 
^5?rm ^rtc^i ^5?rmm t%? «pt¥ ^ ^w^r, ^5?ttcm "&t% ^r «ms ^i ^rw <mc^t "<ttc<t^; 
t%c^r ^ (tt^ <rc*r ^m fr "«m ^»tm i ^mtl: Ihc^<i Sm ^urt% ~<wa 1 "<rm ^^rwt; ^«rr <wr "<ttc<t, ^- 
mt^fj- ^sjt ^rm *ti$ c<rmrr ^rm ^m ^c§?r c*m c^i ^rw ^rc^r - srr ^r, c^cs#t ^rmtt^r 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


o<fcth[CT> cws^ *\m f<Tc?r ftm ^ wr ^ti^ ^mr *ttc<T i Tw <!? ^mriJfi; c<r ^wr ^a «itsh crfM 

£f«tC5f ^pfas 'ftC^HTl «ffFT<f (TfSfl; <MC&H 4t t??n? «P^ ^S^ Wtl "#f f<TC?f «lt Rh3 <pT^, 
Wl%3 <TTn"5C?t <TT?T ^T «|R<1lRvs$ CSfC<P~ <fnr, tW ?rs?TfC<T<T TW 4^ ^t<F <# C<*fC<P~ <Tt?J WsT^S 
#<H ~5R~3 ^ Tfflt?" ~5T~J~£~J "VTC~^I C^*TTC~~t ~5fHfC~F ~3~sf W~~s ^ C~T^TC~fl; «f 7 ^ ~j"g-"t ^tl 

\5it5i< <mc&h c^rt c^<ftft ^"ttw ?m% wfws 1 f% wtstj? ^ w~t w, ^rrc~T ~~r~?~t~~ wt"ti 

-~R~-fm Wt't ~»ff"H W WM, ^RjSf -^i ~5T*|~> ""Rlt ~>f^""> ^^ W"t W~~s i ~*rs?rrc?r «TtWT ~5f~t~S 

ijs^ «rt<K<T i w^r ~~r~?rm wM w ~*rr~H t% «rr^iwf w? wifWf^ ~»~c~~ ~^"?rt? ~tt, "FmT ~*rc?r 
c-tc~t 4^ "spft c-^~f «rrtsr ~5rrc?r~~^T w\u$ <tt<t i w wft i ~~~"^ wffl" ~*~1~h t% «rt^prr ~Fc?r ~s~m ~~~"~~r 
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nr?r<~, ^^ ~~~c-"t «n<Ff <Ttw, fai «h^ptt w~~~t «rm« %^ f%~F ~«rm i tw 4-wh """"r wm ~*tRH, 
~~t~jc~~?t ~~"*H ^d^H ~§~r ~s-<h?; w wft "~r~§~T ~s~t i 

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^5 ^°^ ^tc^ i ^t<f *t~?~w <mc&h ^rft «rrc^, ^tf^s ~~~?r~~h, ^ ~~"-?n?r ~§~t «trwt, ^ftt^ ~5im 

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w<t, stm; w^ i «rrsfir ^ps^, ^tsri ^m ^srtfwt ^fe ^rr^ ^r, f<Tum *f% ^to c<t^tc^, ^rw 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^»c?t «ftwi w^ 'RBit fttfvs «rfM^r <toi <rt1^ i «rtwt <tt 1%| <js?rf| ^©mfl, o^rfl «rMw? 
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^rwrc^ ta i ^t^r c^r t%# f%| ^ i «tr?i<t# c<T^rrfe «?f -^ f*r ^rwrc?r Tw «i<t>tc<i<i 
«rfc^r ts<j ^twrra T?fc?j c*m ^c<ti <Tf^ "wsr «rrc<F vsmc^T ^t ¥mt#it T%s ^c<ti t%| t% ^r 
«rmw Tw «rrcs «rrc^ <nws «rmwi c^t^hi ^t^rcsr c<^rc5 "5c<t ^t<t c«rc<F ^rcsrm w ^ c<tfb 
tm<T «rm <Tt^ ^rmt^r ^«Trm «rrc<F w «rmt<i ^ nrca, ^t ^csr fwc^ ^tM w t<r^m ^<ra 

Ci^s "5C<T I ifl'SR ^^ ¥l<|iRc^s C^TTST CT^fTCiT <Tt^ «rrsTTC<F ifl'SR ^<FrST <M^s "^J <TTC^ «ICH^ t^^m 

w° ^trc^, "^s ^rc^r ^<tw cw« tttl, vsmc^r ^ ?i<m ^\m ^rr ^sTHt; ^ 5 - 1 ^rt ^tsjtt $w\ <mc^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


OTE5 ^r ^o ct^ ^m ^mc^ *rc«t ^rr ^#tc?i <?Br i 4^r 4<fST <itimrc?r www T%?j T%tk c^c*r 
^rfw c<fh ^m^ ^rmr <Tm w^c*r csrcm »w ^?r *hct, -<rrff?rr- *fwm c<fh ^rm^r <*tt<fc<t rm «ht 
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«rcrcr, 'TRpr (tfsr, «rjrt t% t% ^R*rt «rrc^, <rf*r ^mm c^rc^ ^rc?i <m w^r t% wr$ ^m i 
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c<#r ^ ^ ^frit iwi c<rw? ■<wiwr <uth? nite ^3? wr ^w^ iw«^ <K<fi%*H 1 c<w 
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^RH <# ^Um C<FH ^HT «TTC<F, ^r<K <Tt^ ^T #^H ^W FtS, W^T ^^m «iTC^m ^5^T 

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c?rt ^s^r ^rt^H ^ «rnm^r <m i ^^ #^h? ^ftwr t«r, ^ t%?rt ^t^ tt^ <trj i #^h? 
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^rcsra £ft% <# cwsrm ^rw w<t «ttc<f, ~$j\ «rft^r <ft ^rltt - ^mc^r ^ ^ «ttm^t w i vuvst, 

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^rt?rc^Tt% ^c^ ^«rr ^rr ^c?r% i ^j^h «rm c<rc^ ^rt?rc^rr% <m wr ^r ^r, ^rr%^rrr% 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


wmnr Hrmc^ ^f^f^m^ff^", *twr- «rtfc ^vojiRcvo i ^ffiwMiF» <f^ ^rc^r c^t ^rat ^ft fm? ^bk 
<*$ ^rr *p<k<ici «rrc^i "<w «ii^r ^ic^ ^rm c<ft? ^Fm c t ^c^f ^r fim^ ^sj? <flw, ^«csnt 
«wra ^rr, vsit 4? wm <r«rr ^<rm ^m i ^ ^pmw ^mr c^iflc^? wf ^r# ^jth 
•^ i ¥% ^rc^? ^^r «r< ^mm «rmm <pm ^rw *nt%« ^j i ^m^ 4*rtH ^r&tf%r rh te*r 
<mc&h i ^wc^ c<r f<tf%^ ^epT wrc^ 4«csrr «rr*rmr «jmht •«irRw? <if?mm?rr <rc?r c?rc*Tftc*R - 
cm^ <jt*r&, f<t*ttt%i ^ wsr «rm^ «rc^ ~<ff%r %^t, <ttc<i<t <ftc^ ^ ^pwi ^r<Ftf*r^ ^t%r, 
^rcvs \#?rr ci^h ^t ^wrrc<F ^t ^t ^w <ftc§t ^th ^ttc<t i ^^ ^twrc<m 4<rt^ ^tt^h i 

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mc^ri ^r <# <r, w*f <s ^tst ^ Rhcg<i ^jc<jt c<fr ^^^f^tc^ yhs, <m ^tc\s c^rmrrc^ 
^#rr<T#f, *rf ^tth '&mr- «rptt, c^tt ^rfsf «rm ^r ^r c^m^ cstf ^fc *rm i ^t R>hcT5<i 

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«rrsnr ^t^^fc^ "srtt ^ w «nc^ vsm ^ht t<F| ^n «rrc^, f<Fi^r r?j ^rsr «rrc^: c^ ^rcg? 
^srt w «rrc^ i «rtm ^^ w ^<f<t<t, c<t c<fh t%^ srrfe ^htI; w ^p* ^rrc^, w^ w^t ^^ 

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^ ^rcsR w*f ^<fc^ "<tt« c^r*rm ^mmr ^m ^rnm 1 1%$ ^^r ^^tc<t ^r ht i c<tcii f^ ^c^r ^»tc<t ^tt 
■^i ^i «rrcn c^nmc^r, "src^ ^r^ f% c^r , <itt%r ^tntt ^c^ T%^t i «rmm ^rh ^^r v»m ^^r 
^^ «rtm c^tc<f PrPr<M ^<fc^ fwmi c<rcii f<F$ ^r ^c^ ^rr, c^\ #<f ^c^r ^ri ^rac ^rrct 
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2f«rw c<m ^jc^r ■sr^s^nc^ mc?r f^n ^^m ^ ^pm t% ^<Frc^ ^tt^wi fwrH? c^ra^ ^ 
^^ f%t% ^j 1 «rr^r^r^T few E = MC2 i <nn stc?rrn wfr? ^^H^rmm ^t^t c<Tnr ^mc^ i 
^f^r c<nc5T?r l^rc?r*TH «rrcn ^wc^ c<rmr nc?r ^wc^i c<rw« f^ ^ ^c?rc^ ^n «rrcn ^wc^ 
^srm (?it ^Tca? ^H^m c<r ^w ^c<r ^m ^<ht «rcn ^wc^i ^ ^^r f^H<fc<r> c^rc^r, c^r o^rm 
^m ^m "srr c<r ^m «rr^ c^ic^ f^fH ^^Fm^m f^rPm* ^c^h i c<m c3t^»tc<t «rrc^rH, ^rac «rrc^r 
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fwrc^ £)T%t%^ ^c^ cfT^Trri «r^mf fwrcvs c<r c<fh (?rm sft%t%^ ^s nrc^r f<F$ ^mr fwr ^ 

&W>*llM<1 ^rr<f<FC^ ^HT I ^tfHWr? <&<& ^T ^TTH? ^T<f<FCii? ^H I ^ ^rTW ^C^ ^ Rf, 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


w§m ^rf ^f% srmw -^i <rj% <# ^ ^ "=rr ^r ^mc^r ^*iM<tcii<i wiw <rm c ft <F?rt ^ 

^*n%T ^C?J ^JtWl <t*m C*Tm<F ^JR 4W t%^T <F?JC^T (TFFfBT ^fmc*T 1#t$ WMt «Tfa, ^R ^t?t 

£fc*t?r ^5c?r w ^r *mt fwrc<F wmr ^c?r ctcsr ^r#rt wmr "5C?r <ttc<t i t^i c^% w\ ^5 wfw 
wmr twfl; *r f%| 1 ^rrsw «rrc^ sM^f 4^rwr i^cr^ ^rfc?r?T <Ft^ ^wwri ^tf?r 

^WMC^F t%C^T <F?TC^T — Ngfsr C^t t%W C^, C<F*R CT^T C^ffW I <Wf *f ^Tf?rC<F w^r w *tr 
^TfC^ ^FNH <JC*R (TNlTH ^Rlt ^FNsTR?T «jsfl^ ^FC?J I ^ff?T WT <MCfe>H - cf5t «$ Rc=1to$ R?J, 

^•^rrwe 7f<rtt <?N8w^ *$srt <fc?j i ^r sf§\*\ w^r, e?rr wfo$ -f\ srmRT cr?r 1 ^tf?r <ptc^t 
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^?rc^ "^r 1 t%5 c*fc<re c<r ^<F5fc<F hc?t *<rmw h?j vamc^r <(<tw ^c<t ^m w<mf^i<F fwft 4«me 
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f<M ^^r «r<r^m ^m $% «r'mr fwtc<F c^s mre ^<r 1 «r^ t^T^rr c«tc<f w^t c<t^ ^tt c<rfmc?r 
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cw^ «£i«wt ^t<t «r'mr fwri c<r c<m fwm <m 'to do' «rmw otbi^ «t'mt fwt «rm 'to be' 
^mr fwri c<r c<fh fwr c<rm «tmc^ ^?jtc^ otbt^ «r^mt fwti c<r mc^ "src<)T 2tf%fw, ot c^t 
«rr^rmtsr ^c?r c^tc^ wm tw ^tw wr «pts<t "5c?r <rm 1 R^ich?! w ^rmcsft «rrc^ ^m wrc^ \»m 
^Tfc^r cw^ «r'mf fwr, c<ft «r'mr twti To do «rm Not to do ^^ ^rc^ k^t tjcbt ^^ 

t%t%i faf C<T «rc«f To be W "^ ^s^tt Not to be «t «rc<f «rmc<T ^TTi Not to be ^rrc^ 
^c?r c^t to do 1 To be ^rw c^wf^ ^rtc^ f|t% 1 4-*m c^ w<f fwm cwm «tct<f &s f*m 
cfc?! <rrs?ri?r ^m ^rc^ wtf^r «rm w«f fwt f^c?r «rm<T =rti ^mc^T ^-«m ^r t% t%?r «rmw? «rrfsr 
^•«m ^rr^tfn t%c?r «rr<R, c^\ cw^ ^r^i cfBtl; ^•^nw ^rt ^, ^^m« «r^mr fwt, ^m^t 
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«rT5T?rr ^r<nt wrf^ w< fwr, w?h fwr ^t<t twrt ^rm^ ^rf^ c«rc<F c<rfmc?rc^i ^-«rrw 
^tt 4?f c<m «rfM^rr wr ^5 ^rti «rf<Ffec^?r fsrf^TjH, fm^H?r ^ar, «ti^h^Rch?! totm 
^^M ^r<r ^tcir?r ^rj% c«rc<F c<iRc?jc^i R^ich<i f%| fm?T5T <((% c«rc<F c<iRc?jc^ «rm t%| ^ttc^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


&m ^m «i^c«f f%| R*i*iw i#s wr w^i f^i ^ fera tou wnrfT f%n «hi c<f^ 
^w t^f «r^mH crftra ctc<h <rt <ijR)^ c*rc?i <tTc<h i ^<R f«rc?flf#f «ht ?r<Fsr ^f h?rST ^rrc^ 

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^53<f ^n c<fr f*H tNhw rti sffcM ^ra f<F§ ^rct^ <Fsrr <mt «ttc^i w^rr<FK ^ ^^fsr ^w 

W 2ffCM T5f 4^»TC<T "5C<T Rf, 4TJTC<F 'ff^fCvs ^C<T l Rf, \sf Wf <TTC<T RT, 2ffCM ^ff C<TOT CWTC<T 

«rfcn «n<f^s c^ttt «rrc^ #k c<f^ ^w ^dt trc^ fes ^rmw rti c<f=t ^c<t rt? s^ <wffi <Mzm 

<7H7*P«)T?$/H, C<TCT?T ^SM C<FR fWf-^T<HT ^FC?! ?T^RT WT ^TRl <fl?rr ^, tfe, tf?T4 <ffcr?f 
fW, CT^ "«Hfwr 4t sr3WTTC<F ThFft *»fc ii4T ^MCfeR l 

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^ft% tt4t c^tc^h, "srr w5Tf¥ftc<F w jsf\ it*h <mc»h i ^rr ^Ft%r %ff it*h ^f?tcsh i ^m^m 
£<t<m "src^, w "srcvs, «rcw ^tc<t ^rr<Hf <mc=h, ?m wsr <rc*n ?rr<HT <mc=h i ^ f<F§ tt^Th^ *m 
^rfw <s\<p<\ <&$ «rtwi^ ^m c^, 4<r?. «rf§fc<F ^ffc?i?f ^m ^rmr t<Tc^ ^f%c?r c^ i f^<F c^rH 
(^wr? "«tTwr c<r sr^wrm tt^t c^rratlcsH, cwr *p*f ^w ctt "sn ^t% T%fB sprm srrjm c*nm 
c^fsr i «rfFf<f *(¥? cwtc<f t<TT%^ w$ ^<tjntt <ra^rt i 2f«H «r< ^r <#« ^^tth ^m^ wr Ht, 
t% <rc?r (hsttt ^ ^rw ^rct *wT%r ip ^tth? ^ ttc^H, ^kr c<ror? ^ ^pm c^tc^t, 

(TT^SHT ^tc^ ^TT "^J "ST^gtT l ^ ^ C^sT ^Cf 4^ ^SI^ «H sfTt? 2f5l? "5C?J C^T I ^TfCM 

^oH c<t*r ^rra ^tht to ^twr <TTc^i $m <j5srr, ■sjwt? <rr% *ivittui ^rrc«f ^rrc«f ^twr c^ti t^<f 

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<# <7F$ #^H <H, «T<f <3 ^H C'TCvs H?f vsf^T ^sf «ttSTrf^ ^WH5 t«f ^T ^ "ST^M I ^^<TTC«H 

^^srng ^rfiH c<tcit? ^rari ^-<rnH ^w «iww^ er^a w^ ^twi c<ttt «r^rraT, ^ttsh <f»<jc«i^ tw- 
•riprr ^c<t, ^^5tc<f «nwr ^trc^ «ri?f| rti ^m^r c<ror? ^rwti c<r% ^m ^w?rt c^r ^rmr #^r 
^t®r<ft c«fc<F c^hi ^-^s ^rwm ^cm ^t%wr« «nwr wtr ^nt'Tit (m^h <pr«it^ %ri 

vsT^T t% <ra ^TC^T OT C<TCir3 ^Tf<H ^IW^ 'BW- 'tWT ^C<T? ^^fH ^ W'tt^T ^Tfk<T RTl ^mT 
^fi^RrT <F<Rt «t Tf<f fer C<H «f^TRrT ^^C^H Rf ^<TT WTC^T RTl C<TOT? ^Hi'TlT tlcsTR Wm ^, 

w, t^#r<TH i ^M #<h c<h «r^rnrT ^<ra ^<ra ^^ ^^rsra ^kT? ^^r^ <i<k>i<i wtttw <ts c«tc<f 
^r w «im i wi rt ^i^t W «R^r?r c^Nr <ttc^ wjh ^^m ^c<f c<rHrRRt "<ttc<t rt i 
^r#t<F ^HRfcT ^wr^r ^t% ^<Hf «rrc^i ws %hj5^c<f ffen^B - nr^s C«R^ «rc?TT<fTm t^to 
«rHi? ^ht ^ht ^rtsfg Hra ^wfw "5f% «n*rw ^^r^s ^c^h i ^wtw ^R ^t<e^t «p ^ ^hj 
(?n<r^H Hra ^■^rfH ^ft^T ^^r^w, «rffsr ^v^ w^tTRH w^ f<T^»rc<T! ^<R t%r c<h c«tc<f ^rar *rtir 
^^\s w <mc=h i ■srcit^mT <^<ic^s^ ct^ c^t ^f c«tc<f ^m ^tm -<rr<rr?r, ^tm it% %m 

^ffT «r-STsTW ^W "^TfSf? "5C?f C^ I 4"<F ^^^T^H ^>iCHl<l (?T<Tm ^HT ^H ^<FC^ «T^TlT t^O^ I ^T<T 

^HTfrr ^rc^ '^it! «rc<TT<nt?r <m\ ws^ c^r «tm ^frrw^ c^r ^s «rrsrrcirff t%! «rrwr ^-«rnR 

t^t% «TfC^, ^IM «TPTt '«rtSTTt, ^Tt; «IT% «rm ^t ^T T<T ^tft ^«RTt, 4^T<T C5T75 «rfsr?fT «rtff 
C<FMf« <Tff^ RT' I 1<MC«1 ^sf ^SU^ (7fT<r C<FT«ff« t%| (Rt, ^T<T ^<TT« I ^HT^TfrT <# T5T%d^T ^T^T 
^t ^3T"tt% t%?lt C'TC?! C<J^s ^rffn^T I ^ 4"<rnH ^<MT "^ T^<F f^<F ^JfF^TTCJH ^^^Fsrfig ^ffiH ^ 
^TpWf, C<T sf^M "^HtWf CTT^fC^T I CT^StHT^ <FTt ^C55 Wf^ 1 ^ 'fww; ^Hl; ^\sT, ^^<TT<f ^ ^n 

T%?rt 'TtsTrt <tt?j i orm^F ^-<rnR ^j?F<Trc«H srcsrj <tfrr ^ ht i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVV/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


CGvMZ ^fC^ «Hl^S TJC5T «T<f W& *fTC<T | c<TW TTt ^TT ~5JM. 4-T$ f-<F f-<F 1-1 I t<6_ -1*1 

sHNtew ^ra <tt?t i -twrs-iT "snw, <p<h ^m ^m^r w ^?r ^<h t%wt «rt-iM ^thw ^-tc<t 
<fc<h _ gj^j- c^t-T, RiH «r^ . ^#?r ^st i <w?r ^ra ^t« ^y^s <rc?n i _t?t wit _$ 
Rh-?m<i$ f^F f^<F ^fwr <rtc<F i <fNrT "^wc^ _tm ^kt <w?r -rsra ^^t c<rc<F ^s^rt *vfc 
wc^- <rrcw, -hbtt ^h csT-i i <fi?rf ^i^wk wK/H ^kr <w ^j^bt _vt, -tor?r <r*r ^r «r^i 
<tkt irsrc^H wK/H ^kt <Tw?t isra ih^th m« <ncw, -i^rmt ^t ^fjfr-T ^r ^%s i i_r_j 
<tw?t _i<f-h «i^m^m» <rtcw ^sta* ^rr ^r ^rr, f%H «rmm ^i^wc^ _rw i 4-*ftH f<F$ ^rm 
te*t ^rt <F-?t ^ _rt Rh-?m<i ^<rr ^rwm c?rc<r ^tt ^ «scuw? - ®j-T, «r^ _ _<i*tM i ^ 
f^wrc^ <w ^fj ^twt %r wc^_ c^rt <rm i •*p<k<io?<j *\fc w ^r ^?r ww, <r^c<fi wt 
wr?t w, c<t _r_f «rt^s <w_?rr "^r «rm <w?t ^tf^ <rr®H?r t-hj iH-<h c<rc<F ^ttsr^rH w "^r i 

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c<w crl; -r^, -mc." c<h H_?fl; -iw, c^n f<Fg Rhc. -iwt ^c?r c^r ^tm* ifsr « <i^c<K - 
_i_tc<f1; ^"^rrw <t*tc^t __fl-7_7?i ci1-ht «th<f i_ra c<hc<f -rft <Frt ^r i ^vi^wc^ <T-5-?r irc<r 
^nprm c<fh ^r^ c^, t%i «r<!<fc<tcii<] ^Hr^^s <tcw ^^rt^s srt<Fc^ -^ \_r ^tt^t w w*$ 
^c<t ^tti ^rm ^rw ^r <tw ^rnit t%sr t%^ Tflf^ t^ ^tw ^rm wc^ twt ^r ^nti 
^^»tc<t c^w? ^rc3?r 2f<Fm^»iT ^m c^r i ^m iw c<w ^crt c^r t^r, c>i^^hi ^wift ^t ^IIa^ 

^CTt C^T t^T I ^t®t-f ^W<t <S^sW? ^TCTl t^TC^ «T<f tta^T - aW ^T ^sJ^C^t <trfwT ^t 

■sr^s^r (w^tlc^ owr^cn to <?$ "sr^ smm <r1% ^pt, tt#?r t^rsn ^y^cw wr w 
^r^riTw "^r (TT^rra ^^tc<f cwr <r*rT w$ ^rrra <tr c<tc^ R>hcg twrsn "^m <tt«"?tm ^tt^s ^mt 
w ^rrra _t# (j^wr? <7^<# w^; ^ ^tpM ^^»tc<T ^m cm i twtw ^m c^r? 1_wt 
^jc^tRcw ■src<u ^m c^r, t^rc^ c<rc^ ■src<u ^m c^r t%^<tr owr ^ct ^w ^t "sr^swr «rm« 
^t^m c^r i ^ ^tsrj "5T_r_c°Tr «rt<M ft^r ^ ^<p ^tsrj i£i^»tc<T ^t^m c^r i 

Tsfijw&t f%^? ^mwm, ^r <# ^rw^tt ^ -TRfrs, \§fsr c<t w cic® ^lt^ ^r c<M 
^<t^RT w^ (?#r <# c'tcvs ^hs, \st^T vgj^ f-<F <?ft; wsrtBt; w c<t <t^fD c<rw ^rt ^c?tc^ i ^r 
«r<T*ffl; <ft Trc<t i ^ ^^Fms^t OT^rr <rm c<tcit cwrc<r <t*rr ^c?rc^ f^ t^ c^ ^»tc<t <rf^ c<fr w 

Wf ^J ^R CT^ <W? <FT «T<T*fT_lf<T I C<TCT CWtC<T <Ftt W^, <Tt tWT <Wlwt CTO'rfSjPH, 

(7tBTc<F ^r c^»Tc<T ^r^ w i ^rnt c<Fm ^rt^tm^r •«wm tsjpn ^rr, -ri^ ar<trft ^ t%h, ^stw 

^T ^IWTC^ ^ ^S <tf<T-[ I Wffl t(fw ^TOM _kt -TTt-STT, CWt tH^T, «rt^T^f^T 'FTTsf 

twrc^ tro-M^ (^^«rflc^T i f^ c^ ^m\ tTO-^rt c^rfsjPH <m<m -fri_ twtw w 

C<TUs ^ I «t T%tst-M ^T IM^T ^C^ "5^T ^-T^T ^sfsr^S <|4<M _ftf. WCs ^mw i "^CW C<t 

<wm «rtc^, «rtcsrm c<t <w «rtc^, cwrcw R^c\-<t c<r f%R-wr cr^ t^rcw <Ft<Twt tw-Tc<F 
«rtfwm wc^hi «tt-tc<F <# «nfsr cwr c^h ^Htc^ -t^; ^m ^\u^ fep w^°\ ^m 
^rc*r trn^t^ c^-Tc<T l^wt wcs ^rm^ i t^<f c^ttH <tR «nH c<fh <Ft crc- -it, cwr t^rf% 

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c*ih<fc<f -it; <p<rtl; ^\u^\, -t-l^; cv-rsrm ^ht ^w^ i ^r H^-t c<tc<F c<t «i^ c<rc^ 
tHc^, crt ^c^ ^ht c<t c^mm ^#tt<f -ttt% ^m ^m ^sht -r-it ^wt-j ^«t i ^- ^rnn, <r«H 

"STH<t ^ ^ (?TC^t C<tC<F C<FH ^ ^<FC^ (P\ <FC^ C<t Ht% ^tH (?#fCW, ^W^ <tC^T I "<T<H C<FH 

1<f0; <ft ^rm ht ^"<h ^-Tc<f ^<f^ ^t i ^<Ff% cw ^^rw? ^^r^Tf^ «t^tc^, t%i ^B" ^<fc^ tHra -i^r i 
-it ^tt% ^-Tc<f ^tfeH <fc?t «r-H wcs ^jh i ^ffc ^r ^<? *w wm <fc?t ^tffi-T-t ^mt t^tt% 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


#f Wi ^it cnt<F£rrf% ^K ^fttw cstt<f ^rfw c*rc^ fm nsTw c^w c<r <t<wfi> <mr ^c?rc5 ^f*r 
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ff% </>wV/? i^ 5 ' Swcu> i ^h<t <r<R ^wt ^tc<f tHfsna ^<k<t cwr ^wr fsrR<tc<t> «i<tcsttw <fc<t, 
f%?<TT «i^»< <fc3 «r<t<Tr ootT w<r \o*h \»tc<f ^<tc*t <^tt<f i c<t c^fh <m<hc<i> <t<h c^tt w ^u 

^o^R ClUlW ^Tf "^^ (?TT<F I C<FR t<t^C<F <# ^sfsT <J»t*T M« Fft3 vot? ^HT C^M? W<M Tit^, 
WWtsT ^RT CAsfSftW W M« ^C<T I 4^ W \§f«T twTC<T WC<T? C<TUT C<T <t<t>V|fD M« <T<nT 

^c?rc^ ^r c*$ ^rt^ w 1 wjt c<tct c<t <^1<% wt <r*rr ^c?tc% c<r ^ipm <r*rr ^c?rc^ 
#*$ t^rfett% ^s csT^Tift *»t%r ^t Rfo « w^rr stw^ <k<i%:"m i ^tt ^ ^pm f^ 
*m wsth <rcn «rrstir ^w w^ ^mt ^sht ^if^o ^c?r «Ffft «ttfsr ^ it4t «s Tft^i \s<h 
w «rrsrTcT? <tc*t ftc*M ^ f*ra ^n c^tsrrc<F crwr ^r, ^ ^n ^sfsr c^rsr ^^»rc<T ^r 9 f wr <rts 
^r^rt c^mm ^r !t4t ^c?r <ttc<t i ^t 1*re ^ri *rf «thh ^Nt ^w w^ ciwI^wh, t%t% «rnm 

^TCoT CWT ^15§t W W^ ^ fTO ^tf C*l«lRc*M I ^ ^f^ ^TW I <# vfjft <R, ^f ^Tfa <Ft*r 
i£^ f\HCG <# CoTT WCo TJtQ, Nst^T C<TCT C<T "Sf^SM <FTf $,«IC^. C^ <TW W W ^ol^CI^ ^C<T I 

4<rr<H «rf?rc3K3?r ^r^ t%^ri «rrc^m %h stc^j<f mw.^ «rf?rc^ ^f ^rwr^w 

t%Tl ^Tttf ^f'H ^<ra WK-t<t<FH' iJ<TH (TI^ «rt?fcs «Tt^f% JitWl «tf?fC^lM3 «rf?rc<F WsM ^ 

^rfe ^rc<T ^nt "^si ^"SRf<F ^ «rf?rc<F c<t^ "^K ^<ra fwr ^nt^ht ^ c^^r c<tc^ti t%| 
?rt% 9 tw «rt?f %r, c<i«m f<t<TT^rf^ ^» w^ ^t^ht wr ^s, ^rfr-ft? w<tt t%r ^ 5 tr% 9 fw 
«tf?tc<F ^rr^H wf 1 ^rft-fr? "src<iT c^ ^M c^fw <?$ «rts^r c^rc^ «rf?r t%?r f^sH «rf?t trj<tw 
wt ^>s 1 w*te ^^^m «Sr ^rf% ^rm 2f^s w ^c<r ^rr 1 Mw ^n c^rc^ ^rf^ wtc<f wm 

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■src<fT ^«f^fwr, (?rt^ 9 fvsf c<tus c^ ^m stoH Ttft-fH ^rcw ■src<TT« ^w «tsc^i ^rf?W<fT ^tct 
<F» ^wra w t%r, ^HT <i<f»c>i<f w w %r vot? "src^fT ^c^l^ 2f<tH wf\ ftf^ %r 1 #rn 

^Ct C<T5R ^Hf^ ^T t^PlH? «^»CH<f ^ C«TC<F WWy^ W 1#f f<tWT ^T 9 !- <TTH W I «TtWt W 
TTf T%| W^ ¥1 Rt CW 1#f tWK ^tt- <TJH wf5T fWffTf I t^<F C^fH C<TC^ ^H W W 

^^rm^ w (3!<f Rt cw ^rftfc^i ^ ^rtwtfR 5 1% 1 fl#?r ^rci ^w ^ «rf?tc5H ^^pc^ ^«rr 

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«rrsR st^f^o w ^r, «rtaTH^ f*wr £r%^ ^c?r <?rf^H ^c?r ^kr 1 ^rrc 9 H tw?fa w «rf?H ^rw 
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^rftffca «rc?r?r ^t^t ^r ^f% cT«"?rr ^s 1 ^ff^r t^c<F «rt^f% ^wi ^ra <ftc<t <?\m$ Tt^t 1 
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^®wf« «rm c<?% <tt<t^h ^?r Rfi «ih tTttH" «rfk^g c^r <M\Sc<i>$ t%*t<t wc5 cht <tr?r ^ti 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVV/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


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wtT%T cvststh *$8ft^ 4# ^M «rHTc<F ^vt <fc^ f^s i c<n?f ^t w^r 'wr-^rH c<fh <rjT 9 rf^; C 5 ^ l 
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^Tf?r i£f5t w^ t<F| <mo=h i irtf?r w^r f%| <j<=ic^h ^rt, ^h<jc^ «rfC5 w it <h ^rc<t Ht, c<r% 
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^CT WsrH^T ^fCF <W? <FTCSf ^TTPnm Rc^sH i <TTWT iT*t?tC«m ?t$H ^f^T Rt, ^i¥H 2fTT% ^HT ^<F 

w wm «itcT*t c^rc^H i ^h <tM iT*m«r c^ <jcsi^ ^sht <t<tj^ <KTmc<F thc?j ^i^h i t%t^ w 
&5 "wsmm "<wf<r c<r w <Fra ^rt^f% f^cst; ^rttt crw ~^§°\ Hcsr ^rrc^rcT?! <nt^ fej ^if^o ^c?r 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


C^RI <?$ ^TR^PTll^^ *ti§J$ fWS^^IW^ mft 3C?T C^TI f<F®?r<TT?r ^fat ^t%t%^' i Ttl 

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^tm ^'tfnwr «rrc^ w ot^h f*r<JT rlws «rf?r (tht ^c^ f<nti «?f f*r<JTc<F ^rfsr f%m ^r 
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n?F?r c^-<rrc*fHr ^?rc^ «rtw i ^ 4^<fh ^srfk^g w^f ^^ ^?r <mc^h - 

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H?R I 4 vs ^#T t%T ^<TCST ^^M ^T<T ^d C^ I wfaff WSTlWl? t%H t<TC*T<T W <MC^s "^?J «Tt? 

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flc^H ^s"<H "srrc?ra «ih<f wn wt? ^n? <F«rr PtPh^ ^c?r «rrc^ i ^ <t^h "srwtw £tt%t%r ^^ 
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W."^ ^T<T <FT <TTC<T C^TC?J C<K«T' I ^<\m ^C§?T <TJH <ra W*f <MC^T, "SHH ^^T| ^«(3^T "^st «THm 

sm c?rc<F wt «?f <mc^shi t*$ <ra ^p?T ^^*r ^rf& ^m wt ^rt<r c*t<T <mc^s tp^sh nti wncsr?r 
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^tsrtc^; ^t<t wrn ^c?j <Ftsr ^c^ ^ <F?rc<ri "<Ttc<F w nHtnK c^«"?rm, <Trc<F w ^thm 

(W3¥m, ^<FfC<F Ttr^ft tTO5 "5C<T, f<F <F^T ^TM "^s, «TfWC<F f<F ^ «rH<T I ^JCsrtCST "srT^H C<TSH t%fTsr 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«rra, w\ wfs ^rfBto wtt <*r#T ^im ftatlr, T^pf *ie$ t>gH ^w tra i ^ wt T% «rra 
^T TN3TIT <jtc<t! 

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c^rarc<F« rt*t <fc?j ctc<t i ^ra ^rw «rrc^ mt^m, ^«H «rmrw? cwr t^t^tptt k*t, w^ <rara 
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c^rrw ^htht wi?i <p«rt «rra <T*rra ww ^rrcn rt i ^ «ifsrcsM wc<f ^rPra <TM3¥m wv ^s 
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^c?J <TTC<Tl 

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^«rr ^t w <r<w ftt% ftt% «rrc^, w f%R-<FT^T «itc^ ^m ^r:<jt ^<r# *nsi t%^r <# rt wr "^r 
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"5C?r <TTC<Tl 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^ cn «rffe «rr^ (wnt ^r, ^ «rf?m ^rr^ fsr^r i ^piw «rf?m ^ <jrc 9 t?r <t*mt ^<fc<t 
^MT ^»tc<t ^tNtt wt ^r^ iw ^rrc^r ^tmt <f<t>at<i «Ftf^e mc?t ^tttc^t i «tf?m ?rM& f^H ^t^mt 
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«tMMT ^icsrt «tKtm «tHrm w*fi «r^ ^% c<r w^r ^mi; ^mt «rf?t?r ^rNt} t%?m ^rr<nw <r#?r 
^km <#s "^ i ^r% ^rc^ «r<f ^fwf - «rf?fc<F <r-<m swsr s^f^s wr ^r ^<M ^t?r ^iRfw 
<mc*rr ^rorm ?r® «rtc<Fi ^ ^tt <xm ww ^tc<f <ftt ~sm. ^ti ^f?tt# ^rrw ^twr - «rr?H ?t<t 
f<F^c<F «tj <fc?t crrr, wr^ ^tc<f <r*rr ^ ^rwr i *r« ^K «rr?Hc<F sT^a w im i ~~f%~~vs f%f?f?, 
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^ c?tw Fh3"?rmc<F wfHmrnsT^rr sr^s ^r im i c^fPr ~~\^ wtHmmciriT ^tc<tt <t® ^c^ ^<h \»mr 
c^tPtttf c<n<wc55 \§fsr ^r «rMtciriT ~~k*r osb i ^^ ^r ^ c^s Fh3"?rmc<F ^r<T^m ~~~~~~vv wtrHf, 
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^<fc^ f^rc?r ^c>tf^<=i i ci^wj ciwr?rr sffSrR^Tc^ ^tf c«tc<f f^fwra wn H<flf>i^ ^<fc^ feH i t%i 
^H^Trrc^ w f%H ^i^r *«foc*M i ^mu^ m<u «iww^ ^r ^c^r ^ ^r «rfwr ^r «tR<t>t 
<fkt rw ^^rr?nt w=r ^r% «rtfwm ^ciflc^ i «rt^r ^^rrn w=r #rw «r?rR ^rrf^ ^c?r 
f<F»rc<T «rf?m ^rtr c^s^r <rr?r i «rf?r?r Tfc^r ^w?r f^5?rl; c<fh ^i<f «rrc^ ^ ^nc^ra ^rtc^t c<Ff«rr?j 
c?h i£j<Fttr fspr it^Tit <Tt?r i «rf?tc<F ^vr ^rl; oi - <rc^T, «t^c«i tiKR^t ^rt^s c^<rc^r t<Pi «rf?tc<F 
«rw?r f%®f?r fwt c?ro«r «rw?r £fc?rrsH «r^rrc^ ^<r <tmm ^?r<T, toBt ^^f f%f& ^rT^rm i ^ 
-^m ^<f^ y\iyX ^rrc^, ^fs^r^ v^ ^ , ^%<f Rcs?<i src^rr^T ^^Frcsr ^rr^ftc^ ^^^fstt^ "srr^; 
*ncsf i ^Kr? ^t «rr^Wft ^trt ?r<F5r jg*\ «rrc^i |ft>r?rr c<r ^t?rc^ ^w ^rcir?r «rrR^tw f%m <r>c<r^ 
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Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


9tt%%ri c#5fo 4R ^rsr ~rnimt\ «tf?f?r T*wr?r wrc?r<r# ^rfsr ywil&h t^ H^ ^ttr <t*h 
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<Tfsr ^H «rrc^, ■sjHmrcr ^r ^rttff «3 1 cr^ ^rftffcs «n^r% t%?t ^m ^rm ^rs^t ^<m ?rf*rrc<F <tc^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


C%^ <TTC<T ^#TTC<F, <?KtW CTWl?rT ^fT ^C^Tl C<T CTWfft ^CWtT «It^ CW?TT 3C?TC^ ^H 

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^<R <p$ W»IHW RC?T <TTC5^I <4 - <fTC«T 4^ ^FT<F C3C*T <MCfeH - sfSfCST <MC<=1«T Wl^f%3 ^sfT 
vaffTfff?; <MCfe>«T <J<St^1M<1 ^Tl f<Tf«T «rf^f^M ftc?IC^«i <4<fl?J %fC<F?; ^#TtC<F RC?J WTl ^ffs, 
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w^t cT-<rr <rm ^rr i ^m^r §*if^Ri ^m\ wrm ^ttttc^ fo% <mc<m rt, wp t%<f «rsfK ^t 
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t%T (Ti^TT ^#TT<F «TffT «# ^C^ffT ^TT ^^ ^R ^^TR^TfT Wf ^CITC^I ^ffT ^» C«TC<F "ff*f 

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■^gT "^c<t, ^^fc^Fj? wr, ^<mf<T?r wr, "srm-wm ^fs ^c?r <TT«"?rm ^i, iiTms^m ^r, "iTHH <i<t>oi<i ^t 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«JtsrtW? blRFH» C«TC<F THC?I GTC^I #Wl W^ Wf CW C<FH W (H^l ^ C5TC<F %*r?f CStC<F 
WJ? ^fWf^ WWf /%»/% «TMf^e Hlf<F (TPSfTH C^, ^fTH wf Hlf<F ^gT "^t Hf, «rt? wf TSRff 
«TftTHT, «*ttW ^Rtt f^T^tt «ltC<F l «$ ^tt ^Rf ®J® ^&fflWfiMlFT, wf ^rf% T*TC<T TKHt, 
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^c?r ^rc<T, c?h1th «rfwr ^r ^# «rm ^t twr-^tt ^rft i wrt^ ^cst c<fh t%H#r c^t %fc 
fro? ^r c<r feH<it;t?r ^ht wm c<rr<r ^fc?i c>#rc<F «rt^rt? wrrt ^ ^rc?r i ^rriHw^ ^ 
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^tfmwp, c<r wf "^rm cr ^ «rH 7 ^ ^Tc^rn <fc?t i vst?r ^rnn wmw ^ #<th «rHc^ m 
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■stHw?r 4 <f f^TK ^fMt i ^*rr f^mm^f «rm ^wm *n1% w*fr«, ^^tsrs ^hh ^tfW #r ^c?t <rm v\ws 
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c<t% ^rn ^rm oi-<rr c^ <t-<h ^c^m ^^Hr <mc&h ^h «m c<r*tt ^^Ht Hc\s nrc^r nt 1 «rm 
H<ic<l><l ^^rm ^mm <rtm ^s «TTC<f i f^H? Paradise Lost ^fwm ^r H^s ^st%t%5 ^ 
«THTC^fr ^JfTTH H<1C<^<1 ^^HT ^H ^FfC^ ^ «rm^%J i ^1^ H<1C<I><1 ^<fa\ W ^C^T ^H ^tfl>sT 

siRj^ic^ ^trs ^<ra cuc^r ftcwsM i ^rrW ^ <f^s|; t*fj#^ "5c?t ^rus i ctl; ^nm ^uk ^t^ht 
T^<f c<h ^fcsr ^rr i $<i ^m^r "^ ^^m sr^f^st ^<Fm^; hI; i «ht h^<f ^t; wt^st ^^ ^<f^tt 
c?t ^'«rnH ^s ^ ^^ ^^Hf <f^tI; c#r h<ic<i><i w ^c?r <rm i «iw<f *r^? \?m %sm ^tc<tt 
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"5=t ^t%^, ^?r Ttc^ «itc^ fH >t«>j^r, ^t?j#?j ^rw^r «rm ^«f ^tc>T?r ^w^r i ^t; ^t?n^ i«>j^t^ 
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c?\c% fH wt ^srt %<f ^ri ctc^i ^m#?r w^it ^wf5 ^rriH ^»m c<r f^fT ^r^mrc^ 
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■sr^T wit^ #<riTc<F ^^s c<r% ^^5 ct?th 1 ^'dt?j ~^\c% ^tf ^\ c<r ^rm^fT ft*r c>#r ^r% c?rc<F 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


4<FT? ^^ l (?#T ^sffafa «iwtf^ «fs|35f i ^ ^wtWf^ 4*TT<FT sffCT ^ft^[C*t C<T voTfJT ^tTC^ 
CtST ^t^s ^tcs i 4t>t 4C<MTC3 ^T$<T Physical Space i 4CT3 «fWT, sfH5 sfHf <TT<TH *f?f \of?f 
«rf^T physical journey ^^ ^ space 4 <TT?ri 4^f? srcr W^T «rfvgt sr\s ^lftff csfc^ C#C?J, 
«rtsflCT?f ^HH ^ ^tftff 4<TT?f <TfWT <K?J ^TfCT CT^ wf, C#f «TCT<F ttc?J 1 ^ <tM *tc*f?f <fTC?T 
f<TT%^ 2ff% ^T #<T TTtf%C?J sftC<F «H? vsM >T<T ^TSfTJ C5iT <FC?T vot?T <TT3TT *f**ft5TC<F ^fff5c<F f*fC5, <TfCo 

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PP TTC3 "SRC^ >TCoj?f *fM<F (Feather of Truth) f*TC?J >QW\ <FfTT "5TJ 1 «rt>TCT 4$ ^M 4%?; 
«JfTfCTT C<T «rtsrfCr?! ^HH 4<®M >T$<F «t^tn 3?J RT l <tR CTC<? CFH «Jf^TfJ *ff*t TTT%*frpT?T «^fCT 
^tft "5C?J C^T, ^H (TT^ «rtv5[tC<F >TW ^fW «r®« *IT% fHC5 C<fC?J CW&\ I «rf>TCT ^<MCo Tjf^C^T vofsr 
"<# *TT<fT 1w W^W*\ <FC?J Wf C*ffc^8 <TfS ^oT^T C>T<rfCT «JtC^ C^f5TT?T WWfff ■SJTTT "5C<T I 

*rr?rr*t <Fsf "<# 4<%s «rrc<F ^cr cofsjfft wf ^rff^ f^r ^c?j «ttct, cotsrrc<F 4?rr ^c*f «n^co 
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«twi i£i'sri# ^fw «fsf «rt?r i£i|; RjhcG <jcst% c<j £f»r<T c^ f^c?j ^^T^osrH ^fic^t «rcw <rvs ^s ^ifawr 
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cnrcTff ^r^rfl «r^T^r ^wic^ %ri ^orf<r<F ^mnrco? wr ^ir %r t%^ ^t?rco ^t?rco 
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C<TSH ^rftf crwm *$Sft, *flf>TcH<l 4^« Fire Temple «TfC^i 9 flf>fci<f ^'«fCTT "vpt ^WT «rf?t?t 
^IPRTl f^JfTfS «#?f ^'TfW, ^^<nCT ^lRtC^ «rfvM CT - ^ «Tf?TC<F %Z& T^TC^i <tcvf?f W^ 

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9 ftf>Tci<f ^5f<TH "^R «r^?r ■vrfsfiTt (Ahura Mazda) 1 stJwf srfCT «rfCTf 1 1tl>Tc^<t C<J <Hf<t 

~m\i^, wr^cl^ <# ^tcfcw «r^TfiT wr ^t ^o^ ^?j w?f ^c?j "<ttc<t <Tf?f ^k^. «rcw ^f? «rrc^ 1 

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otth c«rc<F w?tt^ sttcT -<Tf?f ^tc^ «rcT<F ^tj «rfc^i ^ <m\ «rtPf <jsf «rt?t fl 7 ^ <rcsf «tct<f ^t<tf?f < T 
<ut , ii?t «rfc5 1 4$ wr«0c<F ^<Mf?t «r^?f srtsriTt ^c^f f^c?t c^r i ^ <tm e tT ^TTcsr^ at^t wt 
^c?rc5i ^^H ^fTT«^c<F «rc^?f sr%c<F cf«rH ^ti ^ w& srt^ ^r ^cr?f crwti f^jct^ 

CTSH W^\ W3 CTWT «TfC5 1 SJWRT ^'fH ^T «r^?f stSriTH «r^?f ^#t i£|C>TC5 Wg( C^fCF I f^FCT?T 

^rc^ «r>j?f ^r ^9s, f% 'ftf^cT^ ^rc^ «r>]?f ^r ^fcrt 1 w$m cwu$ f<F®rc<T ^ *>\Xm fTkr<fffTT 
^rrc^ c^tc^i c^fffTif^ ^ftcs ct-^tct ^jHRfBr >\*saX fsfcr <ti?j 1 c^ff^nf^ ^te «r>i?f «rr?f crwnt 
«it «T^i c#?i<t «rfff •tiwrr cw ^^ ^?c*m ^cfJT <rffTT «r>j?f «rr?t crwr?ft\s ijcf?r <rffTTi 

<n^; c^m «rt^st strsTiTT wr^c^ ^c*f f%c?r f^Tcu ^ftc^h ^ «rc^t srr^ "5=t ^^» "*rf%^ 

CTWl, 4 t*fcf sfHT5C<F *W5^ WCT I vot^; ^TRftMCF t*tC?f srr^CF 4? "^o C^fCF <f|TjfS 1 liftlT^ ^C?J 

c^\ t%3 <tt sj^rcr?f sj\s 2tc<pc^?f <Tf?t c rr 1 «ichc^ ^h wr^ f<r^ ftci^ «rm ct^r w «rrc^ 1 

WT^cl^ srvsTiT^f <TT *tlf>fetll C<T <jsf ^f^CT^ >T<T C«fC<F C<P% 2f»tt%o <t^C<lR,<=1 1 sj>f%s[iT ^|C^TTCsr 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


*#fota <i%<f at^f <k<ic&> «ih IWH?rrs ^t^§ ftc?ic^i ^t t%?j ^t <rqt?tt?t ^c<tT ^ f%s¥ 

^TC^I 4^Ht% «IW iH^Wt W^ ^HTCiTft ^JfTCHf WH<F W sfm^ff T%*f<T ^FC?t ^f RfFF ^TWJf 
4«M ^fT IKH <fW ft*f RT, 4'SM *l1T*Tc<r?t 2f«tW IKH <fW 1>C<F *fC^I «rff^T IWH?rt 

qt*\\us yfe^ Itfc <r ^ CTtPw ^s tf<ra <ri sm t%^ !KH?rt ^^ttc<f t%?rt fs ^wmit% 
<i>mM, ica ^h csrn^if ^rtMTHT ^^s w ^ci^ ^r 4?rr -fcsf ^rr?r ^^ ^m ^rrra ^ 
fe^s^» cwf ^tif, ^r^ rt c^rra c*tc<t nrf^ur^ ^*i?j c*pc*r t%^i t^i *irPfc<r?j «fa <^*fr 

SFsH ^ <JW*n?J ^*I?J *fff5C^ 4"C\s C<FH ^TC^ (H^l <Fl<H ^sTCrfl 4<FSH CiWf «rrc^ t<tH 

«rrcsrm crwr, «tic<]<i>sh crwr t%H ^c*h «iwtc^ crwh 4w?r ^:<tT ^wh stc<#, t%H ^h 

WT^I I %fc<F HC?J ^ThSTTf ^T Wf, WDra W \sT?J« ^fSTtfi "^tt^T I CT^ItPT ^fCF ^TT ^T ^T 

^tffM^ to csTiwc^ f*w m« ^rrcs vsmr «« <w ^ ^» fg^r ^c?t «rr?t ^» ^srr ^ti 

4®~?ft <# «M Rf ^<FC3 vsT^T voM f<Fg «TC^ff ^J C<T ^WTC?f?f CrWf, ^5fa ?TTCSfT K^T "<TTC<T I 

ft^WH <J^TCs «tM « ^fCF C<rofC<T ftWt? <FC?T Cr^TH 3C?J «flW, ^tS|t%T <W t^ 

c#»tc<t ^oth ^ra i ^-«rnR ^m f#T t%f% ^c*r «rr^ w «rr?t « crwr ^c*r «r^ 

ffc^l tW TjTC^ C<T ^TWtt OTBt «WT ^Sltl «T^T ^TWf^Cs ^TM *TC ^H ^fft ^I I «^T-RmT 

"5^tc<t 1<m c*r<T f# \»rcsTT?r ^ra^; ^c<ti ^ ^rt 9 fT#r ^jc^rr^ ft^ ^o?i ^rw ^i f^cta 

^oRK, ■srfCT ^T<T t%| C»T<T "5C?J C^T, ^t «ifil^Fb ^<I«R "^J Rf I "^T^^F t%| t% W TCS ?Tf<K<T 

t^i «rr<Tr? <7r<rH c«tc<f ct ^ds «rr 3 ^ i RT*t ^^rw ft^<jw t%f "^j rt i itfsfc^ ^<tPQ f^ ^ 

srHcfTi t%| t%f "^s TTO «fT<FC<T f<f*l CT<TH C«TC<F CT «fHH ^d i#5fC<T, f<HT*f ^^TW t%f (Hl;i 
^W§ <H ^JC^T^ Ethical Religion, ^•«TTH C<fH5T f^<F C^fH^T «fT ^ttwf?! ^<ra ^<TW (^TSTTT 

«rrc^i ^fTtfH^ f^ ^^»tc<t q1>\ ^r qt>\ fa 'tfwH ^<ra <m ot^ ~$m^\ c<hT¥ t^i w^, 
c<Hfc^ ^fs^ ^«rr w<r, w*\ w<r ^»tm ^t ^cgic^ c^rsrrc^ c*ft%?f c<r^s ^c<t i ^rRfH ^t<t 

<T^; \»TM « vi-W «iKHf ^<ra T%?J ^TCSTfC<F <IC?I «n<FC\s 5<FTC<T, ^^^FSTf^ C<HT^; ^<FTC^ (?sT5rrc<F 
^IM « "STW ^ ^CGIC^ C'tfej C<TC\s "5C<T I 

•fM <fCsf ^^MT ^U vgfsf <tfw ^T®^ ~*F% ~*M, W?v t5^T ~*M «IH WS« ^^TT ^T ^sT^T^S \sH 

c«rc<F c<rfej «rWfi ^cBt *w c^mtft ^ht ^nt ^c?r^i ^^5f ^r ^r <rtw ctH ft<Fm ^c^ Rf^s 
^sf^r f%i vgf^r c<k^ "<ttc<t i «rr?t t^iH ^r «ftrc^ "^r^ wr <tr?f i \sftr <# ~§\% w^r c<fh ^«u 
^ ^<fc^ Rhs Nst^r c^srsrt? «rs^» <f^str^ *it*f c<fc^ "<ttc<t i ^^ t<F|Bt f^jw^ srr^wo? w i 

^rc?r?r t%?F ^ <fW^ Rf^ ^C?f C^r Ethical Monotheism i T?, ^«?TT «IH ^"C^F^H, ^*f r ^TW 

•nPfcini ^t sfH^rrs^Tt *rc$ IHh, ^TTsr <h hc?jc^i 

^^^r?! ^rrrc^ #<f ^roM i «rrsfc<F 9 rr x FTc^j?t c<r ^f «r<fc<i»<f sfH^rr c<T-«rTH ^w irftw^ 

^ "5TC<tT ^T<T C«fC<F C<T*lt ^r^H ?IC?r^ ^t^FCrft I Wff^f^T, Cti&\ ^Rtdrft Ti4t «rrsfC<Fft t%Hft 
nr^sj w^sTC<F ^ ^T^Tfw ^^ i iTfwT %r Master of Mythology i %NT £fp f^r^ t%?J 
C^TC^f I tT%?TTW «t®t% ^T<T «RlCfftt; C^l #<FfTl ^fWffW fWt%T Wlt%, «HT fw C^TstHfTT %T 

«i\om ^ wi^o i (^hhct?! «rr^rc<?r?r ^ttsrh ^ #<F?rf i#&fc\st; *w<m rt i ^f^rcw ^^ h?r, 

WfH (?fT<F ^Hl; ^§ (?TT<FCiT? ^TW C^TC^ «"d RT I <T<f?J ^tf^ ^TTSRR ~*m ^TSftW iftwTC^s ^ffC^Tf I 
Wf ^<t?f ^ff^ (?oT "WoT?t t^StfW ^<TW 'TCS f<Ff vo1?*t? voTCT? "SRR 3?J «ftWf f^ ^f<T<TT?J R?J I 

«nc<=i<t>STrsTfK3 flcsH <m i ct "<t^h %ih c^rkK, ^ih ^h ^nf^r «rtw i ^KRfi ^»m vs-«h 

^ ^\s t%T «TffT \©TCt?T 1Xft% ^H f^P^TftT I ^IHCrft ^ ^s ^X^t% C"rC<r «tTCSTWl^TCM 
^f<T ir^T<FT (7f«TTH WT C^Tl ^.<1|CH<J (?TTC<Ff C<T^TC<T ^THfW ^IMn W^s «rlC^^^T^TCM 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


MK/WM C#»TC<T ^TC^T <F?ICvs W ^<FC?T f^Tl 4^s 2fT§< ft^T C<T 4<F&T 2f#T^ sfl?^ "^ 

to% <m $<iiw<i <imi? (?rK7Rrr sfrK wi?r nr^3 (TTHm <rmm wi ^iw^atfstra? 
^sm?rh3 «t wsr ^f?ic^ ^?f ^^ mm^i ^ «rrcn ^it ft*r <r# i 

C^fSRlt #<F CrC*f 4W ^sfarfl ^SRS *TC^f%, ii4TC<F f%Sf?I ^<FC?T %m t%T I t^tPt ^<H ^C?T 
C^T 9 fT x FlW W^l C?rfW ^T*H ^T (Wl?! ^ToWt^ 2f^R 1>C<F C^T (THfH C«fC<F <k?T <k?T 'J^t 
nt^fW ^fCvs Jf>T WW<T 2f^R ^C?J C^Tl sfcM^ <W <T<H *fF5TW ^Sfflffo TJ<FC\d W <K<IC^ 

^•«h <n^c<fc<=i<i c<r «rmnf^F <rt% «rm #^ ttHiw^ wf ^t ^cbt fe to ta 4^bt ^r 
wm t^c?#mH ?ncff% ftsft ^ti c<r fmw ^Fbc<i> «rrwr ?mit ^rrai w ^t<m <F?rft 
«rr^r ^frr c<fh trff^ ^m i ^mr 4?rr f%i T%t% hc^ic^ w#^t, >h*15>i c?rc<F, f<F^ t%t% 
Hc^fc^ #^ c%tiH<f csrc^, f<r^ t%t% hc*ic&> f%* Itcs? c«rc<F «rm f%sf?rr c<r «rrcn «rr<T^st <r<m 
%r ^ ?m f%i> fac=ifac*r 4<p ^w> f<Tfe ^rcff^ ^ptt t%ri «rm «tw 4^ ^t^rc^ ^i<m ^<f?tc^i 

Hfawsr c#r wnr t% #^ ^itwmrn «,c«w<i ^cbt «r< wr ^s i srsrsfBm ^f «rr<m*r 
m$ wr ^oi c^w<i «rrc?i<Ffi> «r< ct-stth ctwtcit? ^pti ^rsrrcirfT 4*rtw «rmrn ^r «rc<f 

<TJ<T^5 -^I - 4<FBT 3=T «It<FT*f «TC<f, C<fBTC<F «rTsnT C^ <Flf^ wtc?i<t# «r<f *p Tl ^TfirH, 

c#rw ^rr ^g *M8 Wf^ i ^w? c^sc^ ^^r «r<f «rmr*r «itci<t# w?f ^*f i ^rm ^ ^m 

"sr:<IT ^m^m ^rffH- sm^ ~$v i 'r'TT^f tWTH ^^^ "T>T<PT ~*MZv 9\t$ ^tT ^ heavenly body i 
^3f, ^m ^MW C<TH heavenly body ^^M^? ^FRK «rmr*r ^TOT? ^<FTC^ ^f ft*T C^T 

«rmm «rrnrH "srnH ^rcir? ^<ftc^ ^f i ^tct? c«tc<f ^t tMT<rmr c^rsrm? t%r, ^ c^rsrmw? c«tc<f 
<r«m ^ t^rn %m t%r ^s^ ^t ^ c^r %*t «rm ^m^m «rfiTH-sfiTTH ^rm^r^r ^c?r c^ti 
f<M H<kh<i fi«w c#r «i<tt%- ^^ ^r ^f (^-«TrH cwsmr tpt ^^\ «rm ^m ^Tc«f 
«rt<Fr*r, ■srr^fm ^^ c«TKr «rmr*r (^-«rTH at^-^^nf^ ct - ^ "^ttc^, ■<#« ^rc^ c^r t%i ^st 
«rmKi ^ c^r *KBi^ <ttw5 ^s c<r-«rTH c^wmr^T^c^i ^^rc^^HTt^m^i w? ^m 

f% ^ ^? Wn=T^T #<F *N ^ ■^TC^T (Hades) I fsPffH Wsf <Tf ^ff^T?TH W^H ~%tf CW f^T 

^r^ «rr<Fr*r ^t Hades^ %r ^^ <rKsf<T<F wmtr, (^-«rTH "srn^ ■srmr <rmm ^m ^m «rr^rr 
Ib<iliic«i<i ^ht ^r ^c^i ^t Hades wm^rfBT ««Rit ^r ^rR% co^ ^rmwTHi «rrsrrcir? 
nr^Hcsiic^M wi ^t Hades c<fh w-w t%| ^m, «srBt ^m tt^h, ^wm «rt^fit ^"«rTH 
^w ^ttt ^<fc^ i «•«tth «rfvgm c<fh ^s^r ^ Ht, c^t^h "<rmr c«tc<f c^ ^mrl; ^m ^ht ^<F>rc^ i 

wi? ^^rm "5=r c^c»h ^m ^^tsri cwsmtl; «ttc<f, c<fh "sth^ c<fh t%r c$,o»w c?ic^ <imw 
^rt i ^s\ ^r #<f c^fmrf^ ^» i «rrsrrcirfT cw ^rr^Tm, ^rwrm ~^ wr^, It<f c^rmrfe^ ^ 
wm mt%w csttc<f^ <rm c tt tt^ttt "<Tm i ^i^t csttc<f «ht ^«m csttc<f? ^rf^rmr «tt<fc^ ^rmw ^tti 
c^coh ^ cTwmit «n<Fc<Hi ^rH^ f^m ^m ^m «rr^r ^ Hades tot *<n<Fc<T, «rm 4*rrH 
fNwra ^s^ «n<Fc<T i ^t <Tm c rfBT t%m wm^rr ^c^ t%t ^m^t «rm IHh <ct, <tt f%| ^c<r t^ 
fb^jRcH?! w, ^^r^s fb^jRcH^ ^r® "5?m «rm 'stwbt^ fM%H^ w ^c<t i wi? <imr?r ^T «t%f^D 
^r ^ <mia^i %m ^jprr ^c^ c^tth ^i^t wm^rm ct-^th ^m^ ^rr^rt^wr ~^ y^w wf^, 
^mr ^rrnm c<f^ k^t «n^w i f<Fi ~*m ^rw ^srciri c*rc^mm irwf ~m ^^ o^^gttt ^mc^ i c^\~t\ 
^^<fh <^cHli5 «rrc^ (^-«TfH <ftt "^ #<fcit^ "sr:<it ^rrct ^t f<r*iK t%T «rf^rr «-«TnH «n<Fc<T, t%f 
f^r «n<Fm ^m «rmm ^mr ^f%srrc<F ftm ^rfw i Tm^ ^ m^pf&rc<F ^»mr ^rrc^ t%r i f^w^ ^t 
*rm>rf5r 2f«^r c«rc<Ft k^t ^pr^i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


4*H <rf*f iffa ir*fCT3 t^fCf ^t^TT^ ^ ^CT CT"<rCo *\f$ - \ofCT3 Wa $jCb>f, ^\ <7$F\ 
^MlW ^T?J 4C<rmtC?T C#sTT*T<F ^srf^ f?rc?j «|<]f$\s, f*f#t, ^T^lWm w i ^t% C^sC?f ^rmr^fTCT 

csj^t ^t ^^ wm^rt «rrc* ctr^rtcT w «rr^rmr <TPf ^c^ i 4<i>ftc<i> ^rc?r (^Ntct c^c^f wn %<f 
csjw^t ^^st *r<n t^T c<r-<rrcT «rt^rt «n<R<Ti #<p c^Rftw vstc<f ^<rffe ctq?it ^r ^tR% *T5, 
^rR% *t» %m t*rcf i 4^5tc<i csc»h ^c?r c^r ^rca «rm cwr "5c?r c^r %s i 4^<rH c*rc<F 
*rc?m f^<F csc^ «rm «$c*i<i c<r <rm c rm ^ru ^r c>r<rrcT >t<t ^mwtt ^c?r c^r ^*rc?r «rm •<fM 9 t 

■^JT t%f ^T<T %5?f t^<F K*T C^Tl R-^C^ C^M ^fFsTCTff >T<T t%f^ «tmH ^m <J<JSt3 ^Tf ^t 

nf^fc*f?T $*$ irft% T*f csrc^ cr-it i «rm c<mio$<r ^rftcs nr^K «rm ^f ^th i <ai&$ ^m % 
^rm^rr «rrc^r «srmcat; t%t ^m ^m wr<rm 4c>t c^r ^fwr? m*tr>Ti ^ftci<i f<T*tf>T «rm #<p 
f<HPr fsrc*f t*ter c<r It^H f<T*trc>T?r ^rrr H*r c>r<rH c^tc^ >r<r t%§ ^c*r#- ttcnfB' ^c?r c^ti 

^RT *rwi «rrc^ «rmm 4^r £#t<f w i ^H<f «r- ^rmTT «rrwt c<t*tT ^nt <H<^raT^ c«rc<F i 
<rn<i^r?rK7ra wMf c#r % crc*r -f\ £f#r^ \aT?r w«t#i<F *ifr»M ^r fi>?rHi fimH "srfH ^i 
^Trcr?r f^ ^<rm wj?r ^m ^ fimtcr «rrcrH i t^rH wm^rt c^rc^ ^r<Tit ^ nm, ^^Hf% 
?rrwmt c<r *r%, ^wt »im «^ t^rH c«rc<r^ ^r tm i t^rH ^^r ^ c#^i<f ^Ht ^m, «^ f^rH 
■srfH ^ ^t<t t%| ct^s <tm, 7R f%| ^ttc\s *\\$ «rm ^t<t f<r^; ^tc^s ttc?t i "sth^ <rr t%f ^k^ 
^r<Tc^ C3#t f^rcu t^?rrH t*fc?r ^^#r ^r^m ^rro i ^ t^?rH <t-<h c^^r <rm v*& ^fi\%& ^rHt <t<t>cvi<t 
^*rM ^s «?f ^r - <Hrf, ^fwn, ^rnr^ ^wtf^ i «rm ^t t^?rH <r«H "sth^ ^^m ^f*r ^sr 

^•«H ^fR% <H<ffHT "ffiptf ~s$ I 

^H<f t^pr «rm ^»m#?j m^rc^r ^cbt t%H<r «rr^i aw ^r f^tf^Tfc^ f<T*iH, ftSt* 
ft^cr? wf c<r cTwmr «rrc^r ^rcr? ^rc*fi <tcs «rr^ fer ^mr ^pw "5c?j ^im <?h wm 
c^cn c^r •<rmt 9 f crt i Itwr^s «rcw crwr r% i #<f ciwrci? ^rwr "^h ^piem, R-^ci<i 
w ^rcf^<FQ «tct<f 'jwrf^ Rc<im ^?rc\s ^j i ^ orwrc^ ^m <pm ffiFffc t%, ^^r «rmm 
hcstct? ^rc<u ^^tsr^s ^c^, m^r f^jct^ wti f^i #^cr? f^tf^^ir ^r<nt <ttc<t c^rwr, 
f^s^wr <??\t\ f^r c^wrcr? ^rc<u c<rcs «tmc<i ^rfi f^rcrsr cwu$ ^r ^j ^rfi «rrsrrcr? ^-«rnH 
^rr^rmt f^rfir f^rfMc^ «n<pc<H, f<Pi f^ffcr? ^rc<n <fmr «rm« ^ ^cm ^mr^ crwt ^c?t 
cr^rrc^ wt c<tcs ^tfc^Ti f^crff "5R:<fT ^t<t ^<m <rm c rrl; 4<p| w<f& nr^sTjt <rrc<T, f<Pi fl^<m 
^jcwt^fl ^vsf ^rcT irlf^mc?, ~^w<\ ^k^, W% <rm <^C<lfH I 

foH<F t^rc^r ^ t^ f? ^m «rrc^ - ^H^mPr ^^h <^nt ^rc^r, c<r IB^ihw wr# 
^<ra ^m «rm c<Fr«rr« <TT<rm ^h «rrc<F ^rti «fHrcT? ^mrn w\ - c<r ^§c<f wr^rH ^<ra vsm «rm 
c<m«rr« <TT<rm wm^rr «rrc<F ^ti mt%w wm^rtcs ^ ^ms^rt mt%^ ^rcr <^cit ^ck^i 

^RIerH. ^r If^H «rm ^ttst <rc# f^ f^ *rf i <#« ^-<H ^rrsr "sthcs ym ^rf t%® 
ssf^cr^ «rcw f<r*|pr « "srvs fT^tfrcf sf^rtmvs ^c^i ■sff^rrcs e^f^t £fp ^um ^rpr <?wi 
ww W wf c«rc<F fft^Rm ^rfcs f^K, 4^t H?^rcTc^ ^tt c<rcs nrc? c*$ ^rsm ^ct<f f<r^ 
^rr wf ^f%rfcs «ri^rwtPH ^fwr? <fi^ c«rc<F ^ht^ch i <rm ^fcrr ^rc^ T%<f ^rrcsr ^^h 
«tct<f <rm c rt 'tTstit <rm cr^cnr «rrcn srr^cst ^cr? ■src<u t%ri ^Rcr? «rsfet^ csm^rcs t^i 
'ttwm ^c? ^rf crt wj^ ^m t% ^j i t^<f f^ ^pcrr <m ^rcs t%irc? <hc<t^ «rar ^j, <ttct? 
t%r? <H5t^ «rrc^ - f^, ^nf^ «rm ^f^ i tw ^R <rw ^rfwm ^<ra ^<mt ctI; wm *m t% ^r i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^Jtot «ihh ^ fw c«tc<f enstf^ ^afifi, 4^frt ^t H^w cstc<f i ^wr? cstc<f m 
«rrsrtw? <^sc?r c<r «rr^rr wm^ <?$ «rr^tm <t«H hk ^r hTi *iiPfc^ cstc<f ^t^ ^fW^r? 
«rtftft i ^tjt t^cf^Q f<psfpr i ^ij? *t?t «rt<rr?r h^t <fc?j wtj h?t i c^msj src^ 4?rc<T?r c<fh ^c^r 
nr srtwre ssf^twr ftar %?r <*$ ^c&r f<p?fprc<F fro^?r *rwi aw ^c?r THc?jf%r - ^Mcir?r 
c^sc?r c<r «rtvgt «rtc^ c#f ^I<Ml*fr «rt?r ^gj?* *r?r c^ «rr^fH «jhh ^^pr^r^TH w *nc?ji 
c5Tt%^T#T?rf cw ^r vgft ^rc?r c^fw i<t c*t<ti ^T%T oth T%r ^§j?i *r?i «rr^rt «thh c<rf?Tc?i 
«rfcT i "srr^ ^rr?rr ^rtn ^Tjt ^m t^i ^rr?rr <rh3?rr?r *f?r ^T?r t% ^?r ^tM «rtwt c^t wrftnt i ^ ^ct^r 
t^fr ^t - ^ ssf^twr?! *rc<rj ^rft ^c?r c^r ^<H ^t?rr ^im ^te? ^t ^tw f%?r t%r?r ^?fc^s ^?f ^c?r 
T%r i 4^m T%r?r wt?r *i?r ^T%r w^ «rr^r ^ #<ih <# ^r ^fM^f <Ftc§f?r ^rtT^ nf its, 
vst^t ^tcm ^ttj, ^r?r ^rrfs ^c<t i ^w\ ^h<t ^rc?r c^rc 5 ^ <rfw ^w c*t<t ^c?J <ji?t ^t^t ^h •«rHM 
^rcsf?r ^tj c<fh *it1% «rf?r «rr^r ^rr i ^rt^r sfsfcsr ^it <jc?j c?rc^r «rr?r fTwrrr <fc?j <mc^ nr 
^gj?r t?r ^thc<t?t 1% ^j i ^Twsff \si?r ^rc^ lwf?i Twr-^HT «tthc^ ^?f ^rt c*h i Ifatfrcr 
m^r ^Bf «rfvgT w*ra i «ht f*fc<F ftfsfc^ ^ c^rc^ ^w c^r ^r^fTc^ <rt?f c ft, «rHH ^r ^c?r 
c¥T ^^5t *tft?r ctctj "?rr?j i t^w?r ^rwp w ^trr ^t?j, t^of?r "src^ cw ^r^jt?) ^t^t ^rtr 
sr^r ^c?r, ^-«rrw t^ c^ ^rw ^c 5 ^ ^rr i ^twf?r ^rc^ ^5\ t%tt» ^wrjr t%r, ^^r (?rr^ ^rtw 
nr^r ^c?r ^stsc^t ct twtw ^rrt^ ^rrw i «?rr ^k ^t ^rc^ faRic?i t%?j ^r 9m, *tt*t ^c?r ^rtw 
^r ^^r c?icr> ^rhs, vst^t f^j?r i?r ^r ^ fTc 9 !? ^ttt^ ^rfw i twfw ^rrw? ' ; t^t ^ift? c^Tsrrc^ 
cfSTrr "^ i ^T%r t%| ^^ c«rc^ t%| ^s^ c^rc^ hc?ic^ wr ^t%?r cwm wj^ vfa c$u$ 
c^ i ltwf?i cw t^Pr t%t "^sj?r ^h ^ «rf^rr c^jwr k^t ^rtir, c^rTH ^twr?r« ^^trr f^pr 

t%T «Tt^rHT t'Pe^T ^T ^^T ^ftTJ^ «rfC^ c^\c^ K^T ^It?r I JftWi?! CWT C^C^H? TfC^T ^ t%T 

^^trr -srtcir «rr^K «rrc?r^T -srTH ^f, t^ c^r t%^^T?r *j#r ^f, ^^ «r«f wm^rr ct-^tth ^r 
«rr^rrs^r ta «rtc^, «thh t^r^^r ^tth ^?t i ^h?j ^tth ^r#ff %p ^o *r?TT?jc¥ ^rtt^ wt, ^m 
"sjth "5C?J <?M «rr^T?rr ^ ^rR% %e?j t%^ t^t ^rrc^i ^'«rnn «thh ^Twf?r t^pr^T -gc^ c^ti 

4t ^ t^t%^ "^TW^m ^THT 44W4 'ft*^ tWT t^CH ^^#f ^1?^ sfH^Tm ^rTI tH^T I ^T?FF WTC^, 

^t?r^t «rHH %t5?r f^fc^ i ^r?rr nT'f ^rsf <r*c?r, «sfM^f ^rsf ^c?r ^rdr?f *n1% ta %p ^?tc^ «ntk?r 
(H«"?rr ^?r i ^^»tw st^rsr cs^r w^fK h^ic^ sfH^TH ^rn ^r i ^c?r?i ^ ■stth t^r^^r, ^?r c^sttt 

"^ ^T#?T %T5, t%^ST^T «THH ^W ^vo «rT^T^TT ^T ^C?f I ^t <FC?J ^T?T<P "5TRH %5?f t^C<F 4^ 
^^^5^ C^TI 

^R)i|C<U ^W C^T $\*5\^ <R I t% 4"<P5T H^T ^»T<TMtc<F ^^TtSRH fej ^"C^H I 4^ ^HHC^ 
■sic<U ^ ®wy*$ ^fT t% c<f5T ^rc^T - Heaven is the place of eaternal life i C^C^T ^T 
^pt^ #^h?j «rHT^r^fsr i ^ c^c^r M*r§j Wl c^wc^ ^?f<rH c^fwRH?r ^ffM^T^ra "srwTH ^rm^ 
fsrs^prH wr «rrc^r i #?r ^it^to ^tm ^c?r<r^H tHt^ <nt%t c<jc^s nmc<H i ^ ^«rr ^tc^t 
w^ i ^Ttr ^ Trsrfw c<r w<mf^t<F ^^<t w ^?f<rrH?r ^<mc^ c<i^ c<jc^s ^n?^ -*$ \ ^^ ^ 
^t<tqmc<f ^ ^m 9m ^ ^rm^rrsT^rr ^rtwm ^c?j ^rtc<T i ^^#^ c«tc<f ^^t ^Srtcirfr ^h, 
«rfci<pfw c«tc<f ^^r ^f%H?r ^h, «hj fw c«tc<f 4*t ^Twrfr «rrlfwr ^tw ^^r fw 
w<mf^i<F <tt%i ^ ^t<t t%| fsfc^r <rfr?j f<TiPr ^^ ^fsra ^^m ^ll^«i c^r - ^r<f ^^ ^rh 
t^RSTO wr «rrc^T i <rT?rr wb ^f ^rw f<r^ <ttcit?j ft^T% (Hc<h - ^jt, 4?rr ^tcstt ^T®f ^^ 

vsHT Ti^T <TTC<T ^^HTHff ^fC^I W f%Hff ^HJ <TfC<H? fcm ^TCSTff ^HJl ^Tff^ ^H? ^fC^ 
C^T ff5^T, fif^TOr?r ^TC^ C^T fNw iHHdr? ^TC^ ^ TT»Tf% ^TC<lt <3C^T ^C?T C^T 
fti^T I W*tT5 f<T^ C<FT«rT« OT^ «TC<f <3C^H?t ^JT'TTCf f<T^ <fC<=1HlH (H ^TC«f 1§<# ^T ITT5H <W 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


fra^i ^wtw IHh *r ^tc^s «rtwr <raH «rrf^ 4fi> ^^rararc?! f^tM *tf i ra^rn IHh *rw 

f<F|6T 4T7TCI; (raHHW?! 2ToH, C?THH?rr £Nl^5 ^lf^T Iwi? C«TC<F 4? 1W f*TC*fC^ ^TC<T?I 

«rR?f<Fra ra<Tra M «rra ^ra c*rc<r 4w T%*Tc^ Tra^ Itcira «psm ^ «rranf^ra* f^t ^t<ht i ^t ^ 
w<rji%F ^rramc*f?r iw ^w to^ f<F|Br far, f%|^r ^kth^ ^^ ^(^- ^rm 1%^t <rac<]ifi>^ 
^rt^H - ^ra fer £Hft *r ^r ^ra* TratM <Hi ^ifr# ^ IHm <w?f sjfs ^ftra «rr^T 

^Wf^WH I 

IHh <jw c^c^r ^riw (ra-^rnra ^^hh hcw rapr ra**ra, 4H t%s H^ <ic=ic^-t i «rnrar <# 
IH wh*tc<f crft, <?r<rn?T <M02>«i ^^ra ^rwr c<f^ <rac^ ^rraira rati f<rs f<Fg ^ ^rrat^ 
^rrc^ Rc<=i«r i ^rMpra ^<it rarar ^s^ ^rar «ra*rf?; c^\c^ c<tc^ *rr?nra ( (tt^t «rtrara ra^ra <ttc<t? 

CT ^ra^T ^r CT^ ^rnra (Resurrection) i ^ iftar CT raflra raf, 4^ CvdHTC^ <F<ra CWHT ^Ti 

4t>r «rtrara c^rar ^t ^nf^ra o$u$ i c<rf^r Judgement Day «rf^ra, <?#r rara?t c«rc<F w ^rt^t 
rarara ^iprwi <mr rarara «rr^ra? c^mra «rr^rr, c<#r immortai soui, 4-<rnra «rrara immortai 
soul <?f %m ^prr ^ i »«fBt «rfrara c^t ^rc^ #wra cstcf i f<r^ ^<ra w<t '^fr, 4 ^tm 
#<ra-rar*H <FraT%r' i ^rara ^rar <ttc<t ^^rarc^ra %*fftt%re ^f i w f^r otttpt «rra^ra? «i-w>ki 
^h^ «rrara #wra cstsf wrar ^m^ i 

«$ <ra ^tralt ^hrc?ra <m^ «rr<Fc<T ^st ra?r i ^ *rc?ra tw «rra« <ram ^r, <nc^w ^r 
^rrapr^ ^rar^s c^mra ^m «rra^ra i ^-<rn?T «rrara wjf$ c^tsth ^«rara «ra<Fr*r «rra^s nrc?r i 
«nfsr -^s ^ra ^tm ra^rw <ra wf c^thi «rra «rrsrra ^ ^cnrw wtt% ^ra ^TMraiwH, ^rara 
(ttq ^c< «rnra <fr^ «ti<fc<t i ^rtcnt «rrara ^ra ^tc<f «ra ^rram, ^rtH «rrara «rnra ^c?ra 
ra^ ^^raranrat w rarac^ «r rat i ^H c^r ^f ^ra^ tratM ra^r^ ^ra i ^t^ ^Tsrc^ ^rfH?, 
nrn^sr IHh <r^ ^^ra ^^ «mg^r ^ c<r ^rFs^i^s (?tt<f rar^rar ra^t ra^ra r%55i «r«rF f^s 
Hph f^ 5 f^ ^'itwra ^ i ^rtwr c<r ^ci? •«ttfra ^ra c«rc<F «iw % ^m ^ t%s i c<r ^ 
^<FTC^ I and my father in heaven are one i ^tMt C^sT «r^ ra^Tfti, fraH 9mu^ rawra WFt ^<F 

(^•«rc^T t%H f% ^t ^^ra «ic<Tife<^ <F«rr <wc<m - ^r rarc<F ^rcsrraH^ ^ra ^m ^c<f «rra^ra i 
isrBT f% <r«H ^r^! ^^ ^ra «rrc<F - <r^H c<fh ^ft firHra ^ra^r ra<ra «rHfw, ^mvfs c^rnrara 
^s k^t ram vs-<H (Tit c# t%tHc<ra ^ ij?ra^it ^ri ^<^ t%t% ^rc^ ^th <rwi ^ 
w<mf^i<F ^ t%| <r<ra (?ttc<fc^ <Ftc^ k^t t%rat% i ^th <Hc<f ^ratt%r %it%rH «rtPrVr ratrar 
^nra ^th <Hc<f sf^T ra^crat^r i 

twn ramrcra IHhw? ^rcra^ ^ snsf^s srra<rr ^r c^nw #^tc<f ^ tt^n 
rarac^s trarra «rra #ra?rara <rar%rarw f<F| t%H<r c^rtw «tt<fc<t rari 4"H «rff^r «nrn ra^to *r^*t 
<TravsH ra^w ^rcsrraiwH, ^cst f% c^nw «rft^r ra^tet «r 9 ^ rarara rar! IH c^fHTfe ^r 
■^ra rar, «•^nw w «rr^ra rara rara 2rr% rarn, c^r<r t%r c*m*f\ ^rat c«tc<f <ttc<t i ^srarftw^ <ftc^ 
^tjT^; ras wrf, (ra-^mra «rr^fTc<F c^tfw ^rc*t c^rr "^r (Tr^ra ^t ^twtq^tt «ir^rrat ^ra i 

IHh <rc^ ^s*r ra^ ^ra <r-<H ^mtst ^ ^^r ^s^ "siwr c<r c<fh ra^rac^rl; c^ra 5 ^racvs?! 
<rfra ^rar<nrara f<F^ wrac^r rari wra «rf^rara c<r ^th ^s «^ c<r ^wra ^<m ^r^ra 
?nrac^ vsr ra?r, <$cv «rra« «rc^ «htht ^ra<rrar c«rc<F 2T»ra ^w ^rc^c^ i v\cv #<f ^r^ra «ra*tfl; 
wrc^, «rra ^Sft^r ^rrar^ ^nra ^rc^i ¥fc<rr ^rnrar ^rw ^ra ^Sit%p5 «ht ^trara «h<th 
<pcra ^rfsr mc$ iffw raraH "^rc^i f<Ff ^cbt <jw^ rarra<rH srra rattn'^r ra^ra?i i ^rror ^w 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


W 5 - TteT C$,0»M<1 «Tt^T^tt «Tt^S ^T^FfC'fr^ 3C?I C^Tl >||^PW ^H W ^fT "^?! ^s\s \sm ^«fl? 

t^Tw^Ths w ^r ir^m i <rm ^i ^rfw? w> wr^w? ^rm^rtsM 4"c<F<Trc?i ^r^cnr^i 

IHhw?t «#r 9 rrc 9 t?i ^^ ^mrn. ^\Wk\ c«rc<F i ^5 «rrcn Wk t%ri «rr^r «rm ^» 
wf?t <ft c^rwf^T <rc*r vstw? T^r ^c?t c^ti «rtwr «rrcn wtX t^rrsr, (tt^th c$z& «rNtw^ ^r^r 
"^j c^r 1 ^tt <Ftw <fc?j «rtfsr «rmm wf c<rc\s im 1 ^ f%faf5tc<F m^ sr#r^ <fc?j t%*R 1 
\st?t w& 9m*\ «r*tc?m ^m *ftc*m c<fmrt ^rPfra fw c^rf ^rm 1 fwfw ^rf $ fc?t c^s?rf <ttc<t? m« 

<T*H 3g»tf<TO ^C*R ^R T%H ^fCvsU ^T<T *ft*f t%^ <Ffc<T HC?t f^H I T% <Ffc<I t%?I (Htf?Tl?t *SHT 

<rmf?; f<r^<j ^m^rr^ ^c<t ^mr «rmm wf k*t c<tc\s nmw 1 ^t «TEFtfBr IHRw?t ^tc<jj fr s&ffs i 
^mr *rc*r «jtsjit c<h «jtsttci^ fnw «rm nr ^sc^ mt 1 ^^ c^r ^rrcii? %*m ^\ <r^ *rr*t 
«rrc^r srRto^ «rrc^, ^°t «rrwt «rmsr «rm ^cwt ^*f<r?ti «jhst «rt?t ^» ^^htc^ sff% ^ft 9 ! 
<k<jHH ct^ ^rrcm c<rmrt ^mrcii? $*i?rs crtc^i ^tt t%<f f<T^<F ^m wt ^rtcs, fw 
wntvs ^c?rc^ ct^ ^rrcm c*n<we «rrc^i fct^re ^tc^j ^wm IHhw?! <rX twH, c^rrsr 
vst^» «^ 9 ff 9 f «rm nr^t i c<r *tmt Rca?w «ir^t nr^t *rc*r c*r it^ ^c?j <rm i 4^ «jh<f !HH?rr 
w^s w <i>c<ic!s> !HR <iw «rfcn *frc*m c<fr «rfa^ t%r ^rr, ^St epcSIetH. c«rc<F IHH <jct 

£TC<T*f <^C<IC^I 

^wrsr IHh <rc^ f<r^ t%| ^mj^rtc^ sf^t <rot ^rti IHh <jw ^^5t w wut ^r, c<j^h 
IHh ^ffavsw <# t%c^t wr "^r ^^^j^h ^jwiw f*ts ■srt^» c«tc<f ^tj hc?j Wr ~^ ^ 
c#wt ^rmr c^r, 4<tt<j ^ ^rt^ ^c^f ^ttc<t, ^r ^r^ <ttc<t? (ttc^t m^? ^it ^^rc^ *w<m ^rr, vsm 
^tff%r ^ ^rt, ^m ^rn^ c<m«rm <ttc<t? IHmw? <^ ^ c<m ^s? c^i IHm <jot ^ 
<Tfjc<m «rc^ wt ^c?i <rm i <^m ^m:^ <# c^ *$ps ^it ^c?j <rm ^twt c&\ \sm ^rlm «n<w 
^rr, resurrection t% <ra ^m "5c<t? «jm ^<p<ti ^s <# c^rr <rm *i!l<iGic<fr cg\ c^rmt o<rc?r c*m 

^C^ fel^ ^mc^T resurrection^m C<m«rt C5fW "5C<Ti ^-<m «rt^ ^nJmt ^rc^ ^^T^fT «rfsrRirfl 
IHh <rw t%rl; ^rt, *rc^ T%<f ^t<t ^c^i "srwr tw £f«rcsrl; ^r T^h «Jtf^ 9 fT 9 t <rcsr t%| c 5 ^, 
<m c<fh ^T55t <# "sr^ <rm ct wf <ttc<tI; <ttc<t i wt^ ^rr, ^m ^^rmT <# ^n <jc^« ^i, vst« ot 
^^ -?rrc<T i t^rrcsr «rmm «rh^m ^ « % cw^ c^c^r «rrc^i ^^m ^^rr^ ^m, t*t c«i^<f 
Hi ^c^m ^<r "5=r ^rRftes ^t<t c^ ^tc^Tt ^r c<t5r «rrwr ^«i^ht <F?rtfs itm c^ ^r<m ^^ ««t 
c<r%i t% ^r^r ^f ^r «rtwm t^ ^tc^i ^ ^l^it ta IHh ^rm «htht <iw?i ^jtc^j ^«iiviw 
fstPnm ci^s¥t ^ti IHh <ic^ c»m wf ^^mtH? ^*tf^r% i ^rrw <rmf ^rcsrt <pfw ^c^c^ ^rm 
■?rmr <m *tt%f «jt^t, ^?rr ijsh <f<h^ ^tsjh w ^rrc^TTi (tj^ht ^ttsj ^cm ^jt^t ^ ^sft 
-^ f^r i Tf^ c?tc<f c<r %r ^f C3#r« ^rfm c<t?t c*r# c#m ^^ ^«t c<r*ft c*ri» i «im ic<fi* 
we*f ^ti ^j m^wt^r, ^fimr^c^ «r 9 ^^ ^c?j m^rc^r ^c?rc^i f<Fsrcto c^r «nwm 
<M^i<Mf^. «rr<r^s ^rr^ i ^rN^ ^c^m ^^wr H<ftmvs <f?tt ^c?jc^, c*m c<t?h ^sm w<mf^i<F ^t% 
^c<r ot c^R (?str % ^c?f f?rc?j «rmw i «rm c<w c<jsr %J5? t%<f «it^<t ^t w 5 - c^r c^r 
physical ^m <th i o»lR>c<i> ^w c^r ^ «jH 7 ^ «rmw, i<rmt wr ^tTFf c«tc<f t%t%*m "sjcstj, 

i£|<F i£|<|i^CH<1 (7T<Tm ^HT "^JWT ^<ra ^ft «Tf<K<Ti 41; resurrection ^'C^ «IttWHW? C«rc<Fi 
Resurrection^? «TC^ C<f5T "5C<T (7T5T eaternal, t%TH ^ft <FC^*T, C<JT%J Judgement Day "5C<T 
CTf^T ^sm ^M srt^ t%m ^<T, RblC<1<1 ^m ^C<F Wl^MW «ItttW ^T^<F WTWI ^VRf 

«rmm ^si^^?i «irc^i <Tmt f^<F f^ w<rnf^i<F ^smr «rtwm ^<jn^ «rmc<Ti c<tsh IHh^t?! sj^s \smr 
^^<tth? <M^i<Mf$. «rt<j^<T i ^t ^i ^tw ^t «htht fwr <rmm ^f « h<ic<i><i ^jm^rr i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


4?*t?t «rrsrat cr^ra ^ra#?T fi^rarara f<rc*r<T <fc?t f^tw ^f « ?r?rc<Tra «rrsHt f% wsri 

%sTtfs ?m CSfC<F ^TM wf?T ^TNTT 1lM3¥t ^TtTT l f^<TCsf?T fwT ^T<HT W^s «HWT (^TTHsjl^ <((% 
C<HTC3?T fwT-^T^Ttl <7T*fk «Tt ^Tsra 'SftwT ^TH ^<fR CWTC^ W^s «rcw C<Ht¥ C^HTRT, <jf*N3 

cwrc^ cw •€ f<ff»Mcw f^tK «rrc^ i «tTFt<f *r<s?r cw « f<TT*itTcws?r "st^smc^^ «rcw cwrc^ 
W^I <fc?t Rttw I 

«HTHT W f<TC*T<T ^C<T ifr<F, bf^H'St, ^rfM^mH «TH ^ft^TM «IH ^H^lHCK^ C^KTF 

^rt^fsfsr 4<r ^m c^ktf IKh « ^wrsr <jw ntf^ ^*f "5°t ^r c^rc^ ^j^ ^f t^^ i ^f 

CSfC<F 1«W (7FH ^TTIH (H?; I f<F$ <7HT¥ 4"<FI>T "SfC^ ^*H % « ^? ^TC<T i#5C?T «TTC^, CT^ 
^T ^T - (7T (7FH T%% <TH ^rfl ^C?JC^ ^T?T ^RTTT <TvbR<M?r ^t ^C<T - ( i) WT?TC^ - *Srfl T%^, 

($] ^f% - (?# «rrc^, h) <r<fbo - <rf% srr^ ws, [s\ f<T 9 rR < T5rc\s - i^rfh c?rc<F ^m tRTtw ^, 
«itsTrT-irhsTrf <f?ic% c^ *thth w& *#<rf^5 ^c?r <ttc^, tj<t c«rc<F (ttsh t^cit tRW-i ^c?i <tt?t, 
(«■) wifw^ - "^jstt^ ^ra, fi##m «rrc^ ^tus ^srr^ sps srmw 4<r ?ra c*tc<t (^) f<H*rrc^ 

- fifhr#m f%T*f ^C^l ^ ^fi» fwH <7J (7FH ^rTfSfT^ Vs ^l; ^TTl «Jf^H <# ^fTT ^f 

^tt vsra ^rttt ^t ~%0 fwm ^ra i c^stf^ ^f <# ^f*j?T frsft ^<fc?t «ttc^ ^tt ^c^m^ ^ ^ 
fwm ^t 1 «rm ^ <# ^tm ^csra wt srt^ ^cu «ttc<f ^o^ ^m^ ^t ^ f<T<Fm wt 1 ^tcstt 
<t4 <fc?j wf "^rm, ^ ^r w^ ws «rm ^^f^r ^f c«tc<f «rrsrm ^r^r ^c<Jt, ^ ^r^r c?rc<F 

«lTsrTC<F C<F^ ^^frFTC^ 9fT<TC<T ^TTl f^<F C^sjH ^% <# ^<FC5ra WT f^i "^J ^sT^T (TT^ "SfJ^ C«tC<F 

«r<r*nl: ^^^ft^t ^m ^t^t ^c<t, <# ^r% c<f^ stt^ ^<fc^ «rrc<F ^r^r ctl: ^% «rmm wt tf^o 
"^po <tt<it 1 ^% <# «rrsrm wm ^rf ^r, ^% <# B<i^«t ^rw ^rr "^j vst^t t%g «rtfsr «rmm wt 
*fv5<T 1 «itst^t c<r ^<rmw "sjt%^ ^«tt ^ifm « ^#r, (tt^th c<r% «rt ^rsra iNmw? c<r "sf» "sjtw 
wf ^rhsirr, ^^ c<m «rrsrrcir^ ^rc^ ^f^ ^c?j ^fNsr?! i (tt^tt cwrc^ ^ <H^ «r^ w ^fTc^rr 1 
^r, -^ 4>®m <F<m?; ^ro ^m 1 <Tmt w$ ^c<t ^m ^t ^ f<T<Fm ^t 1 ^ <t^R<Mc<i<i "stc^jt 
f%m £Tc^m# f%T%c<F (ttc^ "5c<t 1 "sjf%^ c^m^ v»r% ^mr <# ^% *rt«?rr <rm, wm wt <# ^f^ 

2fT^ ^J vst^T (TT^ "sjf^TF^ ^ wf<T<FTCM "STC^IT t^C?J (TTC^s "5C<Ti ^5<TffNT « ^f^TT%T 4? 

R^c^ ^src^ ^% «rmw, w ^w i ^^m feit c^r ^stt wc^i «rtFr<f *r^ f<Fi ^t ^itmtc?! 
^"c<F<Trcf «iRm - <Tmt; ^rir "5c<t ^mt ^ ^ ^rR^fTsr "^c^; i 

vsT^T ^»T% ^T f<F ^% "5C<T Tt? C<FH f^T "5C<T ^Tf I tfi&Oz, ^JTW ^% ^t ^sT^T C<FH ^Tt 

c<fh M 7 ! ct «rmm wt ^rw i c<htc^ ^% wt wrc=r i w*t ^h "stth, ^^ w 9 Hm 2(<f^ 
^rti ^th? ^t<i<f ^pr ^iwh, ^srsft?, v»m Rc^<i 2f<F^ ^»mc<F ^r c^i ^»r% ^^ ■srr<Trsri 

«T%?T ■sjT<ITCsr ifj^ «i^HittC<F f%5 f^C55, \s^H CT ^T?r TfirC'f «Mf^vo ^C?! <TTC55 1 (Tr^THH "^T^T ^c^ 

\»tc<f f<F| 2fr^ ^c^s ^C55 "=rr i «rwH (?#m ^ptt ^cfjt%, c^ <rf*r% 5c?j%i ^m^m ^^ ^m 
f^m ^c?i cfc^, ^i^m cr wt ^mf^s ^c?i ct^i ^rc'f «i<i^ ^o?rr «rm c<fh t%H^c<F srr^ 
<F<rr ^^ T%h<t ^m i isrBfc "^Trsrm ^w^r i 

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lt§c<F ^tht ^55 ^tt, ^t?r twt ^»r<Hr t%?i RrRi<ii3fc<F c<r wm^rm Hc?r c^r, «^ ^rHf^wm 
«rrsT?fT« (TT^TTHt c^fNm i f%i «t w^ra fwr-^m^m ^^m <?<h wht^ tvro» «?f "^cra ^<h ^t^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«rwi^r «rf?j i#5t^s ^m^ ^rti ct^sri c<M<asw wi^» <fc?t c$$ t%^; ^r^ m^r ^ti cwi^ 
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T^T ^C<f I #t "8® <F*f t%?f C^TfW C%^ *5lt<F, ^rfw ^5% tW CTTC^ «IT<F vot^T ^rr<Tf?J (?aT5rr?f 
T^T 3jC<T I tW <Tf% ^gfsr C®fl?T *JtG ^fsr ^ ^?f ^, ^fC?t?f ^TTC?! CadTstT^ ^t^ C<ff#f?; C^TSTRT 
7»T<T, ^sf (7T C<FK v\C*$ WHt CST^ ^T C<M, ttTTT «TW, ^T<rT ^TC<T, ^TSH «TC<T «ff^f «TW ^T Wf?T 

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f^TCT ^sf& CSTTC^ ^9f7fT *fN3TJt ^TTTT - ^g, ^<fg, 78, ^g, ^Hg, vsfg ^ Wl 
4 WJTT ^g ^T ^lftCSTT^ ^ 7 g ^T ^fC*Tt<F «If?J ^g ^T 4^ Tj^Bf "SfWtCiT I (£RT?f «fMCirlJ 
«MtflC-M t%<F #f ^T<Flt ^?T «rf5T?Tf ^ »t^t%5 «Itft, «iMCirsJ ^tM?J ^fC?f «ITC^ ^fWTl t^l 

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^tt ^c^ ^g i f3fo f^ 7*f ^tc^s «rfsr?rf c#f <((% c#t ^r ^ ^<fg «rr?f 7g i 4*rn?r ^n?r ?rNre 
■^c<T «^ iq$ ^rftc^ ^ttf ^rf ^ ^rf, ^5, ^, ^r?m t<t ffita cn <jc?rr ^wts ^src^ <mc&>h 
^tt^ i ^t ^ttc^ <n^c?f (?T ^nt% ^1^^ ^<f ^tt ^c^ ^g, ^g csttc^ ^• s Tc?r?f wRj^ff^rc^ 

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4n *rc?r «iHT?f ^^r wrj^tt «rrc^ $~u$ <ftc^t ^g i ^g t%i c^r c=tt^ ^bj i 4?^ ^rg, ^g «rr?f 

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«rtFi?f- ^TF?Ff t^c?j« c^fcvs ntt? i «rf?f ^fsr^ 2fT% ^t f^rcs- csrrc^?f w.^ ^nr^ «fTcB^ ^c^ «rr<rr?T 
mftu^ i t%i ^sw "#r *it? ^?rc^s "^j vst^r t%i ^ ^s ^f ^r ^»T% t^c?f *tt? wf ^rtw ^rt i ^? 

^SRT ^tt ^fMM W^ Tt*HT I ^fM ^ W^ t%*f^ ^TT*RT ^C?fC^ ^sM ^ ^g, v^g «jf?f 7g7?F 
^Tt%C?J "St^g C^s "5C^T "^JTC^ l ^g (?o ^tft ^T t%f C^, (Tf^T ^W ^TO ^PfSfH «ff^?T I f^l "#f 

^rr^HT ^c?f ^wrrc^ «r«fK ^rg, v*\% «rru ^st ^ T%^ <?tr?f tjm c%^ "?rm cw c«rc^ ^T?rr 
tjc^t c«f%?s f<Tw "^c?j "?jt?j i "?n?rr ^1?^ ^nw ^r?rr *rc?i «« ^w t%?f ^ «tm ^ ^rg <?r?t 
%sm cw w^t ©^tt? ^w? rtz^i «rfc?f<F csf% ^rt^ «rfc^r ^t?rf twfsr ^»rc<! ^rr<RT ^c?t 

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«rfT5T<fcir?f Wl W\t, ^g «rf?f ^sT ^t f^TC^ CSTT^ TttRffi 7*f ^T?J, ^ f^TC^ ^T W<iTtf^F 

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^c?ic^t, ^H2ft1% ^c?f c^?rt w< ^t?f ^rc^ 4^r*r <?rn?M c<fr ^TT 9 rr?it «itc<F ^rn ot f^wrca^ 

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srn?r?f, ^?rr« ^ ^w>viicho t% ^r?rt wf ^t<Frc?f?f ^rt<Ht ^c?ic^i ^w?t c^ ^s ^T<fc<T3?f ^rmr 

<I>C<IC^H, ^ff^ ^<FC?f #<fC<T3?f ^TCSf ^ "^C?J C^T I ^^ t%l% ^©«f II^IC^ ^TW %T ^C?f ^WfTC^ 
^C?f?f l^ «ff<FC<H I ^R iq^ W^ ^ff ^jW ^ffC<! ^s^ ^t?f ^t% ^C?J ^TC^T, f^ ^lfif ft#?f<ff?f 
W^ ^T l 4T?f?f C«R?f « ^fffft %T5, ^ft<Rt ^rt? C*fC<T ^jf%, f%® ^tM IfHt ^FC?fC^ ^TfTf f%® ^»g 
(?TTC^ *SrflTC<T ^TT, ^<Tg (?TTC<F ^T^ <R3T ^?TC<T ^Tf, 7g CSTtW fef C^T^T ^<F?TC<r ^ft, f<?5 ^SRg <Tt ^5*t8 
•^ ^C5T?f CT (?fH ^^T (?TTC<F «ff<FC<f I «R?T<F t% «tt<Ft?f «ICH ^rKI? ^rfT aW ^?TC<f ©^Tf? S^sft 

(T^i <7T<rn?T cr «rf<ff?f ^m ^rr^Ht ^?f ^<mc<t fw c»rcn f%^ ^c<f "=rr i «rr<fr?f ^ ^r<Hr c*h ^tt 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^Uc ^ffC?! «IHH CT (7T?; ^g <Tt \o*fgC\s f?TC?? <*ff<FC<T, 4^»tC<T ^s ^s C*fC<T "^T W^TfW f*tC?I 
fp, (7N1TH ^fct?f TB^f ^fWT ^ ^fH f<Ff <*ft<FC<T ^Ti ^rfw ^fg, ^? <tf ^fg 4^ Rho><] ^«U 

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^n? f^#f c*m ^c<r i ^n? f*H c*t<t ^sttt stth 4 <F^r ^n <t«r c*h ^c<t, ^h ^tc^ «rr?t f|€t?i 
^H «rfsf^B ^c<r ^tt i «rt? <rf^ wH^fff^ 3j3i <ttc<t ^H ^m wspTts, ^Rf i <# c<f^ wmw w*r 
<Tf?j vs^r ^?t \sr?t ^% ^c<r, f^i ^% ^jw <?$ ^rrm <f^ tj^ c*t<t "^ i w t% ct ^m w& 
4<f ^c?t OTfter «rr<Fc<T, c^nw cr ^tw ^c?t «tr^, ^f*r%*rH ^c?r *rr<Fc<T, f<Pi c<rc^ c*r «w 
vsit ^r?ra c<fh f<Ffc^ wt ^w ^rti «rm <tfw c^pp ^pf ^fc?h ^ftr 4*h <tR%s te 
f^r%^ isrj^ ^ht ^r, ^h ^sht *ri^r%8 «rf?rc<H , ^ ^h THsjf^, ifor «rm ?rr<Ht?f 

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vsm^ ^t w*t?t c*rc<r *r% ^c?t ^ttc<t i 4«m «rfsrrcii? ^bitfcim ^, ^sbt 7rf%i «rrsrrciT? whh 

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fta^r i ^ ^rr^r csttc<m ^rc«t whh t« k^ f^r wrc^i ^rp c<r f^fT^ TH^fe ^n ^tc^t 
C3#t "5=r ^ ^g ^<rg « ^g ^<f ^r -sr^g, tttc<? «Ri^s w <rf ^nt <ftT ^?t i ^? c^ <# ^h k^t 

<Tf?J ^sf^T <fsH ^STtm ^TS<Hf «ffC<F T^l *H ^<M I f%S (?l^ ^kwt "^H K^T ^^T ^"<H ^? ^fWt 

^Nr «rm c<fh T5ST nt i IT^H^t f^ot^ t%fc^ ^^\ «pjf ^rc^, c^twt c^r ^r^ ^? ^sr f<T^ 

Ht, ^CST ^fW C<FKT C«rc^ ^TTOl IKHW^ ^TC^ ^S\ (£RS T%r& Tfspfyt ^c?J ^rrc^i ^f ^F 
^^M Metaphorical t®ft%, "srH^ C<THfH? ^HT i ^ C<T (?fTC<F?f W <FfT "^ lf%J^ 4^ 
(?TT<FQ^Tf «ffC^ f<THT «ftWf Wlf^Hfl f*?S K3R ^«ff C#f ^Tf "5C55, ^fO^TH WTsfvs ^T (^sHTff 

^cm ^iR^i^H ^f, "^?j cs\sH?f ^ ^fT^s "^r ^ wsr sr^5<j ^r, <fc^ c^rf wt^ -^r «tRi<F 

^<FST Ot^ ^H ^fT?t W W «HT C<FH ^«TT <FR^ HT, ^ "stHWTH CF^f ^fer ^^ ^ 

f^ «R^r «ih ^r^rc^ ^"cst #<r ^^? iw ^^ ^c?t c^r i ^ c^ <<s&\ ^r^fe w w^, ^g 
isrc^ *wt w ^rc^ «ih ^-«rrH t« (?rrc<Fff ^«rr ^rr ^r, ^wr?f ^<tT c<Ft«fr« ^^r f^r «rfc^i 
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ffi*t& fffi*R Wf ° WR, ^TH^ STfH ^S«, ^8 ^TTH W5 «rH f^Kf, ^tWt-Tf CsHfHfl <fHt 
Tf|^9j^ s^ Tf^ Tfsr?j ^ ^rsT^; ^s^^ ijg (^rf<F «jHf ^5T f<F| ^<ra ^Tt I ^Tf? <t<=1C^,«i ^ (?ft<FC<F 
<# iX|%H sfTH ^<F^o <MT ^?f CT ^<F^<T HT, CT ^T<E<T 'fTC^ ^^FT^ W "5C?J <TT?f I <rM ^8 W$ ~^C<\ 
^sHT wf ^rTt (H?t, «(Ht ^<M <THf ^<FC^ ^sH t% C<TfH^s ^PTt (H?t I <Ttlf ^M-'sp^ f^f*fC?J W$ ~^C<\ 

^sH "sfH^ m?\ w$ (H?t i ^t ^f «tHH ^ ^®rc<T wt "^j, i#t ^fc<T «rt? Twrsr ^»rc<T i ^rrft ^ 
«rr*rr?j ?m ^?tf| ^h ^ft^r ^rrR ^tptt ^t nrc^rr, «rrsrm ^anRs ^c<r i «rr<n?t ^im ^f ^fl «fot 

^tM <t»<t|!5|^ «iTsrH WH, ^^ "5C?f C^T fwTsf W$ l ^ |t ^ ^Tt^fH^f |t W$ ^H, ^^ "5C?t 
<TTC<T ^rfW |t ^l «HfW |t ^ WT "SffHt; W<fTff^|<F C^sHt? fW CT ^T^fC?! C^Tl «IH 
WfST ^TW ^8 ^ ^<F?n?T CtWT "5C?f ^PTrtW l f<FS CtWT « TSftf^f?! Cb^)«il<t «I^fCvs C<FH WK 
H^l ^H^f ^'TfR vdHT ^*T?T t5W ^?T^s 9ffC?Hf «ff?t C^WHr *hl?T fWt ^C?f HT I ^?TC^ TfC?! ^ff ^sf 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


to, wm ^rti ^wTiwr? ^wr ^rrc^ fw t*m fwr ^w ^rr, «rt?r ^rmrn^f c*rrc<F?i ^fi» ?r# ?r^m 
<mos$ vst? ^tsrs "«tf%» ftsi^ ^c?J <Ttr^, voM «rm f% ^N?r fwt w! 

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^^BT «^ t^TC^ <Tt? ^m Story of Western Civilisation i 4fi> 4^ f<H f<Hr5s <rl; i «imt^ 
fat tt^pr wr^s ^ra ^tw^ ^r<rfe<F ^wra ^p ^ ■&$> ^rros ^c<r i ^r ^gsrca? «rtc?r<r# 
«^ «rtc^ Story of Western Philosophy i ^t^s 4^<T# ^*f*f «$, TPFfw i^fa WHt? ^TT 4?T 

c«rc<F ^h «^ «rra c$ i ^fa #s ^&f^ifiw fwr, t^ ^" ^ 7 ^ ^^ ' ^ ^^ ^kr *S ^ 

t^TC^ c^r i Story of Western Civilisation c*T<rt?r «I? ^T ^rToa? ^R/T «r^ft^Tt ^T, 
vfas «rra fm ^ srrfm wst t%i 4'Ctst ^m t%^; f*r<Rm •rt i ^sra^ra T%H ^^ c^tt "«roa 
«tw «rra fH w^ra ^ra f*r<rc*R i ^sra sf^m ir^ra Tfsitira c<Frct>*fra mc?t ^?f <j><k*m i ^ 

^j^S i£R>$]!$H> -^TT W*im%r i ^5 fPFfvsT ^T^sT?T ^*I?I vstit «rft> W*ffi> ^ «TTC5, «r*T5 «tW 

«rra fH faPic?j 4<fbt c^it «ros f*r<tc*R i £f«rcsit T%H ^rt cr?i f^to^r - «rrfsr ^rtsrttW, «rrara 
«rra <?r$ ^tRf (/tl; c<r 4?r c<rc<F «rra c<r*tT f<r^ t%^s *rra<T, ^m «rtt?t wt ^c?rc^i vs*H vstra 
4<Hfa "SRTr ^r, ^rac^s?! ^*ra <t«h <rl; t%*tf| ^s<H ^ ^rac^s f*rc?r w^ ^ra f<r^ c*fc<r «rtt% i 
«rtrsrf^r c«tc<F *&**- ^s> ^rtcsr Wfc ^muv ^m^ \ 

vsm^ t%R ^<| 4^ nr^m t%^rc^T - ^mo^s ^w c^rrsr wtt%ff, «rf»w, c^<Hrsr %sr, 
Ih<Ti^h i «rm c^^rrsr ^^<fbt wt wtt%c<F <r<t% ^rm *r« <rmrc^ c<fr srcBti^ <nf% srrc<r#t i *m% 
^*m ^rt? c<Fm <rl; <?r<rt <rm ^rti ^<H f%t»t ^^ <rl; f^rc^ The Case for india i <t?t?t <nwrra 
«wicvo^ ^-<m#T $f&m ^rwm tiwtc?j^ ^c^ t%ri «^ sm «rotra t%tH 01%?^ t^ Ha^rt 
w c«tc<f ^mo^s ^wc^ wa a^ fwrw ^msc<F ^b <Mt ^c?jc^i ^t^ i^o ^rrcsr «fi«M 1 
^jc^r vs^ri t%?r ctT*tc?jo^t i swos^; t%H f^rc^r - ^ ^t; (?r<rm ^ht «rtfsr c<fh ^omftrra ^rw 
^rr ^#rH, c<m t^? ^rw ^«rr ^#rH, c<m t^j *rrg «rtMT5>Tt ^§H, ^^ <rr>tw^ ^rt^iai «rm 
<ifiH >t<i<Mc<i<i w ^rcsfli ^'Cr^ 4<fbt ^<ra im *i^f| «rm «rrsrm cm fej ^ ^m<rm <fc?j ^pt 
^rro c^ 1 «rrfsr «r^m "5c?t c^rm tsci^r f% «rsrmfw ^<t^ ^<ra c^ ^mo^s 1 c^tI^ht tsciw 

^?l<Ff?r ^Btc<f banned^o^ P»«M 1 

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itftirc^ ^rH5 ^th ?rr<rc<Ti «rm nrftim^rsrwm w^iw?rr <?n<F «itwc^ «rrc^ ^%<f tt^pr 
^t%fj ^ro» (^pw (?rc<Ti ^ftftfm ^rrc^ t%H cht ^c^I^coih i t%t% f^rc^r - «rrsrcw ^mow 
wr^w iftf^ra 2Tc^t<j# <jt^*rc<F "#r ^ ftc® c*m ^<k^ ct?t, ^st^t ^rmt f%*T ^rlw^ ■src<rr hc^t<i 
mc^fj CTC»m 2tt% ^^ ^rsrrm c<rr<r «rrc^, Tr<t>r^m srr% ^rmprt «rrc^, ^rw? ^f^, ^mr^ c<h 
iftf%c?j wait% t%?t ^iRjhPi^ ^<k?j c<t ^rno^s?! "srm<T «rmm csrct ^sck^ ^stci? c#^ fw 
4wo% vstcii? ^rc<rj vi^jv^ c^fcn ^fei ^^bt wtt%<f ^rawt H%f ^o?i t%?rc^i f^»rc<T 
|f^*r?rr ^msw mftw <^c<ic^ t%l% ^ ^«tr fw ^nfifc?! cif^rc?jo^T - twtc<T ^mr wra ^r<f 
^mo<F ^b ^g^ t>otc<t f*wo<F c*m ^oio^, twrw ^smSmw^ ^i^mihw c*m <rao^i 
^bwot* ctit? ^rm ^«rr r%?tt cit^rc?rc^T, t%^f?j c«rc<F f%| csro<mH 1 

«ttftit ^ wm^rm <t<=ic^ ^m® w t% Ti<tm •rr ^r «rtfsr srr^Nr ^ W 9 mmr ^m ^rtr 
ctc<h •rr 1 4$; ?t<m ^tp 3 ^ Hftw ^5 ^r%s ^-c=r ^m c^ c^fHTcsr?j -m$j\ <nt%c?t ^rawra 
^f<t<rt <ra c<Fm ^nsf "5c<t ^rr, w^mmr ^f^n <w wi ^r ^§?rr^ f^rc^r, fl<F ^^rl; ^"«m 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^rtcw ww ^ft i ^th<t c*rco ^n^ ^ ^cf c?r fh ^<fc?j <FT*r ^k^ v\<\ ^t?j 5-0% w K*fH 

W%. I ^TC<T?[ ^TT %5f ^TMCT, fH ^TMCT, ^T ^TNCT - 4?r*H (7f ^TtCT t%! «TH Tp?R voM W f^Co 
*1RrC^ ^Tt, vo*H *Fo *Fo $W$ <IC?T C<T #5fCo \oRTt ^H ^^ ifRTTC^ (71^ ^Sfft ^st? ^Jvo CSRTF K^T 
<TtC^ I ^M ^THH ^om sftst C5C5 *t3C?T K*T ^TPrC^I f% <FfCSf?r ^TC? ?lTC3<TCr?l «IWHT #Pl? 

wh ^ri, «ih ^"«rHH ^rsf wh ^rc i <i\oftw c^ ^■«rHfco ^tw ^c^ ^r «r^ c^tc? <ttc<t 

W T*R \5fCF ^■#TQC*TTCo i£T5H ^JsT^H ^fC<TJ ^tW M« "^C^ C*T \5H "^oR ^TSRT 4W <JH I 
^T ^srTS tf^T ^ ^T <f°1C^H <4<F W?f <ffiHCr?t 4^ ^fWH WCT3 WfJ CoU ^H C*rT<F ^TRTT 

<th, «nc>iR<M?f ^iwh w?r w?r ^^th ^sr ^tht <th c^wu\ ^rtco ^c?r ^fwrc^ c^t%*r w\ ^rc?r i 
cw? "srH<r c*rco th ^rr i ^Hco?r ^*h ^ ^nru cot "spmRir^ <i>c<iR i «tw c<fh t% <$$ 
<r^r %f Tft i twicr ^csfsf ^rtvocf ^t> <k<ic^ ^ht <th ^rr i ^th<tc<f $w\ ^m ftc?ic^ c<fh ^tw 
■stH<r wnf?; wco ^Hc<r ^rf i «iw c<rc<F \ocsff <rc5w Hc?j f^r ^ 9 ^ ftoft ^c?r ^rtco «rt^rc^ 

t%g \oH ^*H C<FH ^ (?T^ I R>! ^T?Fo C«tC<F <?<H «ICT<F ^o ^ttCT?! <T3 ^CSCT <TTC5^ \o<?H \©H 
^RT VO% C«fC<F S&0% ^ sfRj <FC?T tTO, "<Tf^o «St CT^ C<F^ ^H^o? ^gj t<I^o ^Tf TfC?! I ^T 

^?rt^ t^rc^r - «rrsf <# ^r^o Tt<r>r ^® ^ot^t ^ ^«th ^<jm t%o \oT5r «%?? ^ ^tmt^s «nt^3 
c^otsth «frwrH ^g «^ ^rt^rtt^, ^b^ cr^r! c<f^ ^o^h ^rtcsri ^ 9 ^ hhc<t ^rt i ^rra t^<f vott 
^c?it^Ti c<rr% t°^t ^o C5c^ crf^r c«rc<F^ <jcGh<i w^tt% c»c« t^ri ^ , <Hs *$m 
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"5C<r i «rH w t^r coT^r wct ^o t% ^rj^s t%w ^c<r i ^•«rrcT ^<Ffw t<F^; wh ct?; i ^c^f cor^r 
<r«H c*H "^c?j <rrc<r ^h «thh ^oTcf ^rrr hc?j r^t ^<FCf <Mt ^?f wco ^c<r i (Tt^tt ^tt "^tj w 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


vstwtvstf^ i£$ cv\fh <rn<tm®M t^ra Hre i <rr?rr ■*rt?rt 9 f wm <fc?i ^m % c<iihm> wu w® 
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c*r<t Ht 1 tw wf f^fc?t« ^w^ *!# Ht 1 (7r<rnH« ^5 ^ %g ^#t «rrc^, c^rtH^ f^5?TT «rtc^ 1 
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«r»m#?t ^m^mri ^m%r ^m^mm <r <f?hh 2f<rHi <sa\& ^f® ^rr ^sirr ^tw c<fh f<r^ f^r 
^m 1 ^r% ^fflH tei ^rc'f ^m^H wr, ^ ^r% "^tw^r ^rr ^ ^w^r ^r#rr ^tcs «tt<fc<t i ^ 
■srwH c<rsR t^jw^ c^sm c<j\%, cw\ « f»w <w« ^ ^5<rTc<T f<rtl#i $<w w\ Indic 
Religions 1 «rm Non-Indic Religion Ct^ "ST^ "^T «iTsrm 4^ ^wmt W% ~5jzm. 1 «TtWt C<FM 

c«rc<F« ^7^ 1 |Mt? ^ wr ^rS" ^wtcm "sno bsft <ra f^r, ^wm c»cs c^r ^bt ^■«rrHt 
^rtn ^c?r c^r, «rm %?r «iptw ^rr 1 ^rftet?* ^rm ^c?r c^r i^ c*m 1 ^^mt t%m c^r w c^mrr 
<rm ht 1 ^vgj? ^m t%| «rtc^ ^ f^r^pr <# wm ^rrl; «rrc<F ^r^r cvsr *m<\ c<fh snmrsHt; <?#; 1 
c<t c<fh <rw^ sf^rsr ^r^; "5=t «rrsrm ^ ^jt%f ^gj? ^^3 c<fh ht c<fh ^»tc<t "ptc^ «rrc<F 1 JNh 
<rt% "^; ^rw "^gr?! ^m wf t*rc?r «rtw, <nw yiRw ^ ^r^r ^^ f^rcrj «nw, <rt% fl 7 ^ "^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^si^T «rrsrft «ihh 'jpw^i ws i ^m *tc^; ^sr *m^ «rr^r c<fh ^r c<fh «tw f^tc^ srr<M i «rm 
«rrsrm ^ w ?r<T ^af j^ *km HI<mw c<fh ^rr c<fh ^tw *i9t>iRi^ <f?tc<ti ^rBi^ *k, 

4<FTW C<*fC<F 4<llHW £f<FT?raC?T ?T<T <T^ C^JH H^l ^mH <PTC^ <T<H «TtWt T%f?I <MC<H ^H 
^IM (?Tl<K<F wf ^rfctC^H I ^H "STlH «Tttsr ^tM <ftW <MC e 1$ wf C<TCvs nH<T I It^Hlt^ 4^ 

^rr ^<r*Tc^, <t4<ncn<t <ntc?i c<r^t t%| w^ ht i «rM^r? ^rrc^ wk ^t, «nwr <Fif| ^r ^c^ 
srtc<Ft «rm h<ic<i>$ «rtc<Ft CT'^trH?; ijfsr srrc<Fr ht c<th t%^ mr *rcu c^th c«tc<f cvsWc^f «thh cws 
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■sr^rt^s -^j -?rr?j i «ht fw ^r^r <rHrcvs sf^tc^ra %<f c<r ^r^M <u<^ ^s, (Tr^fTH ^^ ^ 
t%w f^ ^rc^f <j<i^ "5>s i t%g ic?m t%<f ^% ^sc<^ snmrsrH <ti^ ^r^s^rt «tmht w cn«?rr 
^s i ^-«mH ^wTt<F ^ "^, i«i? «irc^ ^tt "5c?rf%r yfbtoiwfifaFrg, w^K w'^rrH ^rasr <5pri 

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t^ w cstfci ^tt f%|BT ^t C2fk^?i «rc«f ^wrt<F <mt ^c?rc^ «rHH ^wtt<f ^<t^o 

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f%H? f<TT5rra 3WTT<FC<F ^Ht ^^Tf<F ^T ^THt ^C<T Ht I ^WIT<F ^T (2$ (?rt<F, "^f^ fc5<F %T5? 

^H i ^%?r ^rw ^wrrc<F?f c<fh ^Hlt W<rT?r Ht, t% csffer c<tt% c<T-?rf(H <rrc<H c^tc^ 

^WTT<F ^TC^T, «rf?T ^ ^WTT<F C<FH ^C^ WT «ItWlt <TT?t Hf I ^^ftH C<T5H <t<=1C^ ^ttU^lfs, 

c<r wf^ cn"«?rf "^c?rc^ <?$ «it^s^ttI; <?f\ ^^ cwrc^ ^rfir?T «rrsriT ^<Fc?r <t^thc<f ^wttc<f 
Hc?r <rtc^i t%i ^^rtH ^t «r<f "5c<t hTi ^t ^wtt<f snf^?r ^tt c<t ^tt<hh n<r<M<r, (TfBT ^T 
«rrsTHt *m?ft ^rT<Hfi ^^ ^fc^t ^s^fmh^c^ «rrwt c^H «ihh «ht ^^ ^t<hh w 

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«J<f "^C<T ^ ^Tt<F I 'fCM "SJC^ <j=1C^«i - 

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CW H^H, ^f^S ?Hf C«fC<F I C<TCiT" W <F5 "<¥5 Wim ^ <Wtt 'SJMS, ^t?TC5Kft% C«fC<F« ^5 
<TC^?J W ^<MT ^C?JC^I ^^T^TT «lf<HT% H?T, f<F® ^T ^<FC^ <TCST C^T5ItC<F t%| ^<MT ^C^ Hf, ^<FC?T 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^Ht^^l (TF^ C^fsrf^ ■<f1?rT 9 f ^TC^Rfl f<F§ i<r?;<W?r ^M vgt^r CT ^lft f<Fi> H?C<T \oT ^TRTl 

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t% ciwiw^ c<r ^thptt, ^ w ^^ t^*tH ^rTc?rn5R w?t c<r w w?t ctwtctst ^tcsthht 

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«rttsr c^rsf c^Tsrcwr ^ ^w^pt w?r ^rw ctwh ^jcsft <ri?r, vft*tt ^-^ ^r?Fc?r?r <tjh wt, 
\sf?r«T?r <5*r iprft, ^tw?j?t ^h ^rtsrfl, £>1<£<k<i> ^^rMTt^, coffl hc^t^r wfl - ^^ t%| w?r t% 

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^wh, ^^f *rfr wh ^ht i3w, ^rrsr^TH wh ^rt ^wh wi?r ^rw ^ft, HH <rrat wM 
iwt wc<h i ^t ?rw ¥i?r^T w?r ¥i?r *rrc*r ^rw i ^i? >#tw y|?r otk ^r ^t, 4?r ^rrc^r 
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%st?r ^ 9 !?^ «rtc^, tl#?r t%T^ ^ Rt i ^t^t ^•«h t% wr ^rtw? %si?r c^thh ^ ^HH c^ i 
%si?r (TrHH ^ ^sft ^c?r "?rc^?r trc^T c^n: - ^ ^?h w wr "^ i w wcs Trf^^s ft?r c^H ^twr 
«rtw rt, tw c?r c^H "*w w^r wstth? ft?r ^^ttlt^ ^twifw t^ri <q*h® ^tt%co ■?# 
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vsTciT?r «rcir^s^rt ^jwr w^s ^m^r «rrc^i (tt^ht "?n?rT ^w< «rrc^r ^iw?r w «ht ?R^r "^r i 
«rt?r "?rT?rr ^ ^rw?r w %mt^ «hj <a<po\<a "^r i '?r - «H tfc^rr wfwrw ^?r w ^c^ ^h (tt^tih 
^ c^h^h ^c?rtt^s «rrc^r «rt?r ^rw? ^«r «rt?r« ^h ^t «ttc^t - wsth «rt?r ^st?r tt^i 
^•«rtH vot^: w^r, ^t «rffe# wi, ww^f "srfH "*w <?r t%H^Q^r ir?r^T?r "^r 1 1% ^?r ^pH 
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v3H*wf&fvz *m, c<t w "^, ^t <Tc^?r ^rrcsr ^wh c<fh ^tc<tI; ^rtw ^r, «n^tc^ ^rrc^r ^l; 

W<K^ C<FH ^T^ Ht ^T#lt ^ <R I C<TR>s «^ <M, ^ i£|^ <M «T^F | C<T <R WH^5 
CT^ ^W^ <FT «Ff?l tWfW -^FftWR ^WH ^5 *HT<fWl3l tWT, TC^ t%H (HTC<FT «Jt^Wfl 
C'Rmtlc^ I W^ftw C<TTsff ^sfH fw t%H« ^WH «HT^r £f<TH ^PTT t^H I W^ftw C^TM ^oft 
t<T ^<Fr^T ^^FTSf, '^ 9 Tf?r WJT^H t%^T« (7T ^^FlW ~<¥tt «^T <TH HT, ^ (?$ t^W "^TSfH "^TSfH 

^wttTOi^ ^Frsf wc^s ^c?it%i <?$ t^ra «thh ^^&t t<rc*H sh % <n?rr ^rfe'H r^tt feft 

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^TSf WHI SK^H Wlf ^TW «?f m« to ^T<TC^ ^H ^s C<FH tif^HPitntHt^ ^PT 
tH^MH? R^ff ^^THTC^ <JC<=1C^ «HT C<F^ ^Hl^T "^s i£|H C<FH WrH 'TftC 9 ^ R^ff THR^s ^WT 

■5c?rc^i 4?rr <Ftsf ^<fc^ <ttc^i t%| t% <rfw twr^ ^fi^vijhw <mt ^t - ^r wtt «ck<ic<f %?r 

^T ^TWT^rT% C*H WC^s ^8^ ^SRT «TTsrTCir?r ^T<T ^f «rf5w -srTC^ I '<FT^TS[TH <1<=1C<=1H - Wffsr t<FI 

%?r ^st^ ^<m<t ^rfsrat ^m t% ^sft m« "&c*rf|i ^?h ^otc<f ^tt ^t - ^H ^p t^rw^ srcstt, 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


4?r im ispfft ^^ t%| ^rt <ttc<t "=rr i ^wm <mc=h ^t^t t^i ^fw^r ^ra ^s ^c<t ^t i 
c*m ^r# ^i$-wjim<] srarw ?rf# ^ti ^fre f*rc?r ^ifwm <mc=h 'crc<rr! «rrwr 4*ftH ^j^fw 
srcsrct ctht ftsfm ^tw wf^ ^jhrtbt fr Piwj^, cstwrs ^ ^rw srmcr <rrcs ^r ^jnbtbt 
c^rf'H «rrc<F, ^t^<f f<F§ <ptc\s <ttc<t ^tti «rm c^stwr c<r ^r#r <f?t^ <^\ w\ ^Tfcj c^rHm ^t 
^fst' i ^^m ^lwra ^rwm 4?rr ^ ^H^r ^rsrr<rH ^^fcst t%r i c<r ^f?Rc?r?j ct^cr 4?rr ^tct?t *t?r 
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^Tsfr# «nciiR^fc^s ^ <t?jc<m ^^r^stc^ H^c^ Laws of Motion^? <f«IT ^c^r ^<fc?t 

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Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«rrf*|\s <F«f ^ ^tsrj I3for sp^c^ <Ftwi wi^ 4?r ^r ^«Ht; ^? w <ttc?t ^ni ^«kfwr ^wr 

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c^t 1 **iftaRr ^g^; ^g xsT?r sjc<jt« ^r <ttc5^t '«rtfsr •#? «^ «rtfvr ^r, «rtfvr «s^ «rt^fT' 1 

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k<*t c^ ^sTfT *5t*tc c<p~m ^r ^sT»r wc<h '*n, c<r fi##r ^m *mc^ c^ c^ f^##rc<p ^n^^rTfr 
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wrt *fc?i f-tcs^r, ^smt, sja|t, c*n*F c5tT5c*f ^f^^si ~^ <ttc5^t ^? C 9 ^ W ^TT<T*n, W <F5^sT, 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


w wh ^wi «rr<T?rr *tt<Hit <f?ic^ *rt^r ^rt i 4 <f ^thht w wit ^rrsrrr^ <ftc^ w <f§ 3^ 

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^afli \s*h «rffsr ^tc<f T^c?j csjr <rj<t, ^m ^rrt ^t c*tr<F w*r, ^rc^ <tt w w<ri *r*R ^rtR 
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>fR)j<MC<l<l «rf^P^T ^<FC^ HC?lC^,«i, WC<F Cot «Tf? C5^T ^<ra« RbH^ Wf <TtC<r ^Tf I WC<F <# C<F^ 

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wih w <r^r ^<fc^ cTTfCM ^tt*t ^^s «THpr i vot ^ht "^c^ Rf, ^<r<rr w^« ^^ w<r^f i <rmr ^<r<rr 
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f<r<mm cr5Tc<m ^r "«jc^ ^, -?rm f^r^r c^ wc<f t*w ^rts, ^r^ w cw»rm« "^c<r w^s "5c<r i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


w ^w ^ c^fsrt<f?; w ^jfr, ^t^ wk i f«wrsr «tw <rfw w ^r^r ^ w$ cvMu$ «rc-w 
^kr hc?j ^jttr 1 tw w <F<Ht; f«wrsr ^ttr wr <Ttc<r ^tt, ^t w <Rif$ ^ ^ srrfe ^w?u i 

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HSTNf «TW ^C<T "=Tt l ^frf«TS. "<TRt <WC^«t "srT^? (7RT W, C<F5 W^T ^f W, «IMC<I> «fRR 
<MC^«t W <M, C<P^ <MC^«t t%| WC^ ^C<T ^tt ^ «% R*C3 <ff8 «TR "^f^TTST ^<FC<i <TfQ, ^TH 
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^TfsRRt RHT#?r «tt^TCT iTWRJ C«T#*t T%T Leave your shoes and mind here 1 4fr> ^^ ^ 

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^TTTC^, ^sfC<F ^Tt ^C55 CTSM CWT T%^ I CWT CT«?tt ^T I ^^<TR t% W^o "5C<T? i£|RR ^RT#? 
<F«fTQ7?Tt ^TNT?t HC?J "^TCvs ^C<T I WfR ^<M^s TfC^T ^f^T «tfsrtC<F« «tT&T<f ^t^M <NT C<M ^ 7 ^ 
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tsrf^CiJ ^s -<ttc<t I 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<T*H "5% W ^C<T ^H ^T 4<Ft^ "5% (7P*rTC<T t^H^ 4<Ft?T "5% C<?fC^T, 4^»fC<T Uv\ 
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^THC<H ^Tfl 4^ ^W C<FH f*R «TNW ^Ttl ^FHT WffsT «rf§fC<F ^%W ^WP ^fe TnCo 

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c^rc^r i ^kr^ c^r w*t <rc*r c<m nrc^r i t^ %fcT?r #^#r ct*r i f<r® <mc^h «nfsr «rrn «rfsrm 
t^sT wf 4 <f i ^f?r *srt ^fc<F ^*tf%i <fc?t cr«"?tt?r «rrwf c^s^f "^ i f<r« <mc=r ^r <# «rfsrRTF 
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<f?t<t! ^tt ^^<th <[c^?r <F«rr t^pr <fm! ^i^c^ ^rm <r#r ^nt<r, c«rc^ m?R^T ^rr fti ^<f ^s 
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^H ^rr» <f^s nrc^ i ^f?r w ^^t<t ^nt^ ^"cr? w ^t<t! <ff?rr ^^i? ^ht hc^t<i ^r f<F| c^us 
T%5§^t ^Nt w cvoT «rT5TTc<F ^^s ^c<t i «rf?f \st?r ^m ct-^h ^t% «rtc^ t<THT i ^ c*fw, «rfsrm 
THcsf?r «i-j^R> t% ^?r<F5r i ^t t^rc^ ^T Taste of Truth i 

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<imfttg, m ®w®u*w «rwrc^ ^f^ "<ffc^ i ^ c<f ct - ^? ^tf?r <mc^h ttht e^f^TH irr<iro tl<F 

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HT, t<FI T%^tC<F "SR?T <F1^ «TfSTH "SJ^ 'fta^ «TH (?F «TfC^I ^ff? <t<=1C^,«t - «tfsrH W t<F «IH 
<FT^7F CTC^? ^tffT ^TfM "SRH 4<F5T 2f*f <F^*T t<FI ^T#?rr 2TJf« <F(?J "^Tf, 4^51^ ^f£fW?r I ■ ? \\U§ 

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Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


stt% ^nt ori^ ^i ^Hl; «?t ^rtwi 1wra ^j? ^rr-^st? ^t, *iftc?t ^<mf<m ^j ^r, *sf?ri?r w 
^c<r «rm ^ «tfteRi ^gj ^c<r ^ o«c<t «?t ^c<r i «rr>Tc*r c*m *f<% ^r t%| c*rr<F «rm csrt^ c«R^ 
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^rm csft^ ^rt%3R ^c^ c^tc^f ^t?r «rm ^iPf^l-^wspT «rpft% ^c<t Hfi sNrc<F ^m ~5Mu$ ^s, 
1%s ^tw ^c?j twrw 4^#tc<f %^f 5R3ri<f ^w^Fiw iujt%*Ri ^t^rtf ^tta c^rc^r ^rnc^ 
c^tw ^s<ii<i> "5c?r c<rc^ "5?j i c<Ft«n« c<fh 4^f «rprf^ wk H*r ^t i ^Tfc?r?r wc<t> "^hh? wtj 
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^blfe! <T% «rf^ (TT^H'! CT few t%tt> t%| "5RH ^?TU5l v5t? <Ffl?T ^f CTC^ ^ff?f ^fC^s 

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w&MwMtz *y§<# ^k ^5?rm ^tc^m ^m? ^rc<tj <h <h ^c? f^i ti## ^k '«mi? 
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■^Tt 1t?f ^H ^tKt^tK t%5 «?p <T5C<tl W<fJtf^|<F ^W?! t%| t%| ^^TH^t ^ftC^l t%! Wt 

w^nm ^rc<tj Tfwsf «rrc^ w¥f w^ftH Rc^c<h ^t^r c^r^c^ t%^ «rr^i w^ <t^t «rmm 
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«ttw, ^sw?t ^^m cifft c<th «?t <F?rc^Ti (Ttt «?rtc<T^T?rr ^i^cm <ntc?t ^fRtcp ^ 9 ^ «rtc<F, 
«?rrc<T^T?f ^^m crff «?i <kic^t i >tc^fD>) ^tf^Kvs ^ <f§ ^cat f^tetflc^TH i *m&\ ^ ^sK 
"5C?r <tc>t ^\U5 ^mc^r, «ittsr ^ <f§ ^m ^^j?r ^^rtsr whc^s «rrsrm ^fw^f ^ c«rc<F f<tw ^w^ 
c<f, «rm \sm ^ac?r <ftc5 t% Ht >tc^fD>)! «?rrc<T^T?rr ^<f<h ^t <Frc<T ht, c>#f« >tc^>) whc^t i 
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Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^T3 wift cr wrr ^t, c<r wrr «nt^r wif^RT crl; wrr i <rmT ^rh 3*c3 wt«w <(C3T pcw^, 43: 

«rrC33^ 313^" ^rrc^l f<F$ ^ WH1H 3C3 'RfTS 1%*l<*l5lR>o I 43 ^sRR «#8 C*FR T^ srt<FC3 Rt 

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«RTr%3TT33* ^R T%3 <MC^ C3C1T ^33 ^Wlt^ CPTT I ^TRR CW «?F \sT3 Cs^R CPTT lW#«lf 

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cststrtf <*t«f cff^Rm f%?r <rrc^ i cfM3 %m <ttc3? ^C3T t% <4if<VBi f% i ^33 3*rc5 t*Hi srst T3C3 

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TTCG3 43: f%3^ 3TTCWT 3C?T%1 l 3C?F5' ^F ^TSTTSf C^CS ftc<*M (3R? 3*13*1 4'<rnH CPTlt^ «ff t%T 
Rt I W <# «rf 33 ^T3CT «HT f<F <T3Cm CPTTC<F ^HtCs 9fT3C3 ? <TT3T «TW I f*P5 ^TC^ RN W 

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^fSR l «rf?T t*f<TTC<F f<F ^<F?n?D ^?T? C<TQM ^<F?R?s <t<=1C^H (TTS^TT ^TTa f<T?F^, (TT^ fiTfW'C< ? rT ^<F?n?s 
<t<=1C^H OTM ^<F?r(?T "STHC<T?r «I^H «IWtl ^3 3C<T RT l 4^^ 13^ «T'RT fwT I t<Fl <M ^fc^ 
(2|# "SRR ^^T ^13T 43^»R?T «T^ffC'f t*TC3 *ff^5 33 1 43: SfW<F3 (^R t%3 *fC?I?r TC5T «THH 
<t=1C^H - 


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(?TC<T RT ^RW <FT5RH ^Tt t%53 5f1<FC<T I 3^RT «THH 3^3 %<F CBTR t%?T <TTC<T I «rfwT, <FT5T 
^rm 3^ 43 f^TC^ 43^ W& <J^ «fTC<Fl C3^<tRR «rRiTJt (7T<tRR^ 3^RT <it¥tf «rm 3^RT *n<FC<33 
3^ 3C3, 3^ «rt<FC<3t «tfwT «TT<FC3l 4^ 3<3 C<RtC^3 Wl «TfC^f<Fm TWT «RR<F ^ffawT 4^ 
"SFs^RTF ^^T3 "srHC^T RTl «TtF|<f *t¥3 sf^TCST ^% T%3 CT - <rR? ; R «RTRT W ^ «rfC5 (?TQM 
"5C3 Rtl ^TR^t ^TTC^r ^tf^f, %sT « 3VT^ 4^ f^TCB' ^T sfC^fT ^HT 3MT 3^C3 CT-^TTC^R 4CT3« 
^T*fT 4^ 3^TT C3 ^ofsr 4^ ^rfwt ^Fs 3^ 3*3t C«R?F t3?Fs 3«, \sT Rt3C<3 ^fsr ^Tt?TQ «iRkjTCs 
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^sPSM vS^lfa^ ^C3%T, (TT^ WSFtlW WTT3^ 3>C3 (?f<TRR T^ 3^3T 35T, cfSt^ C3TTI 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


cfttw t*$ <F*rft; ^m «77%rw? iw ^smr, ^<#fc<T *rc$ ^thh <ff% ^iRijn wtt?; *ras 

«tf^ - C^ WfFT?f ^tplU, C^ ?TlRc\!>j<l v&I^PlM, C^ ^RMI^l C*$ ^^tC<t f^Ttt ^C?J WTC^I 

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«TR^f, «itfsr t% <ht, oi^ra rac?t f^r ^rat?! *n?r <fc?i «rtfsr <ht ^c?t c?rh, ^wh <t-<h ^r, ^rh 
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<fc?t ^rtf^ <ht ^c?t c*rpti w? f^r^; «rrsrra w ^pthh «rra c<f «rtc^, «rrsrra c»tc<f c^t wra c<f 
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*t?t CWfes <T^Ast f%5^T, GSNW? ^TC<JT ?!<T «f<JTm?Tf «TR^T I ^tft# <Ff^T C^fWf ^T ^Rlt 
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Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


sr*r <F?rr ^m R»«i« ^ c«rc<F t^r ^j i w^ wf ^mmt 4<fr ^ *tft?r <jtc<f, *rcft f*rf% 
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^wrm ^r^M c'rtc^ "<ttc5^ti f<Fg %sm "srcvs ^wtt<f «rr<f %5?r c<m<F, ^iH<tcH ^wrm 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^wrm, ^frk c<rw $•& ^h g# cwor, tra^ ^*ra «rt? c<r^ fe^H ^rti ^ , #t<t<i ^it <wc^ 
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c»tc<t "5c?r c^\ ^#tt<f c«fw «^ ^r c^rn cws ^rmm ^ra c<r <f^bt ^c<t otbt c<t f% ^rmt^F 

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^, ^t T PTt<rt?R: c f?r ^ht <$p ^<t#h, f^# c^r^ ! wt twffw 1 ^PTt^rrjR:^ ^ht c<t ^ wt ^?j c^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«3WtW ^s <F*f ~~\~~\\ ^r I ^I^Kf ~~W<\~7\^ *SHT ^t «rm <£o <F^ Gj|t <R| ^Jgf^ <FW?T ^*fC?J 
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4"<?F<rm srsns ^c?r «rrc^i w\ c^r cwr ^j<t ^ra "5C?r <tt?t, tmc^h w «rtM^r wc^s srrc<F, sfsrc^ 
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«re^ ~~^ ^rrc^i ^-^h wf c«rc<F cw cr ^s ^5 c<nf^; c 9 ^ t^w ^m^m <t - <h ct^ ^rr^tTTT 
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~~w 1 <t<h cfrm 5 ^w w^ ^w fowei <rw c^FH^t wmc^r ^t<t t%| wmr <rm, ^s-<m «rtwr wmr 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


fwr hc?t «rrcrr^ wifti wtT «?f w^ ij^r fwr «rrc^ - wmr fwr «rm *mt fwti c<r-<rrcT 
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"swrm ^st wi; \5w>\svi c$m> ^rr c^r, ^st^ : <Ft<f- : <Fm c f ^\4\ ^^r w <K<ic^»r \s~rn ^ht 
w^htcf ^ ^ «fcsrtcf fer <ttc^ t^i v5t?r*m t% ^m? 

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<rrc55 <tw, f^<F c^rf^r ^fc^rm c«rc<F <r<H ^r^r ^r ^<H ^^»tc<t sp^h ^<^s <t^s ^rrcsr i 

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^T^TCf \slf^TT ^rc<T ^t%C?T fTO, ^TC^ ^T C<T fwT «T#H?t WC^TT «TW?t ^TC^ 4W^ ^t?T 

^<ftc^ ^^T?rf?r c<fh ^pTJt; <?$ i ^ t^ ^rcM sfrc'f %?r ^tc^t ^rmr #<h ^tt% ^fsr c<ror?r c<t ^h 
^w^ ^«rr ^sth ^t^ - w- <rrn, ^rftrc^ritw ^f, c^s <m, «rr?r ^?r *rrcg?r ^s ^w^ ^rr «th 
^T^ ^m f^?Tf<f « fwrsr ^rw <f?tc?t ^rcsrri f%® Hs^r«f ^»tc<t «rfwr <^h ^^ ^^rar^ 
nrt^TTi ^rrsrcv» ^4rr «rrc^, iTf^c^ ^Tfcn ^rc^ ^Rft t^- ^w^i ^?r wfc<F <r^rc^r - f% 
c^rr! wf c^r ^r, t%| «« <fsTM <k?t^ ^Rft in# ^rc^ '^fr, «rrt^r «^h nw?r <fcrf|' i 
<5tf?r ^ f^" "^m w^r - vot^; ^tt%! \»^r<r# ^ <ptc^ '"^fr, ^s (?r<rr «rrc^ afr «i<r# irt^t' i 

^Tf? ^5TH C^sC^ CwsCf ^5 smt^s ^Mt^, f<F^ ^TC^T - ^lt ^lt%! »TlV|? f^CS ^^BT t^t? 

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c5c^T ferc^r i ^t^ c*r ^<f ctiiww ^%r, ^m ^ ^<FBt ^rr* <^f ^cic^ c^r^s «rmm ^r«f 

^ftW SH HC?J I 4 , <H 4^ ^TrTs <M <FC1C^ <TC5T ^f ^GTltBT THf%s I f<Pl ^t ^^ <Ml3<£ 05t 

c»m w c<rf*f ^Tsra (hc<t ht i w^f frr ^c^c^ w^t ^c*f ^orn <f?tc<t i ^m^m <r«H ^ c«rc<F 
<rm ^<FCf cirm ^"<H «v/^/s; t% ^^ ^g-<rT« "^c?j c^<r f%m <K^m ^<ra ^r cwius cw\u$ c<#c?r 
^tc^ "^c<t i f<F^; ^t? «rrc<F ^rr, \§ft cr^rc<T \gfsr te c«rc<F ^ ^tcs ^rt^, «iHmr c«rc<F <rrc55 1 

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\sm "SR:<tT •#$$ f^ - ^ <f|; '&r^r aif*H i c^wc^ t%h ct^^t ^^ C5?rm «iru5 "<rtcs ^rw w#^ 
« ^sfws, ^<Frc*H t%<f ^%m f»t%?r k^t <TT«"?rr <rm i c<r% «m ^^rsra \otc<f ^t^rc?! t%?r k^t <rm i 
^ste. ^"^H ^^ cic*f tm c^rc^r cic<r srh w%. c<h ^ i «^rrcr i<r csic?rar ^cF^m ifm w i 
\sm "5R:<tT ^^ *ift ^tffim wr ^rcs c^rc^ i wr ^rcs c^c5 ^^ coT cr wr ^c<r sics <ttc<t i 
^<nf<F *rftw?r ^ f^c?r cfh ^c^^r crl; i «cr?r ^<Frc5 $$\ c^ ^rr 9 rml; ^m i ^h <$■*& wr ^ff^rcrr 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


*iHIT3m> ^m <f?tcs c?rc^T i (TT^nwm crr<F?n «mm ^ v\*m, ^t (^rmfrr ^ «r^= ^ ch 
wc^! ^5 ^<*n 4iMt;, <t<h ^*f c*rc<F csmm *i^t 3?m ^h <rtf<F <n?n «rfc* ^rcf?r ^c<t c<fh wsr 
c^rwK ^cr ^Ti <rm *r^T ^c?r c?tct ^tcf «rmm ^prr Hc® ^cti ^ ^s - <tsh<f ^jMmt^rc^ ft*r 

<Ff5mT?1 ^TT IHH <Q ^TH «tff ^TC^ wf ^HS ^Tl OTTtFT ^T <FTCf?T *TW *n<FC<T? <TtCf?1 ^T 

*m ^TcTmR ^rcf?r ?mm ^rrc^ ^gfsr srmcr i «rf«R<i>rcs ^ ipmm ^rft#^ ct^ct tcs t*terfl°T, 
vgf^r <# !Wh tt ^s vst^t ^r 4 <Fi^r wrsr. ^c?r <ttc<t i ^wm <ic<=ic^ ^H <jc=ic^, ^rh<f tt?t 
^rm ^m Tt## ^mmc^ ^tc^t 'wttH ^rmr <n«?rm ^m cfm?t <ttc<h'? ^mm wr wf i Tift# 
*rc* ^m w^r '«rft^r ^wn^ ^rcf c<tc» ytt ^^ «rmm cstcf ^ffcm wtj' i 

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?t<r? «rfwr tm^ wif^Ht, ^mr c<rcf?i ^#?r ^cs^ ^tct fw - c<f wtcr t% «rrc^i ^gm t?t t% 
«rfc5 c<f^ wfcr ^rf i «rfbw^r <rwr§fc<F t^ ^ sfjt^; «mc^h c^ ^cr ^§j?t ^m t<t^ «rrc^ «rmm 
c<f^ ^cr 1%| Ht; i w^ ^rfRwr <Twrsrc<F spjf <hc§^, <Twrsfc<F <r<R sra wr ^c^ ^m ^rrcT 
^§j?r fcat *ft%a «rrc^r i «rw<f *n??r ^k »tc<tt ^rt ^tc^t, ^ ^rjrtwr ^gi ^h<t ^ifi^k 
■srrwr ^ wr ^§cf c<rr<TrH w%. \ ^^f (?n<F ^m c^ ^m <Tr«"?n? ^m ^ ^fcnc^ <w<iiost<i <rtt%^ 

iTWH t%T t^T <IC3 <TWfCSff ^HJ «KTff <K<1C^I <TWTSf t<FCS «Tf^TH *l^ <|V|<H^rC<^ £f*f ~^<m. 
C^ ^<TCT "^sR 'fCS t<T^ «TfC5 «IT? Cf^ ^^TCT "SfvsR *Rf t%| C 5 ^ I ^?, "^sR CTWH CTT^^trwlTf 

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^^5r t%H<rcf «ncTTRT wr ^i ^ ^w ^ttl^tsMc^ <# ^rNw ^rc<r Hcr «ict<f ^rtt 
^c<t, "^t^cs vsr iffwrcs ^rmw ^rri wr<rm ^cwr <rcat R«w w^nc^ ^rrc^ uw ^c<r tt, 
«rrtsr «rmm c<fw <rm i c#shj <t^ ^fe^T wrfsr <m c<fw ^rm ^-<m «rwc^ crc<r ^rmm ^rt c<m 
w nr ciw <th i «r^mr ^mr «rmm ^*i?r c<h c^:n nr «rtc<rH i ^#cwr csr <rcrt t^r, ^§t ^c?rc^ 
■srvgm ^m «rmm cw^ <ttc<t i ^ct csmm sr*f5r t%? ^^cnt t<F0; ^m, <pHt ^t^h c=T^rr ^?r ^<h 
^icm 5 ^sr?! t%| rn^ <Fitl^t <rr ^<F^Hm ^rr^mj cr«?rr ^?r i <?$ ^iH^t « ^^F^Hrscntc^ ^m c<# 
«rMI<F ^rcr Hcs ct^i 

^•«rrcr^T w ^r ^rrs swr i ^rrs^rc^ fwh ^m\ cMf^<F ^^h taw wc^ ^ttt 
^fr^rr t<F «rfc5? c5Hm ^^ic^h «ictc<f <tct c^fc^r ^ "sthcs "5?j i «kh<f ^^tct c^rc^r, ^^ ^r 
<F«rri tprwcp <f«it c<r ^wi ^h ^cnc^r ^r ^m, «ichc<^ ^ctc^t i ^<TT^t « ^srjhj <rw ^rrc?ra 
csftc^ tpr#nc^ ^rr ^c^ fer c^r ^c<r ht, «rm l^at wrcr ^^r ^ ?i<F5it i ^wi tl 7 ^ ^rf^ <tw 
^t% ^<tct wfcrr «rft^r ^s ^fcrr ^s tl^T, «oBt ^m ^mr "srm ^rc^ «rrw^ t%f ^tct ^c<t tTi 
t^jcr^ ^<ftc5 ^ff^rr ^r»rm<F, csrcai t<Tc?r "5c?r c^rcr ^^5 <rtt% "^cr <TT«?rm w 1 ^^H cm\ <# 
^sw ^rr% t^fc?r ^cr «rmm ^rc^m ^rf^cs ^ ^ t%n ^s? <n1^ cTicwr ^tc<t csmm ^rc^m 
^^nt^cs t%r csr t%r ^^ «rm ^<rcT t% ^m, ^~<H ^■<TH<Fm "sr^; cdmc^ 'ptcs ^ct i t^<F cs^H 
^r «rfc^m ^fcrr t% ttcr ^rcs «rrsrm t<F^ «ncr <rm ^r, ^~<h ^ wu <n «rr^ ^ ^rcp ^r^; 
cshtc<f "ptcs -^cr i ^^m wm <F*it ^»ct <n« i «rrc^m wm ^rt%c<F «rrsrrcT? ^Ht «rrspr crwr 
^?r "=rr 1 ^r «ircm ^fcrr itwm c^cr tlcr t<F c<nnm c^cr tlcr ^rcs «rrsTrcr? m^ «rrcr ^rm "=rr 1 
4*H ^rt wr^ ^^ ^sj 1 ^r ^<T^<rj ^r, ^^mr cr^rc^T tpf#rr ^c^ 1 <nt%t ^hwcp ^nrra r<t 
whc^t, tw ^itcs r<t cfc<rc^T 1 ^fsj «rm ^H#rr ^ Tjtc?ra ^mr^rcT?r ^ra^r cr c<Ff«fm «n<Fc^? 

C<FH (?TtC<F CoT \sT^<F H*RT «fT<FCs "5CT I CT ^TCTT ^^FTSf <*C<1C^ «rm C<T •<rmT 9 f ^^FTSf <^C<1C^ ^t ^H 
CsT ^stH ^#fm RsrH CTtC<F «TT<FC<T Rf I ^<H ^mT ^r<HT tWT ^<FC^ f^fcrm, ^£*C<=1t<F, HgCTT<F 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^wtfe <rm c rr ^m t%?r ^tttc^t i 4-*h w=r 4®m c<fr c<fr *wt% otc^ srmc^ nrc^n i fw 

WtWt 4? C<T*iT t%f Wlf«HT, CT^SRJ 4?TC<T (7T*it SR f%^o (R?; | ^ff'WT volt; ^R ^^TSRI \o^ W 

t%l 4Rl?TT <MC^«i vgfsT <Tf*T, ^g ^Q <£5, i*^ TgC^t ^fSf ^T T<T C^fW ^» ^, 4^ ^SWt 

■?# <r*tsRt- <rmt ^rtPnm <f?t ^t^r c^tsrm «im- <tN3?tt ^rc^t «n^w i Hs^r<f «tw <Tf*r ^ ^cst 

^gf^t ^r ntW I "^ ^T ftc=H vsH ^fM ^C^ f<TF|?T ^C^ CT - *!, 4^»fC<T C^t « ^|f%? ^ ^c^ 

^§fsr w i^ c<tc\s imw! c^tsrrc^ «rmm ^•«M ^c?r cw^ «ji^^o ^c<t i vorsc^r «rtwr t% ^m? 
4^rm ^^ffwf «?f <f?tc^ ?rr<Hm *m\ ^*mt fwr c«rc^ ^mr fwm ?rr<Hr f% ^^ ^c<r ieri w 
*wf<f ^tc^t i 4*rn c«rc^ f^ f^ w<tTTf^iwm ^Tt^rm^t «?f ^i 4<t ^rfcn ^rt w^ c^r-^rtH 
^wrm <wr ^c?r%r «oBt «rmc*r ^wrm ^m i ^m^r 3wttc<f?t ^ht «rj <r?rc t m ?rr<Rm irwm i 
m^ ^f^jj ^rcf c<r 3wttc<f?t w <Frt ^ <*fBT srn^s ^wrm - 

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wr^Mffa ^tzmRfew <m « %<&*/>»//% &*fp?wtt W5#7 <k?r/ #?/" w} c t*ft*fffT ^ar &mtir c t ^rfz^f 
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^<mc^ 9frc?HT i $<f^ 4$ ^r^ttMc^ ^t<t o$u$ "^ ^rcf wr^rc<F wht <th i (tt^ht ^T5tr# • s m 

^f? ^«rr <J°iC5,«s This life is a great chance, use it to attain the highest i Highes#T f%, 

C#f ^T HC^ f^ ^<K^ ^tQ l 4"<H C<T^ <Tf^ "5TH ^^ «TTsrm ft- tp «iTSTm ~<W&. ^Ws^ i \sTC^ 

^r «rm, c<t^ «rmf^ ^w ^rri c<t T5m# <f?tc% ^t^c^ ^m c<r ^^nwr^fm «rrc^ ^rc^ ot (sri 

"5TH ^<T^s 9ffC?T I f%§ W^tTft^FK <T*H CT^ ^«l^l^m «T'TSTH ^<K^ ^sTC<F ijCBr <F| W ^T^TC^T 
\s*H ^sm "SR (?»C« <TTC<T I f<t*l CT <Tf^ "SRH ^^ «rTC<F «TtSTt^ ^W>vsV| C^T «HT C<T^, «rfsiH W, t%?,<TT 

«rrsrm ^ i <t - <h ct ^^t^c^ <ra c^rc^ ^ - ^ c^ t% <w «rm t% ^<t^t ^rcvs ^m t% wc^r "<Tm i 

^T5t ^lHWlf^ WiTf ^H^ l <T'<H ^TCIH C<77?«r ^7t.° ^ ^W; ^5 C<TH vsTCNs «|<jRto «tt<T#tt 

^r i Trft# <t-<h w^r cvstsrm ^ #^r "srnH ^r ^ f<m# ^wr^t c^nrn^ i ^ ^wr^ <Ffcsf 

srt*tr<3 1 f% <FTCSf ^TTnrc^ ^TC^T? To attain the highest i t% ^T<Tlt f% ^^? ^tf^t ^m 
^«(3^TC<T^; C# "5TH <FC?T ^t ifCBm C^t^H^ ^CB"5CSTC^I ^ «rT5TTCir?T ^^?jvs c<F[7r c*H H^l 

^vs^^ 2f«rsT <rrc*m ^«tr <wr ^mc^i c^rsrm \B*\8Vi ^w ^t ^f, f^ \sfsr c^r «tc^rt ^c^ 
t%m ^c^ c^rw ^t ^fe *jtRft c«rc<F c<fk «r?j»r ^r t%f ^rt, ^?r«t3 ^t ^Mtcsrtc^ ^gfsr «rr^fm 
^rrns, ^?rcvs «tbtw, c<M «mr c<fh (?rrc<F ^<r ^m i ^i^m fl#?r ^rrcf c<r ^Tt<rc<R ^«rr ^rr ^5, 

OT ^T^H^S ^Bw>\sV| ^TT<T<F ^lfH, ^ssr ^TsfC<M <W ^? «tCRI sfCI <Mt ^<Tl 4<<H C<TSR ^Tt<TC<R 

^rrsRm 2ff%?rr « ^mrf^ ^ ^r? ^»rc<T *^<ttwcsr ^rrsfH ^m c^, ^tH^c^ ^rsra ^^r ^^ttwh 
f^r Hti <?^ ^sr?! m 1 fHcw cwrc<r ^rr<Hr ^<f^ ^ 9 ^ <^c<ic^h, <tt$ ^nfBtl; f*rc<Tm ^ttsrr c^c<r 
twaH i w-f^HT ^m^mr %<frfw "^ c^ht «rrc^ «rrc^ f^mTCT? ^mnm sferr « «i^jvow 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


\d*|Jvmj T%T?T Wt "^ MT, ^Tt<Hm f<Tf%W *M « 1^3MW ^TTWM "^ MT, C<T<rrC«T *pfa CSfW 

<ttc^ crwrr ^°t wr "^ ^rt i <twh ^m ir%£tt>c5 ■?# ^ ^rcg?r ^rmMT sTT%mrc<F t%t?t wt 

^J ^st^T CT^fCo fm 4*TTH f<Ff&T wt ^U^ ?TT<Hl?r ^«Tt ^Tt ^l f<# ^««T ^CT^ ^rtiHT 

<MtfeH, ^tth ^m ^tc?r?r ?rr<Hr <mc&m, «r<fK f<# #fc<J3?t ?rr<Hr <ms*\ f%s<rr #?th<fc<J3?t 
^tt<ht <mc&m ^r T%m ^t<ht <mc&m ^tcr<r ^?pt Tf^T f% ^, ^iig \sm^ ^fat wt ^i 

TfT^ 7ft«^s -^fvs t£|^(| f^j s^ &W>v|lCH<1 Tfa^l v*fg$m, ^pttt «rm SfWfCo t%ft 
2fT%T%vs ^t ^r<HT ^^ | c^t?ft?j sffH <MCfeM? ^sTCTT I cTpp <T*TC^ <1TH W ^H, (TFTC't ^tH 
<JH I ^ff<FT?f ^flW ^TfsHt Wt? ^HT «T?R: c fT K*T C^fC^T I ^TTH, 4^ ^^TtWi^T C^fCF C<jf?TC?I «TfJCft 
K^T C^TC^Tl «tfrC^tJ "SfTH ^tit? Sr*tC=1 K^T C^fC^T ^oT M^T, ^H^RWffl" T%f^s f^#T SfWfl i£|<f 

«rrc?t?r «rtc?m ^rcsr <ftt ^?rT%t «i^M^a» ^th<t t% f% <fc?t, ^^mvft *ft% w *rr«*m <pttc^ «rm 

\oTCo t%<5RI ^Ttsf CtWt <FC?T T%5^l 4?Th3 wf ^JTCT, f<Ff «tHH <FHCo <F>fCo CW «rPTC<T I ^^H 

wr&t<f ^hr ^tc<jt fiWwt <f°ic^ w ^f^i^hwMfm, ^ 4 wr <rt f%| ^far wt ^?r%t 4^rm 
t^<f \oi?r fi*ifta ^tt ^i «rtcn «jwh^c^ <wr <mt ^c?rc% ^^m wHfs^f?r w <ptt ^i 

if^ WH «rf^wM M^fl (7T ^C<Jt C^ ^S?TTC?r?T ^T<t f<Ff^ #[, ^t ijftM<l ^HTl ^?T C«fC<F 
«Tt5rTC<F «TT?r« «TH<F ^s? «T<T^T?J C<TC\s "^C<T 1 ^H ^HT t% <MC^H - <7H^.° ^Jtf^P, ^MM 
<TH2lft "^T C^TCIM <Tt WT% ^C?J C^M I ^T5?Tt?r C«tC<F Mc^rC^ «JKfiTT ^<T^ f^#T TH ^MUS ^W 
<T^^T I t^StPT C«tC<F t% W^T? vrfSSlm, \s9pTTT «TH SfWTC^ T%^, -STfH CSTCt «TTC^T I 

^ Wf «TfT5T<f <MC&M W&ilR^ <K t%^3 «rtiH >I^Ri\s C<T ^f (7T&TC<F ^TT ^T 

^i^ttTi ^«fteH ^sff^s c<r <m ^rfTsr c*rc?rt5i crt ^^r 5 ^ ^tt<h wlt «rw?r ^^pttTi c<tsh 4<r*5H 
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sjm. mt, ^^T ^r wPt ^w 1 wt^t «n^trsra ^tw ^r, f%fM ^hr ^s ^k<H, ^Tfc^ vi«tiNR> 

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<F?Ht <^<IC<1H I T^l ^ 9 !- <TTH- *Tti5 ^ T%^ ^TW <7T T%| « MT I W*t- <fTH- *TTC^ <Tfe^ C<T^ <# 
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ft5^#T ^W ^PH ¥ff^TC?J (?p -^i C<FH «r^tC^ ^SR TWT <M ^C<t MTl idt'R T%fC<F 1^TC?J 
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■5ic^?r w 2TT53 ■s^mtw ftc^H 1 ^f*f ^rmr #<h c<rm ^o^pttt ^<ra c^tc^t i ^wm ^m c>i-ctc<i<i 
«r<im<F %m <j<=ic^«i 'crctt «it! «rHm c^oc^ ^^ ^fts^r c<ic^c^ «rtstm ^-<H ^tw ^<f?r^o 

tC55 ^?TC^I «Tt5TTC<F ^^ C^FfiTK «rm f#f iTT^' I ^T<T CTM3TTf ^TI «^T<T fej ^^H T%TH f%| «TT^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^tmtc^ <q<f <fc?j fen i 9m$ ^ t%§ ^f?tc^t i wtw ttc^ ^t fttw^ i tt^ ^mr c<rc?rt<ri?r ^m 
T%h «rmrn «r<rm<F f^nm <r*rc^r 'c^rr ^fH «rrsrcsrft <Ffc®f?r wtt #t ^ «ti^ ^m ^rra c<hoo 
■^r ^R 4<F<rrc?fT cowr Ht «rtfsr ^rrtofl ^r <FfBc<r ht, ^rw ^rw ^M ^rro c<ftc<ti «rrft 
«rHm ?rc§fTs , #f ^r ^Fftft' i ^mTft «rrciwi? ^ ?ffst c*mH ^r T^ih ^fNft ^rta ^rr 
^rwrc*H i «rm *rB$ T%st m^ i c^tk tat ^mtwt, %f c?im tat m^i, ^ft tat 
Iitc«H i ^f^rcstf ^f?r ^s wn c<rfm ^ttt "?rh3"?rrcvs (tttM? c^s ^prrra K*r c^tc^t i f<F§ f^n *t?t 
<?$ ^§T *fte C5fw ^tr ^rc^ ^?f <t>wc!s>i «rtstw?! ■5T5T?rrsf?rr 4-<rs <tc*h <t$ «trc^ ^r*R ^fr 
^rac^ ^*r ^5 <tw ^ntcsf?r ^ft ^rwrc?r c^nt ^rm ^rri wt%r hc^ ^o m wr?r ^F^rf^i 
^ ^st^ttI; ^r <ri ^h «rHra ^^FTcsra ^r:<it *tvsc^ ht, t%$ ^rac^ ^5, t$<F «rrc^ «rffsr twn 
^»rc<T ^fc?t f^rR i 4?^ «rtfsr c<fr R»$p©$ Rw»w wsrf^ ^rr i ^ ^rht»h hc?i <t«r c<fr f%| 
wi ^r, w^r <45tt; «*tel 

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^Nh «R/mra ^rfcT, f<fR R^f ft?rr<Ft?r ^r, ^t ^rc^ vsra <ra swr «tT%<tjT% ^ ^tc<f T^ft^iFT» 
^rr ^ri fl^^rj^c^ «rh<f ^ra ^rrcg ^rr^ ^rr ^rac^i ^ft% ^rc*r ^rrar *rrg nc?r «tw^rt 
<Trac^T ^trar «rh<f ^ra t^tFfoc^ wr ^?r« ^tc^t i ^©«t ^r f<r<rw fwr, «r«T>, ^n ^f^nf^ 
wn ^sir^w? it^ TT<rmr ^r ^t ^m ^ ^r ^m, «r<fK f^ ^tc<t ^rw<M ^ wr?r ^c?i?r 
^rrsr ^ i ^^trtt ^R^ci ctBtc^ <i<=ic^h v*fg*tw, ~^m ^? «rf?r ^c?i?r ^rrsr ^ i ^-^ w$ "srrw 

C^TC^ ^ ^i^s ^<MT "^C^ ^TT I C^T?fC<FrT?I ^ cBW ^\Us ^TC^s ^M CWTSf^TC^ ^TT "PT^TTsr, ^t 

^w?r ^«rr ^tc^t ^tti wrfsr c<r «i<i^icvs^ «nt% ^rr c<ft, wrfsr ^t^rj «rffl, f%s<rf «rftsr ^ «r^rj 
«rffl «w ^Hsffl «r^r?r «rrt% ^rr c<m wt^rm ^wnr ^^t^, ^c?j?j T%<f ^^^thi c 9 ^ mrc^ 
^c<t, f<rc?r«fT ^rr ^c^ «tt<t^» tMI ^rr, f<rc?r wr?r ^ ^- ^^ mwfc ~$tM%, ^v^ ^titc^ ^twrc^ 

■5C<T, 4\n WU W|f irfFFTft Wf^ ^C^ T%5^l f<Ff ^^flW «fTfT^ ^ <JTf ^T^Tra C^fC^I ^^THTT 

«rm ^rw ^rm ^c3?j ^ ^tc^t ^rr, ^fstfl «rm wr^i?) ^«rr ^tc^ti ^Wfrc<F «mc^ 

C^TTCii? ^FTT ^CBT t%t%, 4^ C^mm «IW^, C<W Wt% «im<R i£|^#ft ^Sft- <JTR- *# I 4^ 

R)HcT5<i ^itc^ «rm c<m w^t c^ i ^ «rfsrsrs^it c^mm ^«pttt i wm sjwr, f^^rr^» f^w 
fwT?r srr% wgti^ i ^-«Trw f<M mst ^rmTfr ^^ "^^ ^tti ^'c<f<ttc^ mst ^t<ht #?Tr <r><ic^H ^?rr 
^rcrfr c«tc<f ^^ T%^ i «rw<f ^r^ ^t ^'rTra ^<r wr i ^^ fc^; «rr^, ct^ t%H <j°ic^ 
^fmr «^f ^wrc^f ^rcrfr c<m ^hR ^?r ^rr, ^kr ww csrfei ^if? <mc&>h wr% i«pw i 
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^rr<Hr m^t i ^m ^cm ^rr^Frrc^ ^-«trh ^tc^t fwr ^rr<H, fwr ^r fl^ c (T 5 T« T^jw i 

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^jj^s ^TC^T ^TT I ^FpW «RH<T^m sfJf WT ^TJC^ - <4llAbM> ^TT, T??rTC^ C«TC<F f% *hS ^TT» ^<T 

ht? ^*$m tfwm ^r fw ^c<r ht i ^srm wm wm c<fsh ^c<t? w fmtmt fcwrtk ^w? 
\#?r ^^m*r tt%r ^ii<f<ttc^ ^tts ^c?j ci^, ^^m*r tt%r ^# htq Th^, ^^m*t tt%r ^r ^h - 

TTFF ir^ ^t%J, ^o, 'tr, ^H twft^ wmu*f\ tf%J «rfc^ ^T<T ^ "5C?J C^l ^-«H «rH vsTft ^rfT 

cti^mr cr^rm tc^ nt, ^r?r ^th ^s^s ft^ nt, TTRt ^^rr-^rrw wpft tc^ h^i ^pp 

<t<=1C^,«i, C<T f^<F ^ ^S^ vsT?I 4^ ^Fs C^TTH "^T^ K^T "<Tm I ^fT^TrT- TtT^S"?TT?T ^HT f<T?# «rRmTSH 

<F?rc<T Ht i ^T^TTfj «rrc?rrsH ^r c^rc^m ^ra c<Fwm ^m! ^ wm wm ^rt ^m, Tran w\- 

<ITRH HC?J ^\U5 «rR^T ^t? "^H K^T "<Tm ^'TCf I "SFTH ^^\U§ K^T C^T C'TCB W FTN^ ^<FC5T "<Tm I 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


cici? w HPf ^ "^r ^sf^r wm 'Wst <j>vic<j$, w%u$ ^T<tT i irt^r, ^rr, ^rft# >hi<i$ cictm 
cim^tk % i *ntj> wrfw c5t<Fc?i?f ^ftc^ ^tt sffSHTt <t>c<t%=H ^rt «rtt ^r ott wr ^?rc^ *fff?r i 
t^g wr *ft% ^r "^t, w^; wc<f (^tk wa <?rc?$ srmc^ ^, 4 ^rwt «rt?r c<fh *w <h3j 
<Fm=t #tw^»w 'snvrm t%^ ^o «?f <f<tc<t, wr ^tftera T%s?t ^sm? ^n»r <fct 
<rf?r i c#sht <MC&H w?r tfer ^r^t ^c?r <ttc<t i 

«rm <fr^ti ftwKW\ ^rft «r^aH 7 ^ <t<h ^t^iw<t t%<F %*h ^r wc<f ^rrsfttwrr 
tsfc^r <f?tc^ *n?r or c#r ?flw <f?iw ^jm i wrrsf <mc*h $?&m i ^h w?rr wrtwc^ cws 
^wc^i w?rr w^ ^wr or ftw^ ^sf <f?iw ^jm i ^crf *rwi 4<f&t fi^rm ^rrc^ ^H t% ?t<F5T 
it^? ^r ¥w *ret or ftikT im ww ^jtcm w ?rr<ri <*$ <t<f3t it^ f%?r ^rw % wc<f 
t%H w ^c<r, *ftai whc^ ^c<t i «rmw? 9t?p*r?rrc^ *rtaj ^siwt «rm *na^Hw sm mB c*re?rr 
"^r i f% <fc?t ^^cr^ "srHtrr tjc<f ciu5 - ^tf? T% ^ *fas%sH! <5tf? t^i ^mc^h «rtfsr «infl 
w i i5tf^ wr^ «nwr, wiw, ^tH#r w, ^rr^rj^ ^r csktf f<rfwT ^pfora <F?rr ^ wtc^t \ 
ctht ^r twr <£&$ t%t% i *rt® «rt?r t%H, 4t ^ ■<# Hf ^a ^rmt cwsrm ^mr w* ht i 

«rm 'few&wfc w; host<i ^ht w?t c<fh t%^ £fc?rr®H h?; i wit^fk t% "«rm ^ Hra« 
t%t% c<m twr <m<h ^rr i ^Tfror ^ t%H<t5T <» ^ ^r, twr, twrc^ c<r ^rr t%r ^rc^t 

^f# i \sT« ^<1# ^^Ttt^s t%SFT <M<?! ^ ^tt% "<TTC<T, ^ "^C^T ^<ra (?TC<T, ^t ^s "^C^tl; Ngfsr ^«T 

w i ^o ^<nt%cvs fer <rfw' i: Tt *fft3 vst^t «r§^r ^<Trr%c^ c<fh «tc^ "<ttc<t ^t i <[c<Tr c^ «rtw ^? 
«rrsrm ^rt^sTrm ^ht c<fh t<t<rH <^c<tHPi i «rrsrrw? w csttc<m ^<ftc^ ^j^b crrsfT w^f "^ ^rtt^ i 
fJfc^, c<fh tc^ Ht c<r ^m\ ^fifsri t%i <tM w^tTTt^F ^rT<Hn^ "^^ltrsra ^t "^r f<ffc?r ^rt 

t%?T "^TTC^T, w^l ^TT<HT t<FI ^ffer sfrfe t%<F ^^ <FW3 ^-C^ftcvs fHW "=TT l *1tft# "<T - «H 

<i<=ic<=ih «rtt^r «rt^??r ^»tc<t ^rwtsR ^rki ^tpK «# fer cws irft# ^ ^tm ^twrc^ 
^wrsr%<F ^tm^o ^m^\ ^r ^?rfs 2tw^rt%^ c?rc<F ^^ ^w is>^o ^m^r t%«rc^ - 
^wrsffHt ifrcirc^, wci? ^ttstttt ^tpK csrfsr an^T ^ntl t^c?r TTlt%c?j «rrc^i ^rc*m ^s^rc^f 

^fCvst; <?$ ^TTtl tW C<TiTsr 2T5H M« «^ <T*C<J t^T tlpff l ^TNT C<R^ C5ttR I ^^ClC^ ^<Fi<f 

wmr «rr^ c^Mc^ wcst fer K*r "<ttc5^ i «rrci<F^T ^r ^fej ^^r, «thh ^pr*r wct^<f« st^h 
^^Ti liiwt "srf^rr ^rrs^tfw t%*rc^T '«rrfsr «rm ^st ^*fT o^vv ^rf cic^ ^<fhc^ #rc^ nt^rra 
^irfli c*h "^c^^s «rfrrm 7^ cm^ mr% twfw ^ppt arc?f?; "<ttc^' i t<F»rc<T "srmc^ - 4<f?t 
^t "&HT «rrc^, ^wn%r «t ^#tc<f *tts wc<r wk<h i ^<p t^t ^7:1^ «rm wcir?r ^"^h 
«r^rHtw wc<t ^rr?rc^ c<r «^ ^*tr ^^ wr <rt?r ^rt 1 irft#w <t*H ^thc^ ^tttc^ ^^5t ^ntk 

«JHTCvs vs^ C5C<FT ^TNT CW^ fet t%# t%?J W C<Tt%?J «tt^o «?F <W I ^H C<T ^t^T ^IC^ 
WTC<H ?J^St ^Tf (W3Tim ^HT, (PT&t^S vs<=1C^ ^t I ^'STW "^^itfsr ^<TST<T '^THW ^ C<fH5TC<F ^flfsr 

^t<t! t^ ^t ^ftt% ^HTt ^rwT^ «rRTiTm t^ ^?t $?&m ^rpfc^ vi^hck tw <tirc^ ^m 
<«Ri 1 cM<F^ ^rcw?r ^rT<HT <rw, ^rw W ^c<r ^rTi c5tf? <r*rc^r «rrfsr ^trj ^Hi t% *rc^ 

(^•«TC^T W?T ^^TtC^J 'TRTfH I t<FI ^<TC=T CWTC^T ^^TTC^J "<TfC<H ^^TW Wf W "5C<T ^«H ^ ^ 

^wr?r ^ ^'cshi ^t i<trc?r ^ftt^ ^rt Hc?t cic^r ttsht "5?r ^rti ^ht "srTHt ^ ^frt% ^ 

HC®fC<F HC?J C<TC^ "5C<T I ^»1<TH ~%% "<T - «H W <1<=1C^«i 4^ ^T1C<F ^#r tWT <TtW W 9 HH ^2fTf% 

^?r w^r ^t t%, «rrf^r wrsrm ^rf«f#T ^to t%TT^r i ^rrfsr ^t, «rrsrtc^ #r t^r w^Hm «rm« ftj 

"5C<T, WTH «rm^S ^ wf "<TTC<H I t<t^W <T«H ^*tf<M M\j Hc?J "<TfC55, ^^ t%H "#f ^<TCST t%WT 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVV/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^t «rtfsr «rm wm f^fvoT ^^ ^, ^mc^fl; ^tc<f c^us cr^TtT ^>a i t^i <f1; t?r$ c\sr hcsn #<h 
^mm cstr <mc=h ^rti wspr ^mnr ^ ^fifsra *r<frc?T ^tr <rr?r «wt fim f®fr *rs w ^ti 

4*rtw £f«rcsit <wc*.h ^tt% ^s i ^rits cs\ c^cs f^rrsr, 4?m t> ^f?tc<t? ^tt^ ^rrc*p*f5r 
?tw<t? f<Ff ?tnc^ «imc^ ^rr, fwr <f?ic^ ^c<t i t%»tc<T twr <f?i<t? ^tN^ ^tt%c^ fwr <f?ic<t i <# 
fwr ^r itt? ^frtt ^ci? t^r, ^r ^cnpr <fc?t srmwi 4^r?r ^r ^rtw ^ra^i (ttmt ^frtsr ^rwr 
«rm f%! ^t c<r 4 w*r ^frtsr ^rrm ^r <nf^, ^ ^frf^T ^rc^ csic<r? f^ffc^ cftct i <rmt 
t^rcsf? *tfm «rm ^t%m <tT$c«i c<fh f<r^ ^mcs nrc?Hr i ^Ta <ptcs t^f t^cwm *TH ^rst 
^tj ^r^s ftcfr R,wi^ch«i cRmt- ^ w^rm <^f<F| wtcHT^mri <rmt cstn w T%ft wtcr 
^rt ^mt «rmm ^ f<r?tc?T wh tw© «rrc?H i ^tf?r wr^m ^wmc^ w^r - c^mrn <f*tt t% 
^H<r! vsfsr <mfT, c*rriT, ^r^tff! ^tc^t few/^ ^t it« w fwr w «rm c<fh «tct 
£rw^rirT <f?ics <ttc<t ^tti ^mr-^rm <fic^ ^ frmr ttTot?! <£*# c*rca csc?rc^ oic?ri ti<tt-"5tt ct^ 
(tt^ht ir*r <t^c<i<i C5tc?r Tsrm irt% t%m t%r i 4t>T3 c^r ^frr*r i f^?f?; ^fifsr, f<Fg carc^m ^tt i 
^<h c^ic^m ^ht ^ ^racm ^fifsr «rrcr ^*h ^c<tt ftcs ^c^ ^t; ^m ^rm c<r*rr f% fi>m*c<T "=rr i 
f<Fg w<mf^i<F ^rT^mm ^ht <r - «m "5^1^? "^lftsr "^r ^r^frc?! k^ <rm ^"<m ^^^itc^ ^ ^ ^rsrrc^ 
c^ c<fh -^t% ^^s *rmc<T "=rt i ^iosr^ <[c<f ifrf^m <r-«m ^ra^Fsn <i<=ic<ih tewtwfz w? 
irsf^r C5C? «rrft tci (ttcst ^rcsfl, «rtf^r fwr <ra sffrTwrT <fm i ^rTs tit%c^ ^tw c<m f% 
twr ^rf ittp ^cst ^cm t^m «rtfsr (?Tf% ^c^fpr <Ff<T i ^r t% ^t cr*rc<F c<r^ ^rm «rrWrc^ 

'fmc^T ^TT i TTff# Tlwm ^^FTC^ I want only twenty youngman, who can come out in the 
streets and say I have nothing but God i ^f% W\ ^rtm 1<T<F ^Tt, <rmr ^ ll^m (7TW W<T 

*Wr fcr «rrsrm f%| c^i cir^r c^mrs ^m <ttc<t ^t ^t%tB- p^ TrT^i 

^<Frr«r imrc^, ^<f ^rmtf> ^<ic<^<i ^rr^rm f% ^»tc<t t^c<f c^t ^TTTf^rrfTc^ ^ffffm ^r? 

ftsfT <F^s "5C<T I ^IC^T OT*fC<F CTC*m <Tv5 <t® It^TTW (TT^TCt? ^5^ <ra "srf^r?! ^sfm ^^FTC^ 

(?tw ipR i c<T-«rrc=T srHmsrr w ^rtm ^r<rr T%mc^, w ^rsrMw itcst? <?r^mr ferfwr <fc^ 

^r<T WST : <TT<rT-f<T 9 fT% "SfC^fT t% f<T*fH TtfTim W OtWTfwK "srPrl i#5 <FT%m Rc<=1«T l f<F "*TT% 

^w %?tt% ^m ^tc<it c<r, Rw^h-w c<fc^ ^s 4<f£t ^^tc<f i#s <pt%?t Iwh? ^r<mr ^ 
■^^frfe "^r^ftc?! k^t <ttc<t, <ttc<f c^^ «mrmT ^mtt ^ptc^t, (?tt<t# f% ^rr^r! ^m <(<jtc<h ^^m ct 
^ ^<rm *rc«f ^d ^rc^i t^<f c^H <t^t c^rc<m (^rc^m Tc«t "srmp ^t ^<ff% t^tc?t k^t c^ 
^m ^i^rrc^ "5c<t ^tsttst f<mrc*m fnc<F k^t c^tc^, c<f^ %rc^ ^rmw ^rr i 

2f«T5T ^T* *tffi, tf%J ^<T?T i 1%if?T Tfo ftwfr "*tT3| WKt «TmT TiT^ l ^?t ^t® fewf? W? 

^m mcsf^ ^^ «rm f<F| c^i <tt <ic^; Rc?ic^ ^mm \stc<F c<toTc<t ctc<h vstc^; ct ^rltf^i 

t<F»TC<T ^^<TH CTC<H? ^TTs ^I? fwf <FCf I 4<F "^cM <ra <# ^TTa ^^TTf^ C^fCF fWT C'fC?! <Tm ^t; 

Tt5 "^dr T^c?it; (7T srprr^rirT -*ma i ^<rm <ra fwm <ttc<t ^tt i «rm <tf ^ <Tf^?r -srcstr to ^^nts 

^TT ^\ CrTT ^of^T ^ f^T "^C^Tl; "<Trc<Tl ^ ^lftbto$ <# C^fC?! «fTC<F, ^mc^T ^<F "^C^Tl; C<fC?J 

«n<Fc<T i «rm <# c<fh <til^c^ ^rr ctc?! «nc<F ^cst ^c^tpt <ra srmw i ^t m^ ^rrw, <rrcir?r 
^t^ tf%?r c?rc<F H<rT% "5c?t c^, <Tmr ^ c«tc<f ^msrf^ "5c?r c^ ^rcr?r c^r 4*H3 ^m ^^f^ 
"5?th, ^sfcir?r *rfm ^rm^r <f^s ^c<t, \sii f<F^ c<r hc<t ^tt ^t ^m, t% fwr <ra <tt nrw c^r 
T%?it c^rm *tfm ^rm^f <f^s ^c<t i ^ci ^^mt w "<th f%wr i ^t 'T%wr' *N^ ^rrca^ ^ 
^^•^cf 47$$ «#®r<rr 1 f<mwr "srTH, f<T+ w, ^r ■stth <jprr i <rmT ^T5?Trc^ «rrc<TH ^mr w, ^rcri 
^ttc?j <rcsrr "srwr 1 wpt <H«?rm ^rsra ^<f^t c^rsr <f^c^ "^?r, i£i?j ^rrsr T%wr (^r 1 wr% ^ "^fk c<t 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«rcsrr «?Piwc^ <*$ <m\u$ t*rem f%s <mc\s ^c<r, ^rrH t«t <m\u$ *tfwm <Ffic\s ^c<r, fam c^fw? 
istbt^ ^r ^st^i ^mti $*$&{ t%wm ^intt <i><k^h wu ^iw I •tH ^tl fft ^cSit <r§f l C<Hl¥ 
^«U «rm trct c<fr tNfFi <fc?t -srt, *rHFt« ?r§f, ^tM^s <m, ^m\-w^\ ^tl; wi ^t ?iwc<f 
ttwm ^^s ^c<r i fastw? ^TTs^rm ^nrr i ^r<Rm t% 1% *r*? ^rts, f^R «rm twrn^ i 4^»tc<t 
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orr w?rr "^r, ^s^R f<M «rt "src^ f^m ^? f<tc^r<r "5c?r <ttc<ti «rfFr<f ^'tHw, %sm ~^u\<\ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^mfsj^ fWGiw» ^rwm ^tc<it 4iwtc?r <tiW 9 rF?F «tw ^#rc?t c^i%sh i m$u$ wnm ^srt f%f% 

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wc^ri - v*fs*tm, ^w ^wc^ wt- <rjH <i>c<ic^ wt# ^c?J c^rc^, ^fer ts?tc <t>c<ic^ ^ttc^ 

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vst^T 05T ^5T ^lf^WRI «HTHT ^TC3? 1W t<TCm<t ^C?J <TtC<T I 4<t>ftc<l> t<TCm<T ^T ^ ^«f CSTN 5 

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«rfT5t<f ^tc^t <fmr tw'rr^tcw ^rr<Hr wc^r, ^s<t ^ci^ ^rr<Ht wc^t ^kr «^ ^wrtw <ttc<h i 

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vst^r "^r wrrc^ ^r ^ w^ «rmm ^ic<f w$ T%s "5c<t i Tw ^mt c<r ^rrr c=tc<h ^ <rmt ^c*f 
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c5tt^ "^i <rlt <?r<rr «iTf<F ^s\ ^^ orN 5 "^ ^trc^Tri ^ <rr^<F wt^<F <rr% <rr £t*t wc^ cr 

^sm ^8? t%5^ ^5HT 2PTWI ^WH ^<Tf<R C<TQ^T ^H WTC^I «ItClWH <TT% CT^ (?fTWk<F T%^T 

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\smt ^t<t (wh «rfc^? 4 ^o?r T%^ - ^wr w?r ^rf^ ctrwtt^ «rm ■<rtf^i « "^rc^ «ht ^q? 

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^<T <Rt *fC5 <TfC<T I ^HHWtf^ «TfFfwr ^ W<F <T(R T^C?J WC<H ^H^ ^T ^%, ^^ C*H Wftl 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^mtf ^TKm t«iw?r ^t ^sc<f ^rr^roTT ^fc?t ^sc<hi ^ra «^iw? ^ «rora* &w><sc<i<i «trwr 
^rtw? ^thht ^h ta 4^ror?t fim <rrarc<F ^ros ntra^rr i ra*$ «jt^ *rw?r <rr ^rc^r «rm?rr 
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^f% ^ra, *rc?ra hc<f ^rac<F?; «rrara "^rrsr^^ wr ^c?rc^ i <rara c<f^ ^mrsrf^? ?tt<ht <k<ic^ i 
f<F§ "5% ^ra rar, ^^ht ^c^ ^Tfci? cnrc<F <ttc<t, «rmw i ^*rrc$ c^rsrm "^r% ^ra i t^g \§H ^nra 
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^j^c^r? c<fh ^t<f c^; i ^^^p^h ^©c^r srf^t^ w§ ^rrc^ t%i ^tc<f ^<p<mt; w<mt^i<F ^^<t <tc«t 
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^t; ^^rtc^r ^m ^m ^c^r wmr t<Him wc^tt^tt c*m wr ^ i ^^rtH <rt% ^% ^?r \sc<t 
C3#r 3RT5r% "^c<ti ^? ^t t%H «rm t%| ^h ht, ^cm att% t%H Ht<t§ ^c?r «ttc^t, ctth 
c«tc<f ^m ap^% "5c?r <ttc<t i «r^mt twt ^•^rTHt; c*m ^c?r <rm i «rtFT<f t<Pi ^ ^yfe<i w 
te<r <i^c<iHH i tw •fBRr to ^mr^mir, <fmt ^c*rrc<F «rmm ^rwr wr3 arat^t ^mt^n, 
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^TT<HT ^<F(ra« (7r<rT(H <TtC<Tl t<F$ «TfFfC<ra <F5fTC\s «rtwf \sT fl^TTl ^^tT(H ^^ t%H<T ^RH ^T - ^ 

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<F?ra ^^ftc^i ^^^rtc^s c^t rar w <f^s c^t ^ ^i^Rjc^ ^ ^mrf^s hc?j c<tc\s c^, ssmc^r ^wrrr 
"5c?r "<ttc<t i ^ra c«tc<f ^js? W5=r <# ^rmm t%T<Fra ^^ ^?r ^mc^r ^r *m <rara rara^m wr 
^r i H 2 ^rrc^ra ^rc^ ^ftra^Fra f%$ ^r wm ^pp <rara ^rfl? ^ft^ h 2 «rrara ^<ra<F^ h 2 0, 
^mc^r ^cra «rrsrmr *t^r c<F^r ^rrasm <f?f|i c<Fr«fT« ^^h nr^T H 1 ^ wrc^i t%r<Fra ^ra ^<F, 
^m ^jcra «tKHT *m <rara ^ra^m ^rat ^5? ^tt ^ra ^rr<Hf <j-<h wr ^ ^h c#if« <?$ 
^rf<Hra t^t%cvs« ^Tt^ran «rf^rra 1 ttch ^T<Hra "«Tc<fT c<tsh wk ^c<t ^rfsHra t^fe^a wr^ ^ra 1 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


fag c<FWa «rrnrn *jch f*tc?r 4<f "^j fs[w <ttc<ti wtJiw^ i*r«rtc*T ig^T5t%^ w w^ti *rc?m 

*fC?m ^T<TT<FT?I?rh3 <MC^H ?TT<Fm ?TT<HTC^ *tf& ^C<T, T%f ^vjR^ ^C<Tl f<F$ «rfF|<f <MC^H, ^t 

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c^rc^r, <ff?t <ftc^ ^t ^r^r «rm ^^<f wrm ^c?r ctc^, f<TR <ftc^i «rrsrm ^pr «rm ^t 
^rcwt ^f c*F|5#it yf^Ti ^ ^nHTsfw "^rrc^ tw ^7 ^c?t crc^, ^"^rmrt: wr Ti^rtw wr^ti 

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^wh "^rl; f<Tc?r ^<F?rc^ "5c<t i ?r??rm ^rrc^; ct-^tiw ?tt<jt ^tt<h i ^ ^rr<tT ^t<h c«tc<f <fmr f^rn^ ^ra 
c^tc^t, «rmm «rr?r f<F0; *rmc<T hm ^h ^tc^t ^wt^ 4w?r?; ^mr fwrc^ «tfwm i «rwc<f?f <*rt 

v|^C<lj<l ^HT #^ «IMC<I> ^wrcsTT^TT ^^FC^T I «TW<f <TH <TH 4^ ^<F«fTCvs C®fl?t T%m ^T C^TC^T 

wf^t ^r ^t% ^r hm 4? ct^h «rfFtc<H cwhh ^t% «rrc^i «rfFtc<H ^smr ^r ^mr fwm 
^tt<h w ^ - ^ ^r% ^ps ^rrc^rr i «rr?t ^r$?rfc?t cstc<f <F<Ht ^mr t%th ^tt<h w *itc3 ^r i ^•<rrH 
£f«rcsr t%h ^it t^ ^ ^r^t ^F^m <mo5h ^hi^^i^wft^^^mftm^iiii^it^j, 

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>t^^N8» i i£|^H ^stW <F^T ^sH 4^ <FT "5C<T l 4 <FH Wl? t^T "^TC^ ^sH ^HT «rTsrTC<F ~^ 
^?tcvs ^C<Ti <*(?r C«TC<F Wf ^<f t%t% Hf ^, ^<?| <Ttt<F 5f1<FCST« ^C<T ^Tf, ^-<H »I?IT T%TH 

«tfwrirT "5c<t i <Mf? ^Tsrr ftcwsH ^sm <# ^^ #*r <ttc<f |cf ^wr "^<fc<t ^rf i cvrf^^s ^ w 
<j<=ic^h i t%i cTTf? <r^H <j<=ic^h ^r??rtc?r «n^T c<h ^^ ^rr» ^c<t ^tt, c^t^th c<t ^r^s^r «rrc?^ 
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^m^m c^th c*rc<F <hct «rmwi «rrc^ ^b«>«c<i<i ?rr<jc<F?r ^«rr ^tc^t ^ir ^f %r ^^ 
twrsr ^tc<t ^t<ht «rm t%| ^<Fv1tR ^<f^, ^^r wrff *\m <ttc<t i (tt-^th c«tc<f "?rmr ^rit? ^rr<Hr 

<FC^T, ^ ^<T t<F| wrc^HT, ^3T CT^ >i^iC=1fC<F C«tC<F (TT-^rH C«TC<F 3R^t%3 tW -itta "<TlC<T I 

^ftrr ^r £f<F^ wf^t, 4^ ^r «rf^FT ^HT^f, <rrciT3 ^^m ^cwr ^, irft^m «rrc^ i 

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^<h ^t^i<f «n<Fc<T, <Ft<f : <Fr?J c f ^f^i<F «rr<Fc<T, wr « T%mm ^pm<f «rr<Fc<T «rm ^s ^t<t ^tot csrct 
«rr<Fc<T i 43*m «rrcs «rrcs f?rr twm T%<f «r^ ^^r^ -?rr T%rr m «tcw i st^rcvrt ^r T%5^r 
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Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^awttf^w? 4fi> 4<r# wm m^^ ^fsri <jf?rf ^fcm *tc<f <ttc<h ^tc^j 1% ^^s ^c<t 
otbi^ ^t ^rci <r*Tt ^ i *i#w c*f?<?h ^f^m ^tw% R&hw <^cs t%, fateiw* m<r?r csr 
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fwt W 9 htc<f c<r*tT ^? Hc?f c<rco nr?tc<f ^rr, ^ ^^ whict* ffffm wtc<r i -^m ^mn 
f<r<|c<F <mc^h >hi$c<i> ^<Tf &<rrcsr Hc?r «rfsTCa ^c<r i ^mH^ ^rmrc^ <tosf fto*M csfsrm <ttc<f tc^ 
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carc<F fctf i<trcsr Hc?r <tm, f<ra <nf<t cst' i ^<rc?r ctmr ^h <prc^ '^fr ^jt <rm i tw ^tf?r «-<rnH 
t> ^im c?rm?r «irwrt <trc<t'? ®<rc?r c^rmn?? f?r ^w ^tcrt c?tm?r i «imr <tr f<p| wt^ ^c^ ^ttsr 
?m cstc<F or*tt f% tm ? csft ^rm i o»t*T «rt?r w^f *H ostct? ^T^ *im15|$ c®r 9 fT#rc<T i c<jrH 
^rcs?r wm^tm <tv5 osfm ■srrc^ff c^th tm , "srrc^r wm?rt?t ^rt$c*t?t o^th tm i ^ wra ^rs?r ^tt 
o*fc?r 9 ffc ^csra ■srr?^ -<rmi t%i 4?t *tc<tjt ^jpfm c<rcs ^c<t, ^ <ntc?t <ttc<t ^tTi fw *r<H 

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t%?r ^<fTC3T <ttI;, ^tc^srm ^c?r c^r <pt ^c<t i t% tw "^rm ^ <tfw ^tc^srm "5c?r <tt?j ^s^h 
*«c»tt1 ^n? ^t<t c^r, «ttfsr wt? ^c?r c^th' i ^ ^rn^ c«tc<F <# t%| w^r <n?r ^m ^ c<fsr 

"5C<t ^t?f ^T<F ««t C<T*it ^ "5C<T <f<H ^ ^#f ^o C«tC<F C<Tt%?r <TTC<t I 

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Sffwt - ^tsf - <P*f 4^ ^r^K b<=1C^s^ 5tt<FC<t I ^W ^tT5j<TJ Wl? ^TJ «? ^tt^KJ f^Co "5C<T, «? 
C«tC<F IfcHlT W?tm ^TJ RRiJC?! ^T?f ^fHJ f<F| Ws ^C<tl i^ t%t% MCvo^ «tt<PC<t, 4 ^ 
■STStWK I C<m t% ^t T%H<t C»t<t ^STtm *W l %ot?J ^^t<TH f «|35f*t «r<fJTC?J ^t "s^tWHW <J<=1C^H 

&stf^w*fpim 7 Wz sn&un^ «t<tj?j ^riw^ f<r*tK ww i^ 5 ^fKr-spnwr t%m <roit k^i 
w ^ «rfwr ^r ^tfw c<t Tfift^ c^3?tt ^c?rc5, cm*i\ ^m^ ^-<H *n*w wc« ^c<r i c<t 
^s ^rtf^ ^f ^?rsTH ^h f^j?f ^m ^?r «fHTc<F irf^'W^ wm ^?r ^prr^f ^m wc« ^c<t i 
irf^^tsrTc^f c^r ^^ voT^stfs crcsr ^tco "^c<t «rm ^wsrrc^f c^tw ^TtsrT^T crft ^c<t i ^cGtc^ 
^m «rt5TTc<F ^rcs ^c<r i «rm ^#?r ^^t »w «ttc^ c#r ^TtHwf w^r, wtw w.° fwr^ 
wjfi<tffimzv ^rs, <rH- tc^ "srvs -5t?tc<t «rm ^ptttw i ^"cr?r c<r% ^tsm *rmc<r ^rt, «rtsfc<F "src^ 
<ft<^ ^ptttc<t i f^j ^trca it^rt ^fc<t <m ^c?tc5 ^tt^ <t^H ^tmt "<tt?f ot <tfw csrtBT^ ^tcnt csrt^ 
"5?r, «tvdm ^§ (?n<F <# ht ^r, <t^?f '^frcw ct ^ ^tftcjf «tmc<t i ^m^m «rmm ct "^t^t ^tfH 
^tm^r « i ^rcs mm ^t<ntc<r^ ^c<t, «ttc^ ^n^rcs ^tc^ «rmm »i^q ^tcs trc^ i 

t^j <ic5f 2fcsj<pc<F ^wim ^cw ^<m <^ «« ^?r i am ^t t%w, Hvoj^sf ^th c<t 

^<M C^TSf WC5 "S?J I CW ^f 9 !, <JJH, ^CSft, «Tt^ ^sjTf^ ^^SM 1<T f^sj W$, CWfW WCS "5?J i 

twft?r ^tRtw ~<f$, f<tc*r<t f<tc*r<T ^ua c<r ^<T^Qc<nT wcs "^?r i m ^st^cm ^tst?! 4"<fBt ^cstt 
«« w ^st^cm ^tsm ^^5t mc*m ^^cstt ws w§ ^f^, ^nwt, ^i^H^t ^^m f^rcs 
t%l «jpsft, c<r% ■srmf c^tc^ ^m ^hj ^^ «j^rt, ^cnt ^t<t ^rRtw ^i ^#?r ^r srrnfw ^, 
«rtwt wtsf «rsft^m «th<f t%| crm^ ^ ~<k$ «ttf%, c^ crm^ ^^r^c^ ^hj t%| «tmfw <m 
<t^cs "5?ji cw €t«ftf^c5 Trt«?rti «rm ^f ~<f$ ^t ^^t^sjj ^i c<fh ^<Ft5Hr ^^n^Hm ^f^ ^hj 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


wr ~m% ot ^af wt ^r, «rfsrm onm? f%?r ^ ^T, «rw?r srcsrm fi^, <^ra ^m ^tt, ^ 
?m <Ft^Hm <jf#?r ^ht c<fh f^*m ^Bft ^r w <rtt ^, ^mc^ ^tt ^ ^fni «imi^ 
«w ^^# ^ «rtc^ <ttc<f ^n -^j Hf<T^ ^, c<r ^sm ^fsr c<fh ^rc^i; ^<f<tc<t ^ ^ <fi<fc<f 
^ wr, #^??rr, m~y\\ c<fh wl; <f?tt <ttc<t ^rr i Hw « ^#%^ ^ ^tcf «t<t*iTi; <f?tc\s 

"^J I C<F^ ^llW f*TW vs £«ifaR3<t> ^ ^T ^<FC3 4\~~~K Ht^i ^ ^<FC<T vsl^T \slCF T%#lf^ C^TTHca ^rTf 

Hra ^r^wrr cs\~i ~~~~~~vv w\ i f^ T^ ^ wr <*rr<Fc*r wf <ttc<t i c*tc<t t*rc?j w$ ~~j$ £t<Frc<T T^rra 
ifrwr^ mft>s <r \5rm Hfw <f«ii ww f<rft>s ^ <t^ c^ \smr wf <ttc<t, T%i (tt^th c«rc<F 
^stcf «rmm ^rca ^n ww T%^ c<f$ fmft>a <F5f <fc?tH <rr 9(m ^^^^r^r \stc<f %ri 
faw ck*r oiw i f^i^ra ^iMTcsr ^rr ^r ^Ffrc^r ^r^m, fi\oj«4 ^rr ^^r nri ^, ^^t ^fr 
^jw "=tt i fcrfsrf^ w$ ^w fu "^ i «rt? srmfW ~~k~j cmi^a» ^w^ ciN^r c<fc5" <tt?j, \si?r ^ht 
##? wr, *tr wr ^r ^mpr <F?rr twtf^ f<Tf<r «rrc^i 4*h w«th ^pn <m ^Hm f^ ^rc\s 

W*f <JTH <F?TC*r *TC CTNt c<fc5" <rm I 

^ttW ^TC^T ifl^ ^TM ^FC?T %m ^ l ^T% T% ^f^? Wffsf 'HT TwT Fl^ «ftfsr 

^fwrc^m if^m i ^mc^T sfsrcsr «rrc^r ^i^ T%m ^? - ^ ^r 2|<fh, ^w f% "^r, HT^a ^ 

W f% -^<T, ^|vo <jr^ Tft ^<T^T T% "5C<T I «rfFf<f ^■«rTH ^ ^RT ^TNir <I><1C^H, ^T "^T% t%?T 

T^H^rc<F i#s ^f%?r Tw^i sj^rcsr w<f Thc?j ft5^r-v»mr ^i w^iR^iRhj^^chi^, 
^t»tf<r<F v»rc^ ^i^m ^rfwt-^tsf-^i «rfwr-^r-^w ^wm 2f<m i ^^ f^H ^RrcT? £mrc<m 
<F?rr <<=ic^h - sm^, ^h, ^^mn «rm wr^r, ^t ^mc^ snrc^m ^«rr ^<t^t w^r ^r ^t ^m 
fw a^ w<f %m ^ i stw^F ^r t% oh^? ^Tfci? #*h ot^ ^3 ^ ^sr <m^c«h i 
c^rc^m ^thh c^tfl ^tm ^<Frsf ^<t^t ^m f<T t%| w§ ~s$ i «r^rH sfsrK, <r«H ^% f%?r fwr- 
^tnr ^w vs^h ffK f% ^r i «rm w^r, ^rrcg ^t ^ir'frc^ f% ^rc^ f^rc?r ^rts i -*\\% f% ^r^, 
^r THcsf f% ci^, ^r THcsf fwr-^r<Hr ^<ra f% ^r^i «rrc^f c<tsh ^rf "^mfl^T ^^, ^f^ « 
^i^s, ^-«rrH^ ^t fwS' «rpr^i 2^% w^tsr ^rsrr^, <jr% "^r «r^rH srsrr^r, st^ 5 srsrM ^r 
«r^T% i ^t ~~k~j<' om~?$ ~$fv, "5% « «jrj^f%, Rjhcg f%^j \sfsr f<r^m ^ i <rr f%^ ^ ^tsr ~<~~~~~~i l 
£& ~~~~~^ "^j c^rsrtc^ ^^ T%<f Hc?r <rm ~~m&\ h<ic<i^<i t%<f Hc?i <ttc<t i «rm \sr ^tt^t f^er ^ 
"^c?r "srH^ ^i^ ^ ! ^^ ^*^ ^t ^^rm c^s «rmc^ i <#w <^?/<?h <^#^h ^^tw 1 //; «rrtsr c<r 
^t ^tht wra ^ ^n ^ <K?f?r wr wrfsr cstt<f tm i T> c5tt<f im? ^r ^^ti<f ^rm, ^mc^r 
^rw c5tt<tj tm «rm ^r ^rt^T R><T^wr<F ^rm «rm ^rt "^ "sh^t wh ^rm i <rr T%| <t^ ^ft ^m 
<ft «m*fMtf<T i ^t «m*fT^tf<T w c^rsrrc<F c<fh ^tt c<fh c5ttc<f Hc?j <ttc<t i w^t ^ ^rm c*rm 
^it ^cttr "5=r %f «rm «i^c<i<i w ^tsth ^ict #^s i ^^ «r^mcF ^rn f^rcs «rrc<F i fmf%^ (?rrc<F 
Tmf%fT ^^j c»m "^ i 4? c?rc<F <tkm c^mm c<fh *f«t nt i ^^tc<f ^im ^c^ T%m ^ i 

«rm<f ~~5k ^tc<tt ^rc^ w'wm^H^m, $% #sm ^ ^r^ «Hc«f ^<i 
<^r#y«/<7fp?mH ^rr ^rrc^ c^sr^ c<tsr c<fh ^rm «rrc<F ^rr, ^?r <mc&h vi<=ic?i<i ^srw ^w nr^ 
■p^ ^r fw ^rr ^rm <tH ^rr ^r ^rr i ^^t?tt ^rnfH i c<r c<fk c^rm, ^rffM^ ^rci ^w csrmt 
^rnfHi sf^rcsr ^tc^t fm «rm «np ^th, fl#?r ^tc^t *f^r^ w~$ to ^tm^i wm f% 

<MC^H? <^f#^«<T^ «P?7WHl WtC5 ^T<m m 1<t% H^l f%l ^T<m C^f^H ^C5^ KSTC^I C»fn 
C^fCF I<p%w>$ c<ic<ilc^ ^rmc^ ~~tf i TTff# <j°ic^«s I want only twenty youngman, who can 
come out in the streets and say I have nothing but God i $~~~ ~3i$£~~ ~~~\~~1 «ffC5 ^mf C<FH 

~~w c<fh ~~5\~?\ c^rc^m "5tc<it ip i 4t coT^t «rmm f% ?r<F5r w^ f?tc?j kffr ^tc^t, ^t ^rm "^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«rtwr, ^ «rtfi> «rt? ^twt, c<rc*r «ra^ri 4^tc<f?; ^rr5i< wu ^rc<r <FR^r, ^rww^ wtT ^^ 
%f p tp?h|; t%§> t^rc^r ^fwft ^f f^rc^r i ^t ^rm 3=t ^<MKrc^?r ^s «prm i 

^v^ ^mm ^p#i ^w, ^5 ^rRfft ^rrr, ^^m c«rc<F % *r<f% w c*tt<f «rrc^ *r<#r$ ^rmHsffm 
-sjvs ^sr 1 vi^fvicvs cw viflft><M ^?r ^frhs f§<? c^rH ^rmt ^rfrfwr ^rfaf 1 t%f h^, £ffrt% "^ 
^rtai 1 (tt^tt <^r ^r c*rc^3 ^g, <f<h ^r «rr^ ^<hs <f§, k*t <rT3¥m ^h cvsr ^t <?f^; 1 
^Hl; ^rmH^tfm w ^r*jff, ^rh "^c^ «rrc^, ^rc^ c?\&\ t%§ c^ 1 «rr?r ^ ^tt, ^*j, wr?r ^r «rr?r 
cwt? w ^t^tft, wt wt «rt^; «rm f<rfH ^sr ^rrc^i ^ ^t?, ^r??n?« wr?r <[§<i wm 
c<prm w, ^ «rrc^ ^ h^i ?r ft^; ^c-jm w, ^r c^cs c*tc*r t%^; c^i ^ ^pr ^rfflf 
*n?c?i?t ^^Hh i5«fiiw t%m ^mu* <^rr ^i var?rac<tT f¥tftmt^mtw&0&wfF5H ^rfwr 
^rsr ^f wr smf^ c<r ^f ^ \ot?r c^ srr$ ^r trffc&wf^vtfikw^ <w « «msf ^» ^ 
o^r^i «t<h ^^st ^t?tc<f «rm <h ^^r ^tff ^rmi ^ wp c^ ^rsr-^mr 1 

^t^ttc^ 1wr <k?t <ra ^7 «tw <p<rr nts, ^c<rr Hc?r ^t c<*tc<f w <ra ^rr *r<%, ^m? 
c«rc^ «?p <fc?t W&& t<% "<rr t%| «rrc^ ^ ^ro c<H*r ^ i %om c<r ^r5?n?r ^r^ <fstt ^rr ^c^ 
cT^rtPT^ ^^t<th <mosh ^t c«tc<f t%?r ^■c<mtc^ w *f#, "srtw tl^ c tr 5 r» ^1% "<rr t<r^ wrc^ 
^r#rc<F c<t^ cwm ^e, ww ^7 %ri ^ ^wr ^ c^mm ^rr «rrw ^cst ^ ^«r 
c^rm wn ^m 1 ^rttwi ^wrw <mc&h ^rfu^foz stw^tw^^t, t<tH % ^jsw ^k t^r 
^m^ «rttsr «rt^rm ^r w<r 1 ^t <tm c<f? ^w< ^r^ <j<=ic^h - "<rm ^rc<u ^ "^r ^rR ^r^r 
« ^tt^ «rtc^ «rttsr ^rw ^prt^m c«rc<F cfer c^rrgr<r "gt<ra cr<ri ^rm w^ q% ^m «rrc^ ^t c<r 
^m?, c<f&r «iw t%, ^<r fte «rm rn^ ^r ^rr, h<ic<^<i c«tc<f« ^hi i ^m^r ^ ^m?r «rmrc^ c<rc<r 
twc^ 1 votl; ^m, ^trr^ ■<# ^c?t ^ (Tr^rrw^ ^r ^t, $'®m t%m ^<ra c^<r, i<ii5t^ <^t<tt<i 1 

*ffhy cwtwft <pyfi>vft ^twtt, <n$ ^m t%^c<F «rtcn ^im ^^ t%m ^^ c»c<t c*ki ^m 
cir<r ^w ^r (TT^sTrm ^m ^r<T t%| ^ro gkw ^fer ^^r 1 ^ ^w w^ ^hi^ "^r%j wt%c<f 
c<rmrrc^ ^rr, "<rm "sn:<rr ^r tsfwrsrr ^t^tc^i «rfFT<f ^-^rrw c<fh f<rc*r<T ^ <rr<r^m ^rr ^<ra *m ^r^ 
^tc<T <t<=ic^ wtw^^M f^mst^ms Tpfcmm, $k ^c^ ^Nw *rf ^mt ^t<f&rc<F c<rmrr 
t<T ¥cH 1 <t<=ic^ c<r ^t ^sm ^rw wsTT#r ^f 1 ^m^r ^rmr c^rc^m ^c<it «rrc^ ^rcrfr ^mr 
wsTf^f ^?j ^rt 1 "<rrl; c^m 5 , ^^ \ ^twm <t^,c<i<i "stc<rr >wiosr<i «rc^ t%| ^rrc^ c^ 1 «rfFr<f w^s 
bRc^H, c<r ^m ^rr^rR «r^T ^cic^, ^ csrmrfe w ^ %mc^ ^<r» s ssjrcn srr%T%5 1 ^-«m 
cr wsrrc^m ^srt ?n# - «rtt^r fer w^ ^rr, «rrtsr <H-^ni ^m ^rr, «rfsrm t%^; ^rti 

^rfsRiT c^5c<mt csrc^ «ih <ra «rfsrtl ^e <rfiwc^ % ^s <mc*ic\o %, t% #<rh t%0; 
<t^s imfl ^r 1 «rfsnt^ ^^ w ^w ^rwf^, ^<r <^rft, t%i ^<m ^«rr ^it c«tc<f ^rrc^ -sic^ 
^tcsn c<fh srr%faRrr ^ ^m ^c<r ^«H <TT?ra ^H?r ^rc<tT <?rcn ^rmi c^ht ^tc^t sm^, 

^srH, ■^'HH « W^T ^t ^mt^ «HT^t to ^NM t%m <FfI, sfW^ d^T T??rr?fBT t% ^<PT, 

Tmt-^t<ht <f?t, ^rrcg t% ^<m^ c^r 1 ^m'm ^ t%| ^tm <ra t%m wt?r ^m ^gtsr "<r<H <fc<rr c^r 
^^ ^mt wrm, «rHw vd-<h ^fsr hc<h ^s i <*$ Hc<r> *N^ «rmm ^m wt^r 1 t%t ^ttth ^r wht 
T% «rfFT<f ^^tth <Tt<T^: c m t%R ^fc?r <t<=ic^, 4-*rnH t<H ^irc^fTfr «rc<f ^c<r, ^tt t%<r> "srfH 
^fsr ^frr^rr «r#r <ra 1 «rh<f ^rsra hc<(ch<i «r<f wr ^r c<ror?r ir^?r ^ttti c<ror?r ir^?r "<TT«"?rr "stth 
R)«icG ^^r ^§, ws «rm wttc<f ^rm <ra tar^^ff^s ^stit i t%s ^i^ts ^rc^rr? «rc<^; ^r 1 t^c<h 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^3¥T ^Tftm ^ff Wt fcTfTMHM ^C?T <TfS?lT I fWT?J C^ fcr?TMT? ^t T^TCSf?! 4^ WsrR «jf^ 
C 5 ^ l Tfft# <MC^«T <T«f c^fT CSfC<F W ^r? Present state of affairs l WsflW «Tfsrm FlRftc<t> 

<tt c^ift, ^m-% <tt c^rfl 4?r c<fr f<Ffc^ c<Fr<tr<3 <# ^^ -srr^ ltT% «rr^ wsc^t <m WRm 
isrj r?t 1 4*r 1%| ^Krif^r fiJT%?r wliw c^nr^m riw, sfHmR f*r^m rtcst ^p?! ^nmr <w?f<rf% 
<nT%c?r t%^ i ^tr<tc<f «rtc?r wrc?t?r f*w wte, «rtc^t Rw wrcn stfwl^D ^a Wfj^m «r*mc<F wrcn 

2ff%T%5 ^ I W Rf ^<FC?T RC§f *3 CWC?T 2JT%f%D «r*l?rC<FS cwc^m ^r:<jt csw «ihc^ I 

^ foirc^tTst «t«5t ^rfw c<f^ «r^m ^c^ <?ra ^R w^ t% "^? ^ ^tc^ c<fr t<F| ^ 
c#r «^ «rfFt<f cw <mc^.«t ^ c<r ^rwj «ife^c^ ^rfsRH c^tfl, 4? ^r:<jt 4"sr t%| c^ c<th 
^s, «r<^s ^trh c*th wr ^iR 1 <^ ^trh wr «rm c*th wr ^iR c^#r «i<f^ 1 ^ *\us <tt f<F| 

(?f<tf| ^t C<FR ^Tt C<FR <FTC<f?J <Ml (7T C<FR <Ff<f <f<R "^T ^R W?t Ff?f <]<KV|<1 <Ff5f ^?T - SfSfsr 

^tht, ftw?r wrr, w2R f<T<Ft<f 4«n. ^f iwtfi ^fRT, «rfR <trh?i %f *n*iMi*r c^rn c^ 

f<F| f*H *m ^FT^T ^TI f<T<Fr<f, ^<f C<*R?F ^ ^T, ^C<^ tWRJ ^T ^l WfT, 4<FH I*5tH<IC<1> 

wrc?i<FSr wm^tm Rc?r <tt«"?tt ^t, cw «rtfsr 4<fst <ttf% fcsft <F?r*rr5r, f<k<rr c<fr wm^tm c^rkrc^ 
"5C<t ct^trh «rtfsr "5W c^rtsr, «rff^r t*f«st "^ra ^i^Rc^s ^^R ^-<r stwm c^rra % *rw c#^ 
c^rrsri t?^, ^^ t%f^<E<F ^w <fc?t f^4r<F wr, ^^ <rtt% %r, (?fst c^rtwf ^rr% ^c?r 
c^tc^, ^<nf^T ^"^m ^<fc^ h^ch<i w ^<fc^ t%rrsri c<t c<fr ^m <t^t ^r ^s^ ^ ^r? ^csra ^<Ff^; 

"^J I ^f^tC^ i£T5R C<FR f<F| (Rt C<M ^t bf<JCi5<j "sr;^ C<FR ^^^T^TC^ C<J^TT <TTC<T ^TT I C#fC<F^ 

w<ft<t ^r<r 9n?¥$ 4$ t>i<ici5<t ^<rrt ^r<T t<F| c^i c<tsr «rttsr wf <tt<t, ^ wrr ^c?r c^ti ^tw 
^m «rfsrrc<F ^sw cHfw, ^st "^c?r c^r ^^r<f 1 c#tt <?§ ^rr c<m ^t ¥1^5? ^rtc^ <F-<Rt; <ttc<t 
^tt 1 t%m wr^ ^rsra ^ "^tsrcS" RfH<Jc<t^« fer ^w wcsrr ^<ra f%r? ^<fc<j cpmus ws w ^<fcsj? 
<f< «rrc^ ^t «rHw wi? ^rr^ 1 «rrr^r ^fmrt <?§, *rc^t<tX ^, w^frt <m <tt fwr^ <Ft^ 
^5? tfs^ «rt%sT 1 ^m^r c<M ^nmT W3 rt*t ^c<r, c<M w^tT c^r ^tws ^c<r, c<M f<r<FT<f c^sr 
«rmm ^tt f%<F twm "5c?r <ttc<t «rm c<M ^vfs ^c?tc^ cfst «rmm ^pr?f^ ^c<t i 

^t ^rn^ <rf^ ^trw ^r w^r Rw c^fh^t? c<M ^ ^mis ^j 1 c<M ^^rmr ^m, fwm 
r?t, W 9 fr ^m, ^R^m' R?r 1 ^fst^ «rr^m 1 «rr^m ^rtwa R?r, f<t<Fr<f« ^r, w 9 rr« r?t «rm 
^■^s ^tu wl; «rr^rrl; ^wr^ rwi ^<m ct fwr ^<fc?j «rr^rrl; ^^<Fsmg fiMHycwfaciM 

$GiitfM<M JF&fK&itft - ^Sft^r t^W, ^5, «JWJ ^S^, «tpt « IRl C<M WtT^t PT ^ ^TTC<T 
C<FW?J, WPR:<JT C<FR ^«ts^TW «TPTC<T ^t, Wf ^TC<IT C<FR twm «Tf^<T ^TTl ^R CT ^TC^ ^Ttf% 
«Tt^fTC<F^ H5, "5## ^TC^T I have nothing but God ^gt W ^ f^ ^ RT i 

^rc\s ^ ymi5? <rftc?i c<fr f%| <?rt, ^i^m f% ^wrm c^r« w^rm ^tc<it t^i ^mn- 
f?^ 'wt w^TT, -<rr«?Tr-iTr^TTT fwr^f, ^m ^nmT i ^t wc<r t%m wi^ ^m ^ ^fsr w^ nm 
f<MT? ^ «rt^rm mtfrvo ^w<t <tt f<F| «rrc^ c^Rc^ «rrsrm c<fr W£K c^; i ^t t%T% <T-<m ^"ct 
<Tm ^s^m ct (ti^ «j<T^rc^ c^rNm? cti$\ ~^ i <Tm« c^ftem f^ f^ "^r rt, ^m^t ^"<m ci^r «^st^ 
w?r wm i «rt^m t% wm - «W5 8</wf«? /w^ «w - (Tr^rnm c<fr wj c^, f*m - i<iSf^ 
wf ^, Trw - fBwr, «rf^rm "sr:<jt c<fr i9<i^h c^ «rm w<f^ - «rr^fr ^ftttr r?j, m<Fr<f ^m, 
w^TT R?t «rm ix"^t<f« r?i «rtvgt «t<f^i ^ «rf^fTc<F wmm ^tt ^"<m cr "<trc<T ^^ ^<fr^i «?p 
w^s «rfFt<f, ^-^rnm ^ffwm <tw Rc^h ©^; ^<r ww<k «rr^; wi «?f t% wsr ^r? fw^r 
<297^?w;wr, c<rwf% «rrc^, ^rrcg t% «rrc^ 'R f^ wm^<m i «rm ^fM^ ^m w?rtRir «rmwi 
«^ ^rrg wm «n<Fc^ ^?f ^sttt <ttc<t ^tt, ^rrs wrc=r? tw iw w^ ^'HflT «tmr ^it i «rmm «^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


$*iT% *IT<*W3 ^C<T ^Tl, -*W% WHt ^lt l «FRffi *ft3 ^ffW ^Tf WHT «ltC<F ^f ^RHff ^T C#lt d^tW 

wtJic^ t%H ^rh <mc<h ^^tI; «rfsrm ^ 9 !^ i vsrt; ^c^ ^ ^rtcsi ~&$ i «rw<f « <mc^h wm « 
twH ^c^tl; Flt; i 4"sr *q?f?j <Ffc^ <ttc<t <fm practical realisation « theoretical knowledge 
tjc^tI; «rrc^, i 

^t «rr^rfc<F wHl?r *sht sf^rsr "^ ^r f<fFf?j ^<fc?j ^s ^t; (?rfc<F <rt 'fci? c*rTc<F «rM?r f<Fi> 
"Fi^rfi «rrsrm ^tt; <m5t «rf^, *pfc «rf^Tc<F i c^ ^«rc^ nt^ram ^rr «rrft <q?f?t <Ftc^ <rm i R»»ic<i 
<rm? ^fw^nRs <2#w? $wfirM\ t%ft (2s^?w; w, ^ ^pfa w w ^ ttP§rr c<h %m 
whi «n<T^s ^c<t ^m ^rtcsr <*wR&\ t%f% ^f^m^f i 

4t "src^ ^cfJf ^sr^- i sfsrsr «r$j*t ^tc^t f<fH ^ <rt lerasl^ <rr f*mT \ot?r t% t% ^«f srmc^ 

^C<T l f<Hf<HTMC?J ^rHM?T t®fsftf5 ^f% ^ C^T ^TC4?T C<T*H f<TC*m f<Fi> t^tsf «Tt<K^ "5C<T, fc5<F 

c^srH ^?f?j <fic^ *Brf fwm wh c^rcvs c^r f*tc<Tj?T« t<f^ 2fr?if%<F ^«rm^t «rm*fT<F i sfsrcsfl; ^ 

^TC^T <#W <^7?<FH 4>*ffS\oFj, <M te C<T C<T C*rt<F *fN3¥f <TRf ^m ^T<T ^# (?fl<FC<F »|fNt ^FC?T 

t<m<r <p?rr ^m c^ mnt i 4-<riH c*rt<F w^ ^%mc<F w <i<^cvi<i ^«t csm w tter, «rm w 

*<K*M ^#Tl<F <TT «HTHT (?Tl<F ^s offC?! ?T<T C*rfC<F?T <F«flt <Mf ^l (^W K^ ^T^ 4^ 

twrcvs <ft?t «rfwm «rrc^ i «?r ^rc<rj £f«rcsrt <r*fc<T t^w^M^t 1<wm?\ <$% ^tstttc^ -?rf t%| ^fM 
sps ^ffc^ \sffT c<fh t<f^; cr «n<Fts<rr ^<FfTc^ ^rf «rf?r w^ "srvgTfr ^ <tt t<t^ ^tM fte?rt c<tcv» 
ffc^ ^?r ^t<t t<F^cvs \sm ^fTT^fj ^c?r c^rc^i ^t ^mt <rt^ ^rf ^c?r ^nc^F ^t^r ^mr twf?r ^rtwlff 
(p\ ^«Ht ^o nffrw ^rfi ^rt?r ^ ^r^s <Tt t<F| f^f «rfc^ ^r^fSTt <fs, <fc^?t ^mf 'cvoff, ^^m« 
«rfsrm *rHc<r ^ti ^-<h ot "^ic^ ^itsr<ff ^» Hc?r ^^ ^<fic^ <ttc<t i ^ c^r ^rc^ sm «r?^ i 

^rcffT tt#?r «r?^ ^fR t% t<F ^«r «n<Fc^ ^c<t <ftc^ - (Ssti^ w/?r <^Mw\ $% ^ 
w\ w&n sj<rH ^«f i votc<f c*fit%?r "^ "^c<t, c<pf, c<Tm^, (^ffc^ *i<t it^rPf wr «r<f^ ^ftc^ "sw 
v#?r wht «ti<fcvs ^c<t «rm ^wftM, t%R ^wiw sitM i ^Tf? «h ^tc^t - 4^fsh ^rfavs (HM 

<FC^ <TTC^I ^Tlt<}IC<F t%^T ^fTC^ 'CSl? WP^T WHI «TfC^'? I ^Tlt<}f ^TC^ Ht, ^fC^f Wlt^TT' I 

'^Tf^FffT *F5T ^rfc^' i '^rf' i 'c®i?r c®r t^K ^<fm t<t c^r'! ^<rf?r <rtw ^ck^, (HNn ^m <®w 
wm.\ ^r ita^c^F t%c^r ^?rc^ 'ifawrtt! W^HffT ^fhsm wHf ^rfc^'? '^fc^f wHf c^' i 
'vsf^r c^r w^Hm #^#it c^r' i ^t ^fc^ ^f^rjw c<r w<tj ^Nf ^55 ^m iw ^■'itwr^ 
<F«rm «rf^T ^m <nc^i «we ^rfsrsr ^ TT, wt4t ^fc<F wrc^ ^c<r «rm c^»tc<t ^rt<Hf« 
^?rc^ ^c<T, ^^ (Ms\ t%m ^TT ntfaw c^ffcsr ^m ^rfi ^ff^ «r^fj^rcm ^«rr v3k«f§. c<r w^r ^^ 
i5ff^ t<F frot^R? c5fp t<F <rt 'f^s <jc=ic^h? ^t c<t ^fM ^fwfc^ t<ft%^ ^fmm? «m 
^ c«ic<f (?rfc<F^f ^t^r Hc?r <Tfc5^ ^sfc^ t<F w\ *>\(m<\1 t<F^; "sc<T ^rf 1 c*0$m <# ^rf "^r ^sf^T 
^m »1^ ^^ *k$ ^rf ^<r ^ra 1 c5tf?r 9 fcs% i m ^fw! M^?r %k 2fc^j<r# t*mTc<F <rt itw 

ItW "&oft ^Clt^H I k^?TC<F <T-<H <MT ^ - W'fH ^flt t<F WfC^H, W'fH C®T t<F^ fC^TH I 

cTff^ ^tc^t '« <rf<rf! «c^t| w' 1 c^ht ^«n^s c<Ffsff^ c<fh ^«m ^rtg t<rcm<tT <wr tf^Trf 
<rfc<T ^rf 1 ^«fmc^?r ^t<t ^«rt *itaj w 1 

tt#?r ^«rr ^r, csfff%r <# ^rr "^r vsf^T t<F w\l ^rfsrat c<r 5pt%, "5t% « ^r^ft%^ w <rm 
^<rm ^rfcsTTrHt ^c^ «rmtl, ^tcns ^^ ^rt ^r ^o^f ^t t^rc^ 4<f ^m ^rr «rmw ws¥i c<Tmft 
■?rtc<T "=rr t%t% RrlH<it5r tl<F ^^< <^c<ic^h f% ^<fc^tH 1 «rw?r w?\ ^^<fh c'^mH' $u\ c^r ^<H "sth 
^c<t 4t c<mt^it t^<Fi ^ «rWfr ^th?t c«mH, ^tt% ^^ ^rw, ^tc<f c<Tmrm ^ht whtc^f 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


(snfe ^vo ^c<r, ^n^ w wHtfo ^c<r i ^^ «r*it %st, ^thw « ^«rr^s ^ tjc^t fwcS" ^; 
f$<F wr *rc^ hc*i$, wc<f csrttim ^rt c^s *itc?r i ^«rr^s ?r ~*\\zm *fl?r <7T8ht «rfc^; i 

■^s t%H ^^ht ^c?r ifc>j$, f<F| ^rfli ^c^ t^i c*ftt%?r ^rt ^r WW3 f<F| ^wrrr 
c^tcf ^rtwm ^r^nr «Itc^i t> ^rwt? ^rmt ^nr ^s «rrfsr 4^m t%h<t cfcsfl, f^i ^rrc^ 
«rtht c<r w^rsc^Tt «rtc^ crwrt «rtfsr wRcva *rmf| rt i c<f^ #r «•«fH csfc<F f<F| ^c*r ^R 
«rw?t sfR'rf ^s «itBf c*r, ^ ^r ^tc^i Ti##?r «imh^h 4^r wi?mm Tfft# ww Rfcsr 

$~~F>\ "^FC&m "sr^T <k<ic$«s - Mohammad stumbled upon realisation i Stumble sffiR (£0 

«rhs^rt, ?rt^r f*rc?i ^rtf^R, 4<i% c^# e<rc?T ic^ c<tc^; w^r c^r 4<f t%f& ftri «rfFsrFT 
4<fh f<t?rf5" ^m c^rc?! c^ti w^ w° ^rcvs ttc?r, ^Htlji ^Q¥t ftc?r <F*rr, cTttc^ 

stumbling 4 f% ^C^T "<TT?r, (TTHT *rN3?JT HC?T W I f^S 4^ WK C«fC<F "<Tt?J I ^^^FSH (?rT<F 4^ 
C<Fl^Tffe ^C<MtC^ t^e^? «R^I?T T>C<FC^I C^fH C«fC<F C<TCS" C*TC5" tfeH ^FC?t ^C?T srffitC<F?r 
«R^I?T K*T tfTC^I 4<<H W?t C<FT^ftt% ^R f%f^ WHT «fT<FC<Tl «TfC?I<F5H «rfT5Wf ^#T¥ ^C?T C^T, 
(7^3 WHR t<Ff fa^flTR ^» Ws f<tf\o « H - ^ WC<T WHW "=TT l 'f^RT #f RT <<ttC<F ^«H ^ 

wnt ^c<r, c<M ^ttst <rw ^c?rc^i ^rtsr ^rtsM *rc^ f^ ^rc^, «itwri; ?r t%^ ^c^r 

^IIH^C^ ^lfl f%l «RT ^TT 9 TT?rQCSTT W?fr "STHR "=Tt l ^TT ^B ^^T ^T, 'T^P^T (s$\ «RHT^ 

c<rf^ ^po nrra otbt ^fc^ wht c^ ^t wut ^s i c^ht w^r ^^c<f antf^jm^^\ 

amftfan ^T t> ^R? 3^WH ^T «TfpH ^T WW, f<tH WTC=H t%Ht WfC^H C<T Wttsr 

wtH i «rttsr ctt^h c«fc<F ^ c«tc?j Tft%cvs ^c^rfl, ^St W ^rf tsrfl <?f6T «nfsrl; wiH, «rrf^ c<t^ 
^tcvs tr^ Tft t^t ^ f% tsflfc %r, fw&r wrsrm i f^ c^rH ^rfwr tmH wrc=n f%Ht wtc^h 

^rfWtf^l f^ 5^n«1% f^HT «RT C^#P ^RW^fl tW 4C<HlC<1$ C<T C<TRfT RT WHT "<TfC<T 

^Tt ^t ^r, "^m fcf ^rrnm fw c<rHfr ^rm t%H jtI^ ^^t% t^hti st^ ^^r ^r ^k 

^Tfsi%.^rf«|gCT C<FK ^mf^ «ff<FC<T ^TTl ^Tf? <FTC^ ^lt^t-^Wa^ STHTl ®% ^Tf^t-^T«t3C^ C<T 

t%H ^ttw «rr<Fc<H ^st ^r, ^rt^mpr (?rTc<F?r ^rh^ ^Tt5#-^rst37H?i smc<F Hc?r «t^tch =rr i 
ttf? cvst ^jcwt^ ^? csfcsr ^f "5C?r «n<Fc^r, t%H^ c^rc^r "<Tfc^ ^-sr c<fh f%| ht ^c?r "<Tt?r 

"<TfCvs «TiTT ^rf^ -sf^ c<FH ^ff ^TTO I ^tfCM W ^H ^%Tf ^C^TC^T I f^Ff^^f *TC?r (?T<tTH C^rf&T 

^r ^rro drc^^tf? ^h^ttc<f -<rTc^?r ^rm t>cf c<tcvs <mwi vdT^t^t <^rfH^H?r ^th 

i£|^T ^f<f ^TCS "<TfC<T, tj^H ^%rtC<F HC?J ttf? ^^ W ^«TW ^M <ti<1C^H I C^rfrJT ^^TT^r ^C^T iffSR 

c^rro ^r c^r c<r ttf? ^tc<f «rm k^t c<tcvs« w^ <rmc^r ^tf i c*tw ^t "«ttHF ^^ttcit orfH ^t 
fw?r f^ri ^prcvs ^prcvs ^rf%t ^t^h -<rTc^?r wr c^tcf c<Ttmc?r ^wc^, ^*rm ^tsrc^ vsrcir?t ^r^ 
^tfm ^csr ctc^i *rrcB?r ^rm "5r*rTQMc<F "srmcvs^ ^rmf^r ^rt, ^rc^ ^rr <r?rr ^rro "<Tm i cws? c«rc<F 
c<tsh ^FTf^t-^r^c^ ^rtrf^ k^t ctc^ ^r ,! Tc<r?r ^ttsrh^ <?rr<Fi*w?r ^ht c^rc?! viR^ich^ ^ftc^ 

^•<fC<H ^Tt I C#SR1 fcffS W^T - Wt% C<TK ^fHT WW 0^TC=T 'TC^; ^ ^^ «THt WtC^?t 

^^rmpr ^<f^c<t i ^t ^c^?r wfc^m ^rm?r Hl; i t%i ^rtcT^ "src<rr f^<F t^<f w<tnf^i<F w<t wr^ ^?r, 

"<TT?rf t^<F fl<F ^CM t^C<F ^C^ftCvs H?J, \sT?Tt^S C<TfC<TH Wt*t ^5t 4T>\ ?\W$ ^m I f<F$ CT (RFlft 

wM ^<f?tcvs ^rrc^Tf i f<F^ "^r^ cr w?r ^^c<f ot^t ^«TwT^t ^<H w?f ^rh ^rmpT «rfCT, HT «Tffsr^S 
«£rs^ wrn ¥1 1 Trft# «iTCTtm<Frc^ «iw^ <tc=ic^H c<r, '&mm mf^Tc?r c<r <r ^*twt ct?j ^ 

^?J<FST ^^?! 5 ^ ^<<H f^PT W<Tm ^TTl ^^C<F ^Tfft fPHt f^ f% «Mtft f^ C^H «THHTl %? 
Wf ^<FC?T «>^»CH<f <t°1C^sH 'i£| - <rTH 'fTHT tTOo "5?T Ht' I 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVV/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^m^ canlaracsRi <rmrrr <f?tc^ (znfmm wm^m<^Mw^, ^m^t <fc?i c<h ^rr sH^ ^f 
%I?t c<Tt<j*f5rj "^ra c^i «mr?!^ <f?tt ^rtH ^ sm *fM c^rc^ c*i^ im *r^ ^stit ^m i <r**rr^s 
c$\ ^mc<i>$ «r<rr?i c f <fc?h i fa$ Trfw %tw fif^prr wr "^i ^s « ^it^c^ <tjmtc?t ^Tfc?j?j ^m 
f%? <Fsrrfc^?r ijt; <£& nM twr ^w><i ^tmtc^ ^Tfc^ 4<f ?j<r ^©m *\f$ «rmm wu wm^tm 
«rrc?r<F ^r ^»m ^nwTi ^^ ^«rr^s ^Tf?r tos «tw? ^ 9 ^ t% <jc<=ic^h <?f5T 4<Fi?t wm^tm 
f*r<MH, f<Tf*iWcws?r <Tjf*ffc?r ^TfCM t% ^m, 4<tt? «fcw Hc?i t% t% <ic<=ic^ crwTt ^t<t ^t^mtst, 
?m <fftc<f 4<f wm^rm ^rc^T <F?rr ^ti 4<rm 4<F5t?r ~*m 4<fft c^\us w ^^1 ss^r <#<Fm 
"5c<t %tm «rr^ ^r#t t% i ^fcwrm ^THtsm Hrm «r^rra^r <f^s ~$$ i <fmr ^rrs ^<m°\ ^<fc?h ^kr 
f^ 4^»rc<fl; 'fc^r i «?ri ^tc^ crc^ «?f «th<f ■<rfcr - <rf5H ^fc?t ^w ^rwm ^to fra^r I %!c<f 
c<fh sfjf <f?jc*t t%f*r 4<t# <fstt fw t%f^#r <tcst fww i 4?r*r?T m> <# *tf?f<Ft?T <fc?t ^rr crr 
vst^t t^r<TTc<F «iHarsr ^fc?t RrR<ii3fc<F ^rm ^FfTC^a ^C<T l 

^I^RkvM ^TNTT ^MUv t%31 «TfFT<f <PTC^T %t ^fW^WfR, W WCS^ ^f ^jtTo ItBT 
^#fC<F t%f*T cTFOT fta^T I 4?ff?I ^rm \#3 C<FH <Fa<TT «IWHK C<Tf<T C^, t%H <# R<llR^ ^T, 

^tfc^ ft %r, t^i c<fh ^ft <h?; i f<fc?i wm ^tj c<t %m f%| W<uc<it<r «rrc^, ^h <# «ttc<f 

^<H« C<FH <F^TC<TT<T <TC«T f<T^ «lt<K<T ^TT I ^^ W «IWRTf 'TTC^ K^T <TH, 1<T fa^Os ^CM 

^•Rr tH^%ri ^c^ ^m ^ftw c<fh R>^c\8^ t%tH Hwc<f «rm w&tc<h tTi ^rHtera «rm f% 

^T^f? «rTFT<f ^TC^T CWIWil 3Wft fi&f, \#C44 ^T c^\ ^ ^m '&O&ffi, vfa "SR^S ^T<T 

^rsra ^^rtr t%<F, «ra ^r ^st «rm c<fh T%<f ^h ^h c^ i «rm t%? w*ift&si:*fift& l ^rp w^t 

<FC<H - f<tH ^T<T ^^TSRT Wt ^«FC^T ^tC<F ^<HT "^I ^T'tHi ^IH C<H ^o'PTTt ^<FC^T ^IC<F ^Tt ^T 

^c^ffHt i f^<F c^tH tmH wrciT £ft%i t%f% «ehRA i <ftc^t ^ /t ^F/^'/r *wR&\ot >t^<tR>, «rtt^r 

<FT5f« <F^f| «IHH 4^H^ «rffl, i*rt ^CFT ^<F ^TW <F"<Ht; K^T ^TT I «rlC^lR^H «fT^FT^Ft^T ^rft#ft 
f^ ^t 4<Ft ^TWT HWfefl I ^fftft^ ^H TT»tf<t<F W&. ^I^Hte %T, f% ^TfCM «rTcicn 

\s!c<f <FTsf <f^s "^c^ i 5rcsr <Fra <ttc55jt, ^tcsra "src^rrl; ^H ^h ^^rsrtf^s k^t <ttc5^ i c<t^5 ^rHm 

^<F«TT f<F$ ^e v5t?T C^flc^ <TTC5^T I Tfft#<T fl^ &$ l CTttTH C#^ fej ^ ^TWf?! 'tUS C^fC^T I 
<$<M «rHTf C<fW «IfTrc^T ^"<H «THH C<1^5 ■=THH WH^TT?! ^ftWf^J C%^ <TTC5^T I iJ<TH %t> 
Wf- Wf^T ^C?! <TTC5^ i CSfH ^UH C<FH ^W ■5H5TC<F C5H ^TTfe ^T^sJT I f<F$ ^W ^k -WsT?!^ 

^m sjm. i %ff*r c«rc<F fw ^rKm ^m ^rftiH ^^ <r^ t%c^r <f^t ' wtf^ «rrcn w^r ^rtt% 
FT^rt ^c<f ^f ^rrra ^rwH to fwc^ •ttw, ^rrfa ¥k?r fes *rtf%' i ^rftft <ftc^ 

't%<lC*T ^^FTSf <FC^ <ra (TT^ "WoT FC^T C^l 4*H ^ ^stt^T <# R,^lHC?l t*tC?T ^s'PrTf <FTf ^sT^T 

«iHm ^^stft &m ^rc<T' i ^fftfm w w<rtcM ^ «r<r^r «rm c*r<TrH «rmrci^ w ^rr^rm^r 
csttc<pit <Ffw <fc^ ^rc<rr ^ft%c?r «rt<F<T «rm ^t<t «rrsrm ^h t^ ^m\ $ ^tc<r ^g ^rri <f< ^rm 
«rr^wH «bt »!? f<Em<tt i ^m^ ^tfwr^ ^tntt ^co %?r «icH<^<im csrm to <j°ic^ <m «rm 
^H i^m "srcsrr «tt^ttw f<Tc^r<ri ^■<rrc i T ^h "srnH whc<tt?t ^mi *\<\\>\\ <m, w*f C3#t« <m, 
srrH^t « <^f , *$srtQ <Hj <r<H ^H f<TFm wt ^c 5 ^ C3#t« <fw3 "src^tT i f<F$ ^ wh, «rf^H ^ 
^wTc^m w& <fc^ c<FH ^pm^ Hl; i ^m^T ^<fc^ c#t^ ^tmt ^c<t ctBi^ <^, c#i^ <^s ^m 
mu5 f<t<Fm «n<Fc<T, c<f5r «nwr m «rrcn «rrcsrr^TT <Fcif|i 

<wk^, <£$ wsr «?p?r ^<ftc^ tmf<j<T^ "<Trc<T, «twm ^rw fej %tc<F sr<trsr <fic<t ^srm <mc<t «rrt^r 
^m ^j^c<i? ^rt'Trra WHC^s yfij <i«H ^ wsr f»r<TT ^tft^ ^c<t vs-<h «?f t% <f^c<h - 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVV/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


C*Ml*NR «Jsf^ C^f ^sR 

tt% sW^sc^ f^Sm ^S I 

f/^w ^ft^tpps, sptmtm e TRwcwfem <?$ f^mc^ ^^w ©<f ^f $wf¥rTlfi> <t*ww vtc<r 

$*fCW*t <t>HC<W, cw RtyftSjW *f<mt*f¥W*f www ywwcw WMt itwi) 

<£$ w$<i sTf^s w « f*fc<Tj?r ^«f « ^rspr t%?r ^timimi wr 3^1 «^ t 7%/^ ^bfc^ 
*ff^s <wcsh ^rr, T%H t%Hi 4-^rrH t%H "snw ^t%, f<TH ^w £ft%f^5i &<Fmrn, ^t *r<w 
^<F<r ^rc^ ^rfMm $&m*\ <?$ t%j ct w^; ^tff ^tth ^f wc<r, ^rrcg ^rr ^rr wi?r ^rr ^rr 
sjzm. (?$ ««rePr w?r ^tc<it sft^w , f% f% ^«m ^rr ^ ^? spmfmm, w?r ^h <pr *fr$ 
srmw i «rw< ^rc^r $mmtflfwmMtii l «i^nR c<t ctH ^THc<T<r tou «rrc^ ct^ otk W<t ^ic<jt 
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<rtc\s «?f ^ic^i Hc^ ^r%<F t%*T t%r ^c^ ^m. «rm ^s^r! c*rc<r «rm «rrn^s ^rr c^rra ^<r^ 
- «rf^r ^; c^tpt «rrr^r ^rt "^r c#<mc^ f?tc?j ^rfli ^t ^racm «rf^ tw t%m ^^? ^<Ffc^ c^r f<p|^ 
"^c<r ^rr i ^ w$\ ~*M «rmc<r i ^ wf^ c«rc<F ct f<mgj ^c?r c*fc^ c<fh f%^s^ ^m ^srm "sr 
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c<w*w? ^<r? cw ^rw?, f<tH fl^ #<f tw «r^ <j^ Tfrc^ ^^Hfli wr "<Tmi «rfFT<f 

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w «« «ttt%, "srnn cw^ T%^s Ttm <rf c<rrsrf csra w^c?r fw« «ttt^ i ^jc^r ^r<tr^rc<F« w ~<k<\ 
flrs?rr "<rm i "<r^H ^rmc^r ^c?r "<ttc5^ ^<h ^pttt ^^ ^rr^ w ^c?r "^ttc^ i c<r c<fh RtH<ic<^ w 
^?t ci«¥r ^rm, c<r^rH c«rc^ ^t% *FtBT ^tttc^i f%s ^m w w ^®, ^mt t%H ^rwr^t 
#35 «rrftr ^Ht ^# «« ^rmc^rr ^rr, t%i ^N^r ^r w 1 "<rm ^ht ^Tw?r <mc^h «rfs^r wc<f 
"pft^j «« ^rrc^ "^tt, ^tf wc<f «^ «« nrra ^rt, ^r wc<f ^tb «« ^frc^ "^Tf ^wttw 1 ^#?r w?f 
^r "^m <ft^, "^m "stth ^tth 1 «1« ^ fvs^cG "^t, w «rm "^rn ^s, 'w' "stth ^m, ^«f ^?r, 
^s ^m «rm "^m ^m, ^ Rjhcg w^ ^ ^rt 1 ^ w?\ T%H sft%t%^ 1 

wc<f f% w<t? <j2/7<775" w? ^r^; (Twt^ «rrc^ f^ cwrt w<r 1 4-*rfH ^j^c<r? ^<^\ 
*tf wr w ^m t^H ^tth ^c^r 1 tpa ^rc^ ^ra, ^t *lftaRT o»w t^H «rfc^ c^ *f& 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVV/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«n^fT, \sk ^rMTca f*r<JTc<F ^twr <ftc<hi <mc&h te«i#tJWw? ^r f*r<JTc<F ^rm ^fc?i 
cfw i c<fmt c<*rc<F? ^t ct «to wrt^m, c<r ^rr^rra <tt ^r^ ■«rrc^, ^tbt c«tc<f ^tc<f nm <fc?j 
otwi «rrsnr ^i^m^r <rmr ^rtaj «mrn^r wcs ^wft, ^iR^cnn w ^rft, f%f ^t f%f ^rwr 
^rrcii? ^Ri^ «rtc^i fas <w ^st <rc?r w^Ff *tti ^rt «nft w*h ijfwr^M ^rwm ^r:<jt 
^tttc^ ^t i Tgf*!^- 4*r «rj ?r<w ^c?r «rtc^ i wk «rm ^rcwr wttt "srrc^ «rfwr i T%^r ^r *tc?t 

<T*H FPT ^TCvs sfTC<F vo*R «TtWt 4 Wf «HT ^f^s K*T ^ I WK «Tt? W\Q53 C<T ^TWT <?fBT 

c«tc<f «rtwt f%*r ^psm ^n c<ifer i«rc*rf|i 4^ c^ «iTwm ^rr^m c<r*rM c«rc<F «rtwt 4*r 
c<rf?rc?r isrcrfli f^l Ttat f^r ^pBm ^j^ c<tRc?jf^i c<r#T 4-*rR csrc<F c<rfmc?r ^rfw ^r, dH <m 
«rrnm c^: <rtt%, «rmm c^ wti "^c^R, «rmm ^<r iffwr ^w wrsTTw^ f%sr c<ftc<ti t<fi 
«m ^th ^r ^c<t ^rr, ^ wr fim^?r «rMcf?r ^ ^iiwM wrt^m c^rc<F <rm ^fc?j wmi 
4?*rc3 w*T«, k^t <rtc<T ^rr, ^f^, ^rcw wm^rm sfl<Fc<T f<Fi «rtsrm wnm ^s t%| ^c<t rt i 

4^ *k ^rr, <#w otw^ <m/msR ^m% ^rfT^r ^fc?t ^c<rr c^ ^af T%?r <rr fo% 
<we?rr <im *RBt5 c<r<Ft?r, w c^rm «rrc^ ^cnrn c<fr ^ot p$, «rrsrm «rm ^^ m^ *tmct ^rr, 
^t ^m <n?r "srh ^w c^, ^^<rm ct ^ <$$ wsr c*fTT% ^Ht ^<^ ^\^ c^, ^h c^ 
t%r «?f ^ ^^r t%tc<f, f% ^^<m T^r<jT? smM^sw "Ntfwvm, *rc, f^ ^m ^tts ^c?r c^ «rm 
vsm tfer^^r twt ^w c^ ^?m t%th ^ f*r<jTc<F ^fc^r <to<h i ^fc^r c^3?rm ^m f^fwm 
T% ^r? wn w% <ra c<r ^iRiji ^rr^ ^m^t 'tTf^T, ct^ «rfwr ^rr^m c«tc<f ^^m cr c<rfer 
^rmw i ^"«jth ^w sf^ ^qt^ ftfrn ^ c*m ^ i «r 9 mr fwrc<F %m <rr <rr «rtcsrT^rT wm 
t%t csrt&T^ ^»rc<T c*f&r c*m ^c?r c^ti ^^m ^mr fwm ^«rr ^rr ^c<ti sfsrcsr «r'mr fwm ^rr 
<tc^t <?Ttf?rr ^r, ^m^m «r^mr fwm ^rwrsfi c«rw f<m^ "^c?r kth c<rfer «rt^rc^r %k<F f% ^^rc^r 

CPf^STTt ^C<T «£TST T%?lt f|ff?I ^SW «rfM^Tt Wf ^C<T I 

ftft?r ^«w swt «rc9^ ^TtcsrT^rm ^wu^ «rtf5T<f w^r w*Bfrmtz mz wrff&*[ ■ 
«r^mr fwr T%?r <rr <rr ^?r ^<r ^<mt ^c?r c^r i «r^mr fwr T%?r f% t% ^r? «r^mr fwf t%m c<h « 
^RTmrT w fwr «rtc^ wmr <rm, «r'mr Twr T%m ^f^rc^ ^«r *rh3?rr ^rm, «r'mr Twr %m ^§j? 
•rt ^*f «rr«?rr <rm, ci^ ^*f c«rc<F «rmm ^%t% ^?r i «r'mr fwrc^ ^rr <rr «rtcsrr^TT wi? «rmc^ 

TH ?T#lt ^TT ^C?J^I T 5- 3f?3^ ^Jf/z^r ^FHt^Jpf^ps, jy^^/Si, ^RSfl^f C<T^T ^T, C<I^T C<F&, 

c<Tbt ^rm ct^ ^rn^s ^r <jc?jc^h c^ w, <fk ^«rr ^ «rtcn «rtwt «rfM^rr ^<m\^\ ^s?rr#r 
^ ^r^mr fwm ^, Tw ^t ^5?rm <fm ^^m ifiT%c?j ^rrc^ (m^ c«rc<F w% Rc?jc^ «rm ct-^tth 
*t?t ^r, ^Nt 1 ^ toi w «rm ^ ^t 1 ^ «ihmi ^t ^mr fwm ^r<fi ^t^c^ ^rn 
«m c«tc<f, iiTr%c?r «rrw wra «rm c*rc<T ^m ^r?r ^?r wwta i c<w ^s «rm ^m cu^, ^rp ^r 
«m «rm \sm ci^ ^r ^ i ^t ^w cef ^ cj^^j^ w%, ^cb^ ot ififwr «ttc<f «rm ^cb^ ot 
m%r ^c?r <rmi ^t «m^cw «nii<j#^T *$^\ «rmrci^ cwc?r f<rf^r ^rWf^t c?rt ^m^ 

4® «rtcn 2f«rsr ^«w f^fm ^« ^tc^t wf^ 1 ? w^ ^•<rrc ; T« ^tc^t wf^^ w^i 
Tc?T 4i>tc<f mc?r «rm^ m*m «ttcsttrt wt w\ \ <j°ic^h, c<r^r wtw r^ f<Ff wht <rm cfsrl; ^mr 
fwm fwr, c?rt *w twm R<jc?j<i ^«rr «rrwr «?f «s <nf^i «r^mr fwr ^r ^??rm ^t<fi 
wmr fwt <rt <rt T%Th<t fes nrcf, 4^ ^f^rcw ^r, ^frf^, t% ^ ^w f<j^ ^?r i ^cw %#k 

"^TT^t Rsra Hra W=T "PTC^s 9fTc?r f<Pl ^T<T%<F C*TC<T Wtt *(F\U5 "5C<T I ^J^W fej R<Jt «rfM^Tt 

wt^c?r^i ^^^^^^fTO^fw4w^w?«rt¥rt^- 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


sfsTST ^ 

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^IK^lftRsftS (?Tl^T ^mtS 

sietlil w ^saf tHlf 5 !*!® i i^ii/ii i 
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fW Wf?M> c ff f^fts 3#, <?m*t C$ (PftW 1 . W (T^fW *fMft*T #3" ^s ^ 4<7? vsfasf" f%fH ^/j 

w =g#aiK iH+ifi^Piing, rft* ^rr^H wi^ ffs «ror ^rcs, (^t «rtwr?t f*r<rr wi^ «rf?r 
^gf^ c<rfk?r «rr*rc^i sf^fs; 3T§rrc?r ^Tc?t ^l^ c<tj?tc?j ^ ^l^ Hssrs ^rftm *M*ti 

«rH<F ^TSRI "^m^ **£pW C^ ^SRH^ «rf?f<F^ W3 C^TT <TT?Jl v*tt4>*hll$R*ttS (TttW wMS, 
(£|*H ^ f*T<TTC<F ^tWf IitC«H I T*f<TTC<F C<T%t «TT ^TSRJ C3TT5TJ <TC*r ?TWT<H WT *#, «JT?t <# 
t*T<TJT *m ^<H CJTTsjTf ^ft ?TC¥T<H Wf ^J I C<TSR «rftH C^fC^ **£p|*t H*T% *m t^ C^srH 4$ 

«pjrj ^j^ c^rc^, c<r ^m <$?FC<T?r ^rfnfc^ wH^s yfl^, «tc/t<f ^tc<t?t smr* *mi ^m w^ 
c^rmrrcE^ ^thH wcsm #^ 1 ^h c^rc^ ^Ri*t H^ *^c?j «rmm «itswt; %r *^c?j ^rtc^, <pH <HT 
^rc^f CT*rft ^H ^th *3^ ^Ri«t, «rmm «rtwr ^ra *s?j <ttc^ ^<H ^jftfl; *3?j <Tfc^, ^rrtf «rm 
^Ric*t<i ^rc<rj c<m *ir#$ w «rm «rmc^ ^rti Ufa c^H c*$ «m ^r c«rc^ ^fwft ^rm ^m 
t&«*trj *m, vsrc^t; «rmm *r?r *s?j <Tt?j i «jntcit? c<Tt<TrH?T ^ht ^ ^tsjt «c*rt <hs?tt ^c?rc^ i ^rfr#? 
*p fsm ^rsrr t%r ^tsjs «rt? ^sH ci^i mcrcH <T^©r crs?rm ^rsra ^r « #w? ^i¥c^ ^twtt 
wt^ ^rsra t%H ^rsjs «rm ci>\Bc*w ^^mr f%^j i f^rK ^rtwrR Hra ^rsjp, ^m ^rc*rr ^rwm ^twm 
cu^ ^k^ «rHt?r ^cs^ ^ra ^c?J ^rrc^ i ^rsjs c«tw ^ 9 ^ ^c?J «rHT?r ^cs^ ^ra ^rr i 

4<r «rrcn <jc=i^c<=ih wr^ 1 ? w? ■ w^j ^rfffit ^zm ^^wt^^/Hi «-<riw wr^^ 
3?W5[ w^t, ^•<rrc ; T« wutv^ wt w^t i «rw<f £f«rcsrt <j°ic^ w*iwt rwrtfamt, ^wrww^ 

3?W? ^I^WI ■iTBlt ^T "SFT <JJ«lt I ^^tfWT^ «T«f »I^W ^WRt <ra ^HT IHtl ^SRJ ^s 

«rrr5Tc<f?j ^rc^« ^rtt ^c?t%ti 4<t>ftc<i> <t^sj? ^jmrc^ ^^^ 3^7^ ^tc^t «rr<Tm ^m ^wra 
^rrnrc^ vw*rw: ^tw^w^ti tw ^^rHw <t«h ^t w w<t ^tti «tp ^rfsmt f% ^c^ tj^tc<f 
c5ht<t? ^^nt «rrt5rc<tf irwm ^?r 1 <fmr <rw <rw tfa^ #^r?« $%?& ^rca? ^f ^rm ^c^s ^rsr 

^C^ "?n?J I 4 <T# i£|<T# <ra "STf t%?J «jsf ^<M^s C<FH ^spTJT "^C<T ^Tf I <r<t^ ^ ^C^ "SJ^ (HS^Tt "^C<T, 

(?w ^t; tjcijt "sri, ^t; "sr^ w^r 4i>f?; ^oj 1 W$ W? wtc^ cw <ic<=ic^«i ^^tt; ^oj 1 c^\u^ 
c^fHbtc^ ^jw ^tc^? <js#it ^oj 1 «rmm ^-«rnH ^ttt ^tc^t ^m ^t ^tw 1 ^cbt ^oj cw ^c<t 

^TTl ^^»TC<T ^TC^ «J«f <T^T C^T ^CBT W^ CSTSTH <TfC<T ^Tf I t^J ^ ^ ^. ^ ff^T, *F5 *tt% 

c<th ^rrr Rc?jc^? f^ ^t ^hu^, ^<t^h ^<fbt ^icsic^ *K$ Hra w?j «jc<m ^m fHcsra RS)^ fg^f- 
^t<htc<f t%m <t^c<JC^H «rmm ^tht «itci<t^h «rrc^r w$ csrm fta^r 1 w^r c<f H<f ^tc^? 
^'TH^tc^ 4<t^ wt, ^fsrfsf^ ^m « ^srtf ^, c<FT«rr« c<m m^H^l^ ^m nti «rfT5rc<ra ^ht, 
<F«rrsj\s, TrsrT#?r <jhm«?I *fs\ «rmcsr ^^ffwr? ^t ^Tsifsf^ ^m « w#r *"# ^<rt^s imr <th i 
«jn>r<f (tt^ht ^jwt ^^ ^R fHc?r «jpt^j, c<t *N^ *fTsif# ^s^rm wssr <fc^t (P#r "^ - 

«rfC 9 ffw ^sj (Relative Truth) i *ffsrf# «RH^m ^t?j v\m?\ ^TC^ We are not travelling 
from error to truth but from lower truth to higher truth i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


C^H ^sffl <r«t^; ~*lt ^c^ good and bad, 41>T 13N* 41>T ^fr, ^ST ^tM 41>T W*\, ^ 
t^CST ^Tt^T C5W OT?r I HC*Rr ^C?T IHH <Q ^TH <R ^TJC<TTC<RT *fte t^CST *tfwRl *rf^T CBC^T 

Hc^ - («rBt f^ «rm ^frr ^r i IHh ^rt ^tt^t <rcsf Wft <t<h <rtfw ^s fl^ft ^*H ^rrfsr ^r 
csrc^ fk<TRi T%<f <Ttf^i T??rt? c^rc^ <t-<h ^rri T%rf <rrf^ ^<H «rrft ^r c<*rc<F fk^ t%<f 
^rtf^ i «it&Rf *t^ 4-<rrc«T ^w «rfBw f^fwr i ^rr, ww? wr ^K f^ wsri; ^m wbt ^fcRr 
W i ^5?n? C^T ^C<RT Tfe^ HTT i f^S ^T??TH ^r «rrc 9 tfw WJ, Tfft# W^T lower truth/ 
relative truth i ^Nc<RT WTT?T ^k ^ttlBT «rrcifwi "¥!## C<TT<}tH? ^TT ^T-Tr fw^T - 4*TR 

csrc<F c^ afcy^ t%<f ^rst^ ^c^, «rm skwp ^c?i 4<fbt ^5 c«rw ^tofsi ^R wttt ^, dr^rt 
<ttc<t ^tw? ^R ®m i^srrw nr^Brc^ «trrrt 1 ^fo? c*ftc^ <tts"?tri ^c^pi ^rtbt <H3¥f ^c<r, c^ 
^f<T cr^r «rtc^Rj ^ri ^mc^ ^foRi ^pr ^r ^rr strtc^ h?i ^srca «t<tt<f ^stH? f%§ c^i ^tw 

C<FH ^f<TWTT f^? ^RT ^t f^, 'RT <PBT ^t "^Rr IRT, »W WtC'ffW WJ ^TRT «5t 'ftPrff^ 

wj 1 «rrc'ffw wjc<f «rc^ ^tsrj ^tt "^r ^r^if^ wr 1 c<r ^wcstri w <mt ^«iiVi c^ ^s 
Urp , ^tc<f c<r ^h cwm ^55 vdt ^t?i 1 ^rt^s ^rfc?Rr ^w*jwrt ^RiRrT c*ttc<tri ^rtt to, 

^fTW \§\Ut<$ WV <TRTT ^RH STTCT 4 ^ssflaj ^RRI t%^ ^^^TTC^ Tiftc^T I Tl## W^T t%tC5? 
«Jgft, iffSt^; f^ f^ ^sfn^f CSTffRWl^ ^TTl TffT# C?T ^WfC^t? RT^TRT Rc?IC^«i voT ^T ^Tf^T 
(?TtCWRI ^TTI ^TTsfmef ^5 il^CHH W %R ^^s ^HW ^Tfl ^RT ffcH ^C?T ^Tf^RP RtC^I 
^C^,«i ^RT ^Tf? W^T - «lT5^r ^TT ^f f^T f^T 4^t¥ ^PT ^ I R>1 ^TC^ <J°1C^«i ^t ^«TT? 
^TfsimT CSTT^RP ^TC^T ^TTl ^T^H ^T%rT ^MPT ^RT ^tfCM ^TW C^TT ^?Itfs ^PH^T I ^ff? 
^sfW? f«TC«T*T ^C^H, C^Tsnf ^cnPT ^C^ ^CST «TTsrm ^ ^f I ^sfTsrC^?! ^• s TCt"T TT*rT?I e T (?IRP ^fH 7 ! 

^?rc\s «imw ^tti ^rrsfpjjT ctiwrt ^rtt TTfT# f%«rRT f^c?r c^r, srWsrt c?r ^rr ^M ^tc^t 

(TTWTT ^TTsfHT ■5TT i JC^?I ^RTT I ^HT ^TCT?! ^ ^T^ ^?TNC^ WS l ^I^M 'TH 7 ! ^C^s ^?jc\s CT ^^S 

^^s ^c?j in^ttw i «rtwr «ich^ ^^tsrj ^rft w^trt ^pri ^rtt TT5tf# « ^Tstt ^t c^tc^t, ^tt ^t 

^RT, ^^C^TT ^IH^CI^ ^T OrS^TT "SJZm. I 

^sf ^T H*TH I ^H ^TW W^T ^^ W, ^r ^Tf (Joft <rRTtfs Fta ^ ^W?! ^tf^ t%Ht 

c^srsrm c^tn ^rt i ^rt «thh <rtc^t wr^^ wr ^^ w, «w?i ^^rmtt w i f^ ■$$$ 
w f% <ror ^r? ^t5i< ^tc^t ^TPr#T «rrctfw wt i f<# w?rf^t f%ft <rtc<h c^rm ^rrt^ 
«rrctfw wt ^t £R<t <m i ^h <t^h ww^ wtw; ^tt szwz. wh ^<r^tt ^rR f^ ^r ^t^r 
«rrfsr «rrc^t#it h<t i w to^ w ^wtimt ^ w<r, wrw^ w^ U^ ^rc^, f<Pi c^mrcrfT 
^ «r^ ^cw ^w ^ «itc 9 ffw wt i 4dT?r ^rc^ ^wr^t wi ^ ^tt ^rr, s/z^y <w7T^ 
^zm nfirmT&tft, <pf<M, %T f^ tt^r Tw ^ht cro»rf^R ^wtat -wi ^^h ^f^c^ 
c<m«rr« ^r f%| nt i ^r - ^ w ^r t^<ji^<ir ^<h ft%^» ^ ^^c*rrc<F %zfc «it^tt ^ffTRr i 

^H «TCW<TT^H <J<=1C<J«i, ^T <TT ^<M^ ^RTj^ C^ f^<F ^<M^, 4?Bt$ WT I C^T5TTC<F ^'S'CSTf ^<T^s 
C<T^ Hc<T<T ^«I^C^ HT I RPl "5TH C^T ^ T%3J ^T (?rSt^ ^fTC^T cfST «THT^s | \st^r R> «PWsC<F f«TC?T 

^r c^rcs K^s? ^jt wtfsr «rft5?r^Tc<F t%?it ^«r c^rn ^?rc^ ^i ^t ^c«r «rirrm ^h ^riH, «rrfsr 
«rm^s ^?r c«m ^<racvD yit, «rffsr «rm^s iJrft y|^, <itt% ^, trt® yit i ^rtsrm ^\r^ ^^ c*t<t ^it, 
«rWfr ^rc^ ^ ^w, ^t^ht, ^-^rt, «it#?i israit iwi ^ - ^ ^ w<h ^cst ww? w^; 
vgftr <# ^<r c^m ^«i^s ^tq sgfsr <rr« 4-<hs ^f ^<i^s «it<p, c^rsn? ^k^. ^^ ^^ ^m i c<h 
^n *rtif ^r, w ^ «rH« c^rsrm *tt% ^^rrw i ^«i^rm ~^<m ^rf^ <it^c<i, ^ra? ^tsh ticH 
^?jcst «rH« *tt% ^Tsc<T, ^ih c<h ^itfw ^ht ^, «if?fc^rf^ ^ «rRr« c^rsrtfT c^rnsnf^ ^c<t i 

C^ W^ ^<raC<T HT I f%® <T<H ^f C«TC<F C^rsrtfr 'T^T "5C<T, <T<H "BW ^CS <TTC<T, C^TsrRT <# ^<TM 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<nf-<n^<r ^rmr <rfw vo-<h vgft ^^ <fc?t <f>tc<ti ^r t% ^u^ ?rr# Wzj ~$j\ «rrt*r ?rt# ^rtfli 
\st^r <rr« ^^ cvomm m<rH i c#sht ^tstf 4^tc<f <ftc^ ^iPw w i ^frk ^co ^fr ^rr 

Fl^ 'ftW f^F?; f<Fg 1^ C\oT5TTC<F CFfC<m W\ C<MCo ^C<T | C>f$SHi «3tW <MC^H Hl ^sj I 

&5 ^5J ^T C^5\ «rT5TTC<F ^lft WCT 4^ WKFtKT f%?T <TfCTl 4-<H W'TH <MC<H, ^ 

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^tm w i t%^ t% f<T2frsr fer «rmm cwm w^r c^rc^m ww c?k?\ <tt<t i ^h <mc<h, ^t^t 
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c«rc<F h«¥T ^fw? if% wrm ^c<^<iic<i^ f^r^rjr i c^hj «rrctfw ww ^o ^r fro^r i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


C<T *t?fsrNCF f%?T «ftM^TT ^TC5, Cft ^msfTCsf?! W¥?f f^t W«f^ «1W tCfNM 
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^C<T <T-<H ^Ci> <Tt?f ^<H W6T ^?f «rH "5?f HT I ^<t?t CWTQ t^F voT^ ^f I sr 4 Wf t%H<TCF 

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Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


cFrsr#rc<F *ftwr wco <mc\s ^s&^ «tT^rt wr f^r <tt<t c*rc<F «ih w wr <tt?t Rt i t*rer?i t%H 
c*fHc<F «inebi srfwrco fi*itl^ e r w?r Ptw, w^ «^ srtwm ^t^ wt «rtwr c*pwq «rrf^ 

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^rrfai ttf?« ^tc^t - cr-<tf| crt «^» ^w Tw ^r?r ^^h ^^bt c^pt cr«?rr «rfc5i ^<f ^^Bt 

#<T C<H ^ 4Wl C^PTl ^^ i£IW> CT^ ^ ^W> ^TTR, ^H WT «r(H<F WST \»T<T ^ 9 ^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^C&^I ^1<T ^fUS <4*rR?T C^Hfl^ #<Tl vpm 2fCW<Ff& #<T ^ 4^ «1<T, C?T5R ^f^TPT i£Rpl?t 

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4^ C<T*it Wf I f<F§ CSf^TC^ W ^TTsT <fts (?5tlT<FT^I ^m I f?T<F C^srft ^TC<T<T ^R/T<T *ft%2|<Ff% *3 
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W ^T C«TC<F 4^ tmf<T<r ^T<T #<F (TT^ ^TC^ W$ (H?T C<F»Rm WT<FrC*f ^T>T<Ff*rif^ ^rTf 
(?t?f I ^ «Tf<Ff*f W^o ^fC?f C<T «Tf<FT*l fl^fft CT^ WWIW <MC^H ^Tf I Wf<Fr*f ^^Mtfo C<TmrrC55 

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?rrc*f?r ^rc<rr? «rr<Ft*f ^cbt «thm i ^t uWbt c»c« fer urc*m c^ocm «rf<Fi*f c<t^t ^cm «rr<Ff*t 
c«rc<F Rl^fi "5c?r t%r <?#r ^cm «rr<Frc*rf ^rw «iRf^si ^c?r <ttc<t i ut*t^t ^^ c<tsr gfw ^t 
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■ptc^i «rftsr <t«t*t "prfl «rrsrm c^w c^t m ^ mm*\ f%f^s wc^ i c<Ft«rm wc^h? ct^; ^ 
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"5c?r ci^r i ^ifT^r <ht ^tt*! "5c?r "<Trc<T ^m c^ ^nff*fBt« k^t "<ttc<t i ^ot^t "sth<t w<\ c?\m$ t% 
^f% c^rc?! <ttc<t? Rf, "5% ^c<t ^tt, ^m^r ^c^ ^ ^t<f ifr ^ifm^m c<fr i^rt c^i ^t 
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*ifm «rrc^ ^om m^ «rm« c<r% i ^t ^m'T ^rfm^r <r-<m Rr*f "5c?r ^^ ^•<m ot «^ ^um t%*f 
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^*ti ^•sftm -^r, t%t%#t (s$ t% ^otc<F «^m c«rc<F ^rPRm ot^tit "5c?tc^i ^^rtw fl#?r ^aw? 
£f«^r ^rc^ ^1tc<F ^tntt wr ^?rc^i ^t^s ^ftf «rm ^fJ^c<f ^tntt ^^ «rfFr<f <mc&>h ^f^ ^r 
^fttm - «rr^r «im<f ^tntt ^c^ f%®<rtw «rm ^«ti^tcit? stc^tc<f ^rtwm ^c^ t%5^r i ^\ 
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<r-<m c^rt 'cvofr -^ vo-<m ^ot "5c?r <ttc^ f<mvo i ^rtt^ ^^m ^rrsr «rm wt ^"pt <rtc^, ^rft% ^tf%, 
csrtvst, ^t ^tm\ "snt^ "^rrsr ?pt, ct^sfo ^w ^tt ^r f<mvoi ^^ c<fh f<T<Fm "^c^ ^rr, 

(TT^TT <il^TC<F 'tR'TTwrii ^Tt <TTC<T ^Tl I 4*N(7\ f^<F <!$ <F«nt <I<=1C^H, CT^ ^ ^t «rTC^T f<F® 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^k ^m c<h ^s«M ^rrfa ^ttt c*tc^ 1 1% <m? c^ «rt<Fr*r csfw ^rtfB *f<T% <tt t%| «rrc^ ?m 
f%§ &ws&m\ q$ ^nte ^srm <Tftf% ^rrstw 4<#f ^rcB wrr^s <fc?t P»«cm «t ^ foft 
^s?rm ^m ^rctm ^c<tt ^^# «rt<Fr*r ftsft ^c?r <Ttc5^ i «rt<Ff*rBT w> fcsft ^e?rm «rrc^t c^rsrra T%r? 
«•«rrc^ %ri ^ 4-*h <Tttc?r c^rc^ ^ttt c^, ^m «rr^rcn wmnr hc?t Rc^ic^i ^r ^rrn ^c?r 
c*tc*t «rt<Ff*r ct^itft ft*r «-«rrc^ «rt<p~c<Ti t%i ^rt> <?<h ft^r ^h «rrsrm ^rh ^t^r ^rcB?r c^sc?r 
^i^jgt «rt<Ff*r «rrc^ i ^^ ^r f<t<i%<TH i 

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c<fh ^Fmc^r «jcat «yp^r <t?t<p ^c?r c^rc^i t%i <t?t<p ^sttt ^§« c<fh ^Fmc^r <i?ic<pit wm^fm wm^rm 
t%| ft^ ^c?r c^ i c^ ft^ f%m ^rm ^#r c^rr <ttc5^ i c^#r <rs t%, (tfht^t c^rt? fls i c^ 
~m ^r ^ ii*iiIh*h «rm w5t ^r ^nrrr i ^r csrc*^ <tpp ^c?tc% ^rfbt <?h ^rmr «rm c^ <ro 
flff ^c^tt (7H #<t i «ifft ^rfw 4*H t^Bwrrc^ <tw ^c?r f^ ^mc^r T% «rfaw? <tt ^ft %r ^ 
srmwi «jc?rr ^tpp <rf*r ?tc*r <Tm ?t<t %t c*m ^c?r <ttc<ti ^h c*$ w(K ^rmc^r, «^ am$ 
srt<Fc<H i «rm stt?tt ^rfw <ku$q <Tm ^s f% ^c<r? f%^ ■*& ^rt, mn tw t%fi$ srt<Fc<H i ^«H 
^^ f^s "#r c<fh «tc^ «tt*t ^c?r "^rm ^r w ^c?r "^rm ^t^t t% ^? t%^; ^55 ^rr, ^ #^r 
k^t c«k, "srft/T «t #w?r c^rr c*m "5c?j c^t i f^ <rtt% «wr c^rc^; Trrw 1 ^tftfbs ^t t%R#rc¥ 
mt%^ ^^mr f%m c^mrH? crtt ^c?rc^r 1 m i1*iih*h w f^ 1 ^ c^i t%^ «^ i1*>iIhc*h ^^&r 
c?h ^rmfpf ^rro 1 "?n?rr ^p ^f^rm ^r?rr «rmm 4®wr "srmc^ h?j ^rr, «rmfr^r^mfr^f f%| ^ ^^wr 
^r *tf^?r c«ht, ^^r ^r^ *tt% 1 ^t^ %rr, ^?tc?r?r «rmm ^ f%w?r! t% cwr^ c®r «r^m 
^rc^ ^rr, ^^rc^ ^rr "5?r ^rmr 1 ^rmr c^r ^?r t% ^mc^r ^ ^^^rr ^TT-^rjT wr ^rm ^rr 1 w$shi$ 
^tJrc^ ■srmr ^rr "sc^i ^ ■srmm w^r ^ftbt <r?rc¥ tjm ^rro ctc^i «t <j<ic<p$ «rmrn ^c?r c^r 
"^twm ^twm t%5i ^ ^5 t%?r <t?jc^?j o»vsc?j ^t c^rr <rrc55i ^ src^i^ aft% «t^fr 
<rrt<^cGR?ir c«rc<p" w <fc?t ^^t^ #<rl; ^tot^ ^^ t§Hi ^Tf^« ^tstt ftca^, ^^ f<r?# 
<rT 5 tH, <rT 5 tTH?r ¥tt?rr%<F srrfm 1 c^ 2fritc?r «rc^ srfrc^m ^cBT «rrc^i «t '?£C&tc^ c^r ^r-*^ ^?r?r 
t%i^ f^KH «h^ c<f c^rr <rrc5^ 1 srcw<i# #<r c<h ^^ 4<f&t <£cbt i f<r^ «rtt^r <ph w^Hm tw 
vst<Fff^, ^?h f% «rfsrm "srw ^?r w^Hm "sfc<u «rft^r ^*4c?m ^m c^rfl? "*rh ^?r ^rri ^Fm^r ^i^r 
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t£i <#r <ro <|c&t 1 c^ <r^ "<£cbt fw ^wp ftwm cT^rr <rrc^ 1 <tth« #tw, ^c?#r «rtfsr c<fh 
f*Ht; (Fpfos nm ^rr 1 ^r*m «rm ^m ^H?r >i^<pc<p <?rmrH?r ^ht ^^m "5«t "^tht <i<poi<i ^«tsrr 1 
^t^s «rf?r «rm \sm ^gf^ tjcbt ^ <t^ i #^ «rm ^w<r ^rc<n ^rr^rm^r f^r ^r fow-w 1 «rrm «rm 
lit?rm<F<T3 "sic<fT (?fh ^rm^m ^^? ^^chi i "^t ^tk ^"c^mtc^ c^us <?fh wk hI; i c<tsr «rf?r 
«rm ^m ^Ric«t c<fh wfs, c^ 1 

sffiftm W fc^pRfg, C^ W^ ^T CSf(7F «THH ^TC<T?r ^lt% ^55 1 ^H <MC^s (TTmfTC^ 

#<r i 3jT% w^s «rrnir ^^ T%h<t ^mfl, cw&r <ftc^ «rtci<p^f T%f*t<T «mfl i ^ c<r •thh «m, 
^?r c<r ^r ¥«1 (7#m ^ptt ^ c^ w^ m\ o$u$ i «^ ^pnt ^55 *tt, fo<r!Przri%, <t-«h » «rfc^r 
v»^ ^T?f&r« cTsrrc^ <?$ ww<\ ^c^t ^?r i wra ^fc^ ^^mr fw ^"btc^ c<TmrH ^r, wra <jip 
^ft csfw wra src<Tjt ^ptt hcb^ «rmm wrt f^rc?r <ttc^i wr?r cufc, ^ft c«tc<t^ ^k^ «rmm 
wit fviRic?i <Tfc55 1 ^r «rm #c<r? T^<f ^ ^^r^ i 

^1tc<F Hc?r «itm^tt "<muv t%?j ^t wm^tm ^w «pttht tt*h ^?r tHcsf?r Hcs??j ^tf 
£tr%f^s ~<k<w\ t*?i «iwc<t^ w t£ic<p<itc<r ^? - ^ft «rtc^ ^ Hc?r c<fh w^ <?t^i c<ihi^c<p 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^US f*TC?t «IC-tC<t> ^T ^C<Tf <TC*H, ^sM ^R C<Hl¥ Hlf^ <TC<*T ^tl ^T t%§ (?$ I CWfCS^ <TTt 9 fTC?T 

(«rBt ««wBt ^rr?rr^F ^r «^«rr, c<ht$ tpattfa ^rftc^ ^thc^i f<Fg or/t Hc?i w^ ^ «rfc'tfw 
^sji «rn:*itw ^m <rc<*T ^H «i^si t^^rtoa c?r fetw^rt ^rw <*rc<t t<ht«th, «rt? c<r ^tc^t?t 

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^Tfc?i?r ^us ^tf^ <ftc^t - « Jfe ^j 3sTf?r «, "srtw t%H <7$ zm, ik b\i&\ *tt% «rt?r 
^Tf?ft; <ttw, <ttw "srtw c<r ^ ^tRf c#f ^rw, c#f fw t^^rti^ ^r f<F§ "ptc^ i ^ ?rcw?T 
*f% tj*h «tmtf twtw Hc?r ^rprt "^r ^<h «rtwt ^#t fofoww H?r i ^w^ ^<r cwm, <rc¥ H^ 
Tfsr?j ^ -^3"?rt, t^ ^tsrj <tft, c^f , %s ^sttT ^t ^ f<F§?; ^?r <ttwr?r ^«n i t^i c<fh f<F§ <rf*r 
<ttwra ^tc<tt ^rt «rtw ^cst c^iw ^rt "^ «r-tw i «r^s^ *t<nc<F «tcH<t> ^ra f^trH «ic<ta 

C«W?rT 3?! i foH<ti5| «Tt^s <1TC?T f<Ff C<FH <Fr5r TTO^ ^T, 4<F5T sf?F «TfC^ f<Fg 4-<H ^<T (WUt <TW 

^fc?t f%?rc^ i*rBT 4<<H ^*rw. •«ttwTF «ih ot ti^h ^?jc^ Hh <4«M ^r <tt ^htcit?t cwm 
^thrt^s ^ ^rsrrr «rptc^ i f%® \Sw>\dvi «j^h •snw'srTc^, c<r - <rtc«T <h «rt? <f«i ^Nc?t?t ^rw ^ i 

^Ric*t<t <il«R<b <h ^rto-p^ «tf , f^F c^rH w #w?r ^»1% ^ i<r #w?r c<r ^m 

W^ vsT ^T OT 3CTf?f ^W ^^1 t% '•ll^r WK, «rfFt?! «R*fl "*rf%RT wK <MC&H Ht, t%H 

<t<=ic^,«i ^'ttR?! wts ^Tf?r <t<=ic^,«i ^rt^ wk i c<ht^ "«tc^ *t% ^rt <n?r ^^ <Mt ^r i <r , *H 

■5Min>C<t> ^tW ^stw ^<R?r "5Tf^?J W\ « ^TfST t%?T Ci«?TT ^T ^<H (^t&r ^^ tS'flft "^C?J C^T, "<f<H 
%CM W 9 ! « Hf5T t%?J (?fQ¥f ^T ^<H 4^f ^<#t ^ntR "5C?J C^Tl HfST « ^rtC 9 !?! ^ntR ^^ 3tt% 

«rr?r %^<f ^rKrm ^^ 9<m \ fos <p ^cBit ^ <f i ^^tt tt#?r ^9T^?r sm 'tcs?i ^«fsr ^rc^ 

vsf^i («$ ^ ^?t ^Tf'fTC^ R<t^<tH «tm ^^tmrcirft ff^TC^ ^fS <ra (W3TIT ^c?tc^i 

^1tc<F c<r% «w c^m «it^fTsr ^rrc 9 ! w?rf ^?r i ^te <Fi<f ^Ftfrc^m ^t¥ «itc<f i ^<mt^ c<hts 
^Hc<f t%5 ^r i tws t%H^T «rfc^ «r«rr5 nt i c<TNr <R^?r ^tkh ^mn <tt t<r^ «rfc^ 'rBt^ 

t^Ut, «ff^TCST t<T^; Ht 1<T ^«TJ I TW C<HT¥ ^^r^TC^ RrH<Jl3r «ITC^, ^^rsp ?J\dT TW voT?T CIJ^BT tsr^tTf I 

«ir«T?rr ^^<h ^'tHw?! ^ *jj ^p t%s?r t%?r K**rf|i ^ Wwmw c<rt<tfr « ^tH^rt 
wt «i^m ^^r^T i ^<r <rr?i<TT?r «r^rr?!^ ^u^ <t^s, twr "«h^ ^u^ ^u^ «rrc^ «rrcs ^rH^rt w 
«7 ^j i ^*$m <tm «r^u?!^ <f?tc<h ^fw?r ^ht <T^wswf ~*\v ^rfct «fH^t ^cM?t ^»tc<t ^tHf^ 
<ra cff^GTrr ^c?r^i ^im ^^i>c<t «rt^f^ «n<r^s ^, aot c<fh «tc<t^ m ht srrc^ «rm 

^<PH «rt? ^tWTCST?! C<FH t<T^ srf% C<H C<FH 4 ^ Hf «ITC^ I ^ «^ISTT <# Ht «TtC<P, R>^C^ 

4$: "sws^h «t^fnRvs «tj?t< ^n?!^ wt <ttc<t ^ti ^<t ^^s <$w& ^<fijt ^^h «r<T*rT ^sfT ^c<ti 
»q<n?T ^ «r^ ^ctv?t <ht ^<!Cst ^^ nrw ^cBt ^rHTm R?R<tc<t> Hc?t «rmr ^&m, ^^ 

ij^T «1*4 WO <P«IT ^Tt ^ I 2WC5T <t=1C^«i Wl<fs «f^ | >a|<jj|^\s «J^?f ^f, ^T <K^ W ^TtR 

^rc^ ^rt t<F| ^rrt% c^ttl, <tt t%| ^rtft ^w <p?f| ^®M i^ ^nrRi ^t wt<fs ^?r 
c«rc<F« c# «r^?r i %st?j «M35f*r wrc?j« fa <$&$ ^rc^r ^ot? y&tft cm^ w^/w ^<r ^, 

4<FH ^f ^ «rfc?J<r# "5=T Wl <TT t%| T%M%T C#tl; Wl 4^ t<HM%T C^ (2|t "5=T 
«m I %sf?T •MWft «T<TJTC?r?T C<TK ^TW C*ffC<F C<T «m<t<1 <P«IT <PTT ^ OTBT sTft^ ^Tf ^l 
t^sf ^^rTH i*$ «|*JMW ^S^f ^?T ^Tt ^l ^TS^f ^?T ^C5^ C*f#, t%fH ^#I<F, «Tff^r ^H #<f<? 

4<f ^t?ti <THtt «MOfW <f«it ^fw ^stw c«rc<F ^<fb ^th hc?tc^ ^t?rit $flm ^m ^hc^h 

'ftf^FC?! C<KST I <?<Hl; «Tffsr C<TT<f «ff^TC^ ^s - <Ht; t<Ff #<F<? "^H v?\^ \ «rtf^ «IH ^N?T *^<F H?T I ^ 
^TS^f ^?T "^H WlfM^ W^ <ff?T C<FH t<T<F^ "5?J Ht I t^l ^H C«fC<F« CSft "^H ^ft 
«TW, %sT?J C<T-<TnH ^o^HH <FTC^T ^T.° ^>^HiS ^mW^sJWf^s?\ ^°\ ^^ C«fC<F« ^<F# 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


H^ fy& i <?h ^fg tffSt «ibrt «nM^mi «rmw i c*frt ^wRtkt ^tf'WT «rtrh ^f?r^ c<t(wt 
%fr?t?r «rrrM csr?f ^o 2f^t% srtw c<r %Hr ^t; ^§wtt Hj^ ^c<rr Ihc^hi 4"<fTT?T 4t?t "cf^ « 
^s^tr^ ftw c*rcn ^rm i ^5^t%t <wc<m #f<?t w, £Tt<fc<t^ ^^#t js*\ H^r i tw 
^o«Tt%t ^ttri 23t<fc<T3<t «rm wf fwt, %Rfl; ^^frr ?pr ^m i «rrr5t<f «ftc^ ^t^h ^f csr?f 
(2$ H^r^fcRri 

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«rr<FTc*r c<r ^ ^Nt c^rf nr c<th «trfm w?it wr «trk <fc?t (?tt?t i ^t M°t ^n?r?f ^ ^rr 
<mr (?rt% <?rt% <fc?ti H^r ^jtrf «rtsRf <mt^t ww #nf - ^fmwwt^^\ «rw<f <jt>s 
^•«rRH w^t ^t f^f H<tt<M<t ^m ^Rrsrt^RRF *tt*sm $w%\$ *w <?# <?#, rfi %sm ^ 
vi^tc<i> nr^H ^c?rc^i ^*fH<H «r'R ?nHT ^c^ ^*h <Trf%r ^r-<H H^r h^trfrrrt ^rr «wcfen, 
^r 4T?F<Trc?r «TfwRi <mc!sh <?# <?# *t**r w f^f H?rRFrc<T c*ffeH ^jh ^rt i (?# <?# ^ttth, 
?ri rf§c<f Rbic<i<i ^tc<jt ftc?i «rtros ^rr sp^, ^rrc^ iw ^if^w c<r «ttom ^r cr^ ^c?tt^, 
4<rrc?r ot^ ^c<r crt w<iwTRr ^rrc^ <7tqt?ttt?f Ri>ic«i«i w.^ hc?i «tptt ~$m^ <?rwrT?r ^ttc^ 

(M?\ f<THTl "«# ^TT C5TW WC<F ^s'W'tK C^FC^T fel 1CT ^^TW CT<TH C«R?F (?Tf?R3I ^TC^ "5C<Tl 
C<FTC^ C<FTC^ C*fC<T CT^ ^TC<T Wt i^ RfH RblC<l<l ^«TT «Tf^T ^?F« ^f%C?J (?fQ¥T ^l 

c5tf?t w^r ¥f ^*t ^t<t ^s "«nn i ^cst w^r f<F fsr^rjt? ^rr, ^^F^Ht ^r <r*rr ^ ^rr i f<Fi <?# (?# 

^<F(?4 "«T^T C*f«T <TTC 9 f C#^ "«TT?r ^'«H W^ ^ ^T<T ^5 "<TT?r I C^T^ft <r<H cTTf^?F (?T^ "SR^s (?Tt% 
(?# ^<FC^ <ITH ^<F(?4 Hf<f<F^ ^^TSTTfw Hra "^TTC^T ^«H ^TfCM ItvjCH "5TT ^<Fr#?r ¥^f 4T7T irtt%C?J 

"<ttc^i ^Tf? wh "<r^t t%?r, wh "«r^r "srrw ^t (?rf% <?#, "srr ^^r^H w^rc^ ft^rfa^ -^ 9^°\ 
f%r<FrcM «r-<rca %r "^c?r Htw^ ^rsrrfw k*t c^r i ^ «tcst "srt ^<Fr^t t% fsr^irr? c<fh "sr^; 
^r?r i f%Ht; ^^rw, f<Fi (?# (?rf% T%?r "<t^h ^rr<HT wr "^c<t ^•«h ^t w^r^r^ «n<Fc<T ^tt i 

«tTstTCIT? ^-«H «W^f ^Tf? ^##1 ««RfTra ^fec^s C<T "ST^T 4T7T 2(f^ft5\s "5C?TC^ 

wrc^ ^^ ^ "5C65 «m «rfwr c«r ^m ^m ^t<ht wfl, «pr «rrsnr c«r tc§? ^ ^t wft 

\s^T t%Hl; ^T^H (?TC<Hl vs'<H f%TH "<# t^T ^<FC^T (?TT% (?TT% ^<F(?4 (TT-^rTTH C^fNH, HC^<t CTl; 
^Wf^T^ «TTSTTC^ CTf%?J TTO5 fTC^T, C<f5T ^T%? ^TW l «jTFR?^ ^= ^ 1 ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ 5 ' 
«H^% ^TT "5C?r <JT?J ^s^cf ^rt?F^; ^t% "^C<T ^TT I «TTFrTTfl W "5=T C<m1CoS<] (?Tf% (?TT% W, (?TT% (?TT% 
^?J ^T<T f<Ff?F ^f%C?J ffitfo ^C<TI ^, ^TT^t-^Ts|3T?Tf W C^5 T%T, «"«TRH <R?rt WTTT ^C?TC^ 
4«M «TTT5T ^T?F<TR?T ^f%C?J f%?J i£|T7lf|l ^StQ <R?T (?TT?T <#W (^H <F3#^^T?J ^TTR^, ^TT 
f<F| ^ f%?J 'TT^ "<Tt?T 1«T ^fft^T ^<F(?T ^T%C?J CT«"?JT "5C?T C^l ^^TM CT «TfC^fl; &1%C?J f%?J 
^TTTT^, W W^ vsH^TC^ ^TTJT^ I ^t W<T^f?J C^ft^H? 'H CT ^W W^ 4T?TC% ^ ^^ WT?F 
C<T'<rTT?T f%?J Ws W «FC^T, (TT^TTH <Tt3?Jt? "^«f ^oH "<TT f<F| f2f?J firt%, f<F f<F f2f?J t%H<T? ^sH 
^«tfH f2f?J, ^sH "SR fsH, W? ^ f2f?J, ^sH ^ f2f?r, ^®MT?F« (?Tt% (?TT% ^<FC<T ^T%C?J (?TC<H I 

^t WRPtfBT W5M ^ «T<T^r, ^l^M «TtsrTCiT? «rm^ft^o i ^rtSRlT WH W<tTl#[<F ^Tt<HT ^TRH 
«Flt^t-«WT C«R?F *jT?T «TM, ^TH-^*f C«R?F ^T?T «fT<FT, OoTn-^mT C«R?F i^T?T «iRFfl ^Tf ^Tt, ^^THt 
W<H « <FTC^ Tr^H "<TTC<T ^H «TfT;^ C<H ^^T^Tt C^Hm "5C?r «fTT?F I <$% vst^ "=Tt, "sjvsRr ^ C<T 
^<T C»t^ W *ttC?T, (TTSTM^ C^TSTH Wf^t "5C?r C^l ^^TH C«R?F (?Tt% (?TT% ^ "5C<Tl (?TT% (?TT% 

«^f wr "strh «rpK «r^t "<ttw w "5?t - wlt% ^h ^, «rffsr <jj% "^i ct^ cw wfctl; c<fw 

t%?JT^I 4t «fH (?F^d C<FSTT^s C»H ^^5T «RJ^Rl t«tC?I HCSf(?F CT^ «TfH ^TTC?RT ^H, ^|$C<t<t 
^H, #<FC<T3? ^O^ - ^Tl? C^tJlC^^S ^T%C?J t%^l «rtFT<f <J°1C^«T WH =Tt» « "SJ% i£| ^t ^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


(H^ I <5Tf?T f<Fg <MC&H «rt? %sR\s« £JT<J?TTt«Tr #3 ft^TCvs <MC^ ^?T ^W f%j«T ^TJ^S tW5 

nrc^n i ^r<h >mR> w wfc?i ^fewrc^m ^rmrjr ^^s ta ^frit ^mc&h ^t^rr^f *rcp *rr*f i 

C<TH ^Sf ^t*f? 4^<FH ^T ^JC<T?T C<T TT»tf<T<F sft ^ C^TH <£$ «T%*rf*f tw 'RjDSf f^?rt%T 3<C?J 

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Tjfi> fwn<T ctc?! <tt?t i sfsrc-r ^fh ^srtrtw ^<Fc?r *rc?r ^tkfh^ ^rt^f ^<fc?t, f<Fi <rt?rr *rt% ^t<ht <fc?t 

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^f^s «rrc^r, ^t ^racm f<F| <ftt <ttc<t ~^\ «rm w^r c«rc<F ^m ^<f<h "gxt% "^j ^rr, c<tsh «m 
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Cr<T, i£IH C<FH ^TC^ ^3TS<T HTT I 4"5H t% TT5TT# <t<=1C^,«i - «TtWf "^T^ ^HCS^ ^^n^HT ^t? ^H 

^tm ^^<fh «rt^FTf <rt ^^ T%ru ^njs, t^i c^th^ ws^o t?! i «r^ «rm R<ticG<t "src^u ^^<fh wt^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«rrc^; i «rrfsr ^s^ ^t?j ^tm ^fwr ^^rt ^ ^t c<m, w R<iicg<i$ ^^rt <t# Rf c<th, T<fi <?f5T 

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«Jtsrlw? ^T%t3J ^^f^TfTH?! C<FR ^TTST CTtf?TT ^T, ^*R (7$ RtCSRr C<T «T^ (W3¥f (3T<F Rf C<M, 4"5R 
^TW Rfsr Cff^GTTT "5?J C<T C<FH «H$1to$ C<H #?f C<FR ¥*f Rf iTTr%C?T CW TTC<T l T<F1 TC^RT T*fC<F 
WU «1W ^f%C?J ^Tl "5TT f*T<T ^rfTH <TT, f<T<T3 ^TfTHS ^, f^ ^H^ ^ ! ^^ <MC<H T%H «T^Tft 
^RTRfl; ^sraca ^TT ^FTRR ^F*R OT-^tfTRR f<TH ?RT #*IC<F HC®RI CwaTRT TjR^ ^F*H CT^TfTTR T%H 
T^RWTCa ^1« ^CTJ «TfCM - ^TTTRT WlHBlto^ W 9 ! CT*TR 3?T Rf l Tt 7 ^ ^f*TC<RT «rRTRHT tfl^tC^ 

^m «rfsrcM i f<Fi ?rT<rr?J c f ^iH5 4\o % «m, ^^tc^ ¥*f h?;, t%H «r^«, ^wrt ^^f^rt ^<f?tc\d 
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ywws, 4 - <flrH vgf^ ^ttth T^H r<t Tw c«tc<f *$\ c<rws c<fh *Rjc c f?r c<fr ^fN^- <Rij 
<3?fc<rt Tt#?r «r<f ^r, ^t ^iftfiH 4^1 <a? ^ttth ^tfTi ^ric^ ^ *tc?r ^tjhi ^rrcg ^ 

^J^fTfn^T <$?FC<RT t5 ^TRW ^RT Wf ^C?JC^l ^ *|% 4^FH C?R R*RT, 4?T ^TTJT^ ^H ^JTC^ CT5H, 
<FR RT<F ^Wlf^, 4^ ^T^ffH ^^^FSH <TMT «TTCM I *f5?f CW C^|t5" <F5 "5TT, T^<F C^lH 4^ ^tfH C?R 

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^^CTJ "^TIT «W^ WR <K^\ T%TT T%TWH I ^ ^ C^fT^FT^T ^<^TC^ "SfHW?t 4^s ^f% C<TR? ^<MT 
^T "5TH5 ^ ^ ^f ^^ t^ ^fW^ l ^ C'IT^FHt ^HC^ ^ ^tUS T<F ^<FCf ^S <|T% "^TT, T^<F «ITC^ 

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^<FM ^C^ ^H ^Ttrc<F ftT%?J CT^ RrR<ll3TC<F «THm i#5 ^f?JC?J CT^TTf <TT?I I C<W 4$ ^TT^TC<FH, 
^^ ^T<T T<F|C<F «rrsrHT ^<FCf CT^TTT <TT?T, "<T'<H ^THH f<T ^f ®MC<F ^^ ^m ^<FCf CT^TTf "5C<T ^H 
«THH ^Tl^C^IC^TH iflT%C?J <TTC<T I "T^<F C^lH ^H5, 4?! W ^<FC?rf W$ *ffC?f, ^o, *ft, "SJM, CFK, 
^<FH, C 9 !^ ^<T 4^ TC^" ^<FC?f feT ^Hl; "SfH<T ^CU <TTC<T I <£& T<T?FC^ «TfC^ wholeism, ^?f "SfTH 
«R"*T T^fC?J C<T ^lT£T<F «flf^, ^T ^JHT£T<F ^H C«fC<F (^T ^C<T I WTSTTC^rfT ^tftBRT W «R"*f WfC^ 
vsH ^T<T T<F| «IKHT ^sfT ^<FC?T <TT^ CSffWf *#fC?J CT^TTf <TT?J v\U5 ^^ 1wt% <TH «fT<FC<T I TWH 
i£IHC<F "SfHW RT, «J^ Wf "SfH^C^F «TfSf *f# TWH i#5 WfC^s 'frc^r I «te TWH <# Wt 

^trw i#s ^tmc?j ct?i v\$m T% ^ttc^ c<rmc^ c<fh ^srtt ^c<t? T%0; ^c<t ri i w<t ^tt 
^c<f cfc^i tmH^ c<r c^tH°s ^ ^^« c<ttttc^ c<fh wut (H^i c^ t^<t c<# ^o?n? ^m 
^wrsr IHh <m wuf5 tcvs c*fc^i «rrsrrcir?t <rt^ ^r «rtwr ^r ct<t, «rtc^ «it «tmcit?! 

CST'TTTiT^ CS\ ^T% C«fC<F^ ^rTT HCTJT^i «rm ^CKC<1<I C^T C<FH fo«rtRI^ Tlc^H Rf I ^k f^sT 
^TtWr<T ^k ^T-^mTC<F ^fifcs ^R <MWH «TH d^ «tT?f C«fC<F ^WfC<RJ ^rTT ^RT C^Tl 

Twth?t tmT^^ ^tcsrt tr «rrlTwf ^t^tt «twt^rj ^tc^ ^r^ ^ttt i 

«trsTTTTRJ ^TC^ ^t ^lfmtjf ^sm % C*t%, ^I^TTTT «rrsTTTTRJ ^TC^ C<FR IWIjR R?J I JWR 
■<# ^|"<f5T -s^T "STR5C<F ^^TfTfej^ Ct?I C<JKlC^<l ^<FTC^ C<FR WUT^ W$ Rf l "5C<T Rt C<TR? ^^ Wt^T 

2fc<r*f wua cfr^i x fwfi5t<f c^st "^fsfr?t <t^?j «rfcn T^<f ^t ^rt 9 fT?fH T%^; <it5c?if^c<!iH i T%H ^ "sfs 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


?nwm *tftem £tc<r*t ^^ WR ^C?t fej%*H I 4^5 ^FfFT^ f% «JTC^! f<Fl ?n<rm c r W^i ^RJC^ 
'TRJ^ Rf I ^FRH fow <JW°f ^fT ^STfFT vsW^f ^TH<T ^Ff ^ I 4^T ^Ff "SR^ C^TW «TfWt "^f 
^Ttfa ntT? ^sm "^ ^W^ C^fC^, voBJ ^ff%<F ^f "^J C^fC^ I ^sTCvs "^t F>! fo\sRT, W^ft <7f C\sf 
K*T C^TC^, K*f <n«?TrC\s 4 WTT ^f ^C?J C^fC^ I <TT 4*®M <TW ^C?J C^fC^ ^T f%H ^t *tft#r C5G5 
C<Tf?fC?T C^TI ^ «J'TCM ^TW ^ ^C?T «TTC^I 4<F5r ^Fp?! ^Ht C^ fFC^T Wi *lftef?T 

fo*ii<MM ! BT^ w ^c?r <rrc<T i ^Nf5rc<F csbb fim T^rc smrs; «rrwrs *m «rm f?rc<T ^n i *fNT 
^o ^r \si?r ^r r%t%^ F?mn?j f^mi 4-^rrcn cwr^ ^rc^ t^jj^ wrc^ ^r «rNfBT «rrc^i tnbj 

C^M ^ITF CoflS C<TFk?I (7FQ¥r "5?J ^C^T f^jTS, «TW ^TC^S *fNT «Tt?T ^W ^T I ^fSC^T C^N5HJ 

^^5, Fjfrm?; ®wy «rrc^, *ift#r« ^tt^ «rm ^hic^ *jftc<ti f>i *ift?ffjt ^ «^p^f i «rff*r 

^NT nrc^ fFC?J «JTC?n#r «INT *TT*fttfo *flf<t F>§ FFJJ^?! FFf^ ^(Ff Rf l $<F C^TH *fftc?I?T Cf^H 

fo^n <rr wr^fTc^ stfk%1; ^n 4-<rT<H ^fc^t <ftc^t t^ ^ wtfti tmH c^ w, fi*a«t 

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c<th, ^m <rfe^ t%H «rm ^st?j c^ac^ f%Hi c<tsr «rr<FTc*m ^^rsrr f%m ^mt ^t?j ^t ?frc*r?j 
c^sc?j« «jt^k «rr<Tt?i ?rrc*r?j ^%^« «ir<Fr*r i ^ nr*rc<F <# ^w?j (^pw f^t ^r ?rrc*r?j c^sc?j« 
^tsft nrc*i?j ^c^^s ?mm\ f^ c^rN ^t 'w ^r, ftN M^r FFrt<m f%Nt ^ F>p 

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^ter^ ^fj ^i5w k^t <n«?rr <ttc<t, (tntw^s f^Nt «rrc^j, \st?t <ntc?j« «rrc^j i ^ ^ wm^rm 
v#?i £Rn*t ^^ ^^ ^tc<t "5?t i c<jwfcsr?f "sr:<it <r*m f%N Fr?nw <^<ic^h ^s^m c<i^ic<=i<i w.-^ £i<mf*r^ 
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«rrsrm ^%^« FsN i ^ ^«nt stgpr ^k f^or f^^iFF*!!^ <ic<=if^c<=iH - t%N w f%twm i 
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C^ I ^^71 'lfwm ^<ra ^^JW f%5^J /t W#, v5FJ ^FU "5?! TT l F5FT ^<FFra «JC'W ^?ffC^T Rf I ^<m% 
C<F? f<TN ^TC<F« NC?J (?FT I ^t#?J ^TTFI ^fC?^ ^nC^Tff W% "5?! I f<Pl f%fn "^FT 'W^FT, ^tfJ^S 

c^r^r i ^w?t?j cvsT (^h sf*f?; ^k^ ^n i «i<n^ ^fj^ ^w <# ^<mt "5?i ^ft ^fu^ ^c?j «rrc<F, f>i 
^ ^«it^ cst <r*rf <nc<T ^n i ^m^t ^fu w c^t ^^ ^<n ^<n "^s ^Tt^rc<T, ^t ^«n w$ ~$?\ ^t 
^«rrc^r ^nt <ttc<t ^r, c<wr ^Rm? c^r ^?m ^rnt ^?jh i <#« ^^m «rnr^ ^n, (mmrFm ^fjt 

^TT ^T I f%N ^FJ Wl, f%Nt «ITWr, ^?J^, f%N FTOSf W ^ F>| C^, ^ffeFH^FT ^m 

^•«rm c«rc<pt ^w^ - f^Fr «nwr, f%N f^wt «rm f»ft «jff^w'T i ftcst c«tc<f f%^ «rm f<j^ 

(7j|;, vsTl; vsFT ^TTFf C<TSH 2f*fl; ^k^ "=TT l «JW<f ^-<rTH *N ^r?J ^Tsjf FfC?t <f<=1C^H - W 
Wff^WW^tf^S, WF[ OT 1fF<Ff ^t, <il? FtfW ^fK ^H^t F>? ^FsN I ^sFf <# Rf STTC<F WF\ 
^FJF ^C<f ^f l ^TTT?! c^f^H ^^ ^'n H?;, ^^ *ff%^ ir?I<fn?f l F>1 t%Fft <T«H «JTC^r W<H 
(TNfH ^m^ C<FNT C«fC<F «TFRFT «!T?f *IF^S f%Hti 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


CTOffi ^T <FPQ¥f ^T ^k WH Ht, C<FH fotHC<f<1 W/m 1W W^ OT twm^M ^ST, 

c?rwfTc<F« ^^rw ^rw Rt ~^ cpf^sTrt ^r i <rm?: w$ ws ^m^; ^ ^t^ fwm ^c<f?: - wr?rc^, 
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C*fC<T ^l^f^T \dRT f<Hf*f "^C?r <TTC<T I f<FS <t<R ^Tt ^T «m <J?FC<T?t ^rTf "^T Rf, t%H TO ^H ^ 
<Ttt% ^ R<H<1C<I> <TH fw OT^TTT ^TI ^TTH C<FR f<RFRj W?J ^TC<TT p$, t%H Wt ^lfoFtftl %fBtt 

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^st^T ^ C<T ^fft «TTWr CFTC<RT RfSRH C*T<tft, <Ttt% C*TWft ^TC^ 4«M t%? ^<R «Tf<ft?r ^ (Tf^ 
WRJ^fTC^ K*T <Tf?T (?fSt "5=T f<f<T\s i f^f T%f<FRT 3^ «TtC^T, f%H ^fWf f<F| C^ I «TRJ W3 Ht «TfC^ 

wn, Rf «ttc^ c<fr twm, rt ^rfc^ ttlNfsri tw <rr t%| c^ttl ^t cw fwm «rm «it^tfsri ^t^t 
4\s t%| c<fm c«rc<F ^srprc^? tffBt^ wrr, «oBit ^sfa c^rt ^r %rr i wt m n^m ftwmr ^r 
t<twi t^w "stth RtH<fBl c^ttm, ^rfsr ?pf t%?$ (?f<rrc^, «rm Rfa ?HBr ^sj, ^W^ c<f^ rt 

W\a 9ff?TC<T HT, f<FS 41>t <Tf«R<F H?T I ^Ksf<T<F <# "^T ^sf^T ^r*TC3 t<t<PH CTH ^7?T <tTC<T I ^r*JC3 

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cF^rm^ t%t% cF^rf i t*p® t*t c«tc<f <t® ^«rr ^r t%H ^h ffiFsjPffisrMK, ^m t%| «tH^j, ^r<T 
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t% wt^pT? ^tc^t wf^ 1 ? ^tww; ^« w i t% «rrc'ftw ^rw, t^i iw i c<tc^>s ^fst «rni'ftw 
tw crl: c^b ^tr «^? i -?p?h ^rmsnt^ ^ttc^ ^ wf t%m <rm ^c^ ^■<h ^? c<fh ^tt <?rl: i 

t<Pl "?THT ^ «fR t%H ^<ra^ ^TT, WM ^HT 4? ^T<T t%| ^"C<P<trc^ ^^TW l ^ C<T 4 <F ^<F <ra 
¥f5f WT IP, <FSR«"C?M5f C^fstPT TO ^twm C<Fft^ "Sf^Fm ^f, ^ WtW ^5 ^ 5 C<F# $T<Fr?t 
^Tfsf, ^2ff% C<FK WfW ^TTt<F iT*r ^ 5 C<Flt^ ^T<Fm ¥f5[ Wf fC^I »£Rlt ^f<Tlt ^Tt5[%-^T«t3^ 
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c<fh *w «rf^? w? ^rfct <ft^<f <tot ^ t*t ^§ w c<f^ w^s c<tc^t rt i "5th<t <t - <h c<tsh 

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Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<sm ^m. «nf*r Sf*r?rc<F wh^o ^it, *mu$ 4 <f5t *w ^r t% i ^<h \skr whfo yftc<H ^r t% 
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<rm ^ *iftar-fiftet ^fc?t c*Kr ^c?r c^? «rt?r ^ csrmwrr c^rm ^ t% h^tt? wr, ^fr, 
circ*r t%?rft, ^rm c<fh c*rmt ^rmw ^rr i 4^rm <mc<h, wr ^r c*th, ^r c<r 3w?r <F<*rr fcw 
^fjt^ \sk ^t w?t, <45t «rt^rw t<Twi H^t ^<f*h «rM <nfk?i <mc 9 rrw*r t%^r ^rr, ^iwt cr3?it 
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^tot ^r ^ ^srrrM c«tc<f *rt%, ^m frmr -<r?rcT5?r inft^ ^rrft te trn^ ^rr, 4-<rrH Htt>r f%m 
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^mr- ^Rprt ^tt «itc<f ^m wit t% «rrsrm! c^rm <# ^froFrr ^c?r «rrc<F c^r&r ^rmm w\ ^! ^r 
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^tt w«w ^c?rt%ri Tift ^s*rt^T# ^wi? w«w t^nmtlc^i c^rm<Fm ^m^FSH ^T^rm^r 
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^mtwc<F ta <f=ic=iH - ■sRmtw! <«RJt c^r ^r t%^ i \sr m?R ^nft ^^t^^rt ftus ■§$, c^r 
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^i^t mc^f? ^c?r?r ^tt ^rrft c<fc=t ^rt! «rm ^^ ^srt #^t ^ 4^r ^t% tros nmw ^rt! 

t^^^F^s "5C<T^Tfl 

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c^rm ^rr^tw t% ^rr^rc<T ^rt i ^it^w ^t t%m «th<f ^tt^t «rrc^, c<r-<nH w^w t^rwm 
^'m c<m t<F ^ «rwr^m ^c^h i ^?f t*mK<F ^"sr ^-sr wrc^r*f <f?tc^t, <tt ^^t^ «ichc^ «iw 
c«tc<f »nta ^to yfe? i <rmr it^h ^^s ^to ^ttc<t ^mtt ^r^m «itw i c^mm yrt t% ^it 
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^rrsnw? ^rrc«r ^r, «rrwr ^t ^^tc^ ^r w=t t%o nm<T ^rr t<Fi ^c^m ^«r ftus nm<T i ^^r 
^r^rm^r ^^ ^^c-^m <?rt^ cit^m wi<fc^ i ^^»tw ^ 5 ^ "^?r ^rr i vi^R>c^s ^ht^ <t<=ic^H - 
\gt*r c<iw ^Nr^r "^m^, ^ofsr 4-<m c^rsrm twr ^<Ft^<F ^rt t%m "src^ <tt« t<Fi «rniM ^^f^t ^t twr 
^tH ^w ^rfi c<rt^r c<t^s ^ (Htt^r <m<t w^mm «it^t «rrsrrcii? ^rck wtft ^ti ^r <jc<rr 
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"m^, ^mr <r-<m c<fh i#? ^rrsr f*r ^r<Ft %<f \s-<h «rmr wtm ^c^ "<Ff5m# ^fc?t w=t ^ 

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w<r ^rrrc^Fc^ff ^trc?r c<r "pffsr <?r<rr ^rtc^ «t itTc^ H^s -^c<t i <rc^ c<r#«"?rHKir?f ^t tj?t<t^; ^ i 

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4T7T% ct ^r w <vrc5prr ^<fc^ ^TTf^, w ^t<Fr "<m^ ^<fc?t ^T^f^ c#t c^rsrm ^^rm i ^^ «rttsr 
c\sHrc<F <n <rt ^m cpfsr c^rsrrc<F ^^s ^ i ^^m ^r t%m <fc?t ct^ \stsr «n^w t<F whc<t ^i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<sfc ^w:^ ft 7 ^ <rw?r c*$ ?ff5t ^m sprm ^# c#r ^htht <rcsf ^c?rc^i \sm ^m^r t^rc<T?r 
^ «£i vs % ct ^rmrnT ^th<t T%st ^rmw ^rr i 

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«rtwt wspr ?r«fa ^w fwmt cr<rft, <*rBt5 ^rmr i ^rmr ^tth f^ur, ^tt 4«m ^c?r c^r fe#i i 
4$ <m ^^ ^cm ^rr ^rr ^, t%ft ww mmtvjmz, t%THl; ^%?r t%THl; «rrnrn c»^?ri 

W5T<f 4<*ITC i T <K?I<I>1I> ^ ^RWtSR <K<tCfeR, C<T *r*f®M WM <?$ 1 t<F C^ *t^QM - mt^JfejWWt 
W°, ^C^>I^C<II^C^I^C<lt 3)>C<1l$vil tw^l t%R 1<T t%p ^%?T Wfa C^sC?T 4<T?. WJ ^STim 

^sht ^k <K?i<t>lT5 ««r ^w <Trc^ - wsf?r, \5prt p ^ ir «rm >hci>c?i ^?^ ^r w»?t 1 ^rfwr 
^ ^r?r «£ppBt ^«rr «rrc^ wti^ ^ c^rrwt ^r, c<r-<rnH ^ c^rrw twr?r ^r! t%th?; «$ 

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(Trl; ^p ^rrc^ ^m t%| t%*r<T^ ^r»rf<t<F ^rc<T?; k*t ~^\c<\\ c<t*h <tc«t c^t^sttt ^t t%R ^h 
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■<TT?r ^s^ «rf<Frc*r?r wn ttcBT oTm ^m w\ - ^r «rt?r w\\ ^r ^r <wfe?r?r w cnHT<Fr?r 1 «hw 
^t<f ^TTcn, c^ <K<r<Fr?r w, «tmrr*rc<F <ft» c^rm, tw -stTTmm wm^r «it^t «rr<Fr*r t% <ft» 
■=t?j 1 w^ w ^ t^jTsr <r ^ptt lHc^tc^ ^rnr Tw 4*m« ^r <ttc^ «jm^ -^ c^MT<Fm 1 ^?r 
■^ ns smH fiwr - <T-<mt ^fer <ttc5^j ^m*\^ M^\ ^wm, w?r "srrw «rr<Fr*r c^tHT<Fm ^ 1 
«rm ^r, «rt<Frc*r c<r %r ?ks c^rr "<ttc5^, «jpt^t ^^ «rr<Frc*m <p§> ~*\$, «rmm ^p ^ra «rt<Frc*m 
m ^rrc^ <rm 1 «rmm «ich^ ^^tsrj ^lt cttc<t ^<fwTc<f ^cbt cr^rm, «rr<Frc*f ^cbt ^m (w<r 1 ^lt crm 
"5c?r ctcsr tsfT^mBT c<r ?r<Fsr *\\u$ c^ ?r<F5r ^rf crt^m wn <\^\ cT-<rm 1 ^^ c^t^ t^t ^tt, ^tt 
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%<f k^t <ttc^ 1 4*m c5w ^<FCf <TT«?rm ^ra "srw "^r ?rrr^<F#r «mr t^<F <ttc55 i ^i<^t c5w ~<m 
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c5^#r C5?5 "5W <ttc5^ 1 ^^T^TT ^lt crm 1 

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wr.° <p?T%?7, yRmii t<r stfaspius - <n% ^H cmw «rr<Fr*r ww^ ^tc=t ^?r 1 f^ c^rf^ ^ c<r 
«j^ ^r t%ft ^ tjhh ?r<FC5j?r ^nrtm caur ^rh ^?j t%H c<m f<Tr%w c^ ^rn^r 1 ^5 f<tt%^ c^ 
^m, ^t drc^fj c^sc^ sttt, "sm, tt%f «rm ^thh ?t<fst f<r<m <tt f<F| wrc^ ^«wn ^rw <j^ ^c?f 
t%h c<h ^ptsth 1 «rrsrm cww?r tmH «rf^rr t%f^ c<h ^fet^o* ^c?r c^rc^r, f^r c^\ s\\°\^ w\ 
c^tc^t 1 f^ c^stH «rtt^ "^r^ ^?r?r <t^ht ~^\\% "^ ^?r?r twr <F?rft ~~s-^ «rrf^ "srh ^<F?if| 
^?r?r c<h ^r^ f*m, ^r^ «rr, ^r^ ^s, ~^m^\ cm ^c?r crcsi ^i^Rc^ «rrf^r Hwc<f «rrsrm 
^rrc^r ^ ^?r erottli «rr^r ^rrft c<f? «jrftr «^ ^ti ^t m «rr^rm f% «rrc^? ^ ^» ^rtc^, 
^ 'TT «rfc^, ^^ "stnt «rfu5 «rm sfH «rtc^ 1 ^^fk «rrf^r <t - <h "sr^ <Tm ^"<H «rrsrm htst t%m <t^tc<t 
^j ^rmr c^ti w?r ^tth ^Tt?r «^ «rt^rm f^ste $t?\ c^ti ^ t%fw^TT ^mt ^twhi 

^PTSTH "srTH, ^M TT^C<T H^ f<Ff "SRTr "5?J C<H ^'TtR C^UT C^\ t%t% «ITC^T I ^^TH C<T «rf^T 
«JTC^ vst^; ^HT ^T<T f<F| «jfC^, ^T «TfC^T ^TC 5 ^ ^^M^ 1<Ttt ^lt CT^I <Fl?rr CT^? 

^rr^fmT (?rTc<F?rT 1 p>s ^#^ w w ° <wrMfcfl~~Ti~~z $t ?i<Fsr cr<rm f^t tw <fmr ^msrr^f ^tmw 
^c?f c^tc^t ^mr 'rlwm ctc^h i <fmr <F«n^s tH?rfw ^rc^r, t%*m <ra ^t^c^ c*rc<r?r t%<M w, 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


%t?rr crc<r srr<Fc<H cT<rrcT ^ <t?tcm ^r <?r ^sfcr^F <^% ^fc?t ^r^ <mc*h - ?t<r wm^rm c^tfl 
f%Ht; «rrc^r, f%H ^r^r «rt?t t%§> ctl; i 

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^rrc^ f<F ^#1 ^t; srtcr?! ^rrc^t «rt^rm c<fh ^^ ctl; i f<Fi /^n^/^^f^ ^^^fsh ^fTcrmH 
\sm «tct<f *tt% «rtcs, ^^h c^r^rr'mWr \5t?r *rr% ^, 4Cr?t f^mr*if#?t \or?tw, ^m ^rcr <rrt 
vom ^ri «rrwr c<r H§^r ^rt% ^m h§^pt tni; ^ Hs^r tw «rrc ^r, ^ Hs^srr^ ^\%\ $t 
<rr^ ■srr<tiw srfH^ cw^r <Tm, ^trr ^r t%mr^<F *r%, ^thct?! cr ^r<f "^wr ^t>r t%s"^ra ^rrcst 
^r<r^i c#shi c<rr%r t^g^pr-^w^ f^<F ^rft t%ohi 4-<ttct <ftc^ "^rt^rm ?rw ^ sffcm 
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fcH wf,°, «rt^rm ^tcT?t ^rrcsf c<fh w*f$ ct$;i w*\4 crt; ^rrcr wh*tt%, ^te ^h, ^, 
f^a ^s «i^m ^ cr ^rcT?t hhh ^wra wt 4?r ^rrc^t «rt^rm c<fh ^p^ cfl;i c<t c<fh #<t$ 
^p?r ^rc<ti c*rt «** itwH^ fewt i c?Fp <mc3>h ctcjt ^rt^r ^o t%?r <jc>t «rrc^ cr*if| 
c^ ^fbbKH-h ^ttct ^jvo f%m <rw «rfc^Ti ^tf? ^r%<F« ci - <rc^T «rmm %m c^ocs c^ 
5^fH 5 «iW3 c^rc^T c<h 4^ c^pri *rrtj> ^o ^tt^c* f^i f%f% (tt-^tc^t itwH 5 ^ ^o 
^sc^ti «rmw c«rH^r ^o ht^i f<tH «Erartf ^lt ^iw t%H itwm ctc*h #tm w 
f<F^ H^i «rm ^st arw, ^h ^®wh ^n:«r #ftffl ^fw c<fh w^ h^i ^r<F5r t% ^<m? 
c^ "sih "^r i <r^H "srh ^c<r c<r ^k "^h <h?;, "srh^ ^tw c<fh (Ht't h?; «m srrcm ^tw^ c<fh (Hffi 
h^ ^o^H ^ ^cbi? w «rH^rfw «rfc^ vom i<#tt ^H k^t <rrc<r i vom ^rftH wrnfer, ^cfer 
wt <rr t%| «rfc^ ^orcr^ ^t «m ^um c<fh w^ h^ i ^m ^tth ^o, «it, ct5K ^« ^rn:«t 
«n^rm c<FH ^r<F h?; i ^^r ^^^rr ^r<r ^r ^rrc'm t%?rr i str^r^tf^co ^s -^m, ^rr "5^ c5Tc<h 

<FfW "PTC5I C<T <wm ^oH "^fCo sfT^r»!^ (X*f\ «rfC5, C<T (?it^%, C<t ^ ^<F^C5 ^'Cr^ ^i stk *tt% 

c<r% wfc^i t^<F corrH ^wt%c?ra ^o wrcrfer^ «rr^rm ^rrc^t c<fh ^t<f ct^i ^cfer ^rm 
wtcHta<t ^t ^t sm «rm ^h i ^ ^cgic^ c<fci ^%?j cr«?rr ^r i 2fr°f ^rm sh^ c<fci t%r 
vot^t «rm ^<Fm ^rrc^t ^om t% ^^t^i^f «n<Fc<r i 

l^rm^fm 5 ^lH^tc^ ^r^ <m?#<r ciiindi, <jth ^c^ ^rcr "^r c<h t%H <jth <mcsh, 

C<FH ^<FfW ^<FfC5 "SfCT "^T C<H f^H C5^t <t^<IC^H I £fT?f?; (?TTC<F ^^ «rfF|<f ^f^J ^c*? ^rrcsj <t<=1C^H 
Cr^lf^t #<F<T3 C^\ <^<IC^H I C<H <MC2>,H Hf CoT f<F <t<=1C<t«i, ^Jt^t t<F ^<F<H ^®I<nT ^<FC^t! «rf^rm 

^«Ftti c<fh f<Fp ^tc^ ^r^ crl;, ^m srr^r «rm "sjct? ^tw c<fh ^^t^i^f ctI; ^ot^ct tt%?ra ^m 

f<F ^t<F ^JFfC^! (TI^SHT f^rm^ ^'fHWr <J^ <f77??#<r Cltlil^ll, C^ t%H <JTH M^, C<H 

t%H cstr <ii<ic?,«i i c<h ^<mt w%. ^^^tt c<rmrT<rm ^ht i f<Fi ^ wt^r t<tH, f<TH «r^ ^j %k 
^rrc^t ^®'CTm c<FH ^pm^ crl;i ^®mcf ■sjmh ^rco "^c<r, ^-«rrcT cfh ^ocf<j ^^rm crl;, w 
t^HTc^ <MC5H i w ^ch C2ftt% wm ^Hts ^m t^r c<r ^c^ c^r^ wm ^*viiw<j, wtt 
^Fc^tf^rcrft w$ <i<=ic^ w/'wr <m ^iiiiyu ^mt^t ^w fMt^Pl^g, W\ «rrt5r<f t%H 
ww «rm ^m t*r<TT« w^m ^pt^, "^rr w <mc<h ct^t ^ 9 ^ ^c<jr w?rm "wor ^om "sn:<tT «rtc^ i 
4t <j;5f<w , % nr "^ «r<JTT^ ^trg «r^rnr^r wr "^rm ^rti ^ c<r «fsM <mt "^ "stH[<t ^ ^c^ 

f<F^ "SJCT Wl C*R t%H <JTH <t^<IC^«i I ^ ^^FmT (W<H? <fmT 9 mT«Tf«f ^lt ^^T^ ^J^<Tl ^mTSTT^ 

w^rcF f<rH cstct c^t, <fm ^twn ^c?r c^rc^ t%Ht; ^t wsr tfwm cr-^rc^H, ^t ^ftco cfh 
t^ ^r ^tc^ «n<Fc<T ^rr i ti%# ^^tc<f c<rmrH? ^sht «jrcsrwr^TcM ^tf^t <j=ic^h, «rrcr<Fwr^m 

<T*H *& ^Nt^ <MC^ ^T CoTSTTC<F ^Jtt^ ^1? CTC*f Hc?J <TT<T I ^HiT WT '«rff^r <TT<T ^TT' I 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^TWt^ ^T^TC^F ^J <Fft%?l ^TC^ '^ol^T CvMiTP «H^T ^ tj><FC?rr <FC?T CrT' I ^fWT^T^ 

^fsffcf <j<r|^H '^ c^ <j^ fsr^rjT <fstt ^r <rr «wlH, ^r «rtsrrc^F f<F <fc?t ^rr?rc<T! «rtfsr c^r crt; 
«^ wr^rT, ^r ^s cwm «itsrra ^rf5r ^rr ^r c<fc5' otw, ^tc^ *tfrc<ra ^r tr<Fc?rr ^r <rrc<T f<Fi 
«rrsrtw \sfsr R>v»im ^rraw, c<r ^ «rr^fT ^fe<F ^r 1% ^m ^rraw'! ^«T^rt c<t c<fh ^%, fwr, 
^r^rt ^c?r <mc&h \ot r?j i <rT$f<T<F ^kr ^fMt ott<r i 

wsowr ^rfiR f%ft sfHfR ^r, ww.° ^rfiR f%ft ^fR ^r i stk «rm *fiH?t ^rrcsr ^r<F 

«rfi^ f<Fg £fW¥ C<FR ^F 5 ^ (R?;, f<F§ ^fiR ^5T C<H W^ «ITC^ I sfT^T ^S Ws^ ^TTfa^ <T<H?; <TH 

f%?r cit^tt ^r ^R «rra ^ra "5rc<u c<fr ^racm viPmvot «rr?rc<T ^rr, c»$*mj w^rra ^rw <wr ^c^ 
«q i mw <ic<=i^c<=ih fw, fw ^rfin ^?sr<Fr*r, «cg? wfo srra i*rc$ ^r i ftg i^^ "^t^tm 
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nrc^, ^r %rc<F ^rmT ^<fc^ «rrc^r, c^ht t%tr ^r<r f<F^ ^^ i ^fctc?r?t cws^?r ^c?rr ^ft? %f 
w$c% (Ms&rti f%f% c# i 4?r «rrc^?r w ^rr ^c?rf%r ^ft ^rTRt ^rmm <Ft«f i ^tt ^st ^ «rm 
^rmr ^^r c<FNm c^ $~u$ ^rc^ ^rrc^r ^tT%c?j «rrc^r i ^rmr wr ^\ ^mc^ ^swt ^wt t 1 ^ 
«rt^rc<H rTi ^mc^r ^s°f t 1 ^ c^ c#? ^m<T f%TR w ^r f<F^ %f, (tt<th c«tc<f^ «jeit ^ 
c<rf?fim ^srrn^, f<Fi ^rmr ^k<F "ff ^^s nfi^Rt i Mt ^ c<tr ^st ^fcm c«?tc<f c*tt? ^m^r #3 
■5R:<rj ■srmr rc^t c<fr ^hW <rI; i vst^; ^m ^rsra ^fM^; ^rr "^ - ^tst ^? ^f^s? ^m f<Fp c«tc<f 
c# ^ht ^rft^ %fc<F t%Tr Hcsf?r ^r:<it ^rmT ^c^ (^-«rc^ri c<w ^rr, -srr ^r<T ^rsra ^H c^ 
G*rfri ^ht ^rr ^fiR? %f ^rmT <fc^%i i f<Fi ^th? cim ^ttc<f ^^c^ rTi ^tst *fafo ^ft<f 
%fc<F H^ra ^:<it ^rmT ^^ «rrc^r ^r w ^3<Fcsra ^^rtf^mH ^f^s «rfi^ \sra c*tc<f f%H g# i 
^ra <F^m f%fR^ ^#t<fi t^^Hh f%rs ^r ^rrar ^w ^^ra^ Trc?Rti ^rmra ^jcn f%f^ 
^ft ^ra^r f<Fi ^rmr ^k<F "»K ^ra^s tfira ^r, ^ ^k<F <ptt ^r ^rmr<f>r i Mt ^w ^rrara c-^pf 
"srr^ (Rl; i voT^; f^sT ^r ^T ^r e$u$ csft i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVV/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^ ^R^ ^rc<rj ^ttt?; ^H «iw wk ^ttt <Tt?r i «rtfsr w^ «rrf^ ^srmr «rrc^; 1% c^ ^s 
^rm f% «rfw ^rm, c<r ^^ ^rtft stwf ^^s «mrf^, c<r ^rtf «rtf*r «rmirT ^F?rc^ ^rmf^, ot 
^fcrc?r?T ?rrc*r ^rfft wf ^^s nmfl CTt ^t cst c# i ^K "sfcm ^ft; ^w<r ^rc^ <2t& i ^t<F?r 

<MCfe>H C<T ^H? ^T*1M p^, ^Tt% (Tft C^ ^Tf fWRT ^\f I C<T ^CM ^ (H^ C^ ^ f%W?T 

t^! ^it M°f ^iw Hc?i c*rrc<F f% ^f?tc<t! ftqwr%rr c#5ri wr ^tc<f?; stnht c"t?t i «rfT^H 

*ft?N3 ^H?; 4^ RT <MC<H RT, T<T *PTC^ <MC<H ^jt f^F? ^<T*TC^I %sf<T ^TC<TT aWW^ <MCfe>H 

^fctc?r?T ^tw^t<t ^to ^# iN*f ^rrc^ ^t$t%H ^c^<f 1^1 f^i ^rmr ^rw ""H <F?rc^ frc^HTi 

C#5RJ t%H ^TSft, CTtjSHl t%R (2$ I f<F$ %Nt C<T «HT ?T\ 9 f Hs'T M?Tt<Fl?T ^aTtf» ^rT?Tt<T C*T*f ^rt3 
C^ I 4 WfT W\ «THt "5t% W Mc?I ^TTC^T %fCf^ ^TT I WTSTfC^ ^TT 3°T, ^Tf? <MC^T C<T <TT3<T 
^TTM C^, ^Tt% <?$ CT^ ^\f fwra TTJI (Tf^TT «IMW ^«T ^T^t <2f& ^R/T ^FC?T l $*lffi^F 
^\U5 «ICHC<t> ^T^s ^frC^HT, ^«T 4 - *TTC i T «%^ f<Ff H$; I %sT ^T?f<TC\a «rc^ ^f^ W «TfC^, ^TH 
^ST ^? "<# ^tT^ ^T ^sT^T ^5t% ^<FfC<F ^<F?TC<T I «T% ^fw RT ^T ^sf^T ^THRT'T 'STT^" t% t%?J 

«n^w, c?rt «frtct 4<tt ^iFtacm ^§ n^t ^F?rc^ *rrc?HT i ^tt «rrcn c^rc^ ^ ^cbt «ihht »w 
T>w «rf^rc^, wr*w «th «t%f«f i ^ ^c^r *w c<r «tkm ^c?r "<tt?t, f^ ^ : <FTfc < rl; «tkm ^c?r 
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Hq c t f<fH ^k "strth ^rW c<fh ^^ c^ i «rt? c<tttc^ w "5=t ^m<i ^wu^ "<th c<fr ^^t 5 ^ c^ 
f%Ht c# i ■srKrTfj «rr^^ "<t^t t%H ^W ^<ra Rc^h ^h #^ ^<mt w$ ^^ ^ 1 ^ t% "^rRrm 
«rm c fc<F ar^r <fc^c^ ^r m°\ ^w^ H^'t ^cm ^rh 4<Ftj> c<h c^fS" ^c^ c^rr ^u i c0 
"srrw, «rrwr c0 ^s &$ «rc«f t%H ^<t# ct^ «rc<f c^ ^ra i ^^wr ^r ^tc<t? ^^n? i "<rkr f^ 
#<f ^f, % "5n:<fT «t%^ ^^prrc^ srr^ «rrc^ ^kr ^^r H© c f ^w? %<f \sr<Frc<H« ^rf i t%s 
Hs<r ^ijic^ ^tt "^r ^s^s, ^«r "sthc<h ^^ wt<t i 

^rcf?r c»h w*t ^it w^r wf? m° ^ o , ^ ^r ^m c«rc<F« c£fi i «r^ w^ 
^•«rrw ^©«r ^w c<rmrrc5^T i «m <*$ *N& «rrsrrcir? ^rrcg ^j^# H5 ^tt>r ^ 1 ^src^ «i«mw 

^ "5C?TC^ STft% W$, ^T<T f<Fp "^?J ^T, 'ffWDJT "^?J f<F§ Sf<FfW C<FH <#<TW "^?J HT I «rT<TT?r 

^•«rrw «iw wra wr sm. ^°\ ^m w&\ «rr<Tm «ww M'r ^t?t ^^3 <f«h <f*h 
wr« <M ^r 1 1*$ ^FTfTcT ^iR»mil5» *irai «rrr5Tc<f^ ^»ht Hc?j nr^ <f?tc^ ^tt ^?r 1 «rrr5Tc<1i ^ht ^tt 
Hc?j 'fwr c<m wt?r^n?T c<m *t^c<F t% «rc<f ^0 wt ^ c<rr<Trr ^ ^#r ^ni ^m 1 ^-<rn?T ^ 
^^ «m ^rnc^ c<Fr«rr« £r<Ft%, c<Fr«rr« ^m *hi?r ^thh c<Fr«rr« Hst ^t fwc^ «ikht «tkht 
«rc<f <rj<r5H wt ^ 1 «nt (3T<f ^•«rrc i T <f<=ic^H tmH ^tst ^<t f%H 9m<\ ^ft c«rc<F« g#, tw 

■STHTfT ^^FTfTCT HsT ^T #fT C«rc<F« C# l 

«rrr5T<f <ms*\ <T^?^f7<F/W5rw^ Hs'r ^c^?t ^rr ^mus %?j ^tc^t <ttc<f ^TfFfc*f?r w 
^tt w^, ^ f<F|cs tmH «^c^rr^ ^c?r «itc^t, f%H f% ^<FCf srsrT'T^s ^r? «rrsrm «rr^HH c«>^c<i 
ct^ Hs'r 3^ f%rwH, ^ f<Fp ^fe c^sc^ t%Ht «rrc^r 1 w^r t%H w^'/r m° f% ^c^ 

^T? ^ ^f^BT C^T Tsr^fjT ^T?r, ^H<J1^ ^TC^ WfW? W¥l «IH 4t Wt^ ^N 5 ^ f^Thf^fJ 

c<ht, f3Rrf*rt%?f c«ht ^Tc^ srrc^ c«ht i ^t^c=t t% ^<fc^ ^tc<f w^/tt'/t wt.° ^<mt ^? ^h ^tt 

■^ ^t C<T sfT'T « "SR i£|T?t<T ^s,1t% "5C?JC% ^"Crfl ^tt% «ITC^ f%t%t t%*H I Wf^ "<T<H sff^T t%T 
^TT, "SR %f Hf ^"<H« T%H %?H l (Tf^SRl \5TC<F ^Tf "^?T W^^/T m 8 l ^<H3 ^fw sfT'T « "SR 
«ftW vsf^T ^^»TC<T ^<MT "5>s Rf i ^WffT "<T^H STT'T « "SRRfJ %«,«# ^jCfl C^ ^?H «TH ^TC<F fsr^^fTT 
^TT <TTW RT I 4t ^WlJPlllJo C*MT, "*tf%=?T C«Mr ^^T^TTC^ «TTstlT «rft<FTfJ <Fff| HT, f% ^W^S 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


4<qc*tt (?$ i c<h w^s <?#; ^rt "^? <fi?h m\ cwrc<r stsH csrtf?; ^t^ sjh f^i ^ ^rc<r 
sf^rsr c*fc<F «frc^ ^tt, srtc^m ^rtt *rc3 "^j i *fc3 ^lt "^j ^w 4? ^^ c^ i w^ c^ ^r <mm 
cwiit?rr ^rt^c^ <r«H?; ^thc<t ^tt, <H^lw3 ^t?rr ^thc<t ^rti cwrc^ ^mm *rf% ^tih stH, ^ 

Sflcm C*\ ^\C<\ WW ^C^I fC?! ^rH ^STTf^ WTT SfTcm WF2T C^l 4?T 'fCM ^TC^ ^TfW SfH « 

^R?r?r ^H *fc?r *fc?r ^c?tc^i T% *tc<r<T t%?f w t^th T%*m ^fc?t ^rft#r w$ ^tt «rm Hf#c<F 
w^\ <?r<rR 3c?tc^ i ^tf^s ^r « *tT%?r «rcw^ ^jc^r^ s&$ <fc?tc^t i ^tt «rt?r *tt% «rc^ 
ttth, ^tt? tp<r ^t?j "5c?j "^rm ^<R Ht% ^ctj? wtt %t "5c?t "<tt?t i fw 4-<trh sth <r*rc^ fsRrr^ 5 

Hf%C<F ^Tt ^, ^fK «rfSTfCi^ ^tfteBJ <^C?f (7T «IT'faTfsI CW ^TC5, <7f5tC<F C<Tf<JfTC^I 

«rsfH w^ f?tc?i c^nic^h, 4^<fr 4"sr «t<r^T f% ^r*R c^ ^ ^j «rrc^r ^H ^m wtj 
srw t% rt, ^rt; srtc c m wr^t ^fK srtcm ^m ^sr c$i srrcm ^tw wi «r?t<f «rca 
^rr^i c<w «rw?r cr^rc^r ^ht «rrc^i wtfsr 4^r ^ crcn c^t c<r^R<m <?rrc<F?rr Ffsrt ^r 
t%| wfc=rt Rf, ^mt «rT5TTc<F <?rc<f ^tc<t ^tt^ c^rmi t% Ffsrr c^r ^rm wt ^r, ^nt^ *r*fa 
wn f%c?j%rH ^<H «rrsrm cmc^r ^rr t% Rfi wr cm c<m ^rm ^rtf csrc^ ^rtc^ cm 
c<poTc<t «rf^rm ^rc 9 ! ^t^s c^»tc<t w^\ «rrsrm wi c=rt 1 1^ c^jH stk «rfc^ m^ vsk ^rc 9 ! 
<??!:, (ti^srt ^tt "^ t^r wstwtti «rtFr<f <j<=ic^h, cr^prs ^rrcsr c<fh c^thtm w t^r c^ ^\^ 

?tf ~5jS^ vsvs t^T ^sTC<F >I^HDh ^Tt W$ l t^<F C^lH «3t ^T, 9 msT , J^ t<TTH t%t^ WSft^ttf^tMj 
^•^TfW t<FI ^k<F sfH% ^Tf ^C55 "=TT I 2fH% "SfRH ^rm 2fH T%, t<Pl 4-<H 2fH K^T C^l ^^H 

<wcfeH t%H srrcm ^fe i t%H srrcm ^itc^, vsit t%H #*H^?m ntra i ^rm sth «rrc^ c>t #t%s, 
^rm sft^f <?$ ct "sjvs i ^? "^h ^t #<H5Mm ^rrra i vsit; ^cm ^<h ^ttt "^?r ^rr, w« "^r ^rt i 
«rwRj ^"^m "^r, ^"<H t%t^ ^^ c^ ^rm^f ^<fc^ti c>t^ht ^ "^j ^mtsrf^ ^^mm ^m, t<Tft 

^^r<TH t%H %T5J<F<5 ^TCf %Tf M^J I ^m^f «rtWl C<T ^»fC<T «rljvivgjw WfTH C>T^oTC<T ^^f<TTC=T? 

^rtf "srvgj w iTc^ tt i ^rtf "srvgT ^mt; ^c<r "<Tm srt^f «rtc^ i t<Pi ^^t<th ^ptt ^s "s^gT ^t; ^cgi^ 
ntc^ , c#shi /^r? wsowri «rfT5T<f ^N^r ^m^m m^t mfflfmFi\ 

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'tfCf I t<FI t%H "SRHfT^ TM I t<Pl ^^T^rm ^*lt% C>T<TH C«fC<F I t%H^ «TT<Tm >T<T t%^ «vsTSfTvs 
"5C?f «TTC^T, CT^TRH 2fH C>T«fT(HQ t%H I «Tf>TW «TTWf ^TS^f ^fRTF ^T<T ^T5T?J ^ 3 ^ ^T t^T <f#, 

«rm ^j^ ^rc^f t&sr ^<fc<t "<r<H ^rf "^c^ '^» °ftf*t"ttw° ^ >i4cvifof*tffl*[*Pr ^<H t% ^<fc<t ^cm 
£TH «tt<fc<t Rf i «rm ^cm ^rr^r ^rt% ^rr «rrc<F ^cst ^rtlt ^f t% ^c^ ^c<t i ^ w5T ^sm ^ht 
<wcfeH t%H £fH x tr% Hc?r ^ "^^t t<M ^^<fh «r^t «rrc^ c<t<trh srtcm ^ptt ^?th i c#sht ^tf 
^tt ^r wsttc% t^i 4t wsttcft^ ^r M^f ^cm cwm \ ^m^ t% ^Nr sih nt? ^ft, ^T%]t 
vsm sft^f Ht; i t%»tc<t c^, «rm c<th c^? ^"<h ^#?r "src^ <j<=ic^«t 

^^c#tt%^Hs *rr^1<r^(T«iif%^ii^i/oii 

( 4$ ^W C^ 0M, *W, $tWFt%% Wf¥M, Wf% Vfffi, WT « >l<PCo1it Wf<ff<Tw5f pMf Wfv Wl) 

«iT5T?rr ^r^s tt T%| cfptfl »imcvo$ sftcm cw ^rc^, tnt ^pc^ ^1« c>rt sfH^l^c^ 
^tc^i t% ^t fifH t^fj^ ^f «rr>rc^i ^tfte c<r t^?^T>T ^Tf ^rc^ *8>\q sth, W|T% ^ isrBto 
c>rt ajm%?i cwi ^r^r c<th ^ M°t ^tc<f ^tt sjm. wstffwfi, ^m<#t ^t ^jci aw^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<mc^h ^vwiwirm stfz c tf\ ^t <ra «m fwr ^tt, (7r«rH <w& <*$ ^<r t%§sr wtj ^r i twi?t wtj 
^sr? ^rrsr-?trc ,:> ra c<r <trw^5, ^rr ^*fff<ra wt ^rfw c^; <j?fc<j?t ^rtr ^r i «rrsrtw? "srw in^s ^tm 
<r-*ra?; ^rfN <fstt ^c<r ^nt ^r ^h ^r <rt ^m <F«rft; <T*rr ^ i <#« <f<h <f<h «m ^ 
fer «rprr "^r f<Fg «m *N^ f^f ^r « ^rsT ^rr ^ tj^T c*&£& ^ra^m wf "^r i f<Ff ^rft 
s|1C4§. tbt ^^ I 

f^f ^r c<*tc<f ^ ^t ^Nc?T?r t%§ M*t§t «rfc^ i ^t ^Nc?r?r swsr 4<r?. >®?fv^K fcrf*f§f?; 
■^t ^fsr-^:^ ftwf® ^*rrf<r ^rtw 1 4*rrw t%® ^tst ^fcfc?r?r c<fh ^r- ?pf <?^i fwf ^tra ^\^\ 
^rm ^rm wt ta t^r «rra f%f=t wr t 1 ^ ^c?r ^jtc<h, ^*Ht ^r ^ra ^r 1 <*$ w*f ^?r?t ^rr*r 
^m <ttc<ti ^m^r *fai?r ^r^r wrfft ^m <ttc<hi ^tw T%f*r f%? ^mm^'i^tmtnifwrf^m^ 
^r-wf <tTssra ^ttfm *rfw 1 ^rr f%§ «rrsrar oFtft, «rrsrar ^ratt »n<f ^rsratft, ^ cBt%f, «i^r, 
*rw, *ttItj ^ra ^rrsr «rra ?irc 9 ra ^rtm, ^t ^rrsr-?irc 9 t?r $*fTt% %? % w.*h wm^ 4<r «t %? 
to ^ta* ^fsrtw <F?rr ^r t%t^t wt ^m 1 ^rrsr-wf ^rrfr <rr<Fc<T ^t t^tM <tt #rm, f%® ^««t 
^hm ^Tsr-wt ^rrf^rra^ ^hi t%H ^rrsr-w'f %r ^rrfa *rfw, w*fK ^Trsr-?^ « ^nrf<ra %r ^ 
snmr «rrc^i Hfsr-wf ^ftf^ra ^rrc^ ^m ^rc?t?r c<fh ^# c^i ^rf3 ^ <wc^h «rrsrm ?pf-^*f 

^T<T ^5 <Tf?J, ^R t%H «PTT «TC<f <J<=1C^H, ^st? C<f C<FPT <Tf^t<T<P W\ «ITC^ vsf ^ I t%€°f ^T ^^ 

■srf?rm «rr^T af^f ^m ot ^1^° ^ "srRrm «rr^T sR^r wt? ^tt ^^ c<r ^Tfsr-^^m c<mt ^ 
"5c<r, c^#r ^ 7 rs c f t 1 ^ c«fc<F «?p "^ji ^ra^r ^cm ^tnt s^s ^TKrri 4<n?i w -^rsr-^pt ^s 
^^rrR? ^tt "5c<t \sm <ftw ^ ^°i ^^ w^ 9^ 1 

4$ *$$*! «r«r>, ^^ *(*& c«rc<F t> ^r? foflHjtvsRHjiRwnt R<ph^i ^ftmiiteyviws 
siMg, «rtwm R<rc*j<i twmfs ^r ^ t^rrr srr^f ^t^ "^r 1 «rrr5tc<k ^^ 4<r^r wm M^r§T, 
t%t^ ^tmtt ^?rc\s <^?rcvs ^rs, <ra ^sr <*&s\ ^jNit t%?r «tptc<h c<t^t ^m ^mu^ ^jm ^ 

<TfC<T I ^^ffW «rtFT<f ^^FTCvs "^C^T, ^ C<H f^ST Pl<ll<M<f ^f, ^ 7 ^ *%M$ W& C^FPT ^T^T^ CT^ I 

t%® (7r<rH c«rc<F ^w c^r ^rs^r ^^ f<rH ■srmtc^ «rm^r ^<ra f^rc^r 1 ^ «rHfr^r c«rc<F £f«tcsr 
^tt -^r srfc^m 1 srr^f m^t ^?r <$& sf^fsr ^fg ^w«f <rc*r ^src^ ^rsra 5rr<rc<F ^<mt "^r fl^^rj^o 1 ^ 
srrcm M^ w\ ®i ^ ^, ^rm <*$ srt^r fswrri fsr^rjr sjtcjt sttcm ^fw wr ^r t%| c^i 
^\ ^^&r ^ ^s? ^tc<r c<rr<jff c<tcvs nrc^ 1 ^m ^? <ic?jc^, ^^m ^k ^m ^rmm «rm?r^ ^^ 
c^ti <ij?j*f?i <rf t%f ^tt "5c<t ?r#r tsr^utl; c^st "5c<ti ^i^rr^T ^rflTfsr ^\ t%f c^, i<ft5|^ t^w, 
^r#tt srmri c^ht t*tbt^ f^rrti «^ fsr^rjfBt <Fi?rr (^-«rc^T? <rkr ^msrrsHf^f ^it c^rc^ri srmm 
«rmsjT ^w <rrsTim ^m ^r^rsr srrcm ^ptt ^r ^^5, ^ srrcm M*t§t ^t «r^s 1 

^m f<Fp srr %eu^s ^jfs, srw <?fsit tsr^rjr 1 ^^^m <rtt<F <r® <Ft<f (ttsm «rm w^r ^si 

"5C<T ^TC<1f t%! ^T t^fT'Tj^ra^; <# ^oj ^a ^f^T 1<ft5t^ ^sj ^C?T CW | ^T<T f<F0; <# ^5J "5C?I 

<TT?r ^st^t i<ft5t^ ^rmsrtf^ ^rw ^c?r <ttc<t, ^t^t ^^s ^st ^c?r <rrc<T «rm w\*& ^rw "5c?r <rrc<T 1 

^•^H ^t vf^ST^ ^s<TH "5C?r <TfC<Tl CWt¥ sf^Tsr ^ttSfC^ ^fT CSO t%m ^<TCST t^, ^Tt ^Sf fsNTtl 

«rfT5t<f ^n^rj ^*$m c«rc<F ^t% to ^tc^t 'wrm®i c k R+imi ^r</w'(^/i/8) 1 ^n^rr 
^fH<ici<f ^ i£i<j# '«m f<T-<rjT^ ^n, w ^csra f<T<m c^ ^m wm^t^, ^ ^rsrc<ra «rm *m 
^m 1 v\$m srf^fBT t%? srKBT^ f<r<Ft?r, ^^bt ^ smg, ^?r «rrsfw c<fr ^f c^; 1 ^t¥<t<f ^tt^ 
■?# «rtw vst^T c<fr «ra^m ^m ^r*t ^m ^rfi ^\ «m^m srrcm ^rm ^crr <rra 1 ^nf<ra «ra^m 
^r s/%?t «ra^m ^t srr^^ wt% ^api ^m *mr 1 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«rrFf<f «*i«h yR*jiR*ic*i c tt*K&! m<H, «rfwt f%r?r cs>s srr^r f^irr ^o?n?r wtj ^r^^w 
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^f*rc?i?f 5tc<tj f% srrc fw^rH? ^*H ^ src*t?r ^sc?r ^rr ^ Sf*4c?r?r ^tc<it gjt^f «rrc<F Rh ^ ^Brc^r 
$ w<rrc?r ^?r cwrlT ^r (mm ^t#T?rr *t%c<f« ^h nt 1 srtf f^rw ^tt ^f*4c?r?r ^rrc«f errc^ c<fr 
^r^; (Hl; 1 «rtFt<f ^rsrt f%m <mc^h ^hDh 4^ ^j^ ^*j cr - ^ vsm ^^ >t$r ^c^ ^»m 
^p ?j*r ystsw ^R ^rc<F ^it ^r ^mn ^tt ^c<r rt, ot ^¥H%t ^ra^ «n<pc<r 1 ^ c<r srrc, 
4^r ^r fsrsirr, ^Fi?r c r w <i<i>ai<i fwm «rrc^ *r^ *rc^ o*mt ^M 1 ^it Sf*4c?r?r ^rc<rj srrc srmc^ 
*rtc?HTi «rrc?m w$ c<r «rsrfc^rt <r*rr spf^r, w'giw^ 4-<rnH fm wr ^ti 

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^tc^s "5c<r, ^rTlm «rtc^r 4?tt ^r<r «ft 1 ?, ft*r, «rsrK 47^ c<fr «rf%\3 tl^r ht, t^ c^rH %r ^c?r 
c^r ^ir «rram w "5c?r "<rr?r 1 ^sH ^kh, >t<t Tra^ «rtc^, sjh «rrc^, ^r «rrc^ t^ ^ 5 ^ ^^ 
«rrc^ «rra >ra ^t ^f*ra c«rc<F?; ^rrr Hc^ t<Pi 4^ ^Ksfw wt ^*r f<Fi> h?; i t%i "<r^H «rNrcir? 
^t "»r<r^r c«rc<F c^tfl vs-<h ^t «rrc^, ^t ^m 1 <?t^ht <j«ic^ ww? w^ ^^m ^t ^rw, 
<m ^<r^T ^<fc^ ^ ^ffw, ^tm ^ ^^r^r ^^f "<rfc<r ^t^rs ^rw, ^sf c«rc<F c^tsth RyR> ^c<r 
C3#t« ^sj, \d^h ^r ^<FHc<r ^s w 1 f<Pi «rpf^r iw "^ cit wf ct^h c<fh srr^r c^, c<fr 

"5H (Ht, C<FH t%| (Hlj «T^ (7T<rH C^TC^ ^ T%H<TQWH ^tt% "^l 

inwwtwinus mw, <*$ c<r ^*ki? ^«rr ^rr ^r ^-«rH c«rc<r^ w ^rrr <th srr^fi arK 
^H ^prr Hc?r h^t ^m^m ^ ^ wii ff ^ tjwr^ ^ta<i twi^ «w^naiT 

®I^ WKW* i&F ^C^ l C<HTC^ "5TC\s ^ltcvs ^j^ ^K ^ ^T C«TC<F sr^TCST ^TC^ ST<FT% I W3 

^*?m&r sr<Ff% *tm ^t<t^h wr ^r Rt, 4-*ffiH c<r% ^rn ^h stk «ih ^t rt^t w<h 
ft$ e fj*f» 1 f^^rj^s ■srrcsT (TfHH t%5T 1 voit; ^r c<r >tR>j<Mc<t<t c>thh Iwst «rrc^ ^r r?j i c<tsr Iwst 
c«rc<F >T5r^ 2ft% ^rrr "^r, T^<f c^srH ^ m^^rroa? ^ft ^ %sr c«rc<F "^r 1 T% f^r? c>thh %5r 1 

C<THfR? ^HJ ^<MT ^f I f<Ff C#^tH<F ^R^to i£|5TC<F C>THH f^T ^TC 9 ^; CT^fH "^T I ^ f^^fj^fa 

csrc<F ^r<r c«rc<F sf^rcsr ^ft "^?r ^ "src^ 1 ^ "src^ «r«f ^r Cosmic Mind 1 ^ ^h «rrsrm 

W'HH 5TC=T^ ^ ^TC^T RTl sfTT C«TC<F 5TC=T^ Wfl ^T, "^H C«TC<F w4fhillft 5J ^rsj^ ^t%M WTJ 

"^r 1 c>r<rH c«rc<F «i^tc<j<t ^rrr "^r, ct^h ^h c<rr<r "^r «rrtsr «rtfl, ^tTrc<F ^<mt "^j Cosmic Ego 1 
<£R ^fcM ^rfc't ^^irKH ^rrr ^ - "*t<n, "^, wt, ^r ^s tw 1 ^ ^0111^1 ^^rr «rHH *rc?r ^ 7 ^ 
«rr<Fr?f Hc?r <?nr - «rr<Ff*f, ^Tf, ^ttt, wr « ^r% - ^gtc<fI; ^tt "^r ^ 5|^b i c>T?rH c«rc<F 
«tr<rm ifr tfent% ^prr thc^ i ^R<Fte t^rfe ^t^fB- ^§ ^c?r *rra 1 ^t ^ t%p ^rrr ^r ct^ 
^t c«rc<F, f<Fi ^H?r ^ ^jc^rr ^mrf^ «rm ^t twrc^tsi ^rrc«i ^ctt? c<fh ^pm^f <hI; i ^t «rtFtf 
£f«rc5jt ^<rcsT Rci^h ^^m >r<r tsr^rjr 1 Tsr^rrr ^tw rt ^r ^t^t ^«t^tt >r<r ^c?r "<rrc<r ^«rrsr 1 ^«rrsr 

"<# "5C?J "<rT?J ^sT^T ^T CWf¥ iT*^ «HJ t^C<F ^RI "<TTC<Tl 

^wr^rHwr? ^r 2f*r % c<fHst whc^t ^r t%| wht ^rm 1 sr^rcsr ^p\ twr wrc^ ^rm 
^m ^^m <i<=ic^h c$ ^^c<f whc^t ^Heit wht ^t?j i Tfrr twm Tm^r ^r ^ tHf<fc*m w 

^J^, "SfTH Hs^f ^T 1 i£|t f^f ^CT^ ^^ JRWI f^% ^rCf ^<rCST CT^TTT "5C?JC^ f^TH f^<TJ ^ttW 

^tj^ sr<FT*f, W5jw, ^t?r c<fh «rr<Fm (Ht «rm t%t% tm^ ^c?r >t<m f^mtwHi ^rswt ^r 
cT«"?rm ^m j^ ^^<rm ^ ^stc^ t%m^<f<F ^^ftc^ ■?jtcb^i wtH<f ^ , <rnH f<r ^r? <mc^h, 

vKFFFifa&m /t W^ ^ytftrfcWt «<77% ^mil^Rfs 1 C<FH f%H^C<F <T«R >3WmtC^ ^T 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


OTQ*T «t? C*$ f^##t^ <T«R R«|fi^8 «tW ^Tt ^t ^<H CT^ R*Hlft>W ^«tlC^ ?]f<T<rr ^sri 

^»m^s fa <£$ f*?R<n?it fhsirt ^rm i <tjt*icw sf«fcsr *i^m^ t^ Tsjrot f*r<fc*H, otbi? t%ft 
^rfsr ftc<*M ^m i 4<f*m ^ffc%i| ^s «ra c^NI? *m vw ^rfsr ftc<*M «tw i *fc?r «rm^ RssiRvs ^^ 
crtta *f?t to t#?k ^otw i c^ttw ^rt ^, «fi?rr vB**iim«i csrt^ %hrf 4 w taf st «rcsr 
wwt 4<r *fc?T RssiR^ ^rc^ <tht <fc<h i %st <r<H w "^t (?r<rfw ttfa 4^ t%f% ^mc^i 

if"t t% ^% «|f\o<tlR>B 3C?t <ThSTTt?T *f?f W?J ^Tf^ *fWtCl?f ^tC^ ^W «IW¥ ^NI^fe sth ^<T 

^rsjwf <r*fc^ 'f^sfs^; frcsra *fw ^c?t c*tc^ t%h 4-<H w^mrm ^rtfw' i frc^ *iwr?r ?R<rH 
wr *rwr| 2fF® c*rr<Fr^s ^c?r ?rs??rc<F w^r '^fsr ^rrsrrc^ «rrn^ t%rf?f\s ^rc<r <r*r' i ^m^rc?? ^rsm 
%st?r ^ht ««f W5i %st?r <Kt ii*rsr t% "^ «ifvs^r^ ^c?r «rlwm *m ^tc^i st^rcsr TRcwt 
*m?i t%m (jre^t ^t i *rwtl wr ^r# ^s nmc*H ^rt, T%f% <jc^?r sw t%t c«tc<f «rr <rt ^mc^ ^m 
i<fi5i^ s^rt^rtft ^«Ffc^ <mc*m i «iR>vi^j ^<ic<i?t ^rhs *rwtl T%m ^<Fc?f w^s <ic<=if^H i 4-<Hs 
c^rr ^rm c<t^ srmt c^r \af?t ^J Tt^twSt 2f<tw ^rc^ <Mf "5?t i ^^r^rm *t?T ^^w t%c^r w - f% 

^mft^f f^<F ^<FC?f W^f i 4^t?T fsrR<!C<l> <r<H ^fC^s ^?J <TT ^ <TjT 9 tfC?f «# vsf?J Wsf^ <«ttC<F ^sT^T 

C3#t sfsrcsr ^tc<F ^Rwt <FTf "5?i i wwf «tc^t (Tt^^rm «tt<Tf?f (?fSTc<r^ f<T^r?f ^«ra ^«mt ^r, ^"«H 
w<u?f R<i?i<i«i3f ffwm ^?j i ^Rcwt ^r fer «rmm t%f^«T5T ^rtwm ^?j ^rt, «rm am^K (?# 
^f '«ra ^«ftcst GJtr^m "sr ^m R^ «rm^tt wc^ ^nc^Rt ^«tc^t ^rs^m ^sft "^j i 

Cl^ RrR<|t3lC^ f<f#?f ^«ra W^T ^t ^«T C5fC<F t%TCB?T ^rTJ "5=T i f<m0c<F <1<=1C^H tmf^ 

2f«fsr tt^i ^ wm^ffBr «iw ^<i#t «tm «rm^ft wt^s ^<t ^t^ri ^ ^mc^ <^rt "5?i ^^ff^wrf^ 
<rm ^B ^f^s "5?i «tm ^rtc^t ^rtc^t vs^pnt^ ^?rc^ "^?j i ^«i^cvi^ ^t ^^ tsrt% ^«ht ^c?r 
^TC^T CT^ t^ C«fC<F ^JIFCT?! ^Pfl ^T I «Tt^T #ftfl w R^ (?tt i ^c<f «ttwf srmtt 

<ft%, ^tf^ <rt% «Tt^; <#r ^rf c<m, ^tl «r^m "^i ^"«m ^^ f%^ "^t i ^^ f%^ c<t^t ^c^ c^ftc^r 
sf^rsr «rrn ^,tt% "^?t ^»r<f <j<=ic^h stk i ^rr^ w& ^t srr^rc^ <r<?rc^ <Fift, ^r^ w& ^k^ sfft% 
twffni sm ^rr *rf%^ c^rt *%<? ^ti tw M^t lH<rl<M<r ^r, OTtiPT ^i^t ^w c^t stHi 
iffynft?r^csi ^t •if<pt ^t<Hf 2frw#\s ^m sm «rm «tt<fn*fc<F mc?j ^rfrt ^mc^i sfft^ «^ <# 

«TfC<F Wf^T C^f ^jC^t ^ft ^5 "^C?t "«TtC<T I votl; C^ (7T ^^«T t%f^ ^^ fl^^fT^» 2fC<T*f ^«K^ t%H^ 

«rmm £f«rsr ^prt t%5^r i ^^ ^tc^t R<jicg<j w% ^t i ^m smH, tmtH «^ >i1w>^h*^, t«TR «r<r^ 
«rR#?j ^f t%H Hc®t?r *i%c<f «r^m <r?i <?h, ^ff^c^ «i<r»i^ wt?t ^m <rr «tm?^ «rmm ^m 
«ftc<F sf^rsr c^nt "«ttc^ <rt t«Tn sf«fsr c<rtmc?j «rmc^r ^tc^ ^tc^t f<r?# ^^ ^r ^ t%f&, ^it 
^rscf ^r i ^t ^rscf ^i^ic^ c<Ft«ff« w^r sf«fsr "^j^, (mci vslc^ <r«H ^rc^ «rR 1 ^, ^<f<H 
T%fs- «rmm ^«m tm<| ^tc^t i Tmt%^ ^rrcsr ^sk<F iR^iR^s wr ^i i ^tw ^?fc^ £f«fsr ^fr «?f 
^q?tt srnnl; sffc^m w% ^r, ^tf^ c^rt ^?f ^c?i c^t i ^tw <mc^h ^t % «rm^r^ wr, cs?m 

TjsTCST^S ^T I WT (^fCvs ^TCvs ^S?F ^?M STTH Sffcm fffi ^pf, ^t W^?J Ctt ^ itwt^t C«H 

c?rt sfrc c m srmwH t%?j c<Ttmc?i «tmc^r i ^<rm c<r ^tm ^ft ^c<r, t%Hvs ^ ^j^ ^rc^ ^<h i 
c<t ti^ c<jf?rc?j 4c*h wm ^st t%<f t«tH m Tfwl^t wfc^r ^t tjchc^ c<fh wts, c^ i ^rm c«r 
fc?ic^ sffc<m ^rrt ^c?rc^ ^hc^ TtsMt ^tc^t srmr i 4-<rH c«fc<f^ <Ft<f ^mcm ^r^, ^sra ^rm 
«rt<Frc*m ^ptt "5?i i ^t T%T%QcsTtl; «fcwc<p ^s c«tc<F «HfiTf ^«ra ct?i i ^ R^i^th c^<rm ^l; 

^ffC^ ^ K^T ^ffCH ^'«H %fC<F W^T T%fS ^p^l 

^TC^T %f?ft ftCW «JH P SfT^ srHH <i|'<tlTH *fl% I ^t Sff^ «lt%8 «frMC^ t^^tPfS t%?f I 

^t "T^scsttc^ t<Tf%w wmnm mt%^ ^rw ^tntt ^i ^ii t%^ ^r «tc<t ^tt "^?t - m 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


yrfwr^ ^tc^T, t%ft \sf? srmm ^ftw^ wh fw <m ^f^ k^ «rrc?H ^h %fc<F <prr 
^f^mrsr <*$ ftmcfci ^i^j&t ^rrsr ^rfcs; i w ^csra ifr *ift?r ^po ntc?r vsm c<r ^srfi #?r« ^rrsr 
f%fSr *hfa srrHl; f%f5r <MU5H ^^rsmrtrm, 4^fh c$u$ wrc?r<FH?r ^s?tf% <F«rr <mt ^, ^ 
t<t f<Ff?r >wf!c<i> <# w?rt "^r c>fGic<i>$ ^<h ^rr "^r f<mrST tw ^t f<mrcTm wn c<fwt c«r^ 
^55? ttjr^tjfo c*ic<f i f^i t^r «^ ^rtwr^ w f^f? *w i ^ «^ jfiwr^ <r<H £fft% ^t 
t%<r> k^t ^rmc^r, #?r c<r ^rft jg*\ q% %stc<f ffita <mt ^r f%fs <j^i ^ ^it ^r, <?rt «^ 
itwl^ f<# % e rj*ic»?i wt to c^fer ^tttc^t fsfit *rt$ «rca wmm ^m sjc<jj src<T*f ^fc?t 
c^ri f$<F c^fm 2fcvsm# #c<t?j ^rcstr f<# fow <k*\ t%r^rH, t%mt <?$ f%fsi f%tcs?r #?; 

^TCST <Pf 4T7T <TTC^ f%TcS?I i«RrBT ^# ¥f I 4^ f^tWTCa <TT f%| «TfC^ ^\<W, ^M, ^M^S?, 

c^fmw^ ?r<r fsrPrc?j c<r ?rrsrfs}<F ?n *r ifiwtc^ cfsfl; c<h ^f*jc?J?r *rft?r i crl; t%fst fow <*rc*t ^rsra 
2fT% o»^c<i f%r§fsrH 1 ^t; R<nSc<t>$. «rmm ^rr "^r f<r<t i t%i f<f<$ «rm f% c iFfc» ^<^\ wk 
^w <rr?ri ft^iFf» <r*rc^ 4-<rH w^t sfferc^, stM stth ^f*jc?i?r c<t *rf^ c^ *if#c<F 4-<rnH 

<FR^*f ft^Tj^f» I ^ ft^Tj^r» f*rC?T <TT £ffT% <Tf srmm «rmfTCm C^s? fffC?! ^J*H C^ ^rfwT 5 ^ C^fT 
<TTC55 ^<H %fc<F <WCfeH t%# ^<Ti «ftsrTC^ ^tt %?J C^fW t<P^TC^ <TT<T#?J <TT t%| ^TTC^ 
v»m^#C<F <T^t%fGl Wt^ WfsfTCi^ C^sC^ C<I ^TT WT <1C?JC^ ^tc<F« ^TT^twfGl ^ 

T%f5c<F^ ^^ c^rc^r ^t<t f<r^ str « f^wr wc^t, ^r ^tc^ w^r t<T<| i 

vst^t c*i^ 1% R<ncT5<i 4t ^sr f% f%rns i#5rc^? <tt<t#?j <tt t%| t<pwrc^ «rrc^ 

vsTC^s ^f<TM f<T<T3 «\sC2fTvs ^TC<T «TR^T I v?ffi^ ~$&J3 C^\^\"Q <TW <TPT «rtsrrci^ ^3^1? W ^TTtfej 
<TTC5^T, ^TT'fm^T vsT ^T?T I ^T<T t<F^ Co^ t%t^ «TtC^T I Wt<Tm isrft *f% WC'f T%f^ <TT^ ^C?T 

«rtc^r 1 «rfsrm w^Rm ^t cn ^ffti ^^r c<r ^m ^tffk ^r ^?r, t<Fi ^? o&sc<\ 9^\ ^w «rtc^r 
(?#r T%fSf?; 1 \sm srrc^T T%t^; «rtc^r, t^<F ^m ^^rr^c^ <# <ftt "^r crst f#^ ^m, f<Fi «rmm ^jc^rsr 

|s|RlC?J T%f^r I 4^ ^^ f<TTM ^<TTNTT C<lM3¥r "^?T I ^C<T <# ^#T ^t fTTC^m C^sC^ C<F «TfC^T? ^K^S 

^<mt "5c<t, "^fr ^t; ?rrc*m c^sc^« «\sc2fi\s ^»tc<t t^ffit; «rtc^r i urc*m c<r «rt^tr (^rsr^ t%t% i %=m 
wft «r<rrrc?r ^^mm ^^m ^ ^^t ^r tttc^t ^t% stcstj «ntsr «m, tsr^ <tc^ stcstt «nfsr 
wtwi ^t c<r f<Tt%^ t%tw<f T%?r ^tc^t 2rc^T<r# RrRc<f<i ^rm^f ^rrf^r, ^rm srrc=T ^gn c^t 
t^f^ ^w t<Ffc^ vs wjtvs ^»rc<T <ic?jc^ «rm ^m stc<jt as^\ <rr t<F| «rtc^ c*fSh3 T%t^ ^m^r i 
R<ncc<i spt <F«rr "^r T%t^ w «rm c<f^ c^, ^*m w t%| c^i ^ ^^ RrR<ic^ mt%^ ^»tc<t 
t%?r ^afer c<rmrH ^ i ^j^m c<fh ^^mr ^m ^r ¥<pf ^t<tc<f sf^s <F?rm ^ht ^<mt "^ 
■srr, ^•<rrc i T ^^sr ^<t ^stc<f ^t <rc?r ^i c^ wsr t%? ^*m w f^l ^ti f^p^rrc'S "<rr 
f<F| c^rr <rrc^ ^w %Nt m*\ i %tc<F f^rcs <k^\ c^rr ^ - ^hst^ ^t *tftcM c<r ^srft ^t c^r 
^?r T%fSi ^t R<hcT5<i ^n stk c«rc<F, srr^r srtc=r ^*tcm *tt%i ft€T?r src^m 5 #c<i? srcstr ^tt 
^rcf W\ <ic?jc^h #c<f« T%fs <j°ic^ 1 «rm ^#?r wt, c^ T%fBt ^^<th Tm<|, t%t^; ^rrrw 'j^i 

i^ «#r t^<T w, ^ #f^ c«tc<f c<r snc^m ^rr ^c?r^, <?$ ^rt^ «rtsm wi? ^m 
"cw ^^ <itc<F sr^rsr ci-^rrc^, T%f^f?; w c^ ^rrtw ^j^ i T%t^l; ^h csr^ssr i \sm srtH, ^rrfsr 
«rm #f<T3 <F<m ^^ "^c<tt ^tti <h^; «rtfsr c<rr<r w?\ <rrc<T vs-<m «rffsr «rm #f<T3 ^t<t ^st?j #tm 
«rt<F<Ti #f<T3 ^h ^toj mwr, T%m ^<r ^toj ^^mmi «rtfsr «rm ^^mrn ^r<r ^w?! «thmi t%t^l; 
«rm^p5<T ^r ^rrfw ^m^ <rr T%t^r "^r RitS'i t%t^ «rmm ^^mm t<T<T3i «rtfsr «rm ^tirsr<F<T3 ^f^tI; 
&& ^i fw ^"^m ^r ?K*t w^m vs-^m c^r ^t «ntsr c<rr<f5T «rmw ^tti ^ c<r ■^thh ^§ t%m 

#C<F WHT <TTC5^, ctSts d^ ^^<t c«tc<fI; ^rTT Rc?jc^i C<FH tp 3 ^ C«TC<F? CT'^rnH tl#?r sr^ ^TT 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


$,«ifVi, fifcur ~$jsivg\ «n? \sit -^, <s$\ ^r tp^ ^ i ^wr ^i ^rm f^f ^tc?r c<fh wk 
<?#; i «rfFtf *t*?r ^m ^i? ^ <w <ftc§«t i c<ft«it c<*fc<F twrc<T ^mo^ ^rwm t^ c^ «rr^ 

m°\ ^fct?IC<F ^TH/M Rll t^l ^ot ^f, f%H ^JC^T viHC^H I «TfF|<f <MC^H f<TM ^Ta^T "sfcm t%Ml; Ms^f 
^T i <PR sfTC^ <JT<T<tM 4W <TT?J, <T<m SfTC^ 4^ TWrTT CT*lf| ^<H ^TS^f ^? «Tf<rm «Rf^ ?K*f 
<?F*|ft ^M <?#l^; FWf ^T I 

ci^ ^R^rwr^T, ?r<f ^cwt wti mm t%tfw® cr$ ^tkt c<r t^Plt^ t% ^<m w^t i 

^ C<T «TtWf ^W^f H<Hd><T «TTCSTf^TT <T^TTsr, W C^ «TfC^ ^HBT ^sfft ?Pt "^R d^ t%tr> l C^ 
R<flCi3<f WffTt t% ?I<F5T? CT^ C<T ^f<TH %Nl OT^T "^WT&t f% ?I<Fsr? «TTsflT C^f W^ <H# ^m 
^TC?! C*lOT$ CvsT ^^mftHff ¥*f CFPtt <TT?J I ^TT ^Ff%f ^t%?T %m C^lfl %!?T 4$ ?Pf, Tffl*ll*HC<1 
%?T ^TT ifffC^ 4$ ^<M d^ffl, Stf^T^F, #^TT5^C<F CFPttll PFl ^#t<TW ^Cl? ?TfC*f?t C<T <t4tT 

«ri ?PFsr c<M «rrwr ^ft^^w *n^ i ^rc^ f^l ^tw ^f^ w *frc?r f<Fg ^ic<t? c<fh wk 
<?#: i ^t t^r^rrrca <tt<t#?j <rr f<F| «rfc^, c^tfw ^c^t <tt ot - ^ <ttc^ ^r f%H i t%H t% wsr - 

^rt^T ^t b-it>K*n 

t%*ts eftcar <rlR|<M'T> c<Fft§ i 
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fs?®<? <# ^T^T^r F5 v ?ff \5k y% <?< /ir<«>5/^ <77W 3 f #ns (^pf^ «rf <^ «IWf 

^<^fw t%H T%#i ^<^fw ^ tm^rt^ ^ro <rr f%| ^rnc^, ^m c<r ^rft w^f c^r 
t%f^i c<m «rr^rm ^t ^tfm^r ^r ftfe «rrf^r «r^ <tit%i «rmm «rrsrm c^sc^ s^wi «rrc^ri 
t%f^ *tfk c«tc^ c<rfer c^t ^tc<t ^f <tjt% ^mr c^m i ^ t^st^rtca? c<r ^rft w^t c^r^ 
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/>^<:</) t%m ct^ t%rc5? ^rftara ^^ w <f<ic^h «rm c»t<t <f<ic^h t%f^ ^iw^simw, sfcw^ 
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«ref <tR Tjjcsrm Rt wt ^?j vst^t 'Tcm ^r^s^srm «r<f <Tm ^c^ c^rmK ^m <ttc<t i ^<fr <# ^rf?r 
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^#rm i ^rm w^ ^ ^tffc^rmc^ c<rmrm, ^#rm ^r c<T-<rrw cwsmr ^pt ^c^t i ^t ^ps\ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


t*\\c<t>4 "srwiw? ^w ^rr ^i ijprr^ i «rmm «ri wr wm^rm ^s, ^ts, ^hs, ^s, ^f s, w 
twTfw ct c*ttc<f3 <F«rr <mt w^ c*r*rrcr «rrc?r<F <^ <t4tt «rrc^i t^i *p 2r#r^ c*r <rr?r c fr «rtwr 
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c<T*rrcT 9 m<f «rm fmc^ ^m cr *if^ ^m ^fc?t ^ ^tcbt «rHrrr i ^t ^m tywi^w ^rr ^ 
t%f5- <$?Fc<T?r wi w •«ftwr tttctt<f w^s t^ t% c<rmrrcs h^t 4*r ^rr f^r ^*tf<Mi 
Trft#?t ^THTrc^ ^ ^rHr ^r ^cr r%f%#r ^r<Ffc?r?r ^rt ^c?r ^rm i wrft #t 4<f£t c^fHr^m 
w ^rr ^ht «tfa, 4«H «*$ c*tHi<Ft?r w ^fe^ «rrc?r<F£r c*iht*fi«i <r^ ^t crnmm ««IBw 
«vDCsrfvD ^tcr t%?r c?rc<rc5i vsm^ <ntc?r «rfc?r<FBr c^fHT^m <rg c^ c^fHT<FT#fc<F tw c?rc<tc^i 
cwr 4^fh ^m *rwi 4^fBt <ft, c*rt ^ra *rwi «rrc^r <h, <*$ ^rcr ?tc?tc^i feWt 4^fBt 
c*tc<f «rfc?r<FBr ^ c^tcf ^r, ^r c*rc<F ^tw ^ ^rrc^ i ^tm ^^bt csfHmrn wih<t <F«rr ^f^ 
<f?th i <?$ wtt% c^dc^ f%| ^«m c<fcst cT«"?rr "^rnc^i c^ c^th wrr% ^^ntc^ «rmm «rrc^r 
ctH wtt% «rrc^ «rm ^rcvs ^th <tnt ^rfc^i ^t ^^tih^m c^sc^ ct-^tiw nNi ^kt «rrc^ c^r^rn^T 
«rt^s ti^ t<Fi nr««mQM ^<tih^ wihc^ c<tcvs *\ma ^rr i «rmm ^rfe *rc?r «rtc?t<F5r wihcvs ^r 
«rrc^i ^ wr t^csfff wr?mr c«tc<f ^ihc^, <tth c?rc<F «in? ^ t^rc^ wm^frc^ c<tcvs nmwi 
«rrsrrcir?r ^ <h<fqm t<F|5r ^ «rtc^i c<f5r ^ c#r ^tc<f tw cic^i ^r? c^sc^ ^ 
c<tcs nmc^ t<Fi ^#r c<tc^s nr?rc^ ^rri T^<f c^rH cr^smr ^mu^ «rfcn nrc*^ «rrc^r «rr<Tm 
«rrsrrcrfr c«rc<F «tct^f ^ra^ k*t c<tcs ^rn^r i wr^rar f%i ciwrct?) ^rc5 c<rcs ^rmcrr ^rr i «rrsr?rr 
■^prm t^ ^t%Hc<Ffr «rttwr, c^T^rn^T ^t^ifr wt ^rcmc^i «rrsrrcrft cr^smr t<rcf errtni 

^rtCTfT « CrWfCTfT ■STT^rfCT «TfC5 t^TfCSTm, CT^fTCT f*T^(t ^TH ^CJHl 1*1^=1 IC<M ^ICJT «rfC^ 

cr<TcsTT<F, ci<tc=iic<i^<i ^^ «rfc^ ttrmcsrm twit^i ^ ^tcT ^^m ^m ^^r cn<F m^» "^c?r 
«rfc^i t<Fi c<#r ^r<r c«rc<F c^r^cr «rrc^, c#r ^vovi c#r R<iicg<i ^<fi 

^rCrT^fT ^'ft^CT ifl^BT *Tf «TfC^ C<T"<rrCT »«Rr <F«rlt ^TT ^C?TC^ 'WJt <77<T (^f/TW 

cfftmtf^f i «rf^r<f ^f^ <rr t<F| <TTNrr ^crm c#r ^*itwf c«rc<F f^ca^ ^tntt ^c^r, Hcsr?r c*rc<F 

^TT%?J t<F| ^^TCT^r ^Tf I ^ t^TH CTRc?J Crt t%t*T C<T ^^TTNTfBT Rd^H ^H ^fff "5rT«rT CJtCF C<tC<llC^ ^tT, 

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^rCrT^TT ^mCrt ^TT «TfC^ W^t WlW (Mfctf ctftmtffft, C^ cteT! ^t tyMM^ «ft?f I ^fcm^tT 

^tt^crff ^t w^ w<rm ^c^ «rfT5f<f <j=ic^h ^ ^rttr ^rrcr tttcstt<f, »oBt c<h ^k ^rw i ^f 
vwazwt, ^ «rm Ti^rr c<m ^k cjk i ^ osm, c<r tt*^ t^*rr «r<rK t^<F «rrc^ c^r ^?r ^4i 
<rtf^fvt*& c<wts, c<pt ^r ^r?r <rr% i ^ c<r ^j?f<t, c<t R<ttc'c<t w ^<ht ^ ^k wf f% wsr? 
vB*\ovi ^f c<#r C3#r ^m ^rw, fs ^f \#?r ^i «imncn f^ «rm ^<fc^ «rtwt ^r<r c*tc<f 
^Kf^Frcf csfTitwm ctR ^t ^ ^^sr ^rc^r i ^m^r ^mr wmc^r Ti^rr tfe^rr ^c? i ^^m 
crmrm?f ^ht ^tt ^, ^ ^c^r c<m ^f? cm i ^cr ^4 c^fHbt? wsm t^rr «rrc^ ^r<r ^f? 
<f4 i R<ttcG<t ^r «rfc?, crt; ^<r t%?r f%f% t<F <F*rr ^r? <rtf^fvt*& c<wts, c<tct <tt t%| «rrc^ ctbtI; 
\sm ^t%i ^^ «rrsrrcrff t^ ^rrit^s srm<Tr cttt ^t ^cm ^r%, #?t ^f^r csrc^ c^r f^^s 
"5c?rc5 1 f^s^H ctsr «mmpr ^rcr 9\%fs ^r, c<rcr?f ^t<t <nt ^^mrcr?! ms^tH £f^rcr?r w c<rmc?r 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


$T?m. i ^ 4^<t# *tc3<t «r<f ^rm ^^ ^<rtcs «itvttct<t w ^rsra cnc*r ^ttc^ i fw ^t<ttct<t ^<r 
csrc^ 4«ott «t^TRrPr «tw c#c?t ^w^ Hs^sfpr swtrt ^» c^fet «rmc^i ^rt ^t, ^mrcrff ^r 
c*tc<F c#f?; ^t% ^c?r c#c?j «rrcr c*t5t$ c<h i ^Tf? <tt t%| ^c*r c^tc^r <?#fc<F <F*rrvrcs 'PrPR^ 
w ~$m%, ^tt ^«rr^s ^c?t c?h c<h i trfc?m srr^r Hs^s ^?rr ^rrcr?; ^#?r w, «rm ^#?r 
^rr ^ttct?; ch i f^jcr^ ^rc^ cm*\ w <rf^ ^ffa w ^rr "^r ^cr c^ ^srm cfh ^ftj ct^; i 

CH" 3=T ^?mrcm W, ^?mTCT<T <F*TT ^C*f?; CTCfst i£|vo sfHHTl >H ft^tJsTfl; vstl; C<HCF ^TtCTl 

^eiviHc^ ^rc^ c<Fr?rH cw «rfwm ^rr, c#sht cFmrcm ^*m ^rm fo% crt; i «rtwm ^«rr ^rl; 

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wft ctbt ^pt w.-^ «rrsrrcT? cwscs <ttc^ i csvtH ^t ^ f<rcsr c<r <rr?j[ smrft^ ^ ^tstt; c?h 
v#?r ajK i «oBt % >tR>j<Hc<t<t T%rcj?r sfT^f? Rf, ?t<t f%^ ^rvrft c<r f%f% ^frrcw ^^HT tw C^HfH? 

^HT ^TT "SC^l W° frFPTT, ^TVRS f<H C*H #1 WSW^fl 4*H sfff W *ftC?T ^t ^JC^T f^C^ 
"5^ ^C^ CW ^fc W^ ^TT ^C^? W^\ W^s CTmfTC^ W^°f I 4^ wm^TltM «IHH ^ ^rT^T I 
^ ■sf^SCSTT <Tt%3 «j\sM ^#T f^l ^tMt; t^jW^ f$<F fl<F ^T^T I *\?%<tt ^^TTH l^ Wfst^, «rtf^r 
W^HTCrff CfNtl, W'HHr «rmrc^ <3 «TH ^fe^ C^fC^ l «rrvwlt «THH W ^Jt^ ^H ^JCVT? 

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vs-«H «TMCT? C^H t*t «rrc^ ^T I ^H i*$ ^T^BT C^T«fT?t K^ TH? f^ ^t^KBT K^T C^T, TOfir 
^SPte^ K^T C^Tl <£Rfo <4% W$>\ C^WT?J «rfC5? 

cwrc^ ^^ ^ csfc^ <f#r « cvTjRf^ fipjti ^^ c^m ^ ^ ^^# stcjf^ ^r?r ifrf^c?j 
«rtc5 1 «rtt^ <r*H ^jcvnf^ vs-<h «rrsrH w^ ^^rfl^^ crl; t^s ^ct? ^r^ «rrc^ i ^riH T%r?t ^ t$ 
TSft^a "^it%?j <TT?j i «rrsrm c^m ^t^bt vst^T c<Fr«rr?j c^r? «ihh ^rj% c«tc<f <t«h cw^ «im 

«?F ^?J \s-<H 2MCVT «rfPT ^TH? W» vsH'fCf ^tft ^J <ftl#Ts,l ^T^T W*ti»\ C<mT?t? C<mltaS<f ^TC^ 

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wt% 7rr% <frcr? «nwr ^#r c<th c<htIT ^tt% ^rp <rta ^tc^t ^ ^ ^^mr wr^, T?f « 

^5T% 4t «T<T^C?t? RblC<l<l ^TC<0t ^WfBT #<H <Flt^C?J CrT I Wfsfvs «r^H ^f^ ofTC5, ^t «T<T^H 

Tstfe, «ht ^<m «rt? ^rj%cs t%^; crl; i <ft? ^<Ftc^ crl;? «rrsn^ c^m i vst^t ^htct? c^5 i% 
^c<t? T%fB' ^sw t^r ^tjcsrt t^ss^ca? ^rstlt w^f, ^k« csf ^ ^w w^cu? w to c<tcs 

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"VTCT? ^T?t "5C?t "<TTC55 «rH <T - <H ^[t%Cs "5C^f <TTC5^T ^"<H CFH f<T^ C^ I f<F§ >|R>A t% W«T^T ^Rf 

"5c?t "^ttc^? ^m^r <ph ^rj% «r^r c«tc<f wr^» w^r?t «it 3 ^ ^h ^«t^ c^ «rtc^m w^t c*rc<F 
«thh <rmr<nfl^ ^tc<t ^tcs «tt^i ^t?j ^ri %?t ^sthh ^m <rmr<nfl^sT k^t «rr^i vot^ct f% 
^? «imcsT wt<b- ^T?j "5c?t ^55 «rrvrm w?wcr i c^th c^rcw «thh ^H c#c?j «rr^i ^m 
^ht c<rflc?j «rr^? «rrvrm ^ht i ^m ^ttct «rrsrm f^sj ^tt, Hw shtt sjm. \ 

^^<TTCT?« f^ Wf^ "SC^ I ^ «m^C?H f<TFm HT WT 't^M C<HTC^ £fC<r*f WT <TTC<T ^TT I 

m^ w^j f<TT5m wcs c^rcrt whtct? ^rwr f^Trvrtmrvr wcs «?f <ra ctc<t i ^w^t^Ft %Pit 
■vTt^rfBT T%tc5 <TT?r, w^ wHtew wmcs "^cr ^^ wcs "5c<t, w^?t f<r^m W C<HTC^ C<FH 

*M CTt l «^ ^mCT ^T<tm c f VTHCffJ ^TC^ 4«M C<?% «rrCTTT5iTT WT ^T ^TT I ^1%Cs «ITVTm w«T#r 
■VfCT? CwsC<T ^T?T "5C?J <TT?J I <?\$ W\ C^fC^ «Tf<TT<T CT^ WT^; C<TflC?J «TPTC5, "VR "STTCT W?WT I 

^ f<p^rrrw3 ^^mrcT? >jjt^ w^m ^m c^scs ^r?r ^c?t <ttcb^i ^m wfstvs w^m «rmm ^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^r t^^rfe ^smrH? ws^^f c<*rc<F c<rmc?i «rtwi ^mfH? ws^mt ^rfw ^^h sj^s, ^ w 
<r*rr w^\ «rtsrtw cwt ws^^f «rtc^, c#tc^ -sr, ^f%, f^g \3 «r^rm ^rc^, #<f c^rH 
^Grara ws^T «rfc^, c>it;ic<i> ^rt "^t ^ ^t Cosmic Mind i ws^T «rmm ^w?tc<fs ^rt 
"^t i £f«tw ^rc^t <?f3; *$sf^, ^t^r c«tc^ atft^, £Tft% c<*rc<F ^, ^ c^tc^; «rt^Tc^ «r^rm, ^rtPT 
«rtfsr ^m i cw c^ ^rtr Hc^ ^rrt^rsM i ^wt t^wt^ ^tfi ^ ^ csrc^, «rm ^ ^r 
^cm ws^T <Tt «rw5?fti vot? "srtw *fcat t^^rtea ^cm ws^mt cstc^ c<tc3Tc^ «rmm ^t; 

W?^:^ *Rf "^C^ l ^ffl <T*H ^RJ "^f ^<R "SfW f*TC?t *RJ "^f I CT^SFtl «FfT W^ ^W? fcpRT\ 
tffBt C<FR ^fwm W^ <J°1C^ Rt, ^IW^TC^ TfStW ^ ^Tt ^l «RT^t %fa <T*R ^f ^<H 

f%H#t ^^otwt w ^rfc^ i 

^5§m« *fc?r «trc^t «r^t «rtc^, ^rw <mush ^% i ^ft?t «Rt^m k*t c^t ^H ^tttw 
c<fh fa^ «trc^ Rh ^rj%, T?f ^rm wt£f\s ^ f^rctj?r ^rcstr ^T% ttt5 c*mt ^tc^ «rtc^ i ^mfc?! 
^rro ^fta, ^ft?r «R^m *rffc p fU%, 2fsr?j ^c*rr f%f^ «rrc^ Rt i cwrfit ^tc*r ^t «R^rc^ 
*rm <fc?t «t \sft?t «r<r^r?t c<rc^ ^rm ct^ ^t% ^rw wm c<fr w*\4 «rt^w Rt i ^cm cwm 
<n$ ^% «R^fftj ^r Mt ^r i «rtsrm c<r 9m «, Hw ^ft ^c&^ c^bt fwftw«i ^s \sft?j 
«R^m c*m ^c?r <Tm i «rrr^r ^ ^rmr ^nt, vst^t^ f%^ ^<r ^tf i ^gj? ^m «rrsrm ^ ^r ^##1^ 
^^ ^tm "^c?r <ttc5^ i tw ^ ^ift^f c«tc<f <tTc5^ <rm ^m ^r, <tJ%, f^a « «r^m^s ^ftw i crl; 
^ ^iftst «rmm ^^ ^r ^ffti ^rm^f ^<ra «rmm ^ ^^ t®rt% 's^tc^ «rmw, ^tt si^ra b°ic^ 
«rmc<T, ^-<m w^c<r ^tti c<r c<fh srt^ ^ crc^r, c<r 2tr% w ^» ct ^ 0T , <rc<Tl;i c<r "sfH<T ^<tw 
«rttsr T?f crR ^tt, ^cst ^<ttc^ ^<r \sm ^bt ^j^t «rm ^r ^c^t ^rmfBT ^rmr^t ^tm, T?f cr^st 
"5c<t ^rc<F i «rm ^rj&e ^m ^ps^ ^c<t i ^rj^ ^rfw ^rt ^t ^cst *rftr#T c^»c« %c<r i m^c^m ^rr 
^r^s ^t% ^c<tt, ^c^ ^m vifew<i T%trst ^c?r <rm i «rm ^ttcit? stc^tc<m c<t fw ^t^k, 
«rrsrm ft, ^pt, ^-^r^ ^rt^m, <h, ^t% <tt f<r^ ^rtc^ ^t w*K t^w ^m ^c?r <ttc^ «rrsrm 
wg^t^c^t, wfsfvs «t^m «^ «rmm wg^rm^t c«fc<F c<rt%?j «tptc^i ^c?t wffst cT^Trsr ^jtc^ «ttsrm 
if*f ^tk "Br^r «rfc^i wiw ^ ni^c^ c^rfl (7r<rH c«tc<f <k*i<i>i3| ^ <w c^ f% c<rro c^i 
wtsf^ «r<T^m ^^s? <rmmifl^sf&r ^ft ^j ^tt i 

^rt <t-<h ^tt ^m^ ^h^ i£it; i£i<r^; <tNT <ftt "^c^ i ^fwm <F&lft ^auff f^rwtW3*r 

■ ^Tf <T-<H ^JCSTH ^<H ^T<T f<J^ ^Rt "5C?J <Tm I <T^H T%H Wfsf^ "5^ C<TSH <W?p5T HC?t ^JCSJTC^ 

T%^t%r f^ c^tH c«tc^ «rmm #w? ^m f%| «?f ^st i <ttfw ^rrc?Tm itftc<FrT <stfs\ ^<tm ^rt 
csrcsr ^m\ ^rroc^i ^*f cr^ c<f c<h ^w ^phsm orcsf c^c<rc^i <t^h wlw ^pr ^swt 
^<H f% crc^r ^wwf srM "^c?j c^? <t«Hl; ^r ^c<t ^t i <t4<m <t«h ^sc<t ^t i ^rt^ <t-<h 
^jcsth, "srtt ^^r «rrfsr #<t, ^h «rtsrm^ ^ra ^c?r c^r i wrc^t ^rt <t<h ^t c«tc<f ^c<h ^o^ 
«rrsrm^s «rmm w% ^c<ti ^rtfsr c<FWt c«tc<f ^rtrm? «nfsr f^ «^ wm*i\ t%?jt ^trmi 4tsr 

TPHSWf C<TSR fft "5C?r W^\ %T, <M , Q'CSTT t<W C^sjH ^TCST sff<K<T I ^ <M®M C<FNtQ <TTC<T ^Tf I 
(Tt^HT <J<=1C^H 4^ ^fs, «fstfts, ^t f<T^rr^ttf -^T (TT^ R<llct5<l "^r?f I 

«ttFt<f ^-<rrH <ttntt ^ic^o f»tc?r ^m ^r? w^t - ^rsr^ ^r^, ^r ^t ws^t^c^m T^m i 
^^rBt gw «rtsrm src=Tf f<r<m f^ c^ ^^r wrsfvs «r<t^m «nfsr <tt f<r^ cr^ ^t<r «rtsrm src^ 
fwm i 4i?rc<F fej «iTFr<f «rm c<r% T%| «rfMT^Tt ^^m ^rt i ^m^t ^?^m «rtsrrciT? <ftc^ ^^ 

^T<T ^5 <TTC<T, (Tt^HT C<Ht¥ T%m C<T% <MCvs C^ I ^foj^lC^ ^5 <Tm I <fmt Wft ^C?f <tH, 

^t<r f%p csrc<F c<t «tr^ Tic^r <Tm, c<fh T^c<f c<t #^t? sr «Itc<f ^rt, ^t ^ <#t^ i £n ^<ftc^ c<tsh 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^#r Tsr^tTt c&ffi wraFsfjte fsrsiTr ^c?r cfc^i «#?r ^t^ cwrc<r «rf?r cstc<F c^fer ^% -src^ 
«rmm f<T%r ^c?r "^rrc^, f^ c^srH ^rc?r?r c«ic<f wt^ c^fer ^fc|c?r?r ^ic<rf?; w^® «rrc^ «rmm 
^Nc?t?t wjf?; ^r^rr^ ^c?r <rrc^ i ■srt^c^ c^m« t^ ^ "^r i 

"rfwf' yfifit, <?$ f<mrcij?r ^rr ^r ^ ^rRfT i <# «rtfsr *tc3 T^t; «rtfsr ^ o$c<$ %s iffT%c?i 
wlft, «rm <rtf% 'rST^ ^*rc?m T%^ Hf$ ^c?r wlc^i ^R ^rfft T%rfj ^?w <rf ^r?rc<F fwrw 
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Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^rr ^r i c^#iw wHc*r ^ f<Ffc<F wmr m$i $% f%f*r#rc<F wHc*r - f%H?; *m f<Ff ^mc^r 
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t%? ^t <?r <Fi?r c f?rf 9 f ^msrr^r, ^Bwr^rr c«rc^t ^w t%p ^tf%i ^pp ^ ^t#tc<f?; ^tc^t - f%H 
wHtrt ^fc?r, f%H ^r<T%rr <fc?r t%r <?m%rr <fc?r «rr^m t%ffit ^%rr <fc?r f%H ^rm^ 
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t%H ^m ^^rc^r, ^w <?nc^t «rm ^m t%^ wmc^r i «rm %k «r^rt% ^rwr t%^ c^ ^<\u^ ^rrc^ 

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nrc^r i «rtwr "sr?t <t# ^? ^^ c<Fr«rr« t^^^Tw ^u\ «rrc^r «rm %k k^t ^ ^ ^m ^ 
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«rrsncirfr ^n?r <\\*\u& ^c<r ^^rn?r ^^tf^rii c<r ^«rrs^r ^rc^ otbt <ft^ ^rrc«r <?m «rrc^fm wr ^fc<t 
"<mu^ % ^ca^ c^\ ^mr ^<rr c<fr <mia^1 t%?r «tptt "^c<t ^rr, «ic^s<f Hc^r?r <?fh ^w^<i Hc?r 
«rr>rr ^c<r ^rr i c<tqm ^w<Tn?T ^ ^m c>#tc<f «rwc^ ^n?r c^«r fro i <?r wr <f^ tmc<T 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


w^, ht ^rt^s *\\<m c^s fw i ci$<$mj ^rfaH ^ht^f wh^s c*r ^rr ^s ht i tf&owi <fsh 
^9|^j ^ef t^h^ ^rnr ^wf ^tmh ^c?n^, ss^pm ^c^ wr^tfw ?h ^mr-^miw wr^r 
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^m i tw w?r «rrc^r «p t^csh ^<Trr%?r c*rrwH c^rrsH w<f, ^rft^-^s^t, «rT%t%r?r <tht w<f, 
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<t# c*thh i 4^h ^s^ ^H*rr t^cbt ^s *ifa «ifctT» orfH csrrn c^hi? tht i c^s s& tt4t ^k?t 
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vil>iii15 ^tc^t '^TfCM ^rc^ 2fr«HT ^pti^, c^ ^pp! ^tsr «rtsrrc<F »K *f?nr?n% ^rs' i wt^t ^th 

SRH W<TC^T 3r£s t^THT (TTHm ^TT ^tUS 4«H ^m^Tmf^ Tif^! 4^5H CSTT^ ^TC^ ^CH 

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^^rr^ yr«"?rr «rm ^ ^rcvs ^ch Tfs^ %m c^ ^w «rrsrm ^rc^ ^^rr^s ^s^rf 4^ ^rr^fH i 
^mu^ ^s ^h t%^ ^ara^, «rrsrrcii? ^s ^tt^ ^ttc^ ^?r^, ft, tpt. ^rft. ^-^nh, 
«rr#?wH ^?r^, «rmm ^r-"?rc*t?r ^rt^ HT% ^?r^, «rrsrm ^M wzw^ ^i^m ^ ^^r 
T^hh i ^wm feHm hot ^m ^rc^ %?r ^rfl 'c^ ^pp! «rtsrrc^ ^m^rr^ ^' i ^rp 
^rw '^r ^mr! «rtfsit cvstsrm ^m^rr^s' i ^m^rr^ f^»rw ^r? c$ ^m^\ ^#r, ^n? «rm c^h ^«r 
h^, ^ «p^h ^5r^i?i ^pt ^m ^rc^ t^Tc?r ^k ^m^rr^s ^c?r ^rw 'c^ ^rf?! ^fsr w «rm 
«rrsrm rn^ c^ i cvsisrm M^^r «rrsrm ^; ^' i ^hI; ^m^rr^ i 

m^ ^t m.^ ^^ ^iT%r ^rm ^rsrm^r c^rmw c^ ^tcvs -?rrw ^t ^k Tsr^rrr i ^h ^mr 
«rmm ^rw - ^rw <?fBT c^rBT cvsr «rrc^ «rm «rr^w^ m^ fsKrr c^r otbt c^r «rmw ^rr i ^tt 
wh *rrm ^t Tsr^rrfBrc^ ^-«h ^ h^i ^ 1 ^ c^r ^rc^rl:, t^h cvsr «rm c^rr^s k^t "^ttc^t ^ti 
f^i %r, csnr%, H^r-^r^prr, ^t^ht ^^m ^h fsr^rrr, insi^ ti^bt ^nm ^ Hl;, ^? cvsr 
«rrc^rt i ^srr ^H ^th ^rrwc^r ^h ^ wm nn ^rrwc^r i f%| ^rrH w*w <^ v\m\ wh\ 
smr to ^htc^t, f%| tth «^ ^r «rm ^[^m fw ^rrsfc^r i ^^h T%^r ^wc^h 'srr! ^ 
^wra nm c^h'? #srr \s*h t^m Rc^h '^m ^t ^rf^? wr% «wi^ ^hi "^rrc^ ^m 
Hti ^ (W w^Hm c*rm, ^^ cw «rm c^r^rr^ "?rr«"?rm Hti «rm "spm ci«¥r ^fHwrr 

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^v^ ^ht ^'fH^r i«iw*iiw^ h?t i ^rmr ^h-^h, fr, ^, ^-^m ^<^Rc<^ ^r fsr^rrr ^^ 
-?rrc5^ «rm «ht Iw ^«Ffr^t wN^s ^m^, ^ ^r stpq wH^rr^rTi &m<\ ^«H^ «ih<f «ih<f 
^ht ^rr^rc<Ti <Tmr ^rc^ ^®m fsr^rrr <^rr^ nmfl, Tw «rtTsr ^, «rrtsr ^^T^rm «rm^^r c«rc<F 

C<TT%m *\\W& imfl HT, ^^T W3 «th<F WCSTT I TCl^ W$ <\^(.^\, ^t *$W*t C«TC<F £twm ^ 9 ^ 

^i sfwr ^rfH ^h <i<fcsi<i #^h ^rr "^i 4^ ^m sm c«rc<F f<r^»rc<T w «rm «tr ^n«, 
^^ ^cb^ «rm ^ ^it% i^^ih T% wsr? \s-<h ^tc^t - 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


*pfH c?rss t^W# «1t^5ftltX 

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c<fh ^ftt? ijiwiwo ^fftt, 4?r «rrc?r?r ^ray <?KfH <wr sc?r%i «rf^f^ «Jsfc^ ^<f ^t ^jtc^ i 
c^im^iwu, c^m o$u$ csjw?t ^ptt, «rr?r «<rw£ ^i^h ^ oh c^ ^rRftos ^tht ^wra 
<P¥tt%r wu ^r i ^th<t ^ <f^Nfw «rr?r ^fn ^Tft-wt^Tit wr?r *r?r ^r?r c^o^ «rf?t?r ^prr ^f i 
«jsj^ <r<H ^rtfH t^ ^c^ ^<H <?$ ^sffrr ^rtft? ^iftera «rf?r?r *rc<rj g^»r <^c?i i c^t^ &&$ <tffg 
sfwfg ^w<rf^ ^rsffsfg, ^wrt t? ^wr stt%r w$ w$ srrc<F i 

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«jsw c*rc<F f<TWrrcs?T ^ft ^i «rr?r «t «m «jsf^ ^ffft, T%Th1; stt, c*tm, w^ •$ 
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"5c?j "^rrc^i ^ ^rci <*m <t*tc^t *rft fwtw ^r, «rrfsr w#T fwfw wijfti «rrsrrcirir wji crt; 
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f^r t> ^fitfifc^ ^s ^tj c«tc<f ^t<t ^H ^c^r? ^rr, ^c?rt <*r#t ^RI^b T^fw ^rr^jicsr f^R ^t 
^H?r ^r<f ^?r i>wc^ i #^ fwt%t ^tc<h, ^H? <y?rf5r ^r Ti^rHfif<FK •t^ro, ^r^rc^r 
cg#H ^ ^rr<jTC5T ^s<rr ^rsr <k?t i f% «rrsrrcirfr «r<ut^t fwr%r w<h, ^^^tt c^t f%^ ^ttj, 
^~m\ "^ c^rsrrcir?r <nflj<F *t^t%, f<Pi «rr^fH ^r^rf^s ^fr^ «rf?r?r ^rrnm «rrc<F i 

^n^tj ^ttwfRr *M8sr «r<uTc?j? ^#?j ^ 4^r# ^ te^ «rrcsrTTHT «rrc^i ^rwMj 
^it^w ci^^s -snfw t%?r w?w ^tf^t «rrc^ i ci^as ^«h w ^ ^c?j c^t, ^f?r f^tw 
c^rT^r^ %bh '«H ^? ^i <rr<fl?t <r^ c«rc<F ^th<f ^h «t#t wr?r *i?r ct^c<r^s ^wr?r c<ft*k 
^tcstj? *& f%t?f wrj %?r ^rfe?r ^c?rc^i c<ft*k ci*r wrr<jjr?r <ftc^i ^rmr^rc^ «rrsr?rr ^wi 
cter ^H?r ^tf^t mt, % ft flc^H wuti ^<t ^ cter ^H «rr?r ^thrtc^h cter ^R ^w 
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c«tc<f vsftr ^wr ctc?^ c^t'? '^ft, f%H «rrsrrc^ 'R ^'tc^f fwc^' i ?rrwr ^-<H c^sc<f^c<f 
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«rt?r?r ^«rr c<fh t% c^rrHtt^ i cf^^s ^g?t fes nrc?rH i ^k twr?r «r^t?r f%r i ^ ^rwr c^rra 
^tf^o f<Fc?r ^w^i <TTf%cvs ^w <tt<ttc<f Btc^i wc^ «raasr ^ittf c^FH^ti cter ^H ^tc^t '«rtfsr 
c^T ^? «rrcn *Nnr «rf?t?f w ^hth, ^ ^jT 9 fTc^ «nH f<F^ <ftc^ tr^r ^rf' i ^<rm <tt<tt « c^r 

^fC=T t^T C<FT*K (WTfT ?TfWl?r ^TC^ C^R I C<FT*K CrC*m ?fMC<F f?TC?J <f<=1C<=1H, W^ «iHTCirft 

<f^ 9\^ ^rf?r c^fH^t i c<ft*k cffcRf ?rfwr t*i^r- tpf ^ch^ ^r <ftc^t, «^ fwf^r ^hr:^ 

W^ C<FH t%T %T ^TTl ^ ^f#C<F f^<T \s«n<Ff^s «rc=T<F ^ffawT ^t f^itC® ^'fHv» "^T C<f 
^tf^f ^»T ^TVfCirlT \<<^(M CSf^pf I ^^M W5M ^ft^rfn» fwfst^ f^Wt¥ I t%f f%| fwt C<F^ 

^s «?f t?pwr?j fHcsf?r ^n^ c?rr<r RwiVi, tc^ otbt wsr c<fh ^r?rc c t ^sthm whs ^tt i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


dTM' srn ^ t%r?r <fc?i ?rtwrc<F *M8i% ^rt 9 ^ ^rm wn «Hc?rt<r «^ c^m^f ^ 
wmz5 tcs c^tc^r - w^hm ^ §\*>$W4 <ttf<T, ^st# i ^t?rM?i itwr <nHrr <f?tc^ <w «rfsfer 
t%i ^rft c<r *M8iRf t%?r ^?j ^t ^rm^rfBt *H sft^r ^fk c*rc<F k*t ^t^i «rt%$ ^rc^ <rr 1%| 
«rrc^, ^t? c*tc<f % *r<?% «j^w ^iwt t%f ct^i 4 - <ftcT H><f «jgw ^tt ^r 4<f ^rit>t H><f ^c<t, 
^«f «itw 4<f $«i<r *ttc?r i <tt t%p «t1%^ «rrc^ c#f 4<t>Gi<i$ «n%f , ^trtc^ <r^ ^r t%| cr^, 
<rr t%| «rrc^ 4^<FBf?; «rtc^i f#r?r s^ttf ^srt ^t r%f^#tc^ <t«ht <fc?i ct*th ^c^i ^t sp$ t%r 

(7FHBfC<F WHC*f 'RBlt WHt ^f I W^T, «m ^JfF^TC^F CSrCT HC*T ?t<T R»Jj>W$ WHt ^C?t <tf?t I ^ 

«m *^m<p 4*H c^ftc^, <ti<t#?i <ti t%| ^ftci; ^t ^ 5 ^ "^^ *a$(w, ^fa ^ttc?r t%| e$ 1 
tw ?r<T 1<f^c<f -^ f%p c^rc^ «iHHt cf*rtt, «rftsr «tHHt w^tff ^rHti ^t «thm <rt 1<f§ 
c^ftl *t<t t%| \#?r cstcfI; ^s*rt% ^551 4<tt?i ^^ft^w crttcs^ t% i^focs ?r<T t%| ^k c*tc<F 
^*iw "^ 1 ^5 c<r \5f?r csfcFt ^ptr t%^ voT ^, c<t ^r^cs ^w t%| \#?r c*tc<f ^rt t%^ c^ 
■m^ "src^ 4<pBt ^<ft ^rrc^i cw "srh <f?jh 4-<rtcT «rc^r^sM *5lc=i<i stt*r ^Nt «rrc^, «rrm 
srcsFFBr utcRr «rr^m 1<tt%st «i«k*u 1 <MC5H ^ c<r 4^qc*tt 1<Tr%sr wr<FTc?r?r 'ftc^ ?rr*t c^ ^^ 
vot ^f, ^^^rt 4<^ c<Ft^r# c«rc<F c<fRc?ic^ ^<i^; csrr*^ c«rc<F c<jRc?ic^ «rm ^<r^ ^foto 
c<fRc?ic^ 1 ^t c<r vsfsr ■=thh c^ ^Bt cvotsrH ^rh? ^r, ^^wr ^th «th wt ^tat, ^th « ^tc^h 

C<FH ^TT Ht I ^t ^t¥<t<F ^^5^ t^tC^H^f ^^IC^H *M3tf^ t%?J I ^ttTf <TSTCvo ^RH Sf^TCST (?Nt^ 

tjtmi<f, ^jc<=iic<ii<f «Tc^ ot, csrc^ *tc?r ^fRft, ^tR% ^rra *^, ^j^c^tfi tcu ^rtfti 

wm ^rsra wtttlw c<r c^Ttwr «rr^ c^sTit ^rr, ^ (^rtwr #<e<f "5wrtc<F Hc?r k^t 
<rt?r 1 Tf5ft# ^^w <?rt<Pc<F «rt ^»tc<r ^^nNTt <^<fc^H - ^r c«rc<F ^, ^ c?rc<F 33^0^ ^tcvo 1 
^Htt^s^s «rcir<F (?rtc<ra <r<=Ht wt ^c?JC5i t<Pi <#« (tntcst csth^^th ' ; tiw ^^ «rrcn *rc?r 
^c?r <rt?r tw ^r^Bt 4<r^ 1 ^-«riH "5wrt<F w^ ^rt "5C?tc^ t^tfcrfr ^i ^ #<rc<F ^t wf?r 
Mc<f t%?r <rt?t (TNIth ^ c<r «n^sM cw?rt ^c?r%r vst?rr ^f!t%c?r «rtc<F 1 ^? «rrc^r c<tsr src^ <pTt 
^c?r%r ^Muilfis vyi^vyg, ^ «rr^t%QM tt^ w»r<kr <ra <i^hc<^ "&wttc<F Hc?r <nc5^i w 
t% «*$ ^wrtc<F «n<pc<r? w t%r ^m ^<r4 ?rr<pc<r 1 ^<ra <pr c*rc<r ^c?r c<rc^ ct^ ^wti<f 

C«fC<F ^ofC<F HW «rPTCvs "5C<T I ^T «Tt^ft t% v»TC<T CW ^T? ^ tt%Cvs CW WC^T? "=Tt, ^ftC 9 ! ^tfC'f I 

sfsrcsr c^«tH c«rc<F ^rc<r TjTc*fic<F 1 ^ ijjwi^w t^^prt^ <Frt ^r, ^tft# ^ ^tnti t^w 
^ c«rc<F c<h «m« ^<fB ^t ^c?j c^tc5i ^ ~^jm^ ws sf^sr ^rttt, "5wrt<F t*ps ^rttt ^r?r 1 «rt® 7 ! 

^THH ^HT ^<t^t <t^ Flt, ^ ^jTCSTtC^ ^<rf&t t%? <t<=1C^H, ^pfffts ^?f%<^ W ^, 

^TcsTtc<F ^<f ^r vsT<r ^fsr<rr <r# 1 ^t ^5 ^pr c^ ^5 <rt twr «rrsr?rt «rt<rnc*r cfNw it^i ^-«h 
TjTcsTt^ ^tco t% c<rt<mc5^T, «r^ft^c<F c^Htrc^ t<fHt ^tsrit «hFhi, 1<fs ^t ^t ^ c«tc<f ^t? 
st^rsr 2f<Ff*f c<Nth ^c<t ct^ ^^tl<Ft?r k^t ^tttc^i ^ ^•il^l'Blw^ Tp?n<F ^tc^t l 

(7NH c«rc<F k^t ^rtcT c^m^^fwu; ^rsHr ■srtw oh, ^t ot ^t tt#?r ^rttf 1 ^ twtrr 
^rttt oh c«rc<F #t ^?r 1 ^l; c<r w #<rtv5ft?tr wrf^ c«rc<F ^r^r ^c?J 'jiwlw wr ^-c^rt^T vsHt 
^t csrw?! src<n c«rc<F ^ffer ^rw ^rR%^ (Tror «rrw 1 ^rR%vs (Trcsr ^w #^?rt c<r^rt?r ^rtw? 
«<rw. , ^fftw -?j\s «itffw «rrc^, <rH, «tsr, *t 3 r#r wf€t?r ^r<t t%nc<p «■<# <Fft ^r, ^ «^t<t?r 
src<tT #^gt ^r ^?fcvs 5ftc<F 1 «rrtsr <r«H c<fh it^ ^fsfl \d-*h w #^?rtc<F ^fBft ^r <« 

^<F^s <Tt?R ^Tt I HTM3 "^Cvs 1TC?I «THH «ft<FCvs« ntC^ I ^t #<rT^TCf?I «ttf^ ^T® "^H, WH, ^TCST?! 

■5rt<tTC5T ^T=# "tlt^i ^Ht (?tqmc<f ^rrc^ c<fc?rc% ^%& c«fc?rc5i #<m?rtQM ^t<t 4wrr?r 'stc<it 
^ ^C5i ^ c<r ^r%s w ^s^t<r ^ptt Hc^, ^t ^rffBt ^r ^#?r ^rttti 4<rt?r ^t #<tt^t©M 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«itwra "srrwr <j?fc<t?i cw^ c<t ^srfrr «rtc* (7r<rrcT k*t <rfc^ i ^t tt?^ ^r ^f «rf?f i <2<k<t?t 
M*r§n^rtra voT^ src<ii c<t ft<f ^rc^, cr^rtcT ^ #<rt^mT ^fsrrcw ^c?r sftcF i ^jsrra « ^tft? w,*h 
w»\4 ~s$ «rm ^tfrk c<r ct^ ^tcf <r*rt ^r <w «rt?r i csiwf^ ^ *W3t% ^rrnt#r wh» ht, «rm 
^t <$c?rr t^bts wh^ ^ti ^ <t«tsrftf?r w i^rm^ ^<tn<rcrs ^rtcsi c#sht *pp^ « ^tfhr 
(M^ >t^¥c<^ t^pt ^Hl: csfc^ ffius cr^rc^r Hf i ^ ^^rsra 4 w w ^^ cT^rt ^t i 

TTjcm<F c<h 4^i>t «rf?r, ^ ^rftf H?r ^ *rf<ra ^rftri ctl; *tf<ra «rf?r csh c*rc<F <rft ^ca 
^tftcs crcsr ^tc^, (pt&t^s *tt%r «rf?ti ct^th c*tc<f <r<H <$?Fc<T?r ^tftarar c»^c?r wc^ c#r 
«rtc?r<FH «rf?ti 4<fh «rf?rc<F ^^r wratt csktf wtc?r<FH wRr^tm ^ht wr ^i c*t<t ^ht 
c?r«iTC i T ^5 cr^; Htfk cr^, c#N3 ^^ «rf?r i «rt?r <$?f<t <r<H Hlfk ?rtc*f ^^t^t^ ^^ ^h crt 
<Ft<fH« 4^r w i <nn*ft srrc?r?r «1« c«ic<f ^h f*r® ^rt ^ ^r ^rm w «n^ ^rt i tf^rrctl; 
w c*1<t ^c?r <tTc^ <r*H <w «rf?fco <jsf<t ftcsra ^rfttc^ ^Hf <f?tc5 i ^tc^t, c<t ^t wrf?rc<F 
cstct ^rm cr ^ ^c?r <rm i ^m^r T%ft ^rrcs ^rm^r <jc?rr f<pwts ^rcs crt ^ ^mm i «rmm 
<rmr <tf <j?F<T?rr ftpir, ^kr wrR «« <fc4?t wr ^f ciwt i 4^t?r ^k «« ^c^ ^r^»tn c*m 
"5C?r c^rc^i 4*r f^H (?rcsr ^t 7 ^ i st^tcsr f%H "5wrm c«rc^ Tp^rrc^ (ttw ^t^h, tjrcsrT^ c^tc^ 

J[#ftW ^TTSR^R I ^3T#TT¥ "5=T ^t ^T ^SPK l ^brT^ C^tC^ ^f^tcsr T%H CSfW ^TtSR^R I 

^^WT ^Tt ^C55 %t Wtf^ ^C^T ^tCr^ T%?J I t% ^TTWra ^TC^T Wj/W<* W.° 

*/57cs" ^mfmpsmr^ tK°° ^^ ^" ^ 1 ^ ^ ^ 7 ^ ^ ^ ' ^^ ^ 1 ^f ^^ ^ ^ 5 ^ ^ ' 
^im ^5 c^Tc^m "src^n ^ «rtc^, c^H ^o ^f c^, i£i^t ^^rfcrl; ^?, c^wk, ^-^fcsra w 
^rrrrc^ sra^ «rmTf wu HC55 «rmm sra^i c?rs# c^pt c?nf^ c*m ^rrc^ ^rw ^m ot c^ i^ 
£fcr*f ^t?r "^rtc^ i ^it wsr^T ^rt^ ^§5 c«fc?rl; ^rtc^ i ^^rrcr ^tct^ w ^c<^<ttc^ ^rt ^cb^ 
^rr i ^^rrg ^rj ^rr^ ^-«rTcT ^<fa\ wr ^ <fNr wtfw <^c<ic^h, ^^^ ^wc^h, ^m <jth- 
^rm^tt ^c^tc^H, ^c^ ^»T% ^rt<H ^cic^ i ^5^ sfstor f^fcsrtc^ ttt ^c^t i ^tsh «rfwr¥ ^c?r 
<Tt«"?rH t? ^tsrf prtw k^ \5rrc3H, -srtcT «rtc^ ^r ^rcs i ^ ^tcr ^r c«tc<f «th« ^s? 
^fvioo ctw «rRTH i c*rc<T «rfstir c<t wr^r^tTHc^ «i^o<i ^<racD «ttra, c^ cstc<t (hcst «rtcH i cr<tH 
c«tc<ij wfc^ «rw?r <K?r ^r<!tcs crw «itchi ^m^ ^rH-^fsr, nf^^fHtcs «rrst?j ^c^r i (7r<rH c«rc<F 
^j^c<h ^tfte ^rr*r?T ^c^r i ^wcm *ffk c«rc<F c^ #^?ft ^^m ^ttfk *iftaf <Ttc^ i ^t ttpsrr 
•raJ^Bit ^r ^ wi ^rcTtc<ra ^tsrsft ^r ^5, cstc<h ^tsr<rr ^r t^rs t^^ 5 ^ ^^ 
^st^ 1 ^j^c^ ^h ^^ «rf?r «mr Htft? cr^ «rtci<PH «rf?r 1 

^TWr^ ^'tf^HCT ^«^HT «ItC5 ^J^<T «Tt? Hlftf ^T#T« ^^ W I CT^HT TTslt# ^^ 
Wft^tH <t<=1C^,«i, <THT ^ W <K^\ fiRT ^<ra ^TT ^sTCT? >faSH<tl ^H «tt^t^ "^T, ^rsrtcsf? ^HT ^lT 

^"ttt 1 «rfc^t^FH ^m\ <rkr %h, ^ht't ^Hr%t ^kr ^^tc<F ^cat w ^ 9 ^ Hc^r 1 ^HT 
t%R, <rm, ^rw T*r crc<r hc^sh i ^tw t%th «rf?rc<F ^i^ht ^<r^cs <ttc5^t i ^5\ ^h c«tc<f «rrc<j<FH 

^CT ^lftfC<P ^T'HT WT ^C5^l £f«fsr ^H ^T TjTCTT^, ftita ^H C5H, C5H C«tC<F ^TRffcs CTW 
^^T, CTH «TfC3<PH ^HI CT^TH C«tC<F ^JfFW 4CT C*K «ItC3<PH ^Hl ^<TH tl^ C«fC<F CT^ 

^ittfcf ^r^Ht wr ^C55 ' ; TTft?r ctc^i ' ; TTft?r ct^h «rrc?r<FH ^h i ^lt ^t <t«tsrr% wt ^r^ ^ 1 

C^HT ^Tt ^T srH<T#^T« ^^H W<JTlt^[<F «ft%<TH I 

^? ^fWf f%| Crl;, ^ ^^ W ^Hl^CF <TC5T Rc<=1^ CsT "^C?J <TT?J I f<Pl ^<rCT tWT^S f<F0; 
^J ^TT, C#5HI «thh ^thh ^»tc<t ^tntt ^fc?j ^TCs ^J i i£|t ^THH ^TNTt ^Cs f?fC?J ^sCp 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«rfM^TT Wt ^Tl ¥W 4^Rf% OT Pt« WU t%5^ CTQ ^R^fJ ^TtWlt WU fw^l %oT?J ^»^H 

<mc&h <rmT «n^f% «mt*r^ «Hf ^r ^w-"sriw ^c<rr ^T*r ^m c^:^t%r, ct^tr c«rc<F >fasiw<i 
^,*rt% "^, 4-<rRH ^m ^fwr f<F»rc<T «rr^! ^ w^ twrc^ 4-<rRH hw wt ^55 1 ^m f<F§> 
%f<j c«rc<F?; ^s*r% "^ 1 ^ c<r <w% ^«^ht <f<jt ^r, «lita ^rc<r c^r c^rr <rm ^ m t%| 
^m^ i^rc^ ^tc«r ^5\ c^rf^TM atRvo ^m «rrc^i %om ^#?j wtc?j ^^ c*rr<F «rrc^, 
<#« t^ 4?r ^rrc^f fw<T rt, tw v»r#r srm ^r^rtt - a^wi f^ f#777¥ stsptwi/ 
ii&3i\&<iFb ^rn^jt <ms ^m^msu w\us <rt f<F§ «rrc^, <rr t%| ^ ^t ^ wrc^ ^rrc^f 
4<F?rcg 5ir%s 1 <M3zwtm° fifw, c&r c«rc<F w^?r 1 c<h c<fwt?j «nf^o? ^msrr^o 1 w csrtf 
ofw? ^5<r ^r, om c<*rc<F <rft ^m ^rftoo hcst «rr^rc^, <rit c«ic<f «tcst?j w% ^c^i c^ «jit 
«rmm ^r^ ^rr^pr w^t ^<fc<t #<h srm^f ~^<m. 1 wr^ ^m t%^ <rc^ £ft%t%s 1 

^^H ct^ <rrc^ ^aw wsr <m ^, 4-<rTH <m ^trh wrt^ <F*fc<F c<Tmrrc55, w 
<i<i>ai<i w "^ ^m c<r ^rr<H «fi^d^ 4t ?m f%f^ ^sjptci; ^ ^f?t <$?f<t csktfi 
^ih^c^ ^t; w*t*m ^^ ^rrfHrc^rfwr^t ^ftt «rrc^ 1 ^t w&f^m «r«f ^mr hc?j <# "^r^ ^<fc<t 
w?rr "^r ^R ^rRmr ^rW ^rhjt ^c<it ^t ^msv^ cacr ^k<ri vo-<r cr^rr <ttc<t #<rh?j sit% 
^offtjlt 'TRt^ to ^<r^r ^r Iw^ ^rir (?rc<r 1 «rftsr «rHM, ^gfsr «iKfm, ^ ^f^ «rrsrm 
c«rc<F «rfsrw, ^t «rHM c<rr<r5rl; "^ifej <rm 1 ^? ^rc^ "src^ ^tc^t - 

<l^s|*t> ft<f i*^oC<l! | iRH1''l> 1 

CftCSft ^ *t<rU5 ■<M ^§ 1 i^/i/^b 1 1 
f(??^ W ^<f (T^" <^ ^ <7f#^" ^^ ^W^/ ifh^ <M^ SFSpTS^ t£?^ 3^55f 

s/<^ *r/^ t?^ 3 ?^; <7W57H ^ ^37^ / ^ <?fty&>r <rt ^s ^jwf fa% ^r% <?ra; w ^<f /wf /<wf 
<sra v5?wr« (Pfl - *t<R y&w c^ wtv 3$i} 

^c<FT 9 fH<jTT «m srrfH ^^ff^miT, ^■^m^m fw "srr^ c<r tsttwM ^<rj<T5m w, ^nPri 
c<r ^twqm w^ c3T®c*rrc<F w<rm ^rat «rrcsrr^Tr wt ^ 1 cr^; tp 3 ^ ^^ ^^mm f<t<| c^rc^; 
w^T/^^r- ^i^mc^^ tffFrsM ^pti t%mc^i ^TPrcirc<ra w «rrcn ^^# ^^# ^c^ ^ft^miT ^rrw 
^m ^o ^m c^ «rmrc^ iw ^rr ^ ^*rt%Ti <i>m<i>lT> t%r% «rrsrrcir? <rm c rr ^c^ Hc^r 
^H<fcii<i ^scsrm «r<f ^co ?]1<mT ^<n c<tct? ^ w^f, ^m ^^r ^f c<tit ^t ^iwrRi 
^H<fcii<i c<r ^sc^ «rrwt nr^ ^ft ^^t^tt ^r<r ^rwrR 1 t% ^ ^mrt^m cf^r ^^r ^m 
«rrc<Fi cw <#« <i<l]-iiHr«f ^ffci? %or^# ^^ ^^Fmrsr^ tw ^<ptwm ■srr^ucsr ^^ ^t<tc<f 
^rgrt^o <rt ^ 1 <r-<m %or^#? ^m^r ^ ^tl \o-«m «rmrcir? ^m ^r^rm^ ^t%sm ^iwit^o 
«rrc<F, ^t *rwit*rc<F «ifvo^vi ^c^ ^twm ^m^rt%o src<H wm c^tr *m ^r ^rr^t; ^c^r, 
«rmm «ichc<i^<i ^r^ ^<r« ^m ^ ^rr 1 <j<H-4hw ^i$c<r<r ^^#r f^ t^^rjr^ ^rm, c<r^r ^rrft# *p 
f^ <ii<fc\oH, '<# com wr<F ^w c<p^ ^t «rrcr ^c<r ^^ "pt c^' i 4*rRm ^^ ^fc^? c<mt 
^rfc^, <rr w^ ^rr^mr <pfwrc<F <nwtsm ^c?r troi t% ^t ^rc^ ^rrcsr #wr^rw ^\ 
^^rciT^f^ cT«"?rr ^, <# cr^ cvorsrm ^rtcH (^ c^, ^ta \ofsr Hcs^ w ^^rr ^wra %<f 
^%m ^ti ^rwif^r «rm iwfe ^tcih ^ ijc&rc<F t%?rt ^t ^twfst ^%?j k^ti tw <r^m 
%ot^t <rsrr "^ \o-<m ^iwif^fc^Fl; ^o wt "^?j 1 <rmit ^st^t *rfr ^c^ ^otcit? c<t% ^t^ 
#wt4tc<f at^r wt? ^ht ^tvot^t *rfr ^c^ ^i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


c<rcr?f c^m^ i^r Wm, 4<fft ^TPt «rt?r f^Sr?r ct^ *f*f?rtt% ctict <m% wH?#ri 

C<TCT f<F$ C^H ^TCT*r CT«?TT ^C^ ^T - C^f ^T «$ WHfflf^f 1 «emiPfBt f%? WtCS^ ftf 1%| 
^sT «TtC?, (?T5R <MC5H Wns 1 ? W5J 1*$ ^sPSM^t C^f ^Tt ^ 1 ^ foft^fCF «fWM 
^TT<fT?f TOff ^TC?! ^TNCs ^C<T, \st RT ^FfTC^T <*$ W^ C<TT<mr <F<TCs «TtlM Wflf ^C<T l 

^ft^rw «stfs fwt?r wtc5 ^ «rn^r i <?$ twrn w^tcs ^ ^sfa ^rcr ~§?\ *rt?rt ^^ «iMcf 
f«tc?T ^rtl^ 4<#r ^rsra «rrcr <r«R %tcr?r *rr*t c^tcF ^ratt ?rc?T ^nrn ^ ^t#f t% ^ftww 
^r<Fc?r?f *rc*ot sm c»c*r ^te? <F*Ht Rt, ^H ^rait wrcr «rm «hthi ^rt^ ^ 4<f1; ^m 
^rr^^rr <ttc<t i t^i %fa fwr ^tcs ^ ^r#r <p<r c^w ^r ^r T%h *r fw ^ttfifcsT fwn i 

C^r? C<T WR #T fas C<FR <Tff<T fwf <FC3 <TH <MCsH RT l ^ WR W, ^T<TH C«fC<F «rPf^ l 

^fTsft ^sftc^ w ^r t*tw®®m ^rrc*, #<rc«T?r c<r ^rwscnr «rtc?, ^t ct ^sj, <rrrcT?r sfw^ 
tffei 2tc<T*f <fct ^rsrtw? *ttt%r «*$ ^racm t%| t%| wcf sm*^ *mzw\ \ ^fw^ <F?rr?f i?r 
^rara ct^ ^w wcr* Hcsra vsc^fTHt f^HTc^ ^Hra «rw <fc?t ^rwcs ^r t%^ i «tm ^ttf^ra 
■src<iT <# <Ftra^ sttwt sttcf ^<h t%H Hoe$ c#tcf ^crra^ <ra ftcw^i «rtwf <r , <H^; <#r 
^^htct?! ^tyr c^tcf <rar Hs^s ^c?rc5 ^<H ^ ^/7^".° ^ <7if?f<r ^h ^^t<th h<| t<M 

^^»TC<T ^TTC<F t*W tTO^T ^TTl ^TT^ %<rtwr^T ^H t^T<TTC<F ^1^TC<T C»f%^[ ^Ti vskr ^ 

wHirt^r %a P»wh? ^H##r twrc<T ^r^tw ^r? t^m i «?f c<w t^htc^ ^rh ^tc?t 

ftaf «I? t% f*W CrT, (7f^TC<T ^TT f»W CirTiTT, WS^s ^TC<T C^ ^H#H t^TCW ^fC<fT 
^TS|3tt%s "5C?I <TH I 

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'TT^f <T^ t% "^TSfH <T^ff <TT ^sTC<TT «TfC^T C«tC<P C<T ^t C<T*f <#vs ^jC?! ^tt 3 T%T, ^<TH C<TiT "^C?! Ct^T 

*N?jtPr, wr#r ^rc^f «rr^ ^cn c^r i ^tptot<t c<tcit? c<t <Ffw5T ^c^h c^r t%H c<tct? *w 

t%?r <MC!5H ^TT, ^IWlf^TC^ HC?I <MC^T I WH ^rTO ^^t<TH C«TC<F, C#TC<F <f^T "«ItfwT I ^<WtWrfT 
C«TC<F W-f^HT 'T^fim ^t «aHHlPt Ti^s 5ft<Ml ^^H ^TPTOi<T ^W C<TiiC<F <£& WH^tm Wf 
<ra »ilfettl tWR I tWTC<T ^TSfn^R? C<W ^, ^ ^T Cf^atd^ ^<TH? ^TT, '•K^Rf ^jRItt^o 
^H £f<TH I ^TTPfW W ^ WTT ^f^CH %T (TTS^TC^ ^^ WHnTC^ >||fjst«l tWH I ^tff ^TfST 
^RT C^T «t^l ^-«rnH <MCSH ^J77^,°, •sffFT ^WT «TTcn ^WC^ f^l "^l^ «TH<F 'TCf 4W^I 

^^<th c«tc<f ^r#t c<rferc5, c<t£tc<f <mt ^5 c^f i ^ wh^tc^ ^m\ f<^ ^tw wtT<m 
<^<ic^«i i ^^ t%*r<T ^f c<ih f<Tc*r<T ^<FTcsf ^rTc^r c#tc<f w^t <ttFt <rr ^ i ^ <tt<p «rrc^ ^-c^ 

Cft^l '«ttC^C^ ^T^R ^CTC^T ^TPfCT<T f^ ^Z^r ^k THSf^ fwT «|«MH C<FH «TWH H^l 
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C#T iflCTC^ ^^f<TH C^fCF I 

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^TT 9 ! C<T ^ 4^ WC¥ 2JW^ <FC^T ^<T^ ^^ ^TfCF ^Tm <FC1C^T, ^t ^rT<M t%f«T Hcsf 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<k?i^ ^# %t?r t*r<TT?rr c^ <w<ic^ (?#r ^^ «rt?r wnm ^*rm <h3;i ^fSfa <rtc*r <uproi<r c*rc<F 
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"SR^? C*T^H (H WH?flf*T «JtC^ (?fSt ^TfSFK ^?t<TH CSTC<F ifRTTC^I f<t*l ^T<T f<t^ C§\ ^mtH^ <Ff^ 
OtiU^ «JT^ c<T <tf<T <T#^I?1 ^TT<JTC5r <*T#f ^f<TC<F ^m ^«IttH CT^ «tfBT<3 v»?f<TH csft^ 
^TC^, TW C<TCii? ^Ftm TOM \5R/T<F % ^r?t | Tjm WTJ ^twm ^t<T «IHC<t>§ ^mf t%® *ftt<T I 

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^rc<fi «rrc^i ^tot <t°ic^ wni$i>g\ m^ ^rc^t ^rtsr, c<TCr?r c<r *NFreOTfc<F ^th <F?rt <tm i «gBt 
<m «5 itejw?it w ^r ^r, i£i?r i*rtbt fcjffisi ^r ^ w «m c^m, «rsfa nm <mt <rm i <t-<h 
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cffwmr ^rtc^t «rm c^twr ^m «rr^, c^rwr ci<r^ici<j «r^tr <ra <tt« ^h ^m c^rsrm <tt <tt 
wi? ciwmr ^sT tw <trc<H i ^r <# (^rwrwfr «|# <i^s ^hs vsi^r ^twiw^ «rw? (20? 
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wr vsfsr ciwiw? ^<h <m, ^rtsr t%m ^tw ^TH <mc<t «rm <r^ t%m #?r ^wph «rt^t^ cic<t i 

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■<T'<H ^T%TmTt% <1#3T Sf^ftW ^TT <RH ^RTT <TC^T t%^H C<T ^^mfW? H?^T C«TC<F C<H C<lRc*IC^I 

^TTsfm'T "STH5 ^ t%r "^^nt^ w c<h «rrc^ ^mn Hs^r c<p"1c<=ih «rm ^^m 4^rc<rt; <?$ 
H?^pt c«rc<F c<rfer 4*r 1 ^tr, ^^tc<t c<h ^mrH<T <m^ c«tc<F «rrCTtH 1 ffirsiFr- arw c<w «rrsrrc^ 
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c<rfei ^wc^? ^<f ^rc^r c<m t^t c<tc^s ^rrc^TTi ^m'r ^mm ^m, ^k wHirt*r« «pt^i c<t 

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nrra «rrsnr ^tHfli t% «rtwt wm c<tct? <fc<=i<i<i ^iwm ^rti ^«t csttc<rit? ^ 1%| ^rr^rm int 
^<t ^ra 1 ^cst t% <mc<t? c^rsrm <rr ^rr ^t ^H<JtI*f srr^ "sjm. c^tsm «ht <rtc?ra «it<ftc^ ^nc^ 
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csm*, ^^rnm w^s yi^c^t c<rw?r c<t t^rcB «r^ ^, ^rrsr *a <r^ ^t t^rcB v»^r<TnH?r <m^ c«rc<F 
c<tRc?ic^i ^-<rnH ^<t^t ^%r t<T<m, «Nt^ c<r-<rH c«tc<f ^t ^wrttH^ thcst ^m., c^ 
w#mw^ <p«rt ^-«rTH te<r <rt sm. ^ \ «r^ ^m «rrcn ^tc^t «r«r<fc<H^r« «r^ t^j^ ^j , 
w# t%t% i£i <r*5H ^trsrwr ^ tlc^H 1 wm 2t«rr ^Ttwrc^ «th<f wrcn c«tc<t^ k^t «rNl^r i 
\»^H %fcr t<t^ ^t; 1, t<r^ ^t; ^tH, t<t^ i£it; 1 t%m «rt^t% t%^t 1 ^t; fsTtw&M «th<f ^rrct 
«rmcvst^m «rf^rtti ^mwr^r ®% ^pm ^m <ra >iifk*i twh i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


4-<rrcT ^um ^4rr w*m\ ^r wtm 4<f&t ^ «?p^f ^i trtH?, <r*H wttw wr ^r, 
t%K ^^hth, wftitfr ^r *rcsfTcs <t<h w w^r ^*h «rr^rrm <r?rcT?r ^wbt cfrnr^ ^rf^^rH 
<f?th "^r i ^rwm fwr ^um «rrcn ^tcf ^«RHr tfltsfH <f?ics ^® i «rfFT<f <w^ ftwts ctit&t- 
f^fwtts\ sjs? ^ «wm ^pt ^rrcr?* w, ^tptc^f i#5 ^rrf^ra (Tftsic?* ^fscs ^si ^ - ^ «tct<f 
wm^tm ^ swr k*t «rr^i t%i *tc?i?j f%7F ^ \® ^tpt «rrcs «rtc® irc^ t*tc?r w ^*t<trcs 
wtt^a ^c?r c^ 1 «rrc^t? fw ^s? ^rrcr?* ct^tt tp, oicwr^ ip 1 ?tlt#Q ^cf^r «^ 
c<r cstc?j?ttq w «5 «rm ^t?rr« \® *ff?r<jM «5 1 

wt^ ^tft ^w/ tff&tpv, <w? f<ff%^ w «rrc^, w <F3cs c?tct f<ff%^ ^tw ^^r^ 
wca "^j 1 (ttsh sf^rcsr wr <tr<F, ^rrsr « <t^ ^ RhcG ^ ^^«jf w, Nsm^m w c<t wtt 

W7F C<T \® ^TfCT?) CSf^Tt *ft?T*fM «« "5C<T (7lt>T3 ^f<TH C«TC<F ^TTTC^ I W/ 5 ^ '^ W ^<RSI? 
W «rfC^, %sH ^f<TH <MC3«i ^J/ft 5?<f^ <W /«W? <7C33 s/tWIwi ^H f%| ^^t<TH c*fc<Ft; 

wfm, c^fQ cr<rH cstcft ^crc?, c<jct cr <tc^?j ^t^ht c#N3 ^hh c^tcf ^c^i ^-^rrcr «rfFi<f 
<f<=ic^«T w%3/4# Tff w#, c<r<rTCT «rf?f wr#?r w ?t<fcsi?t w ^r, ^m?; %t?r <f(^ c*rc<F «rrcr 1 

^m'm <f<=ic^«T ^w,°, w§ ws c<r - <nc i T <j*t «rtw 1 w 13^ ^csra, ^^^ffhtf ^rr "^r w «rm 
i£i<r# w% 1 cr"<rrcT ^5 «rf?tcvs «rt^f% cr3?rf ■$$ cm>tc<F ^<mt ^r w, «rt? c<r <w ^#r ci«?rr "5>s 

C3#fC<F <TSTt W%. W§ I C<TCi? ^ ^#T SWt^ R^C 1 * 'TCM f%7F ^^f<TH ^i ^^ W^ ^C^f^C^IH 

^rH c<rcr?r <trt%T« W 9 tf% ^^raf^H 1 <tt?( ^ht *f?r<# ^^ptcst ^sfsrfH ^^ ^?j c^r 1 'fc?^ 9n& 
\s^ -stcd?) ^ttft?it f<rc*r<T ^<ra <fr?rr ^rf^ "srvsr^ c<r% 2rr<rHT fen ^r?rr ^t ^sfsrtc^ <ra 
^nc^hi ^•<rrc i T w^r w «rr?T ^5 ^t^ ^^t^th c«rc<F ^c^i ^«Tr <rjt%cfc<p c<fh <w?f?; 
*tf& ^c<T ^rr, w ^rsrrf^cs iif^rr stith ^cm ^^ «?p^f ^m \ ^"<H« f<t<TT5, srtwrRco c<r w 
■^r (Ti^ncT^ irf^Tr w w ^4 ^c<t '•tti ^ irf^Tr^ ^^t<th c«rc<^; ^tttc^i «rfFT<f t^ ^r^ 

^TC^T - ffflHT ^fC<F ^T? ^ 6 //^ 4<p*lt <77W VMRfiMMJl/ffiS, ^^# 1?F ^fH <?f C«fC<F «?F 

^c^ t%csf?t ^m ifH <toi cr«?rr ^? ^r#lt ^°\B stcstt n^u ^c<t i ^°t\ ^tht <i<^csi<i ^c?r «ttc<F, 
ftt%ir ^rc^ f<Tf%^ fPw? ^wtt ^rt «rrc^i w w <r® sps «n<Fw ^i? irf^hs c^ «tw <rf% c^rcs 
«ft<Fc<T 1 <rfwf "5f<rt% ^rsf^rr w ^c^f^c^iH 1 ^tm^tt <w ^rp ^^r^j? « irf^'Tf tws ^r, ^^f 
(7r<rrcT f%rsr «rrc^ ^^ ^httc^ ?tmcs "^ct, ^vs ^mtct?! «rfsr^T ^?rcs ^c<t, ^vs «rt%Rc<F f«twt 
<rcs "5c<T «rt? ^t<t%<f ^ 9 !^? fffcs "^cti "5f<rfiiCM ^^ftc^ «r^ ttr<Ft <hI;i ^"<h ^ ^rsf cstmts 
<f?tc<t fwrcT? ^fe ^rf%cs ^r <aX(.°\*\ «rr?r y|?r ^tt ^ra f^*rm ^tcsfj ^rcsfj ^5 k^t c^tch i 
^t<t ^rcsfj t*tc?j "^scsff^ ^<ra w^r «rrsm wtwt ^ wsr irw^r w wcs i>c<=ic^«t ^r? ^ht <# 

W'HRTT f%| «J«f fW CrT I ^rCTT^rw <# f^C?J CrTCsT ^TJTt^ "^CF <rTC<T, «Jt?I ^Tt <# CrT ^CT 

^tsht ^^ttstR 4"ct wt^; ^^r 1 

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cjfc^ ^wc^i <# c<r^ ^ ^<TrMTT ^c^ c<r, ^HrTit hc^tci<i Tt<f wr wt?r wu, f^csfcrrr crt» 
^st<f wti ^ht ^t irf^^rr?) ^rrfr^rc^ h*joi<i stcsjt ijf%c?j fwc^ ^rcri ^-«rrcT ctRc?j ^ct 

ftUo ^CT - vsT ^, 4^ tfl¥ttQ ^^t^TH C^fCft ^WC^I *tdT *tCU «H^ ^HI?! <TJt , Tt#t «TCT<F 

wm^rm ^tta cr«?rt ^c?rc^ f^t 1 c<tsh #<frfe «rcw wm^rm nr^tcri ^t irf^rm ^TT 9 rr#r 
#fcrrltcr?r ^^m «rwrr5rc?r?i ^mtc?! c^rtc^ <Tm 1 f<Pi <w? c<r irf^Frm 2f«rr ^^t 'ttwm c<TCr?r 
src<ot «rrc^i ^^kh c«rc<r^ ^t i#Fri?r sr^rr ^c^ c^HTt c<tct ^s\ tmf<r<M ^m «rrc^i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


t<<^w^ wffM*£ (Ffffig, wra*5 "srfw <t^, f<F® ^-^rnm ^ w*f ^ ^ti <rc®3<j 
£rmf%<F ^rr c«rc<F ^rrf% c«rwni ^tc<jt <tt t%| wr ^s ^m ?m fo% wm 4^r Hffifc wr 
«ftw i ^^rwr c<fh <$5fr c<Fm ^ ^ ^^m« wrc^r «rmc^ t^w^f crc^r H<frfw wr «rtw i 
Ufa c^rft cwt w ^t ^?r^s ^c<r <*n>T c^rt wrcn cstc<f ffiffifc w «rtc^i c<twsj mu§ ^K 

t>WT ®M W <TC5i<J ^FH R^Bffi f^ ^m «1W ^THT ^si sflTlt ^m#?TCiT?r ^TTC5T ^TT ^J 

mtM ^fjjc<Tr<rc<F «tw cwt f^t ^# ^^5 ct?j ^t i *R3j ^r^m t^ci^T ^m^s ¥^r, dH "^rc^ 

W ^T, <rTT§f<T f^ ^^ 3 C^NT C^T ^m#?TW^ ^ltcsra CWT C<TT<T T%T ^TTl tM f<F f%T ^TT? 
«3TBIT t%l 4*R tWl%T C<J ^TR/TT CTW8 WC^ '«tTRw? W^ ^TTR/Tf C*TC«TO9?N3 %m «rTC^I 

^ltes ^«far «rrc^ <p*iw'BifiM*t e t 'dt'W^i cF5rc<m *rm *r^s c<r ^ra^f *rm^ ^si^ ^rr 
^r mcsm, f%5m c?rw9 csrtf^ ^ff i tw fep?« «Rm<F ^bw ^fc<j ^r*m %s k*t <ttc^ v$tc<f 
^tc^t wh wrr wi 4^ ^Btt% ~*ss w c<r 4^tc<f <r<rT« f^ ^rf^wi c<tot<j *ut%r un 
^um ^rsra f^^k^r mw c#r ^#ni c<*rc<F T%m ^c^ t1><f «^ 1 ^mm?i ^s"?rr c«rc<F ^rfi\ ^ 
^sjif^ ^ttcst w*w %m ^tctsj wr «rtw 1 wtwr 4*m cw ^#r ^ v&mm ^r^ wm ^H 

^C<f, i£|t ^FT «TTsraT WSJpF ^ITKTF <!t% I t<Fl ^TTCTfJ ^#, «ffi" ^#T?J CSR7F W ^5 1 ^WlHWO 

wi %K wr^r^ ^^&T «rrsrrm t%w f^r, «rm ITtws wra c?j#r to wt ^ht ^s i 

«rrsrrciT? ^r^iiTc^ %rr#t ^r^rsr ^t^s fr^tPt® <&& ^c<=ih, «^rt? ^rt« %?h %# ^s 
#s^i %rm% ^M n'W ^c^ <j<=ic<=ih, «rmm orc?!? t%?ra c<fh cttt c=tt f^i ^ ^ f^*t<T 
^c^m ^:<tT ^r ^r^tt f%?r ^c<t, ^ vf ^fw ctfer ^rm ^m «rm c<fh tW fej^r ^c<t ^tt ^t 
t%?j "^r f<T*mh3 "5c?j c<tc^s ^rr^i ^c^rm 5 «iw^ t%m-1^rm ^^ "^<#rc<F crr<t t%?Ri t%H 
^^5r ^tm ^r c^<r wm mt^ wrtcwtrw ^^ t% ^c^ ^m ^rm «rrc^r ir^ c^:^r feH i 
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n'HT ^c^ ^^ R*fit%s wt «jtc^i ^m^m ^mtt ^w in^, ^t ^t ^c^ ^r *r^i *tc?r t%^t 
^rsj?j «rf^r^ ^5^ c^*^ %$% ^w^ ^- ^r^ ^rr 1 \sm^ ct^ *J^t "sr<tTt^ ^c?r c^tc^ ^hs 
%5? *it!# «tW ^rm, ^ t% ^c^ "^r! ^m^m ■^rstc^ ^^t %rm% ^rw t^t t%t, ^^ ^^&t ^r 

^ >SfC^ "5TC<tT ^\U5 ^ f^5T ^f ^^ tWC^I ^ 9 ^ «ttCH ^T C<T5R %t c^r^ ^n 

%rm# c*m ^rw t%?rt w^m ^tti ^<rmfc<F w^m '^mr ^r ^m ^rmn ^cm ^rr, «rrf^r «rsra ^c?jt 
«tTw' 1 ^tR^sw? onm t<Ht, ^mm ^ c«rc<F ^twer t<T ^tm ^^ ^ ^^ tc^ t%m ^mr^ £t«tsr 
%f tt«rvs <rm wcsh 1 voT^e ^rm^j c^*m ^rfawr ^r ^m^s "irrt% aRmw? c<m t*w %r ^rt 1 
%rm# ^m#?j ^tR^s ^tc^ *m -=Tmwr ^ <rr%^ 1 

^•^TfW ^W^RT^ 'srTW ^<FH, W'fK ^^TSRS W ^^r^tm^ c<T KRt R<flt%s ^^TST?! C<T^TC<F 

<t^wt ^rc^ C3#r« ^^mm c«fc<F ^tttc^ i wtt^ "wwt^s ^t<Tm c«tc<f ^ptc^ i «w? ^c^ 
w^^r c<t csrm^wr err^ ^m cr^ csrm^wr^ ^^mrc^ c«rc<F ^^m ^c?j^i ^<f5t w^m w ^ 
«rrwr mf^, <tc^? 11%, <tc^? ^rm, ^tw ^i, ^r, ^Pwt, <t^<fh, <tc^ s^t%, c<t wwr 
«r<frs, <TSf5rm *rc$ %!? c«tc<f ^w^i «tm c*m c<t^t ^um c<t <ft otbt^ ^^mm c«tc<f^ «rr^i 

^^TCf (?TTCW ^T^ WC^T I ^Um <M ^ <t<FOI<1 ^J, <TC^? t%| <FT ^t #^tt CT C*tC?T 

<ttc<t 1 «rm t%f t%f <ft *n?m ^m ct ^rrw 1 c<r ■<f<^t ^^nw c^nm c^rm c^r c\st ^•^ttc^tI; csrt 
"5c?j <ttc^ 1 fw (^ttws; f^m *tcsf f<TT%^ (?n<F2fTflm ■srt<tjc5r c<r ■<fstqm tRmr <?$ (?n<F®7?Tm <#rt 

WC^Tl (PTtUTt <M */W <M ^rfg, (TTTsr ^TC^? ^C^T «f<f i£|Wf (TTlWT «im "^JTl (TTtwmw 

Tiw^m «rm <tR<tt<tc<F ^m% ^m ^tt ^j 1 ^mu^ $*nu^ ^m ®» « ^ttcst ^ttwt wt 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


?&m\ 4-*rrH ^fi» c*rrc<F?r ^rr <mc&h i otbt »rca %sr^ «ht ^^t «rmmr hc?ic^i 4*rtw 
t5wtt<f «rm ^<fc<=iic<M w <mc&h i «rtwr wr^rc*f c<r fs^tt o^ifl ^r^ t5wtt<f ^rr "^ nr, 

f$<F C^«tH C<T ^T<fc<F C<TT§T <Ff*tf| <ifBt8 f<F$ 4^ 7T#TT<F ^l WSW ^ C<*TC<F ^oH W%. ^ 

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«rw<f 4-<rnH t%h « «iT%h ^ ^cbt *i*f ^j^b <mc&h i ^*rr<TT^ 9 fT%w ^ ^r<f&r 
f<Ff&r te*r wr ^c?rc% <m «^ <r <fc?t <rrc^ ^mr ^ m^ c<nr<F ^rnm w<rm <m ^5 
fwrc<F Hra «rrc^ ^mr «rrc?r<F ?i<w «rm <m ^f « Twr ^^ <f?tc^ wm ^tmh3 ^^ ^tct? 

^r «KT ^rsr ^C<T l <MC&H, <M t%R WT, <TM «IT^3 ^s ^ffs, Tr1<TT «Tt<T« ^IM <M <K<1C^H 

^mr ^wkh ^f %?r ^t#ttc<f ^tsr <fc?h, c<r , <rrc«T c<r*tt f*H ^<r c^rn ^r 1 «rm <m «rr%M \»mr 
iif^rRH "srr^f T%?r "5wttc<f ^tsr <fc?hi Tw ^ wm ^rc<rc «rw<f ^^ «ht «wm ^jhj\ 
t%5^t 1 ^•<rrc ; T F5c*rr<Fc<F cwrc<r ^t^ht <F?rr ^c?rc^ ^rc\s w*\ ^c<r fwt? ^ht i#Ffr?H wm 

«rRwf? *SRT ^WT^M <MC^«T I ^THT'Ftva bWtW 7r#TT<F C«f^<F &W>C<=1t<F <FTT "^TI ^ f«TC?T 

«tc«t<f ^ncr?! «rrc^i wa ^r <f<tt ^t "^sr *m ^wm^f tw <fkr ^tsr ^<fc?r ^for?r ^t ^f^rc^ <ftt 
"5?r ^wm^r *rr*f 1 4fi> c^srcr^ ^f ^3?tt?t w 4*rrc«T c<r*ft t%t «rr<Fc^ ^rrc^ 1 «rt? "5wrr<F ^r 

f^fw^ *n<f l ^ *W t%?T ¥p 1? T5WTTC<F ^R ^^T «Tf? (7T<rtW f^fWfl ^TTC^t ^T ^C^T I 

<- <- °^ <- 

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3c?tc% #^r c<r ^<f^; <^<ic^h (?#r ^ fer <^<fc^H ^ ^b ^rrc^r «1^« <^c<ic^h i cwt ^rfci? 

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t%?T ^TSR ^<FC<H C^TH^S ^T<TH <^C<1C^«T «IH <THT ^lf^fTTH fw ^TSH ^<FC^T (?#h3 ^^HTH? WTl 
^ftthS ^^RTH? ^3<T*3 ^^HTH? I ^<T C<fBT ^TC^ C^T^S ^^HTH? ^ C<TC<Fl; «Tf^TC^ I 

^T^T ^? - ^ C<F CrT? C^T^S f^Ht CrT I «Ttf^T t% 3ltf|? <Mf? ^ ^f? W^T I ^<t^^CH<1 
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w^htc^f <Fif^T-<Ft«i3n ^r^s ^c<ti «rrci^fn w^ ^Ftf^t-^H «rrsrm 4*H3 -sr ^c#r, «rtf^r 

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Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


4<H<T <MC&H ^THH W^ W #<T «rTC% w, ^T^rT, fTO, RHH <T<FC5[<T C<T ^lf^M «fTC^ 

«rm rhh ww c<r 1wH^ wf^ ^r ^^RH csfc^ ^w^i ^wr^fHwf? ^ *pt wm ^ro 

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£f«IW <FTC5^ C^ ^m t^ C«fC<F <T® CWsf «rTC^T, <T^M, W^T ^tC^T, <T® ?FFC5[?T 
TW £ft% «TfC^T ^Rlt ^^HH CSRTF^ ^FTt^T I <£t<T?Tlf^ <TWt (7T<TH CSfc^ 4T7Tt^T, 1w«ttM W 
*fti<f «TTC^T CT^ <J?FC<T?r <Ff^ C«TC<Ft 4T7Tt^Tl <FT*PT ^H? W t*TWh3 ^lt C^T«TH C«TC<Ft 
477Tt^Tl OTBI^ 4-<TRH <FR^«T ^JT/^ (^Rf <7^<ff ^rsPT^tg, ^THH <K>OI<1 W CTWT «TTC^T, 
CWstW? «R/TF W^ C*t% «TR^, «TPT?Tt c<TCi sfH *Wf ^W? CWstW? G# *flt - CWT 
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WftW CWsHf «TTC^T, ^fft *5R W «TTC^T 4?tt ^T<Tlt CWstW? 4<F 4<F^t G#l 4W?f ^T<T 
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C«TC<F ^ffi "^Tt^l <TH ^HT ^RH CT^fH "^R^ ^fWf 9 ^ WC^^ '<Tf5l^ OR3T t%l sTSff 9 ^ vot? ^T<T 
<T# Ort?Tt<F t%H t^H <FMTf ^HsT ^Tt«f I i«l<Tl? ^1<F 4<T# OR^T C«TC<F ^<F ^ <F ^TfTC^ £lWlt% 
^rTI ^jCvo ^ <F^T I ^lHt% (SR^ CWoHT, f^o C«ft<F ^rWT, ^T^Tf C«ft<F ff$ C*M*\, f<Hvot C«^t<F 
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^T<T ^1<TH C«TC<Ft ^TTR^l «rf? ^*f^ ^tg ^RtfC^F ^t5l< ^^»TC<T ^TT<fJT <^<1C^H - wrR <fHT <FC^T 
\o1fTlt<F ^o^PTCT <F^o "^J, C^»Ht<Mf ^H WT, ^'HH <M I ^W "5rRj<TC<F ^ lf<t^ <Fra i vo^PTTT 
WtR <M <F1H ^HT "SfH<Tt<F ^°<^B <Fra I t^otw?, ^W 5" W^FTM^, «rttsf C<T W <F^o <Ttf^ 

vs^pTTt «rrsrrt<F <tcw ^ht ^f^o <Fra ct?j i c<tsr w\ <F^m «rrcn ^HtH <ra ^tfci? ^ysrr <fc^ 
w?\ <Ftfti ^t c<r «rfH ^h <ra 'twt ^f^tpt, ^trh «rfft Hwc<f ts^i? <ra H^fPT ^fK ^t 

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^^HTH? 'JSft <F^TTsr, ^t <FtWQM fw<f ^<F&t Tt<TH <FT ^HH <ra I 'ttM T^<F <T-<H C<TCT? 

wtR <m ^ c^r t<Fi ^t ^o^pm^r c«tc<f c^ti ^t vo^pnt^ ^hr/t? <Ft^ c«rt<F ^ttr^i 
W»t^o \jmrt?r ^^ c<r^t cwm ct^ttt ^c?t^ i ^rh^ <tw? ^h^t <Ffe tw ^o^Hrm ^rt 

C<T% CWH CT^ ^C^ I ifl'^H C<F^ <Tf^ f^H ^ T%T ^T ^T'f <Fra ^t ^r^^S 4<FI^f vo^PTTt "^C?f 
C^PT «rt? ^t ^o'PTTt tWf ^<F^t Tt<tH <FT CTC<T I ^oH ^HT ^otC<F C<T «fKHT C<FH <M <F^o "5C<T, 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^sT ^ra i cw c<fh «jsftfw wrt ^^tsh ^th ^tt ^wt ^^ ^oH ^^ wt w\ w*t i ^q ^ptjt, 

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^o*H 1XW ^<FC?r ^ ^<FC?r t%55 1 ^PnTff 4T>T 4^ <FTW, «rt? tfftlt ^tef \oTC<F ^fljH ^sf i<r<#f 
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^ft t%?t <rc*t t^H, ^t wm w*t <F?ic*r ^fsr ^r *ffc<ti «rffsr ^§t?r f<HtPi?f ^rrc^i 4*H wt 
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c«tc<F £f«fsr ^ft "5?t sj^, tj^ c«tc<F «i^hi «r^rf?r c«tc<F ^t *wa ^rrMi ^t 'ttst^ ^rrKr?f 
^5^^ ^rsrft fffc?T 'cvoft "5?t «rrsrfcirff sh ^ ^f% i ^tt?t £fc^H# ^rrMt?f ^ ^^\ ^rfsT t^c?f 

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«tHHt «THHt ^fet^H 'Cvoft ^?f ^TRT sh ^fT^T ^TTKTff ^§ «Rj*t?I ^TSjfl t^C?J feft l voT?J WT 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«Jtsrtw? -sr « ^f% Wvf3 W>\v\W*\f\ ^f i CT <rfw FtTf «RT $RjC*|<t ^HT Rf fel^S ^m <k<t 

fros nrc?r i £f<rR# ^c^ <rtc*t ct c<fh ^rfm ^wf^ t%^ ^fao t%?r rc^ c*rt ^rifa ^iw 

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«rm <rftc^ <^ c<r ^rttf ^§ ^ ^cBt ^t<t ^rsra ^r^ ^ w\ c<tc^ i ^pm^r ^ch<i wm ^^ i 

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/?«flW <?^" ^?% #w f/f 5 /^ w) 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVV/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^tfiWTS 4^T ^ff T?^o WHT C<T^ #f f^TCW C«TC<F *fa5*r f^ <pf^s 9fT?TC<R ^f l «rW< 

cwrc<r ^ ^r^^m w&i ^twtt <K<tcfe>H, c^otw ^rr <ptw ^ *rcaRi c<m «r<^ nfyiM ^rri 
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*ftefi> sfNC^ <^TT "^ ^t I ^<H 4^ -sr^ sfsrsr GTf^Hft ^TTC^T *fC?m ^f^t^ TW OHH 3C<T ^<H 
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«NTs, CfrH, ^«flt%\s C*T «rt^o CTM3T1T "^, ^m «rfsTFo CW ^rftstf ^ CW?TT "^t #<F C^sfH 

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W'fW C<^H T% WHf ^TW Th 3#«rs; ^#<t Wvs ^-«mH (TTHTTC^ R*I?IC<^, ^f^s? W^j^i 

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«rrsw t^H cff^sTrt ^r, t^ c^rH c^mm w^ ^i^r ^h, c^mm ^«rr 4^bt ^h, ^nt, t^t%, 
fttt m ^mt Hitwm ^h i ^rrra? ^rc^ ^r c<rc?r sfr^r ^c?r c^r, "5rrc?ra ^rc^ ^fBr t^H wm 
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c^nm "<Tm ^«H «rrs^ c<tsh ^h c^rc^r ^r «d t^ c^H ^ferswr sr%$ ^c?r ^"d 1 

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■<rm c<fh ^r^ ^*fr or^ v»tm ^ttc^, or^r c^ ^m ^h ^"sh ^c?r "<rm «rm« ct^s ^c^ ^c^ i 
^it c$$w<$ $-*wm «rrn<f <mcs>h ^ta<i ta <tth 1 sr«H ^r cm, c&Tc<m ^rw twr sm. 
w,*tt ^r ^r? *fc*rm, ^T ^r tl#?r «rw «rm ^#?r ^r ^H 1 1% wh? f^rH^l ^r^ ^r r%H#r 
^rmr^ 1 ^ tr t%^ ttw, ^ta<i fim «rm ta c<r ^h i<t ^^rh c«rc<r^ «rrn^i ^hiw 
^tf-mw ^^bt ^ wrc^ 'wi /<t^h? \5^#', ^t ^c<f w<rm ^c?r «rrFr<f ^tntt m^ 
f^?/^^rrH «rr^T% ct^i «rr^T% ct«?tt «r^ c^h ^t?tc<f ^rr ^ twH, "srrH t%f^rc<F wHti 
^t t^H ^ ^Tsr<rr « «rt^T% ^cbtI; ^k ^ c«rc<F ^77^ 1 ^^r c^ ^rrM c«rc<F ^fer 'ftsfT "^?r 
^rm (Ti^ ^rrKr c^rc^t; ^t wr«,^ ^t<t ^r ^s fefT "^r 1 ^t ^11^©^ ^m. «r^m c«rc<F, 
«r^m ^mc^ ^ c«rc<F «rm ^ ^'c^ 2TfT% c«rc<F, sfft% ^'c^ c^ ^j^<t cstc<fi (?t^ht 

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srar tw (^ttw (^75" 5?# ^; ^ ^? ^w^f T^c?r «r<f ^m ^r^r ^rh w$ ^k* ^c^ ^^ 
«rrcn c<r csttc<m ^«rr ^rr ^c?r^ crt 1« (?ttc<f ^rr^ srrcm c<ht ^tc^i •tt, ^-«rnH ^r ^c<r ^rri 
^rr^ c<r t%r, «rm ^tctt? ot ^rr^ fw, «rm ct^ R<tc?t<t w^hjr^^ c«tc<f «rr^i 
sffc c m «r<f c<t Ijwrynr^ ^m «w ^r^rw «rrFr<f c<r ^tntth fta^r, (ttbt c<t w ^^ ^^rtH 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<sm c<Tmrr <rm i «wct <mcsh srat «# ^tNtj srrc ^»^ W 5 ; ^m <ft^ c^fc<F?; wu ft^i ^rc^ 
»t«1%^8 ^w w^t srat fw c^r/w &f 5?# 01% wiipt srr e faT$ wm ^i w ^rfe^ 
srtc e m w*f tfet «rr?r ftita »i«%?i srrcm w*f $ta<i fert 1 

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^rf^ w?r sfc<T*f <ra ^rm 1 ^st^T ^t tt%r»M w w <ttc^ 1 4*h ^t sff^fcF <# srw, 

«r*fT(/T?t W$ WTtt ^t ^sf^T «tfWt tto *tW «IH, ^fH C^f <Tf ^J Rf l ^tH5 <T*H ^TC?! 

sttcf ^r cst ^m Hstf*t- sfsiPr <w ^m <rm rt 1 ^mc^r c*m ii^pt f% <t*tc^t? «^ihw H/tuft 
^et tsti «^ w^ ^«mH ^mcF «wwh, ^t w?t ^tNtj srrc src<T*r <fc?i ^rm 1 <# ^t sjhc<f 
«rtwr arrc, «iHHrf% ^r< <fH ^t^t c®t <*$ srrc c^r ^«H wa ^w Rf 1 ^m^t ^rmm ^fes 
stTf¥, ^ftw «rtf^ ^*Hs fog ^m 2ft c mm[ t5gtc^ srrcF 1 ^mc^r Ti arrt ^rc^ 1% c<Tmrtc<T? c<r*rn/T 
T3Rrt ^i *tfm w ^rm c<Fwm srr*rt%mr Tic^t? ^f%r#rc^ k^ti ^fe *iwc*r $j%t»m «rm 
<mw <fc?t rTi srat «1 w^ vstt tfwc^ ^trc^ ^c<ti ^m ^nm twr ^t ^rNt} ^fet 
^fw^s src<T*f <fc?t ^rm 1 c^^tt ^tHw w^H «rmrc<f?i <ftc^ rt «t<tjTt°f <f?tt ^s r%fc^ ^t 
?r<T "stc^ «r< *tfwm "^c<T "=rr 1 4^ 1% <mc^h? c<r T%f%<TQC*rT ^ fsm ^rOm «rtc<F, wu ^m 
^nm ^c<f <Tm, «r<fK ^1% «r<r^m ^rcs w <rm 1 ^^m ^mc^r w#t ^trwm sjm. q$ *i$ sitits 
^tc^s tfetc<F c<TmrH ^, <Tm ^tc<tt ^rc<f« <tit ^mc^i «rrt5t<f 4*rtw <rrNrt ^ftc^ ^ ^Tstfc^ 

^fftar W ^T^sTt 9 ! T5STC5, ^CBT C&K, <FH Rl<F ^Wtf^, ^^t C<T m^J^CSTT fHC?T ^fSm ^, C^TH 

c«fc<F vstc^ c<r R<tc?r<i wh ^ 9 ^ "^ ^t ^m t%| cit «m ^j^ c«rc<F «rprc^i ^<fsh "sih^ 

THCSrft tt%I TW <Tt t%| <FfIC^ CT^ tfet^CSTT ^^T<TH f%mc^t, ^ta<1 C<T m^m^CSTT C^SCSTT^ 

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<Tf^ «rrsrtciT? w^r "srw c<fkt« <f«h ^t c<rT#t <ftst <ra c<r, ^rrcg ^rc^ ^r <Tr% ^t <f^qm 

<M, C<T5R C<T <FfCSt «IfCM <F§ "^T <?$ <FlW Rt Wf, ^"<H «!<T*fTl; «rmtCir?! ^fTC^ ^F^fH^rtC^ "PTC^s 

"5C<ti f<Fi «rtf^r Hcst? ^tc*rm ww "str^ csrc^ '«nf^, ^^rrw c^r «t^mc^ <f§ (w?rt w^, ^^ 

sft%<F <Ft Ci^ ^l ^^tC<F f% «ITt <FTT <TfC<T? 4*Wm ^W «rTsfTCirfl <m ^C&t ^tC^ f<TW ^m 

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■*ft M^ \s-«H (7T "^?J C<FH Sft%ft??Tt ^sS TT C<FH (?TT» "5f%sr< wm ^T^Tt C«fC<F ^ <F?TC^I 

^«mw nr^r ^rc^ c<f=t? ^r Hcsr?t Trc<ff ^ht ^mc^ <Ft T%5 1 c<r c<fh w'm f^5?rrc<F fHfm^ 
<m ^\ sjm. 1 ^ci? tc«t 4f*rc?r <rrs¥t ^r ^m #<rc^ ferii 1 c<r <m «rrsrrc<F Sr*rc?r?r «w 
^%?t «tTstit c«fc<F ^rrmc?r tro c^t w<f »im ^tc^i t^i IHh <tw c<r w$ 9 tt 9 fc<F c^eur "^t 
(Tit «rc< ^•^rtw c<fh *ir*t "^?r *rt 1 c#rl; <F?tf| c#rl; c^r ^*tcm ^mc^r ^ ^srmm c<fwt c«ic<f 
^c<t 1 ^wrrr ^r, «rrsrrc^F t*m c«rc<F ^ <ft#t ^ ^rfmc?r fw 1 fw ^t ^rmm^r fefwM <tt 
«rtwr ^t<t ^m <F^fl, c<tsh o*tc^ c<f^ ^tcsTmrc^ ^fjr nr^r ^m 1 f^i ^mSit <r«H ^t% ^rc'f (?tc<t 
^H vst c<mhi5|^ «rm ciTc<t?i "sfc^rj stmj ^c<t ' ; Tt 1 

«rT5T<f <j<=ic^h w/^<77#; <fm «rt^H ^c?i c^ ^m c<r <m, «rm <i4<h ^<t?, siwt% <fic^ 
\om <m, <fwt, ^m ^rrsm ^ W% c<iRc?ic^ c^ ^msr ^j?f<t c«tc<fi «rr^tfmr r^t c<fh <m 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<fc?h ^rt, 9m c«rc<F c<t <F#r ^w <ttc^ c^t^t <fc?t ftcw^ t<fi ^s %t?j c<fh w ^fft ^ 
^rr i c<fh R>^w>$ ^#?rt s?^ic<m ^rr, w^ sw ©«0»«^ *rt ^to f<F§ <f?icvo ^rrc<H ^rr 1 f<F$ ^wtft 
*rr ^fer f*tc?r ^<Fc?t, voi^: ^rw? ^*h5T3 ir?i<Fr?r 1 ^rt^T% ^ ^rtc^, ^^ ^^ ^ft^ tw ^ 
<m*h ^otc<f <fNcvo 9ft?jc<T ^- 1 vohj 1%<f c<t «nsaRt voi?t ^f «rtc^, <m<fts «rtc^; «rt?r ^om ^r^ 
?tt<h «rrc^i ^ ^t ^tNrVn «rt^r% ^, «jwr% <^, ^wt% c^; <fwi «rt?t ^m ^tt<h 
i<#it ^?t<th c«tc<F «rmc^i ^ «i<rBR «rtwr *rtt %otc\o ^rr^ ^gi <tt<t%j <tt t%| <F?rft; 

l^t^ ^T, <TC^ ^pfa C<#t <Rlft (TtH ^T, C<T ^ ^C 5 ^ CtBTS ^T, ^oH C<t ^rT<H^o ^5J3f <7f5ts 

^r 1 ^a^j ^r ^sfst c<iftc<i>$ ^fi wt^s, <tt f<F§ <r^, i<#t^ ^r 1 «rr?t <# ^ c<tt<t ^rt srrc<F «w 
%om c<#r ^?kh «rm« ^r ^fc?t fta^r, <# ^rt ^u^ nm vot^t ^tet ^%s ^?r - <re 

<FC?7# W*/7/5f <7^?# JfJf//^ <7«! / <7«! S9*P77T*7" C<F7C®?7 \5*3 ^W 3 ?/ Wf^/ / 

$<tt «rrc^r c<#T <mc=ih c^\ ws wh t<Tc*r<T, ^r ct^ ®r« «R^m ^<m^o ^rmc^r ^rr t1><f 
«rrc^ ^of^r ^r «rtsrm ^Tfcsf ^ f<F§ «Kt ^<Fc?r *?T3 i ^^rrc^ wt% «rt? ^>03*<i wk i wt% 
c^rc^ ^r<T t%| ^, cil; «rt^rtt «ttc^t, "<Tr f<F§ c^rfl ^t ^ctt?t wt i «rt?r ^s^ cr7<r ^t?r ^ 
^r<T ^c^, f<Pi ^oi? i£i^r| c<rr<t «rrc^ «rtfsr «rt?r vgftr «tkht i ^ ^H <rw ct^ttt ^pt <rr t%| ^w. 
ws «rtsrrc<F ^H ^ i f<TH whT T%h <?r<rc<H Ttft-fl^ c<t ^t<f c^ «wt, c^rtrr^ crtH c^rc^ 
^tttc^; i «rt?r f<TH ^s^ t%H <mc<h «rtTsr ^rc ; Tt | s, 9 fT% ^ht ^ w$ ^rtt, st^ ^ ^^wh cvoTsrrc^ 

^fcf <)><f«1|V|l ^^»TC<T StCvoJ^ <FT<t <TC^ W'ft^o ^?J ^JTC^I ^ ^ ^H, ^ *lBRr ^TCI ^TC^T 

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JW «<?T? ^?^" ^/ ^tV (T^t 5T§?P?# ^s ^ <?/?[ <?^ ^ *#??? |ST ^fijswstfw^ Wffi *lRc<f£iw 30 

^t ^<r c«tc<F^ 1« ^rsp mRwc^i «rrc^m %h ^^Ttr ^tm^rr %r c<t ^rrsm^r?! ^T?rcvo?j 
^tRRc^ ^o ?r<Fsr ^rsjs tw c^fc^i wf, t^, ^T, f^, ^, "#t?r ^ wr ^ ^rN^ ^rsjsi 
i*^ t« ^p, «rm w sj?rc<^f?j nt^s ^w ^ t^ ^ 5 ^ c<iRc^c^i w ^# «rtc^ ^w c?tc<F «?f 
^c?j ?t<t i# ^?r c«tc<F^ sf<tTi^o ^i orm^r ^tfiTw w^o T5i^ ^t ^&r 1<f| h^i ^-«h 
4^rrcir?f c<r ^^ cwtf%fwt(?ra wh ft*r, "5T5T<FTc*m ^H t%t, ^htcjh ^h %r, ^^nc^ra ^H 

%T, $R>*JC>i<1 WH %T, T*T WHC<F «%?T ^W <1<=1C^«J t#T^ ^T i i£|«H <# C<F^ sfsrtT ^<FC3 f^C?J 

«rtc<F=T ot ^otcii? ^T<Frc*t?r t^ ^o^tM ^t ^t ^ffc*r?r <!$ ^ <i Hf5r ^r, c^t ^tr ^r «rr<Fc^ nrc^ 

f^ ^T vo^, ^T<T t<F| t^ CSfC<F?; C<lRc?lC^ i£fSt ^^F^Ht ^fT^TC^t "«Tt I 

Wv*5 ^Mf «<T<OT, W 440W «tWHt ^jCvs *fM, C^fS «It^, <Tv5 «tt^, ^ot «tt^ ^R ^^ 

c«rc<F^ c<iRc*tc^i wts; w i^sra ?r>T ^o ^trc?! ^ ^fa c«tc<F «rmc^i ?pt ^tj ^csra ^r, ^rt ^r 
<tb?pt - tw, ^ra, wr, ^tw, "stth <jk, ^ «rm ^h i ^^ ^5?R7t?r ^tt<jtcsj «ms ^t^5 ^t?rt 
^fMtvo Tpsfl *tf? «r^H ^c^ 1 «rtsrrci^ ^t<tm ^ ^r *r% te «trc<F ^ ^5^t to 1 «rtwr c<t 
^^<Fsr ^r*^ «nt ^rt c<h i^ra •«tHm ^ ^ w?w ^rc<iT ^m srr<Fcvo ^c<t 1 ^r ^tftcM c^oc?j 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


$($(&. ^ ^ffH, «rwr^rti ^ ^ *tfm ifr ^ffH «rm «rf^rRT "srwtw «rf^rm w Tw^th, 
(Ttt^o ^ *ffr?rc<F <mc&h ^rswr^ti ^tfto^ <wcfeH 9w ^tfH i ^r^tfta? c^sc?t ?rc?rc^T>T^ 
*i% «rm «2r ^ *rfrc?t?f c^sc?t <ic*ic&h «rr^tti ifr ^rfta? cr^H «itc<f ^r 4$ ^ *rftc<T?T 
«h^h «rr^rm w?; i «rr^fT cw ^m fa^c* ^tf^s ^?jc^t f^ c^h ^ ^r ^tfk^ ^u ^tffa 
^ttc^, (Tt^sri ^ ^tft^rc^ «rr^tr <rc*ri ^^ wt?t <nHi?r ^r, JNh, ^>mh « ®j^f%rr 
«rrsrmr c#rc^ ^ *rft?r ^rfl 4^ic<f?; \sm «rt^rt ^r st^t <k?i i wr&r^f^s ^^ <wc^ ^r ^rfH 
wm w^m ^TmNfH ^rrc^ <Tc*r ^w «rr^rt ^rt sW wt ^r, «ti^sptj ^w ^tt ^5 «rwr^rti 
^lt#C\s «rtwt (TTK ^NtM WT «n<M, Tfstt# <MC&H Each soul is potentially divinei 
t°?TT#C\2 <T*H C>TW ^TT 3TT WsT *fTf>fos ^rlC<F ?Ff ^<WT "^ ^ ^jtSf^ f<F§ R^C^ ^ *ifl<ic<i> 
^ff ^T I "5tft#? ^<FTC^ Wf "5=T, 1<TCir%T ^TT^T ^Tf ^3 \©m ^T#fC<P ^tC\a imw ^TT, C>i$SHl 

t%H 2fHt soui ^N&t ^F^m ^c^r i f%s !HH?rr <ttc<f soui ^rc^ «rm wrsm^r^ ^rt<rr?t c r ^5 
^ srmt «rt^fT »p#r <rr<T3m ^c?r ^H ^rnr ^t ^ ^rftic^ ^rh <to$ ^tc^i fos ^ ^tftcM 
ct^h HH <i«ic^ t%Ht ^h sf^s ^rr^ti ^ ^rftci? t&*rc^ «^ «rr^r <tc«t c<t t<Ff ^sjtc^ 
$1*5^, ^>mh, TlfSfc^ srm^rm "stc<jtI; Ht 1 ^w^ <tw ^ ^tfHc^ cstt ^c*r ^rh w i «rt^T 

W^s ^T<T >T5T?J C<TT<TfTC<T ^fl «rf^fT "STfH ^T ^ ^ C<HT¥ ^fWt «ft? C<PT«rT« C<J^ ^<MC<T ^TTl 

^^Ht% t^ftfew « ^s^s c^ 1 cwrc^ <rttc^ w «^ «rtc^, w w «rtc^ ^mr c<r% ^m c^m 
^ ^tftot «rf^T ^m aw ^c^ 1 ^ 4? ^rHt ^r ^nwi^i 1 

<*$ ^rc^ ^fcw c*tc<T «rTFf<t ^Tc^r, <nn c«rc<pt c^THrr c^r ^^\us <rr t%| «rrc^ ^5 t<^m 
■srtig, ^w «f^r *R "srr^ 1 ^ cic^rT ^ih<ich c\shtc<f cr^ ^t ^^t<th ^t t%| hI; i ^r <rr t<r^ 
ctf^ ^^M ^t<t twi?, «th twi? ^r ^ "srfig, ^ ^s ^c^ c^rt 1 ^rh Hcs^ ^55 «rrc^r ^k 
^^rf^r f%| Ht; 1 ^ w^t <rf f<T^ «rfM^rr ^r ^h >t<t f%^ ^ i^ ^ ^^ ^ <f <ra Rc^h - 


^cTT ^r l^s^i 
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c>iKR>ij|afr% RR»^^ <?rtsrji i^/i/io 1 1 
1 i^t% tl#?r ^aw sfsrsr «T9§ 1 1 

fi^ cmj 1 . && <$&*$ <PVlyl<P e s^HTW «?$■ W^/ «?t *W¥ W^ TOf ^W /<P W^T 
•ST^ ^W©??^" *Mfttw<bC*f WftsW, fcft yRwtstf^ ^W <^7/j 

^WTtt^RCiT? ^T £f*f %T, C^TH<F «tt%T "«tTR? ^TC^ £T*f <^C<fR<=1 C<fH&T ^HW *RB$ 

wht <rm 1 «£i w^r ^tntt ^t? ^m ^i^m ^m ^rmr^ trojr 1 c^mrc<F «rrrsr *Rrr twr «rm ^r'mr 
fwm w ^rtl^Ti tim fwm ^w*n ^tt%th wr mwmf¥tm^\ c>tt w t^ f^ 
^r? /%<?7r ^rfsjs ^w^s mmtvm<tf w=i ^t? 9 ^ ^tot ^tntt ^c^ cT-^rrc^ ^r <rm%r 

<TT t%| OT^, W, 11%, >T5p, "STH5, C 5 ^! ^i *1tfr ^ ^ ^ 5 ^ t^ C9f ^ C<tC<flC^ I Tf»T 

^rw? ^rcf w^r, ^; >r^ ^, «rm ^ ^f^s w <i<i»c>i<i w$ ^s ^rrc^, \st ^r wtf^ ^ ^r, 
^-wr<Ftt%3 ^ ^r, ^c^ ^f ^r, ^rtft- <$?Fc<T?r ^TcsTmr>Tit ^r «rm ^rrc?ra ^th? £tt% 

«|C«1|<||>|R ^T W <l<K*l<l W% >T<T ^t ^J^ C«IC<F C<Tt%mC^I vrfs, W <|<|»CV|<l vs'PTTT ^o ^TfC^ 

^mt ^k <FT5 c«fc<j^ c<rfa^i \sr^T c<fHbt whc^t ^r<r t<j^c<F wht <ttc<t? ^fwr^fTc^ wrc^t 
i<ft5f^ ^m -^m <nc<T 1 c<ih? f%Hl; c\sT ^r<r t<T^ "^mc^r 1 c>thtc<f whc^t c<tsh c>rHm >t<t ^thtc^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


WHt ^C?f ^, 1$<F C&ffi «#P WH^T T<T T%§ WHT ^C?t <Tt?t I ^°f T%f^ ^R T%| ^C^H l 
isrBTC*^ 4^Ff sfC?J (TfHTH ^C?TC^I 

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^f^? <^«y/; «r$fc ^ ^rsTtr?! ^r «rf?treHtT%i\ 9 f ^, ^ 4 , <tTe=T wr ^f^» c<rt<jrf^ wh ^th 
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^r?]^r T%? Steelness i Steelness 4? ^r?J f%? ^T'tH'i '>m*k ^tU f%? ^i ^ttW ^r?J f%? 

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<TTC<H I ^^f <TT«?rT^; <# C^HH ^<Ff^ "5T% ^^TCST "SRH "5?f ^sT^T ^sTl; "5C<T I TW C<TTT¥ "STCvs CvdHTC<F 
«fHTff ^ C«TC<F ■^TTsrC^ ^C<Ti ^TT*T<TW?f ^t ^©1^, C<HTC^ sfT^ C<HTC^ ^T ^tf^l C<PfTC^ 

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tjtc<h, ^tH^f ^ ^isfc^ <fs«Tf ^r<r <p«rr ^thw, ^rc<r (^ ^r nt c^rm <p«rr?r T^i «rrsrm <ftc^ 

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H?J I 4t WH?Tlf*f 'tTWH ^ ^^ ^T T%5^ "5T% ^t^TTHt; W5C<T I ^ ^tfte <# Hf "5?J W3 

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^3TS<T "5C<T ^Tf I iflWt <TC3 C<M ^'TCST C^H, (TT^ ^i 1%^ T<T T%f ^,C?tC^«i, ^^s 1<t^ ^'MH 'TC?^ 

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c^ (Ttt «rfwf£tf|^ "«tw ^t^THt; "5C<t, RRjvl^ ^t '^' ^N^f «« ^s^^f i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


4t «rtwterftjet *pm Wl «tfwfsff| c&\ w^ &s ^ifi fa$ wi?r «rrcn <?r<tca ^ 
«rww? #^/T?r sf*fR ^wr>r f% i "srT^?! <ftc5 ^t<t c*tc<f <tw wrrr ^r «rrsrm c<r «rrf^r c<rT<r, ^ 
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<tt ^t^ <r»c<ri^«i f^ ^tti ^t ^ffrc^Ffr csrra^ ^f^s «rrc^i ^rr^m «twii t%r Ttft Rf «n<r^T 
f<t<r<TM "srh w^ «rrsn? "src?r <TtQ¥l^; ^H i "sth<t Rc^t<i «nfsr^rc^ ^m wtrr^tRr f%^r c^rc^ *t<r 

"<# ^T^rTfT^ ^ltCvs Crt^T vsT^T Cr^fT <TTC<T "S[v|T ^T ^T ^T<T C«TC<F ^?Tf? I 

f^l ^tf^T W^ 'RtUS C«TC<F W ^<J^ ^fffT, C<T^T, "STH<T <TT f%| «TTC^ ^ 5^T I ^C^T 

^rRpfim sr^ w^f c<M c^tfl c^r ^r #^r « #^r? ^u ^c<r, ^fK ^u ^?r i ^c?ra fl#?r «jm 
«rr<Tm «rmTc^ ^rn f^s ^c<r i £f«i^r ^r ^»rfw ^»tc<t ^m ^n:<ot ^w 1 1% «irsrTc^ wmm ^rr 
te ^c<t ^t ^?r ^wm ^r:<jt «rrc*HT i irf^cr^ ^i$c<r<r ^rc^ ^^h ^tc^ - «rRm «rmm ^srrj 
t%^ ^?r (Rti ^tffT <mc^h - ^sfsr ^rr rt c<t c^Tsrm ^■<rc i Tf c^rn wm Tt^mr «rrc^i <Tr?rr «rrsrrc^ 
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^rtI; «ifwm ■stc<itI; «tt<m ^c?r «rrc^i ^ ^]<ich<i ^ c<r #^t «rt^rw c^ ^]<ich<i £ff%s <# 
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«mtttT tt^ C2fv» «rm csr^t ^c?r «n<r^<T C3#r c^r <[<jtc\s ^ffrc^ ^rr i ^R<rcH<r ^ "^ «rTsrrcirfr 
^m ^ «tfwrsrflc^ ^r*r wri c^mrn cf5^rrc<F ^t «ifwr m^ ^tw <mx<r (mcrc^ c<r, #^r? 
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«rm?^ ^rro <tt?j «rm ^m wr c^ «ro Ihc^tc^ ^s srh ^<ra «rm ^ ^]<ich<i £ff% ^m ^pw 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«rr 3 ^ tc*t «rtwi ^if'WT ^ ^tfwm «rm?t c f£<F i<ii<ii<i cf§t ^rt^i 4?*rc?m wi?rQMca 
<y<rr^ ^rrs^rm t%<f %m <ttc<t «rm f^fer ^jnrtbt <mc<m i 

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^Nbt ^mm <f<tt ^r otbt ^t W<fc*r<T ^ ^rfBt ^w? ^f^ ^wr^ ftpm i «rtwt 4«rtw c<r 
<f§h ^cr «rtfl >t<ti<]$ Hw^ f%^ f<F| f<Tc*t^5 «rrc^, c<r f<Tc*r<T^ f%m «rrf^r hostc<f «ht ^r<T f<Ff 
c«rc<F «thm ^mft; i stcdff ^h<t, 2rc^j<F ^k<t<t f<r^ ^rt f%^ f<Tc*m «rrc<F, f<Ff crf*t§T <*rt<Fc<T c#r 
T%?r ^tc<f wht ^rm i fi^rr^rHm <Th3?rm ^^tsh <rr<rf c^c=ic<f ^c*t T%r %r ^ crc<r wtT^pt i c^c^t 
wtcht %r ^rfl; f% wsr cr^rcs i ^rnt ^t T%?r «im<n>t ^TfFft w cr^rcs, c?m ^rrc^ t*r®« «rtc* 
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«rmm «rt f<Fp ^rrcsf ww T^pt «rtc5 1 c^c^r ^^ fi^rr^THm t^Tc?t cT"<tc5 ^^ w «twfjf ^mu 
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^rr c<tbt T%m ^r^cs? c<fh f%^c<F f%m ^k<F ^T%s wr <ttc<t i 

f<Pl C<T RrfH<fl3r THf<fc*r<T ^k<F WR^ f% ^<ra? <Tk C<FFT f^TC*!^^ C^, C<FH f%| ^TTsfm^f f^ 
C^ ^k<F Wf^m f% ^<ra? vs^R <t<=1C^H, ^T, #^ WHT <TT?T I TWTC<T WHT <TT?J? 

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^^ft^ ^<rcs "5?r wrr 4^ ^TPHt ^^raw i ^k M*r§T f%? ^r^w "sth<t c«tc<f «?f ^<ra <?f8" tw 
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«TfM, «TfM C<T5R 1<T \<P%C<P £(<Ftf*T^ ^<FC?r i ^TTSRH W "srH^ Cftfl \sfCf?f C^s? C«fC<F f<F C<FH 
«TfM C<TC^TCs C#r? ^TT, ^sT ^«H C^fT <TT?r ^Tf I «#, «TT% « fsRt, ^T<T #W? CwsC^ ^ C<T f^TC^ 

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«rm -T^ft^ "srnH #c<re t<t c«tc<f ^<Ftc5 1 w ^fer «rtc5 «rm tt%?r?i w <i<FCii<i <r ^t<t c<h vst? 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^*m ^tta crs^rr ^?r i wrft ^rr ^rft, w *pm ^m. «rrsrm ^rc^fer, fw «rtwr ^#r «r^ 
^rt% w w^r i ^mc^ c^ <tjfs>1T> «rf^r c<f f^f f<F c^ <rn?tfis?r? ^rr, %k m w^ ^r 
f&R cit «rr^fr <rr ^m f<Fi \src<F ^t<<m ^t^rfw wr ^r ^m ^^ ^frfa %?$ ^rfw <f?tt 
^r i f<F ^*rrf<t to ^*Mfw wr ^r? *Mt~jJ 9 Mftf®s l <tt<f «#r ^fitm fw, f^f ^rr ^tc^t, 
\stc<f ^ ^^r cssRrrc^ cfptTc^ ^wrR to i ^rt ^tc^t f^f ^ ^rc^, «r<fK ^ i$,o$t$ ^tc<F 
<tfet <w?rr <rm i t% ^»rc<r? ^t%rTt% ^rrfa f*rc?t i «rtt^r c<r #?r «rr^§ csrc^ c^tft; ^r ^m i #?r 
«n^o§<i iw #<* ^fer^M ^"sr v»rc<r ^r^ ^c?t «rrc^ ^r/t "^ c<h ^ "^ c^rc^ i wr ^tc<F 
wmr c<m *m ^r^r i ^^t%<f f^f «7/m>, st^FNw^f i «rt f*fc<F t%m vftfevs, c<m ^ ^rc^ i «mr 
<*rc* wm^rm 4<fBt ^t%c^ <r*rr ^ t^fr c<h ^ferrt% ^mr w^s<f c^rn ^Fc?m i <r«m ^rar ^rft, 
^rffsr w ^<r*rft ^r ^r^ ^m ^^"c=tt c<Fm ^t t<F^ ^m, atf^s «HTmr wm^tfc^s 4? ^~w\ 
«rfc^i *rmr<f ^tc^t t4w w- f^m^jntf^, ^p? wfa, aw, w ftsH ^t ^rmr ?r<FC5r?i 
^irfa f*rc?t ^m 2fitt% "5?r i 

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vst^t «rrsrm ct5t#r« w$ i t<F® «^ c<rr^#rc<F 2rf<m¥ ^rc=r ^ ^rr t% ^rrsrm cfjk ^tc<f srr<m¥ 
■srtt w%., ^Fm^r ^t c^r^ ^Rjc?j<i cf^r «rr^f ^rrc^i «rr^§ «rfc^ ~$&\ ^r<r ^ tt%?r ^^rt^r 
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^st «wrr ^rmrc^i «rrs^r ^fk?r fer ^r<r «fi<p|«iil<> <m ^c?j <rrc<r i tt%?r?r c^r^r «rr^§ «rrc^ 
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f<F^^frc\s frc^^rri ^rt <i=ic^ w ^tw «rrc^ ^m tfw ta c<rmrr ^rm «rr^i^ ^^<fc^i 

«rr^§ ^T<Fm ^tt tt^rsM ow\ st^fk^ c^nm c^r, t^<F c^rf=f w?\ "5?r tt%c?r?r <w 
^mc<f «rr^§ c<m Hc*f<i ^^m ^rPrc?r hc?ic^ i ^»?j ^^>c?i<i iw c<m ^^ «fRc^j ^t<f ^sft 
^<fc^ (^m 1 ^^rmr srmi; ^^ ^^rsrr crr - ^^ ^rfM tr^rr ^ft ^nt «rrc^ «rm ^5 <# ^^ 
^msr ctWsr ~3*\ c<fcst ci«?jr "5?r ^#r ^msr "5c?r <rrc<r «rm <?rmm ^^r^r ^r ^c?r <rrc<r 1 <r<r i Tl; ^srr^r 
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^r^rm^r «rrc<rcn t?rc?j ^rrnrc^i t^csr?r cf5^rm ^rrc^f tt%?r?r <mc<F <t& ^c^ <?mi ^s^. wtfts 
yftfcvs, 4® ^tntt 1 w\ #w?r ^rc<rr t%tm «rt%, «it% « fsm w?\ 2f<Fmw 9 t «rm ^/5»? t%f% 
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«rf^rt «r^m ci^?r <mc<F f^r?r ^<fc^ (?m ^•«m ^tc<f ^m "5?r #<r 1 «rf^rt c<r (^rw <tom 
m^ ^T^ c<r ^m ^<rr¥<r<F c<Fm <m ^fm^r^r ^ ^r ^m, ^ ^r «^m c^<f c<m ytt^nm c^sttt 
"^ 1 <r<m f^" cr ^^tc<f c<rt^5 c<fc^t ftws ^rrra 1 #r ^T?r ^^ c^r c<f^ic^ ^-«m ^<r f%^ 
^•«m ^rc^, f<F$ <r^m ^pt c«rc<F wr®m &% ^\ ^m ^ ^rwm ^^r 9ms$ ^r<r ^r c<rt%?r 
c^r 1 «rf^rt "^"«mt; "srtt ~<m~?$ ^mt ^r<r c<rtw c<fc^t 9ms nmw 1 ^ : <Fmc c Tl; ^<mt "5?r #<r <rcsr 
c<Fm f<F| "^r ^rr 1 ~^m^ <# #<r ^s ^mc^r ^tc<f wtrsr ^c^ ~^ c^rc^rc^ "5>s 1 IHm, ^rrsr <rf 
c<r c<m ^s<rr% <rw «trwr >fR>j<Mc<i<i #*r 1 wm <w « «r<r*f «rT5rrcir?r c^s^ ^rrc^i «r<wc<F «afihi 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<Ftfik?i ^t^T «iR^iwo w «rfBre ^rf^ss <r?fc<F <rs <f?tc^ ^i c^m ^s 4^51^ ^ ^ti CWI^ 
^r^ c^rsrm wtr c<t ^ ^wi ^sft^ c>f5T?; q$& ^rm •<rr?rr 9 f foR<ji3 n?F <rsrc% ^fsr ^m itcm 

OSfTC^ ^5 ^tt%C?I ^ <TC?T C?TC<fU5l C^TsffCF ^Tt ~5JM. ^" ^ C1C5 1TN3, «^T C^Tsfm ^ 9 ! ^T?T 
C5C5 T%s^ k^T <TfC<T I W$SMJ #*T C<TH ^Tt ^C^ 4?T ^gm ^JW *R ^T, «oBt OT t%^ ^Bl 


«rfFtc^ ^mr f^rc?i ^ih<tw ^fwr c<Tmrr ^nn <r t%t%#r $<? f^ 1%i «rt?r ^*im<M 

R-^CK?! f^ #F *fT3 1 W >TWf "5=T, CW ^ff? <l<=1C^«i ¥*f-t>*f >T<T ^5 <TfC5^, ^^ff^r ^fWft 

^bt ^^ "^ii ^tfr#Q <rm <rm ^tc^t «rrsrrcii? ^#t<tct f<Fc?t cwa ^c<ri ^tf^r ^rvsm ^m 

^JtCa ^m^ «TftH C#lt ^TT ^, t^T^f (TT&TCF ^Tf ^ cfBT «TMCt?! ^ ^ I <TW Wf 

csr?f «rfsrrcii? cwr ^r *rt?rr*t ^m <f?tc<t ^r, «rw <f?tc^ <ttc<t ^r ^c*r frcm %?f «rt?t« *r 
<ttc<ti ^sm ^tth «rrsrrcir?r ^tc<jt *w*\ « fir <?tt<t ^cBit «rrc^i cwr^ ^^ w ^rc^t ^rr, cwi^ 
<t*tc<t c^rsrm ^»m ^r f^sj-^-^-^i ^r c^r *m, ^cf<ttc?t «ifisii c^rm wu c<fh (?m?rr, 
«rTfe\Dt ^r f%i> h?;, <?#r «rrc^ ^r^ c>fGiost ^fsr <tc?t c?tc^i ?rtwm c^c=ic<t> ^twr irf>it 
owtht ^f?tc^i <?fh 4<fGt ^rsra Tji%5f?i cFtc^m «rfwrc*r ?TTwm c^c^r <?tr?ti?t wtt ^s fwc^i 
?rtwm C5csr?r ^m ^»r *m, 4<<H 3j%5T ^c?t c*p<=ic<=i$ ^ti c^rsn?r c^sc?r <?rr??Tt c#t «rrc^ c>fBT 
^fe?r c«rc^ ^mc% «rr?r ^t (?rt??rT ^M fem ^t, (3rro cwr f%^ k^t ^rfw i 

f^r w//^ ° >/$/3u? t^t^ «rrnrn ©^?r? i vsk «rrc?r^T ■^rrsr ^?r ©?)W?, T%m w?t ^%> 

^T ^fw ©3?5?[? ^TC^Tl ^ftWi ^Rt ^r?J *N5T ^ ^C?H ^s^ ^skt im& C^HHl 

^fe «rrc?r^r ^r ^r?t i <?r «rc<f «rrs[?rr ^r?r ^r?t ¥?f , cwi^ c>it wtf w?r?t c^H ^R <?tt i ^rr 
«rtc^ ^t «rtc^i ^frcg ^«t^; ^rw ^T?rr^s ^«i^ <pfr^ ^ <[fes f^\s i #^ t^?t cw ^t?j 
« <|%^ ^ 1 " 5,w ^ "«tMTHT ^%r, 1^i ^R^cho •sitRw?j ^Fft^ ffwm, ^r?j ^rfw <[f^ i 
4*rn?r <j°ic^h <((%<r c^sc?t t®h ^h ^c?h i c<t c<fh "stH<T <rr #w?t ^ht t^ ^r ^^r ^ i 
tW& c<r ^rrKf «rtc^ nsT?t ^ «r?»r t%?j ^Rt 'c^ft "^j i wr ^u^ ^h c«rc<F ^»rc=Tt 2tf^f<w "^r 

<lfes i (Tf^SHT ^TT ^J <3f% ^TC<JT t%H f^^f <MC^T I ^TfCirfJ C<T <T# tt%?J «TfC^ ^T?T ^<T <T#t 

^srciT?j f<rf%^ ^p ^§ ^"t t%?j ^sfTi f<t*i ^ >t<t ^<t# ^rrfi^m ^ w?\ t%m ^sffi wr 
«rr^ssp 2t<Fr*f ^h c^ ^im <jfow>$ w^ <tt?j i 

^^tf^r «rfsrrcirfj <tte <1te c^rrc^ 1<th nt<fc*r<T ^r ^tw ^TfTprtl wnt <ttc<t ^rr, f<M ^m 
<n<f f%m ^fc<F wht c<rc^ ^rc?! i ^spr c^rr <tt?t ^tt, f<t^ f<Ff t%f ^ ^r?rt «trwt ^^^rtcs ^rfi 
^sf>r <r^i f<ftH ^r t^H "^r^ «rf^ff wf #<t?j ■stc^jt «i<t^h <t^?h ^-<h #w?j ■stc^jt «it%, «tt% 
^s t% ^ ^hsm «rtw i %<r?t c^sc^ «rr^r w<t^h ^rf wt ^m tfej^wt ^tf^rH ^c?j >#^ 
^c<t^tti ^h <t# tt%?ra ^tc<jt «rmm <[flrc^%m smn^t c<^fi <rtcir?j tt%?ra ^ c<p% c>r<tnHf^<F 
H<? w^m 2f<FT*f ^cb^ ht, Tw <rm w c<r% ^f% c>r<rnH c<h w^scf?j 2t<Fr*f c<r% i ^Rjc?i<i c<r 
sr<Ff*f c>#f« ^rr^mt sr<Fr*t tw <ife^ t%h c<# sr<Mf*f^ -^r i 

t%h >mm c«rc<F ^, ^wr?j ^^ «rm t%| Ht ^tt %ic<f <j<=ic^h ^i c<rtw c^tc^ *rt*it 

c^t<F ^rt c<th, ^tfm, ^tftai C«TC<F (2f# tt%J, ^R?C?I<1 C«TC<F ^H ^f% I ^H <]t% «iGT OT^5t% f%?F 
"R^T <TH, CirTf^ffe C«tC<F T^fPto <Tf ^rf *t<% K^T <TH t%® >T<T t%f?T C«fC<F ^ff "^H G# I ^ 

vjvjfci^s^ *rw <^\s «rrwt t^cgt «r<f <mcs nrm i c<r c<t^; ^jcf c^rc^ ^rrc?H ^r %k<? ^ w 

^ <rf T%tH ^<T f<Fp «Ttem, (TT^SHt %ft<F *W ^TT ^ l ^ «rm *W ^l^rfJ ^K^ f% C^TTsr, 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


4?m tfR$ ^rmrrr <mc*.h i ?rc*m im\*\ cw *Km ^w? ^r c<f=& c<*tc<f c<rrmc?j ^ntc?r c^mm 
<Ftck ^tw ^r?r «itc<f, T^<f c^rR w 2ft% ^fiT^, <tt T%| «rrc^ ?Rm c<f=& ^ttsjrj tw ^ ^ra 
^Tc^, «rm ^t; ^»i»45T <ntc?r ^u~n ^rrcsf ^ <rc?j(^i 1% <r<Fsr «tw ^s ^?rc^? ?t<t T<f| c<h ^tt 
^rsrpfc ^c?j «rrc^i ^rfe^ra T>r<Fm ftsr c«rc<F c* 3 ^ «t% c<tT?Tc?j Tjr<Fm c<ftt& ^ro «rrc^, ?t<t eMm 5 
c<h ^r c<ftt& ^^Tsrt^s ^c?i «rtc^ i ^^tc^t; <mc&h imftfcwj ~>w\<\ c<ftt& «rmm ^rftH «rtc^ c^r, 
ct^ c^#t *rr<TR «rrc^ ^rrtc^Ti ^frtc^rc^ ^r c^rmR "^ ^r «t fTtc^T? ^ <rrc^ ^m 
c<ftt&, ^<h «^ c<f=& c<*rc<F ^m#t f?rc^i ^m c^5t ^u^ <rc*r cTfsr ^m#t ~^m.\ $t ^rafst 
T%?r ci^tH^ «^f^^^^tt%^r<Tm^f^i c<r c<fr csjfrH of^r Ftt ^# ^m. ^r 
orRw? ^if> w ^rs*r «rrc^ w~ ^o «rfc^, csf^r fi^ ^t?j ^rtc^r ^ ^ro c^?rr ^cttc^i ^mr 
<fi<t ^ «rrc^? 4w«; ^rfw w *w itR ^rmt ^rc^ nrra, ^ <rmt R^-srtr^r t#^ R/w, 
ct>h ^r <ra, ^m^rc^; ^mc^h 5; f^~~w, ~^\<\ "srtw ^r RTsp#r taRrt ^<fc<t ~~w 1 w ^wra £f# 
^rtci, ^rc^ ~m\<\ ^rc^ ^rt, <rcv5 «rrc^ «w «rrc^ <nt c^m ^rr c<m, srr% ^rraj ^r<nt ^ro ?rc?i(^ 

^W? ^TW I C^T^HT <MC^«i ~~F\ m 5 ^ <TT 1<F§ ^srfc^ ~~\~\ ^CTT T#t% I C<TSR WM ~5\<FB C^^fm^M 

^srPfe ?rc?rc^ ^mm (^um ^rtc^r 1 

4<rm w t^mic^ <ftc^ wrwsfm mrnmirz, c^ Pwti cvsmm ^^ cww ^, ^t 
w« W JR m^ «rrsRrwr t%m ^r ^ «prs, ^w^r c^rmt wr^ti ^^ «tmw? 
§*iffiTORi ^r w, TrjBit m^rrc^ <tt m^ «rrc^ ^ 1%| ^s ^?rc^ c^t ^w^ ^rm«r 1 ^ c<r 
t^st^rtca? ^ c<t^t ^w? ^rfc^f ^ro ^ara^ otBt ^t ^r T^cw, ^tlt ^ft^mw? ^H ^n 
b^w/^i <tt<t#?j <rt T<i^ «rrc^, ^r, 1^s, ^rr%, irt, T%^, "5th<t ^t<t ^ro ^rc^ ^w? ^rw wm 
^sfsft; "^r c^; ^r 1 ^t ~<f\<x, c i H^t c<fh sft^^ T^??Tf ~<K3 ^rr 1 T%^ w ^m wtT% «rrc^ ^tw? 
"sn:*rj ^<Fsrr^ H^fl; «rf^??T wfT^i <t*h ^^ ^t^tc<f ^<i#r "^ ^*H «rrsrtc<F ^rn^s ^c<t ^ 
^T^r^s ^rt^w? "5t<Fm c^^rtc^ "sfvs c<i>c-i?<i ^rw ^ro «rrc^, c<r^t ^r ~~v~~\, ^ c^~m Wfsr 
THc^ft 1 ^ ~^~~9~ ^m&r ^ ¥r«rm ^rc<u ^w c^r «^ ^t^tc<f t> «rm ^^h ^Tbt <ttc<t? «r^ 
^T^r c^r «rrsrml; ^pttt^s srt^r 1 H^r wmi^r <r«R c<fh #^ wr «5 ^rr, ^rr^'f cit^^ 
^nw ^rt, ^tTwj cir^?rm cr^gt w, ^cw ^rrn^ <ttc<t ^rfi $*& Iwh «th<f ^rtc^ c^i 
^•«H<Fm mth ^r<nt $^$ ~^ ^trfe «nw 1 ^<r^ ~^u^ ^\^ «rrc^, T<rc^3 «rrc^, ^mcfmr^ 
«rrc^ ~~5B "sr:<jt ^it^ <?ft(C<i^t« «rrc^ 1 ^fi^ ~~m «rrc^ ^rl; ^r c^; ~iw^ w «rtw ^r, \sm "sr:<jt 

CT ^ 9 ^^ <m^, ^ tr^r^ <ra <TTC^ I Tffi CT^T ^^ tJ^BT "^TWpr T^s ^ Tft^Rm CW I 

«rrc^mm T%h ^fl; ■^\ ^ Ojffiww w, ■*\~5~~~~<' ~t\~5\z, ~~~~s\i w^jtcw ~~~\*\ *\*\ o*\~~~-~ ~~\~~f\ cw 1 
^m ^<#r ^r ^tjti ct whh T<p^rrc^ <rm%r <rr t%^ «rrc^ ~~\*\ ^m ~~\\u<\ ^s ^m^i 

^t c<r fWT f^, 9 tKm (^s^r ^s «rrc^ ort^M ^rTc^r 1 ^t arf5#r ^r ~m 1 ^ 
t*mTC<F <j<=ic^ Nsfsft; (Tit ^r, ^rsraf t<p^rt^ cvsrsrfc^; ^ro ^rr^, w* w? 3wi T<H^tToq^ 
<Tt T<Ff «rrc^ ^t<t «rrsrm c«rc<p|; c<iRc?jc^ 1 <i<=ic^«i, c^Tsrm «rr^rt t%«t ^m T<r^ «pts,, cvsrsrm «rr^rt t%«t 
c<fh ^mr^f Ht 1 ^•^rrH ^ w ^^ftc^ c^rmrtc^r ^ « wsj%, c<tt1t cw <ttc^ c^t ^ «rm ^w 
"srfTTT c<i^r cT^rr <ttc^ ^rr, cwr w^ttstt^fh c<tqt^tt ww hwi ^t « ^ ^t «tc4q ^s ^ftr^, 
«ih<f T<f| «rrc^ c<tqt^tt cT^rr <rm ~~w, c~\w\ ^», c^ cw ^rm ^rr ^^t^tt ^, «rsj%, ^; «w 
T<pi «rrc^ 1 i£i <Fsrf3 ^t ~~^~-~ ~~r~- W% ~^ w^, ~~~% '^ «pts, <r^r, ^r c^m T% ^ c^m ^m 

T<F| 5^T 1 C^HT 4~~F~~1~~\ T^Ht "^R ^ST?, STf«f%J l ^<F<rm C<T C*fk<F (Ms\ c^ ct c<m fTp 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVV/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<ftc^ srrsHT <f?r^ <ttc<t! ?#rc?F?r w?$ <t«h <*R^fa ita ^c?r c^ ^H wtfta^ ^ftc^ wift 

(HTTw *HTc<m T%ft «rmm «rf<m i w*fa c°ilf<p<p <rotf to ^?f wht <ttc<t ^T, ^FmT 
T%H Hf<fc*r<T i «rm ^r t%f^ c«rc<F f%ft <rmt i ^ ^tc^ <tt t%| «rrc^ ^r t%p "src^rr f<F§ ^rr T%§ 

tfTT<T <l«C^I OTt^t^a ^^<F5Tt^ ^Tl <FTf "^T f|^'C 9 rj?T?f ^Tt<F <# ^H 5 tt% C^tt> "5>s \sT^T f<H 

tt^pr wtf ¥<m "5>s i ft^'cnitm ^fa ^rtf^F ^^ ^t?t t%r c<r, ^r<r *}?f<t?tt «t ¥*t crc^ vilfi>w> 

^5T^tt% TW i i£$ «il<pl5R <# ^l<p tt% C5# ^® ^r^T f<H tt%3pT «HT ?J<R "5>s i <^5 t<t% <R?T 
^r^s c<FH f<F§ "^T ^TT i C<?<rri?^ creation (TNTC^ imperfection i W^B W,*tf 4^<FH ij^f Wm. 

whi?j "src^n wtc?r<FH ^°\ wcz, «rrsrm ■src<n 4<f£t oth «rrc^ wht?! ■src<n wu 4<fh orm ^ttt 
<ttc<t i f<TH Hf<fc*r<T t%h ^^<F5n^ crm ?rft>s i t%H cTm <rtt>» ^r^t?; %k?f ^<mt "^r <t/#? i 4%?* 
vsit <j°ic^ ww^ *m? /<7^7^ *^? ¥tw (?fft<F<F wrc^r «rfer, c<t t%r%#tt c=Ttf<p<p wR?r?r 
*rtc?r cit r%t%#rc<p^ <ftT ^r *m? i <t§#? s/wHrsj ^rc^ w ?j<fc5t?t ai# «rrc^ ^rcr^ ^tc<jt T%Th1; 

<Tt#, ^FRK T%ft CTH ?lft^ l ^ C<T ^T ^lt 4^Tl4 2fT«r%J I 

^•^rrw w<tt ^r, tmH ^ ^r f%H ^r<T #?t<t ^ic<rt?; «rrc^r i ^ t<F ^<Fc?r c<Tmrr "<ttc<t? 
^t%nt% 3T*ht tw c<n<Trr <TT?r, #w? ^ntt<r tw ^<f wkt ^r, t<?wrca ^rr t<F| «rrc^ ^#tt 
^Nr ^rc<rr ^ «rrc^i wa 2rc^T<F#^ w*m c^sm^i t<Fit%t^ c^Tt^ wrc^ ntrai <rr<T#?r <tt 
t<F| ^r^s «rrc^ ^r<i t%p ^tc<jt t%t^t ^t#, ^^t t%t^ W<tc*r<T ^k ^tc<jt c<fr ciT<t c^ i ^# 
#^t t<F| ctcvs -^j ^k ^<ftc^; 2fT«r% ^u^ ^?i, ^^r t%t^t; ^wt^ ^^i 

^•^rtw sr»r w *rrc?j W\ t^t<tc»r<T, ^ c<fh ^«t <?#;, ^t^t t%t^ ^<Tt# t% ^<f(?t "^r? ^t 

£R?Jt? ^o? 4^ «pti «TC<T Oi ^STTT (TTC^s Tn?T I «TtWT %T^T ^TWW ^?T<F ^<F«TT «t^ I t<Fl %I%T "srtW 
t<F? M*T§TC<fI; %f^T ^<MT (TTCvs TfC^ I «TtWT ^RTl; <# ^^ CTM^F *#<TM ^ ^sT^T CIMC^F? 

tw c«rc<F «rrsrfcii? "SR:<rj c<fh M*t§t <?#; i t<Fi vst? "SR:<rj ^^^fsh ^^ «rt ^^ cff^n^F tcvs 
^wr^i ^Ttt^ ^f%r, cimrc^ ^r§j ^tc<f «rmTcii? ^m c«r?f «rr*rrm ^?r toc^i t<Fi c<r% 

^M (?^M %I%T "srn?rl; "5?T imperfection, Style means imperfection i ^s^ "srflsTT Rc®r<i 
IT^T ^<THTt5^T I ^Rfas t^TC?! C^TC^ ^^TTO <£C<=1tCW3> ^Tt I ^TS ^ iWTCvs ^^C<F ^TK «TR?T<Ft%?F 
^T<JW ^T^ t%?J If^r ^^THHi "^sg ^ttt imperfectiont<Fl 4^ %l%r "^C?f C^Ti 

^ v»s^tt<f ^m %^t? #*rc?T?r ^^ ^th ^^ t%s ta <i<=ic^h i t%H c<r c^rt ^r^ra 

«rt^FC^T \sm ^<FT<Fr tt*r C^^f^CM «THH ^p t<T - <tTT^ T^m\ vsH (?fT<FT(?T «R?T<F iiW ^<FTSt «s l ct^; 

»r^?T ^ ^rwr ^<M Qptvi«ii e i % i c?rt twt%K ^^t%r ^^ttt c<Ttwm t*rd <tc5t, ^%<f ^cbt 

R^1<1t?T «TH «rrC^T t^ ^sH ^at ^5 ^5 ^TT<FC^TC<^ Wfi <FC<T CT^ ^lt^ C>ll<p|C«i ^W ^TC^ '^ 

^r^ f^r, «|<t Tftft ^r^, <rw ^ c«rc<F Hra «tm ^c?rc^i tjtc^ ^rrtttff $<p*i\a Hra ^e' i 
Tft% (?rwr7T? ^r<nt cvot ^c?r ^r^i ttHbm wttt ^c?j c^i *# t%?r? ^ra Rc^tc^i «wasr 

t%*T (TNt "5C?J C^l t<M C*T<T "5^?s CWT "^ wm^TfBT ^ t%m ^f6t I t<tH ^t <Flft'TTBr 
^•«R^T t%t^t ^"<H ^^TW t^C<=1«il ^IW^T CT^ ^^TT^tt^ ^^s v»TM CSTC^ C<T t<F| "-TT <[C<TT «t 

wm^r <?ttF t%m c<fcij t%?tc^i «^ c^r ^r?m c^r ^ffep^r ^m <TT«?rm w «r<r^r, «rr^fc<F 
«rmm ^r<r c^r, cm^t^r ^w ^w ^tc<f «t% csr?t ^t%c?j <?tc<t i ^fm ^wm ^m^ ^nt%<F f% «rm 
^<mt?t, 9m^ ^fe'tt «rmm i Tcsrcm W^ f<F w<r ^m ^r:<jt «?rr ^w ip i 4? ^tc<jt «# pp#r 
^th <trs<t "<pc^ra twt^r V^sfT w^r i c<r wm^TTH ^<fth fl^T cT<rn?r ^th^t f%m c^rtl; ^<f(?t ftrac^ i 
^m ^TTc^r irf^ <?n<FfT?T w ^^m %r ^wm tjtc^ ^? wm^TTcvs ^ ^th^t (tn^ ^<f(?t ^rTPfc?j 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


Pitticni tfw<rr c*$ t^RK ^m nc?r diww ^w ^jfwr *&m\ 'frf^ crerat ^rtc^i c<tsth 
^ sti^t cwlr^ ^rw ^rcsf ^m cwra ^ra* ftc*ic^ «rra "5^\D?r -srcsn f?r^T<ri?r c^fer ^c^i 4?rr 
c^t ^rafl; «ei ^tfc^s ^?f ^crac^i |2M>mm ff^sf ^rlRi^c^ c^rrc^ *^S\ f% ^c?r^ ^r'! '^rrra! 
^frr (?rcB% %i%r f^rrsr whtc<f' 1 'f% ^r^! c<#B %i%r f^rrsr, c?rc^r *fN3 cvsmt?r c*rcB% 
HSt^r' 1 fwtsRH c<r *i^s! csfw ^w^ 4Hf%r ^ra csic«fq 4^bt <ro *^cra Hfsr ^c?r *rfira ^rtf^ 
c^rtcB^ Mt ct^r ^nra, ^?n« «r^ ^5 *i^?r c^rc^ ^t^ts f%?r ^rafl; ^ ^\\w raitHc?ic^' 1 wqm 
^tra^ra % ^rarat *tr ^fet hc?t c^rtcB^ ^rara ntcrrt ^th^ti ^ra^ra ^sh ^twr ^ra*r c<r 
cwi?n *1T$ ^c?t CWa k^t c^r 1 

vst^r <raf*f§fBT t%? 4?rrc\sT c<n<Fra "st^ ^rac^ «rffsr t%fB ^ "r>t%r ^rrafli t%s ^tc^t 
t®ff%BT imperfection 1 Imperfection tMt <raf*f§J 1 «ItWf C<fBfc<F f<TC*r<T «tw Wtf^ cfBT ^ss 
4^BT OTfal ^ir ^H ftf<TC*T<T, ^k C^\ C#f§J (s$ C^^TT f^J CiHfH, ^ f%H <Tf%& I ^f# 
"5=T negative 4*t fw c^fc^ 1 

c<t ^w?r «wr ra*rr ^r ^t ^w fwftra >rc-iifHc<i*f <rrar ^fflra c*rt ^recw 4-<ra w^ <ttc^ 1 

<MCfe>H C<7WJ C<T<H ^?TCd ^C<T I W ^T^T ^C?T ^C?T ^Um t%<F HC?T <n«?n, («rBt^ «WT ■ 

<i>iftki>t wJ^iK^ "f 


^CW TOK, ^ff»X ^CWK <?TNT f<Tf%l i*/*/* 1 1 

f /<77^ ffl&TM, M^ ^f W^ C*fcF"3 ^m tf?<T? /<?7^ f«T (T^C<?^S f^s^ ^®- (^J^o/^ «/</^ys ( 
/%^f 3f#<9/Jf o(W ^T/ ?%^t ^ <77W © 37?/ (?7t ^t fW| (^t «^?t Wfafrftl <% CT7Xf! 
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wji ^-<rr(H w^ 5" w^, V <i*rcs «rfFi<f (rararrc^ ^uht c<r ^»»M wc^; (?tqmc<f« <r?ra 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


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^w «rrsrm «tr*rcsr c«rc<F ^<ht ^, ^'Ptti ^ i ^ ^ ^m «rrsrrc<F s^ -<mu$, «trfsr ■<# ^s?t 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


wrft *>\$f."\X ^su ot' i «tTFt<f spjit cntwt^ i wm ^ft^ <w«h itwiw^i»R[ c^mm sfc*t?t 
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f%?rr «rm #r ^h ^r5T?jt «ihht ^?r, «nt% ^fwt Fmtm <r^ ^rtc^ c*fc<r fHc?rr ^rwm H<Ff 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


*n^FT *rtf^ i l3Rrt «rm w?r ^r «tnm ^cu c^r i f<F$ <r«R fasmt «cm ^m ^r 4 <f ^c?r <Tm ^r 
otbt ^m <Tm *mt fwn tarafBt f%? ^tim^r c*rcti ^tm f%? ^rmrn^r c*mti «rrft ii^iw 
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■srfig vo^5T CStR C^TTsr ifl'C^o f<F| "5TJ RT I ^§ W^o CW if^ <F«fT, ^it; ^voj ^fs, t^r^tTT «T^mT ^*mt 

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<q^ ^^t, *rt3 ^rro wr^t t% ^rr, <rm c rr m« ^tj i <#^s <mt ^tj ^»m ^, ^j^r ^^tt 
^rw 1 t%i ^t?i «jtfi?! «rr^^r c<rmrr <Tm 1 ^tw ^tfwm <fr^t t^ra "^m <Tm 1 ^r^fcw c<r t^; 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


*fa <?f6T t%ft <Tt$°Tm ^R^I? <MC&H I «H^- *f5*T CWT t*P* ^C?T <TT?T d^ <R^T t^i ^jRf <TT?J I ^R 
4<F5H ^TSff ^<FC<T £f^8? ftc«H - ^Ptt^ ^Tft <Tf5t CTO ^T *T^ 3C?J <TT?T I t^f ^fTH t<tt% t*lt% 

stW ^btott, irtp 4Hc<f ^t5=rm <ij<i^N <f?ic^t i ^r r?h ^c?t <rm, rpt ^c?t <TMmr ^rftH ^k c<r 
^rt^ref, vst? «rrFm <rr<r^i?rm ^ ^c?j <rm 1 r?h ^ra ^TTsirf ^rtw, wtc^ i<ii4§. srt% ^h w^fm 

^fC<T ^tg ^C?T <ThQTTtl ^t?T «T3C?r ^ffWfC<T? WWfFf 3TT, Wl^N C<T *$% Rl% TOO^ *fTFC<T ^T TO, 

<fkf ts^ ^ wi^t %fof?r ■src<tj« ^rtwm ^w <rt?Ti «$BTt ^Kw cir?<H %m o»w c^fc^ 
c<iRc?rc&> 1 tw <t-<h t%H ^ht "^c?j c^r ^<R t%R ^rc<f tw (?r<fc^T, \s*r c^r «rm C<FH 
^nt ^r rt 1 ^t «#• wr c^r w?w *p?r, t%i ^m wrcn ^r ^rm^rr 1 

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^TC^T ^I^^'/THW? a/^ ^ « I sfmc^ ^Tf ^ 5/^^ ^t «TC^ ^THH ^RT C<FH «T^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


iffwfas *rfaw ^ti sNw-irt ^ cw "s^rf^n^t, t"tc<m ^w cw sr^a x tt%»rr<ff <?*rr ^r, 

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c<fmt c«fc<F «rr^? <mc&h ^m^ ^rmri t^i ^rmrc^r rt ^tj ^n^r t% wrfsr w^r t%? ^Rmr 
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«rrc?R# ^^ 1 c*m ^rr^r^ ^^ c^»c« c^rsirt ^r, ^mc^r ^5t ^5 c?rc<F c^r? ^s^ ^<m^ ^^ 
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c^ti ^f& ^5? ^Tf? w^r f% «rtc^ «rr?t ^r ^rr ^rm rti ^ 2ff%Rfe?r ^^mr ^<r cwr^ 
c^tjt ^r 1 $\f<\ f™t csT^aft?! ^rc^ ^t ^^mfm ^th%*h ^r «r<nT^r imrnc^r «wI^wh i t%i 

?f«H ^PJf ^<F^o wa^ ^TC^ i£|^# ^5, ^Tf?f ?m W& voTC<F «f1%m t%?J <1<=1C^H - f% «TfC^ C^#f C<F 

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«rtw 1 t^f*ftitw ^r ^o ?rmr^T, ■srrwmtwr <nt ^r «n^pr rt c<jh ^c^ ^rtt «rmc^ ^r^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


c*m Wi iif?TQ "cw, ftPifcfotttM <f*it <wcfe>-t, 1%s <r«H ^5 «rm ^m 3R>R«<i ^mt t%^t 
\s*h $&$ ^itw i ^5 «tr^, «im<f *fs« «rrc^, tr^ «rn^ i t^i ^^ ^^t ^^ c*m *ti3rt>t<3 

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^f<r «?f ^r Hf i ^tr csi^e «?f ^?t nr, «?f$ ^t ^ c«rc<p i ^t «rmm c<fr c<rr<r «rt<Fc<t ht, «rm 
vst ^i^t <&& ^c<r Tjt c«fw i «rttsr 4<f wtft <r^ ^<r, 4^M <Frf ^r <rm c tt wt? wu i ?m ft*r ^ 
cwt c«tc<F k^t c?h 4<f i$«i<j nm i ^m ^tpt 4<r# ^5 <f-<r srrc<F rt, ^trs <r«R «n<Fc<r Rti 
n^MT «rf^ ^r ^ c«rc<F, «rrsm t%t%i ^ ^r c*m, t^ra *rc?r f% ^r <mt ^rm Hf i ^t^r w^ 
ntra, ^c<r <# nfi; <Mt <rm ^c^r ^ «rtM^tm t% wFm 1 1% 4"c<F>?m<TH <f*r «rmw nt 1 ^t 
<m <FtT "^r ^fcmi; ^rrc^rr, ^ ^rt ^r srm^rr ^ra ^rt i t% t% «rrc^ ^c<r <r*ft <Trc<r rt 1 t%Hl; 
«rrc^r w^ «rrsrtcirfr ^rwm «rrw ^wt^ t%m, ^ «rc<f ^ ^rt ^5 nfi <r<R ^rc^ t%Hl; 
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^stth ^t «rmtci^ c<r»Rm ^m wo^rr ^c?rc^ ^o <tstt ^r ^- <rrH ^ ^rc^t ^h «^ ^c<t i «^ 

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c<Pit¥ "srcvs "5t%*r ^pBT «h^h <rt, T%st?r ^feT^t^rc^F w <rt, w<f ^«h ^<m ^s cw ^rti 
*rsr, ifsr, t^twr, ^^mt^ ^mt ^%h ^<fc?t ^fc?t ^h ^fe «r<T^m k^t c^t ^^m ^fsr #^?tr 
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^m t«t ^#?r ^st ftta ^h « <rf^ tHtw i c»i$*mj "sh wm tf%r c^tc^m ^sht ^r ^m Hc^?r 

fHCW?T R<IC?I<I t%<F <ftt<T® ^C<T I isrBlt Tf»TR<F I ^M ^fRHfT t%<F «It<F<f <T «Tt<FfBt C<FH «TTf»fR<F 
t%| R?T I «tCSTt «ItH Ht ^^TCvs FfQ¥t, «tM ^*fT Ht <FP<fff5 FfGTlT, ^TM-"^ t<Ff 0<fC\» Ht ^C^ Wf 

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«TtWf Ht 5ffC<F vst^T ^tC<F Wfsm (^KtCS "^C<T I Wt% Cof^-^^TPHm 4tf&Q "SR Ht;, <[<TfC\s "5C<T 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


w?r "srRfw 1%| ^rwr «rtc^i <Ttcir?T wr ^c?r c^rc^ wcr?r« tt%rwrt wrn «itc<f i wc<F3 d%\ 
wc^s ^ri wt#?f w ^c?r c^ t^i tw^a H^c^r ^^ ^fwra ^c?r ^#ri c^fM-^w ^ra, 
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?tt<r ^sr <mc<m, «r^ biw-r ^J?twra i f<F°mr c<Fra ^>tc<t ^^ c<Fsra ^rtfra^ ^wra wfa 
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tr- ttsrj w<jtt%f ^Tt'trc^ «rraw w r?t, cm ^fes crt*r c<fsr «rrc*rr t%?r ^rfec^i wra 
t%r £f<Fr ^c?r ^rtc^ i ^M Tiwra<F i wr ^c?r c^r ^ ^fersM t*tt«i*r ^c?r %mu& 4u*\ ~m\ 
~s$ i c#srt c<r% wt <t?t<f <?rtc<Rir?r -<rh3?rra srt% c*rr^r sra^r ^c?r «cfc i t%i <r-<ra f^ f^ 
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tt%r « -5rc<f ^rhh cfst ^tcwi ^ra, ^ « ^rafc, ^5 cBw Hc^ti; ^c?t <ttc<t rt, «•^tth ^rm 

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^rft ^s*rra 7 'T#?r #^r ^wr ^rr «rrc^i w?nw ^<ra ^wrc^ t%hi ^mtw ^«ra 
^rra c<rc^r rti ^wrc^?r <*& c»r^# ^mtsrc^ fr sf^rr <mc^t i c*t$# «rc*r<#R <ra w?nwc<F 
<Frc§ri m^ *ra f^ - ^ *rra ^rt^ <Tt?r «rw?r ^ ^r w^ratc^ ^-<rra<Fm ^^ nra -<rr«?rra' 1 
W?rtcsf?r «rrara ^rra -«rr^Trrc^ c<m ^ra <rati c*tc<t ^<t^t «t ^r#?r ii*rc<F •tw ^t iitcsr?r 
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^u^ '"sr^mtw c<F5R «rr^ ^r' i -sf^rarw^ <j=ic^h '^r^ra "srv» ^rttc^i ^K c<tsr ^rfr fR<Tt?r 
f^ c^rat «rram ^rftc^' 1 c*&# vs-<ra ^mc^ '«rrfsr w?r c<m t^r w^ratc^ ^rra -<rr«?Tr ^ 1 
^<ra<Fm t%ra *wr ^mra nra sttr «rtwt^m f^R?r %fc<T srm ^rVf ttmr iircsr?r ^rra -<ntc?r 
firc^T ^?rc^ c<F5R sTt^ sr^rsf ^rc^r ^t^r?r w 1 >iR)j<mc<i<i ^t ?r<F5T «r<r^r ^c?r <Tm 1 
^Rj?tc<^ cBw hc?ic^, ^ c5wt rac?rc^r ^sr ^t?t, «^tr c«tc<f wra c<Fra rac<F ot ^ric<T RTl 

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cm*\ ^s rac?r ^rat ^?j, ^c«t«ffli 4-*mR w^ Tjftc^r sr «rra tt%rc<F f<r<T?j c«rc<F cBw 
Hc^s ^c<ti ^9rtR<Tcii ^t t%ra^rc<F «tch<f wra^tra te<t wr ^c?rc^i «Fc^rfror^ f^ ^ ^«rr 
<ftt ^c^ ^Jw^r tra<T?j c«ic<f sr ^rra tt%?rc<F cBh rt H«?rr "$?r v»^r tw Tr<Ht «?f ^c<t rt i 
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cw?rrsT wr, wcr?r arpTtc?!^ wr ^^c^rra c<fh^tI; wcr?r wtc<t t^r ^ 1 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


*pmw <w ^rrcsr ^ra^sn ra^ «if&s ftc^ni T%ft ^^ht^ f^rjwnra? «r^f-ww 
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^tc<t, ^r^rm^r ^rrlTcii? ct^*ra t^f^ ^rr ^^rm ^ra ^rrwr fsrcs - ^rnra 1 

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f^f<TPfjHrc?ra «r<nT 9 f<Trar ^rwra ^rra srf^H c^rc^r u^wu^ t%h ff ^rra ra^ra c^rc^r, c^r« t%h 
^stc^t ^Ti c<tT% c^rr rarc<r fwra ^ht ^ra T%| Trawr T%ra Rc^ic^ ^rc<H c^r ifiT%c?j cfc^i 
WtTlW, ^tt?lt, HW « SRW vdTC^ f<m?j c«rc<F c5h ^s 1 

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sfw? wf<7/w? OT/3U /<77^; (rafrr ^w ^rat ^tc<t src^ cr5^rrc<F ^ra ^ 1 %sra sm s^vs 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«itwr t*$ «t«tbt *rtt tvFrftfw- w*r?w swf *f*/77lr <7? cvtfttM\ mft'ft^, ^k^ «tw ^fsr 

TC*T CfC^, "SR ^m W ^TC<T 4<F ^C?J C*TC^I ^ «>l<fB|C<!>$ «iKt? -5t^»m^s C^TH W^ CfttPT 

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c^tcs nrf^ *rf i *nt% cFro<m iw «i^c-h ^r ^ ^c?f c*tc^i 4^ ?rr<HT i ^«i^s t^i w<rrrf^r<F 
^rfsrf w ^rf^i shh <jc?rr^ wm^ ^c?j c*rc^i ^<H f<F <F?rcvs ^c<r? *tw? W7<t/w? ott^t 
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■sr;stt wt^ ^c?j <tts i ^tM wr?r *m ^^m ^fsr hc^tcb l^^i ^ ^ w$ cw <ftt $,«ic^. (777377 
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^Wi</ 3?W «rfW W <7^/j 

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m^J^m, ^m ^r sm\ wmm^, ^h&g w^ %t%® ^rr <ra ww^ c<t<h <r <rrc^ 
ynwutiit ^c<r«- 1 ^i^r <tm <t-<h <r»j c«rc<F ^rwr ctc?r ^um t%<p <rrt%s ^c?r «rr^, <rrf%s ^c?r 
c*tc<t «m s-tow c<r<m <ra 1w ^m ^w «rm ^th ijcbt ^ ^c?r <Tm i $$\ ^^bt ^rnm wr 
c<rmrH ^551 ^K^rff^mw «rmm wa^ wv ^^mr t%m <wcfe>H - <7r</7w? ©^w ®mtf*twz ^z^ 
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<m(bi$ «t^m ^#t i ^rm^rr <Mm ^ht ^rr^ f^r?, wr^ w t%st f^r ^<ra -«rfBcs "5?r i 

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c<fh *iftaRf src<n ^rc<T*f ^c^ ^m c<r (^ ^mc^ c^m c?rt «^ 'fow ^h, ^f%, ^fer «rm 
ct^ ^tc^ f%^tc<F ^^^Ft^f ^<ra cwr 1 ^f%r, sh, ^f% «rm ^rfm ^"ci? Hsrf c<fh cswr c^ 1 tw 
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f%stc<F srh ^mu^ «rrfsr «rm « ^ <f i ?# ft ^h ^c-h c«tc<f «thm f<Fi srh ^<ra «rrsnr ^<f, 
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csftca thcst? ^^m ^^Bm ^^bt ^ntm yfta fes «rrc<F 1 ^rrfa srtH c<r RrH<fi3rc<F ^^m c?rc<F 
«rrc^rPr^ <f^t ^c?ju5i ^rtR wg<F ^^, «rrfsr wt#, «rrfsr «rw<f ^^^rr ^ ^^# ^^rrRi t^i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«rtfsr cot m w$\ w f^f ^, fw ^rrfsr wi% ^ ^ftf^r ^c?r c*rc<F ^rrsrm $<tc?t cf5c*t 
<ttc^ i «rt? <n?r w ^rrfa ^m w wnr i 

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^c?rc^i «^^raro, ^k <ttwi ^r ^r^rm vsk^r^ «i cw co 2 w^ w^frr^ «rw^- 
c<rrarra cssjh ^s <r*rca ^w^ c^rmrH ^ i «rm CO 2 w^ w^Hwfi; «jw^?j w sHtfr&r 
«rtc^ *r#rc<T^ crrarr, t^ ca^f 4 w\ ^cw 2t#^ i 'w' "^' «rra "sr' ^ f^rcB' t^rc?r « i 'w' 
«?f "^r w& «rra '%' ^ ^c*ra c^s?f c^rrc^, «rra "sr' cStcrj' t*tc?r <jsrf "5c?r <rra i «rrsrrcT?r ^<=fsrHr« 
<*$ '^r' t%m ^?f ^c?r "sr' ca f%m c*m ^c?r <rra i <r, ?r, *r, ^r, wm\ ^fctra *rwi n^u w ^r ^tti 
«rra '^' ^c*r?r *rwi f?rc^i vsit "^' f*tc?r <f, «r, n, ^r w ^ «rtc^ t#i^ c<rrarm i '«r' «rra 
"sr'c?r?r ^rwrw '^' ^r^r ^pc^ ^ t^rc^ T%t ^c?j ^rra « i 

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«rr<M, «rra '^' t>r ^ 4^§<£<t ^rc<jj|; ^pc^ i c<tsh «rrsrar tx?fl#^s «ic^ ^^rsra <rt% He knows 
A to Z i ^t <ra A to Z c<r^r ffic^ cssth 4*rnH3 '«r', '%' «rra '^r'cs ^rtc^?r ^ra *N ~fm\ 
t&$ f<pwrcs w <t<k*i<t ^ w iibt 'RBIt « 4?r ^tc<jt ^r<rr i 

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c<tsh «rc^r c^sjh ^j «rt?r « ^ i ^ « c<pI; <q m?\ ^rm^r wcvs <j=ic^«i i «rrn<f w^r ^ 6 /^ 

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«r2ft%<rfc<F £tt%t%a "5c?r "^rm, ^H ^tc<f «rr?t c<fh t%| f%m «rfBc<F ^frwr <rm ~~$ i ^rar wt ^ <jth 
^rr<Hr ^<ra ^<ra "sh <r-<H ^ "5c?r "^rrc^r ^<h ^tc<f (^rrwr ^cwrc^ ^rcw t%<f %m <rrc<r, ^ 
<rr«?rm tc«t c<r^H srt%^fwr «n<pc<r ^rr i 

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^iftft ^c?J ^ttc<T, ^f^ps^r ^rftft <rc*r ci^rc<F ^«h ^w tljw ^tt w^ t%^ 1 ^t c<Tmr £rftt%, 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


#<h ot>t «rrwr c^ifl, ^ #<tth3 ct^h mH «rrc^r t%H tw ^=Tr#1" fo^n i f<tH ?rr#t f%H 

C<FH f%^st W5H ^T I f^l (7T "5RH ^<FC<T (H?T «Itm #5C?T «rtft, f%® Wl^T ^T?; W5T3 "=Tt l 

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<m «rm ^r ^r, ^wt%r ^t^ «ht ^rc<r ^rwr ^fc?i ipt ipt ^tc<t, ^ c^r ^*tH<Jw^ 
c*kic^ «rr^rr «rm ^r ^tMmr, ^rc «mht ^rcfa ^w «mhti <fmr «twti ^fam 4^#r ^o 
<*rrc<F, ^mr ^r $»iFtacin ^<tj <*$ i «rrm^ ^s ^fro^ w<n ^r ^r w f^i o^ 1 fts 
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<wc^ #<rt^rt ^f^m w Hc^fcB' %m flj> <rtc<t, vsm^ c^mrn <tm 4-<rH c^rc^ <$& ^ ^<j 

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^Ttfl^ <M^s bftttH, <*$ C<T ^HTF ivill^i) ^F?TCvs ^C^T 4^ ^ffT 4^ C<TT<f&T «TTC^ C<T «rtft 

«jkht i «rm ^w wt f% c^rrc^? *rw <*fc*t t^w o^rrc^ ^r *rw wc^r ^jc<f <rr c*$ ^r^rc^ 
ci^rtc^ i i£|«h HH ^nfl>s <f?ic^ h^c^t T%H h^t «rrft «■^tth c*rkm, «rtm ^k ^m 4<Ft^r 

C<TT<r <F?J<T, ^t ^HC ! 4^»TC<T ^TT ^ l f^l ^C<T C<T ^CBI?! ^[C<rT WTs, ^ITC^ ^T ^T I ^Tffl<f ^ 

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wic^s ^r ^r f%| h^i tjc^t "sfca? ^ «rfFr<f cif^rra cic<h ^rHsnf^ wfc^s t%»tc<t ^m ^r 
f<r^ «rr<r^s *\\t<\ -4 1 f<M <n<T^tfw wt, ct-^tiw «rtfsr w^tH «thht <?#tc<f t%H ^<r«Ht «jfr<m 
<^<tc^H ^rri ^rrsHT ^ «?f ^sr ^H ^rfw ^n^rc<it whc^ c<t «rtfsr «rm ^rrsrm tt «ikhti fw 
^itsht ^c^ <mc^s ^<#r ^sr^rt ^m <w<r ^r ^i ^%h ^t<hh srr^tfw «r^ csw 9 ^ 
^tsrtt c^<r <m ^551 ^fs^ff c^tm^w £f«rsr ^cgt <t<=ic^ (M^if^f^Rur^, ^ f^a|f%c<F 

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«rr^r ^ch ^tht ^r 1 ^m^r ^cw^r wm ^rc^t w-<rH ^c<r ^cbt ^ 1 

vrmzm $$ ^N^r ^rr<Hm ^sht ^ ^tkh i ^T'TH^tcii ^rc^r - ^rrR^m i£rf^m*frM 
^rmtf^si ^rMmH^n wtffi smtz*fcmt$iW,i o/^ks 1 1 hh ^t<t<f w ^tw f% f% t%h<t 

ST5TC5T "*MUv ^C<T ^T^fH^TW ^TT ^M. - ^T%^T fbR^I'i ^S <M, ^TC^r <M WT C«IC<F OT ^"«H 

T%vs ^iH, vsm wr ^rr<HT ^c<r ^rri ^ptrm, ^-«rHT tfer^M ^^r, ^wifevs, ^m ^h ^-«h 
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Wte f^it% "5c<t ht 1 4 w?rrc<F ^ ^«rm ^rr "^r ^rw 1 srsns ^jtth <th ■5jc<it tfer « "sth? ^wr 
<rc?rc^i «rrrjf<f «rsmc^Tf «r<f ^^»tc<t m^j - ^iyRwiiMiRiyt&sRiHiRtv, ^j ^r^s? 

R<IC*t<t £ff% ^fej « ^TH^ C<T ^T ^^lt 2HH I ^J ^T^s? OoT^tT f<H?J ^lfRRI ^HH ^ l^ - 

^tft[% wm <w^r 1 f%® ^-«TrHt (&K?ft ^rf<wr c*m ^c?i <th ht 1 ^ ^m^rm ^p w^r ^sm 
^<Ff| #f #r c<rfej ?rrc<F ^r^r |cr5? ^c<n ^wrc<F stw*r wh <rm Hti ^f<\ ^rmm ^« ^rc^r 
- "stt <ttc<f ~<j\<tu$ ^h cwk ^3f<Tc?j ^tc<f 'srmrcvs w<m ^<fc<hi w Hs^^wh m<r<TT «rrc^, w 
«iR<iiR>s «rrc^, ^ru^ c<Fr«rr« c<fh wt h^; fw ^ ^Ncm t^c<f ^h <Tm ht i f<F| ^rr "^r, ijcBr 
flft tfc<r fra^, ^mc^r ^c&r imk ^t ^ff^ tfc<T Hm ^w?ic<f «r=t<h ^c^t ^-^^rm cwr 
<ic3tc^i i£it c<r «rw<f w^r ^jf^ntt^Mfw^wt, fw ^^M f% ^t? "sjf, ^t^i "sth^ ^m 
^rcsrmMi ^rcsrmM c«tc<f c<tmc^ ttc^ ^tTi <t-<h ^mr-^Rprr «rfc<F ^«h ^ic<t ^-tTprr Mrm 
^rmprr t%h c=m 1 ^H HTf%- cnm, «itc»iT-«i^RicH<i hhh <t<t^cvi<i ^^f^m Hm ^mm <m ^\us 
^mr ^tc<f ^Tcsrmrc^ 1 f%$ ^rmM t> <f«h c<tht <Tm! ^^ ^rr f^r ^mc^ mm ^t? ^m fe* 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^c?r cw\c^ ^tw <m ^t <$?Fr vil^c^ f^fr wr ^rm ~~w i 4?i*m ^tcs f*Tc?r *rt%r ^^ ff^rc^ 
f<Tc?r ~~~~c$ t^ri <£<£<rc<r> f<fc?r ^<ra 4*h ffc^ iwt; srmc^, «rm w^ 4 «rm ^ c^m f<r*£si 

■STl^<T ^THM "^m <rC*T C^-~\\C~~t ^TKW ~~\\~7\ (TNtF^ ^ "<TR<T I WffHT ^tft f*lfwT CSTdJ 

isi^bt tic<F?r t^rmw «mot tmc?r <k?j ^rc^, «rmm t%R ^m^ c<mt c«rc<F 4^5r cst^%<f 
*rc?r <fc <fc?t 4H Ttf%c\s cirmrcE^ 1 t% <fc?t ^<r ^ c^tbt «ht <rr 9 rm f%s "srr^r ■srngt ^rmM 
^m i ^frrt; ~~~~~\ <n^R<ic^iM< : iRif<t3t\ ^ W^ps ~~~~\~^w~~p~\ h^c^i *p<r ^Hc<r?r c«tc<f *it?rt ^<h 
c#l^; cwk ^Ffc^ hcst «rtw i "<t - «h <?#N3 9 ft?HT ^R ^'tKfc^ c-rcsr ^rm i ^«H ^c*r «rHm 
«ttf, «rmm ^r «rmm ^rtc^ <Fsrr ^ ^tht^tT&t c~t*n~~~\ hcst ^ttc^ i <£$$ ^r i t%$ ^Hl; ^it 
y|^ ~~~~c<\ cwlc^, t^mt yf^, *tTt% yf^;, ^fT% "st^ \a*R ^rh 3?r 4 wrr c^ ct «rH 7 ^ *rm i t%® c*m 
*m% «rH^ ^rH Rti «*$ c<r ^rH^t «rrwrt? ^r, ^ «rH 7 '^ T%m ^r k*t ^rm i 

c<r c<fh <m. G \<\ ^T, «rtH *j*k c«rw ^tcsthm ctc^ sfcfe <n% ~^m* <*rmc<T rt i ^«fe^r 
t%^t%j -^s ^c<r i ir*# ^f%r «rm ^h, ^ 4^fh*t ^t%?t?t ?r#it ^mi^R^ ^c<r i c<fmt« ^m 
c<fh <j?rc<m ^fsNM «rt<K^ rti vsm ^t ^rht^h «rr<T*c<T - <\\\(.n<\ ^^ c^ktf «rmm t%| *rmm 

Ht I 1<F0; "<T"«H 'THH t^T C^, (PTCvsT ^ W% C«fC<F "SRW C&H Hc?T ^TTTC^ I ^^ ^m t% "5C<T? 
Tf«tt<T<F «|c^ CT ^SJTW "5C?r "<TTC<Tl ^TSfC<TTC^ ~<WK5 I ^^Tf^CM ^H t%| C«fC<F "SRW C&H Hc?J 
^C^TC^ ^ ^<TCST C<T ^sH ^"«H ^*4C? ^H "<TTC<T ^sT R?J l ^W' «ICb^H "5C?r «TfC5, ^sH ^?T <m, "5H 

c<fh ^fsr ^<f^ Rf i vstl; ^r t% ^m "sn:<iT ^*Tcm c^rt c<rt<f 'nj^J ^«Ht; ^c<t HT i c^t^ht t%T, 
^ttR, ^jh, «rmr $\8jiftw ^rwrcn c<ttc^h t% ^rt ^c^i ^^th t% ^rw?i ^«nt ^rr sm 
■?jHt >ici>^h ^fw 4^&siM<r ^ht ^rr<Ht M^r, "<rmt csn?r ^c^ ^lw « ^tc<f ^jT%?r c?rc<F c5w 

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c«fc<F t<rH ^t^r Rc^h ^k<F ^<tw cw?rr "5?r ^*tci?r ^rw ^^^Ft^r c<TT<r Hc?r ^ <ith ^<m^ i c<m<u 
■sriH, gf^rsr ^H %r ^gte, <7r<fH c<tc<f ^^t <h? flrrH, <?r<rH c?rc<F k^t c^t ^twj, <=ic^i<r ^rw 
^ "5t?T c^ti fa c^rT?, ^^ «rfFtf ^tc^t oimTtw^^jyfajwc'Pri^c^Myz, c^fm^ 
c<r «n^c^<r £f€TT% "^c^ c<tsh ^rfw «rrsrm rh <ra <^rt "5?r cwra c<f? «rtf^; c^rsi cT^rs 

W^s «ITH ^<FfC<F ^^^JtC^Tt? ^ Cr^.-'SRR? ^Wtc^ "TmH «THH ^^TtSRH if(t%C?I «TfC^T ^tc^ «rtf^r 
Cr<TW ^<TC*T ^Hftl ^ OiC^?r ^C<Jjt «Tt^T ST€TT% ^l «rff^ ^T^ ^tfl «rff^ ^pj, \s^H «rHH 

^t<t ^rat c<rr<r ^c<t ^ «rHtrr ct^i «rtf^r ^c^rfl ^Ht ^rfl ^m ^tth «rrsrm ^t ct^t ^wc^i 
t%i «rtf^r "<rf^ Rosrw «^ w^rt "srh ^ «rm c^ ^ «rf^rt ^cm TTc«t «it%^, vsr^r «rrfsr c<Fr«rm 
^rm? «ith c^t ^t<m, w~ wm^ftcvs ^ ^r?rt ^rtfli «iww$ «r<T*fr ^r c<r, «rtt^r c^r ^ ~*m 
c^mm ^rc^ ^rtfli ^^c^tt ^ ^c-«m ^«rr, «rm ^r rt^t ^^r^sn ^tp crc*r c^ti %fr%?rT 
^Tf^c<F crr«f Hcsfir ^m^m w^ ^H c<fh ^ "srrc^H 1 ^Tf? <t<=ic^,«i - 4T%<f \5tt% «rmm ^rat 
~m <f>W\ «rf^r ^tf? w^s TiT^c^r, ^r %tt%?r ~<m ~^<\~% c^mm w~ ^-«h T%c?j tus «rrc^i 

t&H ^"«mH (7T<TtH ^HC^ RHH ^fJWFfT ^ ^ltC^ ^-«H Wft ^?TC<F T%^T ^fTC^ ^H C<FH 

~^c~~~ "STtciH 1 «ich^c^ t<F| -«Tmm fer ^tc<t - «tmc^ f^s "5c<t "=rr, \§fsr «rta c^Tsrm "«15 f%m 
«rtf^ "<ttc<tti ^«m ^rm Wi ^m t% c<rr<r ^c?rc^ «rrf^r ^rm <tt ^? c<fh <mm h^, c^m «rrt% 
w ^t f*rc^r Hc?rc^ 1 

■?f?H^ «nfsr c<rT<r "5?r ^<H £f«l^r «rtw cr^, cr^ c«tc<f ^^ c<r ^TT%c?rc^ c^r "sth? ^^ $~~~~ 
"5C?r «rfc^ 1 ^^ft; «iw<f w^ o^pfJW~^^F~m, ~^H c<r 2fw?r «rff^r c<f, «rtfsr c<rr<r, ^^T ^t<t ^toj 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


ffiroa c^<jRi<t ^*rc?t sf&ks i $5\u$ f^^m ^fc?i c^s f^rwr i ^f*h ^sc^r? ^r «^ ^r<#r<?F 
^tvsr ^r i ^ <?t ^ *rt «itM^Tr wr ^c^, ^^h 4^5f$ ^r w ^ht ^^s ^r 1 ^rsj w\us 
w tt%i « ^h?t fim <\uw^ «rm ^bt 2tf% c*r ^te ^t irarc^ c^th csfw c^mm w 
*rf%?r t%?t ^i ^m «rrcn ^4?r wt ^?r, « <mH?r w»rm ^ ^rm p$ ^m ^ctt fas«r ^tc<f 

i^sf ^ I \»^T Oi^lftOo C<T «rf^fSfW?! (?TH TWf^s ^C?T ^rTC<T, "srRH ^ *fC*5 "^TRt I ^ C^jf^s 

^rt^rfli *fc*r *\g$ c^t «fT%t^T w snm ^rrcst ^j^t ^ft ^tt» ^fc?t 1 <fr3?t £ff% wrf^r c<rr<fH 
k*t %?r ^w ctt «ttfsr c<rr<rH k*t «rrcr i ^t wtfsr «rm «rrc?m c^ «rrft nr 1 ^<H cr ^c?t ^rm ^ 

^TTT^ ^7J577W *!%<!, ~S\<\ CT^ (TFCS T%55, ?M (TFCS f^ ^T OT ^T?F?r «HT C<FCS f^ ^5tfl5 W?T 

f^^^rm wrc^^rTi 

4^ft <rc?r «rtwt cn fifTwM «rfM^ ^rft, «rt^r 4*rtH ^mr fwrc^ ^rwr wr 
^m, <n$ ^wsm w\ ^mr fwt 1 <*$ ^wm fi»«i« ^r c^rw ^Ht ^f?ioo f?tc?r w^r, ^rcwr 
?i<r f%p £tf% cn ~^~m, c*ft ^T c«tc<f cwsrm w<f ^ffmra hc?t ^i ^rfk?r «rHm »13 ^s ?rr<HT 
^ 1 « ^rrsHT wm *tcn ^r cstr ^ cwsrm c^tfw» c<r cwsrm «rt^f#t% «rrc^ <?#r<7F c<fce> 
wsc?r f*fc?r ^cw ^rrc^t ^ ^c?r ws 1 ^H «rm ^w ^ t^t fer cwr iw ^c?r ^rm, Ufa ct^ 
^^t c^mm «rtf^rc^ ^ct^ ^rrc^t ^^ ^c?r ^rtw 1 4*m c#r ^r^ wrfsr o^ ^r otbi^ ^rrc^ 
f^fc?j "^pr ^rtw wffsr ^r, «r^?, ^frrf^j 1 ci^s c^r ^r "^rr^r f^fsr T%r^ f%| ^t¥T ^m 1 ^t c^ 
«rrc^, <?fw ^rc^fT «rf^rr ^ 5 ^ «rm ^s wrc^i ^rj% ct^tc^ «rff^r ^r ^m^ ^«rn c«fw ^c?r 
«rt^rm T%^ ^mnw c^fw «rt^rrl; ^trfti ^^ csrm c^rmHjr ^tt ^s f%| ^?nr^ "^551 ^Tf?r 
^to^ ^^ i^fej <i<ric^ - ^rrc#^ ^00 ^i#t 1 ^rk^ «rrc*rrc^ ^rrc#^ ^r^c^ c^s nm, 
4<f «r^m^ ci^s im f^i tTc#Bc^ c^ ci^s nm ^rri c^ ^o ^rrc^ ^nc^c^ srT^mr ^m, 
^rrc^ «rrcsrfBT ^ c^mm ^c-«m ^^m «ra ^s «rtfsr c^rrc^ w^s mt 1 ^rrc^ «rrcsrfBT fam 
^m T%^ *r^T w$>\ «iwrc?r k^t ^rrw «rm «rtM^s ^rrc^ff ^#r o^o nrw 1 ^rrsmr ^ttc=t 
vsT^i ^ c*r «rr^rm «hm, ^ «rrcsrrc^ ^5 9\m&$ o^us ^\<m. ^k ^ «r^m^ o^\us 
nm^i iqt «rf^rfBTc^ t^ ^ t^ ^^ «rt^rrc^ &r*\uv ^nwi ^cbi^ l^wr c^sc?t, c^ 
CT-^rtw «rr^rrvs (tt^t i ^tjjrl; ^mr fwri «r^mr fwrc^ ^r^ -ptc^ «rm ^mr fwrc^ «r^?tr^?t 

TfftC^ Cii - ^ 9fT?R^ I 4^51^ "^r W^T I 

^ ^tmim c^«?rm ^rrs^rfBr T%»rw ^ w^ f?rc?r w^r wt c^rnm fwf^T «rrc^ 

w¥f C^Tsrm f%i§ w\ ^rt 1 t%?r^T C^ fwiw C^?rtW? TTfT# ^rc^T Either by fight or 
by flight 1 ^m ~<m «rm vot ^tt^t ^'«rm e<\u$ ^tkt^s i c?r c^h sr^tt^t ^r ?wws\ «tptc^ \s-?m ^?r 
^ sn?TMc<t> ^m ~<m «rm ^r?rc^r «^ c«tc<f tht^s i ^ tjcst ^t c<Fm «tt% <?r^ 1 st^rr^T ^Hl; 
c<fh ^rr^, wr%, c<tt% ^rrs^ vsrn^r ^ - ^ ^?r f%f^ «hc<f ^?r ^<fc^ t%?r ^m ^rrc^ k^t ^tr, ^tc<f 
sn^rt^T «rm f%| ^<f^ ^rn^rr 1 ^?r ~<mus ^tt ^rmw <?r<rH c«r??F ^rKm 1 

^rp «rmm ^tc^t - c^rrcsr ^pht^mw f^?r 9\us ^r, f^?r Hre cim c^i 
^ ^Tc^rc^tH wm ^c^ ^r, ^ c?nH i~us 9\*\\~~~ w\ c^r 1 ^~y\\ ciTc<j? "sn:<fT ^m 1 ~~w 
fsfcm -sr ■f^ - !^ ^<f?r^d «rr<Fc<T, ~~5\<\ yfe» ^?. (iiwm ^<Fc?r t%?r -|^-|vsTHBr ~~\~~\ ~~k<\ <?rs?rr ^r 1 

f<Ff <Mtvt^1-^8CiT?f C~m WTTT ^T, ^lIw^-^T*^ C<TC<T <7TS?TT?r "Wsfftf 2T<FTi Wlf^ (TFH T%T 

c?r?t ^rPtf^ ^ cr^ t^rtsT, mfwrT^ c^fh t%t ^<n^H ^ c<rc?r c^r T%rT5r, ^^m «rHrc^ 
^f<tw Hti f<F® ^rf^T-^r^, Hr*r-"<T*r ^swn c<tc<r w?rm ^wr «rrwi (tt^iH ^^m^ <?rc5r 
«Tv5c<t «rmm ^m ctsrl; <f^s ^c^ ^c<t i ^m c*tc<t ^55 ^c<t ^^t «rHmt; cw «r 9 ^ c<m ht ^r 1 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


4^frr c^r ii^BT t*i«iw (w*r ^ftfg ^c?r ^m^ orf #t ^rrsrm t%<f ^wr^ ^r<m?r, \sm^ 
^*h vst^t ^h ^rh ^c<r oRmT^ ot «rm <Frara T%^ ^t ^mmi H^Ff-^ra^Tra c^m^ 4<f1; 
rarrnra i 4^f®h c*rr<F f*rc<ra «jsrr ^fc?t f*ra£<F «t*tr ^rcsi f*H ^ra srNfar f% wra^s h^t w 
«rrsrra c?m wj^ w»tf® ~s$ i f*ra <mc*m, *h ^tm w, wr ^r rar rar f*rt% yfe^ ^m tw=f 
c^mra 2fT%w% ^ra i <?rm# ^rara ^t ^rrsrra ^rwra h<ft cst<f, ^ra ^rwm h<ft ^m c^t ?rrc«t 
^rr^r ^ra srf%m% ^ ^rwra h<ft ^m cft^i 4?r ^^s ^m^ c^ c<t «rtrsr ^rwm h<ft c*rc?rft, 
*rrc*ra <rr% ^ ^n?r h<ft ^m c^rc^i «rmra t^ch *w c^t<f, ^ ^nras- ^ra 5 ^ c^i c#tt h^ 
^ra fwf ffc^ra <rrf%<T ^c?r <ttce^i ^ra c^r 4«h «r*m%?r c*m <h?;i c*nra <?rm^T ^ ^ ^m c<r 
^r^ «rHra 4<fh csh «rw ^c?r ram, ^cst £fT%c<T%r ^p\ cst^ raRra i ^m^m c^rr c^r, 4?r 
4<fh cm ^r ^c?r c^r ^rrc^m <nr% f<p0; ^uH i ^m" ^ra ^sra T%§ra <ftc^ f% «rrc^ c^r ^rf, ?ra 
^rsra c^r «r 9 ^ ^^ftc^; t% «rrc^i cfsr cic*f?; ^ra ^^rsra <f£ ^rra , 7rH--?rc*ra c^m« ^^ T%T%i 
«rmra ^th- <t*t ^tt c^m «mc?ra c<m ^th- <H ^rr ^?r i ^ <m f^rc^ <Fff^t, ^fnh «rm ^th- <H, ^w?r 
^kra ^N" sfw i «ht ^m ^w frc^ ^t i «rmm ^tT^T-^r^ «rm ^rm- <Tc*m *\*\ fs f^ff^r « 
*rHT-*hi£?r *$\ <rmtt ^rf^T-^w? fc«t nr <nf^c?tc^ ^mtt ^rcr^ f^«r t® ^ c^:-«rc^i <rmit 
i£it; R)Hcc<t c<r c<fh ^^^ft^ c^r^m, ^m c^r^m, '^nfti c^r^m ^r ^TTsr-^m c^r^m ^b^ ^tci? 
c^r wtr ^sirr ^f&^, ^^r "sra^s t>c=ic^ i «rrn<fvs ^ <j<=ic<ih c*rw ^m<\ f% ^^tt% "^r i 

^rr<mm ^w*n ^r ^w? w& ^^w^r <m snRsi «rfFr<f ^rc^ ^rca? ^rwi ^h^ci^ 
^rrnrc^ <mo5>h ww?w ^w^ ^s^<mz, f«#i ^t c<r «r^ ^^ ^TTfTra ^ ^ff 
^rr "^, ^t « ^rftr f%? ^tc^t 5#^ ^r^ c<rmrf «rw ^#r i c^ht fttfm^° s 
^*$m ^tt ^m ^m ^ ^wra f<r<rra ^tht ^tc<t ^thh fw T%?r tf^f #^m ^rc^, <rrc^ ^hw? 
^r«rm ^r:<tt r%H#r ^rfT ^»tc<t ^tt <rm i ^nr^r ^if^w w^r '"srmr! ^r ^^ <F«rr ^m ^m 
^rr ^l ^Tf? ^tc^t '""fM! «rrt^r ^^ ^«rr ^^*r ^m ^m ^wv c^m f%' i ^r ^c^r ^rm^rf 
wr ram ^rr i 4 w^r sq ^k, w T%m «rc^ ^^mt ht%sh i c^th c«r<f ^^m «rrc^T^ ^fsrra 
t%<f Hc?r <rrc5^ri ^n^tc«i<f T^<ra^r ^i<rrarc^ pw^ ^rra^rr wt <rm ^rti c^ht rara rara 
Tmt%fT, ^rc<T <r^o -^ i ^fc^ra w% «rmra «ht^tc<t tmra <t<=ic^ - 

"<Tt%TOitTs *tt«T<!t; bi^R^ 

^S^ "SJSfg ^Sfftef^ ^t<f § I 

"^HTf ^<1W "f^HI^^IRT PT^S I l^/^/fi- 1 1 
(ct" ^?w ^<r 57CT7<^ ^## « vitiR'y \s m£ff%? SfenMtf^ w»f fsrf^ (^ tow 

4t c<r ^<T^rTQ7^rT <mt ^t, 4<t «/i/«^ ^, , ^t ^«rrsT^rT «^c^ c^ i c^ ^r wf "^?r, 
^^ <fk<ra «R:<f "^r «rra ^^ 9 rrar 9 rra wra ^jc^ra w$ ~$$ i «rrsrr^ra ^^rrsRm c<r ^rrr-'srvgmr'f ^rfm 
^m^, <m ^rc?r ^t^ ^, ^f^ *ttm, <$$ ^Tt^raw c^rfer <Tram ^sht ^ wf^ c^i 

^rar ^fH<H ^ss 'frasnf^ w^ THc?jt «ffM^rr ^rra^i ^fH<H w ^ w ^ 
w^, fwH, ^nfl>sT, ^f^pr «itc^ 'Rit w^ wm^s "Bfei fwT^Tra f*mT csicbt, c?ft^ra f*mr 
^TTtra^ri ^nTra^r c<r f^f% T^csra ii4tc<f c<ttf%ra^sra srt%fir^ <rra^ «ra^m ^raftc^H, 
<j<=ic^h ^t «raf^Bit ^r <m c<fh ^stc<f wHra ^^nig ^nra i ^^&T ^ ^r, f5rf<mtt #P Fl^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


ijTw c*r^H w^t t%i «mcira <FMcsr?r <?nwr #p h^c5 w&r f%i 4<Ffrr <Frwr tcs wmcs 
h^ ^ <Ffwr?j w#r f%, ^tth ^a#r f%i ^'tHw^ <mcsh rw ^s#r f%, c<Tfrrc<F <ftt ^ 

W<JTT%<F Wl t<Pl ^WTTT ^T «rfSfC<P tWH <Tf «HT C^ C<P^ C<lf?fC<F ?J\sj ^f Tftsrc^ Hc?J 
^TC^, <FT% 9fa Q?aft c^ (TT^; Tf^f^ ^rHT <TfC5^ % ^s#f 'flC^ WU f*fC<F ^ CfC^I 
^lt^f t£$ ^T<T ^TCWfJ ^wf^T «^ ^TT I ^T<H C<T WC<F Hc?J ^TO <*$ W <rm c ff ^T 

*m <r#ri sTm^rm «rrcn c<rr<trrfrh3 wm <i#ti wr&irr ^N^r <mc^h ff%^ c<rr<Trrfrh3 «rw 
<t#t i c#sht ^tf^H 4 <f1; <r*rr <rm <rm mf%sr ^ic<t ^tmc?j ^tmc?j <mcs>h i 

*fo w *r§ f^rcw £ft% « t%f*Ti ^a'WMt^w stsfcsr Frtft ^r «mr twfBT t<Fl 
*rc?r *mr fwm <r«rr ^r c*tc<t *mr fwm ^#f t% ^r fen i ^mr twm wr?t <r*rr w^ f?rc?j 
«m ^c^ ^*m wfcms^rc<F Hc?j <rrc5^r i ^ «m ^r ^rwtr t%| ^rr ^rm 1? ^#r f*HT 
^t ^nwrr <t?rca nmw hm ^m^m ^m ^zm «rrc*rrfHT c«rc<F ^ ^ttt ^c^j <ft<t fwc?t 
c<rmrmm cbSt wcjh i «rm ^%sr <t*tc2h Twtc<t c*$ to ^w dkH <rr?j i ^mr fwm ^r, 

^&sfM<1 ^TC/F ^fet ^jfiTC?! ^TtWlbHl <^C<1C^H I 4?J 4<F^T *TlSI ^WtT, ^tHw «rTsrr^ ^IWW 

<fT1tc?j t%5^r, Ngt^r c<f? ^r prt ^cw ^rrc^ ^, ^t; d5^rrc<F ^fsr wrPnm wi csM?r crrc<r <mr<r 
^rf ^c?r «rmcvs 9frc?r t<Pi ^t C5WBT ^t<t ^ra "src^ ■src<rr wrsr^ ^<rr c<r «rrfsr «rm c^ ^msr ^r 

(£RT P ^t Cb^Hl^ ^1<JCH<1 ^T<F WTf, t%»r<T <ra ^sHr, ^-^ C«TC<F C<T Rc^C^ ij<M <R?J 

c<ftc^ vstc<f ^m ^tadTc<f *j?j <ra ^cf ^om^f <t#c?j oiw i ^ft^r ^ttct^ ^t ct5^TfBrc<F 
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CsT C*H <F«fT i ^M ^<F| C<T «r^%H <F^m W ^FTf ^C55, "5TstT# ^m <im C<T Practical Vedant 
tij^ ^«TT <FtC^T, ^^ Practical Vedant W*ffc C<T ^rwsM «JTC5 CfsMC^ #^H sfC^rrn WTi 
ct^; ^tcst? <r«Hlt; ^'«rnn wc^i 

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«^srr^ ^rc<T «i<i%> i tx*r#cs -?jtc<f c^ <mu5 c^thc^f «rrft cwrc^; fwr <Fff ^rf c<jh, «rttsr 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^rr^r ^f «tH<r, ^t «%»ifoic*f <?ntpt ^mrsm, ww «n^ <?thc<f *i-r<t ^d 1%| ^rrcr tt?j 
^rr i ?h f%| % tou «rarcs, c^rw? <rr?t c rf?; «J^, «tpt, ^h <q «rrcara ^ c<r oh, c<r<rTH ^rfi?r 
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^r*t i ^nte ^ft t^rra ^rm ^?rr ^c?ic% ^rtTlk wrj 4*r ^r cw «wtt^ ^tcr ?tc?tc% Ufa 
obtjm 4^ ^f, ^rRfT, ^*IH ^r sfT^r ?h t%p ^fc<ti T%t% ^acstr^ ^c?t «rrc^r i 

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WRH C^§T ^ i TrsfT#?t 4^ ^sffH "srTC^r -srrc^r c^CT ^ At whom is the Universe, who is 

in the Universe i ?rwftwr frsfr "^c^ i ^ra wrtc?j ^rcrtwr <?rs?rr «rfc^ i ?FTcmwr ^cr? C^sc?t 
«rt?t ?PTcnm?t o»^c<i« <?f?; ?ft, ^f?c<t« c^; ?ft cwsc?t« c^ <w 1 ^ «rr^fTc<F wr 1 «rr?r wut 

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^rs?rtc<j Tjjt ^j - stsrsr ^r ^im ^ ^ ^^ ^ «rNTc<F «rmm ^ptt rcs ^c<t, ^twc^p ^r 1 

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^rTH, ^ffa^s ^?j*r ^rTT <?H, tw^H "5C?J ^rTH 1 ^ ^CW ^ «TMT C<TUa "frH ^TT i Tw «ICHC^ 

«rfc^r #^r ^rTK ^h ^Hc^rt «rr^r% ^c?J fc^r 1 ^ gfi» ^j 1 c<r-<rTH ^ tjch T%T% ^c?j k^ 
■sfT^ "srac^ «rt^ "srr^ ^ptttc^, ^hc<f ~<w\ fp ^r??rm 1 ^rH <m , <Tfc ; T ^ptt <hI; "^st^ <hI; <?thc<f 
<i<=ic^ «rsf\D 1 ^t c<t «rr^wfH? ^s ^«rr ^rr ^c^, ^ «rfwn <?$ w^us ^ws c^ 1 

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wr ^r t^ 1 TmTn M<t t%t<fh ^m ^tc<tj c<m ^^ff<T «n^w ^rr 1 4-<rrH ^rr ^ m^ ^nci? 
w^ ^rc<n ^r #^Tfc^? "src^tT <rr ^^rh t<T<T3? "src^tT ^ Wwcrt «^? ^c?r ^rnc^i c<m ^M? 

TjTCSTT^, ^r<tTCTT<F, «wD^» - «TRlifr ^TCI ^Tf ^ ff^ 1 ^S, \Z ^TfH ^ ^r%^T<F C<P<rtH 

«rtwt «rtfl, ^<r?, 'srrc^ <?tt<f «n? ^s ^#tt<f, i5wt ^ R>hcG <?tt<f T%m ^rsr^ <?tt<fc<f ^^tct 
cT«"?rr ^r, ^ Rjhcc <?rfc<M ^^c^^s "^ f<r^ «rrc<F, vsh %p ^t ^h ^^rf^c^ ^rfw c<fr <?tt<f «rrc<F 

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•<TnH<F ^f «rtc^, ^rcvs^ c<m ^k<tr ^?r ^rri %t5 »ii\8Hwi^« <tit «rtc^i ^Tfci? w^th? «i? 
«rnm im^crt^ ^mc^, ^rcvs^ c<m ^f%<tt <h^i ^ R>hcGw ^tt^ ^ct ct^^tt ^t, ^<h 
c<r-<rrHt w ^rr^ «rrc^ ^hhc^ <ra h^ttt ^c?ic^i ^ ^tt ^ra, ^r^ <?nc<M ^rrc^ wtz ^snti^ 

iftfs, ^T<T "SH, sfM - ^"«rrH^ -SH « STfC^ TfC^ tf%JC<F« ^fT%C?J ^TT "^ l 

^rRvs Rvssich "<t^h twr^rft^ «rrc3T ^s^h ^m f<r^ f<T^ sfirt^r «rrc<F 1 "<rkr ^rft^ f<TwH 
fer fwrc^fHt <^c<ic^h ^mr wrnt twr^TttcB? ^ ^ «MTfl&n w<tn%<F ^f^rc^^s ^^r 

^<P)^I^G ^T «H¥ «rfC^I CT^ «HC^ M*f§T ^T, «rftsr C<THC<F ^H C«fC<F |^s, «Ht| «H¥ ^sH 
CSfC<T^3 ^5, ^rHH C<THC<F ^tlt^ ^H C«fC<F C^ «Ht| «H¥ ^1?t C«fC<F« C^fBl C<ft%<^ «tTTsr "<TTl; ^Tf 
C<TH, ^tW C«fC<F« «H¥ (7#<P C?fC<F« «H¥ I ^1^1? WffCg ^H C5fC<F ^ ^T ^Tf<FK, «lT<FfC*t? 

*m c?rc<F ^r^ frr^c<T^PTQCTT ^s ^ps ^ <pc?r i t%H «rr<Fr*f c«rc<F« ^ i «rmm c<th |^r, ^m 

C«tC<TJ ^, («rBlt «r^i ^CTi^ ^<Hf ^P ^TC^T wmf^tTTPt ^BHf^i ^ C«fC<F^ wj «rHm 

■sj^s, c«tc<T*3 "sr^ 1 ?,, ^ ^rw ^chI; "ptc<ti ^hI; «rc^ t<Tc*H M*f§ji ^K ^rtw c<t^ ^w ^^tct 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^tftcst *fMc©- twt^rf?^ «tGgft, w cm\<\ sm f<F c*rt <rw? ^ <t*t<t, ^rr ^ «rrnrn ^r ct^ 

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W<fTff^|<F C<f ^TW WC^o C#fW ^T<T C«fC<F C^ ^Rf| ^oH CSfC<F« C^ff> ^C<T I 4^ 1W TjjtBt, C^lt> 
C«fC<F« C^t> «fHT?! <fW C«fC<F« ^5 1 \51? ?TW <r*TC<T ^ C<T \§fsf W £R ^f^M C^f^, ^ff<Ff*f, ^*f 

*\<$\\ 4? "sr:^ «\oT2ff\o wc<r <tc?rc5; i \ot?r "srfw ^r f%| «<t ^rc*fj|; srftfc ^c?r «rfc^ wm t%ft «r^ 
«rf\sj^§« ^ f%p stc*fj t^ ?rc?rc^i <$% ^ ^h, ^r, sfM, ^fer ?m c^ «rf^fTc^; «i<tf$\s «rr?t 
«rfvojT 4?rc<r?r ^tcstj ^s «rrc^i «ht mttf f*HTc<F <r*tt ^, \ofsr <rr<T#?t <rr f%| w^ w% ^r<r 
f<F§c5 c^ «rr^rfl; «\sc£ff\s «t« <ic?ic^i ^ ^tc\o iiisr c<fh fstf^r c^ <ttc\o t%H c^i «rm 
^rc\o i«fh c<fh f%f% (TT^ c<T^t «rr^m <tfei «rtc^i 

Sf«tCSf f*f<TTC<F WTf^C?! C^STft ^T <Tf f%|> «ffC^ ^T<T «rf\5Jft\o \3\oT£ff\o ^C?T «TfC^ «rf? ^rf\5Jt ?T<T 
f%f^ 'SfC<fJ «\oC2ff\o ^fC<T Sff<ft ^C?J «TTC^ I vsl?^ <MC^H ^WfNW Wft% $t «ffWfC<F 2f«fCSf WH, 

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Ngfsr (tstct ^rhs i vst?^ vgfsf ^ «rt^t? ^ 9 ^ ^tcsf (Tfcsr ^ 1 1% ^tsf ^w? ^rftc^, ^ f<p^rfc^ 

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■sftW ^1^C<l<ll3r i ^TSf^ <ff , 4^ C<T C<ft^T 4? ^RR^ C<f Tt^ (?#t ^T «rfvsjf, ^ 3 ^ Sff% ^^ ^tt, 

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t%f%<fST <f*r irc<rf (?fc<f ^ - ^ ^gfsr t% ^<F^<T? «r 9 ^ fwtw^T ^srt ^no ^T% «rtc^ f<f cwr ifts, 
«rof <DW %^ («rBit <Ff<f i ^^Ttr Rt1h<ic<f ^tt wKt ^rw ^om ^^m c<fh ^m wt <tm rti 

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'TfC*!? W t%| «ffC^ CT \o^R ^ ^<]^o (TfCSf *f\5C<f I W^ <f<M C^T C^R «ff^ft ^ ^o^ W\ 
^9R ^fSf ^^s (TfOT *T5F5 ^C<f I t*F5tC«t RfsrC<H? «RTf <7)W %<B^ ^fSJ^ ^W? <t# C«fC<F 1GT 
4^TI «RT W5f <f# t%? 2fWt ^ 9 ' *fr$tt f<T<T?J W ^Tt t%| «ffC^ (^RfR C«fC<F ^fCf «Ipftl W$R 

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wt, ^ « fsRft ^ "5c?r <ft?r i W\ ^ot t%t%l; c^r t%t^ ^H i ^ c<f ^•<ffc i T w^ <t/w <fit 

^C55, (^ ^fC^m 5TC<fJ ^f<T ^3<F5T <Fifc<F^ «RTt ^C?fC^I <MCfe>H ^f<T f%| C?fC<F C<ffej ^ I ^of^T "<H1 

yf<f# <F?rc^ v©T?rf f% ^t<Ffl c^s c<rfmc?r «rmw? ^tfwra 5tc\o ^fr, ^f<Fft cius c<rflc?j «rprc^ 

^C<f I (TT^SHT ^ffWf ^^^f ^Crff <Mf ^o Rf l 4<Fftc<F ^tfWrff W «Hfl, «ttfHt Wf^ C5^T 
Wf^ «mi^rT ^FC?! »tl5H ^t? C5^t bHllb^, vof?! 9 !?! ¥|<Ff|vs <p?f| \o"«H ^^t (M fwt ^C?T <ff?J I 
Wt%^ ^"^H WPf C^STft "^T ^o^ ^lCi<t ^^ f<fC*H Wtf T5f C^STft ^TI ^ "SfSf CfSTfH 
ISRf ?T5RS iiWf-WH^TT ^"5H ^tC<f <M ^<FC^ C^STft "^J <TTC^ ^T^s «FTT ^T<F<T ^4 ^t "5fC3? 

*t^swf 2fc<H ^?fc\o Rr ntc^ i \oh ^m^r ^t sff aw wm ^m ^ ^r^ %r ^rt wc^r c^t 

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WfH fWT , ^«t Wl# W ^t Sf5f «HT C<F^ WH^ ' i Tt I C<Ft«ft« C<FH ^7« ^ sjf ^r*IT W^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


*fTs?rt <ttc<t ^rt i ^i$c<t>ictf<i Rt>i<i<i> <mc*m wtw?* ^rajst ^r ^r sfsrK w c<r ^r *pm wr^t i 
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*rrc^T l WTft c^T wr^t ^h, w^rtcf «rrt^r ^ ^raf w^ imfl ^rr, wt^t wr^t ^st ^^fi^cf 
w<r ^rr i ^r^r 4<fsh wi%?f ^tht csm* i wf^t wr, «rtfsr t% ^c^ wh<t cr ^sipt^t wr% 

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wr^t i ^cfi^ c^rtf 4^5t c^^ffK «hctt<t *rfrH ^r c^s ^rd i «rrwf ^ wnr?i tcsft, ■#? 
c^rctf w ^rf#t fw <th i ^fft ^rfwiH-h^l c^tctf 4t?h i ^h «MT<rr ^^sr ^rcr wh ^^fth ctI; 
wr% wrc>T?t w^f ^mrsrcF <mc*m i ^fatw ^rw ^rw ^ttt wsf ^nc^c^ <mc*m ^ wt% 
ss^s wt^t i ^s^r "sn^T0r «rtt%sf "^ra c^r i 

<*$ twt «mrw c*rHr?r ^rtwf^ ctl;i cfr cfr 3jrf%c5 wrc^ <# cfr ^s c<rcr?r <w 

«TH C<K^T ^C^T Wl <FfH I^T %Tf Cl^T (W <TTCs Wl?T <F*R C<TCr?f W ^TCs ^Tt ^m I 4 Wtt 

rc?i ^HFm f%*t ^mcrsT t5 t^rr ^mfon i f^rt ^tmt ^m <#« ^ <r?icf?f c<m ^rt 
c<fkt« f^rf^ (7rt i ^Mcr?! ^ ^K SJ^ici 4^h c<m ^rr ^nw *r<T% c<m«rr« crt i ^^ircs 
^ricr?t c<rcr?t <?rwtcr?t ^wjr t?r<Tf% ^r w *<k*m «rtwsR- «af^t ^rfc ^fwr ^-«rr ^c?rc^ 
^r<Tt ■*rr?r ^rti «r^ oTwrcir^ fer ^ w^ c<fk ^^f&H ^wr wfsf ^rw thsitf <Tt#ri <tkt 
f<?r<rc^T ^kr^s tf^pr c«r?f ^^# ^rr c^rtc^ ti^^t ^rt i ^rft^rN ^tfc^ ctwi? ^tpr <FRvsm 
^rtfSr \sm ^cnrc<F ^rc^ 't^ c^rc?r to «rrPr ^t^M wr' i c^nw ^-4hw ^3 ct^r 
^rfm cwsf, ^rtw w't cir<T^r w% ~sj$ c^rc^r ^tc^t ^cm ci^^bc^ ^gH ^<fc^ Rc=i«t i ^mtt; ^<Frc^ 
<e?p <f^t cwstc<F cT«"?rt?r ^rtsr ^<ra ^rr t%m f<r#m t%?t <tt^ <tw crwf <f§ ^c?r c^fc^r i c*rc<r 
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wr ^r, ^t m'm crwi?r «rrc^rc»m ^^# ^rr ^^ *fte ^r ^iwrc^ <r ^rrc^ tt^jct 
c<fWq t% ^itt "<rtc<T? 4<r# ^^t^tt^ it^Tit <ttc<t ^rf i ^^M "5?t c<w f<tc*r<T ^t?r fl^<rc^ R^c^ 
t^TTnr^trc^ ^ ^rftwm 2ft%^f<t i wm ^ wm wR^nt»^ fwri ^t%<ttw fS^r «rt<FcsT t% w? 

C<FH i£|<FSH tf?M >llI^C?l ^ ^^FT^ 'C^TsiTCirl ^^T<T ^TS^ <Ft<I <W ^, OrWfCir? <# "Wsf 
«TfC<F CiTR (7T ^W t%?t <TT<F' I ^^ ^T ffft# ^ ^ff^TN ^TfCM ■src<TT C^ff<W ^fT^ I ^m^ 

^tc<tt <rf^ c^fr ^r ^B^ «ttc<f, ^T^rmT ^c<t^ ^tc<tt ^t ^rm^ff «n<Fcvs itar, c^5tc<f c<f^ «rft<Fm 

^?TC^ ^TT, ^T^T P$ ^f5T ^ST(?Tr C^T ^TRW^t TlRJvbj^, ^f<T, f^% W<TJ i ^#mm WT% 

t^?m t%?r ^t^h ^ ^m ^rw? *tt%05 1 ^mrc?i?r <?r*wuv c<Fr«rt« c<fr chR>^<^ <wr tt^Trf 

<TfW ^TTl CrWmr f% ^«m C<FMt^ i«l^»TC<T ^S ^C?J ^¥H?F C<FTO RWC^? ^ ^5ffth3 ^rtc^l 

cirwrcir? ^<Ft^ "snw <fc<t ^mtl: t% ^m f<F| c^rra <ttc5^? "srrPr wr «rm crwf fer k^t c^t! 

t^sTt C<T OrWrCir? £lt% ^5t% f<T^PT %3t W ^C?T^ CT^ CH^volC^ ^#T5TTt%^ WT W ^ 

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^rf, tw voi^; ^^ ^k <rff?r tt^t^tf "srm^s ^c<r ^t; RRjc^sf c<f^ fes ^rm^ ^rr i c^rrsrr c#rm ^ 
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^s ^rm<TSfit%^ stw w ^c<r 1 <?rmr c#rr ^aft^rm ^ff?n?F #^t<fc<T3? -*m$ <aw\uv fi^wh i 

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<ft% ^^f^fnt^ttH twtf^, c<r <fi% «rmr<mT «toi, ct^ c<rt c^H ht c<m, «rrsrm ^rc^ c*r «w 
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Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


c^ 9 ^ <rai m$ ^st^s c^trfrr ft^<rsf « w?r cwtfw <N%® ^<Fc?r o^stit ^c?rc^i ^ 
<mR^ <F?rf?; r?t, ^Tsnw? ff^*FHw ^ <F?rra w?r ^tiRc^ ^rrajcsr sf^ wc<r ftft% cit«?tt 
^rac^i fa* <wrH <tht ^t? ^fhh %*rr o>m ^w^ <pit ^rc^ R-^c^ Rtcsr, w?rr 4^r# ^ 
«rapt? c<fh ^rr c^rrc^ nraw rt ot ^t^ ^fth ^rr unr ^rac^i ^rTwr <t^<tt ^t ^fsr ^ fwr 
*wm tth ^c?rr rt i ^jiTwjs ^ wranra c<tsr ^rc^r ^ fwr <ttc^ r§ rt ^c?r ^rra, «rrara 
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cwsrra ^ c<rc^ wh ^ra^ t*rar <rt^ rt tre \§fsr f^s rm ^ fwra ^ fos w<t c<r, <rfw 
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^■«tth <v*m*\ wut <rm %<b«w; «rt ^ ^?rr <th ^q i t<M ^ftc<f ^t w ^rc^t? c<r 
f^raj «rrT5Tc<k ^c«r ^w ^rwsfrs ^fc?t sfwt <s t^srjfo ^rc^ «rfsrrc<F ct^ fwra wr mr c<r 
fwtc<F wrc^t ^ra f<Ff wrt <rra i ^jt, wrfsr cwsrrc<F ^t<t <m i «r^rar fwr wra *rar fwra ^ra t%| 
^rra *ra <rw fwn «ht <t]W %*#*#; 4<rra «r^^t^i w wi wi%h?j c<tsr w ^ 
cwsrra <tt f<Ff «rrc^ ^m wrn <f? i wr% ^r^ra tit ra^ ^r, « m^ums, ^#fsc<F wft^ 
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wr^t "sri Ihc^jc^ ms f<f? .2/whs; ^tl «rrsrra c«tc<t^ c<rferc^, ^dt^ c^r wr^t ^wrat ^rr i <# 
^^wh "srrc<F cr^r ^r ^rra ^r^r ^<rt^s ^c<r ^m t%| c^fKsrK ^rrc^i wt^t^ f<w c^tH wf 
^r %<B«fr ^t "sr^ tvsra *ra, ^^r<r ^twr sht wra *tc?tq <Tf^ cr corc^r ^rrcsr, «r^rar twra 
4*rr<Fra toh. ^c^ ^r^r 5^ ^c<t ^ra ^rc<n «th<f cwr ^rrc^i ^ c^tsth <ttc^ ^tt ^t 

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C3T-<rH C«fC<F W ^ I ^ra ^W ^ "SRC<F ^TT^ C^ ^TH? ^MRiO» "<TTC^ ^ofsr ^lTfK «Tf^fTC<F 

wrac^ nraw 1 ^Tf? <i<=ic^h - ^ ^cm ^jmrcf %r ^fc?t t% ^c<t? ^[c<f ^rms, wfa ^, t^ 
^?rr <m, ^ «r^ra ^rr ws ^rrac^ c<fh ^rr» nt! ^■«tth ^ ^tt 4<n^, ^t^m ^r ^h hc^t, 
wrar twra <f«it «^, *rar twr w^fr^ ^ra ^«rr ^h Hc^t ^^ra «f^rat twt c*rc<F c<rfrac?j ^^r 
«rra ^t^ ^rar twrcvD -src<f c<F#fs <rt, «htt <t]W %^</ri ^ ^#r, t^i ^fSTX t«r, 
i£i^iwr «rra c<fh ^^rra nt; 1 wf^t csrc^ ^c<rt hcst c«tc<fI; ^t<t f<F^ c^ro c<rrfc?j «rfw 1 f<Fi sr<Ft%^ 
^^nt ^ra h?r c<t cr ^r<ntc<F ^^r «r^ra wt^r ^thc?j ^rro 1 ^rwra ^ra ^ «t^ «rr<Fc<T, ft, 

^pf, <H, ^PMiT ^t<T t<Ff ^fUS «n<FC<T f<FI vsTC<F C^H HC?J K^T <TTC<T I Wl^t t<F ^<F1C^? «TfCt «IT<FC^ 

^r^ fHffTi ^c^ «jmra ^^tc<t, ^r ^w c^c^ro c<rtrac?j <ttc^ ^prms^ra ^f?tc^ i ^r%<f^ 

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^wr£f% pt8 «jj% w ^F?rc^i ^rwrsrtr ^r^ - ^rtt^ ^t ^rr^t w wth, ^fsr «irsrrc<F cstcst 
Hc?t <ttc<t c«t <Tfs i c^f? «Tf^t w ^<fc<t ^rtPRra <Tt?j i ^??n% «jf<j ^jr% "sr:<tj ^^rl; WTs, I wi^t 
^m vgfsr thc?j Hc^s ¥f^, «rfc^fl; Hc?r rt^ i ^T5?nfr ^^ «rfsrra cT«?rra ^5 c^ «rffsr #<fcv5 
«rr<F<Ti f<Pi <rsrarw <t<h c*ra t%n ^rnra irt% c<fc<r Hc?r <ttc<t ^<r wc<f« wtc 3 ^ *t«r «rwt 

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c^r <j=ic^ wjit <75W /<T5<*3</7; (^h ^gfsr ^r<T f<F^ ^rw? ^^FraT ^ra t^f C5S5 <ffC<F w^ 
t%Ht; "^H Wsr&PfM C^ss, Bridge to eternity 1 «rsf\s "srTCH ^ - <rnH «JtHW w*\ W% (s$, *\<$\\ 

Hw 1 f<Fi ^t tfejsrr^j ^r^tcvs 4-<rrH ^ra f<F^ «rHw, «rrsrra csm ^Rch<i ^ht, #^t ^c?i<F^r 

f%R? ^RT, wr^ftw ^1<FQM f<F| fnH? ^HT, T<T f<F0; ^ffT I f<Fg ^t ^f<T t%^ «J^TfH C'f^H 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


ffcm *n^s 4<f5t ^sj «rrc^, wrt^r ^t fwr «ihtc<f Hc?r <rrc<Ti ^«H wHtcF %t? ^c?r c^tca 

3C<T «Hftr f<F %IC<F C*fCa Fl^fl, t% ^ltfl ^TTl ^Tf^ <J°1C^,«i - *ftC?RI ^ 9 !?* *ff ^T ^T ^TTC* Wf<f 

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^r <tt?t i ^trrh cacar <ft o<rc?j o<rc?j wspr t%r^ ^r sm. ^w^r ^tn^m <Fsrr ^rt «rmcr 
^rti c<T«Tf«t cscar <f*t o<ic?j w\ ^cf<ttc?i c»cs *tw ^Ht st<Ff% 4<fT| f*rfl f<Ff 4fnc?r t%?r 
^??rn^ cfc<r itt^ ¥i?r, ^rrcs ^rr >t??th csfcF ^rrPra <Th3?n? w^ <fcs ^r i f<Fi ^t^h ^r «m 
^t, «rHi?r «rr?r fsift <f*t« ^tmct ^rt, cacar W3 yt^rt, ^rf?r cw ^t-tt Rc^h - ^<ttt%?t fnft 
<m\*m <fc?t ^Rttc^ *rfei-*ffei ^i^m ith <F?rca ^r, 4^r?r ^ic<f wi<fct« f<Fc?r ^fict ^m 
•^; ^tht?^ ^ht i «rNr?r «rr?r f%^ ^tmct ^rr, ^<w<\ ^gfsr ^ W% «rNr?r ^rfsrcT c*rc<F ^rf?rc?t f«tc?i 
iftG, *\t ^h w^pr ^rr ^tmcr wjh ^cr ^rr i fwr?r srt% ^ ^h? wica?r ^r<r t%p sft% i ^ 
■?rr?r ^t<t 4c>t c?tc5 t%f«t 4-^h v\w\ t% <mc<m? «nt^r ^rff^ <tt<tt «rr«Tt? w, «ntsr csr «rr?r *t*TT?r 
itt% t%?t ^racs *rr?rc<TT nr, cfcs «nf| i -#f irwr?r ^?r ^cr ^c^t (?ttc<f?t ^tcnr <fc?j ctct, ^fcic?T 
^r<tVr w\ c?rc<r Rc?ic^ <r«r«T ^rfrk ^ tc^ "?rr<rf?r "<rrc<r i «rt? <# "wsf 5rrc<F vsrsc^r csn? <rjH 
y|f%c?r <rr« i ^wr?; ^^ f?r f?r «rfM^rr 'ptc^ «n<K<r i ^?^ «rt?r« ^rir?r ^f^^rr t%?r ^ 

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*f$t RHKvsiMur, 4% «n^frc<F ^# wht ^rm ^tsm f§m «ijvo^vi <ra <rr«?jr <tt?j i ^r ^?rr 
<Kr '•ttc'T, wfp c<r w c3#rc<F nra <ra <tt«?tti «THri *y^ R^k^rw, w?h ^srn^r t«t, 

^^Twr *f«t C^ I ^f#t?T ^ tMf?T "STC^tT f^TM^t ' i TT <T^?TW 4^ f^ffwM ^&i^ <T^T <TT?J '•TT I <T^T n#?T 
tWl?T "STC^tT £tf<ft "5C?J ^fite PP C<TC^ i£|^f Wf^jm?! t^fC?! CT^fT <TT?J «rf5TT?T C<T «tt%5 ^^ £f<TT«T 
Wfff i <TT?T ^n 4<T*5f«T #^ fWfH <JC<=lf^C<=1«r The best thing is not to be born and the 
second best thing is to die early i #3C«T ^T<T C«fC<F ^TM ^T W% ' i TT ^% vsf<r %^ ^TM 
"5=T \sTWT^tt% "5TC?T <rr«?TT I f<Pl (?f5T «TfsT <J<=1C<=1«r "«Tf, \sT5fvsTr% "STC^ "?lT«?Tf?T ^ f<F "5C<T I v»TC<F Cv\ 

4'<frc«T^ «rf<TT?T f<ra «rfsrc^ "^c<T i ^fmw «rr?r sfrcsr?! twr <mr?j ^^<rfc«Tt tf^T i 

sffc5T?r fwif<Twr <j<=ic^«r 4®c*w c<fr fwr at^® ^r, ^ftrl; <rT3<Ti ^rmcwfT ifHf-w, 

(?T<rwr ^"«H £ffC5T?T ^t Rc?lRlfi3c<|i fitC?J sfp sfCWfT <T^s W ^C?T T%?JU5l <T^s %?J CT^fU5 

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vsTC^ ^tCM W ^5^5 <ra CvZ® T5?Rr?T ^C?J <TTC<Tl ^TC^t ^TC«t fwf%^ %tCT? ^<F <fNt 
«fSMW 9\C$ ^T^T <ra ^f<TCs *S& <T^Cs "5C<T I vgf^ <FHC<F "SIC^ CnC^T 'f^ «Tf<Tf?T ^T W$ CTCT, 

^t <F«rf csicr f^tcsT R^ic«r<i «rf?r c^fr ^rarK «ff<Fc<T! f<Pi ^^rl; w i «rf?r ^t ^mc^ whc^t "•tt«t5 

«rf^ftvs "5C?J <TTC<T I ^ C<T WfH ^^s CTfS^ <F1C^T, "gfl, CSffBgfl, '<Fr<Ft<TT#, f^5<TT# <F^C^T 
1<|Tj|^ Csf ^ W'tnf?? ^\C5 "5CST «rf3TC<T I «TfsrfCF «Tf<Tt?T ^PTf tnCs "^C<T ^^ v\<\t*\X C<T C^FH "511^; 

^t ^ ^Ft^t^Tf 9 ! c«fc<F ^© "^rm C5^r ^?tc<t i fl^<tc# ^t%c^r ^t ^§c<f ^ht 'n^nT^ ^rcr 

C5JCT «IPTC5 1 f<M "<FC?T<F <1^C<I<I "srC^tT "STtiTC^ "S[C<IT ^ CS\^\ |t% C<TC5 C^C?, C»TCn 4"«T«T ^TFQ "5C?J 
C^C5 ^t >tvsjGlC<l>$ ^T ^^TCJT C^C^I #<F f<T^TWl? ^TfCTT «TH "SIC^ <TT«?TTC<F fitC?J C#T <J<=1C^«r, 
fl^Cf?T <FfC^ 4ST C<FH WTf n?J I 4*rtCT «ll^Urt f%fG ^WTl ^HCft ^FP <J°1C^«i, «ITH ^T'CT 

tjrr wKi «rtt^ "sr'csr ^<j^tcs ^ «rrfsr ^r, ^^rrcr «i^nw <ftt "sc^i f<Fi f^ft%#r ^c?r "<rTc^ 
«rt i ct w^iwf ^<f?tcs ^itc^ c>t ^r<TC5 «rffsr cjw <tw <f?tcst >t<t c*r<T, t^i ^^tHBT csr vsT ^rr 
vsTcf «rf<Tf?r ^ «rf>TCs ^cr i ^^tfiwT t% <i*rc5? ^ ' i Tr ^ttt i<r% csfsrm c<fh f<F0; c*H ^r?r i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


'^sr RR^i^8^\ojcviR>' &$ ^mc^ ^rr ^hi?rc<F <t*h whw ^^mg ^Hl; ^r f^m «iRwh 
<f?icvs *tt?tc<t i %tc<f wHm «rrc^f *f# c^rsrrc^F ^^tttH?; ^^rm c*rc?r owv w$ i 

4$ ^JW «lRwK*HI ^SHT ^ftBT ^IT <MC*H I aWW <W0=1«-I «RJf ^lW %^3^ «HT WT?! 

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uwfa*? wh^ «^ 4^r foFtaw^ wrnrn c^tr ^r i c<fh r%H#rc^ wht?i cstT <f?t<t? % ^tc<it, 
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tr f%l vs\sT2frvs ^c?r «rrc^; i ^ t%f%#rc¥ whh cfstt <f?i i ^^r c<fh ^kth^ t%§ h?i, v§f*r 
<tTTH?r *f#tc?r <t*h <ttc<t ^h ct*tc<t ?rt%jt; r%H#r wr^i "<rr t%§ «rrc^ ^ ^wjf c#it «rrc^ 
*RBt$ c?rt «rr^sc^p ^rc^ «Nscsflva ^»tc<t ?rc?rc% «^btc<f whh cstr <f?t i «^Btt ^mr fwr, «5 
T%H#r w$ <flf<F ^rr t%| «rrc^ ^w «mr fwri ^mr fwrc<F ^rr ^fc?t «ifN - wr c^mm ^c?r 
c?tc% «rc^ ^r c*rc?r^ «th<f ^ c*tc?r^i 4<rm 4"btc<f <m <rt i <rr t%§ w ^f c^rsrm <rr#T 

WTC^ (TfWfT c^fC<F W v5Tv5t\5Tt% 'TIM C<TC?TH?r C5$\ <F?T I 4 WTT C«TC<F <T*H ^T C<Tf?IC?T ^TflC^ 

vd^h ^r sr^rsr c^. c^ ^m ^rr fiw i ^wr Itw ctftcu c<tsh ^e vst c«tc<f ^<F<wr^r?r ^rprr 

■?TH, 4^f?j \sfsr (71^ W^s (7I\sCvs *ff feT ^TlTH ^T ^^ ^rH-^gJ? b^C^ ^t%3R ^C^, «IHvdJ 

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«ror <75W %^ «rm c<fBT wsic^ cw& c^ c^ ^^ ^rr m«, ^t w^Ht csrN^nflm 
^wH5 ^'fm i ^ ^«rr ^rm ^m «<f «rr^sc^ ^^b ^tntt ^c?i f^Hic^ «ir%<fH t%^r - c^mm 
^rtt% ^rrr^r c^r<F, ^t ^rr<Hm *rc«t c^b c*n c<fh % ^tt «itct - 

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«rr^sc^ ^jT^rrr ^c^ w t%tc<f ^T<fH ^c^ w^r - ^7% <r,° ^t?t7?7, c^mm wr c^<f, 
c\srsrm ^T£rtt% c^r<F ^rm ^ «ir^sup ^rr<HH *w c^rsrm c<h c<fh t% ^rr «trtti ^^ ^rfct 
«rr^r^p <HT ^<mc^ fstcn <jc<=if^c<!iH ^t^t <mt% ^# tfsifa^ c^ ^rr^sc^ "sic^it f^# ^ 
^rRfT (?n<F, ^#tt<f «rm «rsfT^ «vscsrfvs ^tc<t <ic?ic^ i ^ ^s^t c<t^t <t^ T%r c3t^tc<f ^<rm c^scm 

T%<F HC?J C<F#fS ^<ra Rc^H I 2f«tC5T WBT <FR?H ^T?T ^TTC«f ^H, sTTcm ^«ff ^TC<?H I 4<TT?I «HT 

fwf%m w^ti 

«7?rr t<r ?7^ttz# t?^»t <m ^ttw? ^c«m ^r<Ff?i c<r ^r c<ra ct^th c«tc<f w*ht<ft ^m 
c<rfer <\\\(,<\<\ c^THT<Fm "tmw Tmf^rt ««IBw <ra ^rc«ri c<w ^i^c<^c<=i<i ^r ^mm c<ra c«tc<f 
^t<fqm c^ ^trh f^r<F c<rfei wt^t <\\\(,<\<\ (?tm?i f?w&Tc<F <rc^ <rrc^r i ^rfe<Fc<?ra «rm ^bt 
^sfT ^i ti^w<i ^rrrc^T c<r cr «rrc<F <&$ crc<f ^rrrc^T? ^rc<rr c^rmrcsri f^ ^ cro 
c^rmrcsr c^r ^ntc<M ^tw ^tt i (Tit crh? «rmm ^s «rm c0 ^ ^r «frc<F, c^ «$c«m ^rrc^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


Tteww* cf^crfj ^sfsr ^TT^tH «ttc<f i ^r<Fi?r <rtcs ^sh ^rr c<m <rm c#srt ^t<fi?i t%h ?rc«f?r 
^mmr w«b wh <ht ^o, cw ^ww ^mm w,*u «rc^Fscnr ctoj c^n^ cr«?rr «rn^ i cfh 
^mtcf i£i^t c*^ <tTt cscs^s <Tm ^afcs «pjR*jt t%| ^tj ^t i ^ c*r sthc^?j c&wa «rr^ft f<TH ^ 

feW, t%H ^C*H Cft C^-ijR-^, ftH ?f<I%<F "^HTC^l Flt ^T CW <F5 <Jv5 (?ir«H«MW 

"^rtc^, c<t iFtt *&q*\<\ ^rtc^ c<t# f%m ^ csrt*Kc^ ^rcs <rNt «rtc^i 4-<rtcT ^rsrffjf Hc^r «/wr 
t<r <t*MK&t ^f^sf, ^m ^mTst c<r wm ^rr vot? w i tr t%^ cit «rf^rm ^rfcsf ^jcs «rtc^ i 

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(W3¥t ^c?rc5i t<Fi ^wrtcst «rt?r wf wt cr^rt ^srH, tw 4?r "sn:<rr« 4<f£t T%f5" ^R^trm w <ht 
^rtc^i ot <nt c^i<f, w ^rrfT «rrc^ ^r ^rffm c<i>-i?R^ ^r <?$ «rt^fti 4-<h «rrwt wmft «TtsrtcT?! 
^tftcM <rr t%f ^rc* sj%?<f?i ^rrwit ^rc^i ift%r« *$\ wrncs^r i t% «^mr ^r ^m ^rfm 
<rm < TfBrc<F ^TtsRH Hc?r ^rc^ri «' ; Tfit <rr t%| <mcsh «rrsrtcT?r wmu*f\ ^st «rtc* ^t ^t^r 

^MC<F CF=& ^FC?f <MCs*f | <Fl?fT <Tsf<T<F <tt t%| «rfSftCT?r ^fftd? <Ff5f ^T OTBT S(t%<FCs\3 C<f <Ff5? 

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«rfu5 1 crscnr ^m «rr^rm w& ^cs <ic?ic^ i t<Fi «rt^ftc<F c^st ^t c^r t%m ct^tt <ttc<t ^rr, t%i «rt^ft 
cwsc?r «r^H <ra «rtc^r ^rt ^cnt ^ <m <mc^i «rt^t <t*h c^fer <ttc<t ^h ^tftcM ^ 

Cm, ^Tf% ^t<T t<F^ srt<FC<T t%l C^FH^tt «TH <FfW <F?tC<T ^Tf I tWTH? SfR^CT <*$ fetWFttW 

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«RT ^TCT CT^ftCT I t<twf%T ^^TCST C^t C5W I C^T C5^ ■STfCT, «*ftCT «TH W ^3T?R?rR "^C^ ^T, RtC^ 
f^f¥ CFC? C^fC5 1 ^^THt W<H, ^Tt HT, vsT C<tH ^ | #^?fT <T-«H ^tfH C5C5 CT?T ^H T<T f<F0; 
K^T C^T, ■STTCT «im ^tf^lt K^ c^K, ^tftCM ^ f%| «rf<FCST^ f%^ Wf^ ^Wf «rt<FC<T Rf I 

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w?<fict, c#f ^=t sr i w\ ^fftc^ ^rrc^f nrft f%m <j^ ^c?j «rtc^ i ^t w?^^ «ict<f ^rsr?r 

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^HCoR s^ "#f c^C? CT^TTT "5TT ^fCst; *ffTC?I?f T<T f<F| ^sfT^ "^C?J <TTC<T I ^ f^j t^ s^ ^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^f^\ cs\ «m ^im ^^ whc^t, wttj ^h «tr^t^ c<fh ^fiw ^?tc<t ^ i w& <t*h?; "«rf^rm 

<TTT*rm «rr>TC<T, <T<H WS^FfJT f%?I, "SR HC?J <F*Tf <MC<M, «Rl?Tr C\sT WTf?H W^ fw *H TO RT, 

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f<% ^jfrr ^tftara ^mr<rnH, (Mfo* ta ^ ^rr otso ^rtbt ^iftara c<r^ <j>m<m1^i 
^rr^rm^? c<n%r ^H <jth <fc?r ^mr w^t <jth ^fc?r i ^ c<rr% w w<Jirf^i<F «i^R> ^r 
^n^ «i^vo ^f i vst^t <fmr «rtwrro^ <rr >t^ic<i<i <jtr ^<fc?h ^k^ w<mf^i<F «r^t% 1% <tt$ 

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<JTH <F3C^ #3 l^ ^C<Tl f%l C<T% ^H C<TT%T ttftufc <UH ^FC?H ^T %t?J W<ITTf^[<F 

wtc^ ^rm w^t ^r i %\f* <j°ic^ ^j f% <m ^rr! ^r?j wr ^rmr wm^rr i «otftc iw wttj 

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f<F 3*1 Rf «rMW?J *1W ^TT ^<T ^T?J I ^fOT <JTH WT ^J ^T W<JTlf^|<F «i^jvo 1<T tytttl^ 
^l^s ^J (TT^SRT 4Rmt 2THt; ^r?T ^NBTl; ^R^RT <MC&H, 4? Cf^H ^TC (7FH ^T (H?; I 

<T*TC^ «MTCrfJ (7T CT5Wl?T W4rtj«1 (7T<rnH «THTCiT?! *lffc?RI ^T RTft, «TTSTTC^ C^sC?J W 
CT5WT Wtm, CT5Wm (7T 1» ^TTC^ ^HBTt ^ Wtotjtl C<PT%s ^C?J ^TTC^I ^ 1%| (7H C^TH 

c«rc<pt c<rfej *pm.\ ^^\u\ ^>r w ^Ri^Ih^ £f\fTf%, <th% <tt f<r^ ^rrsrm iw ^fB^ - wrfSr 
«s^ istffr c^if^ «jTftr ^rfl, «nftr <FHft, ^t c<r c<tt<t ^ «rrft ctt^, ^nt^ ^^ ^-«rnH «rr>Tc*r 
^w^ #<thti wrfSr i^i <ra ^<k?t tht ^p^ ^m Wtf?rr§f «^f|i ^ nwm w«"?tiwbt c<f ^^? 

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T%H^BTC<F ^\P^\ ^T, ^T ^T^ ^H ^5^? ^H C§\ WS, W5 v\M<\ f% ^FC?T ^5^TC<T I ^T^T C<F ^TC^? 

^rm c^sc^ (tt #^?ir «rrc^r T%H «toti ^t #W c<fwh ^rc^r? ^nmi #^?it w^J 
«jtc^r 4? t% srsrTT? c<tt%t <uTiH<r ^rirc? #?f «•^rrHt ct - ^ th i ^^ srsrrT i 

«rmr<f ^tc^t n*m ~y<H ywtM ftwn^ ^^<\ <rm#?j <tt f%| «rrc^ ^tc<f ^s^s nrc^, 
cfpt^o ^rrc^ ^h ^^» ^rrn^i c<f nm^? #^?rr, <fm H^t>t ^m i ««rBt^ ^tsttcit? srriH <rm c rr i 
c<tt%it? ^ ^rmifBTw «irsrrciT? *rfwm ^tt <[<w^s ^c<ti «rrwr <# «rrsrrciT? ^w<f ^fercwr 
¥1 c?p<rnH ^tsrit t*p^ ^rnTrr ^n i ^mi f%H ^iR>^ i c<rr%r <t-<h <unH? nite «rr^m w^ 
^c^r, <t-<h sf<r5T %m «rr^srH ^j, «w»Ti51w c<r «i^»<t ^fc?h (?tbt ^mr ifwm wst ^fc^h i 
«r<T»rT <fmr ^rwm <jth ^^t ^mr ^rr^rrc^ cfn^ ^th i «rtwr ^-«rrH c<r% ^m c<n% w ^rfli 
(tt^ht <j^rr ^j wtff w^J ^r ^ f%| TiHrc^T i ^t^i ^tItcm ^mwiH ^mfl^ ^r ^ ^rr, 
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^% «rrc^i c<TT%r ^r<rm c rvsg <jth ^^t ^j w&\, ^tt^t ^rfwrcsf, ^t?j ^m<u «rm httt^t 
^t^tc^ i (TT-^rnHl; <ith w^t ^rr c<ih (tntc^ %m «rr^im it4t ^c<t f<Pi ^n^rm^g c<t% ^r^r c<rr^t 
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w^Tfj ^t «i<t^Hc<ii Hra ^rriH ^k c«tc<f crl; #<f t%ts# c«tc<f w ^<ra «htht <jw<t 

<J% 'J^m «IH<F ^7^^ ^FC?J bC<=1C^H I WlWl «TTcn ^TT^T C$M<\ <^IT «TTSTm W^J C<PrTT 

fta^i «rrwi c^r wiH w ^r c<prrr ^Tf%<F c«tc<f n&H ^j, ^r^r c<^\ wc?\<\ w <mt ^! 
«rmm <t-<h ^<t cb^t*h ^?j v*r <[<fbt ws ^c?r nst^i ^wtHwi^s ^ thc?j «rh<f Tmt-^t<ht 
<fc^t i ^wtH^r^ M^r§r ^r ^^rmr ^w f<Fpt ^^bt <ttntt t%?r t%® ^wr, ^mi ^mr c^tih? 

f^#m ^ft CirT I C^T^H^ T%<F (7T (7FH fifH<TC<F <T-<H C^f^TT ^?J ^-<H ^H ^^TTNTT W«?TfBT ^H 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


>T5?st i f^i ^f^fra 1%| ^rc^ ftc^H Tf i ^f\^°\ <ft?rT PmI^i^m «rm >n$->tc<i> ^ ^tt^h t#s wmm 
^ftt wsff «rcrcr «fc^tr <mc*h %NT «ih<f ^Tfjcm w?r?r ^rr ^h, cw faleM»iM ^fif, 
^rr*fKK ^fS; Hf?rpH ^fS ^jtft i ^wttt ^r, c<r*#m?; c^h swt <h^ i ^rfa awt «fTf^ ^ 
^ «rif^ w^rrft^r <# «rrc?i<FH f§< ^rm^ ^w <rm ^rc^3 c<rr%<r?T 1%| «tt>tc<t <ttc<t ^rri 
«rw<f 4*rfH c#r ^rc^ h^t ^r ^rr^n^ ^t<ttc<f #?rr <ttmtt <k<ic^h %fciT?T w<tt ^t, ^ifwr 
^rr ^m\ ct ^far <mc^h w?r ^r ^fs ^r, ^ ^aw «rr*r?rr «wr ^m^rn ^rwm ct5§r <k?j« 
s^» fmmr ^m sfsror ^ i%H#fc^ fasJBt ^nm ^ttsht %m ircnt^o ^r i <n?r ^sht ^m ^m 

tRF T%TC^ ^T CrT ^T W?t ^C§?J *ffH ^?TC<Tl tBF fcl fa|ert>M ff& <ITH ^fTCvs <T*TC^T ^TTl 
<T?f?. ^T (7H CvsHT? ^C<T^ "srWrH 4^ *fiI^PT?| fj^f ^, C>tl3lC<l> ^H W^Hf ^Ct ^HT ^, 

^rwr^ «fti^r 'Rtp w ^rr ^r i iq$ ^ht ^?rc^ <f?tcvs ^o^th ^ftw <t-*h wr^mT ^r ^h 
f^mr >iR)i<Mc<i<i circ<r «-«rrH 4^Ttr wpr ?tc?tc^i sfsror ^hi^c^ ^swrt <k?t <k?t ^rr<HT ^c^ ^j, 

*TC?T CtC^T lf%lt ^tt I «?F t*T<JTC<F C<T t%tf*lWTT ftcw^, C>TH t%H HC^f CWtC<T CrT^fC^T <Tf t%H 

%hr ^?^ ^rc^ cwrw hot»t cic^tc^t ^r «hc^t %i?t «?f c<t^tc<t orc^rftc^H otbt^ f%ft ftcsru 

t^T<JTC<F 1^ t%5^T I C>%HT t%TC<F «?F C<T t%tr*fQ^T t^W OT^ HCff*f 'fTSH ^C^ <T^H t^fCW 

^t^s "sc<r ^m >rrc«r ^^ ^t^R» f%rft> <rw c<t^h ^rr^ «rr^w ^tti ^ffP^frrcvs ^rc?r^ cw«r 
«rmc^r ^r ^^»rc<Tt k^t «it>tc^i 1<pi <rkr ^r^rra <jth ^c^r ^kr <rr fo% (M^ wrc^t 
c^«rc<H, ^kr T<pi w?r oi^ic<h ^tti wmm ^^mc<f c<m«rr« c<pr«rr« ^r¥t<m, fi>irr<Ft*N3 <mt ^t i 
c<Tr# "^r¥t<mc*r orc^r «r^TfT ^^rrHt R<ii^h i *$% fl^;<rc^ ^m^mrc^ ^r, IHh, ^TT^r 
^m^mtc^^ ^Hit t%§ w?r <jth ^c^ i ^m^Rc<F ^h <rc^ ^p ^rfe ^r wt c^«rr ^r i «rmm 
c<r «ntsr^ c<tt<t ^^r w^t c<rr<r ^r i 

W?T #^m Tr*fac<F «tCHC<^ C^TTtW^T ^Hl ^Tl^ ^FfF^mtC^ ^\ ^flWT^T ^TTW 
i«J<T^R ^#T tt^vs ^^MC<F t%?J «TCJT<F ^fC<T<T c rT <|iC<lt^C<=1H I t%f^Q C^rTTfW^fH? ^THTC?T «TH<F 

^thh ^u f^mc^r i ^t nftufc <r«H #^?rrc<F *r*fa ^c^r ^r crr«m f^ «rrc^r ^r t<t f<r^ 

^TC^I ^Tf?TQ ^<Hf TnCI^H, W?T t%t^ C<T C^TTt% ^ <t^<tC^H C>tt C^TTt% C^ W^ C«fC<F C<Tfej 

m, c<rfer ^w hc<tw >t<t f<r^ s<tt ~**rf ^<ra wmm c^sc^ stc<r*r <k?t c^ti ^^wr ^^r^rt^ 
f<r^ ^rt, RrR<ti3T ^t ^rt "^r i ^Tf? c^r ^ c^rc^r i ^■^rmr cic^h «rrsrrcir?r ^r ^tfm, ^h, 
^, lt%r ^h <ftw ^?rc^ ^mT c<pc^ <tc*tc^ c^ f<r^^ «rr^r i f<T«^ «rr^fm ^^rtr ^rwr, ^w 
^tt ^r #^?rf i ^tcst #^?rr ^r t%| ^?r ^rr i #^?rf ws^fj^ wfa w\, -^Ric^ «rtM orrr i 

tt%r«M CW ^FfTCvs Fl^C^ ^fdrft R<JC*t<l ^TW, C5P\ ^rM ^*fT 0^5 ^ltc^, ^H ^fM f<T^ 

^5^0 ^toi ^h «rmm ^ta<i ^rw «it<m ^c?t «rrc^i ^h ^rh?t w t%t%<T ciw «tHt^rs ^, 
f^Tft^o t%f% c^rra ^h ^T<f ^i 4^ #^?rm wr ^r #^r ^t ws^ftcm w& Rc^c^ 

#%C?J (H?ll %sH ^^T<TH #<TT^rm ^ #^C?I W?TtC<T^; <t<=1C^H Wrf&sFlfwfWS '^mw^fw%, 

«r<fK t%^ ^rfTcM 2ft% «rmf^ «rm \»m ^rrc^ «rtc*r 9 nc*r <rmr «rrc^ ^rcir?r £ff%Q «jt>rt%, ft- *$m 
htc^ «Tr^, ^rt%-^rt%fT ^rrc«r ^ptf^, ^rr, ^tt^ ^nwc*m ^rrc^r «rr>Tt#i «rMcirfr c<w f<tt%w 
RrtHc<t<i £tt% «rr>Tt% "^ f^ c^sjf^ ^swt?i >rrc«r #<TT^rm «rr>Tt% ^m <rm i w?^^ ■^■ffi 
W5 1 «rrfsr ^m ^ttsth <t - <h ^m "sjh?? "sr^ f<r^ c^<r ct<t ^<h c>t ^s^ ^c?t ^k<T, ^m m^tft^ 
firf^ (^ktcst c>r f<T<TH5T^ "^m ^tw i t%i «rr^rm ^^^rr ^sirm w ^ i ^^r, ^? «rrc^ «rrsj?rr 
<Tcsrf| c<r «rr^rf «r 9 ttm<T^T%T i f<M ct^ #^?rr ^H?r ^rrc^r ^sr ^tc<t #k?r ^tus c<r sRTT?r <t-<h 
f<r^ "^?t ^<H "sth ^<t^s «rTc<F «rrsrmt c^\ f%| ^mc^i #^?rr «rm ^msrr^rm ^Ht nr«r%i ^ 

RrtH<Jl3lC^ 4^ 'TC^; «HT ^^ "Sfc^ ^TWTT ^T "5C<Tl #^?rr "^H «f-<|W-tW-f?l t%l C>T 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


wt\ ^c?r «rrfsr ^Hf^s ^th, «rrfsr ^sf^s ^thi <rm wu t%m ^ric^ <r*rr ^r, t%m ^c?r ct^mI; 
«rttsfBr c<f? ^rc*rTH *rt?tc^ gst ^r%?r?t i t% ^ t%?ra ^tcsr ^h ^tfw «rrc^ <tc*t ^h «tht%s 
^c?r c?r*ri tw «rwsr c<r ^rtft c<rr<r ^55 c^r sm. «^ ^rrwi wnr ^r ^t <t«h fro^ ^ft ^rh 
<i>c<t v»^r «^ «rr^r^ ^rh ^?rc^ ^rtf^; ^tt ^th i *$$ «rr^rm *j#rr « ^m ^m^f 1 $fac*i<t 
^rrcst t% ^, "src^ ^rc<rr f% ^ ^wrm «rt^rm c<fh ^rTTmi; to f<r*i ftftftft ot ^cttt ^rcsr 

HCSfC^ #^C?T HC?J ^R/T?T «THC^ fasRT ^H^ «HW ^J, ^R/T?f ^p>\ (7T8 <mt%s ^J i WT f% 
^? T ^Z^m^Us <7^tf WtTRMtZ, #^T C#S? ^TW ^TW W$ t%st «fT^I 4^Wf OT ^tt, 

^twr (7T ^ff, ^twt ot c?tcn c^r, ^twf ct w cki «h^w \sk w#r «rr^Ttfo «rrc^i 

«rfFT<f <MCfeH - <7^</f VR?R>irt cm*K0^- sjvtfy&flwft f<7 WW*TMg\ C<H ^PTT t%5^ I C<TH? 

«rHi?r (^r<r ^c?rc% «rffsr «rHt%s - «rff^r «rt?r c^r^r <rf^H 4<f ^c?r crc^ ^rtft «rm «ihc^ <rfW&f 
4<r> "5c?r ctc^i ^^ w sttnt; <mt "^r - ^fT^rc^ ^rr <f?t *fT%7F ^tr <fc?tt ^i ^t <rjT*frc?t 
Tf5fT# <j°ic^«s I can walk twenty miles to see a man who can distinguish between the 
sin and sinner 1 C<T *Tf*f «rt?J *tt% TOfJ WK ^<M^s *\Ma ^ W*r (?fT<FC<F C^fH Wft «Tttsr 

<IT% -sn%r ^fg^i *rr*f «rm *rt% wrr c<f wk cn^us *ttc?t? f<ts ltc§? w ^nf^pp 5 ^ 
^wh^R c^rcvo nrc^r 1 *tt*t «rm ^tt^ wts, ^w%\$ ^rw, ^?str ^<t ^t c<t^ c^rcvs 
^rrc^ ^tti ^rT^rm^f c*rrc<F?r ^rc^ ttt wm it^t *&, ^si^ <rt^f<twTi ^i^m^T^s f^ ^tt sjm. ^ 
^rm «rrsrm «rH 7 ^ f% ^ - ^ ^^ w ffc^? ^<Ht ^rr 1 

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Tjjtf^rc^ 4<t*5h ^Tr wh 'j^ ^ck^i c?tt ^#rf5T f% ^<rf^ fr ^rr csrfwr t% ^c^ c<rr<TtT "<ttc<t? 
csrfwr "^r t5 t^rft <ra w w^s ^^ftc^ <ttc<t «th fT "^r ^^rmr im ^t^twt ^w^ ^u^ <ttc<t i 
vM^if^nr <j<=ic^h "sth<t ^<T«Ht; fnc^<i «itc<t^tc<f ^tc^s ^ttc^tti ^^ c^\ ^rft^m ^ ^»tm 
cwr^ ^c^ ^rmsff^s? ctc<t ^t c^rrwt ^r ^c?r ^rfk^ ^rTc?ra ^rc^ ^fr% ^c?rc^i ^rr t%^r ^^ 

f% C?T f% "<H? <T«Tl C^C^T C^ C^ffWf C^ffWf ^t ^C^ ^TC^, «THH WT f% «rf?j v»fM C?fWf^ 

^<t! ^wrf^T ^tc^t w^ <?r ^m «rt^Tc^ ^c<Fmm cfst w<f ot ^ «t^wt, ^m <# 
^rrTwtc?rw, ^m ^feiwtc^ «thc^ «rfwrf^ ^ ^k<T 1 "^c<m ^tc<t ct k^tt f^c?r ?tmc^ ir?rc<T 
tw ^ ^TrTwfc?rw ^h ct ^Tf^Tc^ nmw ^rr 1 ^m°t ow c<r f^c^r ^rf^TM «rtc^ «?rr ^l; 
"^HTf^csrr c<rrc<jf ^rf 1 

^t c<r ' 5 thh ^w?r 2fw?r, "^, c^<rrf% w$ ^, ^^r ^ ^»fc<T c<r <mct c^ c=r ^-<H 
wi; cstt <f?p<f c^rc<r? ^mc<F ^fc^s <Tf?rc<T ^tt i ^st^t «rtf^r «rm «rTsrm c^r<r f% «tmht? ^^Ht 
«hht ^ttt, ^nt^ ®r<r, c^r<rt ^1 «rtt^r «rm «rHm c^r<r ^i ^t^t ^ c<r «rrfsr, «rrsrm 
#^?fT ^ - ^ f% "^c?r c^r? o^tc^t ^ffM^s ^c?r c^r 1 ~$$ w\, ^r «thc^ ^rtm^f^s "5c?i c^r, ^p\ 
^m ^gc«r ^ffM^s -^c?! c^ti (tt^ht w^r <7^</r wtw^rHs\ ^\t #<tt^[T «rrsrm w^Hm ^m 

CwsC?J fwsrH, #^ C<ra ^<FC^; ^t ^tfm, "SR T<T f<F| "^TC^ l W^ ^ «tt^T 2ft% ^C^f ^C^t C<H 
^TW ^TW ^»TC<T ^TT $5$ ^?IC^ - <7^</T WWWfS, $<\ "StC<tT C<FH ^^pf^ ^T?J, ^f^ ^C<P<TTC^ (TTtWT 

ti^<ti tw «rw¥ ^sr<m ^rm^FT ^t c<r ^®m #^?tm c<fh ^rtnmt; ^i ^t #^?rit ^H 

%H<f<T3 ^T TTft# "5C?t <TTC<H ^-<H (7T «rm HC^TC<F WS^FfrC^m W& W^ % ^-<H (7T ^ ^Wfr 

^rw ^ro (H?r 1 ^<H« ^t<t f<F0; ^c<r, «rH 7 ^ ^c<r, ^g^ «rf3Tc<T, ^tM-^ ^t<t f<T^; "ptc^ «rmw 
f<M #^?rf ^h «thc^^s ^THnw ^rf «rm ^sr<r« c^»c« «t^c<t ^rf 1 ^^ ^ f<F|c^ &m^H "^c?t 
c^, i£fftit ^1<r«i^ 1 ^c^tt ^<mt ^r ^r^^ci^ cwm\ tw csrTfw ^^ck^ ■^ttot «rw<f <j=ic^.h 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


- C*llR><Pf ^Z&f WTvg ^m WfuS $&, ^ (?TR# GTCf CfC^, ^H «rHT%s $,«1C^, <3? C^T 

^c?rc% «? cso ^m^ cr ^ ^c?rc% MlR** *|*icim <*$ ^tw 4<f 4<r> t%jt, 4<r> ^^ ^pH?r 

^C<fj c<H ^\s ^pg ^j bC<=1C^ I 

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Mundaka-2012/RKMVV/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


*iR,viit<i> wv «tw 2W*r <wc^t i ^t i<;<mfi> c<THrr <r <rm c rr <f<jt ^om <*t>t, ct^rj ^thh ^rw 
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«rrc^ (?tqmc<f« "5n*jc<T<j ^u\ ^kt iiwh tw ^<^r wm^rr?! ^oh %rr c5w t%^o "^j 1 ^t <m°\<\ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^WTsMW 4"5R ^TC<T ^f^lf^ <F?ttfs ^ TTt^o (?#TC<F C5W HC?T C*fC<T f<T^i C<mlteS<l TW 

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v»^ ^r^s crwr ^w <M05H - «rtt^- v»c?j <rf srcsTToH <t%^ "^c?j «rmm "sr<t>rTc<F <f*h?; ^m^ 
<f^<t ^tti ^s oTwr **$ ^^ ^mmr5^c<F ^r fen «nt^r w^htc^f t«t t%^s fttm^r ^ «rr^r 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


*f«f tfrT HTl T% Tl#f<Fff *fC?f WS <TfWS[T «rffro W^ C^TIW sNvib^ ^i<rK, \»sf<rRC<F 1% ^FC?f 

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H?rc5Ffr 5fc<iT ^rc^, vstt ^^mnn^ «rrc^# wt w\ ^rnH Divine Law 1^5^^^, «im<f 
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c<F^ v»tm ^<FrsT ^<f^t «rm «rtfsr vsm v»tm ^«ic^ ^<f<H?; hc^t<i «h^t cBw «ihcvo nrnc^rr rti 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


wr, w$ "Q ~<m <$$ Rhc3<i ^rrsrr ^ - ^ ^t ^c<t ^t i ci^smj %m «nw^fD ^tsr ^ib^st, %arc^s 
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^f^s ^T<T t<Ff t%JW "^TC^I ^TffT <MC^H - %f?T ^T T%T ^TTC^ *ft«tf^Q ^TOs *ITC?J ^Tl «fTWt 

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^tfm, "sr, ^t% ^tsr <F<rc^i ^^ if* srsrtT ^nt, c<tt%t <r-<m <jrm ^c^r ^»^ <rrr(?T?r ^sra T%H 
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wh^s ^rm^ ^tti ^m^r ^mwu^ c<r <tj%, ct^ ^fes w^ ^ wf|f t%?it %fc<F <m "?jtc<t <*& 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<rfer ^fc<p <j?rr ^m^ ^ra, f%m csT m?#i ^wrg ^t ^r^rc^ ^rw cwr <Tm i ^mt; ^u^ 
wi i /^r ^tj^ T%fn srt^fi^o ^rra ^ra <ftc^t «5 ^rmrcn 4 wr^ *iwi<iR3 mc?rl; %ic<F 
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?ra t%^ ^tc^i %tcf c<Fmra c^rr <tt?t? %fcF $w%\$ o^\ <rra ^wmrcH, <ttc<f «mi$>o w <mt 
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<rf%c<F f*rc?i cwrc^i t^i <rr t%^ ^rra ^t ^m ^rctt?; ^c^i ^t; «rr^rtcF ^ichi^ t%m wrar 
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c<m c^ ^<ht "sc^? c^ «rrc^r «rtc^r c 5 ^ t%m «rrsrrc<F ^^t wm^tr c«rc<F «rtci^r wm^rm t^rc?r 
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(mrnr^tl wm ^m «rrc?r<r^t ^ifte k^t <rm i c<f %m <ttc5^t? ^J^ fer <rm i ^^rm ^^\ ^rrsr 
s/CT/sm; ^m^t stct? ^ t%^rt #^ wmr <rm i ^rrcwrB" ^rrsr ^wte^ stk ^rm ^ifmc^ t%t%I; 
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^mi?f ^rw «rr^rr t%^c<f ^c?j c<Frm ^tt t^?r «r<T^m c<m crl; ^wmrc^fl; «i<tf^s "5c?i <rmi 
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^srm ct^ t^> ^ 5 ^ ^^ ^ ^ifta^ ^^ mcsfc<F ^^ ^c^ tnc^ 1 #f<Tvs ^r ^rftc^ ^rrc^t ^rnt ^^ 
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ws ^rrc^t imsi^ st^t <r^ i ^-«rrcT ^ sttct wrac<Fm, ^ wrac<Frc<ra ^rrc«t t%H srw^ 
^Tc<T imsi^ c<rt<t ^^\ nr, <|t% ^^t ^c?r «rrc^ wra ^iftcM tw, «t <|t% tw ^srmm «rr^rm 
^^ twr "5c?r «rrc^ ^^ «rr^rt c<h «r^sr?rc<Frc<T ^rmr ^<fc^t i 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^ <TjT*ft?n>T ^ wi? «rm «rH<F w*r srsr^ ^rHH hc?t «nw i <fi<rr c^rrcs^ ^rt f%| f%| 
^hc^t ^kr ^ w^ ^w «th *rr<Fc<H c<r, g^bt tsrsrrr, <?rw ffiw ^lt T%3 ^rr, <ftw <*$ 
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<jf% c<Fwm «rrc^? ^r^RTtr c<r*rrH «rr^rr ^pr <fc?h c*r*rrH «^ «rr^rr iifc^ c5h Hc?rc^r, «rm 
<jj% *rc ^ra *rfTc?r?r ^rw ^r%c?r «rrc^i ^ sferc^ «^ «rr^r «rwr ^ifter ^r ^ric^ti fw 
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c5w «rrcs «rrcs «rtsrrcir? ^rfter ^rrto «ihc^ti 4$ c<r flwrrc^ <rr f%§ ^ i^ ^t?r *r%h 
t%ft «rfc^r ^tt ^w?r ^t ftr%, T%H «rrc^r ^rt 4?rr t<t 9m$ t%st?i ^r<f ^?rc^ t%H «rrc^r 
^rt Tf^ f%^ host<i Thc^st<i ^ 5 ^ ^p^, ir^ ^ft f%^, ^ ^ T%^, *# ^?r "^rrc^, f^r, ^tt, 

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srm^c^h m «rr^rt ^rfw #w? c^sc^ ^rt «rrc^r ^cst ^t cr^ c«rc^ c^ ctc^ ^rt c^ 
^rr^ ^rri c*m strc^t ^tc^t c?rt «rr^rt ^ sfT%firvs, «r^ 5ttc=t wra crc^ sfr%t%^i T^»fw 
2fT%firvD? <[fe ^rrc^r «rr^rr Rc^tc^ ^T%c?r c^ ^ wra cr^ sff%T%5 1 

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^tt, "src^ ^rf f%| «rr^ ^kt ^c=tt, ^ c?r s^rrc^ ^riter wht ^^rrc^ T%Ht «rrc^r «n? ^t 
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*tkr ^rr<H «w «rsm ^c^h i ^kr T>»rc<T wtc^h? *trg «rm «rrr5rc<H ^^rcw^ ^rr^iTcsri ^ 
«r^rnr^r ^c^f^ w c«rc<F ^^rcrH c^fcsift, <t^tc^t ^vv f<Pi f<r^ ^c<t ^rr i £f«^r *T® ^r, «?p ^^tf^t 
c<ht^ ^t<pt i c^m <tt<pt w ^c<t, Tw ^w c#r ^?t t%?r^T, Hw a^ ^m^ ^<m ^c<r ^rr 
^?f<i ^rc^ ^^s ^c<r i wr THc^ Tw ^c<r ^t i f|€tu ^ - "Pm^^jf^iwizm^f, 4^rr?r 
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^fer^^TH Hwt, ^r^fcsr wr^fer vsmffr <Ritf%c?ra ^rm i ^^^rr ^r ^, ^r, ^«Rrf^, T%Twr 
^srnr c<rf^r*rrcg ^rc^ <T5r, Htw, ^h, £fr<rr?mT, <rm c rr, <ith ^stth i ^^frsrc^iT ^ c«rc<F «^^ ^r 
stth i f<Pi 4 <t^h tT%r t??r5r <^c<ic^h, <ith« <mc^t, ^^pttt <rc^t f^t fw wr^t Ht i "^c<t ht, 

i£|^T WlTMTC^ f?TC?J «lf5C<F <TtC<H I WsTT^t «TH ^fff^tT HT "^T "5C<T ^ I ^f#*TT3 ^T C^t^ <R 

c<rr^ ^?r, f<Pi «rr^r 4^tc<t "^ ^rr i w^ ^m ^^^ <m<th ^ht ^tt "^i f^t;, f<M "^?r ht i 

sr ^^H^ ^l^T T%T% 4<Ft; OofCt?! ^TC^TT «ll<T»C«1^ ^tTC® «flC3 ^M f^C<F HTSR^s «n<PC<T I 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVV/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«$ ^it ^rr, *ift*{*iM mvg *pf? n*tM friivjtet, f<Tc*r<T ^H m\ feFWBiw «rr^pTT«, 

W l ^ WT (itC^IC^ vgftt; PT^ «J«^T i WH (W MC?T fe^, tW WC^a f^f^ WS ^Tf l ^^TC? 
t^TT wffl ns^PTTT WC^s ^ ^sti WW3 f% f%| ^? f*F^ ^ ^Ti f%§ \5Jlf ^WRT Wt 

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cT?r i %? c^rT^s wr ^c?rc% ^rtfT» t<r ^r^ w?r frsft w ^c?rc^ fw %? ^rrtlk^ c?rt*H- w 
3?tr i t%ft; ^c<t "=rt i ftw csfi^s «s ^c<t, ^Ttcfo ftsft m« ^c<t i ^trt %sfc<F "srrfcs c?rw 
wr ^r t%^ "5c<t i ^h ^r w<r ^r i w^tptk w ^c<t, w^ twr^ ^c^, twr wr w wr 

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c<r "src^ *rc<tr ^"HT wr ^r, f%H ^T?rr<Ffc*N3 cT^rc^r, 0TC5?r c<mtc^« c^tc^t, «rHH ^fwrc^ 
t<p^rrc^ <rr t%| ^ c>r*rfw t%R wc<f?; stwf wc^r i t% ?rw stwf ^^? «nH-^^Tsra, 
c>t^sht w?r ^tpt yrfwT^ i ^rsrfw^ *rrc3 cn jrfpim, ^rwsr f*r<T^ ^nrsr ^t^sm ^ttci; 4 wm 
<wt ^s«^t ^ «n?j wrW3 ^ru i c<rr%rr >iR>j<mc<i<i 4^»tc<t ctc - <r i 

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wc<t ^tsrs «H^g-^tc^r ?rft>o ^rwi ^ *\yww 1 «n?j t% <mc&h? cr^rc^r c^ «^ ^r w 

WfT Hc§f?f WSWCT f<tC*T<T ?fiC 9 f WTSTRl «TT<Tm OT-^IC^T ^t m ^ t%^ WS^RTC^f C<T5R 
t<TC*H ^ ^PTStH C^ t%H «THTf ^tl^^s W tt^ ^TCSTJ ^TH ^TC<T t%TRHl ^H ^T 

^Tsn#f "5C?r <th, %sm ^^ ^^hh ^tc^t ©/^ Zm ^ntu^ f ^w.° m^ks\ f<rH tT%5, <rk 
«jjw, f<Tc<T<ft t%tH ^rfw ^rfw CTC^H ^w f<r^s crt ^t "«rfc^T I C^HT T% ^r, t%H <Fte 

CTC^f ^t%t "^T ^TT, WC<F CTC<f« C^ ^t%t "^T ^TTl ^T<T t%fC^o T<f C^3 f^H Hf<tVl?l W C<T 
C<TTTT^<Tr<PT ^T t%?TC^T CT^ ^<rt<FTC<F ^°f ^C^ C<T ^ilwa ?rr<Ht <RC^s ^Tf "5C?TC^, CT^ l^foCvs 

^rr<HT wr^ ^ (?rt c<hts ^hc<f w^h ^<fc^ Hc^s -^j i whc<f w^h ^<fc^ hc*t w^pfrrtw it^h 
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^tt^" 5/%r ^i i£it f<r*^rroa? c^f^H f<T^r<TTfe ^H^t ^r, ^t ^'fHT, "^ftst ^Tr^T w$ ^TfT 
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"^r?n<Frc*r c^: ^^c^jiRjc^ tt*^ wfl, ^"c^ «nrrt? ^tt® t%? "srH<r c<r w^ w<r c<fh ^ttco? 

«TMTC^; <FC<T I ^ <FT<f<FTf c fW 9 t ^CTi? ^H "^T t% "^T (?#f ^fCM "SfC^ <TSTf ^C55 - 

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vs^h f<rH ^Tr<Hr wc^r w<r w?ra ^rsr^ atf^ ^ <rr?r, w wcsra ^x*r?r ^r<r " j Tt*r ^c?r <rr?r «n? w 
<i<k*i<i w ^snc^ ^t<t "#t c r "^c?r <rr?r 1 c<htc^ ^ ^r^r ^wr equation k^t - ^ ^rtwH 5 ^ 
«rrc^r 1 fw c<r cwr wrc^ c^t<f t%H ^rr%jrc<F wr*r?j wr ph i ^twh «n? «nwr cwrr c«tc<f 
«rt^rc^, cw «rt^rc^ ^? cw ^^tthtt <?t^ i <th ^ht «htht <rc^ ^tfawr c<hT3c<f ^^h ^^r^; ^<rH 
^tbt wt^r^r w^ «rr^i fw c<hT¥ ^tc^ ^\»rc<r ^<ht ^rwr wn cw "5% w ^«r^s <*$ c<r 
<ttntt wc<t 1 4® ^rtc^ c<r^r t%^ ^n c^t<f ^tt cw, >ic<ic^ t%| ^rt 1%| "<Fi<F c«rc<F "<irc<r i <r^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«tfwr ^m ^s^ W\ iI*ih*h, ^k ^tcr ^* wn ^?r i ^ <r>t>Mli3R «tfwr, <rr «fe ^ft 
^rt, tj^t «w-^nw ^ra sttcf i #rh wjt *p$ ^Rm ^?r ^ri ^ftw ^?rcs ^t, c#srt 
^rr ^r «rfwr, ^r « ^f, ^ f^rcB" <rcs^ ^o f?rca <<rrc<F i ^rat *rct$ t%^ ^wtcf ^r 
cifli «rrr^r c<f, «rw?r t^<f t^<f f% tta, ^ c<rr<fBT ^^ k*t ci^i ^rm wswt «irfM 
tou wjr^m c<rr<r ^i ^fom c<rm «i^s wfc ^ *$ w§ H^n ^ ^< ^mr ww 
^rt «rr^ «rt?r ^ ^Rm ^tfwt ^tt ^ ^^ ^ i 

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"sc?r ^rm i m ^rfwr \stc<f c<rc<r c?rr<r Rtfra "^nf^r, c^ «fe ^«R Rt*t "sc?t ^sirm ^rt 
^rsRT-^PHi?« rt*i "5c?r "<tt?j i <m*m1$ #r ri*i "5c?t "<tt?t ^*R «rm c=r twra wn w% ^us tttc<t, 
^sf <Rrr?r ^c^ srmwRh ^rfwr Rt*t ^t ^rt «rm ^ ^t ^r ^stfw «rc^ Rf*r ^c?t ^rmi 
<*$ ^jNRfBt ^#t<tot «ir<f ^rm «rrw, ^tt^rw^ ^tc^t wr wx s^m ^m w ^" 
1^sts\ ^rRwrra C<T ^<T ^RT ^nTsr® «rrc^ CT^ ^RT R<W W MK ^?r ^<r wtotf it^ 
«ro ^?r i ^ra ^\US «RR<F ^T5T?J ^RCF^ C<ff<TrR 3TT, ^RRJT W.W C*t ^tsrt <rr 3 RT ?rcmc5 ^M "^T 

^c?r ^rmi 

«rtwr ^rr ^t? «rrsrrcr?r ^rr?t ^*rc?r<T wt c<r ^Rr-^mrscsTT stf^fw <rr^r ^rmc^ ^ 
^RT^csnt ^ «rrc^, t% ^rr? nite c<r w ^rt-^^tprt ^ ^c?r ^rw «rrc^ ^m -<t<t? «rmr 
wrt^s *nt%r i f^t% fw 4<fwt c^fk^ ^ - ?^ ^m <?r«tf| 4<r ^ 9 ^ «trci<F5r wr «rrc^, f^t% 
t%?r (Ttl; wrc^s f?rc?j c^tfl «rrci^r wt «rrc^, ^^^^m ^ ^^\ wt ^riic^ «rrc<F, c*r<r «rm 
^s H?r rt i <FrsRr?r cwm^ f^ ^it ^ i ^^ ^^ftsrr ^ ^c^; (W<r «rrci<F5r ^<ftsrt ^w 
c?rc5, otbi? ^ ^ps^ «rrci<#T ^rt ^w ^rrc^ ^ ^tc<t ^rt «rr^st «frc<F, c<fr t% c^ 

^p^H 4$ 2RR C*f<T W! Rt l C#SR3 <flt ^RtfT WtJ ^ ^R^H ^C^T ^Wtf|, ^KC?J<1 "5TC<IT 

iit%?r fsfB- (W3¥f i ^tf?r ^t^ic^H #^ «rrct^ ^ f^c?r tt<tt i «rrct^rct ^<ft<rr t% fw? ^RT-^^Tmr 
fei «rrsrTcrfr ^rr? nite ^«c<t w ^RT-^^rmr ^rw «rrc^ vsm c<fr ^frsrt Rti 

^rc^fj ^s ttHr<f?tT isrBtc^ ^ri ^oft t%?r %t<r <^<tc=iH i ^ri?t ^tc^t ^TTc?j?r ^ 
c?tc<f ^-<r 1% w <r<K*i<r w^ sms. (7tqm ^w ^rr^ ^:<n %tT<ftc^ wr «n<Fc^i w^ «w 

Rl^r Rc°i«i unconscious) ^«.^«s) , ^w^ sub-conscious C<Ft; <°ic^«s unconsciousi ^ 
unconscious ^C^TT ^T 9 !! *<rTC<F i ^"Ct? "sr^s ^ unconscious ^?r ^ 9 !? <ic<ic^ conscious, ^st? 
^ 9 !? ^?IC?TC^ super conscious ^sitf^i ^RHT C<T wT?I5trsr ftsft ^<FC1C^T (?#r «rt^RTC^tV "s^si 

«rr^RT^f c<tsr ^»T?r ^ ^tc^ ^ ^rn » ^t? ^rw «rm ^m r?j ^rn wra %& ^c<r «rrc<F i 
^RTcrfi t«r^f<r «R<nft «rmrcrfi ^rr?t «i<ici>^h ^r??#r f^fH wm w ^r??#i ^tri ^^; c^?r 
*<rTc<F i <j<=ic^h, «rrsrrcr?r "<tt f<F^ w$ ~s$ ^t «r<rc5^r ^x*r cfeT cfeT fer "<ttc5^ i R,-^ci<i ^ "sr^ 
r?t, f^crrr w& «rrstir ^rPrrrT^ <rt f<t^ w$ <t^c<if^ ^t<t ^rw c«tc<f ^wrc^r?! «rc^w?! 2f#^r 
<f^s srrcF, ^ 9 !^ ^rrt ctcst c<t§c?j «rmw i vsm ^rrc^r ^t ^ffTrr «rtt^r w ^f ^f^ «rt?r ^ 

^<F?ICs fifet C<T «rWfT tRW R^T «|-p<i « «tfw&svsf ^TJ "^, (71^ «R^TTC^ «TWfT CwsC?T R^T 
R^T ^^Ft^Rt-^^TPRm W$ W^\ ^^Rc^ 'JfRRT T?^ C^TC5 «Tt? ^st?r ^TTC^t R^T R^J ^W 

i^srr^ ^t%vs "5c?r i>c=ic^i ^Tf? c<r <j<=ic^«t, #<t «rrct^rct ^^rr, ^? w^i "^ c^sc?t ^ ^^ftsrt- 

^PRT f^SfftW <F?IC5, 4®Uftf C«TC<F C<TCfTC<T f<F <FC?r! «TW?r ^^ ^SRIT ^C?rC5, 4^ ^TWT C^fCF 

c<rfk?r «rr^m ^ri f<F| ^nm w^ ^?r c<rtmc?j ^^r i ^tt ^r f% «rrsrm ^pm W "<ttc<t? 
^*Rt fsfBw rt i ^m^r «rrsrm ^c^ ^jbt^cs c<wf^ wrc^ csvmIR c<tc?ttc<t i ^~mi$ ^rt-^rt, 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


t«$ ^Rt-^mt^ 4*rnH <ftc^i ^mstf|i c*tc<t c#r ^ftc^t, ^pzr y& *imz?i - ^mmc?! *ttpt 

^ «im «R?J | ftH ^«fWf ^T f%Hl; <Ft<f<J\ 9 f ^T, Wt<5lt %t?f <Ff<f, <7b?7<r 57%T| 4^ <Ff<fe 
^T, <Ff?f<T ^JT ^fWT C5t f%§ (H?;, <TT t%§ CW , <tft >T<f?; ^fa «lR><]jfe> I 

^tt®w ft ^rogft^ <1=1C=1H «Tfft 4^ wr>t Hc?r K^T <TTfi^ I <fl&s<]C<5|=j<1 ^j^H ft ft^T, 

fcrcsift «rt?r <Ftwm%i ^w <mc»h «trsrm <tt W% «trc^ ?r<T cvsmtw? ^c<jt ^th ^th «m 
^c?r ffif^ i fcrcsift fs &s w<rtc?t?r ftcsn, ^ww ta^r <mc=h ' wnm ^ ^h <# ^rrft 

«tlt ^C^T t% «tWff WH2ftt% 3C<T'? ^TT^W W^T '^TSRS f<PSf^TTfSS?f ^ft% C^ C*tC*PS C^Hm 

^h "^m ^tt' i 'vsf^r ^t f*rf% Hc?r «rtrsr t% <m, ^rrsrm ^rr i «rf*iH «rrsrtc^ c^ ^^fcr*^ 
f*H ^rtffo «rtR wh ^» <f?ic^ *rrm, ^rfwr c^rc^ ^ c^ *rrf%' i ^<h <tt§3W ^tc^t 'c^ 
brcsrft! ^r «rfsrm fimf^R fsm %?f, ^t srsf ^c^ ^r «rHm «tm^ fim ^m c^r' i ^fm^ 
4?*i? <m ^*iwr brcgftc^ F»«ifoc*M otBi^ <r^rm c rj<F ^^ihw^ 4^# f^ ««f^K wrc?r 
wm^rr ^fc?t tra^i ^tc^t, ^r <r<H c<t c<fh f^mw ^nrnrc^r ^H «^ foR^m ^ht ^H 
^TRnrr ^rt, c^rnn Hc®??r «rt^rm £ff%f<wc<F cro«f ^r ^Tcsrmrc>ri ^f^r 'sw- ^rpttc^ ^t ^sht^ 
^fcsTHfc^r ^rr c<t 4«csrr ^m- ^bptt, ^m^r hh «^ itwH^ t%H ^rh ws foft<tc<i> «i^r ^c<ih 

Rfl vsf^T C<1H 'f^T^^? (TT^hHw? £ft%t<m<F C^fCvs fH ^Ti 

lt¥ <M1a^1c\s ^rtt^rnTf? <mia^1 ^rfc^ 1 <7r<rH c«tc<f RiFTPr^ ^ ^"c^ 1 ^tt^rpr t%t #<f 
wi^ i*w ^t? ^<t<fi ^rt^rpr ^^t^r ^ ^tM^ra ^rc^ fte^i c^tth wr t%^ srr%t% 
c^rc^i Hcssf^ 2ft%t% (M^ "Fsrtw ^c?r ^H^ wlt^ c^rc^ ^s ^r?! wr Wm 2ft%t<m<F 0Tc«r 
■5^ "^c?r ^Fft*rc?ra nrc^; ^tt ^r^r, «tm <?r<rH c«tc<f "^r^m ^rsr Hti ^rHtf^T <ra ^"^tt Ht 
irt^Trt nt ^5 tei £ft%r%w t%<f \ait<k*i$ wzm.\ <nt%^ csttc<mt, nr^m c*iic«wl, ^t^cm 

(?rfC<MT ^f<Tlt <«JW ^sTC<F C^THftC^, CT C^«TH C«fC<F >i<1C<]$ ^TT I (7T«fTH ^TT C«fC<F C«fC<F ^^Bf >iifC*]<l 
'H W^ "5C?r 'T^TI ^T«-?rT-iTT«-?TT f<T^; (H^l ^^fC<T «TT^s ?Tf<PCvs i£l^f^T (TNtPT^ C>T ^IM C^Tl 

«?f ^T % Rif^rT^T, c>r<rH c«tc<f *m ^^r ^iPfPiFB^, <rm «t< <THt ^5 Ihc^tc^ Hcnt ^tc<t, 
Hw? ^rc^ (^1^ ^c?r «rtc<F 1 t% cwt ^ "^c?rc^? Hc^ wc^m 2ft%f<m<F crc^, Hw? w^rc^ 

CvsT C<1^ CT^^ nmc<T Rt, C<TH OT^ C>#f £)t%t% I «TtWf <f<H 'SW- ^f^PTTC^ ^Tt<TT>Tf| ^m«t 

ottipt «ttwt «rtsrTciT^ «tf^rm 2ft%t<m<F cwttli ^th^ Hcstm ftc<p c<th ^Tmtc>r? ^m^r fm "src<iT 
tHcsr^ «rt^rm £ft%t% c^cs ntc^ 1 «w ^tcsrmprc^ ^ ^mcr^ 1 ^rrac^ ^ ^tt<tt>tc^, c<t 
c<fh t%H<Tc<^ ^Tc^rmM "srTH c>r<rTH c>r vsm «rt^rm stt%t%c<p cr - ^ ^m <tcsti «rtwr c<r 

RrR<tl3rc<F ^TCSTT<TT>rf| CT^ t%H<tBTC<P CTC^T «rfWf «rHTCiT? ^THfw f|f%C<F ^tCvs *TTt% I ^HT 

«rnm ^rr^m ^tm ct^ t%hc<^ ot^h c<t t%f^rc<F ^rtfsr ^rmprfli ^th^ c^t ^mfmw ^rt<Ttc>T 
Rf, ^fcsrmfc>T frmr- ^rptt «rm 'fiwHTc^ 1 

«rfwK ^mcH^ciic-c R^T R^T ^ «rf>TC% 1*BJt% ^^ l^f ^tttc^ Self 
Actualisation 1 ^^^Tt «tm f<F|^ ^t, ^s^ w^s^rf ^ ^rtsf 1 "srH^ ^ f^^rcB feJHC<t<l ctic^ 
^BC^ - <Mtvj^1, <FfaH «tm ' i TH-<T*r - tt%?ll C'T^H, 'SW- ^ffPtm C'TIH ^m RTsf-"*!^ C*tfpTl 

^tf? <ftc^t ^rr^ ^t<t «r^m <Tm t% ^rt^c^ «r^m <tm ht i <s® ^ntc?t tf&ow <^c?t<^^H ^ttc^t 
<fmt fwrc<F Hc?r «rfc^ti ^^mt «ih<f «rr*t ^to c^twti ^m^ «rrc^r <fmt ^tt<Hm tc«f 
«n^tcH<i f^c<F ^wu^ «?f ^cic^r i «h^ich<i fc«t w «tf^fm ^m ctc^h ^h c>rt ^m? t%<p 
^^^s «rrc<M 1 ^-«H ^tt^rmT ^th^ «tm t^ra 'j^w wt^ f%? ^r^rmT ^th^ «^ ^ttw ifs^ 
^rc<fjt «rf^rm ^f<T ctc^Ti ^t^rmT ^r Hw? ^th? ^c<rj «rt^rm ^m crr<r, «rt ^¥H ^ra ^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^ra w,w c<fh «ri^rai^ w\ ^rr, %tf9 ww f%sra c^rc?ra Rc?ioo ^fwm ^iwm h<fi «ras *f?jc^ 
«rra ntcra «rrfw ^n^ ^rr c<rc?r ^ra^i ^m ^rtH ^rmm *nf%?r csttc<f?t *rwi «rrsrm «rr^rra ^m 15 
^rra <7t*ift fw £ft%ra%r wtt (wtft nt i f%i f*ra ^^ ^rara *rc<rj t%ssra «rr^rc^ c^k i 

■s^mr^ ^f <h^t?t <Hfc^w> «rrc^ ^rffa ^w i^it% %t?r ^ « <$3<t^c<f t%?r ^w 
*ra w»tc<ra ^rc<ti ^pt <mc^h i c^wr c<*rc<F fwra tnhi ^^ «tth c^rra^, ^rl; fw ^rrsrHr <r# 
<r# ^iRc?ic^ ^R<hc-ei<i wwf<r nj<rr n<ri%3 ^hj 1 <?$ ^mi ^rt%R ^ft c^ i 4 <fsh 4 <fsh 
<Fra f%sra mcm «r$j*r?r ?r# «rt%t«rc^ •<rftx?r ^rw ^ <fc?t f^r, «rra Rosrar «r»^ c^rc^ ^rrar 
c^r 1 4<rr f% fr <jRi>tim<i <mw ^t ^rt% c<rr<Fra ^s <ftst *Tra*r? «rrsrc^ ^m w<r 4?r c^rc^ 
c<n<Ff?r <fnt «rra t%§ «rrc^ ^rrf<F! «rrc^m srsprr <tstc<t ^rr, ^ftft; ffo ^tw 1 ^?«f*fj <rf^ «rr^H 411% 
■^r ^c^r, f%sf?t mft ^^ wril; ^5 <t«h ncsra c<r «rr^rm ^1<t c^rc^r ^H t% cr *it%o 1 
i<n^ ^rc<rr <t*h tei «rr^rra ^1<t cw\ ^<H f^i <?r «rw ^t^rra c^rc^ 1 «rra mn f*ra ^p 5 ^ t%t% 
^cSlt orc<H 1 2f<T5T citc<h ^rst <Fi<f ^ctt «rr^t<t ct^r, ^ ^wtf^j, «rrfsft; 4$; ^ra t<F§ ^c?rf|i 
«$ ^ ^r, \sk ct^H c<r ^fht ^r <?$ ^mrnw^ wmc^t 1 ^ c<r ^rft ^ ^rc?ra, ^r<Fc?r?f?; 
^rft, ^t% ^raf&rc<T^ t%t^ ^rr<Tn7H 1 ^H°\ ^r<r 1<t^ ^rc<n f%sf<r 2ft%1<w cT-^rc^T 1 «rtwr fam 
<nfw csttc<m ^rc<nt ^1<f5r ct^ <rrf^ <?rrc<M <rftim <?mra ^rc<n cr^ ^rr 1 ^m t<Tt^r c<rr% t%1% 
^r<rm^ "src^rr t%sra «rr^m tR ct^r i ^5 c<r i<ii<i^ "src<rr ct^ ^t<r ct^t ^ ^rcr, ^t^ t%^ 
c^r^r f<tf% «rrc^r %tc<F« t%t^ TsrtPH 1 vfwi $& *imz<i <$% ^«rm "SR:<rj ^^ ^rr ~$m. 1 *nr, 
"srn?r c<f^r C2ft, s?w ■srrw c<fsr <m c# , «Nte, ^m<^ ^f «rm <Fi<f ^r ^cgic^ t%t^ wrw 1 t%t% 
wrc^ ^t c<r <Fi<f ^r iffftr ^ra^; «iR><ijf^», «rr<Tm %k cr^r c<r ^? #^« wrw 1 «prrRT 
<rw 4^ ^wrrra ^t i ^rar ^^fr^ v\q^ <rw 1<tR ^^t^th, ct^ ^Krc^ <tm ^s ^rar «rrsn? 
<3T<fi ^ ^im <f«tti ^m <rfer ^t<t f<t<rfr, ^M c<t^ m« i ^f^ wri t% <fkr «ww 
c^tchc^h, w^ <fc<ic^ %t?rr t*?i <trtt ^^rftc^ ■srrw ^rf ^tcit<t ^tt <i«r ^<Ff5^s <ttc<t ^rf 1 f<tf% 
wr% t%H ^?rc<F wrw «rra ^ra? ^rftos wrwr 1 c^f=n f^t *t«r ^rt^t *t^st ^tt i 
^t ^sT?rf wfw <r t<r^ vskl; ^f%, c<i^ ct^; *w c<i^ ^ ^«r «iwr <ra ^r?r Rc^ ^1:^1^ 1 

<T-«K <7F$ 4$ ^Cr5t RtR<1C^ (W<r - <FT<fc<F« CT^TC^T «ir<TT<T ^«TW^ CT^rc^T, ^TfT «rf? 

«r^ ^ctJic^ csfw c^t ^-<R t% ^?r? 1&mv ^wsf% w?r w ^ri^rf.^pH^ w^ «rrto 
^r^ ^r<T -irr*r "^c?r -?rr?j 1 ^ ^ftsrt-^^tpht ^t - ^ wft ^rrt^ra «rrc<F ct^tm c«tc<f ^<ft| ^^f| ^c^ ^wr 
c<Tc^rcvs «rrc<F, ^rtw i^ ^T^HT-^^rmr c^tc^tc^ ^otc^ irT<Tm <fk?\ <ttc^i trrarw «rp^ 
^iR^c^s ^t *Ft^-*rpHt c«tc<f t% ^po ^rnra cfBit dr^fH ^c?r^i ^r 5 ^ *Ft^-^mm ^wii 
^•<rrH <pf?r ^trh ^h i wTt^Ffc^r c<r-<rnH c<tt%t ^rwrt% it4t <t^t ct^ w?ra ^m w WT?r 
^rrnw ^h w<f <mt <??r <ttc<f 1 <t^ht-^pht *rfix<T c<FT«rr« nt, ^h ^th? wxfc ^pr <ra 1 

/S*r;i® ^w^° ^rc^ (^Rrrc^T «^ cth «rr^m ^rcsrj hI; i «rr^r f%| ^r?rtf<FciT?r ^s 
5|%m «in?[T<T <ri «rr5r?rf <t^h <ft^<f <Frf| ^fsr ^tm ^s, ^m ■stth ^r imr^ 1 ^t ^f5r c<f? 
cwiikr ^h ^rsH ^tc<t ^fe ^rrc^r cvsrsrm c<r ^<Fi^<TT<r p$ ^f5rc<F ^rr ^ 1 f<Fi «^ <f<tt <tR 
c<fh IHh <tt "^tsth^ <Frr "5?r ^mr ^h "srnrc^H ^ti ^'ct? "src^ \§ftr ^"<H , <rmr 9 t «rr^, 4<rm 
vgfsr \»tm ^s 1 cwr§<rr ^<Frc<T «rr^rrc^ c<fh 5^ hI;, c^rsrm ^rc^rrs c<fh 5^ hI;, 5^ <ic?ic^ 
cvsrsrm wra c^sc?ri t% cvsrsrm wra ^rrc^r c<r c<TT^r ^ c^tt^th ^ft^t, «rm c<rm ^r?ri ^ 

^JSff^lt, "SRHsT ^TC<JT C<T f^ «rTC^ 4H ^t ^C?T <TTC<T I «TTW? «TtW ^ms,<Fm <C?J <TT?J ^<H ^H 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


*$ps ^f? ^c?r <ttc<ti %sm <wcfeH <7tw?^ w^mtffiowtts fwusz&fr, <FfCcm ws <fs i^rr^i? 
<3T<f rt c<th 4<f| «rr?H ^tmc^t *ps ^~$$ws ^rtw I 

%(W 7F&Z*M2, W<TTtf^[<F #*TH W <1<pai<1 ^TCfto «rtC^ T«T ^TdOTr «T<PrH ^CTt <TTC<T I 

w<iTif^[<F #<th 2f«rsr ^Tser?? ^r *r^T?r *r?r 1<f§ «rtc^ f<fHT, ft€r?t ^R"*f?r ^hh ^t t%§ «rtc^ t<Ht, 
^fSfft t?^ ^rcw <ft§t <F?rc*r ^f%t t% «fMt ^r th ^rtsr ^Tt <Ftw <f?jcst ^rt ?ft *ire?rt 
<ttc<t, ^fK #w ^r^h i w<rjtf^[<F ^rt 9 ^ ^t t^tm ^r - ^r, #*r, w, «rt?t ^rmt, ^ 
¥T?tcB?t ^t^ ?rc?rc^i ^rn #<r «rt?r ^u^ c<r c*mt ^tf k*t <m «rt?r <fw*t T%?ri 4?r w 

*WMlC«M ^TT'fm 477T <TtC5^, <HWC*J]?1 «TJMBr 477T <TT?I I f^l ffTC^ «^ ¥|?TCB?r ^C<tT - t*$, #*T, 

wt«, «rm ^tht i ^ ^r<r t%f?T «TjTTfca tt*h?t «r ¥t^c<T? sfcaTFt^ c^ ?r°<*r?t sttcf i #?<r?r «tTsHT ^ 

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c^rrsr, ^r<r c<mt c*r<T i ■srr^rT <tc^t f<F§ «rtc^ ^tf<F! «rr?f W*J?t c^t 4<FfM <t^rt ^rtar i <fw*t? <3T%*T 
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^t<ttc<f <m «i^rfjT <Fnf| ^<H ^r#lt ^thc^s ^c<t i 2f«rw w^r ^ppttbcm w <r ^j<t ^ft ^c?r 

<TT?J | i£|^ <F^C<F ^^s <M <TT £TT?J^i <M <Mf "^T I WlCTt^'ff^ *fC?T C<T <WM "5C<T C^ <FC^ <FTQ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


CTC<T Rfl C#SHJ i«RtW?I <Wt 3?J ff^fw^^l ^Tf? <MC&H fff^ ^5 CTC5, 1T% «It<FRt>f «IfiR* 
t<Fg 4^ 1^5 t%R ^RR ^gf ^t TTtw «Tt, ^ v|Rc°1$, ^CS <TTC<T i ^ot?J feffl, ^^M (RTTCS^ 
*#^W, &?JV|HC<I> ^ - ^ W^M <E5T I t^RVTH R^TCo (RRff?!, f<TR ^flW Tt<HT <!><1C^ ^Nf 4"5R 
f%^ SfR^ ^Fvf f|*f, RR ^SHT ^oTC<F ^t *fft?J « ^FJTCo ^C?TC^I OT ^FCVR ^SHT ^tfT? «JTsFt 3C?TC^ 
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«RvoR ^TtW Rt, ^ ^flffo <# CT^tt "^J, vsf^T #f<T3 ^H tgs*ft%?T 'RR ^^C^C^ C<T ^t 
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4WH <Tv5 (Rt%, t%ft ^ WTt ^VR C<FR <M ^^FClftC^H RR ^HT ^TC<F 4^ C^K <FHT t%?J ^PTJ 
9\Uv ^C?TC5 I 4RR C<Tt^T ^TRRT <FC?f ^R ^H ^8?tt% 3C?f C^T, ^ <TC«T t% ^k CFfC<R <FRft>t fsrcB" 
<TTC<T? Rf, <TtC<T "=TT, ^H CFfC-<R <FHt^f C«fC<F <TtC<T, 4^ W&\ ^R *fT#fC<T "=TT I W3 \otCo \oT?f t%| 
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«RtW ^C?T <TH ^?H ^^ C<Tt<TtT?J l ^k W ^Ht <R ^rCST ^TtC^, C<T : <T^Q'CSTf '<FSTsrH ^STTR ^HT 
"5JWRT "^WR, W ^ 5 , C<F# C<Ftf& W$ t%5 "^s, (TTS^f *JC\£ ^ "5C?J <TT?I I ^HT'^'tf^ 'R t%t% 
W <R «^t (TTSM ^sTC<F «TR Rf<TCvs TRC<T "=TT I <FR°t ^ftW <Tt<JT?r "Wst K^T CfC^I t% Wm 
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K^T <TTC<T ^tt, liTSM <Ff CTC<T I f<Fl wH~t "^fS CT'<fC^t, ^^M f<F^ fl,wfe *ffk «ttU5 ^= 

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^mtft, t%t% ^t (M t%5Tw i ^s c<fh <FfT<r (s$ i t%t=r <# «rt^? <?^<f <^Hq t%?r drr 

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^JfF<T "5C?J C^HI ^tt RC^T t% t%t% ^M "5C?f «TtC^R? C<T5R «ift<T t^C^H C^SR fffR^ 5ff<FC<Hl 
«rfSRt <# f<F|^C°R ^HT ORH t^ ^Tf?J ^Wt t^ ^^<T I votl; WT f<F ^Tf? t^tfe 'R ^5Rt# 
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nr^R "=rr i «rfT5r<f ^^ ^frit ^rcs Tif^ri ^ rc«t t% ^i$c<t<t ^ ^c?rfl^T c<r wrfsr ^r^ 

«TR %<Tt# Wlf^Tt ^T? f<F^ t^ ^?TtH I C<T ^?f ^HT ^t *t% sTR^f <TRC^s "5C?TC^ CT^ <WM 
WH ^TtC^fT 'RR^S C*R "5C?J <TtC<T "=TT l f<Fl #<F<T3, ^TffT, ^l<r|v|b^, ^fWfFf^f <$&& C*m ^T^f\ 
2fC<TfSfT ^R, ^«f ^^TRt «R^R ^R^ I ^WR ^JfFC<R ^RRff ^TtC 9 !!; <TRT «TfC^T ^R C^M ^^M 
"PTCo 5ff<FC<Tl Wtl «TR «l<)votC<l<l ^T#t <TRT C<TSR Tfft#, ^R CSfC^s ifl^M 2fC<TfSfT "5C<T ^Tt, 
4^TRt H^ojV|\8» i «rwR ^R 5 ^ «TR f^oT^C<F ^<FCvt% ^FRC^f ^rff f^o "5?J ^tf I ^f^fCoR ^FSTJTC^R ^HT, 
#R3 v|«tC»1<r ^HT HCSR t^t?f CT^ <fR c t ^R t%| W$ ^^ «rRR f%R RH I ^^R RfCT «TR 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^fNrt ^ftsrT, ^% Tjpr, ^r%rpr, ftoftfo, <s*prmr$, ^fhiPr w twa?^ ^rrc^rt ^Rlcrfi ^rrc*f?r 
«rrc?m wpfl w <f^ wr «rrc^; t<t ^ ^it ^c?r ^rttrn i t^rfe *tc?! w <^sf -^j^ csrwrt ^r otc<t 
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TTfT f%R ^Ns <MtoH, ^M #<R ^Nst <R05 C«tC<? C?R?R I <T%TPr ftc^R ^f&, WR£flf%?J *f?f G$ 

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ttw«, ^rtf^, vb^hI: f%R ^c*r ^ ^^//5i/, w ° w? ^zws^ «ifsrm c«rc<^ ^ ^K c<iRc?ic^ i 
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«rrfsr ^ifc?r?r ^m <*?ift, «rtwm ^fw ^rft, 4«cerr ^r ^c% ^«rr i c^mm f% c^t^t ^c?rc^ ^rfsr «rt?r 

c<tt%t ^w<Ftc*f c<r R^icwtf^ t^r <*c?r c*$\u$ ^rma f%TcB -sng <[tntt <Rrt ^c^ i ^r 
<^fT "§=T (TftMt; C<TR "?tft# <J°iC5,«s Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to 
manifest this divinity within i «rNTCii? ?Rt?r ^rc<fj 4^ tW Wf ^R ^fsra fw^TR i f%® «rrsRT 

^t w= Hcwi<t c*$ fw wrw ^c*r ^rrsrm c^ «rw?r 'tf^mm, ^rrsrm ^r ^«fih ^rw 

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^rit ^R %t5 ot ^rfsrfli «rrsrm wt ^ o^ ^rc<f Rc?tt ^rtw «rrc^i f^i ^r c^r <nt 
«irsrm «im wr ^r ct^ ^tt cm^m ^tc<tj rr R<ii^r, f%fRt «rw?r «rm wt, ^R 
#^r? £tf% ^H^ffst ^^ ntc^ "<Tm i ^stI; <^t kr wrt ^c?r c^r ^m t% <nf%c^ ff, *jar, 
^tff c<^ «rr<K^ rt? i^Rit «n<^, ^mt ^it «rmw i f<^ ^^r=t ^tci? £tf% c<r irw ^\ 
^m %r crl; «a ^t#t Rt ^c?r «rt ^tc<i? ^r?r "^i i ^c<t ^ «miJtw ^rr<Rm "srr<Tjwt; «r#r 
^<i^s ^tji ^rr<Rm ■srr<Tjw ri ^t ^ f%| c^kstk ^c?r "<ttc<ti c<tsr "^rwtsr ^ffci? ^p <7Rt 
wsi ci<n?r «rfwtra ^tf^ <mc^ «rw f%| «jrwm wm ^r^ ^m ^c?r%i i ^ ^Tf^w 

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^t?tc<f |c?t t%?rc§«Ti "»K ^c?r t%^ ^ra <?TO ^t? *tff?fst csTTifw?j ^ni ^ck^, ^t$c<t<t 
^ifto^s cfN^ c^nt%^?ji ^t fw «im11<m> «i^jvoti «rtf%*rrc<rT ^ra Rc^c<t^ «rm ^rmtc^ 
nmM Rt, w criFrc^ «?f <5c?tc^ '"srmr! ^tm! «rtwr «£# <^! ^r wrsrsrr w^ Pw r^' i ^ 
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■^jwrcsR <?$ £ff*p5pr %t Rt, ^rm <7$ ^rr<Rf, ns^pttt t%^; %r Rti c<t *w wc?j ^t wr?mr?t 

C^ft^s ^C<T, Wf , <TJR <*C?I ^RR?! «fif <5?fW (TTS^Tf f%^ <5c?yR i ^fff# ^t «ETCfa ^f^Tfl^ 
^RT C<T ^R ^j^m <s?rc^T (TTR ^T Stumbled upon realisationi ^?r «j<f ^T c^0 c<fc?t 
«rmf%f<F ^fc<T f%| c*rc?r "<tt^"?it i 

f%l f^r «rrcn I^BmcRcB tfRsBt ^m?r «Rwf^i, «rrcsrfwrc^ ^tm <s?rc^ ^w ctt <nf%?r 
"5%"f w?t?r ^ ^c^ii^c^ cF!c?r?rt ^ t*rtBr?r Rc?ic^ i ^srcvs ^ v»5cstt<f "srr^rm c^fB *fR i t%| 
t% f^f% | s?TTR wm ^m ^ ^c?i c^tc^T i ^^^frat; <?$ «®?rrf <rf^mtf% w 2jt%»T<m ^s^ 

^C?! C^fC^T I 4*R ^R R»^CM)^ «tPfC^J §<£j«l*R C^TC^T, (TT^ tfJC?r*fR C5fC<F ^?. «^t I f<ic^?r 

RTWfrt tR^cwt fwt%t ^m viRww «rfw wm ^rj c^tr c'ftc^ c^r i ^r ^ ^jfRRt <rm c rf, 
^rnit 15 ^ sffwmR ^?j ^tffRT ^rr^rm t%| ^rt f%| c^tk «rmw i c<r w ^ ^ twrT 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«rrc^r 4W? c^m ^rrfa?. ^w i<im$ t%§ ^r t%§ c^kstk <i?rr ^fw i c<fh 4^<fbt wm^rm c<fh 

^TC<T 4<FBt *fW 0<lC?t 4f*rc?T cfc^i 4tfr? 4-<H ■=TT5lt; ^C?TC^ Mentally Autistic, ^m ^fflH ^T^ 
^fp ^rc<rj t%§ «t^ ^r srtc^ 4"Ct<t t<t f<F§<r <tt% ^MH^ ^?rH i c^rt ^rtn c<f^ ^rs w$ f<r?#, 
^ysrc?! f%f&, f%f%c^ f%f& f^i «s «tw f<F®rc<T <F*rr w^ ^j wth ^rti ^v^ «rr^ f%^ ^t? 
<nc?r?T ^rwm w i «rnw f<F§ f<F§ ^rr» gstw ^rf^, 4<t>ftc<t> cstn ^?jH wv fw f<F§ nrc^t «rmm 
st^s csm ^c?r ^rm i ^t ^5c*rrc<F?r ^m^ ^sTim <F«ft ^m, t%i 4-<h ^rm <?rcn c^ cb#, «rm 
^c?r c^r #t^^ i 4"c<f f%m t%i ^s c<fh ^<FrsT w\ ^rr i ^«r ^^r^ sff*w c^ i "^w^rcsra 
Ufa irBit ^c?rf%ri ^rp "K ^fc?t f%st ^fwrcsra c^sc<t «rfM w c^rc^i 4^rm ^<><tc<i>$ ot 
^tc^ «rrsrar 4*rtH ^^ f% ^<Mft ^r «rtwr ^s^ ^ich f^; i ttf? c^rc^r ^t ^jtth, ^m 
wHtwrH ^c?r ^tc<ti ^*h ^rwrcsra ^c<f «rmm ^ ^rc^t ^m «^ ^Hbt k^t c*ki wr^f 
$W\ ^rcvs <fhc^ ^rc^ 'srmr! \§ft 4f% ^fc?t fer, «rtfsr w «ihc^ f%rsr' i 4^rc<r «rmjrf^F 
«i^fvb ^r "=rr i 

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aw*r ^f%?rT%r^ ^wfer « wrc=rr%r H^ ht w\, ^HT-^^rmm <m*t sr*ffw ^rr ^t <uh "^j ^tti 
<rmtt <jth (TTtm w^ Hra «rrw ^Tcr^ <# ^rr "^r «rrcn ^f%?rf%fc ^c^, ^«h ^f%?iH5r#r f% 
f%H<r (7f5it c<rrc<rr ^rr, ^^h 4<rr H^ ^^ f%! ^mt ^h ^rt-^phTvs vsr^rm ^r^ ^^ 
i>c<=ic^ ^'CT?r ^mr f% ^<ra ^R??tfH5i^ ^c<t, <jth wt c^r «rh<f «rh<f ^ra i "stw c<fh t%f twr 
^<r^s ^<j^s c<r ^tite k^t "<rrc^ c#N3 <jth ^m i wr^tfw c<fh f<m, ^r <rr^; c^t<f ht c<th, ^t, 
Tt^s, ■=#, twH, ^rf^sj, ^i^tK, ^f^pr tttI; c^ ^ c<th ^? c<r c<fh ^^<t^<f twr ^c^ c<r 
^f^s f^T ^fj^ «rm ^h<tch<j ^t fifH<TQMw tHc?r twr ^w^ "*m& Tite fej c<r ^r^s 
te c f ^^, ^t ^ *ptiitt «thht ^t^i ^ij^M ^te c<rmfH ^rm ht i ^t c<i «rrtsr w^Hfw? 
c^ift, W 9 Hm «rHTc^ c^rc^ri «rtwr ^m^rcM ^t <?r<if|, ^t c^r#r q&\ ^^ c^i 
^TTcstirc^ c<r <r<w im ^rm ct^ ^r ^Tmt <rrc^ ■sth^t c^t ^m src<rj ^c^ ^rr i ^^H wrcwm 
(?r^r "<#^^tt ^® ^cst *tfwm "sthw «hj»<t ^<j^<ti tw f% «h^^^t^, ^c^t^TJt «rrcsrm 
f<r^ i «rHrcrsj c^r<m "sr:<it «rrcsTm f<F| f<F| wb^t "<rrc^, ^m ^ht "srtt ^c^ «rrfsr ^w cr^ ^tc<f 
c^tfli tw t%tH<rBT c^r ^rPrcsT ^sr ^ i w^Hm ^ «rtM ^rro c<r «rrc*#r «rHm c^rc^m mfei 
cwsc^ "<Trc^ c#r ^^ ^f<r "srr^i (7r*rH c«tc<fI; ^frt%^r "<rrc55 ^^rf^^i ^^ «irtsr m w^htc^ 
it%t oi^ift ^H tsr^nr i c^ht ^tH^rcri ^m\ ^h <t«h ^h ^rrriH ^?r ^«h 4« ^mr 
^T?rm "sr^r crr<Hi 

ii%T%?r «rHrcii? sj%?<m «rrPr ^wr (7wwtc<f cBw h?t, ht^, ^h ^^^tt «ih<f ^t 
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t^RHsrm c<tsh ^*ttqm ^f% "st\s c<rmc?r k^t "<Trc5^, ^^«rR^r^G fl<F ^sTl; ^55, ^r<r ^f% w c<imc?j 
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^j^^ csdlMk t'stJlMiH. *i>iNRciiI f<^s i i^s> 1 1 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVV/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


f®W (2# CWtVt <nM® e Pftt W?f<r&w PHHiH 3W «/<$«, /^ ©^" i*?<T? CvC&rlW *fWtC<faw 
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13rat? ^rtwr «imc<m c§?Ttf% ir*fa ^frac?r froi ^^wt <?rfwrw fo% ^r, t% «rrara t%f& 
t%^Q ^rai «n^R^it; f§<F t^ c§?rrf% it*h ^<fc<hi w t%, hh «rt^[t% ^^rr^ t%t^ wh^s 

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wHrc<F $t$?i ^t <*$ ^rc^f i «rtwr ^m <fsttc<f «rf<T*rK ^f?tc^3 *rrm ^tns *rira i ^rp <# ^tc<f 
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csfcn ^m i 7 rr s Tm c t c^m «rrsnr "srw ^fl ^^5? «tM ^rt t%| «rrc^ ^m «rrsrm 9m$ w^ ^rcsrr 
"^r 1 wsTTtfwj^ wrCT ^ ^m&r «rrc^ 7 tT 1 ^c^ t%^ ^R ^tcv» "^?r ^s^H t%f^ ^"sh «h <j°ic<ih 

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t%f& ^rr^ w! ^rrcii? c<t ^t t<T*TK ^r ^u^ ^m^mt c^nw c<FT«rr« *tr^rr <ttc<t ^rt c<r 
«rg<F "«ttt<m ^<Frc^ c<tc^ ?&$ ^r ^mi ^m^? ^rc^ i<ti<i^ «r<TTt%s ^mi vdw ^ t^ <ttct^ 
c«>vs<iTjf ^r ■srr^m c»rc?m Xv*}w> *rm^«f, ^ « ^??rtm<F (?fic<^cii<i %mr ^tm^m ^c^ k*r, 

t<Pl vol^; ^T votW? ^ \stt^fj <ji?jc<lH "=TT l >iR)j<MC<l<l f<TH W<rfTt%j<F ^^<T %k ^<Flf^t- ^W ^H 

«rmw ^rr, ■^rrsr-^Tc^m c^r^f c^vbic<iH ^rti wtsttc^ c<r% f<r^ ^rmrt ^«rr w^ t*tc*r c^\ t% ^tcvs 
nrf^rr, "stc^t ^tc<tj c^r c?tc<t^ <ttc<t i t% >iR>i<Mc<i<i w<rjtt%j<F ^j^<tc<f «twt t<r^ ^r fwr %m« 
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w^s c<Tt<irrc5^T cs?jtt%^?ji *m cwtz*t, "snw ^f% <jt% c<r £t<m*f w^t ^msr c<fki «rrsrrcir^ 
^m^mrc^ ^rr ^c?r ^ «rr^rt 'tmf^ c<FTc*m «rm^ t%m irw - «rwr, sfHsra, ^ichi^?], twH^ra 
vs ^rH 1 ^ ^t ^rTfil^ c<m*t 1 «riH^ii?]c<M*f ^r «rt^rm ^ra c«rc<F ^<fc^, «rh^w<i>rc*ra c^dt^ 
«rr^rm ^m^Hi ^ c<m*tQ^TT c%rcsra c«rr>Tm ts, ^^rtr em\ ^iwi^t wmm «rrc^r c^rmri c*rr>rr 
^tt%c?r ^tfw cw^ c^r (W<r f<F0; c^i <r<H ^^ fs?R<rc<t> ^ran ^55, ^<H 2t<fr%?r ^^rmm 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


f%l t%h<tc<f^ ^ih ^m\ t^i ^m c^s^ f<# ^rtc^r f^t ^wr^t, «rt?r ^st? ^»m ^wt^, 

tbvoHjvi^i wmi ^t t%f^#r #f^5T^sra ^s ^J, #^tW? <^sC?I 05$ 4<Ft>> ftft ^ CT^TT 
STTC<F I #tW>1^ra ^fC?! ^5R?#r WC^ WC^ «t <$#f C<Tf%?T «TfW I 4*ftH fl##f \sf ^BJ | «Bi?$ 

wrrr% 2Rn*f i ^ ^fwf^t 2f<Frc*r?r 4<fbt *m 4<fbt «rm?i c rc<F *r<H w^ "^j ^r c^rf ^rm ^srn 
?m cstc<F <fs swh, c#r <w c<Ff*r, <n?r rh ^«tm c<Ff*r, es«iR>vBi i ^rtw <r<H «rt^sm o$\o*\ 
c*ffu5 <rm ^<H ^t «r^, stm « "sr ^t RhcG c<Fr*r «Tct ^rro ^rtn i ^^ TwRsra « «riH-h^ 
c<FTc*m ^ic<it ^k ^ c<r*rT ^rc^ ~w$ i ^rcwj ^rw <r«R ^m* ^?r ^jr R^H^i^ c<FTc*r «rm 
<?<h ^ «rr^ftc^ nc?fi; «rrc^r ^*R «rR*^r?j c<ftc*t teT ^fc?r i 

ttf? <mc&h w?r ^«H if^#h wrsj\s -^r ^<r «tnh c«rc<F ^m ^r^r ^s *rrc?r i tw 
<fc& <?<R c*ftc^ <ttc<t \s*R ct ^r*jft?r w ^f «rm c<fr w w<h rt i ^tMt; ^t TwRsm c<ftc*t 

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«ifwsr ^<ra <tt?t ^m'm «rm f%| o^, ^ c*m i vam ^ih, ct ^t^tc?t k^t ^77^ ^^\o^ w$%\v 
^r W% <h?;, tw^rm ~*m ^<f "5c?r <tt?i 1 ^Tf^ <i<=ic^h «rfwrsc^ ^r^ k^t ^^t ^ - ^ f^ ^; 
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^rc^ f^rr ~~s\^ om\ <trj ^rr 1 ^frtt «th^h c<mc*m M*T§r 1 wr ^-^m^ «tpt^ t%?it c*r «t^h 

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«rr<K<T ^r 1 ^ "srci ^tm-^?] c<m*r «rm rwh^ri c<mc*m ^tc<tt <tt& c<hh ^jwioTsiw c<n<Trrwr 1 
<p<H ti^t w -sn?TTsr?i c<mc*t ■^ttst^s nrc^r ^rhs ttc^t, f<Pi ^m %& 2fT < Tsr?j, wra c<mc*r c^r 

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^c<t, f% ^ c«rc^ ^c<t, *tft#rc<F twrw ^rc^s ^c<t ^^rc<r? f^<F ^m «rm c<fh ^t? «rrc<F ^rti 
ifit "^rnsr c<FTc*r ^rsfK ^rtwsrn c<mc*it f^ t^<f ^• s tst% ^?t o*$ «rr^wit%^ 1 «rtw c<r 

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«rtH^vi?! c<ftc*tI; sr<f® ^rwif^ 2f<Tn*rc<F c<TT<TtT <rT?r 1 t^i ^ «nH^vi?ic^ ^ ct -^w^ ^^ 
k^t ^rRr ^H ^<rt^Tw wfBT «n<Fc<T f<M «rm ^rmf^ c<fh ^th «ti<fc<t ^rr i ^tf? ^rc^, ^th^ 
t^r ^rp " s rT 9 rc^ c^ti ct «rm <ntc?r ^w -<r<T? fwcs nr^r ^fi ^m^r, ot ^cst ^r c*tc^i t^i 
^m ^Tr^rrc^ t% ^c?r%r? ^h f^ ^tc^t, c<f wth «tt^, <t-«h ^t <rrf5^r ^?h c<f c<h «rrk<F 
t%r «rm ct c<h ^^ ^rr^rcM ^c?i c^r 1 "srrH, ^ ^^rjf^ wr^r ^fB^ ?%r, ^m ^thh ^r^rc^ t^Tcir^ 
^a^lH^l c<h cws K^T ^^r «nwrK^i «rm «nwrw c«tc<f cw <Fki^*f «rmm <F , kir*f c«r^<F 
«rt^rrosF 4? ■src<rjl; ^hhh c^tt ~5^us «nw 1 4^r?r «ihi^« «jh -srrsR^ ^rr 1 4 fstH<T ^^5 
«rwm 'aror^ ^r 1 <tht TtfRi'f ^rtw ^rcr? «rtwrrj^ ^m c«ht c*t<ti c<fh ^tc<t «rr^rroiM 

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f&tim *m cmuf, w? c«rc<F c*rt 1 c<f=t c*f%? ^t<t c«tc<f c^st?i c^ *m l\>*>wm >hci>c?i 

<FTC^ «l<)f^s 1 i£|t C<Ff*r t^<F C<H WTHTC^ ^ 9 !? W, «TTC^ "sr:<IT C<TSH WfT?T?I «fTC<F t^<F C^sfH 

^ ^Tr omo*H ^<rj c^ ^tpt?j fw cwfT% mfyo \ c^ht ^t ^hc<f ^tt ^r ^'Hfe 
^ti \5ih*?*hi c<Ff*r ^r «rr^rm ^^Hfe ^Hi c#t« fw c*h ^«rr ^r?r, c»r<T <F«rr ^m^ *$o% 
TrR« vsm ^-=tVr ^-<rnH <f?it ^ ^rr 1 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVV/Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^5fH*HW*i c<m*tc<F ^ ^FRrc't <t*tt ^ c*T&, ^? *rca ^rm c<f^ c^i <rrc§?j?r c*$ c<f? ^rfti 
^m^f ^rft ^th ^Twm ^m c«tc<f ^rc^? (?tt<f 1 ^twr *f# «rtt^r c<t^o *im<T ht, ^rft *r<% «rtt^r cous 
*rrf?l 1 ^mcwr c*t& c<f? £t<rH5rfT 1 ^m^f <ril 9 fr%<T ^rc^ c^tw f%t% «rm t%| <mc<m ht 1 t^s ^m t%| 
?rit*it% ^ wm *rc?tl; "sc<t, v5t? «rrc^t t%| ^c<t nti c<t*h «rfsrrcii? «rr^rr ^th ^tt#T" (Ibw, 
^mc^?r ^t|*it%e ^rrft fo^rr i ?t<t t%§ ^u %t?r T$ff5, f<Fg c<fh R>§m>$ t%th ^ h^t, ^<fc?h ^m 
t%| sf^rH^fti wrwra c<ft*t «iw<H>r ^i <# c<fh ?r<Fcsr snm>i81<i ^rc^ dtc^ c<m «nm 

vsl^T ^C^ THCvs "5C<T 4^ «rft5r ^Ttltf^T <FlC^« C%^ C<TC\s tRR I 

^ 9f«t3^r c<FTc*t?r c^t^h t% «rrc^? ^ c<r HfrtT» c<Ft*r 4?r ^ <FfTm *ic<tj ?rw «rrc^ wsm^ 
ftufc 4?rr Htw, 4?r ^rc<rr «rfwr «rrc^i *««[ c<Fr*f6r« «#tjt, t% ^m cf^n c<T^r «rrc^ c^r 
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^rfar (H^; 1 <tt<t#?t c<r c<fh ^t <k^\ c<r^r <f^ht wr "^r crSi^; ^wh ^rfwr 1 *f<w c<Frc*f?r c*f^H 
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T%s??t c»\sc?t c^ ft>\s-uos?jiR><i it4t <fc?h 4<r?. fas&m w^ <k^t, ^h t%ft <w<H ^rmr 
f<pwrra c*$ csfTtr%^ c-«ht ^rc^, cit csrTTt%c^ t^^rt^ ^pwh 1 %k ^rrc«r ^ ^cm t% 

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^tw c<r «H¥ ^rr "^r (7r<rr(H ^tRc^ «hs «n? w<mt%i<F w\cm w.w ^rr^ ^r *tt%^ ^t 

Wt^ttW «H¥ ^T T%1^ <fv5 TW W<ITTt%|<F «H¥ <^5 C«TC<F« <^5 t%® ^sH ^«1 ^W C«tC<F C<I ClT^ 

w<mt%i<F «h^ ^sihh ^m c«tc<f« c$$ - wm%iPT w^%h ^^ t%<f t%t^ ^ c«rc<F« ^s, 
«rafK i<t c«tc<f c<r ^ ^st? c«tc<f« <rw «rr<n? ^h ^^tw c<r ^t<t c«tc<f ^s ^i? c«tc<f« t%ft "^s i ^ 
c<r M^r^sT i£r5T ^<F<Ht; irRt^ ^r ^fiiTcefa «h^ ^c<t ht i ^t ^ c«tc<f^ ^ c^; ^f5w? "sr:<it« 
t%rh, ^T^ra ^tc<it c<r ^t^t «itc^ ^m ^rc<rr« t%tH T%rprH, ^r|c^ c^f^n c<r c<Fmr<Fit^ 
wfc^ vsrn^s -sr:^ t%th twsth i ^rfttft ^ <# c<FT?rrc<F% c«tc<f« «ht c<fh ^ ^^pth twr% 
«rttwm ^c^r ^r ^m c«tc<f« ^ w, ^K ^m ^rc<rr« ^r Rhj>ih «n<Fc<H i «ht T%<f ^ c<r 
%fS" ^rr^ ^m "src^ t%H twsrn, ^ ^rr^ ^r %Nt ^^ c^rt w??*! i ^r<r c«tc<f <tvs, ^w 
c«tc<f ^s, c#sht %m HT^r ^T l 

t%H frMz, /^w? ^rnn <rm c«tc<f ^ w^m ^rt c<rfer ct^, ^n ^rnn w??f i wm 
c<t*h c^rHtB' ^w <rr ^"f ^r, ^cm c^ wsr c<fh ^w ^r «rs^r ^r ht, ^lt /^w? i «rm T%H 
h<i<i?i<i, %m c<fh «r^ (Ht i wrfsr ^h <Frf^ ^rm ^s «rtc^, ^?h ^tbt ^rm ^tfta? ^^# ^m, 
^tftc^ ^ ^rnn ^iITcm ws?f i ^ctt? c<fh ^r ^j ht, c<fh «r^ ^r ht ^t ^cm c<fh «r^ ^r 
ht i «r?*t «rm ^m ^p\ ^ «r^rcM ^rrc«r ^ i c<r RtRc<i<i c<fh w< c^ c^ t%Hc<r? c<fh «r^ 
^c<t ht i <t«h <mt "^r Trm^riz ^mi^ ^^ ^thc<t<t ^h ^^t t<Trjm <rmrc<F wr^mrn wti$ ^rr 
^c?r «rrc<F i >iI\sj<hc<m c<r %m ^r#t ^rwt, ^rwr#r cm, ^rr#t it «ti<fc<t w htt i 

t<rtH §w «rm t%w, ct^h «rwtc^ <?r*f ^ c^, <fm w <rr ^r?*f <tc^t t%^ <h^, 

C^HT T%t^ ^T<T ^TSRJ ^, ^5"? I ^^M t^C?T C^T^Tt <Tm <jf# « T%m W ^rsJ T%r I ^ "STT(H 

^m, %m "sr:<it c<fh ^racm «r®fe (?r*r (Ht i ^w ^rrc«r «rm t% wt? crnifmtz cmtfcs, ^cv^ 
^rrc«r ^rrc«r t%H csmfw^ c^nt% i ^t cwtf^wt^ cwif^s 4? ^tktt if*f hw w$ «rm« R^iR\d 
^nm <^<ic<i«i i ^rfCM «rmrf3r<F «w ?rft# ^fcm hiw <j<=ic^h t%t^r c^nt%^« C5?jrf% i ^r ^r 
«rf^rT csrTtT%?r« c^nt% i <j - <h ^rT<i<F ^rr<Hm "sr:<it src<r*r ^c<^ ^d^h t%h c^s th (h^ c<r-<rT(H 
<tt5 c^rTTfwH «rrc^, ^t ^5, ^, h^, ^t 1^<t ^ntc&?r «rrcsrr, ^m\ c«tc<f c<r c^ttt% ^Mtsth 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


*rct w' <?$ zm ^n^bvoHi w^r i «tmw? ^rara c»^c?r <ra fo^Tjsra ^gr ^i^ c*$ ^gt ^ifir 
^t 4<f i ?rc<ra <ra c®fjTf%, 7tc<ra <ra «rr^rf <?#r ^t «rr^rjti ^ittm <ra ^rtwf, <ra ^rra srt<Ffco «rf?r 
«rtM fro, <ra ^rm^ srmra wtj ^ra «rfM fro, c^ ^nw#it ^n^w w^r, ^mt; c^ 
^rwif^i ^t ^rwif^ c<Fwm (jNt <rm? ^rmrcni «^ 4<f?; c§fjtf% <ra*rnm <ra-<rn/T w 
C5fjtf% «rrc^ (?r<flw smtt*!^ ^ 1 

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c^srra <ra w^Tcsfjrf% fwsrra <?$ 05fjtf%c<F «rar c<Fra C5fjrf% wmt cht <ttc<t nT, ^sra f<F ■<# 
wrc^ «rrcsri^ <rr ~$m «rrc*rrc<F <# c^s y|$ vstg ct*ic\s «thsirr ^ttc<t nr, ^^ra «rrwra «rfM 
<rt ^c<m «rn^rm c^r c<Fra sffit c^ 1 c^smj ^ ^wit%c<f ^rt ^r iwsfjtf% 1 wr<ra<^ri 
-5$, -?#ns <<ra ^rtc^r ^t sprc^ra c<Fra f^r <m?;, 4$; ^fc^ ^rr f%| «rrc^ ^ra t%^ «rtfsr ftcsra ^rro 
<fc?t mc^s ftfm, c#sraT <rt??rm ^r wrar ^s ww, mc^ <ra ^ t*fB$ c*m ^rr, fncsra 
^tcwr ^rrsRm «rm <M<rra ^» ~~^~% ~~^a nr 1 «rfsrra w <^; «rtf<F, w ^tm^r «rtf<F Ros?<i ^rcara 
<Ftu5 c<Fra ^r%t; f%^ ^r?r 1 $~~~ c^m «rar c<fh osffif% wosrjifoc^ «rfc^nfw <F<rc\2 ^rrc^rr 1 ^ 
^m^rwrf^ <Frar tw^ <fc?r? «rr^rc<raT <fmr 1 «rr^rtc<Mt srnra, <fmr Rc<t<H <$?f<t ^mr ci^m ^t 
^rtc^ <rt f<Ff o<Mt "5^ t<t "^ «rmm <rj^ c«tc<f i «rrfsr c<t w^mrc^ c^tf^ c^tst w -<tf| <|T% 
srm<Fc\s 1 ^mu^ ^r-^, «rrn^ <rr t%| w^ w^ i^ t^ ^ 11 Rc<t<H ^r^<M c^m, ^ 
■sR^rrsra c<Frc*m c^t^m f<rwmsra, f<rwmsnra^ c^r^m «rH-hsra 1 f^f^r c^<m ^t w <[fe ^f% wc^; 
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2Tff%? «r^^ ^c^ 1 ^ s^c<m «rfcsTT^rm ^^ <f«tt ^mmm ^ ^ kst «rfc^r 1 «r<jjt^r f^raw 
^rfM^rm ^^ <f«tt ^<Tm ^<rm ^ «rfwi «rwt% «jm wr%^ ^p c<r% nr<N c^i ^r??nft «rm 
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^5?rrft <tt «twfft, ^f% 7p*m «rg^t ^<m wt% ^r wtft 1 ^t ^<f&tI; <n, <r<m ^t <t^c<f ^f^tc^ 
T%<f <Ffcsf ^rrnm ^s^m ^fnc^? -srcsjj ^rj cwm 1 ^t ^f% <r^; <r<m c^scm mc<f k^t <rm ^<m 
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<rfl#tc^ ^rrnm «rrc^ ^fes ^ c<tsh c<tsr <rf% §&%, ~w^ ^rtc^r «rrsrm ^rmT^Tm w*^ 
«nc^, <ttciti ^«r «rrsrm <rrnwr sn^rff^Tra ^fM<F wc^; ^mr c%~~~~- c<tsr <f?u5 «rfsrTc^F^ c^ 

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nrc^ra f^r «rHnr "^c?r cnu5i ^Tfci? ^-<m w twri ^tf^ ^?m ^«rr^ w^ fmcw rti srrc^ra 
■iTfc<F ^<f5t ^«r %r, ric^f ^«m t*rmt <^ ^t%<f <j<=ic^h, «c<f <jtf^s <F(ra ^^nra %ra wtt "<ttc<t 
f<rmr 1 ^rr %r ^rm «rmc^r, ^if? «ti<fc^t OTt^Hm 1 «Nra ^fRra ^im^, ^fe trac^r rt, 
^"R ^Tfc^ (^rar c<f <f?tc<t, f^ fS^r ^ra cnc^i ^tt ^rt&c<F t*rmr <F(ra <^rco ^, <rjf%c^ <^rc?r 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^*rc<T THc?r «jptt <ttc<t t^ht (TRt^ wrc i *rf| <wc^, <?fh fwr <?r$ «rtfsr «rrft i «iwm ^ft^c^ 
^fr ^r^ >rfcsf wrc^ "5? ^<H ^sk^e ^m «w^rft "^rc^ 3$ 1 ^rmrncr ^HWft «rm f% <F*rt 1 
«r**f ^^ ^j^ ^tc^ Tgjf^j «rr<m ^m c*f^H c*r^?rt; ^f(?F 4-<H ctffwrcvs ^c<r i <jf% <#<j >tcst 
c<r fiww 4<fi^[ <fc<t h«ic^ «rm ^rr <f?tc?t« ^k ^tc<t ht, c>rt ^f% <r% <rr%¥ <tt f<Ff wrc^ 

vsTC<F C>TQT?Tf «jrpfsjcf <Mto$ ^C<T, ^-^TTH f<F| WRJ «TfC<F ^Tf I 

f<TH «rr^<MT c>i$shi f%H wf^f ^c?r <thi wr^f ^c?i <TT«"?rr "srnn wrcwr c<fh f<Ff<T 
sff% ^m «rm c<fh wmf% h^i ^m^s jwf wr%ft <rc?r c?rc*rft*ri ^rBi^ «rm <r, «rtwr <rrf% 
ttt <w <t# ^t ^rrcm^w <wi «r^ <rmr#?j ^rc^ to f<F| swtsit f%?r «rrsrm ^ ^ 

^TWTsM fsTC^ "<TTC<Tl ^^ 4^ ^T<TH <W ^C?J ifH^C^IC^l f<F| ^T<TT#?rh3 4t >JC<TW?J ^JC^T 
IW^? ^FC?J f%5^ I ^TTfH?, <TT<TT#W^ ^TTOT «|MW «JWF ?J<FSJ <F*TT ^T, T% <TT<rr#?T?r f% CWH 

^rrc^! ootwit osr ^sfa <ftc^ <??fro <tt^, frr<Fr c^r c^rwit t^i ^r^ ^thh c^rwit t^i 

4WH <£& ^#Tf 4T7T Tfff ^ff^TCl^ <FfC^ *|<T «Ft^Wt^ ^F?TC^I ^TfJ «P^ ^fl5% f<F|C^ ^TM 
^ ^TT I ^KTSr «rw T%F?F ^C?T ^TC^T Wt^TC?T?J <FTC^ THc?J <Th3 i 4*H ^RT^ ^ft ^T^S? ^rsTHH I 
"Sf^HfST <# <T^T CrT ^T^T ^TM ^C?! <TTC<Tl "^sT ^TM ^C?T <TTC<Tl f<Ff «rtWtC^T <F<H Cif^rH 
^rfp 4t ^»TC<T ^te «tptT <ra t^W i ^rfp Hwc<F« c^T ^fM ^^s nf^R ^T i ^fffif cs\ 
^v C^fcn ^C^TC^T, #srt <s\\s C^fcn ^TCSHI ^' i THT (7FWH ^<FH C^Tf ^fM ^^ f^TC^Tl ^T 

^*$m o^h c<Ff«rr« <mc^h ht c<t ^rf^Hf ^r^rm ^= twr t<t t<F| ^tm ^c?j <ttc<t i 

%5f ^HTCir^ G$& *fH ^sfC\s C<FWH «ITC^ C^TH GTM, ^TfR, W»H «pjT^T C«TC<F %<TH 
^HT ^^HTC^ ^TC^ (fitOS <TT« \5k «TT'Mw? ^HT I %sT f% ^TC^? m?ffl&WW wf^s i C^NH 
C^pT "SJC^ csfC^? \sfcf$fo*W vlWs\ CSM<\ T<T f5f<Ff ^US C^? VtlffivW? «7WI "StTH W ^ 
W ^T, W <FC^ <Tf^s i CvsTsjH t% ^ ^TPT ^Tf^? ^^ t% 1%f<f ? Ht ^^5T ^fT^T ^TfnH (Mw 

nrra i ^srsc^T ^TNT ^rrPfra Hf« i ^th^s f% it^r<f? ht, ^t^r ^rt^tH <th i ^t% ^tt^th ^t i ^s <f^ i 

(3H <#? t^ C5TT^»ft% sl ^ t% 1%t<f? ^T, C^HlC<tt5<J ^Tf^rH (?TC^ *f|CST i C^HlC<ll3<J *Tt»1t« I 
C^HlC<ll3<J ^TMH ^Tl ^e <Ftl C<TH? OSHlC<H5c<1<1 C^T nr«¥r <TTC^ ^Ti ^^H f%? ^t ^T ^"«H 

wt%t<fi ^t^r «irc^, nw «rrc^ f%i ^c«it|t>ill5 <?#;, c^Hic<tt5ic<i<i c^r nti ^*f^ f% <i<^c<ih? 

vtif&R>*W ®7^5"l ^<TH ^T >W ^?l f<F»TC<T? "SW?F ^^T ^o t^M3 "=TT I ^^ %sm ^^TCHl 
%sH ^t^TH "sjfH ^H<1Ci<1« ^^TCi^fi 4^ ^'TCi^f «rHT(?T? 'f^T "5C<T Hfl '5^<FlfT C^Tf(?Tt5T 
«rHtW? <I^ ^J I <THT ^J 2f<Ft%3 W^°\ ^C^, ^C^ <Tt t<F| ^5 ^H CT5H <TM C^fWfC^ 

vsHit «r^r% i «rm <fHr c^s^ c<r ^tw^rft^ «rrc^r, ^^ ^r?f^ W(?h, ^Hit ^r% i ^rr^ f%?r 
^s o^r c<THtT ^rm ^k ^h c<fh mt?f i <Tmr ^ttst- <r*r ^fiI^T-^t^isc^ c^^h c^icwst ^ir ^s? 
^j 2f<Ft^ w^°\ ^<m.\ tr<Ff- tn^T ^NT ^rtHt ^s ^c<r tt%?r ^r«m «nwr <f^i ^^m 
c<Tmrt ^ ^st t<F® ^rm^rr wr «jvdm ^#t, c>t^ht ^tTHw ^<f^ f%H<r i^m f^mm ^?^ 
<j<=ic^h i «rrFi<f 9m<i <j<=ic^h ^H^ck^ ^§ <?rf<r ? HT wr >r^r h?i, ^ <ttNtt <ra <ra ^<f5t 
^rm'tr wr?r c^tr wr ^c^i ^m h^ ^ ^tc^t «rr^iwit% "^ cwif^r^ crnifcs, $t cwtf^fj 

^TKTT <F?R?s f?TC?J ^TCl? "SRg^TC^T - 

^T W ^C*1t ^»tt% H l>'4M<l<K 

<?tstt Ryc^l ^1% ^K?i>ii%si 

^ST«T «>N>l«^o|t> 1<fl 

^rr^Tf 5i<ffil^ t<NR>i i^i^iii 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


f¥ W<7" vsfj^ Wf ^MZi! fttft W- 0Tt*t ^wt ^fsr 'ffrics' w <7® SiWlf*F5l) 

hft hft ^rr ^» «i/^wt <wi ^fpt ^t «rtc^n i ^rfc?Ft t^t, ^hic?r?t t^t ^r #t 
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f> «5M?ra t^m ^«rr ^rc^? nr, «we ^rc?t?r ^r ^rew 4^fi> w^s ^rr <h^ i ^w, f%fHi; 
cvoT «rtc^r, f%fn w ft#?i f%| <?r$ ^tFr f%fn «rfcm ^c*f3; >ft p>§ wm.\ ^«Ht «rtwr ^rfc?t?i 
t^r ^r ^rc?Fr t^r ^rft ^ft «rt^srr e&a 9$ *N?r «rptncn ^r wf ctwq r^r^prw ^r «rtc^r 
«rr?r (Ti^rrw ^^r ^tfj ^^jjhc?! c&nrcsf^f w >r<r fncffn, «rfar*r tnra ^rrc^ i rt ^r ^ft, 4^rc<r 
^c?ft t^r <FT#?r "^r Rti c#sht <rr?r <tft ^^ *r*f <tft5J?t wr ^?r - «rr^wn ^ti Wn 
«rrsrrcn? w?r ctjw csfjtf% wt «wfyo, t%fHl; «iftft ^c?rr f<?wrcs?r ^#i<f i ^cbt #iw f<^ 
n?r i t%i w8^cir?r c^ra t% "^r, ^•«r ^r?rr ^s^-^ct *rcs ^*r 4"sr ^w^ «ffa^ s^s ^ ^jpj 
<m^ c*rc<F c=r ft^rt c<tc\b 9frc?r, % ^rc^ cnc^T 4<fB <ft, ^, ^?ptt c*rc» *trc?r i «rrsrfcii?r fcrw 
*ti <rr ^rnw s^ liffiit <rsTc% c^mrn ^t ^ ^r ^c<?3?r ^nc^ srN^rr ^<t i ^ftftt ^5 ^tnft 
4^ "sr (ftrtt tnc?r tjBc^, cwrc^?r tg^ ^c^ i<Fft sr^r ^tc^ *rtBHt, ^r?r «rcw vtz&f&wT vtw& 
^w^ ^ra 1 f%s?r ^rc^ Tf?rT *Pm ^5tw?r c<^ ^Ht, c<^ dtwr, ^t? ^t ^§ ct^ ^t 1 f<r^ ^tc<f 
tjc&r <p«lt ^c^t f%5^r Be thou whole ^r *$ "5c?J ^rha <rr ^^ ^c?r f%^r 1 ^rc^; ct c^rcf 
^C5, <?r «IHC^ ^FTC^i f<T^s <MC^T Thy faith has yield thou, C^mT?r f<?^tt C^mTC<F 
^Tff?rC<TC^I t%2 4WRH3 ^TC^T HT C?J t%t^ ^Ttf?tC<T f%<TC^r, f%5 4W <*\Q*r\ HT C<T ^k $H5>|M>$ 

cicncm <j<=ic^h c^mr?rf<T^ptt c^ttc<f ^rtf?rc<T Rc<tc^i 

^?r <Tmu0t f%? ^R cwrcs?r ^te ct^, coM?r f<r^pr - Thy faith, ^?\ ^c?t?r t^n 
W\ comr?r wtft t%ftt c^r ^^<th i ^t?r ^tc^ ^r £rr«Hr ^?r?t, ^ ^«rr f<r^« <j=ic<=ih om\<$ 
f^T^T cvsTsrrc^ ^^nf?^ f^ri c^ft *#tc?Rr ^tft^too «rfc^, c^ft ^r^r?^ csf^r pphc^ "sn?nr^ *tr?n^ 

Hfl C<TH ^TBrCvs 9f|?TC^ Ht? ^B°\ C# •fBtBRT ^TT ^T?T ^HC<F %H?T ^HI HC«T?r sfTT JWt 

Rc<i1^c=ih 1 ^rrc<T?r ^thm c# «fBi?^ ?r^T ^c?r Tic^i 'rraw ^rnc^ ^5 ^r?r#?j ^rrc?rciT?r 
^tH^t c^h f^r c*rrwfn cTc^r^fn, ^tt ■srrc^rciT? ^tk^t^ «mw ^^h t^t%w ^tfl% ■srrwr ^r 
wr "^i «irsrTciT?r circ*r?r ■5rrc?r?t ^rcm srwra ^ht w ?^ra ^cf^r fn?rsnf^ ^THn <ra «r^rc^ 
«ftiI; "<rr?j Ht 1 ^m Trft?t w c^, ^r?t ^rcn? w c^, ^rmtBT <r^?r src?r ^5 ^c'TfTt ^c?t 
■?rrc5^i ^ ^^# c^c^ ■srrc?rciT?r srr^kr wsr ^m ^ ht, fpi c<t% ^rn c^m 2fT«HT?r wr 
>t<tt<t^ >t^tcH<t w "5C55 ^ f^t^r tn ■5Ttc?rciT?r wrt$ ^7 ^c?J ^rtc^i ^^ ^r t^r "*ft%n ^ 

t^t *lf^ t^?TC<F sTfSHT ^?TCST «ItC>Tl ^f#*fTca C#t ^C?t?r $\<fa\ (?#lt CWTC^ ^T ^l 

t>#it ^-«rnH^Ti fas c#r <t<=ic^, cvsmm f<r^r>r c^mc<f ^tf?rc?j Rc?tc^i f^i^ ^wm ^^rc<r 

^C<MTC?Tt ^TC<T ^\, ^TCiT?T ^TC^ t^HW Wfc f^tJt, ^?Tf C^t ^r^C<T^ ^T%C?J Rc?IC^I ^sf^T ^«T 

^?r^t f> ^?n?r? <mw, "5f?r "^h «rrsiFi ^w ^iFf n^TsrsT «rM?r «^r*r 1 ■<# f%rsr?r ^«?n?r «rrc^ 

ssT^T ^^FTHt >Tlt?fC?J (W7H «fFJ nwt^Pt 'TH <^<tC<=1^ t^?JT5T?T "5C?J ^JTW I 

^t (?r «rr^wn ^r, «ttsrm w?t c?r ^r «ttc^h, ctt ^f^rawrf^ c^ 2Rn*t ^?rc^ ^rrc<r 

Htl ^ W ^^WT" «^ %TC¥ >T5« £Rnt*f^ ^^s «TtC?I Htl CIIC^Ml «TC/FF ^T?! ^T ^C?T ^T(7H 

3wrrc<F (?fh^5 (Ht, ^c^i ^ -«rnH ^r ^tc^t ht, c^^rfs <?t^ ^rtfw ^?tc^ tktjhti 
^ ^rnc^ tit f%| «rrc^ ^ittr, >fj >ft W^ 2Rnf*r^ ^^s ^ftc?! 1 2Fnf*r^ ^u^ nrc?r ■sncn, «rtM 
f%?r «irsrrciT?f st^t^ ^t?rc?j fw» Ttc^ 1 ^-«mH «rrcsrr «rrc^ ^c*f «rr5T?rf 'f?^^ ^rrM^rc^ cr^s 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


*tt3ftl 7fC<ra «ItM «TfC^ <JC*T «TlsraT ^tCW W 1%| (FtfUo *fraf|l f<Fl rawrTC<F C<F^ C<FH 
f<F|C<F ^Ttfw WFS *fTC?HT I vstt ^T f% ^f ^Tt^Ft? ^Jt^tC^ ^TtWt *T% ^ «IW C<T 

cr<rnH c<tc<fh «tTcsrra e^FitHw «rrk<F <rac<r cr?t i ^rr^t^ra <Ftc^ ^5, ts c<r c<f^ <rtc<T vstc<F 
fnc^r c<mc<i 1 ra^ ctt: w-r nn 1 4 - <rnH ^tc^t «t />&^/<w fflf Rtyc&l «# fcviwyfrfg, f^, 
vsHwr, tra^ otbt Tiwm rat f^r^? «rtM ^rat^ ra*rrc<F sranf*^ <f?tc\d *rrc?t nt, c^ttw ^ 
^mran ^rftra «rra f% <F*rti c<r , <rnH ?r<f, f&, ^ran, tra^ c^t rawp sranf*!^ <f?tc\d nrac^ nr 
(?r<rnH «if?ra «rra f%^wt^c<Ti 

«rr^§ «rfc^ rac*r ^ihi^^c^ £T<ft*Ti ^ <H^ratnc<F ^ra^ crararra «rtc^i ^ c<r ?rfc*ra 
uraHT, 4^ TrraHitn «Rt^§, ws 1 f<Fi ^? c*t^hs c^ ra^r fw^rn 1 rartc<ra «rtM «rtc^ rac^r 4?r 
£Mtf% ^ rar 1 <rrf(H?t nitc?r %m <t*h c*$ ^twwtf^ *ffa ^55 ^h f%i f%fn "ft c^rc^r 
rac^ «rtc*rtc%l; ^rcwi ?ra f^ wrcsrtfwi £>ifc<ra #*th f^ ^ ?ra^r 4ra*m ntHf «rrc^i 

iitWf*tC?J <?<H <M<F?t ^rTC?f?t #*TC?t ^Wt <T^s ^TC^T ^H f%fn C*T<fC^T *$C§fH W TrNsf, 
C<FHTff*f, clT<Fft ^T<T (Wu«m l <M<F?t ^<H C^TC^T (ran*ffff*ft?h3 (fc\snT \s*H <M<FC?t «rt^T f<F 

c^NftpH? kp ^rant ra*c?r <r*M ^rr<Fi%t *p*fa c*rc*H \arat?! f%fn w\v& ^^ra c^rc^r, ^rwra 
w ^rrsifsf T#tt twra c*r<rc^T 1 «rra <# #<m Rtfic<ra c^m raft, c<rsK <rrc^ ttf^ c^rc^ 
■srr<F# tw^ "^rrc^ 1 c^rc^ ^tt ^ ^r<rr «rrc^, c<j^ic<=i<i Trsrw c^:-<r ttf? <j°ic^ '"srr! ^ ^<nf<r? 
^ ^t^t' 1 »£rBt f% ^s ^rt%?<M ^m? «^ ^tt %t ^ ^bm>«c<i<i w<mf^t<F ^rr<r<F, ^bm>«c<i<i wt%r 
^rr<rm c t csrrcw ^rrc^t w ^r tti <fktt ^wrt% <rr ^r^rcsrTtf^ <tm c rr w?s t^h, «^ 

9TPlwrt% t%f^#t f% #P TiH, %kt ^^f^H «P Ti^^f ^^ ^^ ^ftBTC<F ^RH ^RH t53t 

^c^r - $>ifc<r<r ^n<Fr% it*h ^c?j ct^i ^^ t%tH iif^c c r j ^ ^rra ^wt w^s ^r c^rc^r 
c^Fmff^r trri, ^f<\ t^<F t> c^tflcsH? <# f^rm c^<r «ttc<f=t ^cst f% c^FKTft^r ctc^ k^t 
c<rwrc55? ^rr, ^rc\Dt t%f% c^rc^ Ht, c<FHtff*t «^7^ ^orc^i vst^t t>rr?j w^ f% o^rc^? 

fN?T W^s ^tf? <Tt i^T <^<lC^«i t^<F (TTSt^ ^^tTH W^T, «Ht^[ <t^ C<fBT ^5 t%S ^t (H ^sH 

2fitt% "^, c^<h ^rrsRH (?r<rc^ *rr?fl t%t% c^ ^r «rrc^ <tcsrt «ht^ ^m £rftt% ^i ^r^ 

«HT^[ ^^r^C^F 2f<FTf*r^ <|i<lC^«i (7^ ^T, (TT^ «rf^fT I 

«rMw? <jfli ^r w, c*$ ^fe 't^rcsfjTf^ «rrcsrrc<F «rtcsTtfw ^c?J ^k^i tr^<r ^rttcr^ 
^^HTc^F <# «rrsrat f^ ^cst c^tfl ^t ft^<r ^ntcB? -sr:<it ^trpr «rtc^, ^src?ra ■srf<rrcsr c^ ^trnTra 
^rc<n <rrc^ traTfjs,, ^Trc^r ^tr<F ^, c^ ^mtc<f H5^bc<i<i ^tiiBT «rrcsnfw ^c?t ^k^i ct^ «rtcsrra 
^rT5tc<rT «rrsrat ^ra f<F| or^fl, ^<FNf «rt^i f5^Bc<i<i ^<Fk^ c<fh fnw? «rrc<nT hI;, t%i "«th <iraf| 
tr^ra? ^r^ «rtM fwi «rw^ra <rj%« t^<F tT^c<ra ^te? w, ^ra c^f^n «rrc^ «rr^rra «rtMi 
«rr^rra «rtM ^ht ^ra ^^r^k^i cr^ffer «it^rrc^ «rrsrat ^ra f%| o^ffl, wnfl, ^raifti 

«rtT5T<f <Frc^r, <rr<TiH «Ht^r *hK otbt «rt^rt n?t t% ^r ^rcf « ^m c<r sr€tt% ^ ^ra'T 
^©ra c^f^H cr^ «rr^rra wt «rfc^r <tc<*t i (ttI^ht ^cbt wt c^rr <rra, ^^ «rt^tra T5t ^rt?ra<#r 
«prt^rra wt i ^<n^ c<fh wk Ht, t<Pi c^<rt <rm i ^t «Ht^r <hc<f 2r<Ftf*r^ «^ c^ ra^wrt% i 
^wt°s ^ra Ws 2f<FT*r ^rara c<fh «Wt ^k^ nti c<w ^t tT^c<ra ^%c<f ^iwiR»^ w^ ^ra 
c^f^H c<r "^^ft^F w^ cfst, ^ ^% ^"<H ^ 2f<Ft*t f<F ^<F(ra <rr c<fm c«Tc<f ^c<r? ^ ^^tcst f<F 
^wliPifi» ^°s sr<Fr*r? nr, SwHPiflJ* cf^n^s c^ «rr^s^ «rrc^r «rc^ ^wHPifUw wfnc^ 
ffrafli ^c<=i!|f>ifG« ^j?rar^ «H\?r <ni f<Fi wt ^p^ c^f^n «rr^? h^ ^ «rrw ^r^ c<f^ 
wr tpt c^«tH i ^rM*tf^csra ct^n ^rt^^n Ht rac-^r ^rran^ff^r c^rr -?rm nri <nf% ^Htcefra 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


C*\WS «Tl^tAHJ «TfC^ <tC*r \stW? 2fft1% ^l C1$<$MJ ^5, F5*rt, \sffFFf, H^, «lf?f 4T?T<T 

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srr<Fc<T nr, ^r f<F| «i1&3§]h ^c?r <ttc<ti ^^rnH cw <mc&h «t w ^fwr «?t% «t *>;*•«/</</>$ t^ 

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ifmr «»* «it%t, H<t^lH, fwfsr ^fcir^ ^«rr fsr^rjr ^m ^nm! 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<Ffi& «ff?H <ff?tC?T \ot?f ^*f?t WH II^ ^Wm f^Ffspf *I3 ^FT ^5C\o W <FC?I I 4^ SfSfWTT, 
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fen ^rt, «-«rH e$u$ ^<rr« ^c?r c^hi ^h ^rr ^sr^ ciiwrw?r ■srHf^rrH «rff<T^or "5c?r 

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vttus fimu$ ^T^c?! Rc?ic&> ^^r ^ ^h \oTc<f ^%?r T%?rc^ri ^f? <uh wrvo ^?f w^ti 
<jjth? ^fitra c<w c<w <rt% , ©'c<nf *rt¥ w ^w ~<m*\ i |t% *rts w "^o c*tc<t ^^ <rt% c«tc<f 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<ttc<t i <t*r «t <it%Bte RT*r "5c?r <rr?r \_*r t% «rr^w? <rfwts, <?$ ^FmT 4*r ot <mH?r titej k*j 
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swsh ^c?r <rr .mr R?r 1 -ra icm <rrc 9 f ^r ^^tsrs <i<t>«<i T-f?tt <w ^c?r <?f?r i ^m ^tpt T-rtt ^ 
^cs^ _ ^j wrc-?r T-rtt «rm «rwrc-?r T-rtt i <tT3j wtc-?r T-f?tt <rm -i^h. <w ^?ih ^rrc^ 
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^f^s? ^TSRS <1<^CV|<1 %?nc<P <TW ^C^s "5C<T, «^ "v^ ^ ^ 4^ ^WtlH^lC^ <HT "5C<r «<# 

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_t>rrc<p -teftsr ^^mc^ ^"c^tc^, ctI: ^tsjtt c^TM'f "srr ^^ <ntc^ c^tc^r i i^<t ^s^ crc^r ■srr ^^&r 

"^HfJ T%?J RoStW WTHsrW CUC<F <JW 'IC^C^H I CT^ ^S^ ^TC?m ^^FlC^ -WT ^"C^TC^, ■5TTC?T?r ^C^ 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


<rc?tt sfr^rmrnif^ ^fc<t ^rrc?r?r srm £rr%ir ^^d «?f ^fc?t Pt«cm 4f%<F ^fw^ wrm ^rr <mw 
wr^ "^r <ttc5^ti «iwsk ^m (7r*rH c^hm ^rr ^ttt ^rf%r ^ps^ <w<r ^s# 4*r« ^m 
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«rrc^r c^ <^ttc<f «rrc?#r^ <f?tc\d ?$ 1 <^ttc<f «rrc?#r\a <f?tc\s c^r t%| ^<nt^ <$sft *r^f% « 
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wr ^c?r%r, %[c<f \a*R #<r$ ^fr ^*it c^rr ^c?rc^i ^ ^rsrr'fc^ ^m c^ srr^ «rr<rm c<pw 
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^8iwi*H%jRi ftfta ^tw f^fm «r<jrRmfr ^^rrcm r? ^jii ^ «r^ra ^r «rfsrm ^rh, «rmm 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«fBtc^G ^r «rf?r «rrsrH wh fw ^s ^tsr f*fc<F« ^m i wsc^t f% ^tt «ihh wt ^rsrH? ^ ^ 
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c^fc^s "5c<t i ^^rl; «rtwr ^tt ^^tm^ wl; ct ^ ^w^ c*\us "^c^ i tw <ft?r fwr «r#r "5c?r ctc^ 
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Wf C'f^H ^H^f f%? ^T5sri ^T^RTT?! Cf^H ^H^f f%? ^«ItfWl ^^tff^ Cf^H ^H^f <?F? ^Tl 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


W\ zm m^\ <Fm<T, «rt<rT?r m^, ftm$ ^r< ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^prsrn i ^ ^rHr#r <r«r«T cr<rr 
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C*f#^5T ^'fCat; «HT f%7F <MCsH ^Cs CW ^TC^k ^T "^T W\FS>\ C^ W^T ^sr I ^CT ^T f% 

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^t^tl; ^rw "5c?r "<ttc<ti "c^wr^r c<tsr ^^cf« ^m «rr<n? ^scf^ ^sj ^- ■srw ^^ t^ 
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«lR><Uf^»l CTf^T W?\ <£$\ f^«Ut T%1 ^T ^iCl ^sjl W^CT C<TTsCT? f% C^R «f^ c^? «^f 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


«rT^ «rrc5 i f<F»Tc<T «rfc5? ^rr ^Trct ^rw i sN^rf^s T5i<Ff *nti> ^rrfij ^W ^r ?Mw ^rsfm cw 
f%^R i <?$ 1>W$. <t-<r sN?r <r*rc5 «rrw ^<R fw^f <?t1t> wm cM<f?j ^rc^ w^r ^rr^tcw i 4^ 
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Rt, t^^rrt^H <Ttw Rt "^t «i^f ^§ w c»w?t t><fcs *rmc<T Rt i ^wr «tmttt w t%§ w^t Rt, 
^g ^rc*t ^ ^tWi<j c<fr «r%^ cfi; i <r$ ^f ^kw <# w <rw at^r wt "^tj «i^t ffi wt 

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^sTC<F t*F5tW «IWMI»!^, ^<T UfCt ^Tt ^T ?RCt? <TT^ ^5 Wtt ^sTC<F ^TCSTKIt^f ^sT^f ^t 
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csm ^pRf, tw i c^mrn c^m <# ^?r fw ^j ^st^t c^mm csitwm c«rc<F ^ ^#tc<F ^fk?j 
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^<Ff^ C3#f ■sftffm CPTt' I ^T <T-<R <FfC<f ^^ "^ ^s-<R (Tf^fTR ^T<T ^fST?J Wf ij# ^TST «fT<FC<T - 

<rs wf «rm ^rr ?pf 1 <rs ¥f ^t<t ^^to wfw, <n w^ ^r ^rsra w?r <i^c^s ^pf ^sr, "srnR rtst vs 
w^t otbt ^mc^ (pf&r fsr^rjTi r(st « w^cf ^ttmrm t%^r ct^ fas*j ^t c«rc<F ^jtc^t i ct^ <rf# ^r 
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<tR ctR ^ t^r^rrr, ^ <^u^ ^K ^sr vs*r ^ ^r^s?r c<r «rt^r wt, c<M tm cfst^ ^ ^r 1 

Mundaka-2012/RKMVU /Indian Spiritual Heritage/Swami Samarpanananda 


^rtfi» fw hht ^wra c<r*HT ftoft <Rrf ^gic^i ^s ^tt%, c^twt, t§T>, ^ «rrc^i ^tf%, c^riwT, t§i>, 

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t§i>, (^rtwr ^m f<Fi iftts'M fsrsut i ^st^t t% «®M tgfr c^Tfwt «ro? f^fl; t§T> c<Tfwr, ^ c<nwT C^T 
«rrc^i <n ^rc*f ^wrt ^Tf% c^rtwr t§t> ^r^ c<fh ^c-^ c^i wtjt 3=t <r<m ^tt%, c%s, ^ 
<?r<rft ^m «rfsrm ^rc<tr c^- ^% 4T?r <rrc5^ i ^h #<th<t w ^g4 <f§, w wm c^s ^ c^r 
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^c<r, vDmt?r <?r<rH csrtf 4T?trco ^-c^ffcvD -sh ^<H ^rtf^ ^c?r <ttc<t, ^rh?t t<t <FT<f <f<h $*r ^c?r 

■<TfC<T vs^T ^r f<TlTa ^rffRTT ^T ^fWT t%f C^ I 4 4<F f<HH <FflH ^m ftWt%l ^TT<HT *f3Tf%<T 
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